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Friday 28 February

Avid read moment sponsored by your favorite laser gun
Posted by pi at at 10:11PM [GMT]
This friday is a good day if another issue of Zzap!Raine sees the light. Issue 7 has Terra Cresta as cover game, touches more classics, and has a couple of articles with an interesting aspect. Now, let me check what's that Zzap!Test...

More analogic stuff
Posted by pi at at 10:11PM [GMT]
URebelScum has released MAME: Analog+ 0.65.2. The changes include: Area51 reload, 720 Calibration, and 49way joystick simulation for Arch Rivals and Pigskin. He is also searching for people with two USB lightcuns, and Windows 98 or ME, for testing dual lightgun support. If you can be alphatester, please help!

Galactic release
Posted by pi at at 7:12PM [GMT]
Following the tradition after a XOR release, ElSemi has released Nebula 2.23, which adds support for 1944, and improves the WinAmp jukebox feature. Talking about jukeboxes, he also released Nebula Jukebox 2.8, which adds emulation of the digital sound board in Sega Touring. Nice!

Shoot them down
Posted by pi at at 7:11PM [GMT]
Razoola at CPS2Shock has released a new set of XOR files, ready to decrypt and make you play 1944 - The Loop Master. This is release 106, it's another 2000 game. Raz also updated and released CPS2MAME 2.65 (another one without normal version numbering) which allows you to play it. People say the game is not so good, but well, a shmup is a shmup :)

Eagle or crow?
Posted by pi at at 7:11PM [GMT]
I guess by now everyone sees the new page of iSONEWS (I didn't till this morning). Althought the words seem coherent, you have to read between lines. Again another case of big company doesn't like anything which means freedom of use. Plus, after you read the page with attention a couple of times, it's full of false facts. Where I live, that's called "to lie". But where I live they also do all these idiotic things.

Thursday 27 February

Posted by pi at at 8:48PM [GMT]
Today I'm suffering again a severe case of lack of news. Let's hope it doesn't get chronic.

And remember: I can read your mind (using cheap math tricks, that's it).

Wednesday 26 February

Not gonna make a joke with the name of that game.
Posted by pi at at 10:03PM [GMT]
Not much happening this week compared to past one, right? Thankfully we still get some things to read, like Smit's NeoGeo Rumour Mill. Remember, it's rumour, nothing definite yet...

And Aaron Giles shows us his precious... Erhmmmmmm, well, that. It's a lot in the dark side (around 30ghz in it, for now).

And to finish for today, Haze took another look at the Super Kaneko Nova System, he fixed a lil bug and posted a screenshot of Saru-Kani-Hamy-Zou.

Oh and I didn't know I appear here ;) Eyes, ears and the rest!

Tuesday 25 February

For the impatient
Posted by pi at at 9:50PM [GMT]
If you can't wait for Fantasy '95, GBMan added it to EsMAME / EsMAME32 0.65.2, the spanish variation of MAME with some bits and... Robertos :)

Too many
Posted by pi at at 8:56PM [GMT]
M.A.S.H. has packed and released PCB Infos 0.65b. This is a massive update and improvement over the last packs. It has almost 400 new infos, and 300 updated ones. It includes 200 new PCB infos for unemulated games and systems, and 100 for games which will be likely to appear in next MAME. Grab it.

Partial retirement, I guess
Posted by pi at at 8:55PM [GMT]
JoseQ of EmuViews has decided again to step away from emulation. It's not the end of the site, but it will make it a lot slower, since he has RLS(tm) again. He decided to not have a team of newsposters, but says he will try to do occasional updates. Good luck with everything, dude.

Another flood in disguise of an update
Posted by pi at at 3:32PM [GMT]
The guy who danced DSEM2 with a sixth toe has updated System 16 - The Arcade Museum. How or when did he found time to do it? It's a mistery which will remain until the dusk of times. But, beware of this update. It's very interesting like usual, lots of corrected and new stuff, including things from the ATEI 2003 show. But just the preamble of the update is juicy enough, interesting summary of what has happened in the arcade industry in the last months. It also has a link to a very interesting article by Kevin Williams on that subject - something I strongly recommend to read completely.

About the update itself, you can imagine the incredible amount of changed and added things, specially in the Sega section. In the "other stuff" chapter, he mentions the possibility of starting to do articles and such, well I think that's a really good idea, I think that will be the trend everywhere this year: lots of juicy articles written by connoisseurs :) Thanks to Tauchy and Phrodo for the news.

Monday 24 February

I don't like mondays
Posted by pi at at 10:42PM [GMT]
Another day without too much. Is it the hangover of the massive WIP? Holding breath for that 0.66 release? Uhm well here you have a bit more WIP of Rotary Fighter by Haze. You can add your own driver, Haze has put this page with some places in the MAME source to look at, if you want to learn to develop in the MAME framework.. Now, stop drooling for MAME, there are other emus out there you know. And some are not as big, but still impressive and original ;)

Sunday 23 February

Famine threatens spam bots!
Posted by pi at at 9:57PM [GMT]
There have been numerous updates lately here at CAESAR. Except for the lazy guy in charge of the snaps (cough), everything is up to date thanks to the silent webmaster Logiqx. Oh well, not so silent. It's also worth commenting that now all the email addresses present in CAESAR are hidden from bots with some javascript I found in a post by Twisty. So less spam for all the authors referenced here, and less food for the email bots... As Logiqx says, SPAM engines go here!

