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April 2004

Thursday 29 April

Mixture of livesaver and hi-tech swiss knife
Posted by pi at at 5:51PM [BST]
Roman has found another rare bug and decided to release ClrMamePro 3.31 which includes also more ziptests and a couple polishments. I would have edited the previous post but I can't modify my own posts here, isn't that funny?

For those of you who mess with CHD's
Posted by pi at at 1:15PM [BST]
Roman has released ClrMamePro 3.30b. He released 3.30a yesterday, with a couple of rare issues solved and a couple of minor things changed. Today he made a second release to fix a problem with wrongly named CHD's in latest MAME 0.81u9, which might be fixed in next releases. Until then, this ClrMamePro should be able to handle the issue without problems.

Ruling the sk3n3
Posted by pi at at 1:15PM [BST]
Haze has released the diffs for MAME 0.81u8 & u9. Note that u8 was private. The changelog shows some nice things, mainly from the private u8, like more Intel improvements (both 386 and 960), more PSX based goodies like Strider 2, and one Atari Mini Golf prototype included.

Following this release, we get the usual flow of updates:
John IV released MAME32 0.81u9.
Mamesick released MAME32FX 0.81u9 with a lot of frequency fixes and one crash fixed too.
M.A.S.H. released MameInfo.dat 0.81u9.
Alexis released History.dat 0.81g.

Of course, M.A.W.S. has been updated with all the above too, plus Cutebutwrong has also changed a few things too.

Workers ahead
Posted by pi at at 1:14PM [BST]
Charles MacDonald has posted more Sega WIP, which adds ADPCM sound (Via MSM5205 chips) to two bootlegs of Shadow Dancer and Tough Turf. This fixes most sound problems with these games, except some for Tough Turf.

Haze's MAME Page has been updated with a shot of a "crappy korean puzzle game" called One-Two, colors are wrong but again it's just a WIP shot.

And finally, Aaron's Home Page has some interesting tech information about what is he doing lately (and why). It involves rewritting the MIPS dynamic recompiler, and talks about a possible x86-64 backend in a future, but nothing near soon as he remarks.

Tuesday 27 April

Still not an update to the email page...
Posted by pi at at 8:24PM [BST]
After some delay, Guru is back, and promptly updated Guru's ROM Dumping News with a long list of what he has got while he was offline. And the list is about 20 PCB's, 20 MegaPlay carts and two loans for PCBs. I think I once saw a GP 500 and it's a great one to have there. There's a Harley Davidson in a nearby arcade here, too.

Now don't run away...
Posted by pi at at 8:24PM [BST]
URebelScum has released MAME: Analog+ 0.81.1. It's up to date with 0.81u7, but it has no Analog+ specific bugs fixed, and the new stuff is not working yet. To add things, it's an untested build done in a hurry, but there's no reason for it to not work. Maybe when he gets back things will get on track again.

Look at those classics
Posted by pi at at 8:23PM [BST]
There has been another update at The Arcade Flyers Archive by hyperactive Dan. Besides the usual goodies, you can see a new flyer for one of my favs: Assault. Gerand is also giving signals of life, with a promise of more flyers and a new flyer pack for next month.

Sunday 25 April

Lone Star
Posted by pi at at 9:35PM [BST]
The only news I've seen today (and yes I've run Check&Neverget and also visited several sites and boards) is that R. Belmont's WIP Emporium has been updated with a very sexy screenshot full of color from the booting screen of Final Lap R. Apparently the driver doesn't do too much for now, so I guess I had to decorate it ;) He has also implemented some SCSP improvements into M1 from ElSemi.

Saturday 24 April

After almost eight months...
Posted by pi at at 3:44PM [BST]
MrV2K has finally updated EasyEmu! This is a great site for beginners to understand emulation and how to properly use emulators and related tools. You, as an advanced user, should recommend it to newbies who are (more or less) clueless. The latest changes are an updated MAME guide, and the possibility of getting it in Windows Help format for download (just 1mb).

