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Tuesday 31 December

From the Red MOFOStorm Spot
Posted by pi at at 11:08PM [GMT]
Hey everyone! Already new year here in Jupiter! Happy 2003!!!! Now my personal greetings:
To Aritza and Iņaki. To Julen and Gemma. To Pan (dear pan), Tallgirl (sexy tallgirl), Yoyo (loved yoyo), Nazli (my princess) and ADream (what a dream). To Lady K for making happy a good friend :) To Erik, Jan, MASH, Vaz and PeterD. To Smit, Faz, Twisty, Jop, Pete, Roc, Gem, Ed, Orc, Gregf, KC, oNyX, Squifeverrel and all the cool Bin regs (too many to mention). To my mates at MameFans Elgo, Kitzel and the rest of the team. To Stephh, Haze and Aaron. To Ben Jos, Rosewood, Les, Rob, Dr. 0 and all the L-team members. To everyone who has contributed to the arcade emulation community in any positive way. To anyone not mentioned here who deserves it! Don't be mad if I forgot to mention you, just add yourself to the list! And last, but not least, special greetings to Logiqx for another great year here at CAESAR, and everything else ;) To all of you, happy great 2003!

Number one
Posted by pi at at 6:33PM [GMT]
The first new year's treat: FBA 0.2.94. New things? Great new things! Cave games are now supported, as well as Rainbow Islands. That's enough for me! There are a few more things. Bad that I can't make the D3D filters work with my Voodoo... Bad Bad Bad. Well, the rest of you can enjoy it.

From me, him, them...
Posted by pi at at 1:51PM [GMT]
From the CAESAR team, Happy New Year to all our visitors! May you have a safe but fun entering into 2003, and may it bring all of us the best. Thanks for visiting this project, we expect you to peek coming! May you be more next year too ;) Feliz aņo nuevo!

He was late
Posted by pi at at 1:49PM [GMT]
You should check this post for some more MAME WIP, this time unofficial MooglyGuy WIP. He is working in a Sky Army driver, and looking nice already. Still some more work to go, but you can check some fine engrish in the snaps.

Masse or clue?
Posted by pi at at 1:49PM [GMT]
Yesterday's one wasn't the last MAME WIP of the year. I think that should give you a clue (hint, hint). World Rally 2 is mostly playable, and Cool Pool shows some more progress. Sorry, nothing beats my loved Virtual Pool Hall :-p Details and more (always more) there. Let's wait for tonite...

Fraggal Rock
Posted by pi at at 1:49PM [GMT]
There is a new version of Fraggal's Boot CD available at Purple MAME. Fraggal's Boot CD is an easy way to setup AdvanceMAME and ArcadeOS in your cabinet, in case you don't feel too comfortable or familiar with these duties.

Monday 30 December

From billiards to whatnot
Posted by pi at at 9:36PM [GMT]
Maybe the last MAME WIP for this year, so enjoy it! Nice stuff in there for all tastes, tons of new games and drivers (including Mr. Abadia's Gaelco driver), these guys work hard even in holidays!

Just a teaser
Posted by pi at at 12:41PM [GMT]
There's an update at Aaron's Home Page. There is no WIP, no snaps, no new stuff, information or anything. But well I could as well mention it, right?

Doubts, doubts, doubts...
Posted by pi at at 12:35PM [GMT]
TF Rabbit has made MAME32K 0.62, optimized and normal builds available, with source. I am not sure if that is the right source, since I heard some bad things about it... Could someone clear this doubt to me?

Batcherific Spammarbast
Posted by pi at at 11:38AM [GMT]
Not the only one getting facelift for the coming year, there's a new look at Mr. Do's Arcade & Console Emulation. It has a new layout, more functional IMHO, with the best emulators and (important) notes and recommendations about them. Worth a look, and he request feedback, so give him his own medicine!

Raise your hand, please
Posted by pi at at 11:37AM [GMT]
A short mention of something I accidentally overlooked: at BeEmulated you can find the BeOS-ready build of RAINE 0.37.1. Namely the latest RAINE. Hey, how many BeOS users visit CAESAR? One? Two???

Lo bueno, si poco...
Posted by pi at at 11:37AM [GMT]
Dave Dries, the craftman at Cinemarcade, has made a new movie and released it now for new year. It's short, but sweet, based on Gravitar. Too short, but well, nicer to download then (only 6mb, needs QuickTime 5). Thanks to DJRosen for the news.

Dallas and JR were evil
Posted by pi at at 11:37AM [GMT]
Emulatronia keeps having exclusive pics of the latest drivers by Manuel Abadia, again more Gaelco gaming: Touch and Go. One of the roms is bad, so patience... There is also menton and snaps about World Rally 2 being emulated completely except the protection.

Game Over
Posted by pi at at 11:36AM [GMT]
Game Over at MamEnd. Bad news indeed. Good luck whatever you do, Vaz!
Another end of game at SafeStuff, this one without any known explanation. Well...