Nobody is perfect
Posted by pi at at 9:56PM [GMT]
M.A.S.H. has issued MameInfo.dat 4.52, with the latest bugs and newest WIP (tho he says November?), I guess in time to be outdated with today's WIP actually... And he also updated the included Hardware.txt documentation.

After the drought, the flood
Posted by pi at at 12:56PM [GMT]
Too long MAME WIP, which has been really awaited from here. Lots of mahjongs from Nicola, Haze added Mad Donna, new drivers for Triv Quiz (wooohooo), Nintendo Super System games, Dorodon, Fantasy '95, Gigas... Tons of snaps, and even more fixes, really too numerous to mention. The list of devs contributing is so long too...

Talk about fetish
Posted by pi at at 12:55PM [GMT]
Zakk is searching for pics of Arcade related Tattoos. Now I also have a small doubt about Stiletto... And those GBA games.

Saturday 22 February

Hey Aaron
Posted by pi at at 9:35PM [GMT]
Emulate this, please. Not everything can be that funny, you know. Some are actually pathetic. Thanks to the people who allowed me to steal the links :-p

Saturday Night Reading
Posted by pi at at 9:34PM [GMT]
Another montly column update at MAMExpose; this time the disemboweled games are Kangaroo, Springer and J.J. Squawkers.

On the other side, The Games that Time Forgot is hosting now another review by Nathan Strum, about the japanese game Pettan Pyuu.

Friday 21 February

Shorts, not fits
Posted by pi at at 10:45PM [GMT]
More CottAGE WIP. Gollum (again) added support for 4 En Raya, which is made by IDSA ;)

Talking about Evil Companies, Inc. Guess who was absorbed (with the rest of the company) by... Oh well it's old news, but I find funny his update, say hundred backwards...

Back about more WIP-ing, Mamory might see a new release soon, much better than before. I always find nice to check the list of Useful Links there ;)

Taucher has made a mirror for Smitdogg's Control Panels, after they killed Eldio's Bandwidth. I wonder where his marquees are now...

Replicating duplicates
Posted by pi at at 10:44PM [GMT]
Tim released the Snow Release: ASTGL 0.61. This new version of this new emulator features more features. Also, there are fixed bugs, also known as bugfixes too. There's a dat in the air but I guess you will have no prob anyway. Still you need quite a computer to run it!

Everyone gets gifts
Posted by pi at at 10:44PM [GMT]
Guru got a huge box, guess what's it? Shop RAID #4, box five! A lot of things, like Prebillian (1986) or Gradius 4 (1998). I think things for all the tastes. He also got another box from Taucher, with things like what seems to be a complete MVS cart of Diggerman. Time for it to get into MAME?

Thursday 20 February

The eye of the hurricane
Posted by pi at at 8:45PM [GMT]
There's not much going on - or in other words, there is a lot but not much suitable for posting here (or now). I'll try to have a peaceful weekend since I'm almost home alone for first time in a while. I know other people will try as well, but maybe Aaron will not, he's on Seattle hype or something. I mean Mr. Giles, not the other Aaron. Fancy 0.66 tomorrow?

Wednesday 19 February

Platypus and lynx
Posted by pi at at 9:47PM [GMT]
There are lots of things updated at Guru's Rom Dumping News. He has updated the Model 2 Status Page (Viper Fighters anyone?) plus the PCB Shop RAID #4 page with latest listings, but the interesting thing is a WIP driver by Bryan McPhail and David Graves. Those shots are from Ground Effects, and they look incredible. And he added a global index page, to easily locate games, and he also received another PCB for trojaning from RB.

Talking about Model 2, check also Emulatronia for latest Viper Fighters WIP shots from ElSemi. I don't know if they are different from the ones at Guru's, check yourself, kthx.

Report from Mount Olympus
Posted by pi at at 9:46PM [GMT]
Another update from Aaron Giles. Is this dude awesome or what? He has improved Wayne Gretzky's a lot, along with the 3Dfx emulation. He has support for a lot of -ing things, and he has on the sight some more things like gouraud lighting (shading he means?) Oh and there's a surprise pic. Incredible. Ah before you forget, he is searching someone who can host more screenshots of his progress in this Seattle evil hardware.

Technologically advanced (sorta)
Posted by pi at at 9:46PM [GMT]
Interesting CottAGE WIP. Brian improved the offline version of this Java emulator, and Gollum separated the core from the drivers making it load much faster. Read the details there.

Another down
Posted by pi at at 9:45PM [GMT]
Fraggal has announced in this post that he is not going to update his Boot CD anymore. If anyone is wanting to take the job of maintaining this ISO, he is willing to hand all the things.

