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June 2004

Saturday 12 June

Hard to handle
Posted by pi at at 11:53AM [BST]
In absence of Smitdogg, Mr. Do has released Control Panel packs 23 & 24. I guess these have the same quality as the others, nowhere to be found yet, but one expects them to be uploaded to the newsgroups and eventually to MameHot.

Flyer is all around me
Posted by pi at at 11:50AM [BST]
The Arcade Flyers Archive has been updated again. Look at all those cute flyers. Come on, you know you can't resist.

Those latin guys
Posted by pi at at 11:49AM [BST]
I don't think we have many italian readers, but well, the History.dat Translation Project has finished translating all the data into italian. Spread the word.

Thursday 10 June

More stuff about the resurrection
Posted by pi at at 8:47AM [BST]
Peale gave me the page they have for The Vantage Project. If you're interested in the progress and any future release, you can visit it. There's a page for the programmers involved and also a WIP page with some details. They're also announcing a release soon, with new games like Space Laser and Moon War.

Wednesday 9 June

Posted by pi at at 11:24PM [BST]
Peale has taken the old VAntAGE code (look at our VAntAGE page) and he is trying, with the help of some friends, to add new drivers. For now there's a varying degree of success, but there's interest and potential there. VAntAGE is capable of running classics in very old hardware, so you could build a vertical cab with minimal costs. I wish them luck and I hope to hear from this project again very soon.

Monday 7 June

Not really a surprise...
Posted by pi at at 6:19PM [BST]
Well, so much for the "next release will take a long time", here we have RAINE 0.40.3. I was expecting this, just a bugfix release, but here it is. The good thing is that (if I read correctly) they have stopped using Allegro and now they use SDL for sound under linux and win32. I still expect a couple more "bugfixes" before the rewrite, if any... Thanks to The Informer for posting this.

Saturday 5 June

In a surprising turn of events...
Posted by pi at at 7:47PM [BST]
Logiqx has released data files and updated CAESAR on the same day as MAME v0.83 being released. Wow!

Oh yeah...
Posted by pi at at 2:12AM [BST]
...And MAME 0.83 is out. Check the changelog; a variety of stuff and a new Atari prototype. Let's hope people don't bug for a new version in a while ^_^

Summer holidays, or more
Posted by pi at at 1:32AM [BST]
In a quite surprising move, Haze is taking a break. Hopefully, as he states, he'll be back with renewed interest and motivation and be the great maintainer of MAME he has been until now.

Never a bad opportunity to relive a classic
Posted by pi at at 1:32AM [BST]
A rather impressive port/remake, DHTML Lemmings is a quite accurate remake done only using HTML and JavaScript. Thanks to Dave for posting this!

Thursday 3 June

But I'm still missing one of the requirements...
Posted by pi at at 11:17AM [BST]
Want to have a whole collection of classic arcade cabs in your room? Paper Arcade will help you. All you need is a color printer, scissors and glue, and "reasonably non-arthritic folding fingers". Since I don't have anything arcade in mine, I think I'm getting the whole collection done. Thanks to Dan for posting it at the News board.