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Sunday 31 March

He's writing a book!
Posted by pi at at 6:04PM [GMT]
Aaron Giles added to his site a new part to Aaron's MAME Memories. This time is Part 4: The Joy of Common Hardware. Good stuff to read!

A new update to sneak in those roms...
Posted by pi at at 6:03PM [GMT]
The man with long name, Joseph C. Terranova IV, has released rom_view 1.2. Not many things new, but one of them is RLE decoding, which means Run Length Encoding compressed graphics can be seen with this little utility. Another mention in the site is that since this is not really Killer Instinct specific, it will not be announced in the KIAME site anymore, but on EmuHQ. You've been warned :-p

Stretch your horizons
Posted by pi at at 6:03PM [GMT]
Yes it seems it's back after some time, but I would be scared of downloading something called StretchMAME 0.59 April fool version (PentiumPro optimized) lol
Well now seriously, it seems it has blurless stretch and motion blur, the page has a couple of screenshots showing those new things with Quiz Nanairo Dreams...
And now, I know that Iron Man spotted this on the boards earlier, but, this time my checkandget worked perfectly, so should I thank him or not? Uh? :)

See thru Morrigan's dress? That's what you would want! :-p
Posted by pi at at 2:08PM [GMT]
SNKNeoGeo has made a transparencies table for Super Gem Fighter, and posted it in this forum message. However AngelWh... AngelFire doesn't allow external direct linking so you can't get it from there, but you can download it from here... I hope he doesn't mind that I provide a mirror :)
Remember that now, both Nebula and Kawaks support transparencies!

Finally final finally
Posted by pi at at 1:56PM [GMT]
Sunny day to finally release the announced PacTray 7.6 / PacMAME .58 (.NET) FINAL. Brian gathered everything together in 10 pieces to download and setup, but this time the thing is like 25mb! The source, roms and manuals are available there as well. Ah and step by step instructions for installing this all-pacman-thinga. For sure this is a juicy release, have fun!
Is there any dat for the manuals?
Note: Anyone please tell him that the source llink also points to the *ehem* roms :)

Driving fast into the long weekend
Posted by pi at at 1:40PM [GMT]
Time for your dose of MAME WIP, you addict. This time the black and white screenshots are from Drag Race, a game by Atari made 25 years ago... That's a real oldie! But unfortunately this WIP doesn't include any color game, anyway last one 3 days ago didn't have any b&w one so... The rest is a lot interesting to me, since two drivers which had problems in the last release have been fixed, my interest goes for the Namco NA1/2 one :)
Now my question: Drag race was added cause today there is a F1 race in Interlagos? Or was it pure coincidence? The truth is out there...

Posted by pi at at 12:31AM [GMT]
Since we are still on hype with ZiNc, Zinc Front End 1.4 will make you glad... Aldo has added support for the latest Glide Renderer.

Self-made man
Posted by pi at at 12:30AM [GMT]
It seems that UrHereNow has updated the Compile32 site, which contains lots of info and tips on compiling your own MAME. Thanks to MameWorld for allowing me to steal their news nicely :)

Saturday 30 March

Posted by pi at at 11:58PM [GMT]
A little update over at Aaron Giles homepage. Something to read...

Saturday night is alright for fighting!
Posted by pi at at 11:55PM [GMT]
Mike Haggar has made it fast and here we have Cheat Archive 0.2.6.A for FBA, Nebula/Kawaks and MAME (CPS-1 & 2 only). The changes in this version are: of course the new XORed games have brand new cheats, some more cheats for three games, and a bunch of fixes, courtesy of Stephh. Again I have to say that these are the cheats I use for my emus, (well except Pugsy's one), I'd suggest you to give them a try if you haven't tried already! Have you noticed that all those new games have the word "fighter" in the title? :)

And even more!
Posted by pi at at 11:52PM [GMT]
Believe it or not, Mike Beaver has surprised himself (for what it seems lol) and all of us with Mimic 2.01! This version fixes that nasty bug in the 68k core, has a few changes as well. Didn't have enough with last night's emu updates? There ya go!

Posted by pi at at 6:01PM [GMT]
M.A.S.H. has posted an interesting piece to read: How to add video modes to Windows/MAME32 with the AdvanceMAME video configuration tool. Head over toM.A.S.H.'s MameInfo page to get all those wisdom pearls.

Totally non-english news
Posted by pi at at 11:39AM [GMT]
If you know spanish, you could think of visiting the new forums at EmuM@nia, with more functionality, design, and well, check by yourself, do you think I'm gonna do everything for you?

Spell it backwards if you dare
Posted by pi at at 11:39AM [GMT]
Chris has posted at Retrogames about his recent release romalizer 0.7pre3. It's an utility in the line of ClrMamePro and RomCenter, but console based, open source, and for X-MAME :) It has the usual batch of changes you can read on the RG frontpage, it doesn't has a site but again here it's a Direct download or get it from RG as well. Only took me 16 hours to post about this, again I have to say sorry to someone for not posting on the right time... Sry Chris :)

A sad end
Posted by pi at at 11:38AM [GMT]
Guru-choc over at Arcade Rom Heaven has posted a link to some pics which like he said, make you cry. It's sad, I don't even have anything arcade in my possesion, but I guess these things happens continously. What is wreckage for ones is valuable for others.

No, not there!
Posted by pi at at 11:38AM [GMT]
I am even glad to post something not CPS2 :) Well, Duckie has updated NonMAME up to the latest MAME 0.59. He also added ZiNc during this week, so it seems it's up to date with everything.

Harvesting in the night
Posted by pi at at 11:38AM [GMT]
After past weekend's hype with Zinc and MAME, I think this weekend we will have an equally fruitful weekend thanks to the XOR releases courtesy of Razoola. Examples coming along:
  • Fanbuild 0.59.3 already supports latest decrypted CPS-2 games. Thanks to kind Fandemame for it.
  • Final Burn Alpha 0.2.6 with the latest XOR's, but without TMNT or the Toaplan or Raizing games shown in the latest WIP. Nice team FBDev made it.
  • And for the Mac, CPSMAME 3.29.02 is there already, supporting guess what and also that new Dinasty Wars clone from latest MAME. Gracias Will and Andrew.
  • On a side note, Nebula Jukebox 2.1 was released yesterday along with Nebula, as usual, and I forgot to mention, sorry ElSemi. Nebula Jukebox is a superb music player for CPS-1 and CPS-2 games, and also NeoGeo games. So to ElSemi, thanks for Nebula and Nebula Jukebox :)

Lots of updates today!
Posted by pi at at 3:01AM [GMT]
First Emustatus, then System16. That strange "eating it with my cats" thing was just while Sixtoe himself was doing a huge update at one of the best resources about arcades in the whole net. This update is so big I can't tell you anything, you better go there and check by yourself! As a side note, yes Six, we read all that, at least I do :)

XOR mayhem!
Posted by pi at at 2:56AM [GMT]
Well, where do I start from??? CPS2Shock XOR mayhem! Not one, but six XOR's have been released! Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix (two clones), finally! Plus Pocket Fighter, plus Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo USA, plus two Asia clones from Super Street Fighter II.

That's only the beginning. Of course, some updates to the famous emulators have been announced, both supporting the latest games. Nebula 2.11 and WinKawaks 1.42 have been released as well. The changelog of these emus is quite long, but both ones have juicy new things, check them out. As well, CPS2MAME v2.590 is there supporting these releases.

And to ice the cake, the very own Logiqx has left a gift before going out some days: a few dats to keep you entertained, including the updated CPS-2 dat, plus the new DatUtil 1.16 with lots of fixes and additions.

Phew, those were a lot of things to keep you busy, cause in this post you haven't read too much... There's more from where it comes from, so move move!

Friday 29 March

Really wanna know?
Posted by pi at at 8:23PM [GMT]
Kazuya has posted some interesting info at All the bits and tips there are interesting to me, so you better go and read by yourself. Not going to spoil the surprises!

Informed to the last minute
Posted by pi at at 8:22PM [GMT]
You can get M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo 3.92 with the latest bugs from the 0.59 release, plus it has the Recommended Games addition.