Mesdames, Messieurs, le disc-jockey Pi! est de retour
Posted by pi at at 11:35AM [GMT]
My findings this weekend: Flashback, a fractal embedded artistical self-discovery trip, with soundtrack by Shpongle (Divine Moments of Truth from their Are You Shpongled? album). Anyway you should stay away from drugs, instead try Noctis, an aimless game where you explore the inmense Felisian galaxy, in a rather unusual ship with strange controls. Nonetheless too cool to miss, if you're not convinced to try, please check the Underdogs sheet for Noctis. If what you want is humour, the last ten days (or so) of Sinfest have been quite entertaining. If I've not mentioned anything of your interest, it's Monkey's fault.

Sunday 29 December

Excuse me...
Posted by pi at at 7:20PM [GMT]
No news today, come back tomorrow. Thanks.

Saturday 28 December

Purple rain, purple rain
Posted by pi at at 1:35PM [GMT]
After a long time, there has been an update at Purple MAME, a site with help and advices for MAMEing and making MAME dedicated cabinets. Now it has a page dedicated to hardware, with juicy contents for the do-it-yourself dudes out there.

(singing) Inocente, inocente...
Posted by pi at at 12:01AM [GMT]
Today December the 28th, in Spain it's "Innocents Day", kinda like April's Fool in other places. A perfect game for today is this unique Tron environmental/upright cabinet. It's an eBay auction, so it can be yours! Have a good day :) And thanks to myclone for the link.

Friday 27 December

Posted by pi at at 7:02PM [GMT]
There's some activity at Haze's MAME Page. He was able to succesfully emulate Gumbo, one of Taucher's recent "donations" to the community. It's a columns type game, not much special about it... Still it saved my day, I thought the world was frozen or something :)

There's not much more activity, so if you allow me I'll go partying until tomorrow (if you don't allow me I'm going too). I just got today some bucks to have a decent end of year and gotta spend some now :)

Thursday 26 December

But I haven't got anything these xmas...
Posted by pi at at 10:32PM [GMT]
It's not exactly arcade, but when one of my favorite coders get mentioned in one of my favorite retrogaming sites, I can't help but posting about it. Nice news and stuff to read at ScummVM, anyone wants to "donate" me that Entertainment Pack? :)

Frankenboard's Monster
Posted by pi at at 10:31PM [GMT]
If you're into tech stuff, better go into Charles MacDonald's Home Page. He has made an experiment with the System16 custom CPU's, with variable success, in the meaning he discovered something, but not that what he discovered was good.

A touch of sable in their eyes
Posted by pi at at 10:48AM [GMT]
Instead of Santa, yesterday the one who visited The Arcade Flyers Archive was L'Oreal or Estee Lauder, who knows. They got a new make-up and honestly it's really nice! Besides the cosmetical change, there are other internal improvements, like having the flyer contributor handy.

Santa's engrish
Posted by pi at at 1:59AM [GMT]
M.A.S.H. has done and released MameInfo.dat 4.25. Latest bugs, newest wips, blah blah blah... Diff-update only, fire up those GNU utils :)

Wednesday 25 December

FX - Efectos Mortales
Posted by pi at at 9:30PM [GMT]
Twisty has created a PacMan Sound Effects set, for you to use in desktop themes, websites and such. I think I'm going to put the start tune as my email notification sound :) They are available in WAV and MP3.

Nerox91 won!
Posted by pi at at 9:18PM [GMT]
Christmas MAME WIP for the kids, Pirates was decrypted by Dr. Salmoria, Mr. Prazzoli updated the VSNES games making even more games playable, and Master Burczynski submitted Wall Crash. Details and more at your usual MAME WIP Dealer.

Silent and unsupported night...
Posted by pi at at 9:17PM [GMT]
Again Manuel Abadia gave to the team at Emulatronia some snaps of another partially emulated Gaelco game: World Rally 2. Not finished and it has protection, so time will tell...

Tuesday 24 December

Hard to believe
Posted by pi at at 11:29PM [GMT]
I totally overlooked this one earlier today, I thought check&neverget was giving me another false alarm. At Peter's Place there is an unbelievable port of MAME for the SonyEricsson P800, a phone with Symbian OS. Peter is also the maker of the EMAME port for the Psion Series 5 & 7. This other port supports around a thousand games, there is source, binaries, and some screenshots. Thanks to Chris for the heads up.

No reindeers seen bringing this one
Posted by pi at at 10:37PM [GMT]
Another xmas night present: RAINE 0.37.1. It comes packaged with lots of nice fixes. Check the changelog if you don't believe. It seems there will be no datafile changes anyway.