It's never too late
Posted by pi at at 3:44PM [BST]
Nino has made a post in the News Submission board about Metal Contra and Metal Axe, the heavy-metal remixes made by the brazilian band MegaDriver. He announces everything again, and a soon to be finished Metal Beast (Altered Beast). And note he is distributing the sources now ;) But 7mb seems a bit excessive...

Long one
Posted by pi at at 3:43PM [BST]
Excuses for not posting yesterday, but I didn't have a single minute free. Of course I guess you already got ahold of all the MAME related updates:

Alexis released History.dat 0.81f.
M.A.S.H. released MameInfo.dat 0.81u7.
Triggerfin updated Catlist up to 0.81u7.
And Cutebutwrong updated M.A.W.S. up to 0.81u7 with all related dat files and stuff, including the new Control Panel packs.

On the build side:

Mamesick released MAME32FX 0.81u7 with some fixes all around.
John IV compiled MAME32 0.81u7.
The Plus! Team released MAME/MAME32 Plus! 0.81u7.

Thursday 22 April

Yes, you're reading well, I think
Posted by pi at at 10:26PM [BST]
Haze has again gathered the work in course and released MAME 0.81u7. It contains the ST-0016 sound additions, even more Seibu SPI and i386 improvements, those Megaplay improvements including three working games, and Twin Eagle 2 working. There are a couple of new clones working too, so don't hesitate on getting this one.

I love getting emails like these...
Posted by pi at at 10:26PM [BST]
Andrea Mazzoleni has released AdvanceMAME 0.81.1 and also updated the rest of the family. About AdvanceMAME, it has some fixes, support for recent ATI Radeon boards under DOS, and pretty much continues with the tradition of quality and customer service ;)

Absolutely too much work
Posted by pi at at 10:25PM [BST]
Phil Bennet's MAME WIP has been updated with some shots of the Super Tank Attack prototype. There's no 3D in these shots, just 2D bitmaps, but it's a start, as always.

Remember that thread in the MARP forums with some Sega WIP shots? Well, more MegaPlay & MegaTech WIP has been posted. It is technical chit-chat between GreyRogue and Barry Rodewald, with nice improvements over the last news. Apparently there are few problems remaining, so we can expect a nice driver in the next MAME.

R. Belmont's WIP Emporium has been updated with a test screen of something which is probably Speed Racer, from a driver just started by RB which will emulate Namco System FL. He also mentions that Olivier "Sys16RewriteDude" Galibert is writing a new i960 CPU core for MAME. But that we can't even imagine why...

Old and new updating
Posted by pi at at 10:25PM [BST]
After one exact year, Pugsy has released Cheat.dat 0.81. You can imagine that 14 MAME versions after, this one is gonna have heaps of cheats. Hopefully he will have easier being up to date, because he has redesigned the file to make updating less difficult. Great release! Thanks to Vaz for the early warning.

M.A.S.H. has released a new pack of PCB-Infos 0.81u6. This has about 2,500 dumping text files with details (ofter incomplete or wrong) about dumping or hardware. Hes is looking for more to complete the collection.

There's a first time for everything
Posted by pi at at 10:25PM [BST]
For the first time, Eric has made a public beta and released RomCenter 2.70 beta 1. As he states in the front page, all the information is in this forum thread. As it's a beta, you better read that by yourself, but I can tell you that it has some nice fixes and improvements over the last version (2.62).

Wednesday 21 April

Well people, PLEASE
Posted by pi at at 9:48AM [BST]
If you don't do it for me, do it for yourself. If you use Outlook Express then download a good antivirus (for example AVG Antivirus Free Edition is great), because I'm tired of getting 2-3mb of viruses each week, and mail failure deliveries when I've not sent anything. Oh, and please don't have my email in your address book if you aren't responsible of your own security. If you delete it now you'll do me a good favor.