Posted by pi at at 9:45PM [GMT]
Finally Logiqx has found the time, and the result is the MAME 0.65 datfile flood which his site is suffering. They include all related MAME 0.65 datfiles plus updated supplements for main emulators, and of course the System datfiles too.

Tuesday 18 February

As short as it gets
Posted by pi at at 10:41PM [GMT]
New release of MAME/MAME32 Plus! 0.65.2. It has new things, among them it has added custom buttons from CANAME. It's a nice feature, give it a try. Great for fighters.

URebelScum has released MAME: Analog+ 0.65.1. There are Windows and DOS command line, and MAME32 GUI builds available already.


The good, the bad and the outdated
Posted by pi at at 10:41PM [GMT]
If you're behind with your cheats, there's a solution as explained in this post. Mr. J aka Jets from EmuFrance has made a compilation of latest Pugy's one, latest ones from Stephh, and more cheats from forums and everywhere else, and made this Mr. J's cheat 0.65. Good.

On the other hand, Stephh has updated his WIP cheat database up to 0.65. He notes that none of the last sports games nor mahjong have been updated, but it's a start. Get it at The Ultimate Patchers' site. So above's file is already outdated, great.

Monday 17 February

Posted by pi at at 10:39PM [GMT]
Andrea has made a lot of releases at Advance Projects. They include AdvanceMAME 0.65, and AdvanceScan 1.5. It also features AdvanceComp 1.5, which is a collection of recompression utilites, to reduce your ZIPs and PNGs. Get a look there.

News from the slow driver side
Posted by pi at at 10:38PM [GMT]
There is an update at Aaron Giles. He has been working on Wayne Gretzky's Hockey (or whatever the name is), with some degree of success. Knowing past achievements from him, I have no doubt the textures will look better. The snaps might not look too good but indeed they are great. Well, another game which I will be unable to play ;)

Look what I've found
Posted by pi at at 10:35PM [GMT]
Another review at The Games that Time Forgot. Time Tunnel is the victim, Hop is the executioner.

Look what I saw
Posted by pi at at 10:34PM [GMT]
Another review at The Games that Time Forgot. Time Tunnel is the victim, hop is the executioner.

All the updates under the skies
Posted by pi at at 10:33PM [GMT]
Alexis has released History.dat 0.65. Besides the usual updating stuff, and adding information for games like STUN Runner, Starblade and Race Drivin', it has correct Voice casts (dubbers) for quite some NeoGeo fighters.

M.A.S.H. has made a double update at his MameInfo Page. He updated the MameInfo sources (to 0.65a), and released a new PCB Infos for 0.65.

Another one who did the update for 0.65: Bobby Tribble's unMAMEd arcade games. Removed some games, updated other, added some more, and cleaned up some things. Oh, also more links there. That's it.

I don't know how old is this, but I think I haven't reported, so I'll mention Fabio's MAME Visual Guide which was updated to 0.65. Thanks.

Sunday 16 February

Line up
Posted by pi at at 12:59PM [GMT]
Triggerfin updated Catlist with all the needed stuff for 0.65. Get them for your MAME32, frontend, classifier, cataloger or general game arranger.

Plea for contributions
Posted by pi at at 12:58PM [GMT]
Check MAMETesters new look. And submit some more bugs, damn it.

Important stuff for Boulderdash lovers
Posted by pi at at 12:58PM [GMT]
Even more CottAGE WIP. Gollum added Jr. PacMan, but it's not working yet. He also added Diamond Run.

Cream of the cream
Posted by pi at at 12:58PM [GMT]
Sooner or later it had to happen: the first update of the year at Emulation Status. It includes new protos like Maze Invaders, new games like Back Fire, Tank 8 and Ultra Tank, and updated games like Night Slashers among others. The usual lump of fixes is there, too. Search for your cherry.

Saturday 15 February

The effort continues
Posted by pi at at 6:57PM [GMT]
Lots of stuff to report at Guru's ROM Dumping News. Parts 2 and 3 from Shopraid #4 arrived, and includes Mad Donna among other things ;) There are just too many things, you should check by yourself. There are two more things not from the shopraid, including one with a gigabyte hard disk, mind you... Thanks to the donators of this batch, including to Smit for the heads up.

Where's the webslave
Posted by pi at at 2:53PM [GMT]
More WIP from various sources: Dox submitted an updated FreeKick driver with support for Gigas and Gigas Mark 2. You can check screenies in his page. And MooglyGuy also sumbitted a driver for Triv Quiz, recently dumped thanks to the Dumping Project (chapter X).

Wink wink
Posted by pi at at 2:52PM [GMT]
Pharg0ne has released RipaRoo 1.0. This is a new tool which can arrange the tiles (or character sets, the ones you see with F4 in MAME) so you can rip sprites and graphics more comfortably than with a compulsive pressing of the F12 key. Give it a look. Thanks to MameWorld's Gritts and Tops section for the news.

More updateth stuff
Posted by pi at at 10:23AM [GMT]
Mr. Goodwraith has made another partial update at MAME Targets. Still he doesn't update the site history, but you can read the changelog in the boards. It contains a big number of additions and corrections.