Freedom of speech
Posted by pi at at 8:22PM [GMT]
Metafox has passed again at the Laser homepage, which has some new features including forums and talkback; note that I am talking about the site, not about the emulator itself :) So go there and post your comments.

Gliding and rendering
Posted by pi at at 8:22PM [GMT]
Again the guys at Emuhype make me happy with the Zinc Glide Renderer 1.1. This renderer for 3DFX cards corrects some bugs, so if you are the owner of one of these graphic cards, go and update yourself!

Time for more things to show
Posted by pi at at 8:21PM [GMT]
The emulator with the perfect name has some more Mimic WIP. This time the Beaver shows some improvements in the Data East VDP, and has some text and screenshot for your (avid) eyes.

Emustatus got some more residents
Posted by pi at at 8:21PM [GMT]
WTC has made another update at Emustatus, one of my favorite arcade resources in this little 'net. There are dozens of updated games, and fifteen new entries, including some of the newer CPS-2 games and also Solomon's Keys, one of my personal favorites :)

PinMAME first birthday
Posted by pi at at 8:20PM [GMT]
Somehow I got in the announcement list of the PinMAME team... :) Curious cause Logiqx decide some time ago that CAESAR was about arcade and even when pinball is nice, it is not the CAESAR subject, something I agree with. Anyway many arcade lovers are also pinball lovers, so I guess I can tell you about the new PinMAME and Visual PinMAME Version 1.12. This release is special cause it's the first anniversary of PinMAME and VPinMAME, congratulations guys for such a good job with this fine piece of software... I wish I had a machine to run VPinMAME :) Go to the site to learn about this new release, which has a lot of improvements and additions specially in the sound department.

Thursday 28 March

Teletype news
Posted by pi at at 9:57PM [GMT]
Here are the short news of today and yesterday:Thanks to MameWorld for the last two ones!

Thou shalt be judged
Posted by pi at at 9:56PM [GMT]
It's time for... MAME WIP! Judge Dredd has been added, lots of screenshots from it. Many other things, including Aaron's fix to the samples/artwork problem. I'd suggest you to go and take a look, but probably you already decided to go :)

Dats all around
Posted by pi at at 9:54PM [GMT]
There are some dats for Mimic 2.0 over at Logiqx's homepage (thanks PeterD), as well as at the ClrMamePro homepage. If you are an user of RomCenter, don't forget to keep an eye there as well.

Wednesday 27 March

Another index!
Posted by Logiqx at at 11:04PM [GMT]
Okay, after adding manufacturers and years I've added one more:

Non-MAME games

Use this to find out what games are at least partially emulated and by what.

Un rayo de sol, oh oh oh...
Posted by pi at at 7:43PM [GMT]
It seems that all the hype of this weekend is fading away. There is not much to mention today, so you might consider beating some records at MARP and then going out to dinner with friends or that significant one. That's actually what I'm doing right now, so I'm off for the rest of the day (no I didn't beat any record... yet.) Don't worry, I'll inform you if something happens tonight... But tomorrow!
Today the holidays start in many places. Easter, Pascua, Semana Santa, however you call it, the CAESAR team hopes you will enjoy them. In my case... No holidays until mid of next month, so come back tomorrow and I'll give you your daily dose of arcade news. I'll be here! (I hope!)

Tuesday 26 March

It's at CPS2Shock :)
Posted by pi at at 10:51PM [GMT]
Before you run, it's not a XOR release. Now that you're calmed down, CPS2Shock has a little update where Razoola mentions about the current present of #CPS2Shock. If IRC is your world, read the notice!

Metal rulez!
Posted by pi at at 10:51PM [GMT]
It has been mentioned here and there about a thread to improve Zinc's performance. While that thread is interesting and has excellent advices and information, I suggest you to go to the source of it all, namely The Official Zinc Forum.
Since I already talked about frontends... Well, Aldo's Zinc Front End 1.3 is there... I like!

Kazuya informing of...
Posted by pi at at 10:51PM [GMT]
If you feel like you're not getting all the NeoGeo you can, visit cause Kazuya has some interesting things to say about Rage of the Dragons and Metal Slug 4, both games are unreleased (yet) NeoGeo games. I think %)

Non-stop updates
Posted by pi at at 10:50PM [GMT]
Roman made ClrMamePro 2.55a, which has new "feature" to detect bugs in the -listinfo of MAME. Quite cool for us, accuracy fans :) It has also made some fixes and changes all around. Mmmmmmm... What I was going to say? Ah yes, that there are also many new datafiles, as usual, go and get them at Logiqx's as usual.

One page without one is still a page
Posted by pi at at 10:49PM [GMT]
Mike Haggar still doesn't have a logo, but it hasn't stopped him to release Cheat File(s) 0.2.5.B for MAME, Nebula/Kawaks and Final Burn Alpha. His cheats archive is my choice, so if it's not yours yet, give it a try! (Note: the MAME one only contains CPS-1 and CPS-2 cheats.)
I saw on the boards a link to this Kawaks Fan Site. It has news, some downloads and links, and some skins as well. Graphically the site is pleasant, worth a look IMHO. It has a logo at least ;)

MAME still flooding
Posted by pi at at 10:49PM [GMT]
As usual after a MAME release, the tide is still high and there are many updates:
  • X-MAME 0.59.1 has been released. It contains everything from MAME 0.59, plus some fixes for *nix machines. Go 'n get it!
  • Surprise surprise! MAMECE3 9.4 for the PocketPC! This release supports all 3 PocketPC processors, MIPS, ARM, and SH3. MAME in your small devide? Sounds good to me, so it might be to you? :)
  • Andrea has got out AdvanceMAME v0.59.0 and also AdvanceMENU v1.17.3 are there for your enjoyment. The usual "everything from MAME 0.59 plus some fixes and improvements." Sorry if today I'm not all full of energy.
  • I usually don't post about frontends (don't ask me why), but I think it's curious that MacMAME Companion has been updated after quite some months stopped...
  • TVMAME32 0.59 is there, for I686 and K6, plus the source of course :) Thanks to MW for this one, CNG missed it.

Happy counter!
Posted by pi at at 12:11AM [GMT]
Logiqx has surpassed tonight the half million mark. Congratulations for it man, I hope we get the same success here at CAESAR one of these days, uh? :)
And I made 135,600 on Puzzled, when MARP's highest is 97,100. But I didn't record the game completely, plus it was in Kawaks :(

Monday 25 March

Magic People, Voodoo People!
Posted by pi at at 11:25PM [GMT]
The team has made finally a Glide Renderer for Zinc. Cool cause I have a VooDoo, I'm happy!!!!!

Info for your eyes
Posted by pi at at 11:23PM [GMT]
Theo's page of Emulated Games has got a good update, you might want to go there and check all the info he has... In his page he also mentions another dump by The Guru, so thanks to him for the hint :)

Finally final!
Posted by pi at at 11:23PM [GMT]
Brian has finished! PacTray 7.6 / PacMAME .58 (.NET) FINAL. Final? Well I guess it means apparently everything works, it's stable, and all that. Sounds good, but right now there is no download link, he's waiting to release it with a registered copy of the installer... Be patient and you will be rewarded!

