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November 2005

Monday 14 November

The hornet is here
Posted by pi at at 9:58AM [GMT]
It has been released just today: MAME 0.102 "Gradius 4". Binaries are ready and the changelog is up to read too. Source code and documentation also at as usual. I guess the star in this release is Gradius 4, in a working Konami Hornet driver which already has another game. There has been also a big change in the memory system, but I'm not sure of which were their effects. This release is as juicy as usual. And Logiqx will be pleased to know it was released the same day he left for 2 weeks... ^_^

Sunday 13 November

More CPS2 Java goodness
Posted by pi at at 10:39AM [GMT]
Gollum just wrote me about the most recent WIP in PotatoArcade . CPS-2 is working, and as the saying goes, images are worth 850 words (ah, the inflation) so take a look at the status page. Some of the games are Marvel Vs. Capcom, DD: SoM, Mars Matrix & Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix. Additionally, there's preliminary support for the classic Pang. You can try the current version at the Game-Oldies site.

Thursday 3 November

Database On Arrival
Posted by pi at at 11:46PM [GMT]
Another victim of the PHP fever, System 16 - The Arcade Museum was updated and also transformed into a powerful PHP database engine... With search! Ohhh search within System 16... Now I'm happy (for the nest 3 minutes). Great.