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Saturday 31 May

Drool over the Veyron
Posted by pi at at 2:36PM [BST]

The first updates
Posted by pi at at 11:34AM [BST]
GBMan released yesterday EsMAME32 0.69.1. It's possible he will be releasing 0.69a soon too.

The first update for 0.69a comes from MASH and his MameInfo.dat 4.93. Includes the new games, corresponding information, and more levels with the help of Vaz from MamEnd (pay him a visit!)

A variant also updated is MAME/MAME32 Plus! 0.69a. Doesn't have anything new except the 0.69a update and a fix with D3D options.

Mid-term launch
Posted by pi at at 11:34AM [BST]
Haze announced that a possible release of MAME 0.69a could happen past night, and well it happened (check out that gorgeous changelog full of fixes!) I don't know where is the official place for this source-only update, but Taucher was kind enough to put them on his server, both changelog and patch. As Haze says, there will not be a binary release, so watch out for builds which add these changes, and the three new games: Guts'n, Dragonball Z & Ozon I.

Update: Taucher has removed the files due to excessive bandwidth consumption. I'm searching for an alternate place to download...

Update (again): I've mirrored temporarily the files here at CAESAR: 0.69a diff update and the gnu patch 2.53 tool needed to apply it. I will remove these download as soon as Gridle updates the main downloads page. Remember you need the complete 0.69 source to apply the patch to ^_^

Reaper or prey?
Posted by pi at at 11:34AM [BST]
Thanks to MameFans I am able to keep the track left by Reaper2k which leads to IMR Technology. He's a programmer who has ported and keeps porting single game MAME's to the Dreamcast, with some great results. He also has the bad habit of changing address too often ^_^

Friday 30 May

No news today
Posted by pi at at 6:07PM [BST]
Check back tomorrow to see if you're lucky. Use the 2 minutes you usually need with CAESAR to send an e-card to a friend living far.

Thursday 29 May

Suffering lack of imagination for my headlines
Posted by pi at at 8:54PM [BST]
Today I watched M.A.S.H. (the movie) and then M.A.S.H. has released MameInfo.dat 4.92. It contains all the new WIP and bugs, and more recommended games. Served both in diff update and full blown launch.

The latest and greatest xmame 0.69.1 has been compiled for BeOS. And where could it be? At BeEmulated, where else?

Alexis has released History.dat 0.69, with kick-a$$ info for your pleasure. Textual!

The wait is over
Posted by pi at at 4:40PM [BST]
R. Belmont finally released the next chapter: M1 0.7.2. Although EmuHype's news section is not updated, the misc/downloads page already lists two new versions. Well it has 0.7.2a listed but you can only download 0.7.2, maybe I got the news in the very moment of the updates, and he's trying to upload a bugfixed version. Anyway. Big changelog, 200 games more. Enuff said.

Update: M1 0.7.2a is mirrored at R. Belmont's WIP Emporium.

Update again: Richard Bannister released Mac port of M1 0.7.2.

Pages, pages, pages
Posted by pi at at 12:58PM [BST]
Kiyo21 has made a site dealing with How to Video Mahjong in MAME. Which is welcomed. It's not finished yet, but I thought I could mention it anyway.

PaulEMozz is starting another page, Retro-Active Reviews. I think with the title you can guess what's it about ^_^ Well it looks good, and it has an arcade section.

And finally Petr1fied has moved again, to apparently the definite URL of, and made an announcement in the front page about it. He has also changed very slightly the datfiles to remove one extra and unneeded title.

First drought, then floodings
Posted by pi at at 12:58PM [BST]
After almost three weeks, finally Gridle has posted some MAME WIP. And it's long and full of pics and goodies. Most of it is already in 0.69, so I'll mention the infamous DBZ, Ozon I, some Aaron activity towards Seattle hardware support, and you can check for the rest by yourself ^_^

Now that I was getting rid of spam...
Posted by pi at at 12:58PM [BST]
A petition: If you have my email address in your address book, you can delete it or be sure you don't have viruses. I'm getting lots of emails with viruses, lately most of them are that shit. I use this addy mostly for emulation, so please use something! I don't have infinite bandwidth, please... Advice: AVG Antivirus has a free edition, works great, the registration process is spam-free, now you have no choice. Or use some kind of email client which doesn't spread viruses! Thanks a lot for listening.

Again good news
Posted by pi at at 1:07AM [BST]
Mr. Goodwraith has posted some more Dumping Project News, and this time they are good. Additionally, there's another update at Guru's ROM Dumping News, with some old classics received thanks to the donations from MameWorld. So thanks to everyone for making all this nice stuff!

More MAME builds
Posted by pi at at 1:07AM [BST]
The Plus! Team has released MAME / MAME32 Plus! 0.69.1, with not many changes, but well it's updated to 0.69 and has a couple of changes.

URebelScum has released Mame: Analog+ 0.69.1, with DOS, Windows and Windows/GUI builds ready. As he said, this version is compiled now with Direct-X 7. There are not other changes except related to the DX7 change.

