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June 2003

Monday 30 June

Yep, it's a sunny day today
Posted by pi at at 2:38PM [BST]
M.A.S.H. woke up this morning and saw the new sun, and then released MameInfo.dat 0.70u5, with the newest bugs (no new WIP, wonder why), updated source/listinfo changes, and fasten your seatbelts, version numbering to match MAME ^_^

Triggerfin has also seen the rising sun and Catlist is updated for MAME 0.70u5 too, grab those lists for your frontend or MAME32 flavor.

Sunday 29 June

Do not change channel, experiencing technical difficulties
Posted by pi at at 10:08PM [BST]
GBMan is not a lazy guy and already has out EsMAME32 0.70u5. Note that it's from a temporal mirror because the official site is having problems.

Pentachampion, or whatever
Posted by pi at at 8:44PM [BST]
Haze has once again gathered all the recent development in the micro-release MAME 0.70u5. The changelog is pretty variated, there's a bit of everything: dipswitches (including a warning for fixers), defeated protection, random number generation, debugging improvements, and whatnot. To complete the package, there are new drivers for Stadium Cross, R2D Tank, and some forgotten Namco clones. Thanks to Smitdogg for the early warning.

Et tu, Brute
Posted by pi at at 6:53PM [BST]
To not be less, R. Belmont's WIP Emporium has been updated too. No news in the MAME front, but M1 got some sweet new games including Mad Gear and Gemini Wing, and I'm sure some more of those you love. Plus updated cores.

The announced surprise no one was able to guess
Posted by pi at at 3:41PM [BST]
I've seen at Emulatronia the release of XorEmu 0.01, first and last version of the game Xor World by Gaelco. Apparently it was barely distributed and PCB's are rare. The emulator is for Windows, and comes in spanish and english versions (downloadable there in yesterday's news). Did I say it has been done by Manuel Abadia? No? Well, it's done by Manuel Abadia ^_^ And the game looks like a cool puzzle.

Everything in order again
Posted by pi at at 3:41PM [BST]
TriggerFin fixed all his compiling problems and updated Catlist up to MAME 0.70u4, so if you are one of those who keep up with the micro releases, visit now.

U-Turn and other nice signals
Posted by pi at at 3:40PM [BST]
Dox's MAME WIP has been updated with his latest driver (still WIP) for the game Change Lanes, a Taito game from 1983, and pretty known.

The motherload of what?
Posted by pi at at 12:39PM [BST]
Mr. Goodwraith has made another Dumping Project update, with the usual interesting things and nice surprises, and in this case, the great idea with too many ifs. Check it out and see by yourself. Thanks to Tim for pointing this one.

Multiplatform music
Posted by pi at at 12:39PM [BST]
Gollum and the rest of the CottAGE team have released PlayScott 1.2, their new arcade music player. The new version has quite some improvements and new features, including up to eight CPS-1 titles to listen to, and an offline, downloadable version. Thanks again to Gollum himself for letting me now.

Everybody jump!
Posted by pi at at 12:39PM [BST]
Grand Master Pete has announced another of his excellent flovies, this time called MAMEJump ^_^ Haven't seen it yet, gotta run to download it.

Friday 27 June

The rest are on holidays
Posted by pi at at 8:18PM [BST]
Withdrawal of WIP? No worries, visit Haze's MAME Page, because he's been looking at something. It looks familiar, it's Raiga. Maybe he's defeated/defeating that protection stuff?

Dumping & bumping
Posted by pi at at 2:32PM [BST]
Guru's ROM Dumping News make a little report about the recent HOTD achievement by ElSemi, because Guru ran a trojan in the pcb ^_^ I overlooked this, but you can check more screenies in the Sega Model 2 Dump Status page.

And talking about dumps, Mr. Goodwraith has posted a Dumping Project update, rather interesting to read, and hopefully tempting enough to make you donate a bit ^_^

Step by step
Posted by pi at at 2:31PM [BST]
Roman has released ClrMamePro 3.02.3. It now checks CHD's only when requested, and has several little functionality addons like calculating checksums of files inside ZIP archives when dragged on the about window. And more.

Update: Roman just released ClrMamePro 3.03, which merges all the latest releases and fixes a problem with the new checksums inside ZIPs. He has also released ZipMax 0.41 and some utils by Ben Jos which will allow you to squeeze those zips some more bytes at the costs of some endless time.