Tuesday 20 April

Devs in need of helpful help
Posted by pi at at 10:13PM [BST]
Alessandro Scotti is still searching for information for further improvement of his Tickle project; which is a multiple game emulator with special support of the Space Invaders soundboard. As reported earlier, there are six emulated effects already and he needs information about the circuits to finish the four remaining ones.

2nd Evidence also is searching for Toki PCB owners for fixing the bugs MAME has for this game. He fixed a couple ones but needs a real PCB to confirm certain information. If you have a PCB of the spitting monkey, or know someone who has, please help!

The New Generation
Posted by pi at at 10:13PM [BST]
There are news at CottAGE. As pointed the last time, almost two months ago, the CottAGE project was stopped. And now a new project has started: SAGECott. It will be focused on optimized emulation in a per-game basis, and there's already a Mini Space Invaders driver working in this new project. There's no release yet, but surely there will be one very soon.

Posted by pi at at 10:13PM [BST]
Mr. Pepone has released Gngeo 0.6.2. This is a NeoGeo emulator aimed at Linux and Unix systems, using SDL. The new version includes the newest BIOSes, some compiling cleanups, more blitters and packages ready for some Linux distributions.

Never enough of these WIP pages
Posted by pi at at 10:13PM [BST]
R. Belmont's WIP Emporium has been updated twice. Apparently he got hooked on Neratte Cyuh, and wanted to play it with sound. In a first step, Haze told him the weak point and he was able to add the sound to the ST-0016 driver. And today it was Dox the one giving him tips so now all three games in the driver sound nice enough. He even includes a short mp3 with a teaser.

Barry Rodewald has been showing some MegaPlay WIP over at the MARP forums. There are pictures and tech info scattered all around that thread, and it's a nice improvement in this system which had some problems from the very beginning. Some games are working already, including Sonic. Thanks to RB for this one.

Two updates for one emu
Posted by pi at at 10:12PM [BST]
There's already a web mirror for Smitdogg's Control Panels, including those two new packs released yesterday, and it's at Mamehot. Beware of the size.

After a long vacation, Cutebutwrong has updated M.A.W.S. with the very last things from MAME 0.81u6. Remember to switch the style ;)

Monday 19 April

Search & destroy
Posted by pi at at 1:21PM [BST]
Smitdogg has released two more Control Panel packs, with the help from Mr. Do among others. There's no homepage for these, they are big so beware. They have been uploaded to a couple of ftp sites and currently being posted in ABEM. I'll post a link to a webpage as soon as I can find one, or when someone whispers the url to me.

Posted by pi at at 1:20PM [BST]
Aaron's Home Page is once again updated with some interesting stuff to check. Even if I'm not really interested in the games themselves, it's impressive the tech side of things. More progress in the Seattle driver, and in the DCS core. And a step forward in the Vegas driver, booting the Gauntlet games is a start. More interesting is a planned second optimization pass for the recompiler, let's see what happens.

Your latest trick
Posted by pi at at 1:20PM [BST]
I really need to use again song names as post titles, and to get used to search for news more often, because Mr. J's Cheat.dat was updated past monday and I only noticed today, thanks to Cutebutwrong for telling us!

Sunday 18 April

Things to know
Posted by pi at at 9:42PM [BST]
Smitdogg got hold of a Puzz Loop 2 board, and kindly posted some pics of it running. However be warned that his post is full of harsh language (posted in the Bin, where else). And the pics aren't of really great quality. So you might not click the link as well ;)

Phil Bennet's MAME WIP has been updated with a quick info about an improved 2D emulation of the Microprose hardware. There aren't screenshots but he says things are smoother now.

And Dox's MAME WIP has been updated with some more ST-0016 fixes, and some relevant tech info and screenies.

Chain reaction
Posted by pi at at 9:41PM [BST]
Haze has released MAME 0.81u6, which includes a lot of fixes and improvements, specially in the Seta ST-0016 area. The whatsnew.txt (kindly posted by Rattydog) shows nice things. Now for the flood of updates generated:

John IV updated the build to MAME32 0.81u6.
Mamesick released MAME32FX 0.81u6.
The Plus! team released MAME/MAME32 Plus! 0.81u6.
Triggerfin updated Catlist to 0.81u6.
M.A.S.H. released MameInfo.dat 0.81u6.
And finally, Alexis released History.dat 0.81e.