Another MAME potpourrit
Posted by pi at at 11:23PM [GMT]
  • Yesterday it was a false alarm, I didn't realized the links were in red... but NOW yes, M.A.S.H. has released his Compile and Special packages for 0.59. Sorry for the confusion, all my fault :) He has just updated FMAME32 0.59 to release 2, fixing a couple of things with this weekend's release.
  • Fandemame does it again, and FanBuild 0.59.2 is there. It includes the vertical bars fix by Aaron Giles, plus some Stephh fixes to some drivers, and a lot of fixes by BillK. Sounds good to me!
  • The MAME32 QA/Test & Art Dept. has posted the flyer pack #18. Plus it's mentioned that they are working (I guess John IV) in a fresh and brand new help file from scratch.
  • Roman has posted lots of dat updates in his site, many coming from Logiqx. Both sites include the new MAME Flyer packs 1-18. Logiqx has also updated some other dats in his site as well as ROMBuild, check them all and be up to date! (I like to end news with an exclamation, Till's style rocks!)
  • There are many other MAME-related updates, all of them at MameWorld, so instead of copying them here, just go there and visit them :) Roclobsta and KillerClown do an outstanding job, but please remember to come back here! :)
  • As a final note, has updated its database to 0.59, I just wish they would change the page title :(

And the Oscar goes to...
Posted by pi at at 11:19PM [GMT]
Except for the Oscar to Halle Berry, I'm quite dissapointed with the awards this year. So I made my own ones:
Best Movie: "Zinc: Metal Rulez!"
Best Director: Santeri Saarimaa for "MAME WIP 2: The Revenge"
Best Actor: Guru-Choc for "This is my life"
Best Actress: Morrigan Aesland for "I wanted you really really dead"
[Note to Gridle and Guru-Choc: It's only a joke, I hope you don't get offended :) ]

Late news tonight, I tried to be throughout so you keep well informed about the arcade emulation community. This weekend has been a killer, thanks for all those visits :) On another order of things, deintoxicate from the Oscars with an impressive tech story: The Future of Internet bandwidth.

Sunday 24 March

Dats and dats
Posted by pi at at 9:40PM [GMT]
Logiqx has uploaded the Zinc datafiles... Another slip, Logiqx? :) Well he also uploaded the updated dats by John IV for Snaps, Icons and Cabinets.

Posted by pi at at 9:40PM [GMT]
Yoshi has updated his BeOS port of MAME 0.59. Various fixes and improvements, you BeOS users could tell me the differences with the other port I reported about earlier...
And now when will be the next X-MAME?

A quick mention to something worth it
Posted by pi at at 5:14PM [GMT]
M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo 3.91 is out, with the latest (and first!) bugs in MAME 0.59... Yes I think this was kinda a buggy release...

Posted by pi at at 12:34PM [GMT]
If you haven't noticed, WinAmp 2.79 is out... Not arcade news? Well, Kawaks uses it :)
If you want non-arcade news, ok... Today it makes TWO whole months since my first post in CAESAR, and also 82 days without smoking.

Zinc issues for your knowledge
Posted by pi at at 12:34PM [GMT]
  • There is another warning in the Zinc Homepage regarding a possible crash playing a game. Note they also tell us what to do with that Soul Edge button :)
  • Aldo Vargas has made Aldo's Zinc Front End. Small and efficient I guess :) Thanks to Till for the news!
  • I better remind you about the Zinc forum.

One night of MAME
Posted by pi at at 12:33PM [GMT]
  • It seems that you can already download MAME 0.59 for BeOS.
  • There is a warning in Logiqx's homepage in case you got some dats for MAME yesterday.
  • I guess you all noticed that strange background issue in certain games in the latest MAME, to avoid those vertical bars Aaron made a little fix, so if you can compile your own MAME, go to MAME Testers to get the fix.
  • Not only they are back; the Kaillera guys have posted Mame32 v0.59 (0323)+Kaillera client v0.9 so go there and happy netplay!
  • Rodimus has put in his page AMAME and PMAME 0.59, so if you want to try (and give him feedback!) go there and get them. PMAME is for Pentium and Pentium MMX, and AMAME is for all AMD K6 and newer and Pentium Pro and newer... Is it clear? :)

Videoclip in turbo mode
Posted by pi at at 1:25AM [GMT]
Well after five days I've been able to actually test that video I saw on CP-Systems 2 Turbo. The video is a 34mb piece encoded in DiVX ;-) 5.0, and it has exclusively some Marvel vs Capcom combos with a teaser (hint hint) and some funky music, all arranged by Zax... But it's fun! If you have nothing to do with your bandwith, here is something I liked. Not top quality, the video is quite small size and only 3:28, but good enuff...
Also it's the first anniversary of CP-Systems 2 Turbo, well it was past thursday, sorry for being late but my ISP gets me on my nerves! Congrats for a full year, keep on!

Three in one
Posted by pi at at 12:53AM [GMT]
  • M.A.S.H. had a busy day... Till now he has already released FMAME32 0.59 r1, with all the usual enhancements. He has also upgraded the Compile Package, also the Special Info pack and the PCB infos to 0.59. Get all of them at M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo page.
  • Fandemame hasn't been resting either. Fanbuild 0.59.1 is out, and besides the past fixes, in this version he fixes some data on the gamelist and also some game flags, from the MAME Testers orange files.
  • This is the newest port of MAME: ZMAME. It's for the Zaurus PDA, made by Sharp. However I can't find anything MAME on there (tho I found the WikiWikiWeb!) I post it here just cause I saw it at MameWorld (thanks guys.)

Saturday 23 March

Here it comes!
Posted by pi at at 10:07PM [GMT]
No man, this is not another you-know-what post. This is a brand new release! The beast is called Zinc, done by the creators of Impact and the S11 preview emu. In fact, S11 + Impact = Zinc. Ths actually means that S11 and Impact are not supported anymore. The first version is Zinc 0.5 and it is available for Linux and *all* Windows flavors. Zinc supports the arcade systems Sony ZN-1 and ZN-2 and Namco System 11. It supports 26 games, 16 have full sound and are fully playable, and only 3 games are not playable. Great!
Since this emulator is a predecessor of two others, in its first version it already has "changelog". Well, in short it has fixes, improved performance for both emu and renderer, some new games AND a dynarec with CPU-specific optimizations and configurable performance... Too good!
The wait was long, but I feel it was very worth it! I hope everyone enjoys this new hi-tech emulator; congratulations and thanks to the developer team for this jewel.

So fast, Gridle
Posted by pi at at 4:11PM [GMT]
I said to myself that I would better wait for more MAME things and post all together... But how can I put a MAME WIP in the middle of everything? Yes, last five days (including today) have been posted. I see something for INI's to redefine inputs, it seems its being developed, which would be REALLY good if it follows the same loading scheme as of the normal INI's (general, type, driver, game). No screenshots, but lots of good stuff IMHO, even when half of it is already within MAME ;)

Posted by pi at at 3:57PM [GMT]
And keep on the things! This one deserves a different post cause Logiqx has released the new MAME dats with the changes... He has also updated the supplementary data files for Nebula and RAINE. He has updated and uploaded the Older Emus dats, to reflect the changes in the Pisces roms for GalEmu and VAntAGE. He has also released ROMBuild 1.11 with support for these Pisces roms for a variety of classic emulators, plus a compile fix and internal NeoGeo renaming. Again, the man for arcade dats is Logiqx!
He already updated CAESAR so time for some more relax...

CAESAR updated for MAME v0.59
Posted by Logiqx at at 2:27PM [GMT]
As the title implies, CAESAR is now in line with the latest MAME release. Only a small update this time it seems (around 600 pages added or changed).

A little new game
Posted by pi at at 1:09PM [GMT]
Well Haze has posted *one* screenshot of a new game he's working on... At the Unemulated and unnamed page.

MAME32 already
Posted by pi at at 1:08PM [GMT]
The MAME32 Q/A guys have made MAME32 0.59, as well as cabs, shots and icons packs for it. They were quick!

Rage of the Dragons
Posted by pi at at 1:07PM [GMT]
I've read an interesting post by Kazuya on his superb NeoGeoforlife site. It really means that: a new NeoGeo game. If you are into NeoGeo, visit the page for this story and also for a great NeoGeo resource site :) Thanks to PeterD for the tip!

M.A.S.H. wins everyone else
Posted by pi at at 4:16AM [GMT]
With the recent release, the Official MAME boards are getting filled with quite some bug reports. And where to know about bugs other than in the MAME Testers. But the quickest is again M.A.S.H. with his MameInfo 3.90 for MAME 0.59. It has been just updated, so you can expect his usual stuff coming in the next days.