Beware of the bear
Posted by pi at at 1:06AM [BST]
Gyrovision gave some enhancements to the Carnival samples, and Twisty ran to add them to his MAME Samples Collection.

Tuesday 27 May

Not too late this time...
Posted by pi at at 6:24PM [BST]
Duh, I forgot to report earlier xmame 0.69.1, as usual packed and launched by Lawrence. The changelog includes all from 0.69, extra mice, again working debug build, and more things. Enjoy, penguin fans.

Not enough MAME yet?
Posted by pi at at 3:27PM [BST]
The Mame32QA team has released MAME32 0.69. The changelog is short and has no surprises - yet as usual this is another great release of one of the most used MAME variations. Screeshots, icons and dats have been updated, expect a release soonish.

GBMan has released EsMAME/EsDMAME 0.69.1, with (apparently) the only addition of a game called Balloon Ace, which runs in PacMan hardware. I guess he will release EsMAME32 very soon, since MAME32 was just released.

Andrea has released AdvanceMAME 0.69.0. Well actually the site hasn't been updated yet, but the SourceForge Project Page already has downloads. Apparently no other Advance Projects have been updated yet. Thanks to Syntax for the too early news.

Update: AdvanceMAME 0.69.0 has been officially announced and site was updated ^_^

Monday 26 May

Short and sweet
Posted by pi at at 9:27PM [BST]
SMF has made DMAME 0.69 and left binaries and source for you to use.

Not exactly arcade
Posted by pi at at 9:27PM [BST]
Yesterday Satourne v1.0P got released, the first major release but mostly beta, apparently. Even when people seems to have troubles trying to make it run, it's a big step towards good ST-V emulation, so I think it's worth it mentioning here.

And since I'm in a non-arcade mood today (been all day playing Tetris Worlds!) I'd like to mention ScummVM 0.4.1, with CMI fixes, Scale3x and better music, among other things. Cute!

Sunday 25 May

Condemned to perservation
Posted by pi at at 9:02PM [BST]
Once again a happy update at Guru's ROM Dumping News has happened. He received six new PCB's... Well "new" is not too correct, because there are some good old classics, including Cosmo and Yatchman. Head there for the details (which as usual, aren't many).

As the oracle prophetized
Posted by pi at at 9:00PM [BST]
Pierre has released Mamory 0.2.5 today sunday, as he said (and I repeated). Fixed stuff here and there, and should be compatible with the upcoming xmame 0.69, but as he says, Murphy watches. Thanks for the plugs dude ;)

Some non-nonsense blurb
Posted by pi at at 8:59PM [BST]
Maybe someone is intrigued about all the discrete stuff, and maybe wonders why discrete games aren't emulated, and sometimes he even gets answers ^_^ Even one from me, I hope I wasn't too wrong and it helps with figuring out this stuff. Derrick gave one of the answers in the thread, and in another he also talks a bit about Drag Race sound, and why everyone remembers all those sounds differently.

Batch of MAME goodies
Posted by pi at at 8:58PM [BST]
Triggerfin has updated Catlist with all the categories, sortings and arrangements you might want for your frontends. Yes for 0.69.

Twisty has released SmoothMAME 0.69. (if you don't know) This build has almost all drivers modified to have a 60hz refresh rate, which helps with fixed refresh monitors, arcade monitors, TV's, and that stuff.

M.A.S.H. has updated once again and released MameInfo.dat 4.91. This diff update has the first bugs for 0.69 (and many deleted), source and listinfo changes, sizes information, and more recommended games.

Poltergeist have took over, and left the new datfiles for MAME 0.69, some resource dats and other goodies for you.

Saturday 24 May

Testing in progress
Posted by pi at at 11:28PM [BST]
R. Belmont's WIP Emporium has those news I knew... M1 is still in testing phase because Mr. Belmont keeps finding bugs. I don't mind at all, next M1 will be bug-free, everyone dances the happy-joy dance. Now.

Successful breeding
Posted by pi at at 11:28PM [BST]
Another review at The Games that Time Forgot. This time it's about Block Hole, one of the games which intrigued me the most when I discovered it thanks to MAME. While the review itself doesn't go too deep, I'd like to recommend you to try this curious game, a mix between Tetris and shmups.

More seksay updates
Posted by pi at at 11:27PM [BST]
Petr1fied has updated his Titles for 0.69. No wonder why, this was a quite smallish release ^_^

Eldio has also updated his Marquee page. New dats available to update your Marquee Packs for 0.69. (Thanks to Eldio for the correction).

URebelScum has released Mame: Analog+ 0.68.1. All builds are available. He plans to move it from DX8 to DX7 for next version, which he hopes will be released before 0.70 comes ^_^

Mish released the VCMAME 0.69 project files, so you can compile the latest and greatest release with those compilers.

I stand corrected
Posted by pi at at 2:46PM [BST]
Pierre has released Mamory 0.2.4 "Pi was wrong". Glad to be wrong in this case, but hey I was just repeating his own opinions ;) It supports the 0.68 listinfo changes, but I guess he'll have to change once again for 0.69. Plus there's a problem in output redirection for the last xmame, so well, better luck next time (sunday?)

