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January 2003

Friday 31 January

Again down
Posted by pi at at 8:42PM [GMT]
No news today either, but you can visit Haze for some action, and I've been told MamEnd is back. Oh I just read in a post by Flynn that Aaron has some probs too.

Thursday 30 January

More non-arcade blurb
Posted by pi at at 2:02PM [GMT]
ScummVM has been voted as Best Emulator in a poll at Linux Game Tome. No wonder why :) They have also posted a guideline of what to expect from this great piece of software in the coming months. Great great *drool*. Maybe I am too biased towards LucasFilms/LucasArts adventure games, shoot me :-p

Posted by pi at at 2:01PM [GMT]
Now you can't miss all these high-resolution Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 wallpapers, appeared at CP-Systems2. The artwork is Capcom-ish cool, 52 heroes portrayed in this great bunch of artwork. The only bad thing is that they put Wolverine twice but forgot about adding Morrigan! Don't tell me my loved Morri is not in MvsC2!!!! Thanks to The Manuel for this piece of gorgeous news.

Miscellaneous MAME updates
Posted by pi at at 2:01PM [GMT]
Katharsis has compiled once again at GeoShock FastMAME 0.64, a normal MAME compiled with optimization in mind. Give it a try, or you can also try the NeoGeo-only build he offers too.

GBMan has released EsMAME and EsMAME32 0.64.2, which already supports Mars Matrix and fixes this translated version to work under Windows XP.

I was hoping to see by today a MAME Plus! build with Mars Matrix, or FMAME32 too, but no luck yet...

Restless worker
Posted by pi at at 2:00PM [GMT]
M.A.S.H. has released MameInfo.dat 4.41 with more bugs, more WIP, more romset info and recommended games, more source/listinfo changes and more everything. Hey man, I also want the 0.mameversion.datversion numbering! ;) Oh btw, this is a DIFF-update only, bad luck for lazy guys like me.

More WIP
Posted by pi at at 2:00PM [GMT]

Yesterday I saw some impressive Mach 3 WIP which adds the video footage! The culprit was Scott W., and today he has updated it again. I never saw this game with the real deal, and I can see it looks impressive. He is using the artwork manager to join the game graphics with the video, and even when it's a tad slow (ok, a whale slow) IMHO it's a great achievement for MAME.

Feeling lazy to find the flyer
Posted by pi at at 1:59PM [GMT]
Short thing at Guru's ROM Dumping News: Power Stone. It's a contundent NAOMI cart game, look at the snaps and things at System 16.

From really good to plain weird
Posted by pi at at 1:58PM [GMT]
Two updates from two great mamedevs: Haze and Aaron. The System 32 official sufferer has added alpha blending support, but it's not completely finished. Nonetheless the snaps are getting better, and he has even included a WIP version of the driver.

On the other side of the cosmos, Aaron is suffering too with a game called Ribbit! (see the flyer from TAFA, found by Smit). Apparently it's protected differently than other Sega System C games... He talks more about his resolutions, other added games (including Duo, another chd monster) and things.

Talking about The Arcade Flyers Archive, they added past week teh fanny oddition.

All together now
Posted by pi at at 1:58PM [GMT]
Past night Logiqx released another bunch of dats, including the real deal MAME 0.64, supplements for major emus and my most awaited dat for RAINE 0.37.2. He had good help and assistance from Rosewood, good work man.

Logiqx has also done all needed updating here at CAESAR, nowe we only need our lazy snapper to fill in all the empty spaces. Someone kick his lazy ass, please.


Wednesday 29 January

Come back tomorrow
Posted by pi at at 9:46PM [GMT]
I'm on strike until things go back to somewhat decent around me. Go to EmuHQ and MameWorld for news, today there were some good ones.

Tuesday 28 January

Teamwork at its finest
Posted by pi at at 8:48PM [GMT]
You can find at the first step of the usual MAME updating, this time starting with the resource data files prepared by Rosewood. The RAINE dat is also on it's way.

After some wait...
Posted by pi at at 8:17PM [GMT]
Two new releases at CPS2Shock: the USA and Japan versions of Mars Matrix: Hyper Solid Shooting. Yes, this is a shoot'em'up, cool graphics, let's see if it's any good. CPSMAME was updated to support this game, plus some more fixes.

Some unearthly skills
Posted by pi at at 8:17PM [GMT]
Twin Galaxies is reporting a new and impressive Super Zaxxon record. The article includes a detailed description of the game too, so you can appreciate the achieved score. I've never got more than 1 or 2 minutes thru this game...

Raw information gets cooked
Posted by pi at at 8:16PM [GMT]
Gordon has updated MAME ROM Info with the listings corresponding to 0.63 and 0.64. I find this site useful to track how a set has changed thru time without loading 17 dats in my rom manager :)

Virtual magazine makes a year
Posted by pi at at 8:15PM [GMT]
Here you have the edition of Zzap!Raine First Anniversary issue. Spotlights include the review of Out zone, but take a look at the Milestones section...