Quick Fix
Posted by pi at at 3:08AM [GMT]
In the first release, there was a bug which prevented Psykio SH games from running. Haze was quick on realizing it and Gridle already uploaded the fixed binaries and source. Go to the MAME homepage for them and happy playing! Thanks to PeterD for the hint ;)

Friday 22 March

Finally it's here!
Posted by pi at at 11:30PM [GMT]
Well this was one of the most awaited releases, at least by the time it took! MAME 0.59 "Rise from your grave" is out! Wanna see what's new while it's downloading?
  • Well, Stephh did loads of fixes in DSW and input ports (you already knew if you read the WIP).
  • Aaron changed behaviour to use less CPU when it's not needed under Windows.
  • Andrea made a speedup improvement in somegames for MMX and the tilemap system.
  • Support for compressed hard disk images again by Aaron (guess why!)
  • At least seven MAME Testers bugs have been fixed.
  • As for new games: The Psykio SH2 games (Sol Divide, Strikers 1945 II, etc.);Police Trainer; Cowboys of Moo Mesa and Bucky O'Hare; Some new clones completing sets; And some more!
And now you only need to get to play them... Enjoy!
[Note: expect many MAME-related updates in the incoming days... Movement!]

A short message...
Posted by pi at at 7:55PM [GMT]
If you are interested in the PolyGameMaster emulation, you might want to read this little note by Haze.

If you want to help...
Posted by pi at at 7:53PM [GMT]
There are lots of places who still need donations so they can keep dumping, decrypting and in short, kaing the games available for you. wasn't the only one. The Guru's ROM Dumping Project is one of those places if you didn't know by now. Hey, I have to put some plugs so these people can keep with their work, right?

Never late to keep updating
Posted by pi at at 7:52PM [GMT]
Marat Fayzullin has updated his Z80 emulation package. Don't know the changes, but if you are into these things or if you used it previously, go and take a look. I better not go deeper since it gives me headaches :) Actually I don't even know if this core is already in an arcade emulator? Uhm, maybe it's time...

And then people have 2 letters nicks :)
Posted by pi at at 7:43PM [GMT]
Joseph C. Terranova IV as released rom_view 1.1. Not only it comes with improvements like more stability, BMP export... It comes with a full plugin system! Including the SDK, and it works already with CPS-3 images. Now you can get sprites out of anything, just make that plugin for the roms you want! Certainly worth a look both for programmers and users. Thanks to PeterD for the news.

Posted by pi at at 7:32PM [GMT]
Kaillera is back. Happy netplay!

Doesn't smell, doesn't taste, can't see it, but...
Posted by pi at at 7:32PM [GMT]
March 22nd, today is World Water Day. Do you really know how lucky you are for having always water in the kitchen? This day is dedicated to one of the most valuable resources on earth. You might not notice the existence of water, but without it, you can't live.

Thursday 21 March

Next version is here
Posted by pi at at 11:24PM [GMT]
As they said, NeoDev has released NeoPong 1.1, now with full music and soundeffects, and some other improvements. Since there is no changelog, you have to download the roms (now 2mb) and discover those improvements by youself.
As for me, the remaining news can wait for tomorrow.

Watch the crystal ball
Posted by pi at at 10:02PM [GMT]
The join effort of Logiqx and Razoola has released the last CPS-2 dats, available on Logiqx's homepage and CPS2Shock equally. As PeterD noted, there are some predictions by Logiqx which I find interesting and quite rational (scroll down to the section "CPS-2 boards with Raz.")
However don't take his words as the future, cause in the end, Razoola will do what he thinks it's best :-p

Tron for you and test for Euskalnet tech guy :-p
Posted by pi at at 4:24PM [GMT]
I hope everyone liked that GladiaTron game I posted not too much ago. But Stiletto told me about an even better one, and I agree, GLTron is the best Tron Cycles game I ever seen! Configurable artpacks, full quality soundtrack, superb graphics and ligthning speed! I only miss the accelerate/braking from other Tron game I played some years ago... Well this one is GNU, for Windows and Linux and basically open source so for every OS :) Enjoy it and thanks to Stiletto for the link!

Another BIG Enhancement
Posted by Logiqx at at 8:28AM [GMT]
Seems I'm on a roll at the moment!

I've added a year index (in between the game and manufacturer indices).

I've also added all MAME artwork to the game pages (e.g. Out Run). Hope you like it!

Wednesday 20 March

Spring has come
Posted by pi at at 5:27PM [GMT]
Well, this year it's here one day before usual (don't ask me why). So everyone has a happy Spring!
(But if you are on Euskalnet you can't read this.)
Update: As a change, even when my ISP is still giving me problem, today the tech guy who attended me was more understanding and nice than the others. Now I see the light at the end of the tunnel (and I hope it's not the train going to roll over me).
2nd update: And now somehow everything seems to be ok! Let's see how long this lasts!

Third and last update: No, it's not solved.

And again another one
Posted by pi at at 1:16PM [GMT]
I hope everyone notices the new feature on the game indexes and the manufacturer lists, it will make your search much better. All thanks to the CAESAR man: Logiqx (who else?)

Blind update
Posted by pi at at 12:37AM [GMT]
Roman still searches for perfection and ClrMamePro 2.55 has born. It fixes quite some things, so again my recommendation is to update to this last version. Thanks to PeterD for whispering me the changelog (which I never put here anyway :-p )

Tuesday 19 March

Be OS, be OS
Posted by pi at at 10:56PM [GMT]
For BeOS users, BeEmulated has uploaded XMAME 0.58.3 recently released, but for your operative system. There are some fixes coming from it, so if you choose BeOS, you should also choose this update :)

Open your eyes
Posted by pi at at 10:51PM [GMT]
I hope everyone notices the sentence just below our big logo. It means that if you know of something, then tell us! In the page you will find contacts so you can get in touch with the CAESAR team.

I'm going to take advantage of this opportunity and tell all of you that thanks a lot, I get some mails with news, but I want more, so when you think of writing to RG or MW or somewhere to tell the last gossip, hey, I want to be included too!


And even more improvements
Posted by pi at at 10:45PM [GMT]
Fandemame keeps on it and he has uploaded History.dat 0.58d. This release is cleaner, compatible with Emu Loader 2.8 (which I think it should be the reverse but anyway...) and adds info for 14 games. Including Donkey Kong :) And now something if you don't notice: the news in the page are in english! Thanks guy!

Small news, long post!
Posted by pi at at 1:39PM [GMT]
Hey little facelift yesterday here at CAESAR. That manufacturer's list is cool, uh? Maybe sometimes it's not very noticeable but Logiqx always does things here and there to keep CAESAR up and running. There have been some little updates as well in some pages mentioned here lately:

First, Roman has updated his star application, ClrMamePro 2.54d. This one is an optimized compile, cause yesterday's one wasn't optimized. Errare humanum est... (Even me when I said it was 2.54c...)

XRay1 has returned and said some words of thanks to the donators at The Arcade Flyers Archive. Well then why not we all say thanks to the TAFA crew which makes such a wonderful database?

And finally, The Guru got even another board, Raiden DX (updated version). Isn't he a lucky guy? :)

Small is beautiful!

Manufacturers and a new look
Posted by Logiqx at at 12:59AM [GMT]
I've been meaning to add a manufacturer index to CAESAR for a long time and today I've finally done it! Even better is that it's all been generated without any intervention from me (not even a hand-typed list of names to search for). Despite MAME having a million and one variants for each manufacturer I came up with a simple but smart algorithm to ascertain all of the top manufacturers (the criteria being at least 10 games in MAME) and generate index pages for them.

Also updated today is the look of CAESAR, it is now officially stripy! Only a smallish change but the old one was looking a little tired imo.

Monday 18 March

WIP: something we all like, but still not enough
Posted by pi at at 7:44PM [GMT]
We all are still waiting for that MAME release, and I guess that when it happens, I will miss it. But until then, your condamina dose: MAME WIP. This time, yes, screenshots for three games in the Alpha68k driver, they work now due to many fixes submitted by Acho A. Tang. Two days of developing news are awaiting for you! (You know, I never tell all you can find there.)

Not quite finished with it, yet
Posted by pi at at 7:43PM [GMT]
Roman a.k.a. Bogy has updated ZipMax 0.351, with a small problem with filenames, and also ClrMamePro 2.54b with some threading issues for Win9x/ME. Both useful utilities are available on the ClrMamePro homepage. Oh he also uploaded those quality Nebula 2.1 dats, but you can also get them from the source (gotta love those shameless plugs!)

