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September 2004

Wednesday 29 September

Activity detected
Posted by pi at at 5:32PM [BST]
Flaming wars ensue; lamers, newbies, users and devs are all busy doing bad and good things. Things get emulated, or not. Bugs appear and get fixed. Decrypters collide against negative-encryption particles as if they were in the CERN accelerator. More games are dumped and Mr. Goodwraith pleases us with another update on the Dumping Project. In short: life goes on. Don't forget that the update means please donate, those classic and most-wanted games are not going to be available for much longer...

Friday 24 September

The yearly arcade good deed, part III
Posted by pi at at 1:57PM [BST]
I've received a letter from the Warming House Youth Center in Wilmette, Illinois. It's a teen drop in center where they promote free events and activities for counseling, volunteering, entertainment, music and arts creation, etc, all aimed to the youth. They want to add a few games to the center so people can play them, and wanted me to post a plug for them to see if people would donate a few games to them. If you have some pinball machine you want to get rid of, or maybe some spare or unwanted bootleg PCB's, old cabinets and such, you might want to consider to donate them to this center, or maybe to another non-profit organization like this in your area. I know there are many collectors out there with too many games wanting to get rid of some of them, so now you know what you can do.

Wednesday 22 September

Sugar, lalalalalalala, oh honey honey
Posted by pi at at 2:07PM [BST]
Ah, sweet sweet MAME 0.87. With fixes for the Assault input and tons other stuff, makes me a bit happy (for about 5 minutes, not more). They even had the first game which uses Hyperstone already working! Check also that Multi 5 one. Also, Leniad released DSP 0.3 (Thanks to Hawq for the bit), and Charles McDonald is still at it so keep an eye there. See you next week/year/millenium.

Sunday 19 September

Hell has frozen over
Posted by pi at at 4:21PM [BST]
Charles McDonald has done it again.

Saturday 11 September

Luke, use the force...
Posted by pi at at 6:34PM [BST]
RAINE 0.41.1 has been released; it's mainly a bugfix release (again) with some more EmuDX stuff working now. While the "new" DX graphics do look like cheesy shareware remakes, it's fun to play them and I'm glad this work is not kept in the shadows anymore. Don't forget to play the real thing either!

And Guru's ROM Dumping News has some good stuff arriving, including Space Guerrilla (Omori, 1979) which apparently is very rare, very old, very big and very expensive. I guess it's very black & white too ^_^ There are more interesting goodies too, let's see what happens with the non Naomi/G-Net stuff.

And finally, congratulations to Logiqx for becoming an uncle ^_^

Monday 6 September

Special Effects Deluxe Enhanced Edition 040906
Posted by pi at at 6:31PM [BST]
Finally, after all the buzz and previews, here it is RAINE 0.41.0, aka RaineDX as Tux notes. It hasn't changed the name, but it adds support for the enhanced graphics and sound files from EmuDX by Mike Green. Still not everything is supported, but e.g. Frogger has both enhanced graphics and sounds. Note: we are hosting the needed files in the EmuDX page. Besides the DX side of things, this new release also has other changes, like adding some Pac-Man hacks, better SDL sound driver and "yet even more fixes" as usual. Great one, dudes!

Sunday 5 September

For a change
Posted by pi at at 8:42PM [BST]
This has been a good week emulation wise: R. Belmont got Namco Classics Volume 1 & 2 fixed, which indeed is very good (for me), some Hyper Neo-Geo games are working without 3D, and Star Wars Arcade sound roms were dumped for everyone's joy. There has been also a couple of updates by Charles MacDonald, specially about that evil FD1094... Sega decryption? Maybe.

Wednesday 1 September

Be sure to contribute with some fruit...
Posted by pi at at 8:14PM [BST]
Aaron has made a little single emulator for Radikal Bikers. It's part of a "side project" for learning Direct-X 8.0. Man, I'm going to build a cannon to send an object to the moon as a side project for my origami classes ^_^ The requirements are high but not impossible, so I guess many of you will try and enjoy this little gem.

And David Widel has made yet another Pac-Man hack; this one is basically a classic Pac-Man but
it jumps. Kinda like Pacmania but running in ye olde board, Widel style. Still have to get it and try, but I think it'll be fun.