Monday 27 January

The last of the day
Posted by pi at at 9:56PM [GMT]
M.A.S.H. has updated to MameInfo.dat 4.40. It includes all needed changes for 0.64, newest WIP and updated driver section. As usual, more to come.

More updating for 64 edition
Posted by pi at at 9:13PM [GMT]
URebelScum has released today MAME: Analog+ 0.63.2. He will not put DOS and MAME32 builds because 0.64 is out already, you know :) I guess he will put the 0.64 versions soon.

Twisty has updated and released SmoothMAME 0.64. He includes also a P4 specific build (more optimization for beast owners), and compressed with ASP... But who cares about a smaller EXE when the roms are almost 8 gigs? :)

Another quick release is MAME / MAME32 Plus! 0.64.1, with some fixes and all things new from 0.64 already. Again that's the mirror, the main page is still down apparently.

Documentation, listings and readings
Posted by pi at at 9:12PM [GMT]
Triggerfin has updated Catlist to reflect all the 0.64 changes. There's also a few more changes, read the frontpage.

Fandemame has updated to History.dat 0.64, with everything implied in that. Besides, he has added infos for around 40 games, including Penguin-Kun Wars and Trog.

There's a new article at The Games that Time Forgot, this time Nathan Strum has reviewed King & Balloon.

Quickest update at their side of the ocean
Posted by pi at at 9:11PM [GMT]
Quick MAME32 0.64, no need to look at the changelog because there's nothing new... Maybe John IV forgot to update this file? Anyway, the screenshots, icons, and titles oacks have been updated too. It seems there's also a problem with the datfiles for these, but you can get them at ClrMamePro's page, Roman already updated...

Mucho arreglo
Posted by pi at at 9:10PM [GMT]
Not to be less than the other big bro, here we have RAINE 0.37.2, with a very nice changelog. It has some new games added (like Rygar), and also some new clones. But the best part comes with the insane amount of fixes for sound, graphics and games not working before. Nice stuff indeed.

Calling for help
Posted by pi at at 9:10PM [GMT]
GoodOldGames at BeEmulated is searching for a MAME porter to maintain (and hopefully improve) the MAME BeOS port. If you are interested, tell him you saw it at CAESAR first :)

Another one calling for help is Haze, he is hoping the inclusion of a ST-V game in MAME 0.64 (Die Hard) will encourage someone to investigate some weird stuff about a rom called IC13. :-?

Sunday 26 January

More updating
Posted by pi at at 10:33PM [GMT]
Roman has released ClrMamePro 2.88.1, which has 3 profiler fixes (really, only that), and had time to update some MAME 0.64 related dats already :)

Note: I just tried for first time the update ability of ClrMamePro and works great! Try it!

Let's run a bit
Posted by pi at at 9:36PM [GMT]
As John IV announces, we have just seen the release of MAME 0.64. This is an intermediate release, without all the things from the latest WIPs. The changelog is small (well still not there, wait a minute), but don't forget the last release was 2 weeks ago... Still it has some nice things, like Zombie Raid, Mutant Fighter and Edward Randy. Enjoy this new piece of emulation, and wait 10 days more... ;)

Subtle enhancements
Posted by pi at at 9:32PM [GMT]
Triggerfin has made a little update at Catlist, he added a Bios.ini file to his Cat32 pack (for MAME32 custom folder-ing).

New musical experiences
Posted by pi at at 9:32PM [GMT]
ElSemi has released Nebula Jukebox 2.7, which as many improvements and fixes. Model 3 double SCSP games are supported (sound only, of course), Model 2/2A MultiPCM sound, and soem fixes for CPS1 games. Yummy!

Saturday 25 January

Back at daily reports again?
Posted by pi at at 6:49PM [GMT]
Too quick MAME WIP, but with good content. Wizard Fire / Dark Seal 2, working driver, and Rohga and Nitroball, these last two not working yet. The pics from Dark Seal 2 look great, I hope it will run well in my ghetto PC(tm).

Update: It's crazy, another update! Aaron sent in a driver for Crowns Golf (Nasco, 1984).

Posted by pi at at 5:11PM [GMT]
Logiqx has made a much needed update to the Development Tools section here at CAESAR (look at the left menu, scroll down a bit). As well, he has updated his compile guides for MAME and RAINE, with all the new stuff covered and improved environment and bits (and bobs).

Note: Some hacker modified the post already :)

It's not XOR'ing, but...
Posted by pi at at 10:35AM [GMT]
And with some difficulties but here we have MAME/MAME32 Plus! 0.63.2. This MAME derivative adds even more features to the pile it already had, and now comes with PS patch support to distribute hacks and modifications of games in a better way IMHO. It has even more changes and fixes, so it's not the only thing added in this release. Note that the link provided is just a mirror cause the official page is down right now.

Santa forgot the best
Posted by pi at at 10:34AM [GMT]
Not happy with past Christmas gifts? Buy yourself a Chun-Li. There are more options: Mai Shiranui and others, and even that Sengoku Aces gal, but I can't find the pic right now... Uhm, here you have a local copy of Koyori, that was her name... If anyone could send me the page where all the pics of that figure where shown, thanks in advance.

