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May 2004

Monday 31 May

A neat surprise for today
Posted by pi at at 9:04PM [BST]
RAINE 0.40.2 has been released. Although it's not as big or accurate as the Borg, it's one of my favorite emulators and I still use it to play certain games in my ghettoputer(tm). There are lots of fixes, updated hiscore.dat, and a bunch of new games like Caliber 50, Daioh and Zombie Raid. Unfortunately, no new games not in MAME. And also unfortunately, there's a lot of code needing rewriting, so it will pass a long time until a new version comes out, if it ever comes...

Sunday 30 May

A few bits I'd like to mention
Posted by pi at at 9:37PM [BST]
Carlo Noben has put osXmame 0.82, which is a pre-compiled version of xmame 0.82 for Mac OS X.

And Peponas has released Gngeo 0.6.3 which includes a patch which fixes Gngeo crashing on LinuxPPC. Good day for Mac owners I guess. Also, Gngeo is working now in more Linux distributions.

GoodOldGames is still not putting the goodies at BeEmulated. However he expects to put BeOS updates for BeMAME, xmame and RAINE in about two weeks.

Finally, if you have some spare bucks, please donate. There's always a good PCB deal or a rare arcade game located just in the next turn.

Tuesday 25 May

But, I have something else to say today...
Posted by pi at at 9:38PM [BST]
The last news I've received are from Alessandro Scotti (sorry for the delay). He has released Tickle 0.91. Tickle is a framework for developing emulators, but as well supports many arcade games and some nice features. It has about 20 games, and the latest version includes a new frontend for the Linux port, experimental force feedback (with Space Invaders!) and fixes everywhere. Try it!

For now that's how things are going to be
Posted by pi at at 9:38PM [BST]
Well I think that was enough for now. As you can guess, lately I'm having a big problem with motivation, or better said, the lack of it. I am not doing news as I did before, so basically I'm an echo of the News Submission board, just with better quality english. And nowadays it's true (never so true as before) that most of the news are MAME related, and for that MameWorld is doing a great job. No, don't worry, for now I'll make the odd post about things non MAME, since I'm aware that many projects don't have the public light they deserve. So if you have something you feel should be here, go on and tell me by email, in the News board or by PM in the MameWorld forums.

Thursday 13 May

Pass me the kleenex box
Posted by pi at at 10:45PM [BST]
These are going to be the last news posted until next Monday, if I survive. If you don't know, Logiqx is coming to visit my friends and me for the weekend, it's gonna be simply great. Shed no tears, I know no one gives a damn about news here so if it runs for three days without updates, you're not going havoc or anything :-p

One minute warning
Posted by pi at at 10:45PM [BST]
Haze has just released MAME 0.82u1. The first micro release of the current 0.82 "cycle" (remember there are not beta test cycles anymore) contains a few nice things worth remarking, like that lot of Sega Titan-Video fixes from Mariusz Wojcieszek and a few new games working like Bloody Roar 2. Oh well, check the whatsnew.txt by yourself (kindly posted by R. Belmont).

Run, Forrest, run!
Posted by pi at at 10:44PM [BST]
The people over at GeoShock has released FastMAME 0.82. There's not much to say about this since it doesn't have any difference with MAME, except that it is compiled with so many optimization flags that the UN building entrance looks desert. The compiler used gives a nice speed boost for the majority of games, this makes it my current choice for playing games ^_^

The lords of metal
Posted by pi at at 10:44PM [BST]
Nino Megadriver has released Metal Mame 0.05-80 to celebrate the opening of the new site dedicated exclusively for this heavy metal remix of MAME. I guess you already know about what this does, so I'll just mention that now it supports four games: Metal Beast, Metal Contra, Metal Axe and Speed Metal Gyruss. The sound kits are there to download, with the binary and sources.

Free advertising
Posted by pi at at 10:44PM [BST]
Bobby Tribble has updated 's unMAMEd arcade games to be in sync with MAME 0.82; you get the usual batch of removals and moving around. He mentions he's busy with real life so there is not any other updates. Still this site is full of information and screens from non emulated games so it's always nice to mention about it.

Tuesday 11 May

Now that would be a great one
Posted by pi at at 9:24PM [BST]
Following my tradition of mentioning cool things even if they aren't arcade, I'll point you (again) to ScummVM because they're doing a release very soon. There's a story about Another World which is interesting, because the project born from it might some day support... Flashback.

Some reading can't do much harm
Posted by pi at at 9:23PM [BST]
There's a new article at MAMExpose: Japan Shmups. Which is IMHO a great subject ^_^ It reviews three Japan exclusive games, with varying fortune. No, there's not any Cave or Raizing shooter :-p

The works behind the scenes
Posted by pi at at 9:23PM [BST]
Another update at Aaron's Home Page. Trying to rest from the heavier work, he has got SFR: The Rock running (which I can't see how it can be a lighter task) and suffers from the same problem as the first SFR which prevents the games to run properly. The good thing is that he has found the problem and he is solving it already, so even if there's no computer to run them, they'll get preserved.

