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July 2003

Wednesday 30 July

Now is the winter of our very short news day...
Posted by rob at at 5:51AM [BST]
Does anyone out there know anything about Data I/O Unisite software and algorithms (the fresher, the better)? The Guru wants to know.

In other news, WTC has updated Emulation Status.

Tuesday 29 July

Where's Waldo-p?
Posted by rob at at 8:02AM [BST]
The Guru's got new boards to dump, and if you have a N64 backup unit to lend him, you can help.

Got MVS hardware? Then you need the new and improved Universe Bios 1.2, available at its homepage.

AdvanceMAME v0.71.1 - it's happenin' now, baby! (4 mice at the same time?!)

Kawa-X 0.11 is out there. Way out there. So far out there that it lacks a site, although our friends at CPS2emu have the latest details.

M.A.S.H. can't let a week go by without a fresh mameinfo.dat. The latest bugs, driver infos, hardware infos, and that smug feeling of being on top of the game can all be yours for the diffing (or not diffing).

Samples in MAME are (for now) a necessary reality. Today (or at least very recently) 4 samplesets have shrunk as one of the elusive speech chips has been emulated. The new samplesets are available at but aren't usable until 0.71u3 or 0.72 or whatever. Thanks to Roman of ClrMamePro for the tipoff.

Monday 28 July

Bill Gates ain't gonna like this too much...
Posted by rob at at 3:31AM [BST]
There's a port of Kawaks out for the X-Box, appropriately named Kawa-X. A decent description of the initial release is available at CPS-2 Shock, but finding the emulator is your problem.

Friday 25 July

Midday (and a half) Update!
Posted by rob at at 3:05PM [BST]
Duckie has updated NonMAME with more from MAME 0.71.

URebelScum has given birth to the Win32 build of MameAnalog+ ver 0.71.2(u2). Binary? Source? Diff? All will be revealed at Mame: Analog+.

Thursday 24 July

Now Scalier!
Posted by rob at at 5:05AM [BST]
Dang, that Scale4x looks so good! A new version of Scale2x is available. Hats off to Advance Projects for the word.

In other news, bed.

Wednesday 23 July

Lazy Dayz In Emu-Town
Posted by rob at at 4:05AM [BST]
M.A.S.H. has upped Mameinfo v0.71u2(a) as a DIFF-Update. The latest bugs and other goodies are yours for the diffing.

Monday 21 July

<haul> Guru's Got Stuff </haul>
Posted by rob at at 5:06AM [BST]
It's all at The Guru's ROM Dump(ing) News - a bunch of PCB's to dump and a fun, old toy.

In other news, Unixists and Tuxheads will enjoy xmame/xmess-0.71.1. Seriously, they will.

Sunday 20 July

They must know Pi's on holiday...
Posted by rob at at 7:44AM [BST]
..'cause there ain't a whole lotta news. However, the one newsy bit I found is definitely worth it. Norbert Kehrer does it again...twice! Yes, Norbert has added not 1, but 2 games to his Java Arcade Emulator. You wanna play Tac/Scan and Star Trek in your browser, don't ya? Then, a trip to Norbert's Emulators is certainly in order.

Saturday 19 July

Oh well, half the sites are better than none...
Posted by rob at at 5:42AM [BST]
That's right, folks, and most (if not all) of its sites (hint: MANY emu sites) were temporarily inaccessible, hence no news.

Good news: News!

Roman has released ClrMamePro 3.04. For those of you who haven't used ClrMamePro yet, it takes a little getting used to, but [insert happy noise here]!

The brothas down at Advance have trotted out AdvanceMESS v0.71.0.0 + AdvanceMENU v2.2.9.

Alexis wastes no time in providing us with a new history.dat for MAME 0.71u2, available at History.dat's home.

Nathan Strum of The Games that Time Forgot chews the fat concerning the 1991 near-classic Starblade.
Maybe I should do a review some time...

