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Monday 31 March

Seeing double?
Posted by pi at at 8:33PM [GMT]
There has been an update at Bobby Tribble's unMAMEd arcade games. Well no, let me count, there have been two! One yesterday and another today. There is a lot of cleaning as usual, but also loads of additions. Check it all, please.

DOS Included
Posted by pi at at 8:33PM [GMT]
Jerry, besides taking a minute to unneedly clear my doubts about his names and nicks ;) has released TuracoCL 0.6, the rom hacking tool. He is also distributing now DOS builds so it will be easier to run for more users.

Maybe it's a matter of tastes
Posted by pi at at 8:31PM [GMT]
If you want to see two different styles, see the front page for Capcom Fighting All Stars and the front page for SNK vs Capcom - Chaos. Personally I think the first round was won by Capcom. It's too soon to talk about gameplay but I think Playmore will have it really hard to beat the creators of Morrigan :) Thanks to Smitdogg and Razoola for the links.

The Frankenstein experiment worked
Posted by pi at at 8:31PM [GMT]
Brad furiously bugfixed the apple-friendly MAME version and released MacMAME 0.66.2. In the downloads section you will find a detailed changelog. It seems this port is more than alive now!

Happy birthday silver ball
Posted by pi at at 8:30PM [GMT]
Steve has kindly written me about the release of PinMAME, PinMAME32 and Visual PinMAME 1.21. These releases mark the second anniversary of this pinball emulation/simulation project. Congratulations to everyone involved in it.

Sunday 30 March

Development at its finest
Posted by pi at at 8:04PM [GMT]
Twice in a day, new stuff at R. Belmont's WIP Emporium. There are a couple of shots from Metamorphic Force, because Acho added correct support for shadows and highlights in Mystic Warriors/GX hardware.

Update: I totally missed the Violent Storm ones... Next time I'll maximize the browser :)

There's also an update at Haze's MAME Page, but he's not involved in much lately. Still he has helped people with various things (i.e. the previous RB update), so he's not exactly at leisure.

For once, I'll do it too
Posted by pi at at 2:56PM [GMT]
New things at R. Belmont's WIP Emporium. Between Haze and Acho, we have now Twinbee Yahoo. The page is full of nice pics of this game, looking perfect. And he added Sega Touring car and some other stuff to M1. Time for a release, dude...

Oh and a personal request for anyone who reads this. Please fix the Twinbee driver in MAME! :)

MPD is common lately
Posted by pi at at 2:54PM [GMT]
Jerry, or Scott, or Lawrence, or someone who has a real mess with his name, wrote me to tell me that he has set up a
Yahoo Group for Turaco, where you can talk about hacks, graphic banks and such things related to graphic rom hacks. Actually I saw it yesterday, but as usual I forgot :-p He also mentions he's working on improving and fixing various aspects of TuracoCL, so stay tuned.

More pleas
Posted by pi at at 2:54PM [GMT]
There's an announcement at Guru's Page. Apparently he has received some requests from different developers about information and complete dumps of CPS3 hardware, just to *start* looking at it (with no promises of quick job). But for that, Guru needs to have access to a real board and game carts, so if you are interested in helping in CPS3 emulatuion, and can donate or send one of these things, contact him.

Saturday 29 March

System 12 = own't
Posted by pi at at 6:45PM [GMT]
Namco System 12 has been emulated by ZiNc, and Guru's News has some pics of Tekken Tag Tournament to prove it. I wonder when will be the next release of ZiNc. Until then, yet another family of PCB's are awaiting for donations towards purchasing and preservation, isn't life beautiful?

Another hit
Posted by pi at at 6:45PM [GMT]
There have been two updates of MAME WIP. Today's one marks another big milestone in the MAME history. Aaron Giles (bow) added dynamic recompilation to the MIPS III/IV cpu cores. Yeah other emus had it first, but it's first time for MAME :) The other update includes Dead Angle submitted by Bryan McPhail, but it has been moved already into the March WIP archive. There are other things to read, so pay a visit there.

For the curious minds about what is dynamic recompilation, I've left a brief but I think correct explanation in the Loony Bin, and Gridle advanced what the real speed improvements are in the MAME General Board.

The librarian
Posted by pi at at 6:44PM [GMT]
M.A.S.H. is still doing a great job maintaining this big information pack, and he released MameInfo.dat 4.63 which is a diff-update. It has the latest bugs and newest WIP up to yesterday, and he also added further information and oddities in the driver section (highly educational) regarding source issues.

Friday 28 March

The unexpected
Posted by pi at at 9:56PM [GMT]
There's an interesting update at Charles MacDonald's Home Page. He discovered that there is one game running a bit more than expected in his System 24 emulator. Check the screenshots of this mahjong game and the details about the whole deal. He also updated his tech notes of this system with the newly discovered information.

