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Wednesday 30 April

Another casualty
Posted by pi at at 7:29PM [BST]
According to this GameSport article, Psikyo closed its video game operations. Sad news, I always thought Psikyo made quality games. Thanks to Peacemaker75 for the link.

Tuesday 29 April

The rise of the phoenix
Posted by pi at at 10:18PM [BST]
Razoola has updated CPS2Shock with all the info about recovering dead boards without having to return them to Capcom for expensive resurrection. He has tested the process with more boards, and goes deep in the process of doing this black magic, and apparently he will be doing the needed ROM editing so there's nothing else needed.

Smarter & faster
Posted by pi at at 8:51PM [BST]
Roman released yesterday ClrMamePro 2.89. Now all the settings are stored in the INI file, the registry is not used anymore, so watch out for some options resetting and misbehaving... Then a handful of miscellaneous things, including more responsive processor while scanning. It always blocked my puter, so for me it's a good thing!

Witness the greatness of arcadeness
Posted by pi at at 8:51PM [BST]
The Sheep has opened the World of Arcades, a page where he presents his three shrines to Cave, Psikyo and Raizing/Eighting, and which shows some evil plans to conquer the world with more arcade goodness.

Monday 28 April

My fav game during MS
Posted by pi at at 8:52PM [BST]
Check this cool remake of Afterburner by Brodaroda Software. The game is apparently freeware, and looks very good. I'm not checking it, my specs don't get to it... Thanks to Igamabob for the link.

Classics with more words
Posted by pi at at 8:52PM [BST]
A new review has appeared at The Games that Time Forgot. This time Devin de Gruyl dissects Pepper II for our enjoyment. I'd like them to be a bit longer, tho...

Sunday 27 April

With a little help from my friends
Posted by pi at at 9:20PM [BST]
Check Dox's MAME Page for some pics of the ancient Taito's Straight Flush. Still things to do, but it's a start. It looks like a heartbreaker ^_^ Thanks to Gregf for telling which pics were the new ones (I don't like too much pages without dates!)

Let's say it again
Posted by pi at at 9:20PM [BST]
M.A.S.H. has issued MameInfo.dat 4.73, which is a diff-only update, and has the usual deal of latest bugs and newest wip, plus more recommended games and corrected things here and there.

Hiding my ignorance about oxes
Posted by pi at at 9:19PM [BST]
I've been seeing several references lately about this new port of MAME for the X-Box called MAMEoX, hosted at SourceForge, and with a current release version of 0.61b. That's exactly all I know of it for now.

Sad anniversary
Posted by pi at at 3:50PM [BST]
Today is the 66th anniversary of the bombing of Guernika, happened in April 27th of 1937. It was a coward attack over an innocent town made by the Third Reich, just to try the new bombs and weapons over civil population. It's also famous cause it inspired the (I guess well known) painting by Picasso Gernika, actually in a museum in Madrid. If you can, you should really watch the real piece, it's something impressive.

Today is also the presentation of a book relating how the bombing was planned, and about the journalist which reported against this crime. I hope I can buy a copy soon.

Guernika is an important city for the Basque Country (badly misused by the local nationalist politic parties, and badly ignored by the country nationalist politic parties). So I thought of reminding everyone about this tragedy. Don't forget to visit Guernika's Tree if you pass by there!

Saturday 26 April

Finally, some common sense
Posted by pi at at 7:07PM [BST]
No arcade news today, but there are good news for every computer user out there. A judge has determined that
file-sharing networks are not responsible for their users actions. This great achievement, explained in that article, couldn't have been made without the effort of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, so you could as well pay them a visit and learn about them.

Friday 25 April

No more words needed
Posted by pi at at 11:07PM [BST]
Grand Master Pete has finished doing the Phoenix Empire, grand opening day today. Great shrine for a great classic.

Teamwork marks the difference.
Posted by pi at at 8:51PM [BST]
Logiqx has released a datafile for latest Nebula. Thanks to Rosewood for creating it (he's part of the team, if you didn't notice).

