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Friday 31 May

Posted by pi at at 11:45PM [BST]
Am I in low shape or what? Today I seem to be lost in space or something. Some RLS and LOM don't help either with finding something interesting to post about. I don't know if tomorrow I'll be here, so maybe another day without news?

Whatever happens, today I don't have even an alternative, non-arcade link or subject to talk about. Did anyone said empty head? :-p

Everybody's doing it so why can't we?
Posted by pi at at 10:52PM [BST]
Like he says, everyone else is doing it, so here it's Tourniquet's Official Unnoficial WIP for your viewing pleasure. It shows alpha blending in the Psikyo SH-2 driver, and looks cool certainly. Let's hope he finishes it and submits soon!

Thursday 30 May

Two letters and two albums
Posted by pi at at 9:11PM [BST]
I have received an email from Raix, the editor of MAMEMag, that MAMEMag's intention is to be bi-weekly; however the issue of mid-june will be skipped due to other tasks (site redesign and so on), so my question was answered: Definitely it's bi-weekly.

Also thanks to Stiletto who also wrote me about the confusion about release dates of arcade machines. Getting emails spotting errors in my posts is something which makes me happy: it improves the quality and it shows me that people actually read what I write :)

Other than that, today I seem to be unable to find some news so I'm going to make a pause and just fade away until tomorrow. Don't worry, I'll use my time listening to Jarre's Akropolis concert while waiting for the new album by Oldfield...

Wednesday 29 May

New version
Posted by pi at at 10:56PM [BST]
Everyone's favorite mameinfo.dat maker, that's M.A.S.H. (oh sorry he's the only one) has updated it once again. MameInfo.dat 4.05 is there with bugs up to today, with the newest WIP and oh surprise! He has added the release dates of 60 machines more, thanks to Yasuhiro Ogawa... Keep helping him on this quest!

Update: Personal thanks to Stiletto for his always exact corrections :)

New art
Posted by pi at at 10:55PM [BST]
If you want to have a look of what will be on the inminent Aaron's artwork system, head over to Artcade where you can see lots of artwork and backdrops. It seems the artwork will be provided in a new format, so we will see. I think I saw all this in a thread started by Fandemame so thanks to him :)

New news
Posted by pi at at 10:55PM [BST]
Roman has left things temporarily and taken some deserved vacations, but he has left a little preview of what's going to come to ClrMamePro...

New issue out
Posted by pi at at 10:54PM [BST]
"The best MAME magazine around", otherwise known as MAMEMag has moved to MameWorld. To "celebrate" it, issue #2 is out, with lots of reviews and things. Not available in PDF yet but be patient... Wasn't it "biweekly"?

New make-up
Posted by pi at at 10:54PM [BST]
One of the first things I noticed today was the total look change in MameWorld! This new one is cool, faster, and all that. KillerClown has made a good job and you should let him now! Congrats man, great work!

Tuesday 28 May

It's RAINEing
Posted by pi at at 10:47PM [BST]
RAINE 0.35b is a quick bugfix of what they forgot in the last version :) There are some changes which give more stability and usability, specially that -gameinfo crash, thanks Emmanuel. And Stephh also updated the cheats! So, you know, today's orders are "update, update and update"!

The emu you would want as gf
Posted by pi at at 10:33PM [BST]
Everyone's favorite Laserdisc emulator (or for what's it, the only one), has been updated with another pre-release. DAPHNE v0.99.5pre3 (May 27th, 2002) is up there to download for i386, Windows flavors and Linux test builds. Don't know what's new but well... Try it if you have those MPEG's!

No, it's not "Canada" MAME
Posted by pi at at 10:31PM [BST]
After a short time, CANAME 0.60.7 has been released. The changes come from another MAME variant, StretchMAME. The blitters, fixed inputs and better FPS showing come from it, but this one is CANAME, that's CPS and Neo-Geo only.

Monday 27 May

Colorful media
Posted by pi at at 10:29PM [BST]
I've received an email today telling me about Project MCDArt, that's MAME CD Art, or simply speaking, some cool cd labels for your MAME disks. Try them! I don't have a printer :(

Are you on celebs?
Posted by pi at at 9:54PM [BST]
Emu-Celebs has opened its doors. It's a joint effort between Ben-J, Gollum, Leto II and Rico2000, and well, you should check it. Pay attention to the "insert coins" warning and to the walking Mario :)

The first celeb on the software authors section is Logiqx, which is a great dude, too bad he's out and can't see the opening... There are sections for all the people in the emulation community, including news posters :) I'm not there yet, and I don't plan to be since I don't think I have too much to say... yet.

Different address, same quality
Posted by pi at at 9:53PM [BST]
Roman has moved to Now this famous and powerful rom manager has its own domain. The host is the same, but the door looks much better now :) Btw the old url doesn't work anymore! Roman, congrats on your own domain and keep up the good work!

Those are not bamboo
Posted by pi at at 9:52PM [BST]
Gridle keeps it up with the MAME WIP and posted another one for today. The snaps are from Super Shanghai Dragon's Eye, submitted by Bryan McPhail. It seems to be a nice shangai/taipei game from 1992. There are a couple of things more, but I'm lazy to comment... Check'em by yourself.

Sunday 26 May

Knight of Updates
Posted by pi at at 10:26PM [BST]
ElSemi makes a minor update and releases Nebula 2.15a. The small changes are some sprite problems in KOV being fixed, and changing the rom names of the PGM roms to match MAME.

Since Nebula supports loading by crc, you can still use Logiqx's dat for 2.15 if only the names of the roms have changed, which I should check (but lazy to). Nebula will still locate the correct roms. That will do until Logiqx returns :)

Update: Well the game names have changed but a simple manual rename should work. Read the file HISTORY.TXT to get the new names.

CANAME goes another round
Posted by pi at at 10:26PM [BST]
There is a new release, CANAME 0.60.6, which fixes various bigs and adds some things for the UI. Mainly a maintenance release, but if this is your choice, then update.

Before leaving, I have to tell you something...
Posted by pi at at 2:25PM [BST]
I thought he wouldn't have time, since today he's off for a week, but surprise surprise, Logiqx made the Nebula 2.15 dats, which will give a relief to certain people. Strange enough, he hasn't released the RAINE 0.35a ones :( Or maybe it's that the dat doesn't change? Well, patience, in the meanwhile get the dat from Logiqx's page.