Restless worker
Posted by pi at at 2:46PM [BST]
M.A.S.H. has released MameInfo.dat 4.90, mixing some work which had to be still done with 0.68 and already upgraded to 0.69 things.

Float like a butterfly, stinger like a...
Posted by pi at at 9:32AM [BST]
Sixtoe has made another nice update at System 16 - The Arcade Museum. There is some serious stuff commented in the frontpage, so please read. He also mentions that he's mirroring The Stinger Report (light version), an arcade news source, and sounds like a nice thing... On the update side, what can I say. More pics, more machines, more systems, more corrections, more quality. Thanks to Greg for the news.

Only 36 to go ^_^
Posted by pi at at 9:19AM [BST]
As announced yesterday, MAME 0.69 has been released. If you haven't yet, check the changelog, more detailed than ever. Besides what I already commented, there's an overhaul to the D3D features and code, fixed that strange listinfo stuff (maybe introducing more stuff, gotta check), run-time selectable NeoGeo BIOS, and actually a really nice list of bugfixes. Enjoy.

Friday 23 May

Sexy release
Posted by pi at at 10:44PM [BST]
Haze has announced MAME 0.69 for today, well later when Gridle comes back. Good news, you can get a glimpse of the lengthy and very detailed changelog (not linked here, but in the post). Not many new games, as Haze says this is mainly a bugfix release, with a lot of new clones which were missed previously (Falcon!) and four new games. I'll do another report tomorrow when I wake up, probably...

It's not going to be good everytime
Posted by pi at at 10:44PM [BST]
Mr. Goodwraith posts again some Dumping Project News. This time they are not so good, but at least I'm not two days late like today ^_^

Compulsive collection
Posted by pi at at 10:43PM [BST]
M.A.S.H. has released his pack PCBInfos 0.68, with the help of fellow Stiletto. It contains new and corrected dumper infos, updated ones, and in general a big number of everything.

Major version out
Posted by pi at at 4:21PM [BST]
Roman has released ClrMamePro 3.00, a major step which improves even further this great rom manager. The changelog is quite nice, with more speed for the scanner and less CPU usage (phew). There is a number of sixes and improvements, time to click the update button. He also makes some comments about the upcoming XML support ^_^

The sacrifice...
Posted by pi at at 4:21PM [BST]
Kevin Steele, webmaster of the MAMEFrame, has finished his MAME Spinner Roundup, which is a review of five spinners. It includes a video and a lot of playtesting, so listen to the expert...

Three more MAME's dot one
Posted by pi at at 1:40PM [BST]
The Plus team has made another update and release: MAME / MAME32 Plus! 0.68.1. It includes the latest discrete stuff from Derrick, an ever better Chack'n Pop driver, Sai blitters working under Direct3D and more things.

GBMan has released EsDMAME / EsMAME / EsMAME32 0.68.1, with some changes due to the heavy stuff added in 0.68. Among other things, it includes now the discrete stuff from Derrick too.

Lawrence Gold has released xmame 0.68.1. It seems it has almost everything from MAME 0.68 and MESS 0.68 according to the changelog. It also has some fixes and improvements, of course.

Two readings for today
Posted by pi at at 1:40PM [BST]
Dave Widel made a comment about a little page of him called The Prehistory of Video Games, it's a cool page not very arcade, but full of things from the Stone Age. Worth a visit!

Mr. Goodwraith has posted some more Dumping Project News, as usual a nice reading. Randy, thanks a lot for all the hard work! And thanks to the donators too ^_^

Thursday 22 May

Another little bro
Posted by pi at at 7:58PM [BST]
Bruno has released OldSpark 0.3, the third release of this new java emulator for arcade machines based on Z80 hardware. He has released the source code, and raised the game count to 21 (including Scramble), with only two not working games. Not bad percentage ^_^

The return of the god (sorta)
Posted by pi at at 7:58PM [BST]
After two months of silence (but not really), there's another update at Aaron's Home Page. He talks about mundane things (not less important, of course), and comments a bit about what will be his next moves related to MAME. Short but worth the visit.

Make-up artist needed
Posted by pi at at 7:58PM [BST]
Alexis has released History.dat 0.68a, with some corrections and more ports and conversions from MASH. He is also searching for someone who can do design for his new project, so if you do these things, contact him, the project is quite nice.

Simulation & emulation
Posted by pi at at 7:57PM [BST]
Derrick Renaud doesn't rest and again has posted about Discrete Sound WIP and more. This patch has sound for Night Driver and Drag Race. Yes you've heard well, Night Driver! This patch also contains lots of other things for more oldies, and it's not only about sound, check the post.

2,283 miles per hour
Posted by pi at at 7:57PM [BST]
Scott has updated once again his Mach3 Development page, with an updated patch for MAME 0.68, and better instructions to compile it for Windows. Apparently the framefiles (or whatever they are) are correct now. Thanks again to Rosewood for the news.

