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August 2004

Friday 27 August

The Good, the Bad and the Extremely Interesting
Posted by pi at at 1:21AM [BST]
Well, first the bad news: Undumpable MCU or whatever the technical name is. I hope they add samples if it's really proven that emulated sound is not possible right now. On the other side, Raz has released yet another XOR. It's for a clone, but after one year (and a few days) of draught, I think it's good news. Mr. Goodwraith is giving us some insight of what's happening with the Dumping Project, he needs some bucks for a single rare, precious PCB, so please donate. Oh, and it's never too late to learn.

Wednesday 25 August

Updates behind the scenes
Posted by logiqx at at 12:37PM [BST]
I have improved the aspect ratio correction for screenshots and games that have multiple screens or have cropped screenshots should now be correct. On top of that, I have also updated the manufacturer list (added Greyhound Electronics, Sigma Enterprises, SunA, Video System Co. and unknown). Snapshots for MAME have now been updated to CrashTest's v0.86 release and the MAME information has also been updated to v0.86. I've also got rid of the counter... it keeps screwing up and causing the front page to take an eternity to load!

Tuesday 24 August

Enjoy the sound
Posted by pi at at 9:33PM [BST]
Andy Hofle has finally made Arcade Ambience 1986. This is an one hour long MP3 with sounds you would hear in an arcade around 1986; complete with games and noises. It features many classics, and if you've heard the first version, I'm sure you'll appreciate this one. He'll be posting it to alt.binaries.emulators.misc, and is searching to distribute it thru BitTorrent. Af anyone makes a web mirror for it, please beep me and I'll post a link here.

Monday 23 August

Dump, dump, dumpdumpdump
Posted by pi at at 2:34AM [BST]
It's fresh, so get it right now: MAME 0.86 "Virtua Figther". Check out the impressive changelog. Besides consolidating the input changes from 0.85 and correcting lots of related bugs, you can witness the addition of a new interesting cores: PowerPC 403. The fixes for Hyperstone and 37710 cores add up for a release which doesn't contain any new working games, but has preliminary drivers for games such as Silent Scope, Gradius IV, GTI Club and other PPC games. Which do nothing, but they're there anyway ^_^ Virtua Racing and SPI also have some improvements, and I'm sure some classics will come very soon (maybe in 0.86u1).

Of course, all this was possible due to rom dumps; speaking of that, Mr. Goodwraith made another status update of the Dumping Project, so remember that the keyword is still donate, donate and donate.

Saturday 21 August

Tienes un durito?
Posted by pi at at 2:50AM [BST]
Haze is mentioning that Reip has located some PCBs. Some obscure 90's games and interesting stuff. As usual, the keyword is donate. I am in red numbers due to excessive partying this week, so I feel a little bad for asking you to do something I can't... But if this post makes only one person donate to the Dumping Project, then I'll be satisfied.

Tuesday 17 August

MAME v0.85
Posted by logiqx at at 7:33AM [BST]
I have done the usual updates at the back end so that all of the MAME details are up to date now. CrashTest has also done a huge amount of work for his latest MAME snapshots (WIP release for 0.85u2) and there are no games without snapshots now!

Monday 16 August

Posted by pi at at 3:18PM [BST]
Well, Mr. Logiqx is back from holidays, and he has already issued a lot of datfile updates. Among other strange things happening lately, the MAME Artwork Page has been updated with a lot of goodies, so get them all (of course, just for reference). And if I have to mention some of the good things in emulation development which I've heard of lately, check Dox's MAME WIP for some Robo Wres 2001 snaps. Yes, it will be added to MAME.

Ah, and there is FastMame ^_^

Monday 9 August

Summer temperatures = lazy newsposters
Posted by pi at at 2:53PM [BST]
I hope you've noticed the release of MAME 0.85 (without alias for now). The changelog has some juicy new input stuff, courtesy of Mr. Aaron Giles. Of course it's still full of other great contributions. Check it. There have been many builds updated, included MAME32 0.85 and all the usual dats, packs and stuff.

Still, no FastMAME which is the one I want right now ^_^ Logiqx is also away, walking over water or stuff like that. No updated datfiles for now, so be patient. There's someone else flying over CAESAR but I don't know when is he landing ;)

Oh, and RAINE 0.40.5 is out too. Just another big bugfix release, but well, it's still one of my favorite emulators! Thanks to The Informer for this bit.

(And I've bought a DVD burner!)

Friday 6 August

New snapshots
Posted by logiqx at at 7:24AM [BST]
For a long time now the MAME screenshots in CAESAR have been rather incomplete and I've wanted to start using a more complete collection. Well, I've finally managed to find the time to make the changes required so that I can use the CrashTest collection. I have also introduced his snaps for a few of the other emulators. In total, I am now using his MAME, Modeler, S11Emu and Nebula Model 2 snapshots, thanks for creating them CrashTest! In addition to this, CAESAR now displays all screenshots in the correct aspect ratio. There might be the odd image that is incorrect but the vast majority will look better now.

Sunday 1 August

A few updates
Posted by logiqx at at 5:31PM [BST]
I have updated a few emulators inside CAESAR. I have added ElSemi's new SEGA Model 2 Emulator and also updated the pages for Nebula Jukebox, NeoJukeBox and QPlayer (now that I have created accurate data files for them). The RAINE pages have also been updated and so have the recent and recommended emulator lists.