WIP directly from the source
Posted by pi at at 2:19PM [BST]
The man responsible for all the artwork changing and bugs cleaning, the almighty Aaron Giles :) has updated after almost a month his page. If you head over to Aaron's Home Page, you will find some nice and certainly impressive artwork sample snaps, which I highly recommend to watch with your own eyes. They do not only include artwork examples, but some emulation improvements too. He has also updated his to-do list and his log, and note that the artwork system is marked as done! And finally he says about something new and non-MAME which could happen soon... Mmmmmmmmm...

And already there
Posted by pi at at 2:18PM [BST]
Another daily MAME WIP courtesy of Gridle. It's no surprise that Kings of Valour has been added thanks to the information provided by ElSemi, however there is no mention to sound in PGM :-? There are screenshots of Indoor Soccer and Sankokushi too, and other nuts & bolts of the development. The source of information is waiting!

Knight of Emulation
Posted by pi at at 2:18PM [BST]
ElSemi has released Nebula 2.15 with two great additions: Knights of Valour and Knights of Valour Plus have been added, and a preliminar sound emulation in PGM is supported. How preliminar? Well sound effects are not complete yet and there's no music, but it's a start... There is also a fix for netplay of the newly added Konami and PGM games, so be sure to get this last piece of work from ElSemi!

Saturday 25 May

Here too
Posted by pi at at 3:44PM [BST]
RAINE 0.35a has been released for DOS too. Have you updated yourself? What are you waiting for!

Mazzoleni goes far and beyond
Posted by pi at at 3:36PM [BST]
Andrea released AdvanceSCAN 1.0. This is the first version of a command line rom manager for MAME, MESS and RAINE (and of course his AdvanceMAME/MESS), under DOS and Unix. It has the basic functionality of other rom managers, with some extras. Sources are available, as well as the DOS binary. Certainly something to try.

WIP: Web Insistently uPdated
Posted by pi at at 3:35PM [BST]
Time for another dose of MAME WIP. Gridle has posted another one-day WIP, with again Aaron fixing the new artwork functions... Well I think when it sees the light it will be rock solid! Nicola emulated the 053936 chip which renders the 3D graphics in Golfing Greats, tho the game is still not playable. There are more things worth reading about Macross Plus, PGM and... Go read!

Obsessive-compulsive snapping
Posted by pi at at 3:31PM [BST]
Logiqx has kindly updated all the CAESAR's Kawaks game pages with my fresh new screenshots of all the games from this emulator. They include title screens, alternate/japanese title screens, selection screens and ingame shots (total 1,033 snaps). I'm back at snapping and I hope this will make CAESAR a bit better database. Next step: Don't know! First I want to distribute the snaps for frontends and the Kawaks GUI when I search/find a host... Then Maybe MAME, maybe RAINE, but not Nebula now since for now I'm tired of Neo-Geo and CPS!

As it was prophetized
Posted by pi at at 1:28AM [BST]
It's already here, RAINE 0.35a. I go to see Episode II and when I come back I get this, what a wonderful night! As Tux says, this is a quality released. There are no new games (except a few clones), but there is a load of fixes and improvements here and there. The changelog is big, if I could find it :) The DOS users should wait just a bit for the binary, Linux users have to build it by themselves with the sources this time and Windows users have it there and ready. Enjoy the weekend!

Friday 24 May

Something else for a change
Posted by pi at at 6:01PM [BST]
Yesterday, the spanish Prince of Asturias Research award has been granted to the fathers of Internet: Lawrence G. Roberts, Robert Kahn, Vinton Cerf and Tim Berners-Lee, for what the judges said to be "a definite improvement to the service of the humankind". There also was aknowledgement for John Postel who made possible domain management and died some years ago. The Prince of Asturias Research award is something like the spanish Nobel.

Alejandro Jodorowsky (1929), famous comic creator among other things (and co-author of the Incal), talks about videogames in an interview made just yesterday: "They are new ways of creation, of expanding the mind. We aren't paying attention to them but they are changing the mind of young people. They are an art which is not understood by adults." Now we only need some of those "adults" to realize it as well :)

Sorry for the bad translations :) Thanks to my newspaper for the news :-p

It marks the difference
Posted by pi at at 5:58PM [BST]
M.A.S.H. has made a diff-only update, so if you want to have the newest WIP and latest bugs up to today, then download MameInfo.dat 4.04 diff.

Can you feel it coming?
Posted by pi at at 5:58PM [BST]
Tux has updated the RAINE WIP with the latest changes made before the inminent release of RAINE 0.35a. These changes include some improvements to the GUI (making it smarter and easier to select a game) and some region codes for GunBird and Sengoku Ace. Am I missing something? Ah, yes, Tux says when the release will be made :)

Work always in Progress
Posted by pi at at 5:58PM [BST]
MAME WIP was also updated today. There are some relevant things from the last three days. One is Dessert Assault being submitted by Brian McPhail, with some colorful screenshots. Zsolt Vasvari also made the submission of Mr. Kougar (again colorful snaps). To end with submissions, Farfetch'd sent in Grand Strike, again with guess what. However, don't think that new games are the only good thing, cause Stepph fixed things, Aaron fixed things and lots of people fixed things, and there are other things added, improved, fixed and... Well, MAME is always changing!

Thursday 23 May

So busy!
Posted by pi at at 11:39PM [BST]
Logiqx released the datafiles for Nebula 2.14b with the small note of "better late than never" and also "busy, busy, busy" which also matches with one of the last comments I heard from him, "insanely busy". Hey dude, calm down! Get the datafile at Logiqx's homepage, both for ClrMamePro and RomCenter.

And on a side note, I missed the releases of MameDiff 1.13 and DatUtil 1.20, update yourself please! I wish he would just tell me these things! He also told me by email (just right now!) that he updated all the CAESAR Mac stuff with the missing emulators, thanks to Tim from

Wallpaper anyone?
Posted by pi at at 11:38PM [BST]
Xul8t0r has added votes for his NewNet #CPS2Shock (and others) Desktops page. However you can't vote for my wallpaper cause mine is not emu related :( I still think it's the most beautiful one, o'cos! If you think the same, grab it in the little Rose Wallpaper page (to give it a name :-p).

Advanced fixes
Posted by pi at at 11:37PM [BST]
Another day, and AdvanceMAME Version 0.60.1 is out. There are a few fixes in this release, and the curious thing of having the pause key disabled, if I've read it well... :-? And as usual there is a new release of its companion AdvanceMENU v1.18.3.