Depends on tastes....
Posted by pi at at 8:50PM [BST]
Look at what appears to be the definitive SNK vs Capcom list of characters. Personally I don't like much the kind of artwork, not even the choices for the characters. Where is Morrigan!!!! Still waiting for Capcom Fighting All Stars. There's already a discussion in the NeoGeo board about it. Thanks to Noumander.

Thursday 24 April

Are we in 2006 already?
Posted by pi at at 9:45PM [BST]
Another lump of MAME WIP coming our way. A nice surprise comes from Galibert, he sent a System 24 driver, too bad Hot Rod doesn't work, but there are other colorful snaps to watch. Other remarks are Idol Janshi Su-Chi-Pie 2 and Horizon's right colours, and Zero Point 2. Oigas is now playable, and there's fixed sound in Revolution X. Go there to read the rest...

Stuff to freak about
Posted by pi at at 9:45PM [BST]
Behold the gorgeous and really rare DECO Cassette package which Gregf posted in the boards. Very interesting.

Wednesday 23 April

Bilingual update
Posted by pi at at 8:16PM [BST]
Leniad has released DSP 0.06. In the arcade department, he has fixed some problems in the already supported games and added Misterious Stones to check the new M6502 core.

From column to column
Posted by pi at at 8:03PM [BST]
Another hiscore CottAGE WIP. Erik added Black Tiger hiscore saving support, which is neat, but he also mentions that it seems quite easy to add more with the existing hiscore.dat and other MAME related goodies.

I don't condone the use of firearms
Posted by pi at at 8:01PM [BST]
URebelScum has released MAME: Analog+ 0.67.2. Main things are a bunch of lightgun reload and aiming hacks to make your shooting life easier, and goes about compiling for Direct-X 5.

Hopeless call?
Posted by pi at at 8:00PM [BST]
You'll find at BeEmulated the latest xmame 0.67.2, built for BeOS. I suspect there's no BeOS user among CAESAR's visitors, but oh well...

Another successful rebirth
Posted by pi at at 8:00PM [BST]
After a long time being abandoned, Discrete Logistics has been brought to life again by Mister Fever. This page is dedicated to early videogames which didn't use CPU's, but only discrete circuitry. One of the first changes is the inclusion of the first page dedicated to a certain manufacturer - the winner was Atari. I hope Fever converts Discrete Logistics into something like but devoted to really really old classics, so good luck man.

Monday 21 April

Too much music
Posted by pi at at 10:18PM [BST]
More stuff at R. Belmont's WIP Emporium. This time he goes tecchie about M1's latest fixes and stuff, which will make music even more pleasant and accurate to our ears. And he added a Tecmo16 driver, raising the count of supported games to 901... When is the release going to happen???

93,000??? W00t! (.)v(.)
Posted by pi at at 10:17PM [BST]
Pugsy has released Cheat 0.67! Needless to say, this is a huge release since the previous one is 16 months old ^_^ Great work, congrats and thanks to all the cheat finders/testers, and to Pugsy for making this great release!

To the latest technology
Posted by pi at at 10:17PM [BST]
There was a new report at the CottAGE site, mentioning that they will change to Java 1.4 in the next releases. This has the disadvantage that many people will have to download the biggish JRE, but it will allow lots of improvements and features to be added to this Java emulator.

Someone call a p-doc
Posted by pi at at 10:16PM [BST]
There are more updates at the Marble Insanity site. Apparently he hasn't get any help yet, but he included a scan of some sketches for a level called Musicland which look gorgeous. We can't have Marbleman, but this one looks great. So if you have any graphic skills, go there!

Sunday 20 April

24 times in a row
Posted by pi at at 9:02PM [BST]
There has been an update at Charles MacDonald's Home Page, where he updated once again his Sega System C2 tech notes, and talks about the latest improvements in his System 24 emulator. He will release the sources along with a new version soon, we'll see the level of playability then.

Posted by pi at at 9:00PM [BST]
With the inclusion of Trucotron in MAME, we have yet-another-game-with-strange-rules-in-unknown-language. But see, there is this Truco Rules in english page to solve the problem. Someone put it with the mahojng rules pages ^_^ Thanks to Newsdee for the link.