Friday 16 April

Time for an update
Posted by pi at at 10:17PM [BST]
David Maher has released No Name Mame 0.81u5.10. It includes a few fixes and more game folders, including the Loony Bin one. It also has support for Metal Axe, Metal Beast, and Metal Contra. If you don't know what these game remixes are, look at the previous news posted today.

Rock on
Posted by pi at at 10:16PM [BST]
Nino sent me an email about a new version of Metal Axe, which is the game Golden Axe but with a new heavy metal sountrack based on the original one. This is done by the brazilian heavy metal band Megadriver, and this was reported a while ago here. They also did a remix of Altered Beast, but the real news is a great new remix of Contra, which has to be as cool as the other versions. They provide downloads of packages with a modified MAME with support for these special versions and the music itself - for free.

Faster, Harder, More Challenging Clr*Mame
Posted by pi at at 10:16PM [BST]
Roman has released ClrMamePro 3.30. It includes a new and faster scanner for zips, if you saw the teaser pics in his board you should know what's this baby capable of. There's more, like selectable additional zip structure tests and miscellaneous changes.

Thursday 15 April

Alzheimer can't win today
Posted by pi at at 7:29PM [BST]
I'm in a hurry so I'll post quicks about what I remember reading this morning:

The Plus! Team (unofficial name, btw) has released MAME/MAME32 Plus! 0.85u1. Besides the tree synchronization, they've included audio frequency fixes for some games.

Mamesick has released MAME32FX 0.81u5, with some removals of unneeded things and fixed a bug in the MinGW+GCC+USR+WAIS package.

And there's an update at R. Belmont's WIP Emporium, with ZiNc running Brave Blade too, and Model 1 sound in MAME's driver (the logical song).

Logiqx doesn't know how to play poker so I'm gonna win all his money to buy me t3h g00dz ;)

Wednesday 14 April

Stating the obvious
Posted by pi at at 9:05PM [BST]
Haze has done another micro release: MAME 0.81u5. Main features are: small size, low bandwidth usage, keeps things synchronized with current development, and irritates the hell out of people who don't know how to compile (like me). Oh, you wanted the new features in this specific microrelease? Read the whatsnew.txt then :-p

Following up this release, John IV has compiled and released MAME32 0.81u5.

And Alexis has released History.dat 0.81d which I guess is in sync now with 0.81u5.

Brave WIP
Posted by pi at at 9:05PM [BST]
Gridle must be getting used to this thing of updating the MAME WIP. You can see the first screenshots of Vapor TRX and the latest improvements mentioned by Aaron in the Seattle driver and related stuff, plus a load of Brave Blade screenshots. You can see the lonely screenshot at Haze's MAME Page who did the fixes. There are more Seibu SPI improvements and in general lots of Raiden related screenies too, plus all the techy details hardly understandable...

I love cats
Posted by pi at at 9:04PM [BST]
Althought it's not exactly arcade, the MAGE project has a new redirection with the nice url DotTK offers free domains for redirections, so you can also get one for free. To take advantage of the odd off-topic post, I just made a personal statement in the title of this post ;)

Bizarre flyers a go go
Posted by pi at at 9:02PM [BST]
Another update at The Arcade Flyers Archive. Highlights are: a rare Atari Community Aware Program flyer, some strange Konami flyers and a Demoneye-X one. All these come from a really big buy Dan did in eBay, with some new and great gems. He also promises more japanese flyers soon. Thanks to Greg for the heads up.

Tuesday 13 April

Ok, I surrender
Posted by pi at at 8:57PM [BST]
Check this thread in Fun / Fluff by M'Fatso and Greg mostly, and also this
thread in teh Bin by Greg and Greg. If you're into projection screen games, for example Wild Gunman... You'll like the finds.