Thursday 26 June

Little green men
Posted by pi at at 11:11PM [BST]
All spanish readers can assist to the rebirth of Marcianitos, the arcade devoted website with stuff, stuff and more stuff. Non-spanish readers can assist too, but they will understand a bit less ^_^

My Mozilla sounds great, kthx
Posted by pi at at 10:44PM [BST]
Gollum wrote me to tell me that at the CottAGE site you can find PlayScott 1.1, which is a Java arcade music player. It's done mainly by Romain Tisserand and David Raingeard, and for now it supports CPS-1 music, only two games... But it's a start ^_^

For hardcore retrogamers
Posted by pi at at 10:44PM [BST]
Jay has made a rather good update at DOSMAME, the site dedicated to help and support users of ancient operating systems to play ancient arcade games ^_^

They're back
Posted by pi at at 10:44PM [BST]
Gerard has wrote me to announce that The Arcade Flyers Archive is serving the Flyerpacks once again. These packs are rehashed, but old datafiles should work fine for these since there's nothing new or changed, just repacked in ten archives. Still he says that soon there will be a new pack with more flyers and corrections. In TAFA they also received an extra-rare flyer from the game Portraits (Olympia 1983).

Wednesday 25 June

He doesn't look so lazy lately...
Posted by pi at at 11:01PM [BST]
Logiqx has already updated the CPS-2 datafile with the latest XOR release. He has also updated the CPS-1 and Neo-Geo system datafiles, due to some ROM redumps and additions in MAME v0.70.

At 200mph with no brakes
Posted by pi at at 9:28PM [BST]
URebelScum has released MAME: Analog+ 0.70.2, which includes up to the u4 diff. Apparently he's only distributing the commandline Windows version for the diffs, not bad moves. He has also tried to tune up the analog inputs for Namco System 2 games but not much luck yet.

Some have it, some not
Posted by pi at at 9:27PM [BST]
Once again the guys of Emulatronia have been lucky to receive the premiere: House of the Dead emulated perfectly. HOTD is a Model 2C game, and runs under the incredible Nebula Model 2 by ElSemi, if you haven't figured that out yet.

Moving the furniture
Posted by pi at at 9:27PM [BST]
Kiyo21 has found a new house for Mahjong in MAME, indeed the house is shared with some neighbours like R. Belmont ^_^ No more bandwidth shortages, no more excuses: visit and learn mahjong!

Tuesday 24 June

Last member of the family
Posted by pi at at 8:41PM [BST]
Razoola has made another release at CPS2Shock, it's DDSOM Japan, another clone to complete (hopefully one day) the collection. The donator's name sounds familiar ^_^ Raz has also updated CPS2mame v2.70 to include such game. Now, where's my Kawaks???

Since I can't betatest...
Posted by pi at at 8:40PM [BST]
Here it is MAMEoX 0.70b2, the XBox-aware MAME. There have been some memory improvements, but sorry I'm not so interested into describing in detail the changelog of this specific MAME port ^_^

That strange game with funny tiles
Posted by pi at at 8:40PM [BST]
Kiyo has almost completed his page How-to Mahjong in MAME, which was already featured here not so long ago. He's having probs with his host, so you will not see much for now. But according to this thread he has already received some offers to move to more reliable, emulation friendly places.

Little indirect
Posted by pi at at 8:40PM [BST]
Bobby Tribble also echoes the latest MAME achievements and updates his unMAMEd arcade games accordingly. You can imagine what goes back & forth, plus he noticed the existence of that nice site now maintained by Fever, Discrete Logistics (not updated in 40 days).

Monday 23 June

Two little things before hitting bed
Posted by pi at at 11:12PM [BST]
GBMan has released EsMAME 0.70u4, this includes normal, DOS and GUI versions. He also mentions he's going to translate to spanish MisfitMAME, the MAME spin-off with support for hundreds of hacks and freeware arcade games.

Xiaou2 has updated the Marble Insanity page, with some really cool shots of the new stuff submitted by the new designer Nghiep. This Marble Madness remake looks really great, I hope they don't do any weird stuff with it.

