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Monday 30 September

Unconfirmed, unknown, still unverified
Posted by pi at at 9:54PM [BST]
TiMan reported Finalburn on X-Box. I can't confirm it cause someone told me it might be a bit fake, but still not sure. So if anyone could confirm or deny this port, I would be grateful.

You're enjoying to all our flyers!
Posted by pi at at 9:42PM [BST]
A few new flyers got into The Arcade Flyers Archive, as well as one recovered. Actually three new flyers, I found the one called Why Convert One Dead Game into Another Dead Game as something quite interesting. So go and enjoy.

Anyone heard of Norstrilia?
Posted by pi at at 9:42PM [BST]
Haze has made a couple little updates on his Jaleco Megasystem 32 WIP, engrish is the subject, can you reveal the hidden message? :) There's some mention of non-arcade stuff on his MAME page as well, I thought I could give it some promo instead of heading everyone kamikaze towards the JMS32 page :-p
Update: It seems he updated once again his main page while I was writing the news, well basically Guru is happy cause SFX got emulated. Almost :)

Sunday 29 September

Classics never die
Posted by pi at at 10:28PM [BST]
Another update at my favorite NeoGeo place: (actually the only one I visit). Variated news for NeoGeo fans, a few inserts, plus the usual mistake with the date :) Go on Kaz!

Tech stuff but also WIP
Posted by pi at at 10:28PM [BST]
You should head to Charles MacDonald's Home Page, where he posted a little screenshot of a game called Laser Base. The emulation is not complete, so again be patient. I've not been able to find any info on this game, except a little mention on Bobby Tribble's unMAMEd arcade games (maybe next time I should search for the "parent"). He also talks about his System C2 hardware notes and test programs, which might see the light soon.

Saturday 28 September

Interesting things to read
Posted by pi at at 7:06PM [BST]
Time to read a bit: One Buck Forty or Die (John C. Dvorak for PC Magazine), Record Labels Request Online Sabotage Rights (James Maguire for NewsFactor), and Intellectual Property Implications of "Lock-Out" Programs (Julie E. Cohen). Thanks to Fazeo, The Informer, and the someone I forgot who gave me the Reverse Engineering link :)

Two million, two!
Posted by pi at at 2:05PM [BST]
Congratulations to Sixtoe and his System 16 - The Arcade Museum site, yesterday they hitted the two million mark on the counter. Keep on the good work Toby, and remember to say hi to Jack :)

Friday 27 September

How many up to today?
Posted by pi at at 9:57PM [BST]
Roman has found time to make and release ClrMamePro 2.75, with various little new things, fixed things, and changed things, which still makes this great ROM manager even greater.

This is becoming annoyingly l33t
Posted by pi at at 2:31PM [BST]
Time for CottAGE WIP. Gollum is revamping from scratch the Pacman driver, and nine clones are included in it. Pacman in MY browser, isn't that l33t? :)

Ars in gratia
Posted by pi at at 2:24PM [BST]
Another update, Haze's MAME page has been updated by his owner (who else?) with new stuff about Jaleco Megasystem 32. The pictures are starting to look much better, but still much to do so hold your breath!

Yesterday's news
Posted by pi at at 2:23PM [BST]
Updated the famous Guru's ROM Dumping News by... The Guru. Actually only the Sega Model 2 hardware page has suffered a lil update, but I guess some of you will find that small update very interesting. So here it is. It was. Whatever.

Thursday 26 September

Uhm, sorry
Posted by pi at at 9:13PM [BST]
No news today. Between the lack of news and the ZTNet shortage (related?), and being all day playing DOOM Legacy, I have now no time to post the little tidbits. I have to go for a movie, so I'll post the tidbits tomorrow. Have a good day/night (wherever you live!)

Wednesday 25 September

Posted by pi at at 9:59PM [BST]
Another MAME developer who reveals secrets, Haze has also updated his website with juicy news about his latest project: Jaleco Megasystem 32. It's still very preliminary so don't expect miracle development. We trust in you Haze!