Not again, yes again
Posted by pi at at 9:00PM [BST]
Part of ZTNet is not working properly (again), so I'll take up my notes and try to fill in some news... But first, a promo advert:

I don't like WinAmp 3, so I was pleased to see WinAmp Classic 2.91 was released. I missed 2.90, but it has loads of new stuff. Not so bloatware as 3.0, but still with many things which makes WinAmp my fav player, during the last... Well since it was released, almost.

Saturday 19 April

Posted by pi at at 9:08PM [BST]
Wow, am I tired or what. These days are supossedly holidays but I've been painting non-stop. Thankfully I only have to do a bit more tomorrow, I'm almost done. But today I'm not in the mood for newz tonite, sorry. I've not seen much either, but this post about The Arcade Graveyard by Twisty is interesting, but sad. See you all tomorrow.

Friday 18 April

Once upon a time...
Posted by pi at at 4:10PM [BST]
Rosewood handed Logiqx the new Kawaks datfile ^_^ and Logiqx uploaded it to Beautiful story.

It works
Posted by pi at at 4:10PM [BST]
M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo.dat 4.72 comes packed with updated WIP and bugs, set sizes and even more recommended games.

Closing to perfection
Posted by pi at at 2:11PM [BST]
And Toby updated once again System 16 - The Arcade Museum. As always, there are too many too many bits, so go there and read a bit, and just be warned that it's more... Accurate now :)

So much for you
Posted by pi at at 2:10PM [BST]
MAME WIP with 12, yes, you've read well, twelve days! There are lots of things and a bunch of colorful (some more than others) snapshots. Mello Yello Q*Bert, working Kick Start Wheelie King (!) and Trucotron to name some... Read the rest by yourself, don't want to spoil everything ^_^

Rescuing from the oblivion
Posted by pi at at 2:10PM [BST]
Mr. Goodwraith has posted in MAME's board Dumping Project progress and prospects, where he goes in deep insight of what's going around, inside, outside, inbetween and underneath acquiring undumped PCB's. He's still wanting YOUR donations, what are you waiting for?

Razkenstein did it
Posted by pi at at 2:09PM [BST]
Razoola did even more improvements, go to CPS2Shock to see a fully revived board which was dead, without any hardware modifications - simply replacing program ROM's with a revised version as he says. The avi (only 1mb) shows it all.

Another chapter
Posted by pi at at 2:08PM [BST]
MAME / MAME32 Plus! 0.67.3 is here with the usual bunch of driver fixes and general improvements. Remarkable things are the support for the new WIP NeoGeo driver with support for different BIOS sets (from Haze) and the inclusion of the homebrew Vantris by Norbert Kehrer.

Thursday 17 April

Posted by pi at at 8:38PM [BST]
I did a lot of scratching, cleaning, rubbing and painting today. My arm hurts, my feet hurt, I'm unbelievably tired, and not in the best mood. So unless a nuclear bomb explodes or there is a big release of something, I'm out for today. Come back tomorrow, that's if I survive the second wave of painting...

Wednesday 16 April

Running joke of the day
Posted by pi at at 8:54PM [BST]
The page with tremendous title got an update: R. Belmont's WIP Emporium. He added Taito H System to M1, and ponders about adding Space Gun & Labyrinth Runner. On the MAME side, some technical blurb about Mask ROMs goes on, plus a little bad news. Nothing which leeching can't fix.

Now here comes the husband
Posted by pi at at 8:54PM [BST]
After so long quiet and now two CottAGE WIPs in a row... Erik improved the internet hiscore saving test version, adding Pacman. Fancy some tourneys?

Go on diet, d00d
Posted by pi at at 8:54PM [BST]
Devin de Gruyl submitted a review to The Games that Time Forgot. He deeps into one of the seven capital sins: greed; represented by the classic game Nibbler ^_^

Doctor Razkenstein
Posted by pi at at 8:53PM [BST]
Razoola @ CPS2Shock is still making improvements with the CPS2 hardware. This time he has had some success trying to resurrect dead CPS2 boards. You can read all the details at the usual dealer.