Wednesday 22 May

WIP everywhere
Posted by pi at at 9:28PM [BST]
Sixtoe has posted some more System16 WIP from the MAME driver rewrite by Olivier Galibert. There are some better snaps from Outrun, Afterburner and Afterburner II. There are some other mentions for G-Loc and Space Harrier. My advice? Go to the source of information, always! Thanks to Iron Man for informing all of us :)

Je ne suis comprepand
Posted by pi at at 9:17PM [BST]
For the multilingual people, MameFans32 0.60.1 adds the possibility to use it in a variety of languages, like English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German and surprise, Catalan!

What I was waiting for
Posted by pi at at 9:11PM [BST]
Gridle has posted in the forums a couple of pics showing the new Artwork System running. The pictures talk by themselves - impressive! Thanks to Till for the hint.

Getting improvements already
Posted by pi at at 9:11PM [BST]
The specialized and new magazine about all things MAME, namely MAMEMag, now has the issues available for download in PDF. Well there is only one for now, but we expect the number to grow in the future :) Thanks to MW for the info, cause I forgot to add the URL to my Check'n'Get (which was updated to 1.14 btw).

Two in a day...
Posted by pi at at 9:10PM [BST]
Roman has released two bug fixes for the 2.64. Now the latest one is ClrMamePro 2.64b, and besides the fixes, there is the nice addition of a fixdatfile generator, pretty much like a supplement of what's missing. Reminds me of the supplements of MameDiff :)

Japi verdey tullu...
Posted by pi at at 9:09PM [BST]
Dafreak is one year older today, happy bday man! To celebrate it, he has released his ZiNc Gui 1.4 Birthday Edition, packed with a lot of new features. It will be hosted at EmuHQ, where you can find the current download. However right now the link in the front page seems to be missing an underscore or something, so you can get it still from EmuHQ but from the right download page. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news, obviously :)

Tuesday 21 May

We know you can!
Posted by pi at at 8:10PM [BST]
Time for even another MAME WIP, we can't get tired of this thing. There are snaps from Macross Plus and Dog-Fight, both with correct colors now. There are also snaps from Storm Blade which has been submitted by Brian A. Troha. This is a rather long update for one day, so you know, the text is there waiting for you!

Thus Spoke Zarathrustra
Posted by pi at at 8:10PM [BST]
Updated once again, ClrMamePro 2.64 brings "some nice improvements", in the words of his author Roman. Gotta agree with those words :) Really there is nothing which really stands up among the rest but it's a good release IMHO, so update yourself if this is the rom manager of your choice!

Posted by pi at at 8:09PM [BST]
Xul8t0r sent me a nice app called PNGCrush, which performs a variety of things on PNG images, like compressing them more (lossless of course), adding tEXt chunks and other nice things. I tested it today and it works very well, saved 1mb in my 20mb Kawaks snap collection. Other snappers might find it useful to add that last touch to the hard done screenshots! It's console-based, free and opensource, get it at PNG and MNG tools among other utilities, remember to not download the source by mistake as I did :) So much for all that ZipMax hype :)

Monday 20 May

The return of the beast...
Posted by pi at at 9:54PM [BST]
Great, another RAINE Work In Progress, and Tux tells us this time that we can expect for real a new release very soon. Cool! There are a handful of fixes and improvements too, like speed hacks and other nice stuff. Go read it while waiting!

Strangest stuff tonite
Posted by pi at at 9:54PM [BST]
Xul8t0r has an interesting collection of Desktop screenshots and he kindly allowed me to tell you all about this. These desktops are the actual ones which are used everyday by various people from the #CPS2Shock channel and other emu-related famous people. If you are curious I think you will have a cool time watching them. But for some strange reason mine got among all of them... Vote the nicest!

Maybe yes, maybe not...
Posted by pi at at 9:54PM [BST]
MAME WIP day already thanks to Gridle. This time we can see screenshots from Macross Plus and Quiz Sailor Moon from a preliminary driver by Haze, but it doesn't mean it will be ready for 0.61. Maybe these shots are the reason of being unable to connect to Haze's little WIP page, all the bandwidth is all eaten. There are a couple of bits more, but you should do it by yourself :-p

Evilness is among us
Posted by pi at at 9:53PM [BST]
I'm not going to make any rant about certain person who apparently took over certain boards, people sometimes it's so sad... But then again, I think you would do good use of the following information: you can head to the good VGN boards which are right at Joffeman's place.

Sunday 19 May

Fun gets first place - as it should be!
Posted by pi at at 9:59PM [BST]
There is a declaration of principles at the PacMAME page. Well at least it's a declaration of intentions, so let's hope he has lots of fun and returns with a stable PacMAME. Good luck man!

The sleeping beauty gets awaken
Posted by pi at at 4:00PM [BST]
Another emulator apparently dormant, but not at all. MetaFox has released Laser 0.19 Pre-Release to prove it, with a very long list of changes by himself and ss_teven. There are a lot of classig games added, and drivers fixed, and a general cleanup of the whole emulator. And it's only the pre-release! ;)

Knights of Nebula
Posted by pi at at 4:00PM [BST]
Apparenlty ElSemi has posted some Knights of Valour WIP shots. The game looks like working nicely, but I don't know to what point really. Let's hope it comes soon! Thanks to Haze for the hint.

It came back
Posted by pi at at 3:59PM [BST]
After yesterday's long RAINE WIP, here it comes today's long MAME WIP, with one, two and up to five days of development. Here we have the usual stuff, that's Aaron fixing and improving everything around, Nicola clearing up bugs and adding games, Haze adding even more games, MASH adding lotsa clones and Stephh fixing DSW and inputs. And do not forget dozens of other persons sending things too! The snaps are from Dog Fight (sent by Nicola), Battle Cross (by Haze), Orbit (by Stefan Jokisch) and Super Slams (again Haze). There's also a big artwork system improvement which seems nice... This is only briefly what is being told in the actual WIP, which is juicy and interesting, so you know what my suggestion is: read it!

May the forcefeedback be with you
Posted by pi at at 3:24AM [BST]
If you are the lucky owner of a joystick with force-feedback, a computer capable of running Nebula and some legal roms to play, Iron Man has made some Force Feedback Tables for Nebula, namely for the games Pulstar and Blazing Star. Also you can find the ForceEdit to make your own FFE tables.

Saturday 18 May

Name that song (if you dare)
Posted by pi at at 10:16PM [BST]
Mike Haggar has released another new pack, this time it'sQSound Audio Jukebox Tracklists Pack 20020518. As I understand it, they are QSound tracklists for Nebula Jukebox. If I commited a heresy with that statement, someone please correct me!