Santa Claus is comming to Guru's
Posted by pi at at 4:48PM [GMT]
Santa has passed by Guru's ROM Dumping News, and left some goodies. Some are to share with the rest of the world, because Santa has such names as Jeremy, Mr. F., Taucher and Tony. Others are for Guru, the dumper of the red nose, is there an arcade game where you can shoot at reindeers? :)

Monday 23 December

Make them easier for me...
Posted by pi at at 10:14PM [GMT]
After a long wait, Mike Haggar has released FBA, Nebula/Kawaks & MAME Cheats 0.2.93c, which has cheats for the newly added games since last cheat archive release, including Dimahoo, and new or fixed cheats for many other games.

Woot? Hoot!
Posted by pi at at 7:08PM [GMT]
After more than a year, Logiqx finally added Hoot to CAESAR, in the Sound Emus section. And after 2 days, I am posting that Logiqx also added in his site updated datafiles for it, and for latest RAINE too.

Whooping Wipping
Posted by pi at at 5:53PM [GMT]
It was time for MAME WIP, and hence it's quite long, 12 days of development logged. This also means that there are too things to mention, but remarkable ones are: A Free Kick bootleg which works, Nicola doing many things, new games like Got-cha, Grudge Race, Eggor (cute!) and Tora Tora (why 2 and not 3 times?)

What you say!
Posted by pi at at 1:11PM [GMT]
Twisty has made a preliminary english translation of Nicola's Thesis, for those interested. The title says it all: REVERSE And ENGINEERING And BLOTS Some FROM GAME :) It's still a beta in HTML, apparently done thru Babelfish or such, so don't think you will get a good translation with a perfect layout. Since Twisty's bandwidth is limited, the MameFans staff has been kind to place a mirror for download.

On a side note, the thesis has of course the bibliography and reference index, with many links of famous sites, including yours CAESAR :)

Sunday 22 December

A refreshing change
Posted by pi at at 9:00PM [GMT]
Logiqx has been doing a massive update here at CAESAR. Among all the changed things, now Bruno Vedder has listed two emulators. The new one is Konami's Mikie for Windows/SDL.

Cursus Honorum? Of coursus!
Posted by pi at at 7:34PM [GMT]
Here you have Nicola's thesis: Il Progetto MAME: Reverse Engineering e machine da gioco (The MAME Project: Reverse Engineering and arcade machines). It's a 100 pages PDF, roughly half a meg. Although in italian, I've been able to understand things here and there. It's not only about MAME as a result, it focuses deeply in emulation concepts and practical reverse engineering in some examples, again from arcade machines. Very interesting read if someone ever translates it. Thanks again to F205V for the link.

Yes Plus Ultra
Posted by pi at at 4:37PM [GMT]
One of the most feature-enhanced varieties has been updated. MAME / MAME32 Plus! 0.62.4 comes with some Plus! specific bugs fixed and a variety of drivers changes including Shiriru's and
Stephh's updates.

Suffering from WIP Fever?
Posted by pi at at 4:36PM [GMT]
Since there is no official MAME WIP yet, you can go to Emulatronia to see some shots from the newly emulated Snowboard Championship. Manuel Abadia is the Gaelco expert once again, but the game is not working properly due to some protection device...

One last boring mention...
Posted by pi at at 4:35PM [GMT]
I have some more things to say about cable. First, it seems that (as usual) my uploading speed is capped at half, which is bad. Less contributions then, too bad. Second, I've given a second opportunity to my freeware firewall, mainly because Shields Up! showed my MAC addy among other things, what the hell... Still I have problems because people can't ping me :/ And third, bye 2 years of ePrompter and hello to PopTray, a freeware pop3 checker with independent timers and automated rules for spamming and special notifications, this is a lightweight but extremely powerful email checker that I recommend for yourself too.

Saturday 21 December

Bunch of bunches
Posted by pi at at 11:02PM [GMT]
What happens today, is everyone holding breath for an eventual MAME release? No way, Nicola must be still celebrating his Cursus Honorum for his thesis on MAME and Reverse Engineering (as said in this post and in Arcade Rom Heaven). There are some Christmas wishes here and there. Also worth mentioning is some thoughts posted at Haze's MAME Page, he seems to have had too much of ST-V, and hopefully will be back to System32 :) I wish him good luck with it.

Pros and cons of having cable
Posted by pi at at 8:09PM [GMT]
After setting up my cablemodem and enjoying the speed a bit, I installed a personal firewall (a very recommended and known one). Later today, a friend recommended me some whois and reverse dns lookup services at Sam Spade Tools. It's interesting to see his view about personal firewalls, he has an in-deep discussion about them, and provides a link to a very interesting article. I don't know how much of all this is true, but makes me look the whole thing under a new perspective. I'll do some more research and if things keep looking the same, I'll uninstall my snake oil.

On the other hand, I had some nice advice from Logiqx about ArGoSoft Mail Server, a freeware POP3/SMTP server which I use now for outbounding emails from my addy. I also found some great DNS for my dynamic IP at, five for free and the update client is small but nice and almost full featured. I'd recommend the one :) Now I only want to change to something similar to ePrompter because it doesn't allow me to set different times for each email account. Still I've used it for a lot of time with my dial-up and works great, but... I want something else. Any recommendation?

