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July 2004

Tuesday 27 July

Posted by pi at at 10:55PM [BST]
Erik Duijs just wrote me to tell me big news: Bomb Jack, Donkey Kong Jr, and Hexa have just been added to the JEmu2 page. They're playable and amazingly, two thirds of the new games have sound. Soon more games will have internet score too. I just hope he doesn't slip in and add cheats too ^_^

Clap your hands
Posted by pi at at 9:32PM [BST]
A few interesting things happening lately. If you're in much need of zero-minute arcade news, visit MameWorld, its News Submission board, or any general emu board...

First, an old favorite of mine with a new release: ScummVM 0.6.1. The main stuff on this release is the amount of bugs fixed and a few functionalities added. Thanks to RetroK for the news.

Erik Duijs is still developing JEmu2. A few bugs have been sorted out, but it still plays the same five classics. Not that it was bad, but I was expecting a couple of new supported gems. Java, OpenGL, blah blah blah. Must try it! And then, "clap your hands".

And finally a new release/rewrite of ElSemi's infamous beast, Nebula Model 2 v0.1 alpha. This rewrite needs Direct-X 9, but uses a lighter (faster?) framework. And has good words from a few knowledgeable guys. Thanks to Tourniquet for the prompt news.

Thursday 22 July

No comment
Posted by pi at at 5:47PM [BST]
Norbert Kehrer and Graham Toal have released Tailgunner in Java. It celebrates Norbert's birthday (happy one, Norbert!) and it's an exact port of this old 3d vector classic. The game is playable online, or downloadable with source. Read the front page because the details of how this was achieved are quite interesting. Thanks to Stiletto.

David Widel has finally released the source for the 96in1 Pacman driver. Petr1fied has also made diff and make file to easily make a tiny compile for this game. Thanks to Petr1fied for the titles & stuff.

FastMame 0.84u3.

Sunday 18 July

Another bi-weekly lengthy post
Posted by pi at at 1:37PM [BST]
Well I'm going to try to make up for the last days without any post with the most interesting stuff happening lately. First of all, visit where his tools are still evolving into amazing utilities. I am stuck about MAME and arcade emulation because I don't have enough space to update anything until I buy a new burner... And honestly I'm quite down and lack of motivation and blah blah blah... Ya know.

Mr. Widel has made a 96 in 1 Pacman driver for MAME. It's a multiple game and I don't know if it's going to be added to official MAME. Check it out because it's there for a limited time, the download is almost 5mb and contains... Thanks to Dalthon for the news.

A few days ago Ad_Enuff posted about Paper Arcade. If you have been paying attention lately, you know what it is. If not, check it out. Actually this new page pointed out has new things (for changing micro-money) and has a compilation of both parts of Paper Arcade. Enjoy folding.

And Erik Duijs, famous for his Java emulation projects, recovered the old CottAGE and revamped it up to today's standards. You can check the testing thread for a few beta versions with Java Web Start and OpenGL support. It didn't work here, but well it's beta and he needs testing. Good to see him around and active.

Today's Off The Mark comic strip features a strange arcade game that my cat also wants to play... Thanks to Miniyoda for the link.

Sunday 4 July

One post to make it for all this time.
Posted by pi at at 1:14PM [BST]
First of all, happy birthday to Logiqx, he's now something like 64 years old or very close. And second, sorry for the news draught but I really wasn't up to the task. Still, let me mention a few things which might have been overlooked by other sites:

About emus: RAINE has been updated a couple of times. Better check and update. Vantage 1.12 has also been updated after years of being dormant. Peale and the rest have added a few drivers and things. Someone released U64Emu 3.40 tnl edition. I think it's not official, but I haven't heard anything bad. It fixed quite a lot of things from previous versions.

Someone (sorry I forgot who!) found a PDF for Programming Emulators. It's in english and it seems it's quite good, although I haven't checked myself, so it might be something old already published.

Guru has opened a Naomi dumping list. Charles McDonald has updated his site with even more information. System 16 - The Arcade Museum was updated heavily, you better visit. Bobby Tribble's unMAMEd arcade games was updated too I think, you should never miss this resource. And M.A.W.S. was updated like 150 times.

A special mention about Tickle 0.92, Alessandro sent this to me two weeks ago... Well the little emulator has more analog sounds, Frogger and Galaxian, and more things. Worth getting and trying.

MAME 0.84 wasn't overlooked by other sites, so I won't mention what's new.

And if you liked Paper Arcade, here you have the
Second Wave. Enjoy.