A different one
Posted by pi at at 10:15PM [BST]
Someone found this ZiNc DirectInput plug-in, right now at version 0.2. Nothing really complete yet, it seems to be a bit limited for now, but well something to get and try, and of course sources available. It's at Piggz' page.

The important thing is to participate
Posted by pi at at 6:12PM [BST]
2nd Twin Galaxies Annual Classic Video Games World Championship. I think the name says it all. Read it, I wish I was able to attend there! Thanks to MameWorld for the ref.

Woohoo it's here!
Posted by pi at at 6:12PM [BST]
One of my favorite emulators has been apparently dormant lately, but it's still alive as the RAINE WIP proves it! After four months of silence (that doesn't mean they didn't work!) we get a nice list of changes for the next version of RAINE. There are lots of fixes and emulation improvements, so I really hope this means a new version being released soon!

Make a gift to your Frontend
Posted by pi at at 6:11PM [BST]
John IV has posted the Flyer Pack #11 (from the new ones of course). Available as usual from The MAME32 QA/Test & Art Dept.

Squid? I love squids!
Posted by pi at at 6:09PM [BST]
Regardless of what certain persons said, yesterday there were problems in reaching all the ZTNet sites, including CAESAR, so apologies, excuses, etc etc etc, and now let me start again with the news.

However Nebula is still down, we hope it gets back soon. Yahoo has also turned down many sites, so... What a weekend's start!

Thursday 16 May

Good morning!
Posted by pi at at 11:58PM [BST]
The PacMAME page is back in your browser, with PacMAME 0.60 .Net! Don't know what's new but I guess lots of stuff :) Binary (Windows, only basic files) and source is available.

The cards say...
Posted by pi at at 11:31PM [BST]
More unofficial mame pre-WIP at Haze's Unemulated and Unnamed page. This time the game is an old classic called Battle Cross.

Bugs and much more
Posted by pi at at 11:30PM [BST]
Another way to have everything handy is M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo 4.03. This time he included the newest WIP, latest bugs (from above source of course!) and he also removed the MAMEINFO source from the compile package.

Has anyone noticed that his page is also getting cleaner?

Know why, know easy
Posted by pi at at 11:30PM [BST]
If you are interested in all this stuff of MAME bugs, you want to report and help in that area, or you are simply curious about why your favorite game doesn't work very well, pay a visit to MAME Testers, they have added search to make everyone's life easier.

Button flood
Posted by pi at at 11:29PM [BST]
Button bars keep coming and coming at the ClrMamePro page. Customize the look of your rom manager with these nice bars. I like Lembuts, Classic Gaming #2, TaitoButs and NeoRetro (my fav and current one).

The port of a port
Posted by pi at at 11:26PM [BST]
First it was the official MAME 0.60, now it's X-MAME 0.60.1 the one who has been ported ot BeOS. The BeOS port has everything from the latest X-MAME, but for this alternative platform. Get it (and read the news) at BeEmulated.

Gimme da xxxz!
Posted by pi at at 1:08AM [BST]
After the appareance on yesterday's news of Theo's dumps, The Guru's ROM Dump news has been updated with some dumping stuff too. Cool thing to read if you want to know what could come in the future.

Wednesday 15 May

Can you hear me Major Tom?
Posted by pi at at 9:38PM [BST]
There is a new version of my now favorite java emulator: CottAGE 0.03. Now it supports 37 romsets (19 unique games), and Erik has added sound! However it's kinda like an AM radio... So go and visit it. Downloads and source also available!

It took its time!
Posted by pi at at 9:37PM [BST]
Fandemame has released MAME Fanbuild 0.60.8 with input and dipswitches fixes for the metro and volfied drivers, and a speedup fix for two PacMan. All courtesy from Stephh.

Bfore you can imagine
Posted by pi at at 9:37PM [BST]
M.A.S.H. has posted in this thread about some fresh MAME pre-WIP with Birdie King. Before Gridle post it, directly from the maker.

Tuesday 14 May

To read is a good exercise
Posted by pi at at 10:45PM [BST]
A new magazine has appeared, this time it's called M.A.M.E.Mag and as you can guess, it's all about MAME and the games. It seems to be bi-weekly, and it's packed with cool features like reviews, WIP-related sections and other news. The issue #1 is available from today, I expect this to really be bi-weekly and to improve with time and maybe collaborations? Oh before I forget, the guy/editor/writer is Raix! Thanks to MameWorld for the hint!

Looking at the past and future
Posted by pi at at 10:44PM [BST]
It seems that Theo has dumped five new (or old, depending on how you see it) arcade PCB's. These games are Super X, Talbot, Dingo, Legion 2 and Crush Roller (Falcon). With these, Theo has dumped 14 PCB's already! Head over to Theo's Page of Emulated Games to learn a few facts about these games.

Eat those gems
Posted by pi at at 10:44PM [BST]
MAME WIP time, and there are two days. First screenshots you will see are from Toffy, Super Toffy and Dangerous Dungeons, submitted by Haze. They are Boulder Dash clones, and darnit if that first level doesn't look like Diggerman's first one. The other screenshots are from F-1 Grand Prix submitted by Nicola and graciously having sound thanks to R. Belmont. Gotta love F1! I'd like to mention that friend M.A.S.H. has submitted some classic clones again. There is more stuff there waiting, so read it!

Monday 13 May

Misteries in the dark
Posted by pi at at 11:56PM [BST]
Now what happens at the PacMAME page?

Skinnable already
Posted by pi at at 11:56PM [BST]
Get your buttons for ClrMamePro. I like Lemmings!

It turns over and over and over...
Posted by pi at at 11:54PM [BST]
There is a new preview of your favorite LaserDisc emulator: DAPHNE v0.99.5pre2 is up there with some changes which I don't know cause I'm too lazy to download something I don't have any game for... Anyway if you have something for this, feel free to use it! And have you seen DAPHNE's usage statistics?

Order them thru your catalog
Posted by pi at at 11:53PM [BST]
Talking about Nebula, Mike Haggar has released Nebula/Kawaks Transparencies Pack 20020513 with the additions of blending tables for the Metal Slug series. Too bad MS3 is not there! Hey Mike, congrats for all those sixes!

New Bula
Posted by pi at at 11:53PM [BST]
ElSemi does it again: Nebula 2.14b is another bugfix release. Which shows a lot his effort on cleaning up all the bugs :) There are bugfixes for CPS1 (for example in the new hacks and ADPCM sound) and two fixes related to Nebula crashing badly. So update yourself and you will feel better!