XXX MAME? That's what you want...
Posted by pi at at 7:42PM [GMT]
X-MAME 0.58.3. Lots of tech changes, some improvements, some fixes. Go and get it, what are you waiting for? To install Linux? Well that would be a good start... :-p

Dump, dump, dump
Posted by pi at at 7:42PM [GMT]
Saw at RG that The Guru has received and dumped Lethal Enforcer II (thanks to Pelle, the donator). And he also got Great 1000 Miles Rally 2 for a redump, from Smitdogg and Taucher. GTMR was quite a fun game to play, so let's see how the second part is :)

Happy birthday to you, la la la la, la la...
Posted by pi at at 7:40PM [GMT]
PeterD commented about the Third Anniversary of NeoGeoForLife. And to celebrate it, Kazuya has opened a competition for shock box insert creation. If you have graphic skills, go and try to win the prizes, which include a NeoGeo cart of The Last Blade!
Oh, and well, happy third anniversary for NeoGeoForLife and Kazuya! :)

Fly little bird, fly!
Posted by pi at at 7:40PM [GMT]
First thing I noticed today is another big update at The Arcade Flyer Archive. There are 45 classics such as Baby Pac-Man, Frogger, Karate Champ and Zaxxon (from Sleith), and then 9 NeoGeo flyers like Metal Slug 4 and Neo Bomberman (from The Sheep). Cool additions. I always spent some time looking at them. That's why they post them there, right? So go and see!

Frowning for one week, and more to come
Posted by pi at at 7:40PM [GMT]
My ISP (Euskalnet) still hasn't solved my problem (which everyone is suffering but apparently no one except me has complained about). The technicians are a lot of [insert your favorite insult here] cause one full week after, they are *studying* the problem. And they even told me that to get my money back, what I have to do is not use internet while this problem persist. I have to pay another connection so I can search for news and then post here. I can't even do the thing of change permanently cause ALL the ISP's in Spain are equally crappy. So I hope the number of readers INCREASES or I'll start killing people. Some. At least. Maybe. I'm hungry, errr I mean angry.

Sunday 17 March

A header one day later
Posted by pi at at 11:25PM [GMT]
Besides arcade, I'm a big PC retrogamer, so abandonware is also of my interest. I saw just now at the RG boards that Home of the Underdogs has changed their address to permanently. This happened cause the man there forgot to keep the old url and someone else registered it (for redirecting to a search engine). So spread the word, and let's play some Prowler :)
(Notice that I can legally play Prowler cause it was the first original game I ever bought :-p )

We all have a little irish inside us
Posted by pi at at 10:43PM [GMT]
Hey everyone, happy St. Patricks day! I totally missed, but some of you are still in time to drink some beer. Since I don't drink alcohol, drink some for me, thanks :)
And happy St. Patrichs day to Catherine, my favorite irish girl, wherever you are.

Socializing is good
Posted by pi at at 10:38PM [GMT]
For your compulsive social needs, MAMEChat is what you think: a chat about MAME and I guess everything in general. I tried it for a bit and seems ok, the Java applet is neat, and people is quite cool. Thanks to MameWorld for the hint.

Updates as usual
Posted by pi at at 9:52PM [GMT]
Logiqx has released the new Nebula 2.1 dats for both ClrMamePro and RomCenter. As well he fixed a nasty bug in MAMEDiff, so version 1.10 is there for you too. A bug that his silly betatester didn't notice :-/

Making your life easier
Posted by pi at at 9:48PM [GMT]
I've seen over at RG that there has been an update at EasyEmu. This is a site devoted to make the life of the emulation user much easier. This time it has new guides for Kawaks and Nebula, plus some updates to MAME and RAINE. Certainly it's MAME stuff is worth a look, lots of tricks you should know. Thanks to Atila for the news.

Press the 'nitro' button
Posted by pi at at 9:48PM [GMT]
Turbo68K Version 0.6 is out. For all you developers, this should mean good news. Visit the page to see a list of changes, since it's quite technical and I don't understand anything. Bart Trzynadlowski is the author of this 680x0 CPU core, originally developed for his Genital emulator.

Saturday 16 March

WIP after WIP
Posted by pi at at 9:10PM [GMT]
Gridle has made another MAME WIP update, which comprises four days of work on the MAME realm. No shots this time, sorry. The changes are mostly fixes and clone additions, which in my opinion are good news!

Supports Dinasty Moo O'Hare (what a strange game)
Posted by pi at at 7:54PM [GMT]
ElSemi is a dedicated developer and here he brings us again another update: Nebula 2.1. Comments? Well, it supports the english version of Dinasty Wars, Cowboys of Moo Mesa, I guess Bucky O'Hare too? And also NeoPong. It contains lots of fixes so go and get it! A good thing to enjoy the weekend! (Note: until the sound-enabled NeoPong is released, you can say "ping? pong!" yourself when the ball touches the paddles.)
Update: I forgot to say thanks to IkariWarrior who posted about it on the boards.

Betta lata than nava
Posted by pi at at 12:55PM [GMT]
It seems that I missed this one completely, sorry! Fandemame released History.dat 0.58c, with two fixes with the copyright symbol and the STORY keyword, and some dozens (~40) of game additions, including lots of NeoGeo games AND Morrigan! Ooops I mean Darkstalkers :)
I just wish his news were in english too, reading french gives me headaches %-)

Competition abroad!
Posted by pi at at 12:24PM [GMT]
On a brighter side, Kazuya at NeoGeoforlife will be helding a competition starting this monday. There are prizes involved, so go there and read more! I want to win something too so I guess I will be around...
As late news, he also added recently a review of Nightmare in the Dark, which happens to be a remake of one of my favorite oldies, Snow Bros.

Hero forever
Posted by pi at at 12:24PM [GMT]
Scott Safran held the world record on Asteroids for 20 years, but it seems he could only enjoy the honour for 5 years, since he died in an accident. His family will receive a Posthumous Award on his behalf. I think it's never too late! For more information, read the full Twin Galaxies article. (Btw I hope he helds the record forever.) Thanks to MW and RG for the webcopynews (but people don't write me to tell me all these things!)

Saturday WIP fever
Posted by pi at at 11:51AM [GMT]
It seems I am specialized on posting about all WIPs I can detect. This time, the Beaver has posted in his site some Mimic WIP: Robocop is starting to show actual things, so the Data East driver is coming nicely.

Wipping around
Posted by pi at at 11:51AM [GMT]
Now this is starting to look too good. The FBA WIP includes many screenshots of Raizing and Toaplan games, I guess you all know the names. There is also the title screeen of the english version of Dinasty Wars, does that mean some parent moving? :)

Friday 15 March

He marks the difference!
Posted by pi at at 9:41PM [GMT]
I know I shouldn't be here, but since I stopped by home for a bit, I noticed that in my ausence Logiqx has released MAMEDiff 1.09. This cute tool has a new mode of operation: Tiny dats. You can use them to produce dats which contain the difference between one dat and another (i.e. emulator updates), but with the tiny mode, you only creat the needed roms, instead of recreating the whole games. This allows to create even smaller updates but still playable (as long as the emulator can use multiple rompaths).
As usual, Logiqx has a better explanation in this forum post, in his own page and in the MAMEDiff.txt. [sarcasm mode on] However, in no place he mentions that the original idea of the tiny dat was mine :) However, I can agree that he has the small merit of expanding the original idea to cover 24 combinations and to develop the whole algorithm, but the idea was mine in first place :-p [sarcasm mode off]
You can try both the utility and some suplementary dats for MAME + Raine/Nebula/Kawaks at Logiqx's homepage.
Now I'm running for dinner out and movie session at 1am :)

Gladiator + Tron = Gladiatron
Posted by pi at at 5:59PM [GMT]
The ISP is still stuck with some outdated pages in it's cache (it seems half internet is in the cache). So it will be a short day today, since I have some other duties tonight (despite what I said on the RG board about daily updates). Maybe I'll get back at 2-3am and post something if I can.
Until then, Tron fans could enjoy a little gem called Gladiatron 3D 1.1 (112kb). I think it's a cute and quite good recreation of that famous scene in Tron, I never saw this game and it seems this is the last version. It runs quite fast in my P2/300, and even with keyboard for the second player, it's a cool choice for boring afternoons (even alone, the puterplayer is not so bad).
(Beware, check for viruses and warn me if you find one!)
Update: Forgot to mention it's freeware, for all Windows flavors, and needs DirectX 7 and a card with OpenGL. Enough?