Wednesday 21 May

A bunch of things
Posted by pi at at 9:49PM [BST]
I guess I could just throw everything into one box tonite ^_^ Thanks to here and there for the bits, and to Rosewood too :-p Here I begin:

Tourniquet has put a nice page explaining how to Debug MAME with a bit of style. Not many people will use this, but I hope it helps to the ones who will do ^_^

RRaver has released NeFe 1.0 pre2. This is a frontend for the NeoEncrypter, an utility I've been watching lately. With both tools, you can fill your decrypted needs. Decrypted NeoGeo games load tons faster, at least in junk-o-puter(tm) things like mine.

Finally I found where was this thing: Run & Gun hacked driver by Kale. Smitdogg posted about it but the folder name has an uppercase K, duh. Well in short, it's a changed Run & Gun game so it works, but apparently it's a heavy hack which will remain unofficial. Self-compilers will have fun, the rest of the mere mortals like me will wait until it appears in one of the thousand MAME variants out there (if Kale gives permission!).

Pierre, the author of Mamory, is warning that the upcoming xmame and Mamory will not be compatible. He says he will try to have a fix but he doesn't look too confident about it...

And to finish, Mr. SMF has released DMAME 0.68 for the DOS users out there.

Team work wins again
Posted by pi at at 9:39AM [BST]
More releases from (and at) Logiqx: an incredible amount of 17 datfiles related to MAME 0.68 have been updated. This includes all MAME dats, resource files, new supplements for various emulators and system dats. This has happened not only because of the great work of the team, but also because Logiqx found and fixed two bugs in MameDiff, which also sees another release: 1.19. Go and update yourself!

Update: That includes the new Samples dat, just updated by Rosewood.

Update (II): And the M1 dat too.

For frontend consumers
Posted by pi at at 9:39AM [BST]
A little bird told me that Crashtest's snaps have been updated. Petr1fied's titles were updated too, he updates now the title pack which John IV handed over him.

Tuesday 20 May

This plug is for free - the joystick *almost*
Posted by pi at at 11:23PM [BST]
You're still in time for donating at MameWorld towards The Dumping Project. Not only you're helping preserve classics, emulate modern games and everything... You get also in a competition to get a whole fresh SlikStik! And apparently Roc is not too happy with the amount of donations for this one, so it seems you could have many opportunities. So tomorrow is the last day, go and do your donation!

Limit reached
Posted by pi at at 10:27PM [BST]
More reporting at R. Belmont's WIP Emporium. He has reached the target, 937 games. So he's testing a bit before the release of 0.7.2... I hope he doesn't test much ^_^ Details on said site.

Res ipsa loquitur
Posted by pi at at 6:41PM [BST]
Multiple releases at Advance Projects. AdvanceMAME v0.68.0, AdvanceMENU v2.2.6, AdvanceCOMP v1.6 and AdvanceSCAN v1.6 are the four new versions. AdvanceScan has adapted like everyone else to the listinfo changes, and AdvanceMAME comes with quite a long changelog where the highlights are the Scale3x and Scale4x effects and Mac OS X support (thru SDL).

As fast as he can
Posted by pi at at 3:37PM [BST]
Logiqx released yesterday (when I was out) new versions of his star tools DatUtil 1.23 and MameDiff 1.17. Both tools have been updated to be able to work with the latest changes introduced in MAME's listinfo output/format. Toe-Knee found a bug in MameDiff, I forwarded it to Logiqx and he fixed it. I hope it will be released later today, or soonish at least.

Smooth silk
Posted by pi at at 3:35PM [BST]
Twisty has let me know that TVMAME32 0.68 is ready to be grabbed at MAME TweakerZ. Both this build and Twisty's SmoothMAME build have refresh rates altered so most games play at 60hz, that will make it easier and smoother to play with fixed refresh monitors, arcade monitors, and such things.

Monday 19 May

Episode VI: A new home
Posted by pi at at 9:09PM [BST]
Gollum sent me an email to tell me that CottAGE moved to ConsolEmul. Besides that, he has updated the CottAGE WIP with a new feature: dynamic resizing, to switch between different zooms and blitters, and fixed FPS display.

For the plusers
Posted by pi at at 9:09PM [BST]
Twisty detected a Patch for MAME Plus! 0.68 which fixes a couple of things like D3D and Audio Latency options, some CRC typos, joysticks stuff...

How much MAME can you eat?
Posted by pi at at 6:40PM [BST]
M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo.dat 4.81 is out, already with the first bugs and more stuff, like more levels infos (thanks to Vaz, pay him a visit at MamEnd).

Triggerfin has filled the Catlist site with all the new files for MAME 0.68 and related stuff, including a couple of corrections in the mature section.

One of the most obscure games in this release is Truco, a popular game in Southamerica. If you don't know the rules, it's quite hard to even appreciate it, but if you like card games, here you have (again) the Truco rules in English. Enjoy.

Roman at ClrMamePro has updated the MAME 0.68 datfiles. These are top quality, however they don't have supplements and right now it's not clear if there are going to be new dats from Logiqx...