Friday 20 December

The new generation
Posted by pi at at 7:36PM [GMT]
Here it is DAPHNE v0.99.6pre1 for GNU/Linux (x86). I still don't know what's new, I guess there's some changelog somewhere, I'm in a hurry... Check it yourself please :)

Cool stuff for cool OS
Posted by pi at at 7:36PM [GMT]
The peeps over at have ready a build of RAINE 0.37.0 for BeOS. There is also another one for ScummVM, also for BeOS; still those aren't arcade news, shall I report them? :-p

Tres tristes tigres comen trigo en un trigal
Posted by pi at at 7:35PM [GMT]
It seems that lately it's the time for triple releases, cause there has been another at Advance Projects. AdvanceMAME 0.62.2, AdvanceMESS 0.62.0 and AdvanceMenu 2.2.2. The changes are long enough to make updating as usual: recommendable and worthy.

Guess who came today
Posted by pi at at 7:35PM [GMT]
It seems Satan Klawz has came earlier this year. He left cable at my home, and I've abandoned the old modem connection, now surfing thanks to a slick cablemodem at some slow 128k, still fast for me, and better: 24 hours a day! PokeMAME told me to use the SpeedGuide Analyzer and Optimizer, seems to tweak it a bit better... Well, I'm in the thinnest broadband, finally!

As a plus, the cable guy (nothing to do with Jim Carrey) was cool and left me an open TV outlet for free, so I can watch cable TV in my room now with the TV capture card that my friends gave me 2 years ago! Lucky day...

Thursday 19 December

Santa comes early
Posted by pi at at 10:42PM [GMT]
A surprise for me, and a Christmas gift for everyone: RAINE 0.37.0! This release comes stuffed with goodies, new games like Macross Plus and S.S. Mission, games now with full sound like Macross 2 and Acrobat Mission (great), and even the scale2x blitter (great * 2). As they mention in the frontpage, the changelog comes with lots of fixes and additions, like automatic change of bitdepth, history.dat handling, new soundchip emulation... Too good to miss :)

A good name is always important
Posted by pi at at 10:42PM [GMT]
Blastar, the author of Neo No Panepon, has a new URL for his site: The site hasn't moved, but this addy is easier to remember for all those who wondered where to get homebrew arcade games. Bookmark it now :)

Jeffry has a new house
Posted by pi at at 10:41PM [GMT]
There are good news for the Java hungry developers at the CottAGE homepage. It has been released at SourceForge JEF 1.0 beta 4, under the LGPL license until a definitive one is chosen. The Java Emulation Framework is the emulation layer for CottAGE, but this version is not compatible with CottAGE currently. It will be as soon as it's finished with documentation and an example emulator for Space Invaders. Once that happens, JEF and CottAGE will follow different but close paths.

I don't like wine...
Posted by pi at at 10:41PM [GMT]
Twisty has added an utilities section to his MAME Samples Collection, with some neat stuff to record things from MAME, for example. Also it seems we have slipped in here, with the usual Twisty Little Mistake(tm), oh and before I forget... Read the headline :-p

Wednesday 18 December

Faster, Harder, more Challenging Phred
Posted by pi at at 10:34PM [GMT]
Twisty (another Bin' regular) has spotted this early Aaron Giles interview, made more than 5 years ago when he was one of the thinking heads of MacMAME, as told in his MAME memories. Interesting stuff to read, including that unreleased game.

Where are the other three?
Posted by pi at at 9:35PM [GMT]
After a month after the last (public) release, here we have xmame-0.62.1 Release Candidate 4. There are patches against the 0.61.1 release. In this one, besides almost all from MAME 0.62, there are lots of changes like a new fileio.c (carrying other command line changes), and fixes fixes fixes. Full changelog can be examined...

Mammals are animals
Posted by pi at at 9:34PM [GMT]
Pierre has released Mamory 0.1.2, which fixes the latest bug found (with extra dat files while generating the -listinfo), and enhances other areas like memory allocation, unknown token handling and preview of space required for synch, among other developer-wise things.

A bit of twisted humour
Posted by pi at at 9:34PM [GMT]
Someone called Elgondoleiro (galego style) has spotted this little gem called Domo-Kun's Angry Smashfest, a flash game (exe version downloadable is available) with lots of arcade references and overall quite funny, if you're into some acid bloody humour :)

Tuesday 17 December

With a little help from my friends
Posted by pi at at 11:13PM [GMT]
A little bird told me about this MAME Update Guide, which shows step by step how to update for each MAME release. It's even bilingual (english/spanish) and it has online and downloadable versions. Some terms are a bit confusing but some of you might find it useful.

Team work is better than solo play
Posted by pi at at 10:08PM [GMT]
Logiqx has released the much needed CottAGE 0.12 dat. This datfile has been done by Ben Jos, cool work.