Thieves and uris
Posted by pi at at 10:14AM [GMT]
Thanks to their return, now I know about the Emulation Brothers and their site. It's full of links, all related to MAME, arcade games and emulation in general. I like their wallpaper section, check it out. Thanks to KillerClown for the link.

According to this article, Sega and Sammy join. Sammy Corp, besides publishing some arcade games, is a big maker of gambling machines. I guess everyone knows what is Sega :) I hope this will make more market opportunities for Sega, since its finances weren't the best lately. The only doubt I have is the new name... Thanks to Griking for the news.

If you want to read more gaming related articles which don't deal with the game side of things, checkMore Fallout Over Greek Game Ban. Interesting and pretty informative, so it's a recommended read, specially if you live in the EU. Thanks to Twisty for this link.

And to end the link stealing season, check this page about Race Drivin' Panorama. Impressive. Thanks to Dave Widel for the link.

Friday 14 February

Vini, vidi, updateth
Posted by pi at at 9:33PM [GMT]
Logiqx made a triumphant return from overseas and uploaded some of the updated stuff which was waiting for him. Rosewood did some of the resource dats, and him and Ben Jos created a new datafile for Charles MacDonald's System 24 emu. Not that it does much for now, but the datfile is always a start ;)

Return of the snapmaster
Posted by pi at at 7:47PM [GMT]
Crashtest has returned with Ingame and Title screenshots for 0.65. It's a four-version update, so prepare your bandwidth. He has also arranged a datfile to help you track down what you need to download and such things... Thanks to Iron Man for the news.

A homebrew arcade simulator
Posted by pi at at 7:46PM [GMT]
David Widel has announced that he has finished his homage of Death Race, a true classic. This is a simulator which runs in Pacman hardware (!) and looks quite good. The roms are available for downloading, you can run them in the actual MAME, and I'm sure they will appear in other versions like MisfitMame. Check some real screenshots at Bobby Tribble's, just to compare ;) And just to remind you, this game is not in MAME because it has no CPU.

Things for your MAME
Posted by pi at at 2:39PM [GMT]
Twisty has added two new things in his MAME Samples Collection. One is a new Asteroids sampleset... Or old? You can only use them with old MAME 0.36b16 or older (newest versions don't use samples). This sampleset is better than the old one. The other addition is a whole new section of samples for MisfitMAME.

And there you have MaMu_'s Icons 0.65. Get them while they're hot...

New one in the neighbourhood
Posted by pi at at 2:39PM [GMT]
Tim has announced the new release of ASTGL Rev .51. It uses Allegro and AllegroGL for Windows, and uses the 6502 assembler core by Neil Bradley. Features a better scaling and rendering than MAME (or so he says), but I am not agreeing with the next feature... It doesn't give full speed emulation in lower powered machines if it needs a 450 or more! Source is not yet available, but he will make it ready soon, and he also mentions a U3100 Monitor and IPAC compatible version which is in the works (next monday he says). In the page there are more future enhancements for this emulator.

All the things behind the courtain
Posted by pi at at 2:38PM [GMT]
Yesterday there was more CottAGE WIP. Gollum added Joyman (a wicked Pacman-wannabe already in MAME), and better Ghost'n Goblins support.

Also yesterday, I saw a post by Frank Palazzolo, talking about a WIP driver for Dorodon. Actually that was yesterday. Today I saw that the driver was submitted. Check the Dorodon shots in his WIP page.

And for more WIP, head as usual to Emulatronia where again they got the latest version of Nebula Model 2 to put more screenies of the games Behind Enemy Lines and the much wanted classic Gunblade. These are Model 2C games and both are working (almost) perfectly.

Help wanted
Posted by pi at at 2:36PM [GMT]
Raix, former creator and editor of MameMag, has done a call for help, searching for people to resurrect this project. He wants php/mysql conoisseurs, reviewers and anyone who thinks that can help him in any way.

Other place wanting help is They are still searching for a BeOS MAME port maintainer. Still Caz has been able to rellease BeOS MAME 0.65, but they want a permanent (sorta) maintainer. Go there if BeOS is your cup of tea.

Thursday 13 February

Calling in sick
Posted by pi at at 9:30PM [GMT]
I don't feel too well and I had a busy and tiring day so I'll pass on the search-write-post news thing for today. Come back tomorrow please. For some entertainment, read this post about a new Asteroids emu, this other post from Radix wanting help for his MameMag, and finally some news from Frank Palazzolo who is emulating Dorodon. More details and news tomorrow...

Wednesday 12 February

Late(st) MAMEnews
Posted by pi at at 9:32PM [GMT]
SMF has left the official DMAME 0.65 at Binaries and sources. Gridle also left there all the new screenshots.

M.A.S.H. has released the diff-only update of MameInfo.dat 4.51. It contains the first bugs for 0.65, removed all the cleared bugs, source/listinfo changes, romset sizes, recommended games and updated Video Hardware notes.

Your choice
Posted by pi at at 3:42PM [GMT]
Advertising commercial websites or products isn't really my cup of tea, but is holding some contest with arcade parts as prizes, according to this anonymous post.