Seven previews for seven releases
Posted by pi at at 3:52PM [BST]
More and more preview releases, this time it's X-MAME 0.61.1-pr7. I guess they are polishing it as much as possible since it seems there's time enough before 0.62 :) The changelog is composed by confusing *nix stuff, and this version is available thru a patch, but they don't mention that it's small like other times...

He's l33t, right?
Posted by pi at at 3:51PM [BST]
The mighty Aaron Giles has updated his website once again with Atari Polygon WIP... And certainly there are really good news! There is SOUND, and there are CONTROLS, and everything WORKS in Hard Drivin'!!! Now everything is a bit slower, but anyway my computer is not enough for them, optimized or not... Maybe you're lucky and yours is! Go there and read more news about Race Drivin', Steel Talons, etc... Worthy!

The Unforgettable Fire(d)
Posted by pi at at 3:51PM [BST]
How could I've missed this one!!!!! Zzap!Raine Issue 5! Thanks to Stephh for reminding me that Check&Get doesn't work well with that addy :)

Tuesday 24 September

The Delphi Oracle says
Posted by pi at at 9:51PM [BST]
As Grand Master Pete says, the Greek Goverment has made some important modifications to the now infamous Law 3037, and now gaming is again legal in Greece. Congrats to all the affected (and now happy again) gamers!

Sexy Mr. F.Lea
Posted by pi at at 9:50PM [BST]
This might seem unimportant and small, but Dan from The Arcade Flyers Archive has posted a complete and uncropped Mr. F.Lea flyer. Didn't make it to the Flyer Pack #15, too bad.

Monday 23 September

Package the pack for packing and packaging
Posted by pi at at 9:59PM [BST]
Gerard from The Arcade Flyers Archive has written me to tell me about the Flyer Pack #15, with 63 new flyers and 24 replaced ones. Probably the pack will appear soon at The MAME32 QA/Test & Art Dept.

Celebration day
Posted by pi at at 9:56PM [BST]
Vaz and the rest of the team from MamEnd has reached 500 grand finales in his site. Remember to check the english guide if like me, you're italian impaired. Congrat guys for so many endings!

Last call
Posted by pi at at 9:56PM [BST]
The guys at MAME-X, the X-Box MAME port, have added a WIP page about progress in this port. I'll not report the progress here so it's a good time to save the bookmark and information for future reference ;)

All of them, all
Posted by pi at at 9:55PM [BST]
The guys at CP Systems 2 have some nice links from the last TGS show, they are two videos of the latest Capcom games. I'd suggest you to take a look to that Capcom All-Time-Story Fighting Super-Stars :)

One more, one less
Posted by pi at at 9:39PM [BST]
Seems we are in another group of mayhem days in the CottAGE WIP. Today Gollum fixed Mr. Jong/Crazy Blocks, LFE added preliminary Pooyan support and Sandy McArthur optimized bitmap copying. Details and screenshots where available.

Five years and still on the edge
Posted by pi at at 9:33PM [BST]
Mr. Roman has released ClrMamePro 2.74. We could consider this kinda like a Fifth Anniversary Edition, as he mentions that this month ClrMamePro has turned five years old! Congratulations and thank you very much for a five years continued effort! About the new release, as usual it has a handful of fixes, changes and improvements. Word for Logiqx: dir2dat creates datfile crc entries with leading 0x.

Getting close to lightspeed
Posted by pi at at 9:32PM [BST]
Andrea has released AdvanceMAME 0.61.3, with its usual companion AdvanceMenu 2.1.2. The amount of changes is nice enough to not worry: sure they all are of high quality :)

Another one I didn't see
Posted by pi at at 9:31PM [BST]
The Guru has updated his site with some Model 2 information. Lots of various information on the games and different hardware, and some preliminary emulation shots when available. Actually this was pointed at me by Smitdogg, thanks man. I didn't see what was changed :)

Sunday 22 September

Posted by pi at at 9:55PM [BST]
PeterD from EmuHQ has pointed me to a very interesting thing called Mini-ITX. Possibilities? Endless! A good example is the Jelly Bean. That's the last page, but if you read the whole construction, well, it's awesome! I want one!