Sunday 22 June

Some early works
Posted by pi at at 8:43PM [BST]
M.A.S.H. has released MameInfo.dat 5.04, which is an updated dat for 0.70.u4, coming in full and diff flavours.

Fandemame also released History.dat 0.70b, updated to 0.70u4 too, with some miscellaneous additions and corrections, and more game ID numbers.

And Triggerfin is having problems for updating Catlist because he can't compile and needs two MAME binaries. If you can help him, go and contact him.

And from the dats to the binaries, Twisty has compiled SmoothMAME 0.70u4, which you can guess what does it do and how ^_^

Nonsense vs Nonsense
Posted by pi at at 8:40PM [BST]
I'd like to take advantage of the privilege I have of having this space to throw my personal rants towards all of you, and today it's in regards with the so called death of emulation. Every time there's some big step, like with yesterday's improvements in Namco drivers, people start to complain about that emulation is done, there's nothing else worth waiting, stuff comes in more slowly... This happens like two or three times each year, yet emulation still brings big surprises, great achievements and shocking news. Ok, not in an every day basis, but I think it's as quick as it was before (no, not like in the golden days, but the past always looks better than it was). So you'll find me around here this time next year, even when emulation is obviously dead... Not!

Another thing to make the night hotter
Posted by pi at at 12:27AM [BST]
Wow, Haze seems to have a lot of free time because here we have the source diff for MAME 0.70u4 already! You have to check the changelog, it's full of new and great things from Stroff, imagine the System 16 rewrite but for Namco games. Lots of Namco goodies new or newly enabled, and there are other things from Brian A. Troha and Pierpaolo Prazzoli, simply go and read that changelog. Thanks to Taucher for the early warning.

Saturday 21 June

Finally it's complete
Posted by pi at at 10:28PM [BST]
Here it is KnoppiXMAME 1.0 stable. This is the ISO image of a bootable CD which runs Knoppix Debian GNU/Linux, and incorporates xmame for emulation and gxmame as frontend. It autodetects hardware so makes easy the whole deal of setting up a working MAME environment. Head to the main ftp (or this html gateway) to get that 200mb ISO. Thanks to the RG board guys for the links.

Note: The current version is not available there yet, but I found an alternate download from Planet Mirror. Thanks to Emulatronia for this link.

A new small update
Posted by pi at at 8:24PM [BST]
Haze keeps gathering all the mamedev production and has released source diff for MAME 0.70u3. Besides some fixes, it's remarkable that a message box is shown if MAME is doubleclicked ^_^ And also the parent of Portman, called Dock Man, and Battlecry have been added, as the changelog reflects.

M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo.dat 5.03 is already updated up to this version (that was fast, dude). Also note that Logiqx has updated his compile guide, so if you're not yet a do-it-yourself compiler, head there and learn quick.

Friday 20 June

Two devs reporting
Posted by pi at at 9:50PM [BST]
After less than a month, there's another exciting update at Aaron's Home Page. Actually the excitement is almost null, but well, I had to present the news in some way... Go and read the little paragraph to know what's up with this god.

Another dev which rings the bell is Tomasz, who submitted Battlecry to MAME, fixed controls in Country Club and did some lifting to the Enigma 2 driver. Visit Dox's MAME WIP to see the pics and little details.

Good news from the land of wombats
Posted by pi at at 9:49PM [BST]
There are lots of new things reported at Guru's ROM Dumping News. He received two packages, with a variety of things, from an unknown PCB with no CPU and no roms, to a new NAOMI GDROM system complete with three carts. Go there to see what's the real deal.

Three entertainment pills
Posted by pi at at 9:49PM [BST]
Apparently not too long ago The Tilt opened. This is a MAME resource site, for what I've seen till now it's quite complete for being young, and doesn't put CAESAR too bad (tho it doesn't mention the news, duh). Btw this has nothing to do with yesterday's headline named "TILT" ^_^ Remember to vote us there, I think...