Insane has released MAME Merge 3.0 rc3, which is just a fix for use with MAME 0.68.

Sunday 18 May

Call meh on teh telly
Posted by pi at at 4:12PM [BST]
Jed Margolin rescues a small piece of history and presents the Atari Telephone Directory, 1983. I absolutely agree that a company is the people, so you will see some familiar names, from Jed himself to Owen Rubin.

MAME until you can't stand more...
Posted by pi at at 4:12PM [BST]
Fandemame has released History.dat 0.68, with almost all japanese titles translated, ports section reorganized, and much more like always. There's also this link to Arcade History Database, I guess it's just a php-driven history.dat ^_^

URebelScum explains how to use Multiple mice in MAME, only for Windows 98 & ME, but well it's another step. He also talks about how this affects his build MAME: Analog+

Mish has posted project files for VCMAME32 0.68, both for VC6 and VC7 as usual.

And to finish, a little bird told me that MAME will try a new position quite soon ^_^ (Am I the first one to do a bad joke about it?)

Saturday 17 May

Saturday Night Reading
Posted by pi at at 8:37PM [BST]
There's a new MAMExpose column edition issue at Digital Press, this time dealing with two strange machines - half pinball, half arcade. In a rather interesing article, first we see the famous Baby Pac-Man, but then Granny and the Gators is a nice surprise. Never heard of this game, looks like fun.

To add more reads, The Games that Time Forgot has another review by Nathan Strum, this time an underrated, forgotten game called Pickin' which I like but I can't play due to my problems with colours... Grrrrrr. Maybe I'll need to bribe someone to make some colour hacks so I can play SPF2x and Pickin'!

And I'd like to remind all CAESAR readers that if they find any article, column, page, site or anything arcade related worth reading, please share! ^_^

937 is the number
Posted by pi at at 8:36PM [BST]
A good rest from MAME comes from R. Belmont's WIP Emporium, and his wonderful arcade player M1. Behold the sweet list of new games, including Sidearms (one of my favorites for horizontal shmups!) and he mentions he could be releasing soon, that's if he doesn't go beyond the 200th game added since last version. And if he doesn't need 2 months to add 7 games more ;)

Hergest MAME part two
Posted by pi at at 8:36PM [BST]
Gridle has posted a video of EMAME for P800 running. I can't watch it, the codec is Motion-JPEG or something similar and I can't find a decompressor for Windows. If anyone has luck, please share in the above thread ^_^

Scott has been able to make MACH 3 for Windows build. His patches will work with the 0.66 source, well it's another step ^_^ (Awaits some tiny build or sth?)

May I remind you that at the The MAME32 QA/Test & Art Dept. you can find updated screenshots and icons, and the corresponding dat files. These were updated earlier but I forgot to mention, silly me.

MAME Ridge part one
Posted by pi at at 2:13PM [BST]
From the GUI land, MAME32 0.68 is out and ready. Check the changelog for the new art view features and stuff.

Brian Deuel talks about the Circus samples and offers an alternate version in mono, which should work better with MAME.

Elvis has put up a MAME Benchmarks site, and has already some results from 3 different computers. You can cry at the Cruisin' USA results.

Dox has put some WIP about Moustache Boy, a 1987 classic by March & Seibu. It's almost complete but it seems it's missing sound and color (p)roms, altho he says it's already playable.

Mish has jumped directly for VCMAME 0.68 projects, for you self compilers.

M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo.dat 4.80 is ready with all the new stuff from 0.68. After an initial surprise I thought he changed the version numbering, but it was a false alarm. Note that he left the ports/conversions for history.dat ;)

Rocky V
Posted by pi at at 2:12PM [BST]
Check the latest installment of the burning heat series: Gradius V videos courtesy of Mr. Santeri. I've not bothered downloading but some have commented that they are somewhat spectacular.

Friday 16 May

Mame variants on arrival
Posted by pi at at 5:19PM [BST]
The first detected one is MAME/MAME32 Plus! 0.68.0. It has a better Chack'n Pop driver (again by BUT), almost perfect, and has wav logging among the usual batch of improvements. Wav logging, yum. And overclock saving, and...

Twisty's SmoothMAME 0.68 is also on the street. Remember this build attempts to run most games at 60hz, so it is easier for you to match refresh rates in arcade monitors and other delightful peripherals.

Just in time
Posted by pi at at 11:41AM [BST]
Roman has released ClrMamePro 2.90. It supports the new SHA1 check, and handles correctly the new bastard flags nodump and baddump. However he says that CMPro will still support the old style of null-crc's and inverted crc's, phew! It also has a couple of improvements on speed and memory usage and deals better with incompatible zip compression methods. Now time to fire up the excellent autoupdate feature ^_^

The Premiere
Posted by pi at at 9:45AM [BST]
And it seems it's no coincidence today MAME 0.68 "GX Reloaded" sees the light. Check the juicy changelog, full of core improvements including Direct3D blitting, blitter generation, SHA1 hash (replacing MD5), lots of Konami and System 32 updates, fixes for crashes here and there, and sound for Macross Plus and games using the Ensoniq 5506. About new games, check the Chack'n Pop driver (still WIP), Salamander 2, Vasara (both ones!), Zero Point 2, Progress, Operation Wolf 3 (playable!), Area 51/Maximum Force Duh ^_^, and Prebillian to name a few. Check that this changelog is different, more comprehensive and with more details, great. It even includes new testdrivers! Windows users can enjoy directly, DOS ones will have to wait a bit.