Roman gets 2 points
Posted by pi at at 5:47PM [GMT]
Roman does a double update: ClrMamePro 2.54a, which has some fixes and multithreaded zip/unzip routines. And also ZipMax 0.35, with some kind of fix I can't tell cause I don't see the new page now. Both utils have the latest zlib 1.1.4 for your security's shake!

Playing dirty tricks
Posted by pi at at 12:04AM [GMT]
My ISP is still showing me outdated pages. RG is one of them, CAESAR is another, and well I am not sure that if soem of the pages I see haven't been updated or if they were but I am unable to see them. I used another ISP (for a bit since I have to pay more on that one) and the pages were all perfectly updated, quite frustrating. I contacted the ISP and I hope they fix this nasty thing soon.
Until then, my apologies to the two or three faithful readers if I miss something important around here... I have three faithful readers, right? :)
I wanted to post the link to some great game I got today for all of you Tron fans, but it seems the link is dead. Tomorrow I'll post it if after rechecking the license it's still ok to distribute it.

Thursday 14 March

Dat over dat
Posted by pi at at 11:12PM [GMT]
Logiqx has made and released Sledgehammer 0.02 dats, both for ClrMAMEPro and RomCenter, as usual. He elso Warning: one of the games doesn't have the same name as in the MAME testdriver, but it's the name Sledgehammer needs, let's hope the author fix it for 0.03. And he points out some question: who is the author? :)
Talking about this, Roman has uploaded the dat to his page as well, and also posted some ClrMamePro WIP after quite some time. Go on Roman!
(I'm not going to leave Eric out of this, so let's say that he told me he's working on 2.50, of course. Not like it's unbelievable, we all know Eric works good and always looking to improve RomCenter.)

One flew over the PacMan's nest
Posted by pi at at 11:07PM [GMT]
PacMAME WIP: Mr. & Mrs. PacMan and Baby PacMan have been added (weren't they there?), so all the family for PinMAME is in. Also, Ms. Pacman Attack (Fruit Fix) works now. Small WIP, but fruitful. Fruity? Juicy? Whatever.

Another one before 0.59 arrives
Posted by pi at at 10:35PM [GMT]
M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo 3.87 has the newest WIP, and some more listinfo changes. Plus it has too many other things, features and information. Are you sure you can live without it?

Emulation Status station
Posted by pi at at 10:34PM [GMT]
WTC has made another update in Emulation Status with 19 additions, check it out. Want names? Dig Dug, Locomotion, Parodius, Twin Bees... I hope he adds that Solomon's Key page too!

Posted by pi at at 12:31AM [GMT]
I missed one The Arcade Flyer Archive's update past 9th, I guess I can say thanks for that to the crappy proxie of my ISP, or whatever is making me watch outdated pages. Well, there were 61 new, plus today they added 78. Now they have 2,582 flyers! To watch them, go there and explore the database. If you want some names before heading there? Aeroboto, Do! Run Run, Donkey Kong, Popeye, Vanguard, Zaxxon, and one of my favs: Super Spring. I want a real flyer for my bday!

FBA moves
Posted by pi at at 12:06AM [GMT]
There is a new Final Burn Alpha homepage, for both the place and the face. The design is very good in my opinion, I like it. Very functional and visually appealing. And there is a small WIP if you want to go and read it. Thanks to TedMaul for the link.

Wednesday 13 March

When there is a good site...
Posted by pi at at 11:32PM [GMT]
My visits to MW are always worth it. This time I read about a Light Gun for PC, which will be MAME compatible. The company is called Act-labs and well, go there. Thanks MW for the link and well, for all the site :)

MacMAME + NeoPong = new GeoMAME version
Posted by pi at at 11:04PM [GMT]
There's an update of GeoMAME, the NeoGeo-only variation of MacMAME with combos, autofire, overclocking and lots of other nifty features. GeoMAME 0.57c adds the last Neo-Geo game: NeoPong. It also adds this zlib new version, so... If you are a Mac user and you like NeoGeo, I guess today you're a bit lucky :)

Famous library gets fixed
Posted by pi at at 10:34PM [GMT]
Logiqx sent me this link to zlib Advisory 2002-03-11. As he points out, since almost every emu seems to use this famous compressing library (I even used it under Delphi), I think all the developers should follow the advices on that Advisory (got the wordplay on this one too?) and head to the zlib Homepage to get updated and fix this potential problem. Spread the word.

As he promised...
Posted by pi at at 10:25PM [GMT]
As he said in the first release, a second version would be due this week with some more action... So Sledgehammer 0.02 has been released. According to the still "anonymous" author (or I'm just too dumb to know who he is), it quite does pretty much nothing still, but it seems like an improvement. Comments welcomed!

Tuesday 12 March

For some fun
Posted by pi at at 11:50PM [GMT]
KillerClown at MameWorld mentioned some entertaining things. A good dessert for the day. Thanks to MW for the news? Sure! :)

Nebula will get bigger?
Posted by pi at at 11:38PM [GMT]
Here you have the screenshots of that Konami one appearing in the MAME WIP, Wild West C.O.W.boys of Moo Mesa, but this time by the hand of ElSemi and they are running in Nebula! Check them out. He says: "those boxes will be sprites someday". 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

The golden rule is...
Posted by pi at at 10:35PM [GMT]
I made a little agreement with myself when I started to post news here at CAESAR: no more than one non-arcade news post per day. Today's non-arcade blurb is: I shaved my beard and I look like a baby :-p

We want you back soon!
Posted by pi at at 10:32PM [GMT]
42 days after last post, Metafox shows again at Laser homepage. He's there, but can't do too much on Laser right now. Let's hope he is back soon and keeps developing this little emulator.

Errare humanum est
Posted by pi at at 10:32PM [GMT]
Eric made a little mistake with the compile of last version which made it be unstable, but he realized early and has a fixed RomCenter 2.42, ready to download.

Stereo (where available)
Posted by pi at at 10:31PM [GMT]
Small news at NeoDev. Sound and music has been added to NeoPong which was released not too much ago, and a new version will be released soon.

Status Mooh
Posted by pi at at 3:42PM [GMT]
MAME WIP at you-know-where. This time three fixes worth reading, and two games with screenshots: Bucky O'Hare (got the wordplay?) and Cowboys of MOOOOOOOOO Mesa. Finally! :) That's what a good team can do. R. Belmont, ElSemi and Galibert did it!

Monday 11 March

Pack after pack...
Posted by pi at at 11:54PM [GMT]
Mike Haggar has released Nebula Transparencies Pack 20020311a. There are three new tables and two updated ones. Quite low numbers, what happened to those frequent releases?

Faster than the eye
Posted by pi at at 11:01PM [GMT]
Shortly after the weekend's release, Eric has uploaded RomCenter 2.41. It solves a few bugs found in these three days (one per day exactly), so I recommend you to download this new version. It's the rom manager of my choice!

And the Oscar goes to...
Posted by pi at at 10:44PM [GMT]
Mike Beaver has released finally Mimic 2.00! It was a long time, waiting an update of the only System E emulator, and also the arcade emulator with the cutest name (in my opinion). The new GUI is cool, and there are many other changes. Maybe you will not jump in extacy with the Megadrive support, but there are not many arcade things to comment. But the 68k core makes me think of good things to come...

What I would want for xmas
Posted by pi at at 10:40PM [GMT]
The PacMAME page has been updated with some things about that PacMAME Workstation. I only have one word: Drooooool :)~

Last update at EmuGod's home
Posted by pi at at 10:38PM [GMT]
I guess that after Aaron's last statement, he will get some offers for hosting... Monthly limit? We want those pics to stay there! :)

Black September 11
Posted by pi at at 12:10AM [GMT]
Six months have passed.