Now go and watch this commercial ad Asteroids meets Hummer, it's a 4mb .mov file, IMHO worth it. Thanks to MameWorld for both stories ^_^

And to end with the stories to entertain you, there's a new MAMExpose column, by Jess Ragan. This month it deals with rather odd and a bit overseen sequels to big ol' time classics. Yes I found this one by myself ^_^

Your prescribed daily dose of MAME
Posted by pi at at 9:48PM [BST]
Here it is MAMEoX 0.70.1b, which after a couple of licensing issues, is back. I'd like to get any word and opinion about it, because I think that if you release MAME under GPL, you're actually breaking MAME's license, right? Write me! I want to have this clear, either in one way or in the other.

MAME/MAME32 Plus! 0.70u2 has been released, with apparently no more changes than being up to date with latest diff.

More MAMEing from URebelScum and his MAME: Analog+ 0.70u2, for now only Win32 (commandline) build.

And finally, Logiqx has left a couple more MAME resource datfiles, updated and ready for use: Eldio's Marquees and MAMu_'s Icons.

Thursday 19 June

TILT: Two Interesting Little Things
Posted by pi at at 10:01PM [BST]
Nathan Strum does yet another review for The Games that Time Forgot. This time it's about Victory, IMHO a rather interesting game, another one I never got to play for real.

Erik Duijs wrote me to say hi (hi Erik) and also passed me this link for the group Move GA*GA, a fusion between Funk, Rap, a bit of Hip Hop and a spoon of reagge ^_^ Note that he plays in that group, they do live stuff and has a couple of demo MP3 for you to try out. Erik also mentions that probably there will be live MP3 soon. Worth a try. And some of the pics are priceless.

MAME until it spurts out of your ears
Posted by pi at at 9:57PM [BST]
Haze has put the latest development from the Mamedevs and again released diff for MAME 0.70u2. There are some nice things in the changelog, and only one new game. It's another bait to make you learn how to self-compile ^_^ And M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo.dat 5.02 is already in sync with said release.

Lawrence and the rest of the *nix contributors have released xmame 0.70.1, with all the things from MAME 0.70 and I don't know what else, because the changelog hasn't been updated yet. Available as full source tree or diff from 0.69.1.

Mish has released the project files for VCMAME32 0.70 for .NET. So GUI lovers should be happy.

Wednesday 18 June

Wait 10 seconds or click the link
Posted by pi at at 9:31PM [BST]
My search for news today has yielded me zero results. Believe it or not, I hate to leave my (two? three?) faithful readers without something entertaining, and today I chose to redirect you to The Sheep's World of Arcades, not only the home of three shrines for Cave, Psikyo and Raizing/Eighting shoot'em'ups, it also has other nice sections and an assortment of links for more shmup action.

Tuesday 17 June

No false alarms now
Posted by pi at at 9:38PM [BST]
Eldio has released updated dats for his Marquee collection, and this time yes, he also released a new Marquee Pack #12. See boy, this time I've not said it wrong ^_^

Promptly reported
Posted by pi at at 9:38PM [BST]
Andrea has released AdvanceMAME v0.70.0. It includes several fixes, mainly for certain popular cards, and also recovers sound recording. He also released AdvanceMENU v2.2.7.

I've dyed my hair
Posted by pi at at 11:36AM [BST]
Tomasz has plugged in the recently dumped PROMS by Tormod and the result is a visually correct Mustache Boy; with the correct colors it looks cute indeed! Check it out at Dox's MAME WIP. Thanks to Greg for the very early warning.

Detected in the forum
Posted by pi at at 11:36AM [BST]
Roman released yesterday late ClrMamePro 3.02.2, which fixes a bug when handling badly corrupt datafiles like those produced by MAME32 Plus!

For the heavy collectors
Posted by pi at at 11:35AM [BST]
M.A.S.H. has released PCBInfos 0.70u1, a pack of dump information files for MAME games, testdrivers and so on. Now it has almost 2,500 files, including infos for unemulated games

Monday 16 June

Last minute news
Posted by pi at at 10:20PM [BST]
SMF just left DMAME 0.70 at your usual MAME dealer. Of course, binaries and sources available. I also noticed the second name is finally MAME 0.70 "DBZ"... Uh talk about influence.

Tonight's surprise
Posted by pi at at 10:10PM [BST]
Yes, there's an update at Bobby Tribble's unMAMEd arcade games! Now in line with MAME 0.70, has some games removed, some moved, and well you know the deal. A nice resource.