Nice butt, yeah
Posted by pi at at 9:54PM [BST]
Oh there is more CottAGE WIP! This time Gollum has fixed Tropical Angel, which is now perfect. Now you can see that nice... Uhmmm... Blue sea in full browser glory.

Sore throat?
Posted by pi at at 9:54PM [BST]
Kazuya has updated with... Guess what... NeoGeo news! :) Well, some info about the Rage of the Dragons AES cart, and a scan of its insert, which is another great example of fine japanese style art. Also some linking of the COUGH2002 videos :-D

Posted by pi at at 9:54PM [BST]
Here we have CANAME 0.61.10. These guys always polishing things. The changes are mostly cosmetical, and anyway they are only three :) But, despite anything else, I always recommend the same: upgrade!

Expensive parfums come into small bottles
Posted by pi at at 9:53PM [BST]
It has been a small update over at The Arcade Flyers Archive. Gerard added a new flyer, for the game Ring Rage, and replaced flyers for five other games like Soul Calibur and Killer Comet.

Yin & yang
Posted by pi at at 9:53PM [BST]
Mike Haggar, THE Haggar has released his Cheat File/Archive 0.2.93a. It includes new cheats for Giga Wing and various Street Fighter AlphaZeroWhatever, and also fixes some cheats for Street Fighter AlphaZeroWhatever.

Suddenly, a stranger
Posted by pi at at 9:52PM [BST]
It was time for M.A.S.H. to update once more again his thingy. MameInfo.dat 4.19 includes the latest bugs, the newest WIP, and for the first time, the Orange files from MameTesters have been included inside the dat as well.

Atomiswhat? Chocolate who? Gotta love the names :)
Posted by pi at at 4:05PM [BST]
Sixtoe has been kind enough to tell me by email about his last update at System 16 - The Arcade Museum! It's an historical day, two big updates in such a short time! Well about the update itself, as usual there is a lot of everything, but I guess one of the interesting bits is the inclusion of information about Chihiro (X-Box hardware), mention of the future Naomi 3 hardware (interesting bit), and the change from System X to... Atomiswave! What's that? Oh well I can't tell all which has changed, would be too long. Go there and read yourself :-p

Too much work
Posted by pi at at 4:05PM [BST]
Gridle has updated once again the MAME WIP and still no sign from 0.62! But well, the WIP deals with some interesting stuff in these last seven days. There is good sound, music, linescroll and sprite placing in the SKNS driver, total slapstic support in Rampart, the new games Ace and N.Y. Captor, updated Starship 1 driver, and finally a better Namco System 2 driver with real protection emulation which makes Lucky & Wild and Suzuka 8 Hours 2 playable. Thanks to all the devs for their contributions, and go read the remaining bits, they're also worthy!

Friday 20 September

Alan, where are you?
Posted by pi at at 7:06PM [BST]
Uh, honestly, I hate this kind of teasers. Now I will be unable to sleep until I discover which is the game mentioned in the Mimic WIP. What's that formula? Some secret code I don't recognize (I haven't gone to school in my current reincarnation) which might shed a little light over the secret? Any information will be appreciated, thanks.

The D Team
Posted by pi at at 2:25PM [BST]
Before he goes off for a week and a while, Logiqx has updated *finally* the Nebula and Kawaks dats (as part of the training it seems). Taking into account the MAME Icons dat (done by the team), it's being done quite some work on the dat-side there. Getting better every day!

Thursday 19 September

Missed myself?!?!?
Posted by pi at at 10:56PM [BST]
Oh well... I was expecting that I got to my first thousand news posts and I missed it. Blame myself! Actually this is my 1,030th post, could you believe it? That makes an average of 4.3 posts per day. And I didn't abuse too much with non-arcade news :) Not too bad, I thought I would just stay posting a couple of weeks :-p

He does sound like a broken record :)
Posted by pi at at 2:51PM [BST]
And again another candidate for 0.61.1: X-MAME 0.61.1-pr6. The sixth in the saga fixes the MAME_NET support. Again only a tiny small little minimal patch.

Infinite 0.61.x ahead?
Posted by pi at at 2:51PM [BST]
Another spirit release: CANAME 0.61.9. Small fixes, but I like the idea of a message saying something when there are no dips. Is that enought to make you download it? :) Who knows...