Only three for now
Posted by pi at at 9:54PM [GMT]
Leniad has released DSP 0.0.5. Besides the speccy bits, it has improved Pacman and BombJack driver. You can check the screenshots in the proper section of his site.

Strange achievement
Posted by pi at at 5:49PM [GMT]
Phil Stroffolino aka Stroff, mame developer and everything else, has made a Punch Out emulator for the Gameboy Advance. It was released for the GBAX competition, and it's available at the bottom of the GBAX 2003 results page. Apparently the emulator has no sound, no upper screen and whatnot, but it's something to look at. Thanks to Anton Belenki for this bit.

The nightmare hasn't finished
Posted by pi at at 5:49PM [GMT]
More MAME WIP was made available yesterday after I went to bed... And when I wake up, what do I see? Puckman Pockimon! Please note the hypermuscled Puckman (not Pacman!) in the fourth pic... So what else? Tattoo Assassins has been polished to the point that it's perfect now (great achievement for a proto, right). There are improvements in the Namco Classic Collection emulation, but it's still not playable. I really hope this one gets working soon! There are also snaps from Rotary Fighter and Shougi part one and two, plus the usual load of fixes in various other drivers.

Thursday 27 March

It isn't going to be good news all times
Posted by pi at at 10:02PM [GMT]
There are rather bad news from Guru's Place, regarding that HD647180 Microcontroller (Hitachi is the culprit for doing quality stuff). Apparently it's read protected, check the details there to learn about this, Guru makes some clarifications. This means no sound in many Toaplan games which still don't have.

Wednesday 26 March

Decent update (or so he says)
Posted by pi at at 9:54PM [GMT]
WTC made a quite big update at Emulation Status. There are more prototypes to satisfy our curiosity, and lots of new and updated games.

Healing Vision
Posted by pi at at 3:37PM [GMT]
Healing Vision. Made my day.

Clearing doubts
Posted by pi at at 1:16PM [GMT]
After yesterday's news about the adapter for the HD647180 microcontroller, I've saw two threads and received one email from Iron Man with some aclarations. Apparently some Toaplan games use it. There is a thread in the Loony Bin and another one in MAME General boards.

Posted by pi at at 1:16PM [GMT]
Someone is going to return. Warning: the link contains language not appropiated for puritans or young kids.

Posted by pi at at 1:15PM [GMT]
If you want to experiment a bit, visit Haze's MAME Page, where he left a rather large update (compared to what I was getting used to lately). He left there an alternate NeoGeo driver which removes all the hacks and patches from current bios, and allows usage of real region bios sets, instead of hacking the region. I hope this makes it's way to the official MAME.

Tuesday 25 March

After his triumphal tour...
Posted by pi at at 9:52PM [GMT]
After announcing that he finished his thesis, Roman had time to release ClrMamePro 2.88.4, first release in quite a long time. Don't expect much from a dot-dot release, but it still has a handful of fixes and miscellaneous improvements. Users please check the update button, kthx.

Excuses for my ignorance
Posted by pi at at 9:51PM [GMT]
Following the last fashion, there is a short update at Guru's ROM Dumping News. Apparently he did a small PCB for reading the HD647180 chip. Dox and Jarek helped him, so credit goes there at high speeds. Now what was this needed for? That gigantic Namco wrestling game maybe?

Well, it will come
Posted by pi at at 9:51PM [GMT]
There's a little update at Haze's MAME Page. He says that Barry Rodewald sent him a new driver for Rotary Fighter where the game is playable. There are no snaps, explanations or downloads. But I guess we'll see it in next WIP or release, right?

Director's cut and extra contents
Posted by pi at at 9:50PM [GMT]
Grand Master Peter has made an alternative version of his flovie Mame Ninjas, with chinese soundtrack (but ninjas are japanese, right? He also made a short flovie with the Ninja Dance. All details in this post by him. Quality fun.

Monday 24 March

Director's cut
Posted by pi at at 9:07PM [GMT]
Grand Master Peter has made another flovie, called MAME Ninjas. As usual, appealing soundtrack with great animations made with arcade sprite rips, but this time I like specially the plot, and the message this flovie gives. You can also check other flovies by him, always nice.

Just an idea
Posted by pi at at 9:07PM [GMT]
Time to visit again R. Belmont's WIP Emporium, where he added to M1 the racing games WEC Le Mans 24 and Chequered Flag, both by Konami. Since M1 is a sound emulator, there are no snaps, so there's nothing else to check there actually. Maybe next time he could hang there a couple little samples %-)

Nth contact
Posted by pi at at 9:07PM [GMT]
Here it comes DAPHNE v0.99.6pre2 (March 24th) for GNU/Linux (x86), which is a pre-release build for next version. Linux only, sorry. Well the last one was for Windows. I don't have idea of what's new, check yourself please.