Posted by pi at at 12:13AM [GMT]
Weekend's MAME WIP, featuring Edward Randy and Mutant Fighter! Well there are more things, but I guess only with that, some dudes at the MameFans board will be pleased :)

Friday 24 January

The best and worst in your own home
Posted by pi at at 10:15PM [GMT]
C0pil0t has updated once again The Best (And Worst) Of MAME, well he did earlier this week, but well this time he added MAME32 folders with the best and worst, great idea! Note these rankings come from, so drive towards there to place your vote. Thanks to Twisty for the news.

Even more MAMEing
Posted by pi at at 10:14PM [GMT]
Some MAME 0.63 variants have been updated:
  • Mevi has announced the release of PatchMAME 0.63.1. You can read the changes and improvements in this changelog post, and it includes quite some nice things, besides of a bunch of non-MAME games. Ah phosphorencent decay again :) Until the official page is updated, he left somewhere else the source.
  • URebelScum (him, not you) has released MAME: Analog+ 0.63. Besides source, you'll get the DOS, Windows and Windows GUI builds. Analog+ is a modified MAME designed to get the most out of your analog inputs, be them mice, wheels, spinners...
  • At MAME Spirits you can find JMAME32 0.63 final. The J stands for Japanese, so I can't tell you what's new right now...
  • For the spanish readers, EsMAME/EsMAME32 0.63.2 will do better. Besides the translation by GBMan & Josele, you'll find some more fixes and extra games... Worth a try.

A point release
Posted by pi at at 4:30PM [GMT]
And as announced, here you have MAME32 0.63.1. I thought they would add more bugfixes (just my imagination), but still the changelog looks good enough.

Time to write a bit
Posted by pi at at 4:29PM [GMT]
Jay has created a Searchable MAME FAQ Database. For now it doesn't contain anything, but while he populates the database (with the original MAME FAQ I guess), you could contribute with some CHD advices and such :)

358 days more than I thought!
Posted by pi at at 3:16PM [GMT]
One year ago, on Thursday 24 January of 2002, I made my first post here. One year later I still enjoy it very much, even when I started to post, many persons said emulation was dead... Anyway, it was a nice year, I only wish I got more persons sending me news, but I still got some nice mails and met cool persons involved in arcade emulation. I also hope my news served well to all CAESAR's readers. Thank you!

Thursday 23 January

The Duke is back
Posted by pi at at 9:02PM [GMT]
Not much activity today, so I might as well put a plug for Duke Rogers again. Erik has improved the game, making it more challenging, and putting end-level bosses each 3 levels. I also saw the good looking preview of a coming OpenGL version (tho the preview doesn't look like any game at all). Like Erik said, it doesn't look like Java!

Beware of the Link Patrol
Posted by pi at at 9:02PM [GMT]
Mrv2K, the king of do-it-yourself easily, has updated EasyEmu with a small guide to use CHD's. While most of CAESAR's readers (that includes you) know how to deal with them, it's nice to have a static place to point new users to. So remember this link when you read next post about "where to put kinst.chd?"

Wednesday 22 January

With a cherry on top
Posted by pi at at 10:37PM [GMT]
To finish the day, MAME WIP. Six dense days, with remarkable things like Egg Venture, Raiga - Strato Fighter, Lethal Justice, cleaned up Art & Magic driver, more improvements in the System 32 driver, and some zillions fixes.

The bits you wanted
Posted by pi at at 9:28PM [GMT]
Sixtoe made the first update of 2003 at System 16 - The Arcade Museum. There is a bunch of corrected things, as well as new ones to look at. He is attending the ATEI show too, so we might get a couple of good shots in a few days.

Report from unexpected direction
Posted by pi at at 9:26PM [GMT]
For a change, MAME32 WIP report... Not that anything specific was mentioned, but well it's interesting to see it and maybe we will see a better release soon.

For the brave
Posted by pi at at 9:24PM [GMT]
If you dare, you could get Shiriru's CPS2 and Cave fixes, some source changes for your MAME which apparently fixes sprite lag in Cave games, raster effects in CPS2 and some other things. Since the page is in japanese, I can't say much, but mamedevs are furiously checking these fixes to see if they will go into the official sourcetree...

Tuesday 21 January

The NeverEnding Story
Posted by pi at at 9:32PM [GMT]
M.A.S.H. has done it again, releasing MameInfo.dat 4.32. Latest bugs, newest WIP, and Recommended Games. Btw the other day he updated his PCBInfo to 0.63a with some more new items.

Just when I updated mine...
Posted by pi at at 9:25PM [GMT]
Here's the new ClrMamePro 2.88. Roman has found time to make some profiler addons, plus some fixes which are always nice to get. Time to update (again).

Again, better late than...
Posted by pi at at 9:24PM [GMT]
It seems I missed one release, and I'm posting about GeoMAME 0.57f one week later... But well, this NeoGeo Enhanced MacMAME now supports Zupapa, Sengoku and KOF 2001.