I was waiting, as usual...
Posted by pi at at 8:53PM [BST]
Time for Mr. J's Cheat.dat 0.67. This is becoming as good as Leezer's unofficial Hiscore.dat, I hope they keep updating over and over and over and...

Tuesday 15 April

Cooler than a fan on hype
Posted by pi at at 10:35PM [BST]
Some new CottAGE WIP, and this time it's cool! Erik Duijs has put up a test version which saves hiscores in internet. Internet ranking! Great! The test only works for Ms. Pacman, and needs Sun's Java 1.4, not the Microsoft VM one...

Second try
Posted by pi at at 9:23PM [BST]
Bruno has released OldSpark 0.2, his new java arcade emulator for Z80 based hardware (Pacman and alikes). He still names it as WIP version, but it can run 12 games, all playable except one. Source is not yet available, but will be soon.

You can play my little boy
Posted by pi at at 9:22PM [BST]
More toys at Guru's ROM Dumping News. The final part of Shopraid #4 has arrived, after quite a wait. I haven't heard of any of the six games except Vasara, but SD Gundam Neo Battling sounds interesting ^_^

Errare humanum est
Posted by pi at at 9:22PM [BST]
Pierre has released Mamory 0.2.2, which is a bugfix from previous one. Could anyone tell me if this is for any other systems than *nix?

Monday 14 April

Advance 4x
Posted by pi at at 8:43PM [BST]
Andrea has made a multiple release at Advance Projects. AdvanceMAME 0.67.0 and AdvanceMENU 2.2.5 among them, go there to check all the releases and changelogs.

Wow really nice news!
Posted by pi at at 7:08PM [BST]
In a surprise release, Kawaks 1.46 has been unleashed! It's available at CPS2Shock. MHz/Mr. K is not involved in it; he handed the source to someone else, who remains anonymous for now. It has loads of new things, like all the new CPS2 games, newly dumped CPS1 and all the missing NeoGeo, besides lots of fixes and improvements. Just download it!

The usual update & more
Posted by pi at at 7:08PM [BST]
ElSemi released Nebula 2.23b, with the last CPS2 XORs, Jockey Grand Prix, and a new frameskip code which seems to go smoother.

Posted by pi at at 7:08PM [BST]
Logiqx released the latest CPS2 related datfiles.

He's fast...
Posted by pi at at 7:07PM [BST]
New update at R. Belmont's WIP Emporium. He has gotten big progress with Konami's Open Golf Championship (loads of shots there). He also added it to M1, along with a little System16 oversight.

Sunday 13 April

Teh rom manager
Posted by pi at at 10:00PM [BST]
Pierre has released Mamory 0.2.1. He says it's mainly a bugfix release, but it has a lot of code changes needed for future features.

Another golf
Posted by pi at at 6:31PM [BST]
New stuff reported at Guru's ROM Dumping News. He nailed down three new games, all quite recent. There is a Model 3, a System GX and a System 12. I'm not going to ruin the surprise, so go there and read.

A bit disappointing, I think
Posted by pi at at 5:17PM [BST]
In a minimal release, here we have ZiNc 0.9a for Linux. According to the news, this is only a binary which doesn't crash under Redhat 9, so if you're a Linux user using that variety, then get this. This version doesn't have anything else new or fixed, but next ZiNc release will be very juicy with System 12 emulation ^_^

Playmore again
Posted by pi at at 11:19AM [BST]
See what new thing is coming: Metal Slug 5 flyer. According to some early comments on the flyer, it seems it could be better than the mostly denosted fourth game. Thanks to Fumei Senshi for the link.

Ok maybe not so tropical
Posted by pi at at 11:18AM [BST]
Mighty! Pang is mighty, epical, tropical and really fun. Ways of playing it I've found: Nebula of course, the dat file to play it is in Razoola's announcement. Also I've found at Potato Emulation a Calice 0.6.6 driver for this game. Finally, the new EsMAME/EsMAME32 0.67.3 adds support for the last installment of the Pang saga.