Update: The MAME32QA team have started working in this version.

Thursday 15 May

The Inn is open again
Posted by pi at at 9:04PM [BST]
There's a new master at VCMAME.NET - and is no one else than Bryan McPhail a.k.a. Mish himself. For a start he has released the project files for VCMAME 0.66, and also for the MAME32 variant.

Until Derrick does something...
Posted by pi at at 7:19PM [BST]
Apparently Brian Deuel dumped (recorded) a real set of samples from Circus, until they are checked and added to the official samples page, you can get them at Twisty's MAME Samples Collection. Thanks to Twisty himself for the news, the link, the hosting, and the phobia listing ^_^

More eye noise
Posted by pi at at 7:18PM [BST]
Actually I'm not much interested in SNK vs Capcom - Chaos, but I'm more in Capcom Fighting All Stars. However, SvsC Chaos seems to be getting some pics posted, and even more pics and videos. Four more game characters have been revealed, making the roster a bit more attractive. However I'm not too fond of a game which apparently will have its strong point in the intro. Thanks to Kensou, Ibbo and Noymander for the links.

For the really old peeps
Posted by pi at at 7:18PM [BST]
Fever has updated Discrete Logistics with the very earliest stuff in videogaming. With the assistance of Greg, he has added pics, games, and improved the layout of the site.

The good, the bad and the suicidal board
Posted by pi at at 7:18PM [BST]
A bit more stuff at Guru's ROM Dumping News. He received two Namco System 12 boards from Narendra Verma, thanks for them! Guru has also been speaking about some problems with CPS3. Uhm...

What are you waiting for?
Posted by pi at at 7:18PM [BST]
The Dumping Project still needs your help - in other words, your money. You already know that MameWorld is collecting money and has sent already more than two grands for buying and dumping more PCB's. They still want more, so if you make a donation now thru MameWorld, you enter a giveaway for a (hold on) Slikstik. Too bad my trip to London has left me totally broke, anyway I wanted to put a bit in there, probably will put 10 or 20 euros next month. But you better do it now, good luck in winning the prize.

Wednesday 14 May

Jack the Ripper was a n00b
Posted by pi at at 8:40PM [BST]
No news today, I found one but then I thought it was too low quality to deserve to be posted :-p Still I received a very intriguing line in an email today: " is now closed, Logiqx was recently beheaded by his trusty news poster!" In itself, that's a contradiction. If the news poster was trusty, why he beheaded Logiqx? Was the sender talking about me? I'm innocent... ;)

Tuesday 13 May

Homecomputer and consolen?
Posted by pi at at 10:03PM [BST]
M.A.S.H. just issued MameInfo.dat 4.74 a bit ago. This includes as usual newest WIP and latest bugs, but it also adds now a list of ports and conversions of MAME games for computer and consoles. I think the history.dat has it too, maybe they should coordinate?

Monday 12 May

Reading radar activated
Posted by pi at at 10:14PM [BST]
Another review detected at The Games that Time Forgot. Devin de Gruyl talks about Liberator, a bit contradicting game for what I see ^_^ Maybe it's time to try it for longer than 20 seconds in our beloved MAME, altho for what the review says, it's not too much promising.

Ok, now pay attention!
Posted by pi at at 10:13PM [BST]
Not much arcade, but totally cool, retro, classic, awesome release of ScummVM 0.4.0. I could go off-topic about it for many many paragraphs, but if you're interested you better go there and read yourself the nice changelog. I'm downloading right now.

Time for more evil hardware
Posted by pi at at 10:13PM [BST]
Some stuff reported at R. Belmont's WIP Emporium, about M1 (THE arcade sound emulator & player). He added a lot of Data East games, plus fixed Mutant Fighter roms. Nothing in the MAME front (lil frown follows).

No more prez
Posted by pi at at 10:08PM [BST]
The Ownby joint has released Daphne 0.99.6, with source code (of course), and binaries for Windows and Linux. The Mac OS X one is still pre4, sorry. The changelog is not bad either. Now waiting a release from the Salmoria joint please ^_^

Edmund Hillary was own't
Posted by pi at at 10:08PM [BST]
Dox has posted about some Rock Climber WIP for MAME, still a bit far from complete, but showing a nice snap. Stay tuned and visit his WIP page, I guess he will post more snaps soon.

Sunday 11 May

Undercover emulation?
Posted by pi at at 10:40PM [BST]
I just saw at Retrogames about GnGeo 0.5.9. This is not a new emulator, it's rather old, but I never heard of it, and it's not listed here in CAESAR either. It's for Neogeo (as the name implies :-p) and it's for Linux and other Unix based systems, maybe. If anyone has ever used it, please tell me about it, thanks. Thanks to Chris for the stuff.