Update in a huge archive
Posted by pi at at 10:08PM [GMT]
M.A.S.H. has added some more dumper infos to his PCB Infos 0.62c package. 60 new and 275 updated. Good one, mate!

Fix for the fixes
Posted by pi at at 10:06PM [GMT]
There is a triple update again at ElSemi's site. First, Nebula 2.21c, which fixes the crashes with CPS games. Second, if you are using a Voodoo like me and you have problems with his Model 2 Test emulator, there is the old DLL which might fix them. And the Nebula Jukebox 2.6 download links have been fixed.

Monday 16 December

Three is better than two
Posted by pi at at 10:05PM [GMT]
ElSemi has made a triple release. First of all, Nebula 2.21b, which fixes a nasty bug under NT based systems. Second, his Nebula Model 2 in-progress emulator (very advanced progress), with sound emulation first included in this release. And finally, Nebula Jukebox 2.6, with improved SCSP emulation, and another fixed bug. All too juicy to be missed!

A lovely little bunch of everything
Posted by pi at at 10:05PM [GMT]
It seems that ScummVM is becoming famous, they've appeared in many places. Talking about LucasArts, maybe you saw Adventuregamers' article (spotted by RoushiMSX). At least Aaron Giles saw it as he mentions it in his latest update. He also mentions a new Bally/Sente prototype. But he seems to be busy with something denominated holidays, which I don't know what it could be. So, maybe next year...

For testers
Posted by pi at at 10:05PM [GMT]
A little update at the Mamory homepage about that little bug. Well if you're testing it, you better read this!

Sunday 15 December

Draw me one
Posted by pi at at 10:18PM [GMT]
There are some updates at the Mamory homepage. No new release, but the html has changed a bit, the FAQ is better, there is now a mailing list (and the author is expecting feedback), and he wants a logo! So designers and artists out there, this is your chance to become famous :) Oh there is also a bug report but it seems it is a false alarm. Next version will be better anyway :)

Insider info...
Posted by pi at at 10:18PM [GMT]
Logiqx has updated his small datafiles collection with the last Marquee and Artwork for MAME ones. More to come, maybe.

Wanted: developers
Posted by pi at at 10:16PM [GMT]
There are some news at the Laser front. Again it's a single person project, since ss_teven can't continue working in it. But as a goodbye, he has left a great page layout at the new Laser SourceForge page, which soon will be the new and permanent page for this project.

Unknown changelog
Posted by pi at at 10:16PM [GMT]
Marat Fayzullin's 6502 Emulation Package has seen an update today. This very popular CPU core is used in many arcade emulators. Actually more than listed in our page ;)

Saturday 14 December

First one to spot the error wins a free game
Posted by pi at at 2:19PM [GMT]
M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo.dat 4.24 is out on the streets, and of course, also in his site :) This edition includes newest wugs and latest BIP. Also added the last information about CottAGE and Laser, and updated the hardware.txt file. And don't forget to check that newsletter too!

Marquee invasion
Posted by pi at at 12:55PM [GMT]
Eldio has released Marquee Pack #10, which comprises 75 images (only 12 are new, rest are updates). There are dats available too. His site also got a new look, and I'd recommend you to visit his images page too, there are some cute wallpapers for mame-avid fanatics. I like Invader 01 and Invader 03 as the best. But I would dig for the chip of MAME 04 but with the logo of MAME 03 :) Eldio is also the designer of the new MT logo too.

Friday 13 December

Come here doggy
Posted by pi at at 10:08PM [GMT]
There are a couple things at Tourniquet for you CHD hungry users... Some I guess :) Well, first is an update for that KIPatch, which solves a corrupt CHD if you used hdcomp from MAME 0.62. The second is a wargods.chd patch for the corrupt version of the file. It decompresses, patches and recompresses, so if you had the bad luck to get a bad one, well you're lucky. This last utility includes latest hdcomp with Aaron's improvements.

Remember to wear sunglasses
Posted by pi at at 10:07PM [GMT]
There's a new MameTesters logo, in case you want to watch it :)

On a day like today
Posted by pi at at 10:07PM [GMT]
Friday the 13th. Scary. Somebody kill me please! Well the squids were muertos already most of the day ;)

Thursday 12 December

Addicted to releases
Posted by pi at at 9:50PM [GMT]
As I suspected, Roman had to do another release this year :) ClrMamePro 2.86 is the predecessor of the next version, which I also suspect will be released before end of year too :) Ok, it has some good fixes, miscelaneous stuff and some goodies and new warnings.

Show me the way
Posted by pi at at 9:49PM [GMT]
Mvr2K has updated the fabulous EasyEmu, a site devoted to make your emulation experience easier. Lots of tutorials have been updated, like Kawaks, Nebula and CMPro. The MAME guide was updated too with a better cheats page and more. And it has a new look, which IMHO is quite neat and nice :)

Where's da man?
Posted by pi at at 9:49PM [GMT]
Another update at RAINE WIP, with some good stuff for this classic arcade emulator. Again lots of sound fixes, Hyper PacMan got included, and support for history.dat.