Last message in a while
Posted by pi at at 9:52PM [BST]
Roman is going to suffer RLS for a while, so he has released ClrMAMEPro 3.02.1, which is his current build and fixes three bugs.

Toys for your big emu
Posted by pi at at 9:52PM [BST]
MAMu_ has released his MAMEIcons 0.70, finally bringing this pack up to date after a five version pause. Don't take me wrong, John IV's ones are great and stylish, but I prefer these ones, they are so cute ^_^ Thanks to Rosewood for the email.

Alexis a.k.a. Fandemame has released History.dat 0.70a, which fixes a few incorrections and adds more than 800 "Game ID", I guess he refers to that internal manufacturer code, which is cool to know.

Mr. J has released his Cheat.dat WIP 14/06/03, intended for MAME, and which includes WIP cheats from various sources, and I guess already has some for 0.70.

Mame a go-go
Posted by pi at at 9:51PM [BST]
Twisty has released a minor bugfix of SmoothMame 0.70u1, which fixes a problem with some Williams games. Run to his site for the updated binaries & source.

MAME/MAME32 Plus! 0.70u1 is out, with the only additions of being updated to 0.70u1 and fixing a bug in D3D.

A new FastMAME 0.70 has been released. This is a heavily optimized build for Windows, there are no changes to the source, but it gives a boost of performance which could be just want you need to run that game at 60/60.

And for the do-it-yourself guys, UrHereNow has updated his site Compile32, so now everything is in order to help you compile the most current MAME32 by yourself and to make small changes to it. Thanks to Twisty for the link ;)

Sunday 15 June

Today's bunch of little furry news
Posted by pi at at 8:56PM [BST]
Triggerfin updated Catlist with the latest files for MAME 0.70u1. Mainly minor changes, remember to check his announcement in the page.

Petr1fied released MAME Titles for 0.70 this friday, I didn't notice until today ^_^

Well in the end I found that reference to the article dealing with Moore's Law, also in Ars Technica there's this article about RISC vs CISC, which really clarifies things for me.

There's a big update at lots of new datafiles for and related to MAME 0.70, including updated supplements, latest resources and system dats.

Mister Twister has released SmoothMame 0.70u1, with the already known ability to play almost all games at a smooth refresh rate.

Saturday 14 June

Guess what!
Posted by pi at at 9:24PM [BST]
I've not found anything to post, in the means of emulation or arcade related. Oh well, Logiqx has fixed his site, but the 0.70 dats are not ready yet. But I'm not going to leave you without an option, you can actually feed your brain. Do I leave interesting things to read or what? ^_^

Oh btw, talking about interesting things to read. If anyone remembers when I posted about an article about Moore's Law, can you tell me by email? Thanks!

Friday 13 June

It sounds like a plan
Posted by pi at at 5:28PM [BST]
After yesterday's flood, today there are not many news. So here is what I've found, and I'm off to get ready to go out and eat some junk food:

M.A.S.H. is not only a very funny and enjoyable movie, it's also a mysterious entity which has released MameInfo.dat 5.01, updated for MAME 0.70u1. Bugs up to yesterday, corrected things, etc.

The BeOS binary of the latest MAME 0.70 is available for download at BeEmulated. Apparently it has everything in order.

The day has come
Posted by pi at at 5:21PM [BST]
First of all, have a nice Friday the 13th, which started with the entire ZTNet network going down ^_^ I've heard it was due to the need of some RAID stuff needing maintenance after the fatidic crash earlier this week. So let's not be too hard with them. For now.

In other order of things, I'm going out today first time since tuesday because I was sick. Well I'm still but I feel better and I hate my room too much already. I also discovered the name of an actress & model I was searching for some time... The problem is that there's no way to find pictures of that girl, duh.

And to finish with some more personal stuff, I've discovered that Sinfest can still be funny. But Quino & Mafalda still rule my world. Have a good weekend.

Thursday 12 June

Not exactly a surprise
Posted by pi at at 9:37PM [BST]
Haze doesn't rest like he said he would do... Instead, he left MAME 0.70u1 diff, which fixes a few bugs. The changelog reflects it all, take a peek you perv :-p Oh and it already includes Grand Tour, submitted by Dox and reported here a bit earlier ^_^

A bit from everywhere
Posted by pi at at 9:32PM [BST]
Mrv2k is back and has made some updates at EasyEmu, including the big good MAME guide which is up to date with current version. He says there is more stuff coming, so stay tuned.