Monday 12 April

Work in progress until you can't stand more...
Posted by pi at at 6:49PM [BST]
Haze's MAME Page is updated with Raiden II shots. There are two updates, last one is almost, almost there...

Aaron's Home Page has been updated with Seattle news. He's trying to complete the driver with the remaining games, and trying to fix his last addition to it. To play the game you need a 10ghz CPU, but for watching the screenshot you might only need a P4@3ghz...

Phil Bennet's MAME WIP has been updated with short news about what he's doing. No game screenshots, just techy info & views.

And finally, Gridle updated the MAME WIP with quite many good stuff, from Model 1 improvements to new & rare clones of classics. Shmups fans will be pleased to see more stuff about the Raiden series, and shots from a working Raystorm driver.

Blue Mary's jumping in joy
Posted by pi at at 6:49PM [BST]
SMF has made available at DOSMAME 0.81. Just in time for the 0.82 release, I guess ^_^

xmame 0.81.1 has been released. Of course the xmess side has been released too. From the arcade front, the news include fixes which I don't even understand, except that lightun issue...

Back from wherever he was
Posted by pi at at 6:48PM [BST]
Mr. Logiqx is back, and he has released a bunch of datafiles for your rom managers, all the related to MAME, various system updates, and the new RAINE version. He has updated CAESAR as well, of course.

Saturday 10 April

Exactly what happened here yesterday
Posted by pi at at 5:57PM [BST]
You can read some information regarding Raystorm. Shmups lovers will love this, because it might mean a playable one in next u5! Thanks to Dalthon for these news!

MAME updates in the horizon
Posted by pi at at 5:57PM [BST]
After a long pause, Leezer has released Unofficial Hiscore.dat 8.3. Read the news section carefully because there are a few .hi files you should manually remove. The dangers of using the hiscore system...

Katharsis has finally released FastMAME 0.81, the ICC build of MAME. No changes but faster, sometimes faster enough to make a jerky game to behave more smoothly.

Triggerfin has updated Catlist up to MAME 0.81u4.

John IV has released MAME32 0.81u4 to please the gods. The Plus! Team has released MAME/MAME32 Plus! 0.81u4 to please the mortals. And Mamesick has released MAME32FX 0.81u4 to please who knows... ;)

Thursday 8 April

Return of the Thing
Posted by pi at at 10:51PM [BST]
After a month without any updates, Roman has released ClrMamePro 3.25a. It's a minor bugfix version because IIRC he said he doesn't have much time now; still it's good to see some fixes and speed ups.

The importance of being updated
Posted by pi at at 9:33PM [BST]
The two big dat files for MAME have been updated for the latest release. M.A.S.H. did his part with MameInfo.dat 0.81u4 and Alexis his with History.dat 0.81b.

A good cause
Posted by pi at at 5:40PM [BST]
2nd Evidence is trying to get in touch with owners of Toki boards because he's interested in fixing the current bugs (present in MameTesters' S-T page). He has already fixed one and looking for confirmation and help with the rest, so if you are capable of helping, I'd be grateful. And him. And the rest of Toki lovers ;)

Today is a good day to release, little big dev
Posted by pi at at 5:40PM [BST]
Haze has decided that today is a good moment to release all the latest efforts from the developers under the very original name of MAME 0.81u4. I am lazy to get the whatsnew.txt this time, so get it yourself please ^_^ Oh and there is more for next version...

Two works with varying grade of success
Posted by pi at at 5:39PM [BST]
Dox has updated his MAME & MESS WIP page with more Neratte Cyuh pictures. He says it has hacks, but seeing how nasty is the ST-0016 (an approach to Konami's techniques) it can be understandable. Still the pictures don't have any obvious glitch so he's on the good track.

Haze's MAME Page has been updated with a screen from Landing Gear (check System 16's Taito JC System page for some shock). He mentions he's probably not finishing it, but a start is a start...