I also saw some other interesting things about WIP related to MAME and emulation. Check for example this thread about brute force attack to ZN's encryption keys. After some devs commenting about it, it seems much more than feasible and I'd say we'll see results very soon. Also take a look at this other message by RB about CPU cores but it's too cryptic to really get some real info.

MAME and the 1,001 things
Posted by pi at at 9:22PM [BST]
Crashtest has updated his site with all the screenshots from MAME 0.82. Get them from CrashTest Emulation Page and don't forget to take a look at all the goodies he has around.

M.A.W.S. was updated with said screenshots, and also Arcademul Database, which is a site half way between M.A.W.S. and CAESAR, but in french.

On the bad news side, Kiyo has mentioned that Mahjong in MAME will be down until further notice. Apparently his web site has been hijacked. Beware of the source of such page.

Fair game
Posted by pi at at 9:21PM [BST]
Roman has released various versions in the last two days, but latest one is ClrMamePro 3.32b, which besides the minor release fixes, adds a couple of nice things to this already awesome application. Besides the speedup here and cleanup there (he's spoiling us), he has modified the behaviour so you can choose to not see completely missing sets. Which is great for people who don't have all the sets (all of you, right?)

Sunday 9 May

I know something and it's a surprise...
Posted by pi at at 6:51PM [BST]
Logiqx has just sent me an email notifying me that the world should know that has now all the necessary MAME 0.82 dats and related updates, and the site you're watching (which is called CAESAR, incidentally) has been updated appropiately as well.

Even Atlas got tired
Posted by pi at at 6:26PM [BST]
There has been an update at Aaron's Home Page. They aren't really good news. Seeing how complex the MIPS recompile rewriting was, Aaron decided to keep the old one and apply the new optimizations there, but somewhere in the way it messes up the geometry of the games (look at the Blitz screen). But well, he got a SFR: The Rock hard drive.

Freshly cut
Posted by pi at at 6:25PM [BST]
MAMu_ has updated MAME Icons with the latest pack for MAME 0.82 which as usual looks slick, cute, cartoony and fluffy. Grab them before they wither!

Saturday 8 May

Boink, boink, boink
Posted by pi at at 6:26PM [BST]
Dox has posted some Bonk's Adventure WIP, there are screenshots but unfortunately it turned out to be an incomplete dump, and protection is not emulated so there's no hope to have it in playable status for a while. Thanks to Dalthon for spotting this.

Including words from our sponsor
Posted by pi at at 6:25PM [BST]
We continue today with a couple more updates following 0.82, including a little correction.

MadeInMAME32 0.82 has been released, including a word of warning.

Triggerfin has updated Catlist up to 0.82, including an unofficial fix for the oldest MAME game.

And that site has been updated again. No surprise included ^_^

Friday 7 May

Flood of followers
Posted by pi at at 7:14PM [BST]
Following the MAME release, we got today the expected avalanche of updates:

John IV et al released MAME32 0.82. There are a few changes in the whatsnew32, purely cosmetic stuff.

MAME/MAME32 Plus! 0.82 has been released too. There aren't changes in this update but there were a few changes in previous version. Hi to Daniel who told me about the last update but I was late to post it, but thanks anyway.

Mamesick released MAME32FX 0.82. It has more folders in the GUI, extra icons, and includes fixes for Superman and Twin Hawk.

Twisty has released the sources for SmoothMame 0.82 in case you want to roll your own. Roll. Yes you've heard it well. Heh.

Petr1fied updated the MAME Titles packs as well as the dats to audit them properly.

Alexis has released History.dat 0.82 with a bunch of updates as usual.

M.A.S.H. released MameInfo.dat 0.82, with updated WIP and the rest of the stuff he got us used to.

And finally Cutebutwrong has updated M.A.W.S. up to MAME 0.82 and related stuff. He has also added the ability to link to resources directly with an URL like, and also added an option to view screenshots in a correct aspect ratio. If you read the frontpage, he has even more things in the future.

Thursday 6 May

For archival purposes only
Posted by pi at at 10:44PM [BST]
Gridle has updated the MAME WIP page with the progress up to April the 25th. The WIP is old but it's there for the time to come, and you can still see a bunch of tech stuff and nice screenshots ;)

Now that's a great gift to share
Posted by pi at at 10:40PM [BST]
Haze has released MAME 0.82 "Happy birthday Haze", which is a kind of a great gift for a bday, don't you think? Looking at the whatsnew.txt you can see all the nice things accumulated from the u releases: dozens of fixes, improved i386 and Seibu SPI emulation, new i960 core, Seattle updates, and many many things. Changes from u9 include more ZN games, 1945k III and Tylz, and the big surprise (for me) of Time Crisis. With nothing else to add right now, I'll just say: enjoy.