Wednesday 18 September

Viva yesyes
Posted by pi at at 8:03PM [BST]
Logiqx has released datfiles for VivaNonno 22.0.3. There are some differences from already existing ones, so I'd suggest you that if System 22 is your choice, then get these dats for ClrMAMEPro and RomCenter.

Gotta love the version numbering!
Posted by pi at at 2:39PM [BST]
Tux is spoiling us with the quick and bugfixed versions lately for each major release. So here we have RAINE 0.36.1 which is packed with lots of fixes. The changelog is stated in the frontpage, lots of things in the GunBird driver, fixed music and adpcm sound, demos, well, you know the deal :)

One day has passed
Posted by pi at at 2:39PM [BST]
Who doesn't like quick bugfixed versions? Here it's X-MAME 0.61.1-pr5 to prove it. It has a configfile patch reapplied, and the changelog correctly reflects the real name of the -audiodevice parameter (was -waveout, ick). Preview Release 4's users are lucky enough to need to apply only a tiny little smallish patch.

Tuesday 17 September

For one of the Avengers
Posted by pi at at 7:03PM [BST]
Hey man, I just wanted to comment you that you're missing something: One single Garfield strip. Thanks for the other 9,000 ;)

Move'em up!
Posted by pi at at 3:39PM [BST]
More CottAGE WIP from the newest member of the growing development team. This time LFE added support for Mr. Jong/Crazy Blocks. Still some wrong colors but nothing which can't be fixed with a bit of time.

MAME Kombat 4
Posted by pi at at 3:38PM [BST]
Did you think they were on holidays or what? Well actually yes, but still they keep working hard and here we have X-MAME 0.61.1-pre4. This Preview Release 4 will become the final 0.61.1 if nothing goes wrong. The list of changes is quite long. Among everything, sound logging :)

Happy birthday, celebration day
Posted by pi at at 3:34PM [BST]
Today we've had one year of ScummVM. Congrats for all this time and effort, and thanks to all the developers! You can say the same in their forums and IRC channel ;)

Monday 16 September

The family grows
Posted by pi at at 3:20PM [BST]
I knew I was missing something in the news lately... CottAGE WIP! Two good additions: A new member in the team, called LFE, and preliminary support for Tropical Angel.

Only for your eyes
Posted by pi at at 3:17PM [BST]
Charles McDonald has made available a preliminary document about Sega System 18 Hardware. Beware, it's hardcore read. He mentions a few bits more in his news, and says he will complete the information soon.

Sunday 15 September

Visrtually striking
Posted by pi at at 11:54PM [BST]
I don't know if people has seen some more Model 2 WIP, apparently there are two new pics of the game Virtua Striker. Picture 1 and picture 2 show progress in the 3D drawing but still far from perfect. Thanks to Karadoc for the hint.

Posted by pi at at 9:40PM [BST]
BeOS users can now enjoy the last RAINE with the binary available at RAINE 0.36 has good changes indeed!

ISO 9001?
Posted by pi at at 1:55PM [BST]
After a long time, Gridle has updated once again MAME's Artwork page. Note that this page contains only the artwork Gridle thinks is good enough. So only around 30 additions, but seem to share a good quality level.

Saturday 14 September

Woes and growls
Posted by pi at at 11:22PM [BST]
As my program AhorroTabaco/SmokeSavings says, I've been without smoking 2^8 days (100 in hex). In that time I've saved 523 euros (which I've not seen anywhere anyway). If I ever get to install again everything needed to remove an offending URL from the program and fix the only bug it has, I will release it. However making a good program like this (well it's a simple one), saving big bucks, or even being such a long time without a single smoke doesn't make me happy. Bad day today, maybe PMS? Today I want to kill someone. Maybe... You!

Double WIP with cheese and bacon
Posted by pi at at 6:14PM [BST]
Time for another MAME WIP report. Lots of stuff going on with the Super Kaneko Nova and Psikyo SH2 systems, it seems everyone is putting their hands on them to polish. Actually the only other change not related to these that I can see right now is a proper Z80 reset after service mode (classic bug), submitted by Mr. Rodewald. Good boy Barry!