Rites of sacrifice
Posted by pi at at 5:33PM [GMT]
More Sega System 32 WIP, courtesy of Haze, the author of this torturing MAME driver (like the others are easy heh). Now RGB brightness controls are working, making Alien 3 look even better. Check the JP lightnings too.

Advanced news
Posted by pi at at 5:32PM [GMT]
Andrea has announced the release of AdvanceMAME 0.63.0. Along with all the 0.63 changes, there is a good bunch of miscellaneous changes and fixes specific to AdvanceMAME. He has also released AdvanceMENU v2.2.3, again with miscellaneous changes.

The history repeats
Posted by pi at at 5:32PM [GMT]
Guru has updated once again his Model 2 Status page. Pi has lost once again the track of what's new. Life is full of surprises :)

Monday 20 January

Posted by pi at at 8:52PM [GMT]
There's something weird about Aaron Giles, cause today he did two updates... The Atari GALlery has seven new guests, plus he updated appropiately his To-Do List, Log and Drivers page. Myabe I missed it or maybe it hasn't appeared yet, but Tickee Tickats has been submitted. Not that I know that game, I just thought I could mention it :)

The vacuum cleaner
Posted by pi at at 1:10PM [GMT]
Yesterday, just after I went away, Logiqx released ZipIdent 1.01, which has been frozen for 10 months and now has several bugs fixed. This is a command-line tool designed to keep unemulated or needed soon ROMs collections clean and nice. It comes with source and all, and it's very powerful. Recommended.

More educational reading
Posted by pi at at 1:09PM [GMT]
After posting about MAMExpose yesterday, now I have to post about The Games That Time Forgot, hosted at CinemArcade and unknown to me until today (or maybe sadly forgotten). It's another column covering not very known games, and currently it has a review of Cheeky Mouse. It has been running for around a year, and it has past year's archive available too. Thanks to Aaron for the link!

Frustration for the masses
Posted by pi at at 1:08PM [GMT]
Short but yummy news at Guru's Place: Laser Ghost has been preserved. Notice that IIRC this is a protected System 18 game, so it might be a long time until it is emulated. Sixtoe's System 16 Arcade Museum has more info and screenies.

Sunday 19 January

No more, not less
Posted by pi at at 9:25PM [GMT]
Another bunch of dats related to MAME 0.63 have appeared at again. The team has worked well and I think there's nothing left, including all resource data files (including the new Panels too). Also the FBA dat has been updated too, better late than never...

Improve your culture
Posted by pi at at 9:18PM [GMT]
Jess Ragan, editor, and member in his spare time of Digital Press, has started a new montly column there, called MAMExpose. In it he will discuss less known games (since as he says, the famous ones are largely covered), and promises to be a very interesting read.

Discovery channel
Posted by pi at at 9:16PM [GMT]
Guru has updated his Sega Model 2 Status. I don't remember what was in the last time I visited, so I'm not sure what is new. It will be funnier for you to discover by yourself, don't you think?

May the joystick be with you
Posted by pi at at 9:15PM [GMT]
After some time knowing of them, and asking myself where they were being hidden, Eldio has revealed in his site the location of Smitdogg's Control Panels Packs. You can find them there along with the pertinent dats for your rom manager. Currently only one frontend supports them, but they are way too cool to be missed, and I'm sure in the near future we will see more GUI's and frontends supporting them.

Gossip mince
Posted by pi at at 9:13PM [GMT]
After a long time missing it, and with nothing to fill the space left... The return of JoseQ's Rumour Mill! In the arcade side, he mentions CottAGE and Mimic, but overall it's always an interesting read. Thanks to Twisty for the hint.

Saturday 18 January

Double dev combo
Posted by pi at at 11:29PM [GMT]
Haze is back at the torture and whipping, and showing some nice System 32 WIP. Backgrounds are there, and colors are correct in more places. There is still a long way to go, use Modeler in the meanwhile :)

And if you visit Aaron's Home Page, you can see he is still maintaining his new year resolution and made another update! He talks about the Art & Magic games, which look like almost finished, and gives a clue of what could be coming next.

The way of the order
Posted by pi at at 11:29PM [GMT]
Triggerfin has finished categorizing, sorting, arranging and other -ing, and Catlist is there waiting for you, with all the new set of files ready to download. Fire up your frontend or MAME32, and enjoy finding the games easily.

Stealing wild links from the forums
Posted by pi at at 7:02PM [GMT]
MAMEWorld going wild under Twisty's direction. Atari 2600 going wild too, the threatening never ends. To finish, eBay and DOAXB gone wild, beware of the links in that post, they are 18+ only.

More unsolved cases
Posted by pi at at 7:01PM [GMT]
There has been an update at Sil's Single Emulator page. At the moment it's unclear for me what's new and what's happening there, it seems there are three new single emulators (MAME based but extremely lightweight), but they're not uploaded as of now. And the ones hosted here are not being linked correctly.

Nice teamwork
Posted by pi at at 1:25PM [GMT]
I know sometimes I'm late with this, but well... Logiqx made the first releases of this year, and boys is this a massive release! Updates for his data file tools DatUtil, MAMEDiff and ROMBuild, and then dats for ClrMamePro (and others) and RomCenter, including all the new and changed datafiles involving in one or other way MAME 0.63, from MAME itself to the system dats.