Posted by pi at at 5:39PM [BST]
Eldio is posting at MameWorld ^_^

Wednesday 7 April

Friendly reminder
Posted by pi at at 9:04PM [BST]
I know it's a bit old, but I didn't read CABAL follow up about ScummVM's April's Fool, so you might want to get a couple of laughs, specially if you've ever been a developer...

Proyectos Avanzados
Posted by pi at at 9:03PM [BST]
Andrea Mazzoleni has released AdvanceMAME v0.80.1. I don't know if there's some error in the history, if not then there's a new option to specify configuration for a single software (whatever that means). He has also released his suite of recompressing utilities called AdvanceComp 1.1.0.

Monday 5 April

For what the future might bring
Posted by pi at at 8:57PM [BST]
Dox has updated today twice his MAME WIP, with screenies of Neratte Cyuh, which seems the usual match-falling-pieces-by-color puzzle. However look at the cute rodent in the title screen, isn't it lovely?

News posted at Aaron's Home Page. He is almost recovered from a recent health issue, but he's not quite recovered yet if he deals with Killer Instinct. There's also some info about Super Rider as well.

And while it's not exactly WIP, you should visit Bobby Tribble's unMAMEd arcade games which has been updated, with removals, moves, additions, and the funky stuff he usually dances.

Knowledge is powder (doesn't that make sense?)
Posted by pi at at 8:56PM [BST]
And now for the neat addons for MAME. You can expect the changes to be the usual stuff of updates:

Alexis released History.dat 0.81a.

M.A.S.H. released MameInfo.dat 0.81u3.

No snap pack, but Petr1fied actually had a great idea.

Short pills
Posted by pi at at 8:56PM [BST]
I'm not aware of any changes in these builds besides being updated to 0.81u3:

John IV released MAME32 0.81u3.

The Plus! Team released MAME/MAME32 Plus! 0.81u3.

David Maher released No Name Mame 0.81u3.09.

Mamesick released MAME 0.81u3 - MAME32 0.81.

Sunday 4 April

Supported != Playable
Posted by pi at at 11:22PM [BST]
Haze has released MAME 0.81u1, u2 & u3 altogether! Why three microreleases? Who knows, but he wants a fix for the Megaplay games ^_^ From the whatsnew.txt, there's a little surprise which doesn't and will never work. Included is all the WIP stuff we've been watching all the weekend, note that the Model 1 games are absolutely not working and are still under heavy development. Still, there is a grand total of 3 new working games ;) Thanks to Jason for the news.

I am the sandwich
Posted by pi at at 8:09PM [BST]
R. Belmont keeps his front page untouched, and putting special WIP shots in separate pages. This time it's about a guy who used to say I am the law.

Let's Work Together
Posted by pi at at 3:03PM [BST]
R. Belmont has some more Tecmo PS/ZN progress to show, along with even more WIP stuff about things that go boom.

Some of those shots, along with some tech details, are in the last update of MAME WIP, Gridle is on a streak... Maybe now we can keep up with the inner changes in MAME without analyzing the diffs and visiting 18 pages and 25 boards ^_^

Dox's MAME WIP joins the party with more ST-0016 stuff; now Renju Kizoku is playable without graphic errors, and there's a preliminary screen for Nerrate Cyuh. No signs of sound are mentioned...

And even more at Phil Bennet's MAME WIP, that Microprose stuff is hard but he's getting some results already.

Loads of 0.81 updates
Posted by pi at at 3:02PM [BST]
M.A.S.H. has released MameInfo.dat 0.81, with the latest WIP (finally), newest bugs, more levels and updates... You know the deal.

David Maher has released No Name Mame 0.81.09. Few fixes and removals, and something called SSF. Don't know what it is, and I'm lazy enough to not look by myself...

Mr. J. has released his Cheat.dat WIP 03/04/04, which is great since Pugsy has been like two or three eternities without an official update. We can survive with this good one in the meanwhile ^_^

CrashTest has updated the MAME Shots to 0.81 too, get them at CrashTest Emulation Page.

And finally, M.A.W.S. has been furiously updated again by Mr. Cutebutwrong, I guess I shouldn't really report it, and just report if he doesn't update ;)

Saturday 3 April

Werk in Prowess
Posted by pi at at 2:07PM [GMT]
Gridle has made another big update of the MAME WIP. Since these changes are more recent, I'll comment some. First, the absolutely awesome submission by Olivier Galibert, a preliminary Sega Model 1 driver with four games (not working or anything close). This is for people who said that Model 3 emulation would come first ^_^ Now it's a race to see who finishes first, lol. Raiden 2 sprites partially decrypted (wow), with a better I386 CPU core, ZN and related driver updates, and a lot more. While the rest is a bit outdated, you'll have the opportunity to see the shots of some of these games for first time, like me...

Yesterday R. Belmont gave us a little teaser for that Model 1 emulation WIP, and today he gives more teasers for Tecmo PS WIP, which is the ZN version of Tecmo. Some shangai game and some rivalry at school...

Welcome to the brotherhood
Posted by pi at at 2:05PM [GMT]
A new MAME site called MAME Belgium has opened. It offers multilingual forums (french, dutch and english) while the site is in english, an unmamed section, and also centralized downloads of many MAME versions. Althought it doesn't have the 0.81 version yet ^_^ Thanks to Mevi for the link.

Advice for new and old generations
Posted by pi at at 2:04PM [GMT]
Alexis has released History.dat 0.81, and TriggerFin (a.k.a. TriggerFun) has updated Catlist to 0.81 too. Not much else to say about these, except... Update!

Friday 2 April

New, between quotes
Posted by pi at at 5:16PM [GMT]
Please, PLEASE, send me links for sites of new games which aren't KOF Maximum Impact and alikes. I'm getting frankly tired that I can only report new games with cool sites if they are KOF and family. I need TGM3 or something! Well, to get rid of the bad taste, you can check something which hasn't been featured here in a long time, The Sheep's World Of Arcades, with shrines to shoot-em-ups from Cave, Psikyo and Raizing/Eighting. Sweet.

Get solid
Posted by pi at at 5:16PM [GMT]
Check out the site of Megadrive, all with Sega font... Megadriver is a brazilian heavy metal band devoted to videogame music (actual quote). The news is that they have made a heavy metal style remake of the Golden Axe, they're releasing the music for free, and they are distributed an altered MAME to include support for that soundtrack in the game! Thanks to Trojan for the link.

As expected, a bunch of MAME updates
Posted by pi at at 5:16PM [GMT]
John IV has released MAME32 0.81, althought reading the what's new it looks as it's only Rene Single who has changed and added features to the GUI. From these, showing history in all art views is my fav.

The Plus! Team has released
MAME/MAME32 Plus! 0.81. Apparently there's only one change: the color fix for After Burner/ABII by Jun has been applied again.

Petr1fied has updated MAME Titles with the latest pack of title screens for you.

Mamesick has released MAME32FX 0.81. It only has one fix for Pulstar in the current changelog, but he has updated the features page to cover all the differences with the official build.

Roman has updated the ClrMamePro homepage with MAME 0.81 related dats: Titles, Snaps, Icons, Cabinets, Samples and Artwork. If you want more datfiles, Logiqx is away right now...

Thursday 1 April

Let's fall for it
Posted by pi at at 10:48PM [GMT]
After April's Fool, now Gridle has updated the MAME WIP for real. Up to March 18th, let's hope he catches up and the rest soon. Haze has also found funny the 0.81 joke and he released MAME 0.81 for real this time. There's no numbering change, not a bad decision. The tagname is "W", I guess to distinguish it from the old "D". Anyway, check the changelog, download, update, enjoy.

On a side note, M.A.W.S. has been updated already.

Missed opportunity
Posted by pi at at 10:47PM [GMT]
Among all the jokes, there's apparently a real WIP update, at Philip Bennet's MAME WIP. Good enough to be nice, but not so incredible to look fake. I'd say it's true ^_^