Giga Cheat
Posted by pi at at 6:13PM [BST]
One weekend, one update? Haggar has uploaded & linked FBA & Nebula/Kawaks Cheat Archive & MAME Cheat File 0.2.93, with all the new Giga Wing cheats (and Cyberbots USA), more cheats for MvsC and a bunch of fixed cheats. I guess this is quite a big update, so you know the rule...

Blimey, free time!
Posted by pi at at 2:17AM [BST]
Yes, the man with more fingers than usual has updated System 16 - The Arcade Museum. Sixtoe has made a really big update, I wouldn't know where to start. I'd mention tho his new Appendix, useful for people who doesn't master all the technical terms around all this hardware mess :) Thanks man for such a great effort on this truly great site!

Friday 13 September

Mr. Giles watches you
Posted by pi at at 3:53PM [BST]
And one more change at Aaron Giles' page. Not as "big" as the Atari Polygon WIP (everyone seemed so mayhem about Steel Tallons). It includes his to-do list (so you know what he is going to attack in the future), his MAME Log (so you know what he has attacked in the past), and the Slapstic FAQ, updated with info on a new chip. So there is a bit for everyone, and don't forget to check his Fun Facts!

(wash)Machine code
Posted by pi at at 3:52PM [BST]
Another update I missed is the release of CPSMAME 9.11.02, the CPS-only MAME for the Mac users. Of course it includes the latest XOR'ed games and all that stuff. But, Giga Wing doesn't work with the PPC ASM 68K CPU cores, so there is another version available with the other really slow C cores...

Posted by pi at at 3:51PM [BST]
Somehow I missed an update past wednesday, about MAME-X, the X-Box port. Mainly it talks about changed and fixed things which will be in next release. Excuse me Xboxers, but for me is hard to track all this arcade-on-console stuff since I'm not motivated ;)

Posted by pi at at 3:51PM [BST]
Well actually the last CANAME didn't have the XOR'ed games, excuse my lack of japanese skill :) But CANAME 0.61.8 has them! Also now the english page is there, maybe I missed it past time. Uh my head...

Today is your day
Posted by pi at at 3:50PM [BST]
Well, today is Friday the 13th. Are you ready for the fun tonight?

Thursday 12 September

Datman Returns
Posted by pi at at 10:38PM [BST]
Official statement from Logiqx at his site. Yes I can confirm the team stuff is going well, hopefully it will start to work soon with some good and up-to-date dats. In the meanwhile, he has released dats for CPS-2 and MAME 0.61 (including changes). Just in time for next MAME, maybe :)

Zeroed for you
Posted by pi at at 10:37PM [BST]
Raz has recompiled CPS2MAME 2.613, which fixes that annoying thing with the zeroes in Giga Wing. I guess he will update *again* his dats...

Fixes fixes fixes
Posted by pi at at 10:37PM [BST]
ElSemi works fast and releases a fixed Nebula 2.19d. Moo has sound again, and an old resetting bug with Eco Fighters which also showed in Giga Wing got fixed too.

Shin day
Posted by pi at at 10:36PM [BST]
Users ask for, Roman grants. ClrMamePro 2.73 is the latest effort to have everything working well before next MAME. This time it addresses Windows 95 compatibility. I got lost in all that release mania comment, but well... Anyway I like the release mania, as long as it sticks to one version per day ;)

Good news for Greece
Posted by pi at at 3:14PM [BST]
Such a ridiculous law couldn't stand up for too long, thankfully... As explained in this article, that greek law banning videogames, effectively banned videogames (not like others were saying), and hence was declared inconstitutional by a judge. Congrats for my mediterranean neighbours! Thanks to Twisty for the info.

Wednesday 11 September

I sense a release...
Posted by pi at at 10:38PM [BST]
The first MAME variation to have been updated for latest XOR's is CANAME 0.61.7. Since the what's new hasn't been translated from japanese, I guess it has the new XOR's and then some UI changes :)

A sign?
Posted by pi at at 7:46PM [BST]
It's MAME WIP, again. Like Gridle says, excellent and quick progress. Everyone (apparenlty) has been busy with the Super Kaneko Nova system. Check all the shots of so many Gal/Jan games :)

Nebula keeps getting bigger
Posted by pi at at 5:29PM [BST]
ElSemi keeps with the tradition and releases Nebula 2.19c on XOR day. The only novelties are the new XOR's support, and fixing of a nasty bug which caused CPS-1 Q-Sound games to crash. As you might now, he is busy with other things...