Wanted dead or alive
Posted by pi at at 1:20PM [GMT]
It seems there has been another update at MAME Targets. Mr. Goodwraith did another stealth job and did lots of changes except in the frontpage :-? Nevertheless the stuff there is always interesting. You can read the details in this post. Thanks to Gregf for the news.

Sweet as sugar and twice as crunchy
Posted by pi at at 1:19PM [GMT]
Dan has been lucky and got a lot of new items for his collection, which he is sharing at The Arcade Flyers Archive. Highlights include Monkey Magic, an Asteroid, some Rampage, and some more rare stuff worth looking at.

Friday 17 January

So far so good
Posted by pi at at 7:07PM [GMT]
At first glance I've not seen anything to post about, and I'm going out right now, so come back tomorrow for your dose of weird headlines mixed with arcade food. Have a good weekend!

Thursday 16 January

The smoothing effect
Posted by pi at at 9:18PM [GMT]
TVMAME32 0.63 has been released. This is the MAME32 brother of SmoothMAME - fixes most games to have a refresh rate of 60hz, making them more suitable for fixed refresh monitors and TV's.

The right path
Posted by pi at at 9:17PM [GMT]
Pierre has released Mamory 0.1.3, which solves several bugs from earlier versions, and optimizes the memory usage to make everything smoother (where possible). So far this project is looking good.

Can't find a headline for this one
Posted by pi at at 9:16PM [GMT]
There are new goodies at The Arcade Flyers Archive. Gerard added two flyers for Armored Car and Minefield, sent in by Chris Oberth (chasgrax mate). He also uploaded some other goodies, and even had time to release Flyer Pack #17, with 55 new items. It's available at The MAME32 QA/Test & Art Dept. but for a limited time also at TAFA.

The Duke of Cool
Posted by pi at at 9:16PM [GMT]
If you want to know about the last project done by Erik Duijs (author of JEmu and CottAGE), it's named Duke Rogers. Influenced by Galaxy Force and other Sega's Growin Object games, Erik's first try in game creation reminds too much of Buck Rogers. It's still in development stages, agreeing with Erik about how easy the game is right now. But it has cool graphics, it has Duke, and a great soundtrack (trust me in that). It also saves best scores in the server, my name is in there already :) Erik wants feedback and ideas to enhance the game. To be run it needs Java 1.4 or higher.

The long long road
Posted by pi at at 9:15PM [GMT]
There's a looooong MAME WIP for everyone to enjoy. It has tons of shots from many games like Jurassic Park (don't jump too much, not playable), B-Wings and Zaviga (driver by Acho A. Tang), Stoneball (a prototype) and Ultimate Tennis (unprotected both by Aaron "me-world-ruler" Giles), lots of Homedata Mahjongs, Boggy '84 (drunken driver), Vasara 2 (drool) and much more for you to read and watch.

Wednesday 15 January

Hat trick hero
Posted by pi at at 9:11PM [GMT]
Twisty has done three things. First, he has released SmoothMAME 0.63, the derivative which makes most games run at exactly 60Hz. Second, he moved to MameWorld where SmoothMAME is now hosted. And not happy with all that, third and last, he posted the news in MameWorld himself, and will be newsposter for a while there.

Where's the PCB pack, man?
Posted by pi at at 8:50PM [GMT]
M.A.S.H. doesn't rest and releases MameInfo.dat 4.31. This DIFF update contains the first 0.63 bugs, has new Video Hardware notes and adds/corrects bad dump entries for all original games.

Plus and beyond
Posted by pi at at 8:49PM [GMT]
And here it is MAME/MAME32 Plus! 0.63.1. Compared to other changelogs in the past, there is not much new in this release, but they have fixed already a couple of bugs appeared, and everything else is up to date.

The dawn of prompt
Posted by pi at at 8:49PM [GMT]
SMF made possible for us to witness the advent of DOS MAME 0.63. As Mr. Gridle says, the compile tools for this version will be released later, tomorrow, or whenever. There you will find also updated screenies for all the new games.

Posted by pi at at 8:48PM [GMT]
I really should talk about Tombstones down here at CAESAR, but still it amazes me the blindness of some "organizations", to name them in some way. I still can find ten places to buy roms illegally, just using Google; and yet they can't find them, and prefer to focus on non-profit projects? Shameful. Thanks to DJ Rosen for the (sad) news.

Tuesday 14 January

Three in one (KCET G3 Grandale AMD Mix)
Posted by pi at at 9:19PM [GMT]
Radar detected xmame 0.62.2 binary for BeOS at My radar is named check&neverget. Get it?

More System16B hardware notes at Charles MacDonald's Home Page. Hey Charles, when you're finished with that Tetris board, send here, kthx.

Fandemame has posted a History.dat fix, actually two. One is for the source, and the other is a new dat file for MAME32 users.

