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August 2003

Saturday 30 August

On the third day he rose again and checked the news...
Posted by rob at at 5:47AM [BST]
Nathan Strum lays down a review of Pipe Dream at The Games That Time Forgot.

Logiqx has a whole bunch of dats for you...MAME...RAINE...MAME resources...various go get your collections in order.

Haze is still progressing nicely with Shienryu (as seen on his ST-V WIP page).

Wednesday 27 August

News, then work
Posted by rob at at 1:30PM [BST]
Not only does Haze have your MAME 0.72u2 source diff-update (and if you really scrounge, you might find a binary), he also has your ST-V WIP (and it's lookin' A-OK).

SmoothMAME is right there with its own update, as is Fandemame's history.dat and MASH's mameinfo.dat (albeit as a diff-update).

Roman listens...and the result is ClrMamePro 3.06. Go - download - manage.

Mahjong in MAME has gone OT (again) with 'Billiard Academy - Real Break'. Actually, I rather like his non-mahjong game reviews...

Sunday 24 August

Real Life, more than ever, a cure must be found!
Posted by rob at at 3:16AM [BST]
Hey all, sorry about the lack of news, but working 7 days a week definitely has its problems. Enough whining, here's all the news you prolly read elsewhere... :/

First off, let's talk about MAME 0.72u1. It's out and the source is at Haze's.

Not to be outdone, MameAnalog+ 0.72.1 is also waiting for you.

Did someone say SmoothMAME 0.72u1? Well, they should have.

MASH just doesn't sleep - you can find mameinfo.dat 0.72u1a at his site.

Let's not forget Catlist with the latest files for 0.72u1.

A really important message! (and some MAMEdevving)

More marquees? Why not! Eldio's got your number...MAME Marquees Pack #13!

A fresh history.dat (0.72b, to be exact).

On the subject of fresh, check out the true-to-life Sea Wolf samples that Sprout pulled and Twisty hosted. Nice!

Mahjong Gakuensai...Kiyo21...Mahjong in MAME...

RAINE 0.38.1! Also, coming soon to a RAINE-enabled computer near you, Pirates and Genix!

It's MAME written in Visual C++...VCMAME, now 0.72-compliant.

The Guru means business - Model 3 and Aleck64 business, that is.

The Arcade Flyer Archive has 2 new flyers (and about a zillion old ones!).

Got MacMAME? Well, life just got sweeter with a new OpenGL plugin.

Penguin people unite! xmame and xmess have been upped to 0.72.1 (not to be confused with 0.72u1.1, which doesn't exist afaik) - available as always at xmame.

Friday 15 August

Posted by rob at at 6:21AM [BST]
Kiyo21 has done some work on Mahjong in MAME, including infos for Taisen Hot Gimmick, Lovely Pop Mahjong, Final Romance 2 and Super Real Mahjong P7.

In other news, sleep. Now.

Thursday 14 August

When The Hammer Falls
Posted by rob at at 1:56AM [BST]
It never fails...I bugger off for a few days and the emulation world is on fire! Here's the 411 for all the emu fr33ks in da house...

Haze is back, thus MAME 0.72 is out (Windows and DOS, binaries and sources, cheese and onion...).

All the latest MAME 0.72 category/version files are yours for the taking @ Catlist.

BeOS users will enjoy MAME 0.72 as well as Raine 0.38.0, courtesy of

FanDeMame once again tells us what it was about back in the day with history.dat for MAME 0.72.

John IV has placed MAME32 0.72 before you. As long as you're there, you may as well snag yourself some screenshots and icons.

Duckie separates the MAME from the MAMEless in a 0.72 kinda way @ NonMAME.

Why is it that there's a new (sub)version of MAME out far more often than the MAME WIP page is updated (current update = 32 days' worth of goodies, including Tourniquet and Haze's work on Asura Blade)?