Nothing has been solved, nothing has been improved.

And who remembers Bophal?

Sunday 10 March

Throw your ball at it
Posted by pi at at 11:34PM [GMT]
After some work, Mr. Do! has finished his endeavour of making an emulation site, so today he just told us about it: Mr. Do!'s Emulation Page. The site is not an usual news everyday and emulator hut, it's rather different and refreshing. It has personal recommendations from Mr. Do! and has only the best emulators and some directions for newbies, for arcade, consoles, pinball. Overall it's a good page, worth a visit. Congrats for it James!

The mistery has been solved
Posted by pi at at 9:08PM [GMT]
I don't if this has been posted/talked around, but I asked Logiqx about which was the mistery system on the last Aaron's WIP. He answered me and instead of explaining you what he told me, I'll just use some copy & paste and htmlize it a bit. If you want to discover it by yourself, just stop reading this!

> Detective Logiqx solved it for you. :)
> He tends to like Atari and by the looks of the 'credits'
> font on this snapshot then probably it is Atari (compare
> to the shots on his page).
> So, I assumed it was Atari and went to to
> search the Atari archive and found this:
> You can easily match each of the four snaps on
> Aarons page with games on the System16 page.
> Logiqx (who would like credit for solving the mystery ;))
I'd like to note that before he answered me, I noticed that I could easily know the name of each game just looking in the snaps, not at the snaps :)

Another cool name, let's hope it stays
Posted by pi at at 8:57PM [GMT]
A new arcade emulator has been born, and it's name is Sledgehammer. It emulates Namco System 21 games, such as Solvalou (heya!), Starblade, and up to 10 games. What's new in this version: everything! I said it's a new emulator, first release. Somehow I can't see the name of the author... Also I can't test it cause [insert favorite excuse here], but the GUI is simple and anyway it supossedly only shows graphics out of the roms, so no real emulation happens. And Metallik says that it crashes to everyone, so we'll see... The author states that he hopes to have some emulation this next week. Thanks to Retrogames for the news.
If you want some more information about the System 21 games, look in

Saturday 9 March

Here it is, the real thing!
Posted by pi at at 11:40PM [GMT]
Today I tidied up a bit my url list for checking, this made me almost miss MAME WIP! Ok, these are the kind of WIPs I love! Konami GX screenshots (1993) with Super Bug (1977). Both together, peacefully lying around some more tech stuff you should read! 8 days of work report await for you.
Again I forgot! Where's my head today? Thanks to PeterD for the hint!

Giles deals it!
Posted by pi at at 11:05PM [GMT]
No MAME WIP in some days? Want your dose? Aaron Giles himself (we all praise you) has updated his site with some personal MAME WIP. I have to say that the pieces are VERY interesting. First of all, a "mistery system", which I can't figure out due to the lack of arcade knowledge outside Tetris :) (however, one of the games is Frozen or Freeze or something similar). Then we can find Ameridarts, Art & Magic System, Killer Instinct (I said it!), Driver's Edge, and three Atari Systems: G42, GX2 and GT. All this sounds too good, but as usual... Everyone has to be patient.
Oooops, forgot to say thanks to RG for the news!

Misbehaved what?
Posted by pi at at 7:17PM [GMT]
Tinker has released MisfitMAME "Better Late Then Never Release". MisfitMAME is a special MAME version which only contains games which aren't included in the official MAME release. For example, Diggerman (I guess he will add NeoPong too), hacks (Sillipede anyone?), gambling games and simulations. This new release has moved to the last 0.58 core, plus it adds 21 new games. This brings the total to 341 games. There are many builds available, including some with *all* the official MAME games plus the Misfit ones.

New reincarnation
Posted by pi at at 7:10PM [GMT]
Eric has released RomCenter 2.40. The list of changes is quite long, so you better check it by yourself. New zip engine, more scanner features, lots of fixes and improvements... Surely we all thank Eric for this cool program which is getting better and better (but I don't thank him for telling everyone about the release except ME and I'm a betatester!)
Curiously, the release is still not in the news page (cache problems?) and he doesn't mention either his recent 3,000,000 visits mark. Congrats Eric!

Posted by pi at at 1:41AM [GMT]
Worth a look, go and vote! Thanks again to MW. (remember to mention CAESAR on the votes!)

For your photo album
Posted by pi at at 1:36AM [GMT]
I've read at MW about the Arcade Museum. It's a site hosted at MameFans with pics related to arcade games and cabinets. I just checked the MoonWalker one and well, it has many board, cabs, marquee, even manual pics! The site is great, simple navigation by folders, worth a visit for sure. Now the good thing is the number of images: 14,000! :) Thanks to MameWorld for the hint.

Capcom does it with style
Posted by pi at at 1:06AM [GMT]
These are truly cool news! The very own Capcom has released an emulator for the oldie goldie shoot-em-up Vulgus. The emulator is for any Windows (I just tried on my 2000) and for PDA's too, all in a single installation. And the best is that it's FREE! Yes, you've heard well, that's right and it's free. Download it from the Capcom's Vulgus emulator page (1mb).
(Note: you run it thru a simple menu, keep going until you see Vulgus, the rest will say "not installed". And be sure to check the help file!)

Friday 8 March

Arcade Flyers for our pleasure
Posted by pi at at 7:58PM [GMT]
Three updates happened in a short period of time at The Arcade Flyers Archive. First update talks about five new flyers from Digital Games and Air Combat (same company) being updated. Second update talks about four flyers for Moppet Video, cabinets designed for kids like me. Errr... I mean... Anyway, third update talks about eleven more flyers, five from Game-A-Tron and six from Fun Games Inc. I'd like to say that one of the flyers is for Dam Busters :) (Where did I have that PC game?) Now go and enjoy them all at The Arcade Flyers Archive.

Non-Arcade News
Posted by pi at at 7:51PM [GMT]
Today is the International Day of the Worker Women. Bush Jr. waves at Stevie Wonder (Yeltsin II american version?) My 10gb hard drive doesn't work. It seems that Strikers 1945 II is very good, but it will not run in my computer (it'll crawl).
But the headlines which will amaze everyone in tomorrow's newspapers will be: "Pi panicks after lack of arcade news to post!"

Thursday 7 March

That logo!
Posted by pi at at 11:18PM [GMT]
Satourne? I thought it was just a console emulator, that great Saturn console by Sega. But look. That logo! And that looks like "insert coin"! Titan is on the way... The screenshots look promising. I want to learn french (well actually it's number 16,386 in my to-do list). Sorry for taking 2 days to figure out that these seem to be arcade news :)

A killer tool
Posted by pi at at 10:42PM [GMT]
Joseph C. Terranova IV has released rom_view 1.0, right on the Official U64Emu site. This is a cool tool which allows to locate and view graphic data inside Killer Instinct drive images. PeterD told me that the KI image worked perfectly, but he couldn't load the KI2 one, tho your mileage might vary. A little toy to play a bit, certainly the graphics (from the example I saw) look great. Thanks to PeterD for the hint.

We were missing it
Posted by pi at at 9:53PM [GMT]
M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo 3.86 took a bit more than expected, but it's already here. It includes newest WIP, latest bugs, finest lstinfo changes and best recommended games. A good release by your usual mameinfo dude :)

Wednesday 6 March

Non-CPS2 Shock
Posted by pi at at 11:24PM [GMT]
After more than 3 months without updates, the CPS2Shock WIP has been updated. Razoola has been working in an unemulated system, with some other people. The games are encrypted but he has been able to do decrypted dumps. He warns us also that the games will not be emulated in some time, so everyone be patient. In the meantime, go and drool at the original text. No screenshots, sorry :) (hint: it's not CPS-3)

Slow days
Posted by pi at at 10:55PM [GMT]
I am quite dissapointed by the lack of good arcade news. It seems that the world has stopped waiting for MAME 0.59, except for good movement in PacMAME and that great Nebula release this weekend. Until something good arrives, you can check the redesigned SlikStik site. This arcade control seems good, I want it too (or a X-Arcade, or a HotRod, something!) Thanks to MW for the hint.