Wednesday 11 December

Mammals are vertebrates
Posted by pi at at 9:55PM [GMT]
Pierre Māziere has released Mamory 0.1.1 which is a bugfix release of yesterday's version. His message is pretty explicit: "please update". For the curious, Mamory is a rom management library which you could implement in your emulator or utility, and also an implementation into a basic rom manager.

Only three days, that's a change!
Posted by pi at at 9:42PM [GMT]
Quite surprising, we already have another MAME WIP, hopefully Gridle will not make us wait so long next time too! Well the new game with funky colors is a Donkey Kong Jr. bootleg on Galaxian hardware. There are more clones being added as well as some good fixes, including Shiriru's Cave and Toaplan2 drivers changes. Check details.

Patch is good
Posted by pi at at 9:41PM [GMT]
Tourniquet has made KI/KI2 CHD's patch, which in conjuction with the legit hd images for U64Emu and the MAME tool hdcomp, makes MAME compliant CHD's with the correct MD5 checksum.

Fishes must be happy
Posted by pi at at 9:40PM [GMT]
I hope you saw the Fishbowl effect for FBA by Jan Klaassen, because in this post he shows some RGB special blitter with scanlines, and evolving more in this other post he shows the whole thing at four times the size with
fishbowl effect too. Still a tiny bit of moire but looking so great already! Can't wait for next release :)

Tuesday 10 December

Changes, changes, changes
Posted by pi at at 10:58PM [GMT]
I was going to forget this one! Invader, a MAME site specifically aimed for Mac users, has moved to ClassicGaming, under the GameSpy (uck) Network. Nonetheless this is a great site for Mac owners interested in arcade emulation. Thanks to Perforatu for the news.

I have no headline for this one
Posted by pi at at 10:26PM [GMT]
For palm devices users, there is this new XCade 1.3.0 in what seems to be a furious enhancing hype from the coder :) Added support for Cinematronics games, for example Ripoff and Star Castle, which the older XCade versions didn't have.

Fixing the fix
Posted by pi at at 10:25PM [GMT]
And here we have CottAGE 0.12, because past release seemed to be very buggy (I was busy so I couldn't test this one). It has important fixes, re-enabled games, fixed sound, and some more bugfixes. So you know what you have to do. Update!

Happy doomsday
Posted by pi at at 10:24PM [GMT]
Today is DOOM's 9th anniversary. This game developed by id Software has been one of the most influential and impacting games of all times, and is one of my personal favorites. Not too long ago I replayed it including sequels, and it's still very fun stuff, and even better with some of the enhanced ports out there like Legacy, jDoom and zDoom. Thanks to RoushiMSX for the remind. Note: Right now I'm replaying the next step: GL Quake :)

Cooly Ghost
Posted by pi at at 10:24PM [GMT]
There has been an update at the MAME Artwork page, with a good amount of new or enhanced backdrops, bezels and such artsy things. Special mention for the artwork for Golly Ghost, which will be used in next version. It includes moving parts, people who have seen it in action say it's really cool. You can find updated datafiles at, until Team Logiqx updates...

Milking the way
Posted by pi at at 10:24PM [GMT]
And as Pierre announced, here we have Mamory v0.1.0, this portable ROM management library. GPL'ed, fixed and better. Take a look, now compatible with traditional ClrMAMEPro files.

Monday 9 December

National drink
Posted by pi at at 10:39PM [GMT]
Logiqx has added supplements to the MAME Testdrivers dat, and also updated the datafile for the latest Nebula Jukebox. Will he ever rest? For a little cup of tea?

Udder news
Posted by pi at at 10:39PM [GMT]
Let me tell you about the new homepage of Mamory at SourceForge. Finally Pierre, the author, decided to release this rom management library under the GPL, moved to SF, changed a bit the layout and added a pink cow. Yes you read it well :)

Posted by pi at at 10:38PM [GMT]
I guess I could mention once again an update at, Kazuya's Neo Geo site. He added a Rage of the Dragons review, written by Raiken, apart from telling some other things which, honestly, I don't find interesting.

Aquarium visitors
Posted by pi at at 10:38PM [GMT]
You should see the last Fish Bowl Alpha WIP, also known as FBA :) Nonetheless very cool. I wonder how will this look with some scanlines!

Unhidden message
Posted by pi at at 10:38PM [GMT]
The Guru's ROM Dumping News has something, guess what it is? Yes you got it right! It has ROM Dumping News! Ok after the very bad joke (someone send me boo.wav pls), I'll tell you that there are four new games dumped. You will have to go there to know them all, but one is Die Hard, an ST-V game. Also, he mentions that the Icarus Team is also interested in emulating NAOMI, thus seeking for help in form of a board to get the BIOS, which is the basic start, and hopefully some carts. But for that they need help, of course..