More astonishing each time
Posted by pi at at 1:53PM [GMT]
Another MAME WIP report which makes jaws drop, drool flood and eyes pop out. Brian McPhail revamped the Deco32 driver, and as a result, Tatoo Assasins works perfect, Dragon Gun almost perfect and Locked'n Loaded is almost playable. But this is not the only remarkable thing here. You can also see some more shots of Kyukyoku Sentai Dadandarn, the newly added J-League Soccer V-Shoot, Steel Gunner *working*, playable Mach Breaker, Nitro Ball, Guardians and Birdie King 3, plus the usual load of enhancements and fixes here and there. Including the crashes in Puyo Puyo 2 and the inputs in Operation Wolf 3. Awesome!

Sunday 23 March

Developers Alliance
Posted by pi at at 9:10PM [GMT]
Guess what, Arbee's WIP has been updated with Dadandarn pictures. Certainly one of the characters looks very weird. RB got help from other devs for getting this one working, and it seems the driver is quite finished.

Another mamedev who updated his page was Aaron Giles, but it's nothing emulation related, so don't die from a heart attack. Yet.

Saturday 22 March

Posted by pi at at 10:40PM [GMT]
Tinker updated his Misfit MAME page, unfortunately not with a new release. Just some news of what's going on and the plans for the near future, including IPS patch support. The Hack Alliance will surely give him some more work.

Latest update
Posted by pi at at 10:40PM [GMT]
Logiqx updated his site with the datfiles for latest Nebula Model 2 emu. Note that yesterday the downloads seemed to not work for a while, but they worked shortly after, so go and get it.

Bermuda Triangle is not only a game
Posted by pi at at 10:39PM [GMT]
The Dragons Lair Project homepage has been h4x0r3d. Thanks Smit for the info. Mr. Do's page has also dissapeared. Strange day, or poltergeist, or bad karma...

Keen Commander
Posted by pi at at 10:39PM [GMT]
Already a bugfix version coming your way, Mac users. MacMAME 0.66.1 fixes quite some serious problems, and adds CHD support (slightly different than in the official version). Well yes the updates are being more often :)

Yes, 22.5 miles per hour
Posted by pi at at 10:38PM [GMT]
Scott has released Mach3 0.03, a new version of his almost finished Mach3 MAME driver. Actually it has little changes, but the page has been changed a lot and there are detailed instructions on how to make it compile with your xmame.

Friday 21 March

One dot zero is closer
Posted by pi at at 7:00PM [GMT]
ElSemi released Nebula Model 2 0.7, with some fixes for games, and the recently seen Top Skater. It also includes as an option to enable the ATI fix. Note that Top Skater needs a redump.

Advancing thru the mist
Posted by pi at at 7:00PM [GMT]
Leniad updated his spectrum-and-more emulator DSP 0.0.4, adding almost perfect support for Pacman. It also added full screen and spanish documentation in recent versions.

The sad side
Posted by pi at at 6:59PM [GMT]
Yot, one of the main contributors of the ScummVM project, passed away at the age of 19. Details and a link to a guestbook for leaving a message to his family is in the ScummVM page.

On another sad note, Emumania, a spanish emulation portal with almost sixteen million visitors, is closing its doors. So bye to Kaervek, and good luck for whatever he does now, almost five years in the edge deserve some resting from emulation.

Spring MAME
Posted by pi at at 4:26PM [GMT]
SMF uploaded and Gridle posted DMAME 0.66, the MAME for DOS (source included, of course). People were starting to get crazy about that. URebelScum also posted his DOS version of MAME: Analog+ 0.66.1.

The Plus! Team has released MAME/MAME32 Plus! 0.66.2. This version contains a load of fixes, and even adds savestates to the NeoGeo driver. Isn't that cool?

And finally a port which has been a long time without updates, actually since July past year IIRC. But now here we have MacMAME 0.66, for the bitten apple users. They also announce that 0.67 will be only MacOS X compatible, and support for MacOS 9 will be abandoned (unless someone tries to keep it...)

Thursday 20 March

Top emulation
Posted by pi at at 9:45PM [GMT]
ElSemi is still improving his Model 2 emulator, and again Emulatronia has some pics of Top Skater. They also have some more shots of Knights of Valour 2, so get there to watch them.

Two days late...
Posted by pi at at 9:44PM [GMT]
Before I forget again, past tuesday I saw M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo.dat 4.62, which includes the usual things. But I kept and kept and kept forgetting... Sorry man, my excuses.

Too big cart?
Posted by pi at at 9:43PM [GMT]
Naomi visited Guru's ROM Dumping News, he got six carts for Icarus, including Capcom vs SNK, but he's still missing the mainboard which apparently it's needed. Also it seems that there will be a challenge dumping the Namco wrestling game, read the details there. For other kind of boards, MameWorld is still going with the donation. One grand has been sent already, but you still need to apply with ten bucks (or more, always welcome!)