Tuesday 5 March

An arcade port, already
Posted by pi at at 11:09PM [GMT]
I can't really say how true is this, I'd like to read the original press release, but in the meantime, check this forum post by Phire2, in short it says King of Fighters 2001 for the PC. Talking about NeoGeo, you could also visit Metal Slug 4 Official English Site. Thanks to Grasstust for the link. (yeah furms are a great resort when I have lack of news lol)

PacMame again and again
Posted by pi at at 10:36PM [GMT]
I quite didn't know about this, and since we are all about PacMame lately... Andrew Blum makes a port of PacMame for the Mac (based on the MacMAME sources of course), and MacPacMame 0.58 has been released. There's also a 0.55 version as well, it might be better for people with CarbonLib. Thanks to PeterD for the news.

Again at it, Brian?
Posted by pi at at 10:08PM [GMT]
More updates at PacMAME. This time, Peter Storey submitted a working 4 in 1 (Ghost Muncher Part 3) game driver. The update is 1.2mb, no need to redownload that big full installation. Anyway the layout is quite confusing about these frequent and not so small updates, so take care.

Monday 4 March

An unofficial build of an unofficial build
Posted by pi at at 11:31PM [GMT]
Gangta has released an Unofficial FinalBurnAlpha 2.5.0-0.3, which has some changes and adds and sorta things on the input record area, as well as fixes for the input macros and... Well see for yourself. If you can't get to that page, he has left some more mirrors listed in this RG forum post.

Another slow day?
Posted by pi at at 10:18PM [GMT]
Uhm, beginning of March, it was weekend... I guess everyone was expecting a MAME release with all those cool Psykio games? Tough lick, I think that with the RAINE and Nebula releases we have for some time. Want some "new" games? To play? Here! This program plays on Linux or Windows four games which are in my personal top ten, plus some more classic. Totally NOT arcade, but nonetheless too cool to pass!

Not for everyone
Posted by pi at at 10:14PM [GMT]
MameAddict has (re)opened a spanish site with cabinet and game reviews. MAME Dream is the name, and it has forums, hints for building your cabinet... A good choice for spanish readers. It's always glad to see a "new" site around :) Thanks to MameWorld for the hint.

Your monitor will not be the same
Posted by pi at at 10:12PM [GMT]
There's a new AdvanceMAME 0.58.1 on Andrea's place, and a new AdvanceMenu 1.17.1 as well. Some fixes on this release, included in the animation/sound recording. Scale2x is faster too, *sigh*. Go and get it!

For PacMan gourmets
Posted by pi at at 10:10PM [GMT]
Brian has uploaded PacMAME .58 (.NET) Full Install, now it's your turn to download it. It's quite a big download for an emulator (17mb), but it has too many Pac-Man things to miss it. Right now I need to clean out things to install the new harddisk a friend just gave to me, so I will download this tomorrow. But, you shouldn't wait! This way you're sure you've not missed any sticker, fonts, mazes, or any of the dozen goodies this pack has.

Sunday 3 March

A new NeoGeo game
Posted by pi at at 7:34PM [GMT]
Kazuya himself has posted on EmuHQ some interesting bits. You should go to his site and read by yourself about a new homebrew game called Neo Pong. Ok, the game doesn't seem to be the last on graphics or sound (what sound?) but nonetheless it's a cool thing that people keep developing homebrew games for NeoGeo. Plus, it's also a good excuse to visit one of the best NeoGeo related sites on the net :)

Update after update
Posted by pi at at 7:33PM [GMT]
Another update of Mame32 v0.58 (0302)+Kaillera client v0.9. Guess by yourself what's new and what's old :) Thanks to MameWorld for the tip. (I am totally aware that these aren't really exciting news, but well... Slow day, what can I do!)

Royal dats
Posted by pi at at 7:32PM [GMT]
Our favorite webmaster at CAESAR (currently the only webmaster at CAESAR), his royal majesty Logiqx, has released the Nebula 2.0a dats for your collecting pleasure. As usual, these dats for ClrMAMEPro and RomCenter 2 have some changes and fixes from the Nebula "official" ones.

More dot eating
Posted by pi at at 7:32PM [GMT]
Again, another PacMAME update. This time there are two game fixes, plus Brian has also released the sources. This 0.58 is getting well :)

Saturday 2 March

Nebula gets fixed
Posted by pi at at 7:47PM [GMT]
ElSemi has released the bugfix Nebula 2.0a. Among other things, it fixes the old GUI crash, the xmvsf crash, some 32 bit and graphical issues, and adds a couple of features plus lots of transparency tables. Be sure to read the History to know a couple of things :) And remember that with the new english translation of the Nebula homepage, you don't need third party sites to download it :)
But I still don't like that splash graphic... I'll do mine.

PacMAME also in synch
Posted by pi at at 6:10PM [GMT]
It has appeared a PacMAME .58 (.NET) update, for existing PacMAME users. Well, yes, that 0.58 improvements have seen light! It's not perfect, according to himself there are some games not working in this version. I guess that when he cleans out these bugs, he will do another full release. The small-in-size update also includes the new CMPro dat.

Fallen Angels
Posted by pi at at 6:02PM [GMT]
Here it is! With new features! More smarter! Nicer! With recent haircut! Errr... no, that last one is me :) I'm talking about the last MAME WIP :) Those Strikers II backgrounds are looking better, in general the Hitachi SH-2 emulation is getting improved but still not perfect. And Stephh made his usual DSW fixes as well :) You know where to read about the last 4 days of MAME development.

Have a couple of coughs
Posted by pi at at 1:14AM [GMT]
In the third try, I've been able to read BitRot issue 6. After a 8 month histus, BitRot's editor has made another... Uhm... These things, you know. Whatever he does. Vega is the name of the perpetrat... I mean writer. It's funny, sometimes it's funny, other times it's funny or not, depending on tastes. Maybe one day he will try to make fun out of me, and he will reach half the way... Go and read it if you want, I had more laughs with A Wonderful Mind, but more laughs are always worth it :)
(Note: I am not saying this issue is not funny, but I remember by first BitRod issue and it was VERY funny, compared to that, this is a joke told in a funeral. But still funny.)
Change: Well, it has TWO damn good jokes which made this issue rate 9/10 on my I-had-a-good-damn-laugh scale. I guess Vega gives ZERO importance to my opinion, but good job dude :)

Nebula at sector 2.0, Captain Kirk!
Posted by pi at at 12:31AM [GMT]
Well, the Nebula homepage has returned. And with good news, ElSemi has released Nebula 2.0! I'm downloading it right now, so sonn I will briefly post the changes.
Update: Indeed this is a major version change! The changelog is pretty long, and full of good things. Remarkable is the new windowed GUI, while the old fullscreen GUI is also available. Is MHz also behind this GUI? Probably not, ElSemi would have said so... He says it briefly: "Due to the big amount of changes I'd recommend that you read all the docs." Rewritten main core, new improved shots factory, new macro code, NeoGeo enhancements, CPS-1 hacks addition, faster and more accurate CPS-2 GFX code (plus many improvements)... Well, this looks like a very good release, thanks ElSemi for such a good work. And happy birthday!
2nd Update: Oh I forgot to mention, there is a bug in the old fullscreen GUI, which makes it unable to work, so use the new windowed GUI while he releases the 2.0a version I guess. You can also check the english version of his homepage, that small link under the main menu :)

Friday 1 March

Colorful screenshots available
Posted by pi at at 7:28PM [GMT]
Emulation Status updated! The update is very very long, it starts with thanks and ends with... Go there and see it by yourself!

Hear it by yourself
Posted by pi at at 7:24PM [GMT]
Retrogaming Radio has made available the March Show. This time they discuss about lots of retrogaming stuff :) And also not so retro, cause they talk about the X-Arcade which is my latest object of desire :)~

Still making history
Posted by pi at at 7:21PM [GMT]
Fandemame has released History.dat 0.58b, with 32 news additions or changes. Thanks Till!

Posted by pi at at 7:20PM [GMT]
I have to RUN to eat this weekend's huge pizza and watch A Wonderful Mind (or whatever the english title is), so today fast and early news. I hope everyone has a good weekend!