More flooding, without chapapote included
Posted by pi at at 3:42PM [GMT]
The first wave in today's flood is for MAME/MAME32 Plus! 0.65.1, which has quite some new things. Note that some fixes submitted to MAME but which didn't make it into 0.65 are included in this build.

While SMF updates the official DMAME, Jay has left some goodies at his DOS MAME Support Site. These DOS MAME come in standard, i686 and K6 optimized builds. He also mentions he will put some non-compressed (UPX free) executables later, so keep an eye.

The Pinny Parlour has released VerticalMAMEList 0.65. It's a list of vertically orientated games, good for cab owners who want to know which games are those. But the reason of this post is noting to all of you that the rest of that site has some interesting content, worth a look.

Oh guess what, this was a quite quick release: xmame 0.65.1. Check the changelog, there are patches from last 0.64.1 rc2 as well as another patch from 0.62.2. There is also the full source, of course.

Tuesday 11 February

For when the version numbering change?
Posted by pi at at 11:24PM [GMT]
M.A.S.H. has released MameInfo.dat 4.50, which has had all the needed updating to be up to 0.65. The driver section has been updated as well. I hope he can release some FMAME32 soon, I need it...

More or less, personals
Posted by pi at at 9:49PM [GMT]
For the record - there's a new homepage for CPSMAME - the CPS1 & CPS2 MAME derivative for Power Macintosh. Andrew said the definitive bye, and now Lucas Newman is in full charge. Andrew will continue with GeoMAME, as we've already mentioned.

Another update from Aaron Giles, where he explains some of the late movement (or lack of) happening at his side of the world. Still, that SCUMM can wait, give us some memories!

I don't know if you decided to visit that Tetris A.I. System page, but for TGM fans, you can see there a link for that Tetris Grand Master 2 finals video showing a guy playing in death mode. If you haven't seen TGM in action, I can tell you one thing: the pieces don't fall very fast - they appear already at the bottom.

The guy who didn't have time...
Posted by pi at at 9:49PM [GMT]
Roman made yet another release, and ClrMamePro 2.88.3 is available. It has a fix for an odd crash, and a few subtle changes (listed in the download page, which you should visit even if you use the built-in autoupdate feature like I do).

First batch of the day
Posted by pi at at 6:43PM [GMT]
Here is the usual updating flood for the latest MAME. First update is mine, it seems MAME 0.65 does have the traditional second name as well, and it's Charmy. Come on, are we again at naming subatomic particles with bohemian and/or pretenciously funny names? (j/k, and thanks to Rosewood for the correction)

Katharsis is breaking records at the speed of releasing FastMAME 0.65. Well not like he has to apply lots of patched code ;)

Another quick update, MAME32 0.65 is here. We're getting spoiled already by fast updates, really. John IV has also updated ingame screenshots, icons, titles and the datfiles associated with them.

Talking about datfiles, Roman at the ClrMamePro homepage has updated all these 0.65 related datfiles. Including the testdrivers one, which I guess comes from Ben Jos :-?

Twisty has released SmoothMAME 0.65. The MAME32 variant, called TVMAME32 0.65 has been released too by Tetsu96. These versions run almost all games at 60Hz refresh rate.

Monday 10 February

Everything froggy is CUTE!
Posted by pi at at 9:50PM [GMT]
Nicola Salmoria decided that today is a great day to release MAME 0.65 "". There aren't many things to mention from the changelog (the release doesn't even have a subtitle!), but as usual you can guess there are many more things than the ones reported there. A nice thing is a good number of bugs were fixed, and certain issues with graphics and sounds have been fixed and/or improved as well (specially MegaSystem 32). On the game department, you get Ribbit! among other things. Nice to see back some regular releases, enjoy this one and await the flood of MAME-related updates.

In time to be outdated?
Posted by pi at at 9:42PM [GMT]
Fandemame has released History.dat 0.64a, which adds information about more than 50 new games. It also adds a new section called comments, which has miscellaneous info. He has also reached 200,000 hits, so congratulations man. Pay him a visit, he might need your help too.

Sunday 9 February

Directly from the land of Ham
Posted by pi at at 10:38PM [GMT]
You should pay a visit to the spanish emulation site Emulatronia, because ElSemi has left some goodies for them. You can see some Model 2 WIP shots there, from the games Zero Gunner and Dynamite Cop. For the ones who don't know much spanish, I can tell them there aren't details. The games mentioned are new supported games and there's also a mention about Indianapolis 500 and other games not working fully before, but doing great right now.

Oz Jilts
Posted by pi at at 9:41PM [GMT]
Twisty has pointed me to an interesting Tetris project: Tetris A.I. System. It's a special software capable of playing Tetris in the same way a human player could do, and runs in a separate computer from the game, having only a simple webcam to act as input, the same way the human player can only watch the pieces with eyes. Truly an interesting project which works already. Besides all that, it's full of valuable Tetris references for fans of this very special puzzle game.