Wednesday 19 March

New generation
Posted by pi at at 9:10PM [GMT]
Jerry released yesterday Turaco CL 0.4. This is a command-line replacement for Turaco. Basically it transforms a graphic rom into an editable image and way back to a rom, using Turaco drivers. This release is somewhat initial, but it seems it will be much more powerful as features and functionality is implemented. Good for a start. Thanks to Chris for the link.

Accidents happen
Posted by pi at at 9:10PM [GMT]
Yesterday I saw Mr J's unofficial cheat.dat 0.66 was just updated. It was pure chance as I was looking the link for someone needing it at the EmuAdvice board. This dat is made by various pieces joined together, so you have a recent cheat archive valid for current MAME.

Posted by pi at at 9:09PM [GMT]
Go and visit Haze's MAME & Quickly Written Reviews Page. He added a new review for Vasara 2. I like his style doing the reviews, but please, someone dump something he can emulate!

Tuesday 18 March

The golden rule
Posted by pi at at 10:32PM [GMT]
Lawrence packaged and released xmame 0.66.1, as patch from 0.65.1 and also as full source release. Changelog is juicy as usual, for *nix users. I'm still trapped in Windows, sorry.

Speech from the Ur-Quan master
Posted by pi at at 10:32PM [GMT]
Mr. Goodwraith gave us an insight of what has happened with the last actions of the Dumping Project. Interesting read, nice news and well, one is not so nice. It can't be perfect all the time!

It's not as easy as it seems
Posted by pi at at 10:31PM [GMT]
Maybe you wonder why I keep calling this thing-I-use-to-check-sites-for-changes as check&neverget. It's because it simply stops checking a page without reason. Fortunately, there are people in the boards who constantly keep reminding me about news I unintentionally overlook. Examples and catch up:

Four days ago there was an update at System 16 - The Arcade Museum. Sixtoe did a heavy spring cleaning, and enhanced several aspects of the site besides the usual load of new/corrected information. No wonder why this is one of the best reference sites!

Ten days ago Scott made available an alpha release of his MACH 3 WIP Driver. It is for xmame, so if you want to try all this new video stuff, it's your opportunity. Yesterday it was updated to match the final video. Apparently this last video is in the Laserdisc MPEG dat at the ClrMamePro page.

I've been two months without looking at the Saturn and Dreamcast related emulation progresses. I'd suggest you to check the Icarus homepage for some constant and impressive developing. Last news are that they can run the whole Shenmue intro almost perfect! OK still so far from preserving Naomi, but it's a step ahead.

Monday 17 March

And it came to stay
Posted by pi at at 9:36PM [GMT]
Pierre has released Mamory 0.2.0, which features different split modes, fixes some gazillions memory leaks, and more things with an insight of the future. Apparently there will be somewhere in the future a frontend for this, I guess graphical.

How much more advanced can it get?
Posted by pi at at 9:29PM [GMT]
Andrea has released AdvanceMAME 0.66.0. Changes in this release include some fixes and different behaviour for the scanline modes. And as usual, all from last 0.66, did you think he'd forget or what?

Posted by pi at at 9:28PM [GMT]
After Grand Master Peter placed a hacks page in his place, Twisty decided to also open a hacks page in his SmoothMame page. Both of them have made nice hacks, Twisty has some more experience and some killer hacks in his bag. Worth a try, specially that last Tongy Paccy from Peter. Noteworthy is the addition to Peter's TWC shrine to some silly thing I said about TWC a couple weeks ago. I think this shows the lack of humour sense he has :)

Moving from there to there
Posted by pi at at 9:28PM [GMT]
John IV has announced that he's removing the arcade flyers packs from the MAME 32QA site. Don't panic, they are moved over to their natural home at The Arcade Flyers Archive. They might be grateful if you can offer them some more space and bandwidth.

Tonight's shorties
Posted by pi at at 9:27PM [GMT]
Another addition at Cinemarcade's review section: The Games that Time Forgot. Orbitron is dissected by Nathan Strum.

See the new style Alexis got for his History.dat home! Reminds me of AM-3P.

You can watch a screenshot of Knights of Valour 2 being emulated by ElSemi at Billy Jr. Page. However the game is heavily protected by a custom CPU and doesn't run much more than what you see, apparently.

Admire the famous ROZ Layer. At RB's WIP too. Someone explain me anyway, please.

Sunday 16 March

It's for a good cause
Posted by pi at at 11:48AM [GMT]
Roclobsta has set up a donation system at MameWorld, Paypal based, so you can give some bucks towards purchasing more PCB's in the now famous ShopRaids, as Roc explains. The idea is that if everyone puts a lil bit, there will be lots of new PCB's. I think it's a good idea, so go there and use your plastic friend.

Trying to be up to date
Posted by pi at at 11:48AM [GMT]
Fandemame released History.dat 0.66 with lots of new info for many games, and new description for games. This version has the description for all mahjong games, and he's looking for help in this area.

Triggerfin updated his site Catlist with all the category files for all those frontends.