Sunday 12 May

3 in 1
Posted by pi at at 11:44PM [BST]
This is the longest MAME WIP in a long time. Three days have been posted, this time the screenshots are from Ripcord which has been made playable, and S.P.Y. which had its protection figured out. Tons of info in this update, as usual my suggestion is to read it.

Check the Episode I
Posted by pi at at 9:31PM [BST]
Nothing in the horizon, what a slow weekend, dude!

Early news
Posted by pi at at 4:48PM [BST]
ElSemi makes a weekend release with Nebula 2.14. This version adds the remaining CPS1 games, and has a variety of bug fixes for CPS1, CPS2 and PGM which will make things cleaner and smoother. In the general section we could start mentioning Force Feedback support with examples for X-Men Vs. Street Fighter and Marvel Vs. Capcom. There are also other improvements for DSP plugins, video options and some blitters. Nice release!

Update ElSemi made a quick bugfix, Nebula 2.14a fixes rom scanning problems with some CPS1 drivers, kthx.

Saturday 11 May

Before I forget...
Posted by pi at at 11:38PM [BST]
Time for some more MAME update thingies:
  • It's available the new CANAME 0.60.4 with too much overclocking, an option about joysticks and who knows what else new... Check it :)
  • Triggerfin has a deal for you if you are worried about morality of certain games in MAME, or concerned about allowing your kids to play them. Go and read his post on this subject if you apply.
  • MisfitMAME has been updated with the new 0.60 core, a new hack has been added and the count of games is up to 344. Only MisfitMAME32 is missing, the rest of builds are already there.
  • CrashTest updated his snapshot collection to MAME 0.60. I already grabbed it, did you?
Thanks to MameWorld for the last two news, cause my checknget works awfully bad...

Semi-transparent sprites all around
Posted by pi at at 1:03AM [BST]
Fandemame keeps doing updates and Fanbuild 0.60.7 has been born. This time he added a nice Taito F3 video hardware driver, with alpha-blending support... Nice piccies!

Friday 10 May

Under Pressure
Posted by pi at at 6:41PM [BST]
Still no daily MAME WIP but don't despair, it might come later... Maybe Gridle is out, like I'm gonna be in 30 seconds... Have a good weekend!

For the masses
Posted by pi at at 6:40PM [BST]
I'm glad to mention the release of CottAGE 0.02. This version is mainly a bug fix, but I got word from Erik that it will support sound very soon. Now I only have to figure out what have I done for it stopping working here :/

Bohemian Rhapsody
Posted by pi at at 6:39PM [BST]
Updates of ClrMamePro keep coming, this time 2.63b with a crash fix and some user requests. I like progress bars and those unknown sets being left alone... Cool!

And the first set of buttons has been submitted by Gnu (hey guy did you read the request here?) and I have to say that it's way too cool to be missed. Now someone tells Roman that .bmp is not the best way to download and show an image in a browser :)

Thursday 9 May

Two is better than one
Posted by pi at at 10:55PM [BST]
M.A.S.H. has made a double release composed of Mameinfo.dat v4.02 and FisMAME32 0.60 Release 2. Mameinfo.dat comes with newest WIP, latest bugs, finest recommended games. FixMAME32 comes with loads and loads of nice features and also cool new things, for example new GTMR2 dump and Space Invaders artwork to name just a couple.

Gridle still on it
Posted by pi at at 10:55PM [BST]
Daily like the sun, MAME WIP comes to our screens. This time the screenshots are from Wily Tower with right colors this time. There are a bunch of nice fixes worth reading. F3!

This time it's for real
Posted by pi at at 10:54PM [BST]
After yesterday's bluff, Roman has released ClrMamePro 2.63a and this time it works on Windows 98 (I use 2000 anyway). It has all the things from 2.63, of course. Check the changelog, there are cool things like a md5 calculator and other nice things. And Roman still asks for creative persons for drawing alternate button bars.

Totally my fault
Posted by pi at at 10:54PM [BST]
Somehow I kept missing the Zzap!Raine issues. Too old news but never too late to enjoy good work!

Another daily MAME updater?
Posted by pi at at 10:54PM [BST]
Fandemame doesn't rest yet, and another daily FanBuild 0.60.6 :) This time it changes descriptions (noteworthy the PlayChoice 10 ones), and includes a handful of fixes from X-MAME, for example the SSV fix, the Wec Le Mans 24 fix to make it playable, and some sounds fixes. Now I only want that promised History.dat update :)

Wednesday 8 May

Not so far away... or yes?
Posted by pi at at 11:12PM [BST]
Sixtoe has posted at some WIP from Olivier Galibert, the guy who is rewriting some Sega drivers in the MAME source. There are pics and explanations for tons of games, from Outrun to Hot Rod, from many System 16 variations and also System 24... This should answer the question of "when OG will finish the Sega rewrite?" Maybe closer than 2006, but still a way to go!

Anybody seen my baby?
Posted by pi at at 10:35PM [BST]
Today's MAME WIP is short and to the point: Stephh fixed dipswitches, Nicola sent in a driver for Lethal Crash Race. It seems an OK racing game from Visco, never heard of it. Never seen it. Completely unknown to me :-p

False alarm
Posted by pi at at 10:34PM [BST]
Roman has released ClrMamePro 2.63 but don't click cause it's not there. Let me explain: he has found a bug with ClrMAMEPro in Win98, about the buttons or something (my eyes go blurry after the "98" sorry). He is working on a fix, so stay tuned *and* be patient.

One day missed
Posted by pi at at 10:33PM [BST]
Somehow I missed yesterday's release, sorry Fandemame. But today there's a new one, FanBuild 0.60.5. Between yesterday and today, there are the following additions: fixes in five drivers (from Stephh), support for the new V2 dump from Savage Reign and more than 20 description changes.

Volunteers wanted
Posted by pi at at 10:31PM [BST]
I'll not mention the first way, there is a second way of helping HowToEmulation. TJA has made a little post asking for people to help building the site. If you don't know, HowToEmulation is an archive of technical documentation of arcade and consoles, programming languages and emulators.

Tuesday 7 May

Once upon a time...
Posted by pi at at 10:45PM [BST]
There's a new episode of RetroGaming Radio available. Well it was available for some days, I read about it somewhere, but today and thanks to a little bird I realized that a) I didn't post about it yet, and b) it contains MAME in the talk. Don't think that it's positive before you hear the show :)

Big news, I said big and good!
Posted by pi at at 10:33PM [BST]
The day has come and CottAGE has seen the light for first time! This new arcade emulator is the creation of Erik Duijs (JEmu) and Julien 'Gollum' Frelat (xxxCott), and it's the Java counterpart of MAME. It's not a port tho the authors say that it's based on MAME. As they say in the page, "CottAGE aims to be the java equal of MAME in terms of compatibility, speed and features".

