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March 2005

Tuesday 29 March

Pringles arrived
Posted by pi at at 6:00PM [GMT]
Well, I am still trying to recover from the shock of overlooking the release of RAINE 0.42.4. And then another shocking shock shocked me. Can you guess? Yes, it's MAME WIP. Sure it's kind of old, but Santeri says that one month at a time is the actual schedule. So we can expect bits of MAME developing history being added again to the WIP page. Still, keep an eye on your dev's blogs, or in the RSS feeds.

Sunday 27 March

Liar liar
Posted by pi at at 6:24PM [GMT]
Well, sorry for the lack of posting, I've been enjoying some holidays away from the computer (i.e. in the living room), but I'm back to report the release of MAME 0.95 "Konami Curling". Of course, the most remarkable part of the changelog is the addition of working Nagano Winter Olympics '98 including curling. The rest of the changelog is not of any importance for me, so I'll let you read it by yourself. Enjoy *_^

Tuesday 15 March

Time to worry about other things
Posted by pi at at 12:43PM [GMT]
Well, no more worries. As you can read in the update at Aaron's Home Page, all the trademark stuff has been solved greatly. You can see the abandoned claim as well as enjoy the newly new fresh bright Nicola Salmoria's claim. Read Aaron's statements carefully, because it might imply more than it seems...

Wednesday 9 March

The time of my loaf
Posted by pi at at 7:58PM [GMT]
Again, The Dumping Project needs your help. Indian Battle has been acquired and tested, so we can expect to see it by ourselves soon. More games are in the way too. However there's a new batch of PCB's on target right now, and as usual we (the arcade emulation community) are asking to you (the arcade emulation individual user) a little donation to help with these purchases. I did a donation in the beginning of the month so I'm out for a while, but you could contribute. Doesn't need to be big bucks, 10 or 20 could do. Even something as small as $5! Come on, you know you want to donate!

Sunday 6 March

The weekly update!
Posted by logiqx at at 5:39PM [GMT]
Just a week since MAME v0.93 was released and v0.94 has arrived already. I've updated the information in CAESAR and also done the necessary work for Kawaks v1.54.

Power Drift anyone?
Posted by pi at at 12:09PM [GMT]
Quicker than usual, we just got MAME 0.94 "Sega Y-board". If you don't get it by the name, I'll tell you that the changelog includes Aaron changes which make almost all the Sega Y-board games work nicely. You'll also find a lot of sound fixes needed due to the update in last version to the sound system, and those three SemiCom games. Updates all around as usual, enjoy this release.

Wednesday 2 March

I'm not dead, really
Posted by pi at at 10:29PM [GMT]
I usually don't talk about frontends, but please allow me to put a plug for HispaMAME 1.1, a MAME frontend in english and spanish *ehem* and actually the frontend looks quite good and already promises some cool features.

Well, now onto fresh meat: Tim, the author of AstGL, has released TempestGL. It's a Tempest emulator with support for lots of Tempest revisions. And while you're there, check out BattleZoneGL too ;)

You should also keep an eye on MAME GP32, a GamePark32 port of our beloved emulator. The release is coming nicely, probably this weekend, and it will support more than 600 games, most of them at good speeds. I guess it's time to get a cheap second hand GP32.

And to finish, check out this interesting stuff I've spotted lately: