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December 2004

Friday 31 December

So here it is...
Posted by pi at at 9:59PM [GMT]
Just a few minutes to finish 2004 right here (Jupiter), so I just want to wish you all a happy new year and may you have a big wild party tonight ^_^

News posting system is playing tricks on me
Posted by pi at at 9:58PM [GMT]
ElSemi has released Crystal System emulator v1.2. According to his statements, a few bugs have been sorted out and this means no known bugs in the emulation are left.

Another news bit is that MrV2K has brougth EasyEmu is back to life. He's asking about what need to be covered or expanded in the current #1 emulation tutorial site. Which is approaching one million visitors quickly! Of course, he has also updated EasyEmu after some months of pause. Eight guides have been updated and six new ones have been added. Don't forget to recommend this site to newbies!

Monday 27 December

The grinch of emus
Posted by pi at at 11:35PM [GMT]
ElSemi has released Crystal System emulator v1.1. It fixes some problems with the music in Evolution Soccer, and also a problem with trying to use a card with Transform & Lighting without any actual use for it. Greedy emu!

Saturday 25 December

Not bad, coming from Santa...
Posted by pi at at 5:03PM [GMT]
ElSemi (dressed as Santa) did his work on xmas morning, and Crystal Systems Emulator has been released. Crystal Systems is an arcade hardware similar to PGM. The emulator supports two games: Crystal of the Kings and Evolution Soccer. I really don't know much more about this emulator, just that ShengLuc mentioned it on RG/Gen, so thanks to him.

Friday 17 December

The shortest day of the year is near
Posted by pi at at 10:03PM [GMT]
Well, you know the news in this site are not much news, rather oldies ^_^ Still, I will keep making the odd post from time to time, who knows if I will ever go back at posting news more often, or at least make interesting posts... Doubtful. However, there are a couple things I noticed today. First one is an update by Randy about The Dumping Project, with the usual good and bad stuff, and promises for the future. Also there's another update of The Lord Of All Known And Paralell Unieverses' Home Page, and happy belated birthday to you too.

And finally, my deepest apologies to Dan, because I totally overlooked and forgot to post about his nice site dedicated to Gravitar, a great classic by Atari which is in its early twenties. The site has captures, information, hints and tips, and well, deals with this colorful vector arcade which I happen to like as well (although I'm clumsy when playing it). I hope he'll beep me when he makes another try for the world record. Anyway, he also forgot to include CAESAR in his links page... ^_^