Thursday 17 July

RAINE Not Dead!
Posted by rob at at 6:23AM [BST]
Yes, it's true. Legion and Kodure Ookami are now in RAINE.

Wednesday 16 July Reaches 1 Million
Posted by rob at at 5:19AM [BST]
Nice one, Kazuya. He also talks about Power Instinct Matrimelee, a game recently emulated by NeoMAME32 (conveniently located at So there.

Tuesday 15 July

Work - News - Sleep - Repeat
Posted by rob at at 6:28AM [BST]
Andrea Mazzoleni has released AdvanceMAME v0.71.0 and AdvanceMENU v2.2.8. You want RGB and Scale2x effects - you know where to be.

Monday 14 July

News! (You heard it here second!)
Posted by rob at at 1:31AM [BST]
The big news of the day: Haze has unfurled MAME 0.71u2 (which incorporates most of the goodies from the latest MAME WIP. Enjoy it, folks - this is it for a month. :/

It looks like everyone out there is getting on the case:
  • TriggerFin has upped MAME 0.71u2 catalog files.

  • Twisty has freshened up SmoothMAME to the latest version.

  • The team at MAME/MAME32 Plus!, refusing to be outdone, have done the same

  • M.A.S.H. has given us MAMEInfo 0.71u2.

Charles MacDonald likes Alien Command. In time, you will too. (Moving objects in the cabinet? Yowzah!)

I remember Frisky Tom when it was first in the arcades (fine, thanks, I'm old, I know) - very difficult and rather awkward. Finally, The Games that Time Forgot have validated my feelings on the subject. Thanks!

They called him R. Belmont. He's a dev, doing what he does best - devving. His current passion: Type 3 and 4 GX games. His current pet peeve: bad dumps. Maybe you can help him, maybe you can't. Either way, it's all at R. Belmont's WIP Emporium. Now you know.

Kiyo21 has added Koi Koi Shimasyo 2 (and, thus, an explanation of the Japanese card game hanafuda) to Mahjong in MAME. Gimme a week off work and I'm gonna learn these games!

Friday 11 July

Posted by rob at at 4:48AM [BST]
A relative quiet day in Emu-Emu Land. You be the judge:

MAME/MAME32 Analog+ has been updated to version 0.71.2(u1). Am I alone in missing the old version numbering system?

There's MAME 0.71u1 DOS binaries to be had at

The Arcade Flyers Archive has 3 new Gaelco flyers.

The Guru has received and dumped Winding Heat.

Thursday 10 July

More of the Same (Only Different)
Posted by rob at at 4:13AM [BST]
You want more MAME 0.71 related datafiles for ClrMamePro or RomCenter? Of course you do, and there is no better place for such activities than the world of Logiqx.

Kiyo21 has made a couple of additions to Mahjong in MAME. Anyone can win (heh heh) with cheats, but it's actually a great game to learn. (Learning + vidz + pr0n? Why not?!)

Bobby Tribble has updated unMAMEd arcade games with the latest MAME additions, up to and including MAME 0.71u1.

Development developments
Posted by rob at at 3:40AM [BST]
Coming soon to a MAME near you:

3 fresh, steaming CPS-2 dumps hit the streets with Street Fighter Alpha 2 (Brazil 960227), Street Fighter Alpha 2 (Brazil 960304), and Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter (Brazil 970827). Gracias to CPS2Emu for the tip-off.

...Dox...Big Event close...

Scott pushes the boulder uphill with an attempt to emulate the laser-disc classic Firefox. All eyes shall turn to Mach3 Emulation Development.

Finally...Gridle ain't dead, apparently. The MAME WIP has been massively updated to the tune of 42(!) days worth of MAME developments, many of which are now in MAME.

Wednesday 9 July

Sendin' a shout out to all the emulationists in da house...
Posted by rob at at 5:54AM [BST]
Just a few notables before pillow time:

Dox raises the stakes with nice progress on Big Event Golf, while Haze prepares to wrestle with MegaTech.