Here comes the long awaited title
Posted by pi at at 5:29PM [BST]
Razoola also puts his grain of sand today, rather a big grain actually at CPS2Shock: XOR release day! The games are Cyberbots (USA) and the big surprise: Giga Wing! The USA and Japan versions have been XOR'ed. He has also recompiled and released CPS2mame v2.612 to support these releases, and also includes a fix for raster effects in X-Men Vs. Street Fighter and Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter.

Still one of the best
Posted by pi at at 5:28PM [BST]
Here it is, as announced: RAINE 0.36. New games: Strikers 1945 and Tengai/Sengoku Blade (for all of you who can't wait for MAME), and three new clones for Gunbird, ESP Ra.De. and Sengoku Ace. Features: new documentation, wav logging, digital sound in Toki and Silkworm, fixed CPS1 sprite priorities, faster Psikyo games, and Battle Bakraid has good sound (only with the latest Guru's dump!). These just to name a few! Get everything you need for your RAINEing experience!

Never enough with Driving
Posted by pi at at 5:27PM [BST]
There is an update at Aaron's Home Page, by your (or at least my) favorite MAME dev. After quite long, he again shows his progress, this time about Atari Polygon games, with a good long WIP page full of screenies and information. Not advisable to miss it!

Moved to a good place
Posted by pi at at 5:26PM [BST]
CANAME, the Capcom And Neogeo MAME variation with tons of new things has moved with his brother JMAME to MAME Spirits. Update your bookmarks.

Life goes on
Posted by pi at at 5:25PM [BST]
Well, after the serious thoughts, time for the usual gaming stuff. But before, a bit of advertisement :) There is a new release at Cerulean Studios: the free IM Trillian 0.74. It's the IM of my choice, fully free, simultaneous support for AOL IM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo IM and basic IRC... Skinnable and packed with good features. A good option for you IM junkies.

Words aren't enough
Posted by pi at at 12:11AM [BST]
September 11th

Tuesday 10 September

A new fine game
Posted by pi at at 10:31PM [BST]
After so much Neohype, 3Dflood and such things, old 2D platform games come back with Snow Brothers 3. This same company will announce Toki II as well. It seems these games might be unlicensed, tho. Thanks to Unknown Soldier for the info.

Posted by pi at at 10:15PM [BST]
The Beaver has released Mimic 2.08 with some new goodies: X-Arcade support, fixed random crashing, and digital sound to name some. As he warns, you will have to get again some drivers to work with this new version.

I foresee a great release
Posted by pi at at 9:59PM [BST]
Two days of development have been reported at the MAME WIP again. This time the stars are: Haze's Super Kaneko Nova driver, a prototype called Speed Ball added by Aaron and Battle Bakraid's sound fix by Guru and RB. Great! Details and more on the page.

Quick, before anyone notices!
Posted by pi at at 2:55PM [BST]
Gollum has fixed, compiled and released CottAGE 0.10 fixed. Unfortunately it keeps the same version number, so in doubt, redownload. It fixes some games like PacMan and Ms. PacMan, and allows usage of Sun's JRE plug-in.

I know someone will be happy
Posted by pi at at 2:55PM [BST]
Oh my, you should RUN to Haze's MAME page, and look what he was doing lately... Two words: Puzz Loop seems to be working! Oh those were six words, but who cares :) Stephh already fixed the controls. And Super Kaneko Nova on its way! See all the shots included. Advice: read Haze's statement on it, it's not YET completed, kthx.

Monday 9 September

Two are better than one (or none)
Posted by pi at at 9:47PM [BST]
And ClrMamePro 2.72b hits the streets with an amazing number of fixed bugs: TWO! :) Also something about checking cancellation, I guess making it more responsive in rebuilding... And don't miss that cool Rainbow buttonbar, tho my fav is still the Retro one.

