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October 2003

Wednesday 22 October

No more test drivers!
Posted by Logiqx at at 9:03PM [BST]
Just a quick note to say that everything has now been updated in relation to MAME v0.75 and v0.76. The enabling of all the test drivers has caused a lot of changes to pages on this site!

Tuesday 7 October

Death of website death is greatly exaggerated
Posted by rob at at 9:13AM [BST]
Relax, we're still here - waiting for Pi to fix his computer. In the meantime, here's the (not-so-) latest:

Haze takes it to 0.74u2. Testdrivers are technically no more, as they are enabled?! CHDs are replicating madly. DVD burner, here I come!

Bobby Tribble rises to the challenge and updates unMAMEd arcade games for MAME 0.74u2.

Triggerfin's (almost) got your back with category/version/etc. files for MAME 0.74u1 (0.74u2 should be up soon, right?).

M.A.S.H. has new bezels and new mameinfo.dat (0.74u1a in full, 0.74u1b as a diff) on his MAMEINFO page.

New SmoothMAME, bringing things to 0.74u1.

Check out MameAnalog+ 0.74.1, now with a special WinXP-only build that supports multiple mice.

New site! All right, new site for our friends at Advance Projects, but you get only score a copy of AdvanceMAME v0.74.1 and AdvanceMESS v0.74.0.0 at the old site.

John IV has upped MAME 32 0.74, plus screenies, icons, and dats.

Alexis has produced History.dat 0.74.

VCMame32 0.74 is available for those who wanna take it apart Micro$oft style.

Duckie has freshened NonMAME with the latest from 0.74.

xmame/xmess-0.74.1 have been released, for the ubergeek on your Xmas list.

There's a bunch of stuff over at MAME Status. You know it, I know it.

This is odd...apparently there's a company called StarROMs who will sell you legalized ROMs. Check out their press release at and decide for yourself.

Aaron Giles has added to his MAME Memories. See the world of MAMEdevving from within.

Andy Hofle has released another Arcade Ambience, this time bringing us all back to the '83 arcade feeling (the start of my heyday).

Roman Scherzer freshens up our collections with ClrMamePro 3.07a. Oh, and he's 31.

Ciro has taken a break from Emu Loader and his other emu projects. Pity.

Nebula Model 2 updated to version 0.9a, as seen at Nebula.

There are new flyers to be enjoyed at (where else?) The Arcade Flyer Archive.

R. Belmont has been WIPping it pretty good lately. Yeah, lame, I know, but I'm tired.