Senility at 30?
Posted by pi at at 12:17PM [GMT]
As usual, I forgot to mention the latest releases at, Panels Marquees and Mamu_'s Icons were updated for ClrMAMEPro and RomCenter. There's also a System 24 dat in the works, now that there is something released (ok, not working very well yet but it's out). Be patient until the dat is completed and can be released. For a more advanced System 24 WIP, visit the System 16 rewrite WIP by Galibert.

The show must go on
Posted by pi at at 1:53AM [GMT]
I've just read in the News board a really sad thing: Atari closes. It marks, like the article says, the end of an era which started with Pong. However we are already in another era: we keep playing and preserving the classics so they continue enjoying our and future generations. I better stop before becoming (more) sentimental.

Saturday 8 February

Diagunosis: alive & kickin'
Posted by pi at at 4:45PM [GMT]
Charles MacDonald has deveolped and released a Sega System 24 emulator! Ok the emu is far from complete, only tests screens for now, but it's a start. In the page you can see snaps of the System 24 loading screen, and some test screens from various games. You'll need a good computer and the latest SDL dll. The emu is for Windows and comes with source.

Posted by pi at at 4:44PM [GMT]
There is some strange object at MameWorld, where's the "Bits & Bobs" section? Oh well help Roclobsta and Killerclown find a new name for the section. Also, teh cube has been spotted in many places, really in too many places.

Risky business
Posted by pi at at 4:44PM [GMT]
Now that there are so many voices against its use, it's even more risky to mention UPX 1.90 unstable beta. But you could try it anyway.

Games never die, they only get forgotten
Posted by pi at at 4:43PM [GMT]
A new review has been detected at The Games that Time Forgot. This time Nathan Strum does a showtime about Tazz-Mania.

Friday 7 February

More clues about what's to come
Posted by pi at at 6:34PM [GMT]
Mr. Goodwraith has made an interesting post about the latest Dumping Project news and appeal. He is also asking again for more donations, oh well... Mmmmmhhhh if he insist I'll have to drop something too, if I ever find some money.

Last minute news
Posted by pi at at 3:18PM [GMT]
I was thinking nothing else happened today but I saw a recent post by M.A.S.H. about MameInfo.dat 4.42. It includes latest bugs, newest WIP, an updated Hardware.txt and infos from latest RAINE too.

Fix that file
Posted by pi at at 3:03PM [GMT]
Roman has released ClrMamePro 2.88.2. This new revision includes some improvements in the fixdatfile creation, among other (not many) things. He also mentions he will be quite busy for a while, so be patient for future releases and enhancements (yeah like if we believe or sth...)

Chase away the pesky mice!!
Posted by pi at at 3:02PM [GMT]
Yesterday's daily MAME WIP includes snaps of a driver for Mouser, sent in by Frank Palazzolo. Aaron Giles fixes a fix he fixed.

Thursday 6 February

Third in a row
Posted by pi at at 1:02PM [GMT]
And even another report of CottAGE WIP. This time Gollum (again) added preliminary support for a great classic: Ghost'n Goblins. Promising.

The mistery feature
Posted by pi at at 1:02PM [GMT]
Mister URebelScum has released MAME: Analog+ 0.64.1. This version includes split axis for mouses. Commandline and GUI versions for windows are available, with source, of course.

Blasting the glitches
Posted by pi at at 1:00PM [GMT]
Another update at the MAME WIP for only one day. Aaron sent in a couple of fixes for KI and Road Blasters, and Haze submitted Perestroika Girls while Nicola decrypted the graphics in it. Graphics are not blurry anymore, but well you can't see too much for now.

Wednesday 5 February

Good vibrations
Posted by pi at at 8:03PM [GMT]
Good stuff at Guru's ROM Dumping News. Besides Perestroika Girls (being worked by Haze rigth now, read below), he received more boards like Time Crisis (yum!) and Kyukyou Tiger for trojaning (this is the japanese Twin Cobra). Thanks to Tauchy and Galibert for sending them. Plus the Shopraid(tm) #4's first box, containing four more boards like Final Lap 3. Thanks to all the donators who contributed for this Shopraid(tm), and be patient for the next instalment of this Shopraid(tm).

More information sites
Posted by pi at at 8:02PM [GMT]
Thanks to Gemini I've discovered SnapMAME, which is a site compiling a lot of information for MAME games, including four snaps for each game (well they still need to complete that side). Seems to be a great site, it's in french but it has also an english side so don't worry. Still all CAESAR users say we're the best ;)

Confusion seeds grow in me
Posted by pi at at 8:01PM [GMT]
Before I forget, Lucas "Flea" Newman has released CPSMAME 02.03.02. It's available at, not at the former CPSMAME home (which still is?) This release includes Mars Matrix and some fixes for CPS-1 games.

Time for the bad joke of the day
Posted by pi at at 2:46PM [GMT]
If you like subtle political references or blurry pics of barely dressed women, try a visit to Haze's MAME Page, where he is working on a driver for Perestroika Girls. It seems to run on SuperQix hardware, but with encrypted graphics.