Posted by pi at at 3:46PM [BST]
Ahhhh I was missing The Arcade Flyers Archive's updates. This time Dan added some flyers from Arcade Central and some more from TAFA's own harvest. More than 30 flyers from early classics to quite modern games. Check them all, why not?

Not one of Garfield's mondays
Posted by pi at at 3:46PM [BST]
Hard to start in monday... Anyway The Beaver has posted some more Mimic WIP. He added digital sound support. Inmediate effect was the addition of some sexy *cough* errr I mean female voice in the GUI. Once he clears some crashes, it seems he will do the release. Waiting...

If you like making artwork...
Posted by pi at at 3:45PM [BST]
As SirPoonga has pointed out, there are tons of bezels at the MAMEFans Museum (click english then museum). Then you can use his Artwork Calculator to help out.

Sunday 8 September

Mike does cheat
Posted by pi at at 9:53PM [BST]
Haggar has revamped his kid and released Cheat Archive 0.2.92, which features lots of changes. This Cheat Archive contains too many cheats for CPS-1, CPS-2 and Toaplan2 games, for FBA, Kawaks, Nebula and MAME (games applicable where available and all that stuff). Get updated man!

Who goes there?
Posted by pi at at 2:34PM [BST]
Ohhhh another MAME WIP shortly after! Anonymous contribution: Quiz de Idol! Hot Debut does its debut :) on the Psikyo SH2 driver. RB does more stuff on my loved YM278B emu!

Nathan Never
Posted by pi at at 2:34PM [BST]
Not arcade, but the first release after a long time: MESS 0.61. The effort to bring this multi console/computer emulator up to date with the MAME core is worth a look (besides the amount of fixes enhancements and new drivers...)

Saturday 7 September

Magic wand
Posted by pi at at 9:50PM [BST]
It's incredible the things people do to enhance or correct all these new artworks for MAME, they get a normal pic from eBay and suddenly comes out with a quite good recreation. For example, this Crash bezel corrected by MASH with GLView.

SEX instruction :)
Posted by pi at at 7:56PM [BST]
Yesss it was time for a long and juicy MAME WIP. There are lots of things since it's nine days! The shots are from Aquarium (by Haze) and somewhat improved Halley's Comet driver (by Stroff) but it's still unplayable. From minor things to big ones, I'm sure this WIP will please everyone. Or almost...

And even more "unofficial" WIP
Posted by pi at at 4:03PM [BST]
Xyzxyz has posted some WIP info about Namco's Suzuka 8 Hours 2 working in MAME, with the help of code from Stroff. The WIP only includes a title screen and an ingame shot.
Lil Update: Xyzxyz has reported some more progress, kthx.

Friday 6 September

Just to complete the day...
Posted by pi at at 11:13PM [BST]
This is a classic here: M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo.dat 4.18, only as diff-update. Last bugs and updated CottAGE 0.10 information... Already! Hey man, take a rest ;)

For classical music lovers
Posted by pi at at 10:45PM [BST]
Thus spoke Aaron. Let's give Zarathrustra some holidays for now :)

La hora 103 :)
Posted by pi at at 10:23PM [BST]
I knew it would be soon but not today! Well here we have CottAGE 0.10, courtesy of the CottAGE team! The changelog is long: eight new games, fifteen new clones, nine broken games fixed and made playable, new Z80 core, two new sound CPU's, preliminary input recording support, and a bunch of goodies (say two players!) This is surely a quality release, I forsee a great future for this little great emu!

More WIPz
Posted by pi at at 10:22PM [BST]
Oh yes certainly WIP day, since Tux also pleases us with some RAINE WIP. Gorgeous pics of Sengoku Ace/Tengai, and some mentions of fixes and other neat things... Check it out!

Workz in progrezz
Posted by pi at at 6:44PM [BST]
This seems to be WIPday more than friday... At Haze's MAME page, David has placed some colorful and *correct* Aquarium shots, with good graphics and all. It seems to be Puyo-Puyo style. Sound, anyone?