URebelScum has released Mame: Analog+ 0.66.1. It has an experimental method for using two lightguns at the same time. Feel free to try it and help him perfecting it.

If you visit R. Belmont's WIP Emporium, he has some news about M1, and quite some shots from Gokujou Parodius and Dragoon Might, among others, with varying grade of success.

There has been activity at Haze's MAME Page too, but not very "WIP", rather "reviewing" activity. Boggy 84 is the victimtarget.

MameTesters has moved from host, finally. This was something Smitdogg wanted to do since a while, so congrats to him.

Saturday 15 March

Excuses, but Mr. Patrick awaits me
Posted by pi at at 7:57PM [GMT]
I'm in a hurry, no news right now. I will return after midnight I guess, I will post then/tomorrow.

Friday 14 March

Wish granted
Posted by pi at at 10:54PM [GMT]
Guess what, I didn't have to wait for tomorrow for some news, cause Gridle posted some MAME WIP for the last three days. I think the remarkable game is Operation Wolf 3, redumped by the Belgium Dump team after years of being hoarded. There are also shots from BUT's driver of Chack'n Pop, and some more Konami GX games, and Cannon Ball which is a 1985 breakout. More stuff and details there.

Discretion is guaranteed
Posted by pi at at 9:54PM [GMT]
I can't find much to post about today, but I can point you to a very interesting post by Derrick Renaud about discrete component and sound simulation. A worth reading for all of you interested in the innards of MAME. Let's hope the weekend brings more things to hype about, like a new release of notepad...

Thursday 13 March

Matsuri Japan
Posted by pi at at 9:49PM [GMT]
Gerard has added more stuff to The Arcade Flyers Archive. Actually there was another update two days ago, but I guess it passed unnoticed due to the recent MAME flooding. He also asks for help for translating two of the games. Remarks: lots of upcoming and recent games, and Mystic Warriors.

Wipified, sorta
Posted by pi at at 9:48PM [GMT]
Grand opening of R. Belmont's WIP Emporium. The design is quite familiar, let's not say he copied it, it was just... inspired :) And to open it with good things, you can see WIP of Violent Storm and Metamorphic Force, which are looking very good. Strange he didn't add a link to his praised System 16, but I am sure he will do in no time.

1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 4
Posted by pi at at 9:47PM [GMT]
MAME 0.66 for BeOS is available at

Charles MacDonald has updated his Sega System 24 documentation with the discoveries he made when fiddling with his emulator not too long ago.

Logiqx added CrashTest's screenshots datafiles to his site, and heavily updated CAESAR. Someone shot the snaps guy, please.

Apparently there's a planned Pacman movie, thanks to Chris for the link.

Wednesday 12 March

Today only one post
Posted by pi at at 9:43PM [GMT]
In the MAME Plus! page you will find the i686 build of 0.66.1 (which was released yesterday), updated command.dat in english, and an ini file to sort games by hardware type, created by CrashTest.

Pierre has posted some Mamory WIP news. This cross-platform rom manager/library is starting to look very good.

M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo.dat 4.61 is here. It's a diff-only update. It contains the first 0.66 bugs, newest WIP, lots more information and updated Video Hardware Notes.

I'm glad to see that PeterD has returned safely from other galaxies. He has even wrote a review of his X-Arcade unit, as usual making me jealous. EmuHQ without him was starting to be a bit boring.

Grand Master Pete has made two hacks of the classic Ladybug: Wavybug and Lazybug. They look good and seem to be harder than the original. I'm sure they will be borg-ed by the next MisfitMAME.

If you want to know latest news and WIP for the M1 arcade sound emulator, head to M1 message board, where R. Belmont has posted some news about the next version, which will be released in three or four weeks. Thanks to Logiqx for the link and info.

Logiqx has updated CAESAR to contain the latest Model 2 and System 24 information. May I ask for someone to send us some zillion Model 2 screenshots? Thanks.

Tuesday 11 March

So many things in such a small space
Posted by pi at at 10:40PM [GMT]
Razoola has released his Universe BIOS 1.1. This is a modified and heavily enhanced Neo-Geo BIOS for MVS systems. The amount of additions and changes in this second version is just too big to list, so if you're interested in this stuff, check it.

M & M
Posted by pi at at 9:21PM [GMT]
  • Gyrovision has done a new Circus Clowns sampleset with a new bounce wave. Try it. As usual it's also available at Twisty's MAME Samples Collection, where he gives more info about the Seawolf samplesets worth reading.
  • Katharsis has compiled once again FastMame 0.66. This is an optimized build with no other changes, available at GeoShock.
  • Twisty's SmoothMAME 0.66 has been updated as well.
  • Happy birthday to Alexis.
  • Haze has written some nice reviews of games recently added to MAME. Nice read.
  • Due to excessive writing from yours truly, CAESAR's news database has exceeded today all known size limits. Fixed. Tonight Logiqx should upload all the updates needed so CAESAR is up to date with 0.66 too.
Update: House cleaning at Bobby Tribble's unMAMEd arcade games. Thanks to GregF for the info.