Virus woes
Posted by pi at at 2:46PM [GMT]
Not like he is the first one, Aaron Giles had to stop using his email address due to the amount of viruses he receives in it. So, now you can only contact him with the form in his site. I also receive viruses, about 1mb per week. I wish people would actually write me about news and things instead of just putting my addy in their address books so viruses can find me easier. Advice: AVG AntiVirus is very good and for free, and works very well.

Cult? Sect? Religion?
Posted by pi at at 2:45PM [GMT]
Yesterday Gridle posted more MAME WIP, with lots of Ribbit! snaps. I have to confess I like frogs very much, I have stone frogs, pen caps frog-shaped, stuffed frogs, lotsa froggies here. Also reported was the Psikyo optimizations and enhancements by Tourniquet.

Not enough? Well have some MAME FAQ WIP too. Some sections have been enhanced. Remember you can contribute to it at the FAQ board. Please do so.

And finally just a happy birthday to MAME, six years ago it saw its first 0.01 release, with five games. It kinda improved a bit, I would say... Anniversary releases happened in 2000 and 2002, so it's possible today there will be one. Don't hold your breath, tho.

Tuesday 4 February

Subliminal insertion
Posted by pi at at 2:13PM [GMT]
CottAGE WIP on two consecutive days? Incredible! Well, Gollum fixed Mr.TNT and Ali Baba & 40 Thieves (with only a small bug remaining), and Christopher Jefferson improved the implementation of Scale2x. I wonder if anyone will ever do Scale3x...

Another build to try
Posted by pi at at 2:11PM [GMT]
Blastar-X has released Bmame32 0.64.0. This is a CPS and NeoGeo only build, and it includes Mars Matrix, a handful homebrew NeoGeo games (including NeoGeo Systemcheck) and it supports console mode. Note that now the source is available too ;)

I'm jealous, again
Posted by pi at at 2:11PM [GMT]
I've seen something great for Dreamcast owners: Reaper2K2 has ported System 16 for Dreamcast. It's still a beta, has some glitches, but runs at good speed. System 16 is a now discontinued emulator which runs Sega System 16 games, so you can enjoy some classics at nice speed on your console.

30kb of mania
Posted by pi at at 2:09PM [GMT]
M.A.S.H. has released PCB Infos 0.64, a small update you can put over your last pack. As usual he is wanting to receive tons of dump readme's and such, help him fulfill his obsessive-compulsive mania.

Stuff finished and unfinished stuff
Posted by pi at at 2:09PM [GMT]
Yesterday there was some MAME WIP for the last three days. It includes some shots from Haze's alpha blending in System 32, and also his Tao Taido driver. The engrish of that intro is quite good, don't miss it nor any of the details.

Talking about WIP, Aaron Giles has almost finished the Ribbit! driver, or so he says. I'm curious to see that Frogger sequel, and yes, I'm going to forgive him for not updating the MAME Memories today either and not scream at him when he rests a bit playing Ultimate Tennis.

And even more WIP is the updated page of Mach 3 with video. It's looking very good certainly... Still some way to go, sound has to be added and Scott is also planning a DOS port. I still have hopes someone comes with a different video codec so all this is included in MAME.

Decoration, content and other things to twiddle with.
Posted by pi at at 2:09PM [GMT]
Eldio has sent me an email letting me know about two new releases. Smitdogg's Control Panel Pack 16 (a whoopping 13mb pack) contais 80 new or updated control panels for using in your frontend(s). Eldio doesn't want to be any less and he has released Marquee Pack 11, with 55 images. Plus updated dats. All of them are available at The Domain of Eldio.

Another pack updated is Mamu_'s Icons 0.64. Note that Eldio (look above) has also a dat for this thing updated, most probably for this 0.64 pack.

Monday 3 February

Enhancing the enchanting
Posted by pi at at 3:27PM [GMT]
A very nice update at The Arcade Flyers Archive. First, they are rescanning many flyers to achieve better quality standards (read the details), and second they are going to be organized in a much better way. Some of these rescanned flyers are also available. Dan also announces some new flyers.

Need company?
Posted by pi at at 3:27PM [GMT]
Fraggal has been crossposting in an attempt to get visits at MAMEChat, a place where fellow mamers can meet and chat about games, ask for help (politely, please), and even ask Fraggal about how to work with his bootable CD. If you go there, tell everyone that CAESAR is a good place for arcade news, kthx.

And I believe it...
Posted by pi at at 3:27PM [GMT]
They say they don't like frequent releases, but here it is MAME/MAME32 Plus! 0.64.3. Among other things, it includes a Spanish (!) translation, and the Fire Truck sound updates by Derrick Renaud which were appearing in the Compiling board lately.

For do-it-yourself people
Posted by pi at at 3:26PM [GMT]
Ultimarc has finished the development of ArcadeVGA, a graphic card designed to work with 15khz arcade monitors. Since I'm not an expert in these things, let me quote the site: Connect your 15Khz arcade cabinet monitor to your PC with NO special configuration or special driver software in either DOS or Windows. I hope that is enough.