Saturday 12 April

Food for the avid drinker
Posted by pi at at 10:53PM [BST]
There's a new MAMExpose article, this time dealing with product placement in arcade games, examining how and were in three classics, and going in-depth about Coke :)

Another collector gets high
Posted by pi at at 10:52PM [BST]
M.A.S.H. has unleashed another edition, this time called PCB Infos 0.67. A gigantic collection of dumper notes and such, with almost 300 new or updated files.

Mighty! Xor
Posted by pi at at 2:38PM [BST]
Razoola at CPS2Shock has released two new XOR tables since no one has used his decryption data to figure out the algorithm yet o_O. And the XORs are for the games Mighty! Pang and another version of SSF2 (Etc 930911). Mighty! Pang is one of the last CPS2 games I wanted to see XORed so today I'm happy ^_^

Three dot two
Posted by pi at at 2:38PM [BST]
Here we have one of the most popular variants updated once again: MAME / MAME32 Plus! 0.67.2. As usual it comes with a good deal of improvements, and also includes latest fixes in System32 and the fixed Namco drivers.

EsMAME/EsMAME32 0.67.2 also contains the System32 and Namco fixes.

Lawrence released once again xmame 0.67.2. See the changelog for the list of fixes it has.

Friday 11 April

Posted by pi at at 4:19PM [BST]
Triggerfin has updated his Catlist site with all the files for/about 0.67. He also added more links to proggies using catver.ini and asks for more if you find them. And one more mature game...

Another chapter of "better late than never"
Posted by pi at at 3:43PM [BST]
It really shows how little time I have been dedicated to news lately, I missed Logiqx's new datfiles this past wednesday. There are the new CrashTest ones and a new supplement for M1. He also mentions that all the other supplements are unchanged.

Three more MAME updates
Posted by pi at at 3:43PM [BST]
Lawrence released xmame-0.67.1, with the following changelog which includes various fixes.

In BeEmulated you will find the BeOS binary of MAME 0.67.

URebelScum has released MAME: Analog+ 0.67.1. For now only Win32 version, DOS and MAME32 will follow shortly. Remarks in this new version: 720 analog joystick support and improved dual lightgun support.

Thursday 10 April

Even more good stuff
Posted by pi at at 8:23PM [BST]
Another update at R. Belmont's WIP Emporium. He has added Quiz Sailor Moon to M1 and he's working in adding Macross Plus. The interesting thing is that the sound already works in MAME, so those are good news. Tourniquet helped him making X-Men (6p) somewhat working, that's also a start.

More MAME updates
Posted by pi at at 8:22PM [BST]
Gordon's MAME ROM Info Page got updated to 0.67.

MAME 0.67 K6 optimized, courtesy of Shonk.

MAME ROM Information & more also got updated. It's a nice site, pay it a visit.

Jay has put in his DOSMAME page optimized builds for K6, Athlon, P4, i686 and i386 of DOSMAME 0.67.

Fandemame released History.dat 0.67, with more descriptions, translations, ports, trivia, corrections and everything else. Nice.

Wednesday 9 April

Posted by pi at at 9:18PM [BST]
Reports at R. Belmont's WIP Emporium. He has added a lot of Irem games to M1, also NARC and it seems he'll have a look at Golfing Greats 2 as soon as it's dumped. Keeping with devs, Haze's MAME Page has also some new stuff about System32. There are snaps from Super Visual Football and he mentions progresses by Jason Lo.

Pacman is Number One!
Posted by pi at at 9:17PM [BST]
M.A.S.H. has released MameInfo.dat 4.71, with the first 0.67 bugs, things things and things, and updated video hardware notes.

Decryption unleashed
Posted by pi at at 12:12PM [BST]
Razoola has announced that he's releasing all the CPS2 encryption data he has collected over the years of work with this system, and specially the last months, which he has compiled in one package available at CPS2Shock. Only useful for techies, don't think it will be an interesting read - it contains data and a small readme...

No good deed goes unpunished?
Posted by pi at at 12:10PM [BST]
It seems that there is a security flaw in the SETI@Home clients, if you use these, redownload. Thanks to Jay for the news.