Guess what Greg found: how to shoot at heads in the game Blasteroids. I gotta test this one, since I always heard of this but never actually seen it.

After some hiatus, The Arcade Flyers Archive had another update, and it has some donations from The Sheep (yes, the shooter shrine builder, where's that URL, grrrr). It includes seven IGS flyers, with Do DonPachi II - Bee Storm, and Cyber Cycles by Namco.

Tomasz has broken the barriers for Grand Tour, an IGS game from 1993. It's playable and looks colorful. Visit Dox's MAME WIP for a couple of small screenies.

To keep them sorted and clean
Posted by pi at at 9:29PM [BST]
Roman has unleashed ClrMamePro 3.02. There is some stuff with bios fixed and improved, as usual the program improves one (or five) steps at a time. Have you visited its forum yet?

Pierre has released yet another release: Mamory 0.2.10. It has even more fixes, and it's ready for the next xmame release too.

The 70's revisited
Posted by pi at at 9:28PM [BST]
The MAME32QA team has released MAME32 0.70.1. Actually it's a bugfix & update for yesterday's release of 0.70. Check the changelog, because this is not your "everything up to 0.70" release. It has nice improvements and more functionality.

Alexis released History.dat 0.70. Among the usual updates, new information and corrections, he has added testdriver games too. He also updated his brother project Arcade History Database.

CrashTest has updated his screenies up to current MAME. He also mentions he will reorganize the downloads, yes I also think they are messy now. And he added yet another section to his site, this time it's about sound emulators, for that authentic music xperience ^_^

Triggerfin also updated his Catlist, because as he says, 0.70 was quite easy to do.

Mr. Twisty has released SmoothMAME 0.70. Once again, it's a nice build which has almost all refresh rates to 60hz, so it's easier to use for people with fixed refresh monitors, arcade & tv tubes, or just people like me who are lazy to set up 170 different video modes with 45 refresh rates.

If you want to keep your Nebula up with current MAME, Blastar has released Nebula dats so you can use the newest NeoGeo games & best dumps with this great (and spanish) emulator.

Wednesday 11 June

Well, it wasn't so bad
Posted by pi at at 11:10PM [BST]
Zach (one of the ZTNet admins) helped us and in the end we were lucky to recover all the news archives except between 1st and 10th of current month. Basically, he found an offline backup of the main news file. From now on I'm running an automatic backup of all CAESAR every 72 seconds ^_^

Actually they were five
Posted by pi at at 8:36PM [BST]
Roman has made a ClrMamePro Forum, for you to put inquiries, suggestions, bug reports and anything related to this great rom manager.

Pierre has released yet anothe version, Mamory 0.2.9 fixes a little error and improves the detection of resources.

Bryan has released the project files for VCMame 0.70. He has fixed a compiling issue with ZLib or sth, damn these compilers talk funny.

Haze has made available a diff between MAME 0.69u3 and 0.70, for the people who has been diffing like crazy and got lost when the official MAME diff was from 0.69 only.

M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo.dat 5.00 is out, updated for MAME 0.70 if you didn't get it. It also has bugs up to this weekend.

This time it's official
Posted by pi at at 3:33PM [BST]
After one false alarm, MAME 0.70 has been released. According to the changelog, the main thing is that it's an official release of the latest a, b & u3 diff sources. There is only a new clone, a new testdriver and a handful of fixes. But if you've been waiting since last 0.69 release, then this is going to be a sweet update. Thanks to Till for hammering my head to post this one ^_^

Bits and b00bs
Posted by pi at at 3:33PM [BST]
If you have noticed, ZTNet went berzerk past night and several sites lost all the updates of the last week. Here it has been worse, somehow the news went wrong and we lost everything. Our last backup comes from mid march, so we have lost a lot. We are trying to see if we can solve it, anyway we will place all the past news (the ones we have) when we can :(

GBMan has released EsMAME 0.69u3. Poor man always updates the same day (or the day before) Haze does another release. Well then I'd say: GBMan, keep them coming!

Congratulations to Till because SYS2064 reached four million visitors very recently. One day we will reach four millions too, when MAME 1.0 is released or so...