There's an explanation
Posted by pi at at 6:04PM [GMT]
Another MAME WIP, and the explanation of why there is a WIP update today ;) Oh yes Gaiapolis, and Sexy Parodius. RB rocks. There are other nice things and fixes, and some WIP from before the last release.

And you can get some cheap, too
Posted by pi at at 6:03PM [GMT]
Dan made another update at The Arcade Flyers Archive. As he says, the star in this update is the Cosmic Monsters II flyer, but there are a handful more for Watergate Caper and other '90 flyers.

Chack'n... not that joke, please
Posted by pi at at 6:03PM [GMT]
On the release mayhem we can also find MAME/MAME32 Plus! 0.66.1. As usual, it has some fixes not yet in the official version, and BUT added a driver for Chack'n Pop, based on the RAINE driver. It doesn't work too good yet, but it's a start. There are other nice addictions but I'd like to mention support for zipped INP's.

A future guest
Posted by pi at at 6:02PM [GMT]
Iron Man wrote me to tell me that yesterday he saw CrashTest's Screenshots for MAME 0.66. He posted a dat file along them, and I've heard that sometime before 2006 that dat will be added to your favorite datfile source.

Quick fix
Posted by pi at at 5:58PM [GMT]
There were some probs with latest version, so here we have MAME32 0.66.1. It fixes crashing in NT based systems if the new version was used and the old registry information was present. So basically, any NT/2k/XP user upgrading from a previous version...

Monday 10 March

Another quick guy
Posted by pi at at 9:42PM [GMT]
M.A.S.H. has released MameInfo.dat 4.60, with the preliminary stuff for MAME 0.66 already updated. He says "more stuff the next days", but well I wonder if he will ever get the file fully updated if MAME gets released as often as now. Which I'd like, certainly.

Beating their own record
Posted by pi at at 9:05PM [GMT]
Breaking the tradition of late updates, Logiqx has uploaded to his site lots of dats for MAME 0.66 and related resources, as well as updated supplements for Final Burn, FBA, M1, Nebula and Kawaks. Logiqx warns about more updates coming from him and the rest of the team very soon, so stay tuned.

Update: Yep there they are. System dats updated and two more dats for Artwork and Samples resources.

Risky business
Posted by pi at at 8:55PM [GMT]
If you can contribute with some fixes, you could grab Haze's WIP Code. The idea is sharing his WIP drivers expecting some bugfix for them. The idea is good IMHO, let's see if he gets some good feedback. This way the drivers could be submitted in a better, more complete way. Read carefully that page, he requests that this WIP code is not redistributed.

Spies like us
Posted by pi at at 10:32AM [GMT]
The MAME32QA team has released MAME32 0.66. You can check the details in the changelog, but I can tell you the new MAME32 has a completely INI based system. The registry is not used anymore, and in the build you can migrate your current registry values to INI files. Great! Thanks to SecretAgentMan for the early news.

The unexpected
Posted by pi at at 12:34AM [GMT]
Oh it seems Nicola found us guilty of wanting a release, so here we have MAME 0.66 Codename "FR-34". I wonder who chooses the name, Gridle? Well, check yourself the changelog for some nice surprises. Lots of fixes, better Namco NA sound and stuff, high priority option (neat for low systems like mine!), and new games like Gigas and many others we will surely enjoy ;)

Well this release caught me just going to sleep, so good night to everyone *yawn*

Sunday 9 March

Frankensamples and other stuff
Posted by pi at at 10:21PM [GMT]
Twisty has assembled some samples for Circus and Seawolf, which apparently will have sample support in next MAME release. He made them from Carnival, Eliminator 2, Depth Charge and Star Castle samplesets, so they are not original samples, but a workaround until the samples can be recorded from the original machines. Certainly they will do! Get them at Twisty's MAME Samples Collection.

That's all for today. Rumours say about an eventual release very soon, and they're getting to be more than rumours. I bet Nicola will notice all these rumours and not release just to bother us.

Saturday 8 March

Not RIP yet
Posted by pi at at 11:57PM [GMT]
Oooohhhh new MAME WIP update! Nice pics of new games like Prebillian, Hot Smash, Champion Boxing and Champion Pro Wrestling (mentioned earlier), Fantasy Land, Ultra Toukon Densetsu and Mad Shark added by Luca Elia, Rapid Hero and Dragon Master by Haze (also mentioned earlier), some pr0n Go and Taipei games, old Invaders versions and so on up to two weeks of development and fixes. Thanks to Taucher for the last minute news.