Too many masters around
Posted by pi at at 9:19PM [GMT]
If you're up for reading a bit without fancy snaps, here is some Model 2 WIP, from ElSemi himself (soon to be named deputy of the Lord of All Known and Parallel Universes).

Just because
Posted by pi at at 9:18PM [GMT]
Trojan has revealed once again the strangest cabinets around, and again in eBay: Cutest Arcade Cab Ever Created (tm, r and c) ready for your Barbie and Ken to enjoy. Uhrm no, I'd prefer porcelain dolls, thanks. And Randolph/Andrew (does he has some kind of MPD?) has pointed us to a great Pac-Rod, or pacmobile for the legos. Hard to read but worth a look.

Posted by pi at at 9:18PM [GMT]
Finally the mistery has been revealed. Yesterday BlastarX released NeoGeo SystemCheck 1.0b (y ole) which is a simple rom which can read the dipswitch settings from the machine. Where's the deal? It comes with source, and can be used by anyone interested in developing for the NeoGeo system. Thanks to Iron Man for the much needed translation.

Monday 13 January

Just when I thought I finished...
Posted by pi at at 10:30PM [GMT]
M.A.S.H. just updated to MameInfo.dat 4.30, reflecting all needed changes for 0.63.

Fandemame also updated to History.dat 0.63, also all the needed changes for 0.63, plus lots more infos for games like KI, Pirates and Galaga.

There's something else Neogeo-ish at BlastarX, but I don't understand german, sorry. Some Neogeo System Checker.

Three in one, part nth
Posted by pi at at 10:10PM [GMT]
M.A.S.H. has released the PCB-Infos 0.62d package, with new files, a bunch of updated ones, and better arrangement for the upcoming section.

A mid-size update at Bobby Tribble's unMAMEd arcade games. Not for 0.63, MAME is not the center of the world (yet). Some cleaning and additions, a bit of everything for all tastes, including Mutant Fighter.

There's a small update at Haze's MAME page. He clears out a simple confusion about Zombie Raid and NeoGeo, plus he comments that it didn't make it in time for the release, but still it works fine. Well, next time...

Before datman comes
Posted by pi at at 1:19PM [GMT]
Talking about dats, at the ClrMame Homepage Roman has been busy updating dats for the 0.63 release, and also includes some advices for the KI HD images. The Metroid buttonbar looks cool too.

Gui powered experience
Posted by pi at at 1:19PM [GMT]
I just checked and it seems MAME32 0.63 was released just a bit ago. I can't tell you what's new (relevant to the MAME32 build), because I hate Fileplanet :) All relevant packages like screenshots, titles, and icons, have been updated too, as well as the dats for them.

Cheating without gals involved
Posted by pi at at 1:04PM [GMT]
Mike Haggar has released his Cheat Archive 0.2.94a for FBA, Nebula, Kawaks and MAME. It has a few more cheat and quite some more fixed ones. Grab them quickly! For the ones preferring cheats for the last MAME, read Stephh's wisdom.

Furuhata's Theme: 0wn't
Posted by pi at at 1:04PM [GMT]
After the release mayhem, today Gridle has updated at the samples collection, with new Galaga, Subroc-3D and Xevios samples. They are also mirrored at Twisty's samples collection. Additionaly, as Twisty explains in this post, the Galaga ones seem to sound bad. He redid an enhanced version which might be more advisable to get.

For the hardcore guys
Posted by pi at at 1:03PM [GMT]
And without further delay, xmame 0.62.2 has been released. The changelog is looooong. Actually it was for 0.62.1 (released yesterday late), but well there was a minor error which is fixed :) Let's hope the 0.63 doesn't get so delayed.

As predicted in TV
Posted by pi at at 1:02PM [GMT]
As supossed, yesterday night the official MAME 0.63 "Core Wars" release happened, with source and binaries available. There is a new MinGW package (version 2.0) for the compilers. Also, check the htmlized changelog, with ads and all :-p DOS users will have to wait a bit.

Sunday 12 January

Murphy's right eye
Posted by pi at at 9:53PM [GMT]
My good luck, just when I was going to bed, I saw that John IV has announced the MAME 0.63 changelog. Gridle has the source, so the official builds and releases at should be soon. I can't wait for the official release, so I'll just scream Golly Ghost and System 32, and go to bed.

Epidemic feeling
Posted by pi at at 9:27PM [GMT]
Andrea has added detailed instruction on how to burn AdvanceCD, to help out all of you. They are available in the site for now, but I guess they will be added to the distribution in next version too.

On the other side, Reaper2k2 has updated SIEmu for DreamCast beta 2, with full speed and sound, and splash screens and all.

I don't have much more to say, it's cold and my throat is sore, I'm sleepy and tired, so good night and see you tomorrow in a hopefully better mood.

Saturday 11 January

Posted by pi at at 8:42PM [GMT]
There are new things at Guru's ROM Dumping News. Six PCB's have been preserved :) and some are already emulated like Super Visual Soccer (recently added by Haze). I think this time there is stuff for all tastes, but be patient... Thanks to sk3n3 0wn3r for the hint.