Satan's Hollow?
Posted by pi at at 10:17PM [BST]
New stuff Guru's ROM Dumping News, he got two boards from Tim and Randy (thanks guys), and made a new page about the evil things which prevent us from having nice, complete dumps, or working, emulated games preserved. A very interesting read I guess, I'll discover myself once my brain starts working again. It even has two polls so you can vote for the most evil protecting company and chip! Thanks to Smitty for the news.

Keeping on with the quality trend
Posted by pi at at 10:16PM [BST]
Mike Haggar has released FBA, Nebula/Kawaks & Mame Cheats 0.2.94d, the cheat archive specialized in CPS, and then some Cave, Toaplan and Taito games. Makes one want to have Neogeo and other systems supported under FBA to get more quality cheats ;) I'd like to highlight that this includes cheats for 1944 and Mighty! Pang.

The return of the jee-day
Posted by pi at at 8:04PM [BST]
Hello people, I'm back, how have you been. I've been in London, celebrating a friend's stag party and meeting the big man, Logiqx himself. I've written a short, non-detailed summary of the London trip if you are interested. Everything was great, except a couple small things (like the bad habit of closing most pubs at 11pm). So please allow me to rest a bit more, and I'll post news about what has happened while I was away.

And happy mother's day to all mothers who could be reading this... No one, uh? Ok :-p

Friday 9 May

One minute warning
Posted by pi at at 8:58PM [BST]
Tomorrow there will not be updates, because there's a stag party. A friend is marrying this summer and we've organized a nice surprise for him. The rest of the stag parties he could have will be dull, boring, unimaginative... So, if I survive, I'll get back on sunday night, have a good weekend until then.

The joke is already old
Posted by pi at at 8:54PM [BST]
Yesterday Gridle updated the MAME WIP. Along the improvements int he discrete sound system by Derrick Renaud et al, there are pics of a Progress driver by Haze which is almost complete except for the colors. There are other details worth checking, so go there.

Some details forgotten yesterday
Posted by pi at at 8:54PM [BST]
More Dumping Project status by Mr. Goodwraith. Good news indeed, but they need your help once again, so move and donate. This is the proof that there are still hundreds of interesting and needed games!

Thursday 8 May

The eternal mistery
Posted by pi at at 9:45PM [BST]
Matt has released DAPHNE v0.99.6pre6 (May 7th, 2003) for Windows 2000/XP (x86), and as usual I can't find any resemblance of history, recent changelog, update list, bugfix summary or anything like that.

Posted by pi at at 12:42PM [BST]
Randolph has brought to my (and everyone's) attention another post by Derrick Renaud discussing Discrete Sound WIP, which also includes work from Keith Wilkins and Frank Palazzolo. The Discrete Sound stuff is getting so good lately, another victory of personal efforts and the MAME project. End of praise.

Cute and fierce
Posted by pi at at 12:42PM [BST]
Dan has made two updates at The Arcade Flyers Archive. The first update is also the last one of the quality upgrades, which has increased even more the quality TAFA holds. The second update is a new batch of insteresting flyers, with some weird and rare stuff like that very cute Heiankyo Alien which Dan features. As usual, thanks to Greg for the heads-up.

The return of link leeching
Posted by pi at at 12:41PM [BST]
Apparently the Sega/Sammy fusion is not going to happen, according to the post from Brian D. Deuel (source Reuters). Now there are rumours about a fusion with Namco? Ok, let's change subject. I guess you have already read about Infogrames decision to change name to Atari, I got this link from Griking and IMHO it's the one which describes the situation better. PeterD also provided me with another related comment at Ars Technica, but instead I ended reading a very interesting article about Moore's Law, more about rumours and myths... The reality can be more interesting ^_^ (although a bit dense and long).

Wednesday 7 May

Empty head
Posted by pi at at 10:13PM [BST]
Slow day, while I wait eagerly the arrival of Saturday ^_^ There's not much to say about emulation, arcades, games, or anything in particular. I've been a bit away mentally (flatlined describes it better). Still you can always read Mr. Goodwraith Walk of Life to be up to date with latest things around shop raids. If you like DDR, or at least the simulators, pay a visit to one of the greatest sites on that matter: DDR:UK. Good people there, awesome site. Maybe you hate DDR instead. At least it's better than trying to understand women.

Tuesday 6 May

OK one more before sleeping...
Posted by pi at at 11:08PM [BST]
Logiqx has done some updates here and there. Some big ones here in CAESAR, sometimes those are hard to notice. In the datfile department he updated some system dats and the Older Emus pack, with some emulators included there now. And he also updated his old ROMs rebuilding utility ROMBuild to be up to date with MAME 0.67.