Wednesday 5 May

Lost & found
Posted by pi at at 9:16PM [BST]
A guy by the nick ENGCameraman found and offered the rare 1984 prototype of Tylz (Gottlieb/Mylstar), and Haze already shows some progress. It fits well in the Q*bert driver, but Haze mentions there are a few problems with the sound while showing more screenshots. Truly a fortunate find, let's hope it's in next MAME.

Nitpicking compliant
Posted by pi at at 9:15PM [BST]
Roman has released ClrMamePro 3.31a, which contains a few fixes and changes so it is ready for next MAME. Note that as MAME doesn't support it, clone-of-clone CHD's aren't supported anymore.

Not going to get a Pulitzer, but...
Posted by pi at at 9:14PM [BST]
While we're on the article subject, there's a 6 months old APC Magazine article on MAME which IMHO is much better than the ones seen lately. I guess we all know about all what is mentioned in this article, but at least they aren't clueless, so it's a good read. Thanks to long lost Pete for the link.

Tuesday 4 May

A version of a version
Posted by pi at at 9:57PM [BST]
TEInc just made a post with a version of the Afterburner title theme by Sekrett Scilensce. It's a 7mb MP3 (direct link is in the post), and includes a text file you can read in this post thanks to Cutebutwrong.

Includes conditioned air and anti-fog lights
Posted by pi at at 9:56PM [BST]
There's "yet another MAME32 derivative build with some extras", this time it's called MadeInMame32. This one claims to not have any core changes, but rather aim to add some features to the GUI: password protected games, PCB info windows, an icon in the tray... The first release actually happened past week. Thanks to Twisty for the link.

Looks like cockroaches, but aren't...
Posted by pi at at 9:55PM [BST]
Another update at Guru's ROM Dumping News. He got more stuff from Brian Troha and the Sheep. He got the security chip from Strider 2 and other ZN boards to get them, plus a few PCB's like 1945 K III (already worked on by Haze in previous post) and Bloody Roar 2. Nice stuff.

Word from above
Posted by pi at at 9:55PM [BST]
Haze is showing some Dyna Gear WIP. Haze says this will probably be not included due to the amount of hacks needed. However he also mentions that this other 1945k II WIP will get submitted probably.

Monday 3 May

Did you expect raytracing?
Posted by pi at at 7:16PM [BST]
Gollum has posted some SAGECott WIP showing the first screenshots of this new Java based emulator. The games are Dottori Kun and Minivader, so don't expect any explosion of colours...

Weird stuff done by gaming cultist
Posted by pi at at 7:15PM [BST]
Now you have to check Pac Manhattan. Believe it or not, this is a game based on PacMan, but played by real persons in a city. The game has been already been played and it's part of a graduate program. The site has videos and stuff, and it's interesting. If you're nuts you can also try making something similar in your city ;) Thanks to Italie for the link.

So decide yourself
Posted by pi at at 7:15PM [BST]
Dox's MAME WIP has been updated too, with screens of a couple of games running in the MACS system, which is a cartidge (or cassette?) based system which uses the ST-0016 chip. Not much to see, but it's nice to see another strange system being worked on.

Now don't miss it
Posted by pi at at 7:15PM [BST]
R. Belmont's WIP Emporium has been updated with some interesting news. He added Racing Beat to M1, and under MAME there's a fix for Time Crisis and a speed up for the i960 CPU core. He is also giving hints about what's happening with the final ZiNc release, with no set date, but coming along nicely with fixes and stuff. He even posted a preliminary list of games which might be in, or not, who knows.

Sunday 2 May

Talking about the MAME
Posted by pi at at 5:37PM [BST]
MAME was featured in a recent PC Magazine article. The article is quite wrong and it doesn't even deal with the official MAME, but with MAME32 Plus! which is one of the popular unofficial builds. Thanks to Mr. Do for this link.

As a response, Almightyjustin scanned and uploaded for everyone this Gamepro article also about MAME. Althought this article is much older, it's more exact and reflects better the MAME spirit, IMHO.

When command line is not enough
Posted by pi at at 5:37PM [BST]
Triggerfin has updated Catlist up to 0.81u9. There's no 0.81u8 release because he thinks it's not worth it. He has also tweaked around the page with some buttons including M.A.W.S., which was also updated with this Catlist version. Triggerfin is asking people for forgotten frontends which use Catlist, to link them on his page.