The first release is 0.01, and is already speedy even in my old turtle. It supports 23 games (expect more in further releases) like Space Invaders, Solomon's key, The Glob, Black Tiger and many more classics. Many of them with the label of "100% perfect" :) And some with a 2x mode to allow you to play a bit better.

The only drawback by now is the ausence of sound, but I really hope they will add it soon. As a novelty, the emulator is downloadable besides being playable online, with source available as well, so maybe you will want some Java :) Congrats and thanks Erik and Julien for such a good work. Solomon rules!

X-ray glasses auto-enabler
Posted by pi at at 10:32PM [BST]
ElSemi has released Nebula 2.13a, a bugfix release with two extras: what seems to be a very good new blitter called SuperScale, and auto-transparencies. I'm getting addicted to play with blitters lately, but then I always go back to play "the real thing". But gotta try this one!

WIP suitable for WAP
Posted by pi at at 10:32PM [BST]
New MAME WIP. Only one day, no pics this time, seems to be boring... Not! I truly enjoy when there are lots of nice fixes. Today you can read about Sega System 16, Taito F3, the DEC8 and Funky Jet drivers... I prefer quantity over quality, and this shows quality :)

Small is beautiful
Posted by pi at at 10:31PM [BST]
Roman has released ZipMax 3.62, which is a small update with two simple fixes, one with the new zipclass (I guess some behaviour cleared out) and something about negative numbers.

MAME flood in your HD is optional
Posted by pi at at 10:31PM [BST]
BGR Sofware, aka the creator/maintainer of PacMAME, has made MAME 0.60 .Net (Blended), which is an update over the last releases which contains the new GTMR2 set support, The fix for the MAME Testers bug shaolinsc060red and, guess what, all the fixes found on The Ultimate Patchers' site which are a lot of them.

Now that I read it, Stephh mentions PatchMAME 0.60.2, maybe a good thing to try. With that name... :)

And from the other side of the world, CANAME 0.60.3 has been released today. The Capcom And Neogeo *AME fixes a couple of things with the jukebos, changes a couple of things in NeoGeo games, and adjust the makefile for the self-compilers out there.

Monday 6 May

Gotta try it!
Posted by pi at at 11:01PM [BST]
Not arcade but nonetheless cool. Blip & Blop: Balls of Steel is available, and it's FREE. According to the author(s):

It's a metal slug kind of game where you must kill classic video games characters such as the lammings, the dorkemons, Laura Craft, Dario, etc...
Yes, the names have been changed to protect the innocents ;)

The complete game is for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP (maybe 95 and NT too), and it's 44mb. An alternative to .chd :)

Unexpected and good
Posted by pi at at 9:48PM [BST]
The Beaver has made a surprise release of Mimic 2.03. I say "surprise" cause I wasn't really expecting anything today, I'm very glad to see updates in the emulator with the coolest name IMHO :) The update seems to be exclusively for console stuff, I hope he returns to some arcade works soon. As for the surprise... Well I'm still in the dark, Mike give us a lamp!

Call the things by their name
Posted by pi at at 9:48PM [BST]
Fandemame made FanBuild 0.60.3 which includes and amazingly long list of description fixes, and he also promises a History.dat update soon. If you follow the link on his page about the changed descriptions, you'll see that now Welltris includes the good description: Alexei Pajitnov's Welltris. If you didn't know, he's the real Tetris creator :)

And it has cool blitters too!
Posted by pi at at 9:47PM [BST]
AdvanceMAME v0.60.0 comes with everything from the last version of MAME, and a handful of fixes in this advanced video mode MAME. If you want to squeeze the most out of your monitor or if you have a TV, arcade monitor or something similar, give it a try. There's also available AdvanceMENU v1.18.2 with some more fixes.

Good thing to happen
Posted by pi at at 9:47PM [BST]
X-MAME 0.60.1 is here thanks to Lawrence Gold, the coordinator of this project with many many contributors. Just look at the changelog. Besides the names, the content is good with lots of fixes and improvements, and already a couple of things not in MAME 0.60 :) If you are among the penguin fans (or other whatevernix platforms) today is your lucky day, enjoy it.

Could you live without it?
Posted by pi at at 9:46PM [BST]
Today's MAME WIP include a good amount of fixes. Lode Runner is playable now, screenshots available. Mach Breakers is still not playable but the snaps look good now. Is it the 2nd part of Numan Athletics?

Well is what well ends!
Posted by pi at at 9:46PM [BST]
It's not that I've missed it, but I don't really want to mention it. If you know what I'm talking about, then you will understand me. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you better keep not knowing. Another chapter closed, everything is ok and life goes on well :)

Don't you love alternatives?
Posted by pi at at 12:17AM [BST]
If you don't like to look things from this Earth, then you have some other options. One is watch Amelie, which is one of the most beautiful movies I've ever seen, Audrey Tautou is something worth watching again. Absolutely delicious, both the movie and Audrey :) Another option is to do as Queen said, open your eyes, look up to the skies and see.

Sunday 5 May

Keeping with the news flood
Posted by pi at at 11:15PM [BST]
I'd like to make you pay a little bit of attention into ZiNc Trainer, which has a new release. It's a cool utility mentioned only once here so I'm going to fix that right now. The trainer contains lots of cheats for ZiNc games so worth a try. It's available at Willems Soft.

Posted by pi at at 11:09PM [BST]
Here it is another variation updated: MAME/MAME32 Plus 0.60 with loads of stuff, check it out. Thanks to MameWorld for the news and also for two other MAME's yesterday, I forgot to tell so my excuses.

Too many FB* today
Posted by pi at at 11:07PM [BST]
Logiqx has released the dats for the last Final Burn 0.517.

Posted by pi at at 11:02PM [BST]
I found this forum post by Jason about a modified Final Burn 0.510 with force feedback in Outrun! Truly good news, you have to try it if you have a force feedback joystick! There are mirrors in Geocities and in Tripod, the page explains very well how to configure everything to be able to play Outrun with all the new effects in your hands. The source modifications are also available.

Fast thing
Posted by pi at at 11:02PM [BST]
Brian over at PacMAME has compiled again MAME with VC .NET. There are Pentium, Pentium+ and Blended compiles of the last 0.60 version, go and get them to squeeze some more fps from your already drained CPU. Mine is!