The one and only post of the day
Posted by pi at at 9:24PM [BST]
Very short, pictureless MAME WIP. Haze (happy bday!) and Acho are the main characters of the movie ^_^

Monday 5 May

Good is good, but free is better
Posted by pi at at 7:15PM [BST]
Lure of the Temptress, the first game made by Revolution Software, has been released for free! Actually it was one month ago, but I was busy with the GTA giveaway ^_^ Lure of the Temptress is a really nice adventure game, a solid classic IMHO. Go download and play with VDMSound (I'll have to try!) Virtual PC, VMWare, DOSBox or whatever you use for PC retrogaming. Actually I think I'll try with DOSBox because it has now Scale2x woohoo. Thanks so much to GoodOldGames for the news!

Bugfixes a go-go
Posted by pi at at 7:15PM [BST]
Insane has released MAME Merge 3.0 rc2. It contains new optimized binaries for 486, 586 and 686 processors, some clean-ups and corrected readme.txt.

Do this people ever take holidays?
Posted by pi at at 7:14PM [BST]
Gridle was not the only one yesterday, there was an update at R. Belmont's WIP Emporium, with many more Salamander 2 shots (to mention something...) And there are also new things in the M1 department, with Mega Man: The Power Battle tunes added (again to mention something...)

Sunday 4 May

The attack of the evil dictionary
Posted by pi at at 1:44PM [BST]
Mr. Santeri gave some holidays to his alter ego and decided to post a MAME WIP entirely in finnish ^_^ But thanks to MameJong we have an approximate translation so we don't get a headache or anything. Actually with or without the translation, I already have one, so I'll leave up to you to read and decide what's remarkable.

Update: It has been updated and translated into engrish. Gorgeous Salamander 2 shots, I want 0.68 this tuesday, kthx.

Another orphan project
Posted by pi at at 1:43PM [BST]
DJP952 has decided to leave the project, as he announces. He is searching for someone who can keep with the task, or he is dismantling everything for what I can read...

EsMAME Plus?
Posted by pi at at 1:43PM [BST]
GBMan has released EsMAME/EsMAME32/EsDMAME 0.67.5. It supports now DECO cassette turbo loading, a new game called Death Derby, and visible player in Super Hang On. Not bad for something which started as just a simple translation.

Bigger and newer
Posted by pi at at 1:43PM [BST]
Leezer has released Unofficial Hiscore.dat 7.97, with most of the newest games covered. More and more voices are claiming that this one should be the official, well maybe if he removed the nv-ram hacks it would be. If I understood the deal with them correctly, that's it.

The return of the beast
Posted by pi at at 1:43PM [BST]
Insane has released MAME Merge 3.0 rc1. This is a ROM utility which can scan and rebuild MAME and RAINE romsets, claiming to be the easiest one to handle. This new version is for Windows (the DOS version is still served but it's now deprecated), has a GUI and everything, and basically it's a whole new thing. Thanks to Shifty for the news.

Saturday 3 May

The satori awaits you
Posted by pi at at 8:08PM [BST]
What a beautiful way to end an empty day, just finishing the reread of The Rise of Endymion opens the spirit. It's the last novel in the saga of the Hyperion Cantos, strange name for four books by Dan Simmons which change from an epical sci-fi summit to a deep search into the essence of life. And if you can separate the metaphysic from the messages, you'll be double the lucky. So see you tomorrow after this soft digression.

Friday 2 May

Three shorties
Posted by pi at at 8:44PM [BST]
Pierre is getting contributors for his library/program for rom management, and as a result Mamory 0.2.3 with a couple small changes.

Roman has released ClrMamePro 2.89.1, which is just a small bugfix about setinfo window sizes and such.

New review at The Games that Time Forgot, this time about one of the games I wanted to master, but I was never been able due to my clumsy skills: Block Out!

Three times the better
Posted by pi at at 8:26PM [BST]
Andrea Mazzoleni has released Scale2x 1.5. This demostration program of IMHO the best image enhancing blitter around, now includes commands for Scale3x and Scale4x. Scale4x is just Scale2x applied twice, but I want to see the results of the new Scale3x asap.

Status unknown
Posted by pi at at 7:55PM [BST]
You can download since yesterday DAPHNE v0.99.6pre5 (April 30th, 2003). This fifth preview comes for Windows 2000/XP (x86) and for GNU/Linux (x86). Apparently I'm showing again my incompetence cause I can't find where are the changes for this lil version ^_^

Some game news
Posted by pi at at 7:55PM [BST]
Apparently Arcadia exaggerated the news since X-Nauts will be releasing Psykio games. Once read these news found at MadMan's Cafe, it makes more sense ^_^ You can also witness the first page of the Official Metal Slug 5 by Playmore, and there are even rumours that SNK as a brand will also show some activity. And finally, some people go to far with
emulating KOF characters, with a wide meaning of the word "emulation". Thanks to IkariWarrior, Jop and VictorC for these interesting URLs.

Thursday 1 May

I'll tell you what
Posted by pi at at 9:32PM [BST]
In Spain it's the Day of the Worker. That means we can do what we usually do - not work, but with the added joy of screaming at bosses ^_^ See you tomorrow with some more news.