M.A.S.H.'s MAMEinfo has the rest of the story for MAME 0.72, in the form of MAMEinfo 0.72 (with a diff for 0.72(a)), MAMEinfo Source 0.72a, and MAME32 0.72 category/version/alltime ini's.

CottAGE is at again...this time they're trying to match MAME's 3000+ (er, 4000+) games and (as always) YOU can be a part of it! Furthermore, they've produced an online CPS-1 music player called PlayScott.

Razoola. Kawaks. Two bugfix releases. CPS-2 Shock. Any questions?

ElSemi wants YOU to get Nebula 2.23c. He does, trust me.

ScummVM 0.5.1 is out - (hopefully) no frozen savegames!

Two Matrimelee Reviews And A New In-Depth Matrimelee Guide! I don't make this stuff up, folks...

The Guru just received 11 new boards AND got his toy working!

Got rom management? You will. Both ClrMamePro 3.05a and RomCenter 2.61 (home page, download courtesy of CPS2emu) can handle your collections. Also, Pierre Maziere has put a few bugfixes into Mamory 0.2.11.

Friday 8 August

Sign Off (For Now)
Posted by rob at at 4:40AM [BST]
New ClrMamePro! Got big chd files? Yeah, me too. The 2GB filesize restriction has been lifted! w00t!

Well, I'm outta here, folks. I'm off to Toronto for a few days, so hopefully Pi will find his way back here.

Thursday 7 August

Posted by rob at at 7:13AM [BST]
Tim (author of ASTGL) has been busy lately with his Cinematronics Sound Project. After all, Asteroids just isn't Asteroids without a proper 'p-peeoo-p-peeoo-p-peeoo', right?

Tuesday 5 August

Newsposting Is Easy...Titles Are Hard
Posted by rob at at 6:39AM [BST]
Well, The Guru's makin' it happen on the Model 3 dumping front. Feel free to check out his progress and provide some assistance, if you can.

M.A.S.H.'s mameinfo.dat has a new DIFF-update available, bringing things to version 0.71u2(c).

Monday 4 August

Word That My Momma Said
Posted by rob at at 2:58AM [BST]
Bugfixed 'im? Damn near killed 'im! Kawaks has been retooled and is available at CPS-2 Shock.

Duckie has been doing something at NonMAME, but what? Hmm?

The Guru's got your number, buddy, and that number is 3. Virtua Fighter 3, that is. Model 3, that is (more @ Retrogames).

Sunday 3 August

Long Shot
Posted by rob at at 5:28AM [BST]
Hot steamin' catfish, people, there's a whole bucket o' news in the world of emulation today!

Toby/sixtoe has (after over a year) updated System 16 - The Arcade Museum! It's a big update, so pack a lunch.

It ain't arcade emulation, but Pi digs it...ScummVM boasts a new version AND the freeware-ification of Beneath A Steel Sky (trans.: a game developer has made an old game into freeware! Neato, huh?).

Alexis/FanDeMame has improved upon history.dat - more ports and other fun stuff.

As long as we're on the non-rom-management-dat circuit, let's talk about Leezer's Unofficial Hiscore.dat. He(?)'s given up waiting for the official hiscore.dat (official? Gridle?) and gone with version 8.1. Good for him!

Remember Kawaks? It's back, apparently thanks to Razoola (which would explain the lack of update at Kawaks Saikyo Dojo). You can find it AND the new CPS2mame at his li'l mecca, CPS-2 Shock.

Last, and certainly NOT least, Raine 0.38.0 - Raine 0.38.0 - Raine 0.38.0.

Quick Shot
Posted by rob at at 4:36AM [BST]
Okay, M.A.S.H., I don't know which I hate more - when your page takes a minute to load, or when it loads in a second with badly-looped music. Whatever - new mameinfo.dat to be had.

Friday 1 August

It's too quiet...
Posted by rob at at 4:52AM [BST]
...there isn't even an update at Homestar Runner (although it's still awesome).