Alternative ways
Posted by pi at at 6:43PM [BST]
ss_teve has posted in the forums about some new Laser WIP. It shows what a 1-byte source code change can do: Lupin 3 works.

Posted by pi at at 6:43PM [BST]
The Beaver has posted a fairly long Mimic WIP report decorated with some non-Mimic stuff still interesting to read. At least the lucky owners of X-Arcade will get support in Mimic...

Thursday 5 September

Squeeze those bytes
Posted by pi at at 9:40PM [BST]
Another one for developers: Markus F.X.J. Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar have released UPX 1.23. The changelog is not very impressive, some minor bugs fixed and a slight documentation touch. Still everyone's favorite EXE compressor ;)

Another one bites the dust (i.e. gets emulated)
Posted by pi at at 3:38PM [BST]
Lack of MAME WIP? No worries! Visit Haze's MAME page, where he has some little WIP for your eyes. What's this game about? Aquarium? I want my El-Fish!

Mr. Gollum & Mr. Duijs
Posted by pi at at 3:37PM [BST]
So far, so good, and the CottAGE development chart has been updated, with the promise of a new release very soon :) Also you could check the CottAGE WIP while you're there, Gollum added Mr. Goemon and works! With sound! ;)

A brief report on things to come
Posted by pi at at 3:37PM [BST]
Developers and avid readers of very tech info might want to visit Charles MacDonald's Home Page where he has placed some new things regarding System 18. While there's not much at the moment, I think he will soon update the page with more things to look at. So be patient!

Update your spiderweb-covered versions
Posted by pi at at 3:36PM [BST]
While I was out, Roman has updated a couple of times his beast, the current version is ClrMamePro 2.72a. It seems to have quite some good new things and fixes, maybe not a big thing but the usual bunch of quality updates. He has spoilt us on that!

Andy Warhol is back
Posted by pi at at 3:36PM [BST]
The infamous (for 15 minutes) X-Box port of MAME, MAME-X, has now a new homepage. If you want to donate me a X-Box so I can test this build, you're welcome, but I'd prefer a DC or a Saturn, thanks :) Thanks to MetaFox for this new link.

The return of the mad poster
Posted by pi at at 11:00AM [BST]
Anyone missed me? No worries, I'm back. I've been 2 days without phone, without much to do except replaying some old games. During the rest of the day I'll try to get updated about everything happened while I was stuck in the netherworld.

Monday 2 September

Little new fix
Posted by pi at at 10:53PM [BST]
There is a new FBA which fixes some things with the Z axis inputs or something techie like that. When in doubt, update!

Waiting is over, and then starts again
Posted by pi at at 10:05PM [BST]
Finally, after so long, RAINE WIP! There will be a 0.36, despite what certain people have said about the current status of RAINE. Things here and there, and Strikers 1945. Check the full (but short) report at the RAINE headquarters.

Do that funky dance
Posted by pi at at 10:05PM [BST]
Stephh has updated the Ultimate Patchers' site after a long time, with some new WIP NeoGeo cheat database. For MAME. Yes I said NeoGeo. Read some more complete full info by master Stephh himself. And then go grab it :-p

Double win-ner
Posted by pi at at 10:04PM [BST]
Andrea has released AdvanceMAME v0.61.2. The list of changes is quite long, mainly fixes, and also has the addition of libSDL. It allows a primitive, limited Windows version (as stated in the download page). As usual he also updated the companion and powerful frontend AdvanceMENU v2.1.0.

Sunday 1 September

Icing the cake
Posted by pi at at 2:01PM [BST]
After the cool release of FBA 0.2.91, what is missing now? The dats! But Logiqx is still busy, the team is still on hold, so now what? No worries people. TrebleWinner himself has sent me the FBA dats for ClrMAMEPro and RomCenter (70kb). They should be correct but right now I'm in a hurry so I can't check, just put them online for you and spread the news a bit...

Cheating allowed
Posted by pi at at 12:42PM [BST]
Haggar has not took too much time to update to Cheat File 0.2.91. Now this FBA, Kawaks/Nebula and MAME cheat archive also contains cheats for Toaplan2 games (only FBA and MAME of course). Go update yourself, there are also some fixes for the CPS1 and CPS2 games.