Update: After some more reading, I noticed this line: 2003-03-01: Keith Wilkins and Derrick Renaud submitted a large update to the discrete sound system, adding discrete sound to Canyon Bomber, Polaris, Sprint, Sprint 2, Ultra Tank and samples to Circus, Clowns and Sea Wolf. :)

Not what I expected (?)
Posted by pi at at 7:52PM [GMT]
Mike Haggar has released his Cheat Archive 0.2.94c. Again, it includes cheats for CPS1, CPS2, Cave, Taito & Toaplan2 games for FBA, and he provides also these cheats (where available) for MAME, Kawaks and Nebula. He has added more cheats for many Street Fighter variants including MSH, it seems he hasn't got yet to the 1944 cheats. He has also changed the MAME archive to the most recent format.

I emulated Jupiter hardware
Posted by pi at at 7:09PM [GMT]
Another update from Aaron Giles. The most interesting part is some realistic benchmarking from the Seattle hardware driver, after it has been more optimized. It's also curious the coincidence of Aaron moving there, but I bet many people wanted him to move to Denver or sth?

WIPs from anywhere
Posted by pi at at 7:09PM [GMT]
Dox announces more improvements in several MAME drivers he's working on. If you visit his MAME WIP page, you can see snaps (below, in the WIP section) from VS Hot Smash, Prebillian, Champion Boxing and Champion Pro Wrestling. Apparently the last two are almost finished.

Another emu I almost missed
Posted by pi at at 7:08PM [GMT]
I ignored this emu cause I thought it was just ASE (another speccy emulator), but not at all. DSP 0.0.1 is a new emulator and besides lots of Spectrum flavours, it also emulates Phoenix and, to some extent, Bombjack. It's developed in Delphi 6, and open source. Thanks to Chris for posting the complete news.

Friday 7 March

Still on time
Posted by pi at at 10:15PM [GMT]
I was already going to miss M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo.dat 4.53. It is a diff update, with latest bugs and newest wip, more arcade systems in Hardware.txt and Nebula infos.

Guess which card he doesn't have
Posted by pi at at 10:09PM [GMT]
If you have an ATI card and are experiencing problems with last Nebula Model 2, pay a visit to Nebula Homepage, where ElSemi left a workaround which fixes those problems, at the cost of some missing polys. Well, better than having this Voodoo whoo can't doo much...

C achieved
Posted by pi at at 10:08PM [GMT]
More stuff coming at light speeds from Haze's MAME Page. He is almost finished Rapid Hero, a vertical shoot'em'up'again'n'again. He mentions that sound is done by an unemulated CPU, so another one without sound. Details and snaps there.

G1bb0rz t3h CHDz
Posted by pi at at 10:08PM [GMT]
Great news from Guru's ROM Dumping News. First, lots of Carnevil shots courtesy of Aaron, and a petition for more hard disks from games of same hardware. He also received other goodies, some for him, and some for dumping like Danger Zone and Grand Tour. Check details.

Thursday 6 March

Just five minutes ago
Posted by pi at at 11:05PM [GMT]
Logiqx has released the double-checked, verified, accurate and beautiful datfile for today's Nebula Model 2 test version. He also updated datfiles for Nebula Jukebox 2.8.

Webslave MIA
Posted by pi at at 10:55PM [GMT]
Another update from Haze's MAME Page, again regarding that Dragon Master game. Haze has finished it, or at least he finished it as much as he could. Sound is not tied, and can't be right now for what it seems. Now let's hope Gridle got tired of Nebula Model 2 and he updates the MAME WIP too.

Just as if he read my comments...
Posted by pi at at 4:38PM [GMT]
ElSemi has released Nebula Model 2 Test 4, if my count is good. This version, while still a test version, seems to be very good. It has many playable games, including DOA for you pixel droolers and Pilot Kids (just to mention the latest ones).

Posted by pi at at 4:37PM [GMT]
Gerard has kindly announced a new update at The Arcade Flyers Archive, with submissions from Tormod and Real. They are 16 new flyers, including interesting things like Scum Try, Laguna Racer and several NeoGeo generic cabs.

Wednesday 5 March

One more mix bag
Posted by pi at at 10:08PM [GMT]
Another Emulatronia exclusive: Pilot Kids running in Nebula Model 2. I wonder when maese ElSemi will do a new release. It seems he want to do it big and as final and complete as possible.

More CottAGE WIP. This time is simple: Gollum fixed support for Jr. PacMan. Another emu which needs a release, btw.

Aparently Scott updated his MACH 3 WIP with good news, read the details here. I keep missing the news I consider the best!

I guess you all saw this post. Impressive emulator, rather than the emulation achieved, it's the way he used to do it. Excellent.

Tuesday 4 March

My excuses
Posted by pi at at 10:01PM [GMT]
It seems I missed another update at The Arcade Flyers Archive, with some new and rare items. Still what called my attention (?) was the random flyer which appears at the right, because it was Virtua Fighter Kids - Pocket Fighter in 3d? Cute!

Que bonito, ya son cuatro
Posted by pi at at 9:43PM [GMT]
I have to say happy birthday to MAMEFans, they're celebrating its fourth birthday. They even have an editorial for the best and worst from 2002, or as they say, the good, the bad and the ugly. Congratulations to all the team, specially to Kitzel and Elgondolero.