Walnut Insidious Potters
Posted by pi at at 5:22PM [BST]
I don't know if being back at one-day MAME WIP updates is good or bad, so let's make a little digest: Wily Tower has no proms, fixed things in Shaolin's Road and Wec Le Mans 24, and sound fixes which you should read by yourself.

Paint the sky with pixels (what else)
Posted by pi at at 5:21PM [BST]
Fandemame brings to us FanBuild 0.60.2 which has some cool additions: First, support for the last Great 1000 Miles Rally 2 dump, which makes the game look all nice and colorful :) Second, support for Space Invaders and Space Invaders Deluxe artwork. This artwok is very nice, and you might have seen it already at
some geocities page. This last addition is available in M.A.S.H.'s page for the self compilers around. I hope this artwork addition is available in the next MAME as well!

Be an erudite for one day
Posted by pi at at 2:28AM [BST]
Emulation Status has been updated once again thanks to WTC. This time there are lots of new stuff, and I mean really new cause I only heard of a couple of games he mentions in the intro. Strange and rare games indeed, really you should check the added stuff and spend an interesting night increasing your arcade culture. However Puckman Pockimon will not increase your culture, eventually.

Alternatives are always good
Posted by pi at at 2:28AM [BST]
If you are a bit tired of the MAME point of view, Duckie's NonMAME has been updated precisely with that, so now you can know again the NonMAME stuff you're missing out. My recommendations go to ZiNc, Final Burn and Modeler, but the page is there for you to decide to maybe try that laserdisc stuff? :)

If you don't have enough by now...
Posted by pi at at 2:28AM [BST]
Time for MAME WIP dose, if you're not overdosed by 0.60 already, I mean :) Some cool stuff I read here, about SSV, Psykio SH-2 games, and many more things. The snapshots are from the following games: Lode Runner the Dig Fight, Hot Gimmick (very hot), Kick Goal (fixed colors from the prev day), Mille Miglia 2 (fixed graphics) and Triple Hunt. The rest of the three days is there for you to discover it.

Ojos que no ven, corazon que no siente
Posted by pi at at 2:27AM [BST]
Maybe you'd think that the The Arcade Flyers Archive has been quiet lately, that's true, but that doesn't mean "stopped". They have added silently some more flyers to the database since the last frontpage update. Latest names I read are Ridge Racer, Virtua Fighter, Baby PacMan... Let's make that counter reach 2 million flyers viewed!

Guess what!
Posted by pi at at 2:27AM [BST]
Some more MAME versions updated:
  • MAME32k 0.60 which includes lots of fixes, read the page.
  • VCMAME 0.60 and also VCMAME32 for self-compiling fans. The page is very interesting if you like this stuff.
  • CANAME 0.60.2, already updated with three fixes, one affecting Neo-Geo games. Remember that in this page there are links to FIVE more japanese MAMEs :)

Saturday 4 May

Stay cool
Posted by pi at at 3:25PM [BST]
SMF has released Redump v3.7 with support for converting Alpha Mission II MGD2 to MVS. He apologizes for not releasing it before, no problem for me :) Oh, get it at SYS2064, utilities section, and thanks to Till himself for the news.

Use that 2up!
Posted by pi at at 2:52PM [BST]
In the Kaillera site you can find Mame32 v0.60 (0503)+Kaillera client v0.9 (2.9Mb), netplay at its finest (or one of the finest anyway). Go and grab it if you like to play net-PacMan.

Know your games
Posted by pi at at 2:51PM [BST]
More toys for your MAME. Triggerfin has updated his site CatList with all up-to-date CatVer.ini, GenreV, and all the rest. Still, haven't seen any single list which lists all the Tetris games correctly :)

Posted by pi at at 12:55PM [BST]
In one of the simplest emulation pages around (with the exception of Haze's ones), I've found MAME 0.60 for BeOS, if you want it :)

Now meal time, I still have some more news for later so keep an eye here!

Soft as you want
Posted by pi at at 12:54PM [BST]
If you have a fixed frequency monitor, an arcade monitor, television, whatever, you have MAME Tweakerz's TVMAME32 0.60 and Twisty's SmoothMAME 0.60. These versions will make your MAME look like running on a baby's butt :)

Nothing to do with canadians in the end
Posted by pi at at 12:54PM [BST]
This is one of the MAME versions I noticed lately, and they are now up to date with MAME 0.60. CANAME 0.60.1 is available for japanese and english audiences, CANAME stands for Cps And Neogeo Arcade Machine Emulator and has so much new stuff that I would not be able to know where to start from. All the dats (command, cheat, history and sound) are updated as well, so everything is ready for you if you haven't tested this version.

Here it was, here it is
Posted by pi at at 12:54PM [BST]
For GUI lovers, there is a new official MAME32 0.60.1, I missed the 0.60.0 release but well :) This one fixes the directories.c crash, of course the source is available. And John IV also put there the snaps, cabinets and icons as usual.

The unstoppable MAME machine
Posted by pi at at 12:54PM [BST]
As we are used to, M.A.S.H. doesn't rest after a MAME release, so here we have MameInfo.dat 4.01. He has also added the official MAME32 0.60 help file for his FixMAME32.

Fuzzy logic
Posted by pi at at 12:53PM [BST]
One of the things I missed last night was the release of Nebula 2.13. ElSemi has added "officially" the latest XOR's and also fixed raster effects in some Neo-Geo games. There is also a bunch of other changes, as usual be sure to read the documentation!

The MAME Oracle
Posted by pi at at 12:53PM [BST]
The Official MAME site has been updated with the new screenshots, and also with something we saw comeing: the new FAQ. It has been revamped and changed the version number from 4.0 to 0.60 (good idea). You can go and read it for your doubts or contribute to it if you see something wrong or missing or incomplete. What I find strange is that they don't mention the FAQ forum! :)

Faster than the eye
Posted by pi at at 12:52PM [BST]
Dave has released a quick bugfix in Final Burn 0.517. Yesterday he fixed a bug in the math chip for Thunderblade, which resurfaced an old bug in Afterburner II. Now both games work correctly.

Fan of MAME
Posted by pi at at 12:52PM [BST]
These days Fandemame has been busy and has released some goodies regarding the last MAME 0.60. First one is History.dat 0.60 with some more added infos (including Asteroids) and some tons of Tips & Tricks for games like Willow and 1941. The other one is Fanbuild 0.60.1 with some dipswitch fixes from Stephh and a problem with the aligment of the opponent in Arm Wrestling. Oh and all the descriptions match with MAME Testers' ones :) Get all of this at the Fandemame homepage.
Posted by pi at at 1:14AM [BST]
Go to Kazuya's place to read some interesting stuff about Rage of the Dragons. It seems that Evoga has some videos. Kazuya has also made available some more of those inserts for your printing pleasure. You. Neo-Geo addict.

