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September 2003

Saturday 20 September

Behind the Scenes
Posted by Logiqx at at 8:45PM [BST]
Hi everyone. I just thought I'd write a quick post to say that although Pi isn't posting news at the moment (maybe he will be back in due course) the emulator information is still being updated behind the scenes. Information relating to MAME releases is normally updated at about the same time as data files on and other things get updated sooner or later (most often later though, due to work and other interests). Today I have updated the Daphne, Kawaks and RAINE pages so all of the main emulators are now up to date. I also added ASTGL, DSP and Xor World pages because they've been waiting patiently for months! Lastly, I went through all of the emulator status information (active, dormant, etc) and also updated the recent/recommended/nonmame emulator lists a little.

Monday 15 September

MAME 0.74!
Posted by rob at at 8:26AM [BST]
Yes folks...MAME 0.74 is out. Word has it that all 2001 (or more recent) games have been pulled, so please be careful updating your sets.

More to follow...

Friday 5 September

News, Also Compressed!
Posted by rob at at 6:13AM [BST]
New MAME! Along with comes new MAME32, mameinfo, SmoothMAME, MAME WIP and ClrMamePro. Lastly, EasyEmu is with MESS!

Wednesday 3 September

News, Compressed!
Posted by rob at at 7:08AM [BST]
AdvanceMAME/MESS/MENU, mameinfo.dat 0.72u2a and CatList for 0.72u2 are out. The Guru has new boards, WTC has stuff to say, and dox, R. Belmont and Haze have some WIP, as does (along with Sea Wolf samples).