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September 2005

Tuesday 27 September

Three shorties
Posted by pi at at 7:14AM [BST]
Yesterday it was released DAPHNE 0.99.7, with support for Dragon's Lair 2, Mach 3, Us vs Them, Roadblaster... A good release, but then again, will they go to 1.00 or to 0.100? Oh the doubt, oh the future (j/k). Get the changelog and binaries at the DAPHNE Download Page. And Erik Duijs wrote me again to tell me about JEmu2 1.6, which can run Street Fighter II nicely. There are cryptic news about a new, faster binary uploaded, and a promised new 68k core which will be even faster. Also, I'd like to mention an update at Bobby Tribble's unMAMEd arcade games, fortunately the removed games are more than the added ones ^_^

Thursday 22 September

Slow and Barely Safe vs. The Fast & The Furious
Posted by pi at at 12:44PM [BST]
My reaction time lately is 1-2 days, that's why I'm also late for reporting RAINE 0.43.2. It has new games, Haze added three and Tux added five more, including the Multi Champ games. There are a lot more fixes, specially for Linux dudes & dudettes.

Wednesday 21 September

Posted by pi at at 7:36AM [BST]
News about PotatoArcade, the MAME generic driver that the CottAge and Potato Emulation team are working on. Gollum told me that their main objective is to have all games already in CottAge and JEmu. So far, I can see screenshots of 1942, 1943, Mr. Do and others. On the PotatoMulti side, CPS1 is already working. Although the screenshots say "Sega Genesis Emulator", you can see games like Cadillac & Dinosaurs or The Punisher running perfectly (according to the authors, that's it).

Wednesday 14 September

And it even has Indian Battle with sound!
Posted by pi at at 2:46PM [BST]
Aaron has finally finished Aaronizing the code and here we have MAME 0.100. Until the binaries are released and the changelog is updated at, you can get the source code at as usual. There are many good things since the last "official" release, including some core and framework changes. But I'd like to point out the amount of bugfixes and improvements in many drivers and cores. People who say that devs are only interested in adding new games, and not in fixing old bugs or improve existing drivers, should get a clue. Well, this is mainly because there aren't so many games dumped and easy to emulate, so what's left is the hard stuff ^_^ Anyway enjoy this release, and don't pay too much attention to the version number ;)

Saturday 10 September

The Empire Strikes Back
Posted by pi at at 11:22PM [BST]
Lately I'm posting more news than usually. This time it's ElSemi, who after 18 months of no updates, has released Nebula 2.25. This Neogeo/CPS/PGM emulator includes updated drivers with the latest additions, enabling Matrimelee and adding Knights of Valour 2. Some improvements and fixes all around and better Neogeo CD compatibility. A good update for the fans of this arcade emulator.

Friday 9 September

False alarm
Posted by pi at at 2:00PM [BST]
Guru has finally decided to move over to MameWorld, where you'll find his Guru's ROM Dumping News. And since there's not much there about that, you can visit some WIP pages: Haze, Reip, Roberto Fresca and Andrew Gardner.

Thursday 8 September

Caffeine is good
Posted by pi at at 6:38PM [BST]
Well, another coffee addict is back with a new Java project: Gollum is working with Potato Emulation in a new Java emulator called PotatoMulti (also available at You can test PotatoMulti 0.02 right now, and read about the news at the CottAGE news page. Gollum told me that it currently has Bombjack and Solomon's Key besides the games shown in the WIP page. And he also says he's working in Commando.

Tuesday 6 September

The phoenix of emulators
Posted by pi at at 10:30AM [BST]
Tux has done it again, and released RAINE 0.43.1. The "only" changes are all from Haze, he kindly added seven games to RAINE in the hyperpac and cookbib drivers. That Final Tetris is cool ^_^

Monday 5 September

You Sleep. They Live!
Posted by pi at at 10:01AM [BST]
Erik Duijs has sent me an email regarding the release of JEmu2 1.5, with support for many more online hi-scores (including Solomon's Keys), and preliminar sound in 1942.

Another thing which I missed during the summer was the release two months ago of DAPHNE v0.99.7pre5, but still no sign of a final release...

So I hope to see more emulator releases this week, at least MAME and maybe Nebula too. That's if Mr. F. doesn't try to buy them first... Do you know he's trying to buy VPinMAME? Duh...

Saturday 3 September

Frenetic bug killing just as in Mimic
Posted by pi at at 10:01AM [BST]
R. Belmont has released yet another version of his famous and excellent arcade music player: M1 0.7.7. The main feature in this release is an extensive list of bugs fixed and cleaned, plus six new games supported. I specially like the work done in the IREM Mxx drivers, isn't it cute?

On other news, you're still in time to send your name to Pluto inside the New Horizons space probe. Do it and you'll be waiting to receive spam from Pluto itself. There are already about 80,000 names but be quick because it finishes in the 15th. You're also still in time to worry about your own planet, specially after all the things happening lately. And to finish in a lighter mood, you might want to check this
cool arcade screensaver made by reg Mr. Hizzout.