I can't figure out a headline for this
Posted by pi at at 1:04AM [BST]
Mike Haggar has released THE Cheat Files 0.2.6.C for Final Burn Alpha, MAME, Kawaks and Nebula. There are new cheats for the new XOR'ed games, and more cheats for others, mmmmmmmmmmmm for example in mmmmmmmmm Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix :) Yes I don't feel too well but I'm soooooo bored :-p So not in my best shape, I hope you don't mind if I write something silly. Wait. I do that all nights!

Uh found it!
Posted by pi at at 12:39AM [BST]
Here it is the interesting tidbit I was trying to find: Final Burn 0.516. Two fixes for G-Loc (new roms so maybe the emulation improves soon!) andThunderblade (no more random crashes), I think those are two enough reasons to update :)

Double halfway back
Posted by pi at at 12:32AM [BST]
I am still sick, but since Logiqx which is very busy got time and energy to update the dats, I guess I could at least mention it! Let's begin to enumerate them: MAME 0.60 and changes, dats for the new Nebula, Kawaks and Final Burn (including two more supplements today), and updated too many other dats to reflect changes in MAME such as CPS2, Neo-Geo, Nebula Jukebox, etc. John IV has also updated datafiles for Snaps, Icons and Cabinets for MAME.

All these datafiles are available for/at ClrMamePro and RomCenter. But seriously, if you want to get something, get it from the source, Logiqx's homepage, where good datafiles are laid to rest. ;)

However for what I understand he might be away for a bit more unless something severe is spotted in the datafiles. As well as me cause I'm back to bed :/ Unless I find something interesting in the next 2 minutes :-p

Friday 3 May

Quick Fly By!
Posted by Logiqx at at 11:49PM [BST]
As if by magic, CAESAR is now up to date with the latest MAME ROMs and information (as always, many games in other emulators needed remapping to the new standards). About 870 pages changed with this rebuild.

Thursday 2 May

Bad food, bad
Posted by pi at at 11:05PM [BST]
Tonight I'm pretty sick, so no news. I want to mention that Logiqx is busy right now to do the dats, but he's slowly going thru the whole process and he will release them when they are ready, but please be patient. Worth mentioning: M.A.S.H. has released the MAMEInfo.dat 4.00, the compile package, PCB's, and FixMAME32 release 1, so don't forget about all of them. More news tomorrow, and sorry for posting yesterday's things backwards :-p

Wednesday 1 May

The Newerending Story :)
Posted by pi at at 10:34PM [BST]
Well since I'm still here downloading, I guess I could report the following fact: Starring an early update, CPSMAME 5.1.02 already has today's XOR's, and at least the Carbon version is based on the MacMAME 0.59 core. Unfortunately the Classic version will be based on 0.56a from now on as it seems to be more stable on OS 8/9.

And finally, the beginning
Posted by pi at at 10:06PM [BST]
And today there's already some MAME WIP for your pleasure. It seems these changes were posted before today's release, so they seem to be included in 0.60. At least the development of yesterday should be there, and Dragon Punch (today's screenshots) is mentioned in the new clones list :) Other things in the WIP as usual, give them a try. Phew, no more things for today as there is enough!

Not any less important
Posted by pi at at 10:05PM [BST]
Oh I almost forgot the Nebula users, sorry! There's no new release, but Razoola has posted at CPS2Shock a new set of DATS for Nebula to support the latest releases, so you can go there to download it to use them with your current Nebula. Uh, am I forgetting anything? Ah yes, happy playing!

The last member of the breed
Posted by pi at at 10:05PM [BST]
As we are used, after a XOR there's always a new version of one of my personal favorites, so here it comes Kawaks 1.43 courtesy of MHz. There are loads of new things, of course the addition of the latest XOR's and Bang Bead too. There are some fixes to other sets as well but you should really have no probs with these changes, I think the only new roms are the NeoPong 1.1 which are available at the NeoDev homepage.

This version also comes with many graphic improvements like Smart Interframe Blending and the new KScale blitter, similar to the 2xSAi and SuperEagle, but looking much better and way too faster :) There are also many fixes and speedups here and there, really this release looks very good to me. Now yes, it seems that that's all for today so happy playing! :)

More gifts for today
Posted by pi at at 10:04PM [BST]
Another big release on the same day, this time at CPS2Shock. Razoola has released XOR's for the following games:
  • Night Warriors (USA 950406)
  • Vampire Hunter (Japan 950316)
  • Vampire Hunter (Japan 950302)
  • Dungeons & Dragons (Hispanic 940125)
The set Night Warriors/Vampire Hunter is new so all of you Vampire fans (me likes Morrigan of course!) will be pleased. Raz has also posted CPS2Mame v2.591 to support these releases, it's also available at CPS2Shock as usual. Happy playing again! (And also the same recommendation cause there's still more for tonight.)

For the hard wait...
Posted by pi at at 10:04PM [BST]
May 1st, internationally recognized as Day of the Worker (or something similar depending of the country). Maybe due to that Nicola has chosen today to release the long awaited MAME 0.60 "Attack of the PROMs".

As a curious thing, all the added games have appeared on the WIP, there are no "ghost" entries. Primal Rage, Tactician, Taxi Driver, Judge Dredd, the Outfoxies (finally) and Oriental Legend are all there among other names which should sound familiar to you already, up to a total count of 26 games. There are also 20 new clones of existing games, which is a good count for me :) Oh, no CoJag games as I imagined, maybe in the next release...

There are also lots of fixes which improve greatly the playability of certain games; namely Batsugun, Hot Chase and Wec Le Mans 24 to mention some. There are a total of 16 MAME Testers bugs fixed, at least mentioned there, as usual there might be more. All the details are in the whatsnew.txt file, so read it while you download the biggest arcade emulator. Happy playing! (But hold your breath cause the day hasn't finished yet!)

Good day for the emulation community
Posted by pi at at 9:49PM [BST]
If as reading this you think you are reading the last news of the day, you're wrong. Here in CAESAR the last news are in the top, so you have to learn to read backwards from the last news you saw here. I say this cause I try to be careful about the order of the news, and tonight there are many juicy news. Stay tuned as I write them all!