Tuesday 8 April

New generation?
Posted by pi at at 5:24PM [BST]
Time for more Guru's ROM Dumping News. Smitdogg's boards have been released after the ramson, and guess what they are: a CPS-3 game for furious and risky investigation & research, and KOF95 for a redump.

It's back
Posted by pi at at 5:24PM [BST]
Las Vegas has made his first update as the new webmaster of the famous PC2JAMMA site. He also left there ArcadeOS 2.5, and some words about what can we expect to see in this site in the future.

Hardcore classics
Posted by pi at at 5:23PM [BST]
Today was the grand opening of Gregf's Hangout. For now it has flyers for two very classic games: Shooting Trainer and Sky Hawk, but I've heard it will contain much more goodies very soon.

Four oh four
Posted by pi at at 5:23PM [BST]
More MAME related updates have been detected:
  • In GeoShock you'll find FastMAME 0.67.2, this optimized build. For a change, it has a couple different things from the official one: the konamigx/listinfo fix.
  • GBMan released EsMAME/EsMAME32 0.67.0. This spanish build also supports many unofficial/homebrew games plus preliminar support for Area 51/Maximum Force Duo.
  • Crashtest has made the update for MAME 0.67 screenshots. Get'em.
  • In the official MAME site you'll find DOSMAME 0.67 with sources. This time it didn't take long...

Monday 7 April

The new magic word
Posted by pi at at 9:28PM [BST]
Roman just released five minutes ago ClrMamePro 2.88.5. It has a couple minor things, lil new features but still worthy, and also a global speedup, maybe from a new dynarec core %-)

Quick one
Posted by pi at at 8:19PM [BST]
Logiqx has released a bunch of datfiles with Rosewood's help: for latest MAME and Nebula. That includes many of the MAME32 related resources. He has also released new versions of his great tools: DatUtil v1.22 and MAMEDiff v1.16.

More good news
Posted by pi at at 8:18PM [BST]
After the recent release of Duke Nukem 3D's sources (a great old FPS), now there's the Win32 port. Oldies never die, sooner or later they get a remake or port :) Thanks to The Informer for the news and to RoushiMSX for the right link.

Missing in action
Posted by pi at at 7:54PM [BST]
There have been two updates at The Arcade Flyers Archive, one yesterday and another one today. One deals with the upgraded quality scans, 100 enhanced ones. The other deals with some new ones sent by Dan, who seemed to got a bulk load of them. Also you can find a request, which apparently hasn't been fulfilled yet. They need one flyer which was accidentally overwritten, so if you saved it, contact them.

The first wave
Posted by pi at at 7:50PM [BST]
These are the first MAME updates I've seen today:

Here comes another one
Posted by pi at at 7:50PM [BST]
Bruno (maker of the classic Phoenix Emulator for Linux) is working in an arcade emulator done in Java called Old Spark. It is specialized in Z80 hardware, and some games are working already, but no release for now. Let's hope it evolves nicely. A beta preview is available for downloading.

Teh Report
Posted by pi at at 2:05PM [BST]
So I have to start somewhere, or I'll drown in late news... Here they are, in random order:

First of all, there were lots of MAME WIP reports. Most of them are already archived, so visit April's archive to see them.

Other places where you could see more MAME work in progress were Tourniquet's MAME News, with some discussion about a revamp in the graphics core (and he had some nice revamp in the site colors too). R. Belmont's WIP Emporium had also some things I could see, but the latest update includes a Sexy Parodius gaming tip and Haze's work with Salamander 2's backgrounds. Talking about him, there are still some pics at Haze's MAME Page with his latest work in Outrunners. So he got hang of System32 again, spooky :)

Somehow this link appeared in my notes, it's a Marble Madness remake called Marble Insanity. It looks really really good, I hope it's released soon. Thanks to whoever posted or mentioned it!

David wrote me about Game Cabinets Inc., a company specialized in cabinets and arcade controls. Usually I don't mention these, but what the hell. Looking good. I accept donations to test some of their products ;)

Not arcade related, but I saw DOSBox 0.58, a pretty stable release. Friggin' good for your retrogaming needs too... I'll play some oldies.

