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April 2005

Thursday 28 April

Posted by pi at at 10:34PM [BST]
Blastar has made a new homebrew NeoGeo CD game: Codename - Blut Engel. It can be burned and played in your NeoCD console, or played thru an emulator. It's a shooter with simple graphics, but somehow I always find homebrew games in arcade hardware as "very cute" or better. Try it.

Wednesday 20 April

Sad news from the penguin
Posted by pi at at 8:53PM [BST]
After Haze left the MAME maintaining job to Aaron, Tux is doing the same with RAINE. Read his post where he's saying that he's not developing in RAINE anymore. The sad thing is that there's no one else to maintain it from now on. He says he might do the odd maintenance release but no more serious developing. This means that one of my favorite emulators is going to hibernate until who knows when. In any case, many thanks to him for all this work with RAINE, he has pushed it to new levels. Hopefully, someone will want to take the chore, but until then, sleep well, my beloved emu!

Saturday 16 April

He's back with all his toes
Posted by pi at at 1:21AM [BST]
Some big update at System 16 - The Arcade Museum. And I mean huge update, visit it while it's fresh, and take a look at all those, all those unemulated (sigh) games ^_^

Thursday 14 April

Good while it lasted
Posted by pi at at 10:09PM [BST]
Sad news for me, because Haze is retiring as MAME maintainer. He has been a great maintainer IMHO, and has taken MAME several steps forward, easing and agilizing the development of this great emulator. He'll keep doing drivers, but now he's handing the maintenance job to Aaron Giles, so the project is still in good hands, we'll soon get to see how Aaron shapes the work.

On another topic, there's something strange happening at System 16 - The Arcade Museum. The question is, rebuilding or abduction?

Monday 11 April

Eat in 3D
Posted by pi at at 8:13PM [BST]
Pacifi3D 0.3 has been released by Fosters, with sound, extra romsets, and some improvements over the last version. If you haven't tried this PacMan emulator with enhancements, you should...

Sunday 10 April

Talk talk talk
Posted by pi at at 9:42PM [BST]
Now we have some boards to discuss all this stuff that the brit has been doing these years: sites, datafiles, utilities, etc. Visit Logiqx's Forums, and of course pay special attention to the CAESAR / General board where hopefully people will post news and discuss about arcade emulation.

Thursday 7 April

The new and improved "do and don't" of MAME
Posted by pi at at 8:25PM [BST]
Today is the opening of This is the official MAME development team site. No boards, no binaries, no nonsense, just the devs. Of course, also legal information and the new MAME License. Briefly, it's a modified BSD license with more restrictions, but it's very simple. Be sure to read it and you're informed, so you can open your mouth properly. Remember, knowledge is good.

Tuesday 5 April

The Real TGM
Posted by pi at at 9:44AM [BST]
There are good news from The Dumping Project. Even Guru has run out of storage space! So some auctions will be done, some other PCB's are going to be won, and as usual they need some donations. Instructions at the end of the self-destructing message ^_^