R. Belmont has upped a driver for the dedicated hardware version of Cue Brick. Nice pix.

Screenies? How about CrashTest with his MAME 0.71 screenshots? (And why not?)

M.A.S.H., a diff-update, and you. You ain't 0.71u1 l33t until you make the mameinfo connection.

Tuesday 8 July

The Return of the Part-Timer
Posted by rob at at 7:16AM [BST]
Hey all, been a long time. Pi is taking a well-earned vacation from his usual duties. Here's the latest:

Haze proves to us once again the irony of discarding the beta numbering system in MAME with a source update to 0.71u1. See the changelog for what's new.

Ian's ponied up a "Pac-man Pack release" at IMR Technology. Go - see - believe. (It ain't just Pacman...)

Perennial MAMEdev R. Belmont is busy developing a driver for "Bishi Bashi Champ Mini Game Senshuken". Yes, really.

Most of us know what MAME is, but it takes a being like Duckie to tell us what MAME isn't. Yes, NonMAME has been brought in line with MAME 0.71.

Sunday 6 July

Allegro ma non troppo
Posted by pi at at 8:55PM [BST]
GBMan has released EsMAME32 0.71. For now the command-line and DOS versions aren't done. Notice that it seems he changed permanently his host (as it appeared to be temporal).

Mish has released VCMame 0.71, the project files for compiling MAME with Visual C, either from the DevStudio or .Net editions.

Gotta HatchCatch them all
Posted by pi at at 3:13PM [BST]
Guru's ROM Dumping News has been updated because he got another package from odd-numbered Taucher. It contains two PCB's from the mid-nineties, one of them is Hatch Catch which is yet another game I've never heard of ^_^ It's a puzzle game which probably needs redumping (it's a testdriver).

Battlefield 2942
Posted by pi at at 3:13PM [BST]
Alexis has released History.dat 0.71 with even more information about the history and details of so many games in MAME, and also not in MAME. The count will probably reach 3000 games in next update (without counting clones it's 2942 now!)

Saturday 5 July

Still waiting the last update
Posted by pi at at 9:45PM [BST]
Due to being totally awkward and clumsy, I didn't notice the latest updates at Crasthest Emulation Page. Among other things, may I list selection screens for MAME, Nebula Model 2 shots pack, and ini folders for your MAME32.

The Neverending Story
Posted by pi at at 9:33PM [BST]
More MAME updates:

Twisty released SmoothMAME 0.71. Athlon and i686 optimized builds are ready.

Logiqx released more datafiles for the latest Nebula Model 2, and some MAME resources.

Not related to 0.71, maybe for 0.72 (as a testdriver it seems): Dox's MAME WIP has been updated with some shots from the WIP driver for Big Event Golf. He's teaming with Jarek Burczynski, trying to defeat those four evil CPU's and the protection.

Another update happened at Petr1fied MAME Titles where he left the latest pack of title screens for 0.71.

Katharsis has updated once again with FastMAME 0.71. This build has nothing different from the official; it's the same source code but compiled with a different compiler and using heavy optimizations, making it faster specially in lower machines.

1000111 = 47
Posted by pi at at 5:12PM [BST]
Haze has placed the diff for updating 0.70u5 source to 0.71 at his page. Useful if you have applied earlier diffs, because only provides the diff from 0.70.

Logiqx has made and left in his site the first batch of datafiles for this last MAME, and also includes updated system dats and supplements for the major (and recent) emulators.

One of the first to update has been M.A.S.H. as usual, with MameInfo.dat 0.71. This release has the usual updating, plus more level informations (with help from Vaz) and more driver source information. Talking about Vaz, visit MamEnd.

Another one has been Triggerfin, who updated Catlist and all its files for 0.71. There's some problem with the automation he uses to do all the sorting, anyway everything is ready and waiting for you.