Too funny to be missed
Posted by pi at at 7:35PM [GMT]
Thanks to weed_richard I've noticed this great movie about the Seinfeld Frogger episode (hosted at, 12mb). Funny stuff to see. I never saw it in TV anyway, so it was great watching it for once :) Thanks to Bombjack for the link, of course!

The berst and the wost
Posted by pi at at 7:34PM [GMT]
C0pil0t has compiled a site called The Best (and Worst) of MAME, which uses information from to show what users voted. Worth a look, altho I guess no one agrees with it listings, it gives a good overview... Thanks to MameWorld for the news and for hosting that page :)

Friday 10 January

Small is beautiful (part XXVII)
Posted by pi at at 10:39PM [GMT]
Remember SIEmu? Allegedly the best documentated 8080a simulator? Well, Reaper2k2 (known for many other DC MAME ports) has ported it to the Dreamcast. Comes with color, sound and full speed.

Interpret it as you want
Posted by pi at at 10:39PM [GMT]
There's this CANAME 0.62.4 Final at MAME Spirits. It has a fixed CPS2 driver and... Well, it's "final" :)

I already subscribed to the announce list :-p
Posted by pi at at 10:38PM [GMT]
Andrea Mazzoleni has released AdvanceCD 1.0.0, which is a bundle which contains a minimal bootable Linux, and preconfigured AdvanceMAME and AdvanceMESS, which can be run from an also preconfigured AdvanceMenu. The default ISO already has three free legal roms, and guess what, it only takes 16mb of space so there's plenty of space for others ;) It autodetects everything needed, and overall looks like a simple and quick solution. Thanks to PeterD for telling me beforehand.

From one vice to the other
Posted by pi at at 1:06PM [GMT]
Aaron Giles had enough with LucasArts for now and he's back at MAMEing. The mistery game has been revealed (go there to know it), congrats to the ones who got it right, no prizes :-p There are bad news about Super Rider, all collectors and bidders could read the details in case any of you could help him.

Stalking the master
Posted by pi at at 1:06PM [GMT]
Roman continues the development of one of the best tools for obsessive-compulsive collectors, and releases ClrMamePro2.87. It comes packed with some good bugfixes and additions like the "hide red/green/grey profiles option". Once I understand what it does, I will sleep better.

Thursday 9 January

May the DIFF be with you
Posted by pi at at 9:02PM [GMT]
M.A.S.H. is again on it with the first issue of the month: MameInfo.dat 4.26. Latest bugs, newest WIP, and he added Recommended Games. He also put more information in the Hardware text file, I hope you also keep an eye in the Newsletter and Hardware info...

He fixed the date before most noticed :)
Posted by pi at at 6:17PM [GMT]
There's some minor update at Haze's MAME Page, and among other things, there is a new clone of Super Visual Football dumped by Guru and already working. Where's my 63? Thanks to DDT for the hint.

Update: He is working in Zombie Raid now, with some success it seems. Snaps available. He also mentions other things.

My english listening skills
Posted by pi at at 10:46AM [GMT]
Retrogaming Radio has made available the January 2003 Edition, featuring X-Arcade Solo review, and an interview with Matt Ownby, the author of Daphne. There's more of course :-p Thanks to Chris for the head's up.

New coat for old man
Posted by pi at at 10:37AM [GMT]
PeterD cleaned a bit the KIAME site, and made a new distribution of U64Emu 3.05 with readme and dipswitches documentation. As he says, in case RCP updates the .EXE... :)

The answer is blowing in the board
Posted by pi at at 10:12AM [GMT]
If you want to know what was updated in MAME Targets, since Mr. Goodwraith didn't post it in the site's frontpage or anywhere, he made a post with some of what's new and whatnot.

Wednesday 8 January

He's on it, for now
Posted by pi at at 9:50AM [GMT]
As he said, Aaron Giles is carrying out with his resolutions and he has posted some personal WIP. No snaps, but he mentions about Super Rider running except for one bad rom, and three Art & Magic games also running except for some graphics issue. Details on said site.

Update: He made another update to his site, regarding LucasArts games. Gone Jackals anyone?

With a little help from my friends
Posted by pi at at 9:49AM [GMT]
Smitdogg and Guru are arranging a quite big PCB purchase, and they are asking for some donations thru Mr. Goodwraith (instructions in the post). There are already some donations but they need more to make the purchases worth it and actually cheaper. Throw in some bucks, even small quantities will help.

I'm at zero right now, if anyone could donate 5 bucks for me, I'd be grateful :)

Update: Read some more comments by Guru, to have things clear.

Tuesday 7 January

Last minute stuff (well a bit old actually)
Posted by pi at at 11:15PM [GMT]
Techmaster released MAMECE3 9.5, a MAME port for WinCE platforms. In this release, the new thing is key remapping. Thanks MameWorld!

Old news for new oldies?
Posted by pi at at 5:34PM [GMT]
There has been an update at Guru's Model 2 Status page, spotted again by Smitdogg. Check the snaps from Behind the Enemy Lines (Model 2C), which according to Guru, it's almost 100% playable. ElSemi is doing an outstanding job.

