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August 2005

Monday 29 August

Un ingles vino a Bilbao...
Posted by pi at at 9:21AM [BST]
Well, apparently we (barely) survived the weekend here and Logiqx is back to Britland to continue the work.

Tux is slowly but steadily releasing new versions of a supposedly dormant emulator (something I love, btw), so here we have RAINE 0.43.0! Rebuilt from scratch with the latest tools and libs (the Windows version, that's it), and with a very interesting changelog with new games like Super Pang, sound in NMK004 games, simultaneous wav and png logging (to make videos!) and even artwork support. Including many good fixes and some changes here and there, this is a good release which all of us can enjoy.

And Erik Duijs has also released a new version of his emulator in Java, JEmu2 1.4. I could go mentioning everything which is new (like Lode Runner, Kung-Fu Master [!] new scanline and Scale2x renderers, performance improvements, and some fixes) but everything pales in comparison with the addi(c)tion of Ghost 'n Goblins with sound. Have you heard me? Ghost 'n Goblins emulation online, anywhere! Almost almost as good as the Solomon's Key support ^_^

Wednesday 24 August

Popcorn? What popcorn?
Posted by pi at at 9:08PM [BST]
R. Belmont released the promised and juicy M1 0.7.5, just to be quickly surpassed by the improved and fixed M1 0.7.6. This (or these) new version(s) have almost 100 more new games, including beauties like Daytona 2. Also, he has told me that the roms and sets should match with MAME and PinMAME, which is a plus. Tons of fixes including last minute bug pruning in the 0.7.6 version. No doubt this is one of the best emulators out there.

And, do you know about TGM2? ^_^

Tuesday 16 August

Can you hear me?
Posted by pi at at 11:19PM [BST]
Erik Duijs has released a new version of JEmu2. This new version has YM2203 emulation, which gives sound to Commando, 1943 & 1943 Kai and Gun Smoke. Furthermore, there's a new Arkanoid driver, complete with sound and preliminary mouse support. JEmu2, the most mentioned emu in CAESAR in the last month, also has new support for War of the Bugs, Sonson, Mario Bros, and the classic favorite Scramble. Remember you can play JEmu2 almost anywhere, isn't that neat? ^_^

Saturday 6 August

0.100 minus one
Posted by pi at at 11:00AM [BST]
Ok, so another first weekend of the month and another release: MAME 0.99 "DECO 156". You can get binaries and stuff at or source only at The changelog shows some interesting things. For example, Aaron hooked up the cassette sample for Journey, isn't that cute? And as the name of the release suggests, the DECO 156 encryption has been emulated, allowing some good classicts to be playable. There's also a warning about the numbering of next version. But it doesn't matter how many times do we explain it, people will still scream for 1.0!

Wednesday 3 August

The Return of the Coffee
Posted by pi at at 5:17PM [BST]
Erik Duijs has written me with good news. After a long time since the catastrophic demise of his old host (which inspired the movie The Day After Tomorrow), he's back with a new host and a new version of JEmu2, a Java based arcade emulator using OpenGL for rendering. It has even online hi-scores! Right now there are 28 games available, with some rumours of this number rising in a not too distant future. There's also a rumour of a 68k core coming soon too, which would multiply the possibilities... Don't forget to check Cosmic Trip too, a 3D shooter worth a look.