And to finish, if you can't find Smitdogg's Control Panels, you can visit the polish site MAMEHot, at the left menu search for "panele", there they are. Enjoy ^_^

Chariots of Fire
Posted by pi at at 12:40AM [BST]
You can imagine a large undercover network, if not how to explain the quick release of MAME32 0.71. There are quite some fixes and nice gadgets in the changelog, including support for control panels (!) and tracking the amount of time played for each game. John IV also updated the screenshots, icons, and corresponding dats.

First Contact?
Posted by pi at at 12:30AM [BST]
What a nice surprise, MAME 0.71 "Borg assimilated ZiNc" is out! Can you guess what does that mean? Check the changelog yourself if you don't believe, but pay attention they are in the testdrivers section - that means it's still WIP. I wonder to which point it's done, maybe they just included the roms for reference or what? ^_^ For the rest, there are five new clones and three new games, including a prototype called Boxer and (ahem) Star Sweep (Namco System 11). Sweet. Thanks Eldio for the beeping.

Friday 4 July

Ten Pi Deluxe?
Posted by pi at at 9:16PM [BST]
Dan made a cute update at The Arcade Flyers Archive, with some really rare findings for 10 Pin Deluxe and 10 Pin Champ. He also added 20 flyers more, including some for Ultracade and Neogeo systems, and hames like Hot Rod and Kyros.

Posted by pi at at 2:15AM [BST]
Well, I just want to wish Logiqx a happy birthday. The chap is getting old, don't hammer him too much about that fact. Thankfully he left the frontpage deals of this site to the younger generations ^_^ A bit of bio about this guy: not only he appears in the leetest places, he also doubles in Google hits comparing him with giants as Mr. Nicola Salmoria, for example. Ok, in this post I gave you a small clue for today's game: in which freaky way Logiqx is related to Jack Nicholson in the movie The Shining? The winner gets honour and glory.

Thursday 3 July

Screensaving with style
Posted by pi at at 10:29PM [BST]
Nmiken has announced the creation of a new MAME Screensaver. This one has been tested in Windows 2000 and for the only feedback I've seen, it works well. Allows you to set how long each game is shown before changing to another one, and has some other features. Here's the direct download, only 450k if you want to try it.

Happy colour
Posted by pi at at 10:28PM [BST]
Triggerfin has once again updated Catlist but only with a very minor thing, involving the absence of one game. He found time to steal red painting to decorate the new look of the page ^_^

Wednesday 2 July

Some hatred comparisons...
Posted by pi at at 9:35PM [BST]
Another review detected at The Games that Time Forgot. This time it's double, and it compares Tank Batallion and Tank Force, two games by Namco set 10 years apart. Interesting.

Where the zombies live
Posted by pi at at 12:05PM [BST]
ElSemi has released the long awaited Nebula Model 2 0.9, with support for House of the Dead, besides lots of fixes and even support for analog controls in driving games ^_^ This one is going to be a blast. Too bad my junkter is not up to the job...

Tuesday 1 July

Classics with make-up
Posted by pi at at 4:02PM [BST]
Check out what I've found: I've got some BALLS. It's a freeware Marble Madness remake, with some cool graphics and stuff. It looks good, I haven't tried yet but the screenies are impressive. Thanks to Matti Kuokkanen for the link.

And talking about remakes, check PacMan Worlds. That's The Underdogs link, if someone finds the real homepage, please beep me because I can't download from The Underdogs. The game looks too sweet. Thanks to The Informer for this one.

More decoration for your frontend
Posted by pi at at 3:59PM [BST]
Gerard has released MAME Flyerpack #11, with 78 new flyers, 31 replaced and instructions to rename and delete some more. You can get it at TAFA right now, so run while it's fresh!

The one is back
Posted by pi at at 3:59PM [BST]
Gibbergib has reopened Mametrix, after some server problems. As he comments in his posts, current events are the two running leagues for Hyper Pacman and Super Spy, plus the upcoming meet for MAMErs at Weston Super Mare (UK). Where did I left the information about another meeting in the USA? Uh well, join the leagues in the meanwhile ^_^