I saw this post by Kevin Steele about an Universal Vertical Game Bezel, it looks interesting. Get it at Kevin's site.

ElSemi released Nebula Model 2 0.8. Apparently tehre are no new games, but some fixes, working frame limiter, and tilemap features.

And Eldio hasn't finished the new EMAM but he already left there the marquees for you.

Alexis released History.dat 0.66A, as he says a big release with descriptions for fighting games, a new ports section (nice!), more japanese games dejapped, and well, lots of new information. M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo.dat 4.64 was out too, I guess these guys will update for 0.67 very soon.

To fight the enemy, you gotta know it, so Debunking DMCA should help you in this task. Remember that IDSA is something different, so this only covers *one* of the multiple enemies. Again I don't remember how this link landed in my notes...

Guru has put a new Namco System 10/11/12 dump status page, in the line of the Model 2 page. Full of info, some dissapoinments and some surprises.And now I'm going to check if I can make work any of those new games in the latest MAME. I guess tonight and tomorrow there will be lots of updates regarding it, so come back, k?

Teh Return
Posted by pi at at 1:16PM [BST]
Yes, in the fifth shop I found a nice girl with beautiful smile and she gave me the new CPU fan. I hope I plugged it right and it reaches the needed RPM's and all that. So I'm back for good, and it seems not so late, since yesterday MAME 0.67 was released. Ok, give me a couple of mins and I'll catch up with all the news... Tho it seems no one missed me :-p

Sunday 6 April

Remember me?!?
Posted by Logiqx at at 10:55PM [BST]
Pi asked me to mention the MAME release if it happened while he was out of action. MAME v0.67 was released earlier today, including RB's eagerly awaited Konami GX driver. Most of the new drivers this month were brought to you by RB, Stroff, Galibert, Haze and Bryan. Head straight on over to the official MAME page for more info and the downloads.

Friday 4 April

Experiencing technical problems
Posted by pi at at 1:01PM [GMT]
Excuses, but my CPU fan has died definitely, this piece of junk locks up each 2 minutes (and booting Win2k takes 4), so I'm not posting here until I can buy a replacement. Hopefully soon.

Tuesday 1 April

Ok time for those muscles...
Posted by pi at at 9:05PM [GMT]
Oh well, a last one for today ;) Nathan Strum does even another review at The Games that Time Forgot. This time he reviews the unreleased third installment of the Defender series. Included it's a trustable KLOV link :)

Time for more bikes
Posted by pi at at 9:00PM [GMT]
Woah! It seems that if you visit Dox's WIP Page you get a nice screenshot of Kick Start Wheelie King, which seems to be almost finished... He has also made progress with Joshi Volleyball, but well KS Wheelie King is my choice today ;) Oh and there's some early work on the Whizz driver. Thanks to Jonas Persson and CNG.

I'm hungry
Posted by pi at at 9:00PM [GMT]
You can visit now The Church of Burguer Time in its own domain. Pontifex Maximus blessed me with these great news. All hail the burguer!

Yeah, as if
Posted by pi at at 12:09PM [GMT]
Here we have DAPHNE v0.99.6pre4 (March 31st), under a big sign which says "test these now, report bugs on forum". There are two builds of this prerelease version, for Windows 2000/XP (why not NT?) and GNU/Linux x86 platforms. On a note, it says this last build works in X-Box Linux too :) heh.

Semi-serious report
Posted by pi at at 12:01PM [GMT]
Yesterday there was some MAME WIP, with Maya (sent by Luca Elia) and all those MW/GX improvements we saw lately with snaps from Metamorphic Force, Violent Storm and Twinbee Yahhoo. All that is archived in the March WIP report. So head there to read the details and other things done by the mamedevs. Because today you can see a different WIP, go there and judge by yourself... ;)

Not April's Fool material
Posted by pi at at 12:00PM [GMT]
Now this is something cool to look at. It's a modification for the X-Arcade control unit, which adds working coin boxes to it. No more pushing a button, you actually insert the coin! Can I request the donation of one X-Arcade unit to test this thing? :)