PacMan, PhD
Posted by pi at at 9:41PM [GMT]
Frank Palazzolo has announced a new WIP driver for MAME, and it's a nice surprise: Professor Pacman. It seems it's almost finished besides some small glitches. Great work.

Posted by pi at at 9:41PM [GMT]
ElSemi has released Nebula 2.23a, wich fixes a small bug with the WinAmp feature, and removes the last surprises ;) You should also visit Emulatronia where they have (again) Model 2 shots from ElSemi, this time from the game Dead or Alive. Nice achievement. Certainly when ElSemi releases the next version of this emu, it will be a big hit!

Until the boss returns
Posted by pi at at 9:40PM [GMT]
Taucher has set up this Eldio's Marquees mirror, which complements with the other mirror for Smitdogg's Control Panels. It seems Eldio is having troubles setting up again his own site. For now, these mirrors should suffice.

Monday 3 March

Four smarties
Posted by pi at at 10:16PM [GMT]
Here we have the release of MAME/MAME32 Plus! 0.65.2, one of the most popular MAME variations around. It includes a lot of fixes, and things like an english command.dat, which is nice enough.

Aaron Giles is again breaking records for fastest driver development, biggest game, slowest driver and well everything else. The culprit now is named NFL Blitz '99, I think.

New review at The Games that Time Forgot. Nathan Strum (again) reviews a pure classic: Sea Wolf II. No more words needed.

Gyrovision made a new set of Space Invaders samples, which apparently are enhanced and better than current one. Quality is great, these might even become official (if someone else gives seal of approval, of course). They have ended at Twisty's MAME Samples Collection, where else. Grab and use.

Sunday 2 March

Update - now
Posted by pi at at 10:03PM [GMT]
Alexis has released History.dat 0.65a. It adds more information for lots of games like Three Wonders, Darius, Happy Bonze Adventure, and Operation Bear, that nice bootleg. It also contains new codes for Playchoice-10 games like Yo! Noid and Mike Tyson's Punchout.

Posted by pi at at 9:58PM [GMT]
Logiqx has released the datfiles for Nebula 2.23. Quality stuff.

56k users beware
Posted by pi at at 9:22PM [GMT]
And who is back with another emulated game which needs 20ghz plus a gazillion megs CHD? Aaron Giles, who else. This time Midway's Carnevil is the victim. Or are we? :) Anyway, he mentions he only has another CHD for these Seattle hardware games. So the torture will end soon. All this is a joke, I'm really impressed with the 3Dfx emulation and all *drool*

Per bin ad astra
Posted by pi at at 2:35PM [GMT]
Grand Master Peter has posted his Recommended MAME Games at Those are his personal favorites and recomendations, and doesn't always list the most know games (since those are recommended everywhere else). Part Pi is almost all puzzle games, coincidence?

Instinct works, sometimes
Posted by pi at at 1:45AM [GMT]
I was thinking that I haven't posted anything about The Arcade Flyers Archive lately, and when I went there I just saw they added the second batch of that Flyers Reloaded thing. One hundred rescanned flyers are there awaiting for your visit. And Dan even teases us with the promise of more new flyers soon.

Getting old, my friend?
Posted by pi at at 1:44AM [GMT]
To mark it's 30th anniversary, Konami gets a new logo. The anniversary will be on March 19th, and the logo will be changed on April's Fool. Apparently it's not a joke. You can read in that press note some funny blurb justifying the design, something I always found really funny. Thanks to SmoothDancer for the link.

Where did I leave that headline...
Posted by pi at at 1:43AM [GMT]
Leezer has released Unofficial Hiscore.dat 7.96, which adds support for many new games added in the latest MAME versions. I guess sometime in the future, this will become the official hiscore, so...

Saturday 1 March

Thanks for the shorties
Posted by pi at at 1:53PM [GMT]
Another story for you avid readers, it's how Golden Tee Golf beats Pacman, in incoming terms. The golden rule: the one who has the gold makes the rules. Thanks to Gemini78 and Redpinata for the story and link.

After all the controversy about Asteroids discrete sound, Derrick Renaud is retaking the challenge and showed some Asteroid Discrete WIP. You can't hear it, but looks good for now. And Keith Wilkins is still working in it too, apparently. Thanks to Gyrovision for the news.

If you want to play Mars Matrix & and the latest XOR 1944, this FBA 0.2.94 Custom Build should do. Thanks to Twisty for the link.

Another WIP is shown at Haze's MAME Page. He is working in a 1994 game by Unico called Dragon. I don't know if the game is any good, but looks to me like a mix between DBZ and Fit of Fighters :D Thanks to Tauchy for the news. Update: More progress is shown, and he says the name is called Dragon Master.

Logiqx released the updated CPS2 datfile too. Thanks to myself for forgetting to post this earlier...