Hungry of more reviews
Posted by pi at at 10:37PM [GMT]
nd this time I'm not missing it! Zzap!Raine issue #6 has been published, with star game being Rastan, including reviews of 1941, Gun Lock and Plum Plop. It also has new tips & tricks sections for the game infos, plus Blast from the Past and Rockford's Cave. Interesting issue. Gonna devour it rite nowe!

Polite request
Posted by pi at at 10:37PM [GMT]
The Sheep, creator of The Cave of Shooting (a Cave/Atlus shrine) and
R8zing (an Eigthing/Raizing shrine), is planning to do a Psikyo one. Which of course are great news! But now he is searching for a scanned Sengoku Ace/Samurai Aces manual. So you know, if you can help him, contact him, or me, or someone!

Nope, not our fault
Posted by pi at at 10:37PM [GMT]
I know that you get pop-ups when visiting CAESAR. We can't do anything about it. Well when I check the news I am posting for errors I also get pop-ups! I get one everytime I load any single CAESAR page. Don't blame us, please. Up to now I've only got one hostile pop-up which tried to send me an exe. All the rest were normal ones. So if you got pop-up war or pop-ups with embedded programs, maybe they are getting triggered from the page you just abandoned. Fight the spyware!

Sunday 8 December

The day the mistery stood still
Posted by pi at at 11:24PM [GMT]
There is a small update at Aaron's Home Page, where he mentions his drivers for V-Unit hardware and Killer Instinct... There is also an interesting mention about his mistery game - none of those! I hope he also adds a new item in his FAQ: how to transform the KI images into CHD!

Biased towards finishing
Posted by pi at at 10:03PM [GMT]
After hibernating for a while, MamEnd is alive again. Stay tuned for updates.

So many people doing so much work
Posted by pi at at 9:43PM [GMT]
After a long wait, a long MAME WIP. More than 2 weeks since the last one, it makes this WIP report really interesting, because there are lots of goodies, and the goodies are great. System 32 driver, Offroad Challenge and War Gods, Killer Instinct part one and two, playable Golly Ghost, almost playable Run and Gun, more games and lots of fixes, additions, new CPU cores and more games with sound! Well the details are waiting for you. Don't be lazy!

Before the third one also gets submitted...
Posted by pi at at 9:31PM [GMT]
Maybe you already took a look at the Midway V-Unit hardware page at, where there are snaps from Off Road Challenge and War Gods, the games appearing today in MAME's WIP. It seems I am reporting this too late, the driver has been submitted already so there's no mistery at all :)

On the other side there are these shots from DoDonPachi II - Bee Storm worked by ElSemi, but althought looking good, in that thread you will read it is nowhere near complete and it seems it will not be for a long time. Patience...

And also incomplete is the emulation of Target Hits by Gaelco & Zigurat Software. Pics courtesy of Emulatronia. But the game won't work due to protection, again bad luck... But Manuel Abadia seems very active lately, who knows what we will see next. (Actually I see that this game has just been reported too in the MAME WIP, am I slow...)

Happy Birthday, CAESAR!
Posted by pi at at 12:56AM [GMT]
Yes you got it right. Today is the birthday of CAESAR, this little bunch of HTML pages with information from here and there, and from there too. Two years and still kicking ass! Congrats to Logiqx, the founder and the very heart of this project. Since December the 8th of year 2000, lots of game lists, emulator archives, cross-referenced information, thousands of screenshots and mostly daily news, at your service. And still it's a baby! And what can we say in the second anniversary? Happy birthday!

Saturday 7 December

Ride the wave
Posted by pi at at 9:46PM [GMT]
Stephh of input/dipswitches fixing fame has added a new fix in the The Ultimate Patchers' site, for the WarpWapr driver. It seems to fix a quite old bug in Cutie Q among others, as discussed in this thread. Isn't it cool to be a MameTester?

Even more impressive now
Posted by pi at at 9:45PM [GMT]
ElSemi has released Nebula Jukebox 2.5, with apparently the "only" change of adding Model 2 SCSP sound emulation. Great stuff indeed!

Iconwise speaking
Posted by pi at at 9:45PM [GMT]
There are even more datafiles at, in a non-stop updating mayhem. He updates once again M1, and also Laser for the latest version. Also he includes MAMu_'s icons datafile, by Eldio, and a new MAME TestDrivers datafile by Ben Jos. On a side note, Mamu's Icons are my choice.

It's my news site and I post whatever I want
Posted by pi at at 9:44PM [GMT]
Time for some different gaming nostalgia... ScummVM 0.3.0b has been finally released. They still struggle to make a peaceful agreement with LucasArts, with little luck for now (read the bottom part of today's news there). Anyway they decided to do this release which has a misleadingly short changelog but includes things like full support for my favorite adventure of all time: The Dig. I'm going to play it with Scale2x right now. See you next week! (That last one was a joke.)

