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October 2004

Monday 25 October

Be careful with what you ask for...
Posted by pi at at 10:42PM [BST]
Ah well, I ask for and I receive MAME 0.88 "FD1094", the first release which predates the evil Sega tool. This means that some System 16 encrypted games are running, but the predating is not finished so we should expect more improvements in the next updates. Thank you very much for the work of Charles McDonald, Nicola Salmoria and the rest of the team behind this great work. The rest of the changelog is equally good. Derrick Renaud is making discrete sound work again, and he added an option to disable the validity checks at runtime. I hope that at least people is aware of using them for developing! Mr. Giles changed again the input system and the memory system, everything goes well, and the list of new working games is quite cool. Time for updating!

The same as usual...
Posted by logiqx at at 3:16PM [BST]
Another release of MAME so another update to the CAESAR database and I also updated the ZiNc information whilst I was at it. Three emulators have lost their 'Non-MAME' status in CAESAR now; Nebula Model 2, Virtua and Zinc. That's all for now!

Sunday 24 October

Posted by pi at at 12:16PM [BST]
While I'm suffering a hangover for last night's "celebration" (emphasis on the quotes), I've noticed that ZiNc 1.0 has been released. This long awaited version has pretty much everything new: a looooong list of supported games (seventy!), no hacks for protection, less graphic bugs and new graphic plug-ins, sound here and there, different real bioses, etc. MAME-compatible roms and similar things are included as well, I expect Logiqx to make datfiles asap. The only drawback of these new games is the lack of proper self-test screens funny drawings. Thanks to Moose for this last link, and enjoy the show. Now gimme 0.88!

Tuesday 12 October

A few new things
Posted by pi at at 5:05PM [BST]
Twisty has made a new toy for news posters; not that I'm going to use it often, but I think it will be equally useful for visitors. Specially since I've become a grade-A lazyguy. A few things I'd like to mention include a visit to Aaron's Home Page, where you'll find information about his recent Cinematronics vector rewrite. Also take a peek at The Arcade Flyers Archive, they have some new things, pretty interesting. Frank Palazzolo is finishing a Professor Pacman driver with pretty much success, which is great news (although the game wasn't so great). Charles McDonald's page keep having updates with more and more decrypted games, while Nicola is still trying to figure out the encryption with all this new information. And finally, Mr. Goodwraith is again updating about The Dumping Project and of course, asking for much needed donations. There are zillions of things happening besides these, but you already know where to search ;)