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February 2005

Sunday 27 February

An easy life...
Posted by logiqx at at 11:12PM [GMT]
Well, MAME v0.93 has got to have been the easiest update ever for me in regards data files and CAESAR! Nothing affected the supplementary data files and there weren't any game renames or ROM changes to affect the CAESAR groupings. Such an easy update only happens once every couple of years it seems! Anyway, that's a long way to say that CAESAR is up to date.

In high fidelity
Posted by pi at at 12:48PM [GMT]
Well, after breaking three fingers in the works, Aaron finally finished the sound system rewriting and this morning we got MAME 0.93 "Seibu SPI decryption"! Of course, the stars in the changelog are Aaron's sound system rewrite and Nicola's decrypting graphics on Seibu SPI games, which includes some great Raiden shooters. There are various fixes all around too, and besides the SPI games, you can also play now Ufo Senshi Yohko Chan and hear sound in Tank8. And as Haze says, "please test this release extensively."

Thursday 24 February

The second part of the story
Posted by pi at at 12:04PM [GMT]
No, not *that* story. I mean this story. Congratulations and thanks to everyone who supported.

Tuesday 22 February

Now let's keep a cold Brain (tm) and use it properly
Posted by pi at at 10:58AM [GMT]
Even when times are rough, The Dumping Project still needs your help, because regardless of what the actual situation might seem, MAME will keep going. So, please donate for this really rare game which needs to be preserved. Or just donate for anything you want.

Monday 21 February

"Hello, I'd like to file a trademark claim for LearnToUseYerBrain(tm)"
Posted by pi at at 10:07PM [GMT]

Wednesday 16 February

Short but Sweet
Posted by logiqx at at 7:15PM [GMT]
Just updated CAESAR for MAME v0.92. Got to fly... bye!

Sunday 13 February

The flying nun has landed
Posted by pi at at 5:53PM [GMT]
It seems that last night MAME 0.92 "TNZS bugfix Vegas" was released. Or this morning. I don't know, I'm tired and dizzy and confused and suffering a really severe hangover plus an important lack of sleep, so you can check the changelog by yourselves. If you haven't yet. Nite.

Wednesday 2 February

Six more weeks of winter!
Posted by pi at at 4:26PM [GMT]
Happy Groundhog Day!