Quis custodiet ipsos mamedevs
Posted by pi at at 3:26PM [GMT]
Tourniquet has posted some Psikyo SH2 WIP, with an enhanced and fixed driver, which includes better zooming among other things. He's also looking for testers to check if the included changes are accurate.

Stephh has also posted something related to fixes in the Jaleco Megasystem 32 driver. Dips and inputs are fixed for all working games. The fix is available at The Ultimate Patchers' site, of course.

Tick Assist
Posted by pi at at 3:25PM [GMT]
Some FBA WIP is showing Operation Wolf. Kev also mentions that this driver helped tracking down the Rastan bugs, so both will be included in next FBA.

Talking about FBA, Haggar has released the FBA, Nebula/Kawaks & Mame Cheats 0.2.94b, a great cheat archive for CPS, Cave, Toaplan2 and Taito games. It includes the new CPS clones added lately, plus Mars Matrix, and a few more oddities.

Bits & Evil Roberts
Posted by pi at at 3:25PM [GMT]
Logiqx has released three dat files which needed updates, namely latest RAINE, Nebula and Nebula Jukebox.

The BeOS RAINE 0.37.3 build is available at Oh you can also get the xmame 0.64.1 rc1 for BeOS. And it seems they are still looking for a MAME porter.

After a loooong time, here we have more CottAGE WIP. Gollum added support for Ali Baba & 40 Thieves and Shoot the Bull. You better don't want to know the details...

Sunday 2 February

This time it wasn't forgotten
Posted by pi at at 2:22AM [GMT]
Have a happy Groundhog Day. Es el dia de la marmota!

Saturday 1 February

Relay race
Posted by pi at at 3:59PM [GMT]
Andrew Blum, the maintainer of CPSMAME (a CPS only MAME for Mac) has said his farewell from his project. He will keep maintaining GeoMAME, tho. Oh don't worry, he got Lucas Newman who will maingain CPSMAME from now on. There will be a little gap until he gets used to the build and Mac users can expect a new release not too far in the future.

How much MAMEing can you stand?
Posted by pi at at 3:59PM [GMT]
Ah, I was waiting for this: MAME/MAME32 Plus! 0.64.2. It includes latest Haze's System 32 driver (with alpha blending), latest CPS updates from everywhere, Korean translation, and, uhm, how could I say it... Lots of things.

Talking about different MAME builds, TVMAME32 0.64 just got released.

Faster, Harder, More Challenging R*AINE
Posted by pi at at 3:58PM [GMT]
Here we have RAINE 0.37.3, because 0.37.2 was definitely too buggy. But hey, this versions has more fixes than the last one, isn't that an achievement? As it says in the changelog, this one should be harder to crash. I don't know, didn't have time for testing the last one ;)

Thus spoke Randy
Posted by pi at at 3:58PM [GMT]
Mr. Goodwraith has reported some progress with the Dumping Project, basically positive, altho there is a minor drawback for what I can read. If you're interested in these things, or if you contributed, as usual it's a good read.

Re-release again
Posted by pi at at 3:56PM [GMT]
ElSemi has released Nebula 2.22a. It's not the same as the "leaked" 2.22 version, so don't be confused; redownload. It has quite a lot of fixes, including crashing on 32bit desktops (like mine) and the infamous step fram in the shots factory. It also includes an option similar to the Kawaks WinAmp Jukebox, and I think this one has some good possibilities. It works with WinAmp Classic, heh :) Oh check also his D3D blitter, it has an enhanced version of FBA's FishBowl with reflections and all... Too bad, again my Voodoo will not do :/

My only friend, the end
Posted by pi at at 3:56PM [GMT]
As I commented yesterday, MamEnd is back. It keeps the old layout, it has completely moved and now it's hosted somewhere else. I will not be able to contribute to it like I did in the past, but I know he will accept more contributors for his project. Pay a visit and enjoy the endings of all those games you never finished!

More WIP for U
Posted by pi at at 3:55PM [GMT]
Haze has been busy with a game called Tao Taido, a fighting game. It has already been submitted but doesn't appear in today's WIP, so you can see the shots still in his page.

Keeping with my double developer posts, I guess I can put Aaron here too. In a brief summary, I can tell that he is doing things but not having much luck. At least he got time to contribute to The Games that Time Forgot, with a review of Nova 2001 (a quite nice shooter IMHO). Still Aaron's update is interesting to read, as usual.

Hyped up frogs
Posted by pi at at 3:55PM [GMT]
Time for weekend's MAME WIP. If you haven't noticed yet, Nicola is adding a lot of mahjong games lately (besides fixing and decrypting lots of things). There is also this Area 51 / Maximum Force Duo game, with a CHD of 1.6gb, not playable on most computers like all the CoJag games but still I bet it will cause massive bandwidth consumption. There are snaps of more games, like two japanese quiz for the Jaleco Megasystem 32, and Avengers in Galactic Storm, none of these working well yet, but on their way. Plus there are quite some good fixes and improvements here and there, for example Shiriru is still fixing the CPS2 driver, lots of clones and raster effects in Edward Randy got fixed too.