Subtle but significant
Posted by pi at at 9:44PM [GMT]
Andrea Mazzoleni has released AdvanceSCAN 1.4 and
Scale2x 1.3. The multiplatform and commandline rom manager has only one subtle change which fixes an error when calling advmng with more than one file. The example implementation of the cool Scale2x effect adds two more examples, in Java by Randy Power, and in C using SDL by Pete Shinners.

Unofficial speed
Posted by pi at at 9:44PM [GMT]
If you can't wait for an official FBA release to play Dimahoo, then you can get FBA Combo 0.2.93b, made by Gangta. FBA Combo is a special FBA compile which add extra features like four player mode for certain games.

Lots of small things = one big thing
Posted by pi at at 9:43PM [GMT]
And here we have MAME/MAME32 Plus 0.62.3, with miscellaneous changes from driver fixing and auto volume, to support for the latest games from CPS2Shock. Well actually those comments really don't do any justice to the long list of fixes which this MAME version incorporates. You gotta look them!

Friday 6 December

Even masters commit errors
Posted by pi at at 10:18PM [GMT]
Yesterday Logiqx forgot two more things to update: Nebula 2.21a and Qplayer datafiles are ready for you.

One every month does no harm
Posted by pi at at 10:17PM [GMT]
There have been many updates to NonMAME, but well from time to time I'd better mention one :) It seems Duckie has updated for the last emulator updates including Nebula Model 2 Test and Dimahoo/GMahou.

if gamecat <= 17 then treecat32++
Posted by pi at at 10:16PM [GMT]
Triggerfin has started writting scripts and made Deluxe32 Catlist for MAME32. It's a new set of custom folders with better category sorting. Lookin' neat.

I want a pair of new shoes
Posted by pi at at 10:15PM [GMT]
Manuel Abadia keeps working with those Gaelco games, and in Emulatronia you will find several shots of his latest success in emulation, a 1994 shooter called Alligator Hunt.

Thursday 5 December

Bad check&neverget
Posted by pi at at 10:46PM [GMT]
I almost overlooked the release of Laser 0.20a. Metafox included the fix for Lupin III by ss_teven. That seems to be the only change, but the good news is that he is again at it after a long pause. He mentions he will start to add games based on requests made on the forums, so well I guess we will see more updates soon.

Go Bilbao!
Posted by pi at at 9:55PM [GMT]
Fandemame has released History.dat 0.62a, with several corrections and new information for more than 60 games like Dimahoo, Puchi Carat (gotta love the catgirl!), Puzz Loop and Faster, Harder, More Challenging Q*Bert. Warning, the walkthroughs and certain gameplay infos have been deleted. I agree with the statement, and anyway things like cheats and eastern eggs seem to stay :)

Double the worth
Posted by pi at at 9:54PM [GMT]
The guys at EmuHype (yes, those with a funny name) have made a double release. First, the M1 SDKs for Windows and Linux. They include headers for the M1 core and source of the frontends, but no actual source of M1. Second, new ZiNc renderers, OpenGL and D3D for Windows, and MesaGL for Linux, all courtesy of Pete Bernert. Now you can disable the keys used by the renderer, plus the D3D has no debug keys anymore. No new Glide plugin? Bleh :) Me wants!

Two good things
Posted by pi at at 9:53PM [GMT]
According to this post by John IV, you can request features to be added to MAME32, since Chris Kirmse seems to be in a break. You can email them directly to John IV, use your imagination and don't ask for MS4 or other silly things.

On another bright idea, the MAME32 QA team has released another MAME32 0.62 for AMD K6 processors, since the other release seemed to not want to work with them. Congrats K6 owners. John IV also comments that next MAME32 will be like this so no more worries.

Baby Jack ate my brain
Posted by pi at at 9:53PM [GMT]
You should visit System 16 - The Arcade Museum. Today it had a big update, and Sixtoe has decided to add a new manufacturer museum: Midway. It includes Williams and Bally/Sente. No pinball action, but surely lots of goodies in it. About the rest, well there's so much, you can get entertained a long time just by checking the changes.

Also it has been updated the MAME Sega rewrite WIP with new and interesting shots. Galibert is doing a great job, and some of the shots look really neat. Since Haze took the System 32, and some of the drivers show problems ranging from almost there to awful. But Thunderblade looks great!

And don't forget to check the bottom link, Baby Jack commands you to!

Massive update
Posted by pi at at 9:53PM [GMT]
Logiqx has released today a lot of datfiles, some new, some changed, many updated from the last MAME release and the last XOR's of yesterday. This includes system dats and all the MAME resource dats. You better take a look by yourself!

Sexy shooter
Posted by pi at at 9:53PM [GMT]
The Sheep has updatedThe Cave of Shooting with new information about Progear No Arashi, something which seems to be a really great shooter from Atlus/Cave, made past year. What I find interesting is that it's an horizontal shooter! