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November 2004

Friday 26 November

If you're late, you better don't come
Posted by pi at at 10:08PM [GMT]
I totally overlooked two news bits from CPS2Shock. First, there's a new XOR for SFX3 Japan. And second, Kawaks 1.50 has been released. It contains the new XORed game, quite a lot of new sets and clones, many rom renames and some bugfixes here and there.

Thursday 25 November

The Wizard of Rom
Posted by pi at at 8:45AM [GMT]
I don't do this kind of news now, but I thought I better mention ClrMamePro 3.50. Why? Because it comes with the so-long-awaited and much-wanted-and-desired Set-Subfolder support. You can now specify subfolders for files inside sets, and ClrMamePro will happily reorganize them. This adds a whole new dimension to the usefulness of this already great rom-manager, so expect a lot of activity in the next months... Well, the last thing to mention is that it's a new feature which still needs testing, so be careful and report any oddities if you find any. Thanks Roman!

Wednesday 24 November

The sun shines
Posted by pi at at 6:53PM [GMT]
Ohhhhhh, here it is MAME 0.89 "Turbo Outrun", probably one of the most expected releases ever. It comes packed with all the good decryption and improvements of Sega System 16 games. Some games couldn't have been fixed in the U releases, but overall this version is Grade A+++. There are other novelties in the changelog like discrete sound, more sampleset support, a Namco update and stuff, but all I wanna do right now is sing "Sega, Sega, oooooooooh Sega!"

Sunday 21 November

Posted by pi at at 9:39AM [GMT]
What a surprise, again a release so we have RAINE 0.42! The big update is a brand new working CPS-2 driver. It supports almost 30 games, all parents (no clones) and pretty much with good graphic emulation. There are also a few bugs cleaned off Air Gallet and stuff, and a few oddities here and there. Boy am I specific...

Friday 19 November

When money is not important anymore...
Posted by pi at at 9:24PM [GMT]
Tux has released RAINE 0.41.3, which fixes an important bug which gave many problems in a bunch of games. Please update and stuff. Oh and look at these great MAME tokens. They look absolutely gorgeous. I don't have a cab or anything, and the ordering is for big quantities... So if after buying thse, any of you want to send me a couple of tokens, I'd be eternally grateful! If these were in Amazon, I'd open a wishlist...

Friday 12 November

Thanks Giles it's Friday
Posted by pi at at 10:14AM [GMT]
For the powerphone owners, here it is EMame 1.0 for Series 60 and Motorola A925. My Alcatel can't even have a logo, so I don't care much, but I'm sure many of you will like.

Derrick Renaud has prepared a good Discrete Component documentation. It's still unfinished, and it's changing as the discrete components change too. Let's hope this will help other developers into discrete simulation so if Mr. Renaud goes on holiday, we're not left hanging with nothing on the horizon...

And Tux has released RAINE 0.41.2 aka "London meeting". On the emulation side, there's nothing big new, but there are quite some good bug fixes. A remarkable thing is an early WIP CPS-2 driver... On the "London meeting" side, hope you all attending the meet have a good time and everything. Cheers!