As for Guru's own ROM Dumping News, he has dumped three games including Vamp 1/2 which looks like a cool thing.

Petition for console gamers
Posted by pi at at 4:58PM [GMT]
If you own a console and want to be informed here about arcade emulators on consoles such as the X-Box and the Dreamcast, please send me some links to check. I really don't know much of that world and I know I miss most of the stuff being done, so any help on that area will be appreciated.

The long lost report
Posted by pi at at 4:54PM [GMT]
Brief summary of things happening this long weekend:
  • Charles MacDonald has updated his System 16B hardware notes. Only for hardcore developers.
  • MamEnd is showing some continue screen.
  • Mr. Do keeps updating his website.
  • There have been lots of updates to MAME WIP, including some gorgeous P-47 Aces.
  • The Arcade Flyers Archive added 88 new flyers for our enjoyment.
  • Roman has updated to ClrMamePro 2.86.1 which fixes a CHD full-integrity-check bug.
  • MAME Targets had some updates here and there, thanks to Smitdogg for the news.
  • KieferSkunk/Dorsola has released FoxM1, a feature-packed frontend for the M1 player by R. Belmont. Read also this post. Available for download at Emuhype.
  • Tinker has made another release of MisfitMAME with some more goodies which raise the count to 407 games supported.
  • Some more MAME Dreamcasting by Reaper2k2, including Solomon's Key! I want a DC *snif*
  • More AppleMAME 0.62 for the unlucky us with old machines.
  • Xbox Linux Award deadline reached (at least for Part A). Linux in XBox maybe means easier arcade ports... Thanks to Chris for the news.
Ok I hope it was more readable than 18 surrealistic posts :) I will post later some things I surely missed.

I'm back!
Posted by pi at at 11:58AM [GMT]
Yes, I'm back, and I've been out four days without internet. It seems ZTNet was down a lot of time too. Do you want to know what was my problem? A [insert here ur fav harsh word] connection which was loose, in the side of the building. Stayed for 2 weeks then it fell. Great news, uh? Blame the installators. I hope they left it rock solid this time or I'm going to kill people.

Ok time to get back to work. Thursday I'll have a "job" interview but I hope I will be able to catch with news during these four days before that. Which is also the longest period of time I've been without posting, bleh.

Saturday 4 January

In short
Posted by pi at at 8:36AM [GMT]
I have problems with my ISP, just 2 weeks after cable installation. Am I lucky or what? I have no internet since yesterday morning. Well I will be off the weekend and probably even more. But I'll be back, if I can.

Thursday 2 January

Small details are also important
Posted by pi at at 10:32PM [GMT]
Have you noticed the small icon next to the address in your last-gen browser's address bar? :) Available in all CAESAR pages :) Isn't it cute?

I haven't made up mine yet...
Posted by pi at at 10:00PM [GMT]
More intimate moments shared by Aaron Giles - I wish him luck to maintain his new years resolutions! Errrrr no let me rewrite that. I wish us luck about him maintaining his new years resolutions! ;)

The non-arcade link of the day
Posted by pi at at 12:06PM [GMT]
Another new year present is available at _MADrigal_'s Handhelds Simulators (or at least in its italian mirror). _MADrigal_ has made another fine release (s3 final) for the game Monkey Jump, an VTech version of the famous Donkey Kong. Quality simulation indeed, fun! Thanks to PeterD for the non-arcade news.

Fantasy cover extravaganza
Posted by pi at at 12:05PM [GMT]
There is some movement at Kazuya's, where he has opened a non-NeoGeo reviews section, and mentioned some covers for a technically non-existant game.

Tricks morphed into secrets
Posted by pi at at 12:05PM [GMT]
Fandemame has released History.dat 0.62b, with new information for quite some games including two personal favorites like Super Pang and Vampire Savior 2. Have you checked his wishlist? Most interesting...

Wednesday 1 January

House of the Model
Posted by pi at at 7:24PM [GMT]
Make a visit to CPS2Shock, where ElSemi has left some snaps of his newest emulation breakthru: House of the Dead. That's Model 2C for you, looking great certainly.

Engrish Emperor does it again
Posted by pi at at 3:18PM [GMT]
This is a first class new year present! FMAME32 0.62 r1! Now all my friends can play the new MAME cause this is the version I recommend to them, always. M.A.S.H. has done anoteher great job, including a good number of fixes over regular MAME32 version. It also has some interesting new features - for example in the game properties, it will show in which resolution the game will be run if it's non-standard. Going to download right now to do hard testing!

Not all is good in the new year
Posted by pi at at 6:52AM [GMT]
One comes, one goes. TotalEmulation has closed its doors. Read this post for the final statement. Good luck to RabidFrog and the rest of the team in whatever they do.

The giant is back
Posted by pi at at 6:43AM [GMT]
Welcome back to PeterD and EmuHQ, with a new layout and more strenght and energy than ever! Looking nice that blue-green style, I think 2003 will be the EmuHQ year. Lots of good things in the horizon. Still one of my favs, go visit now!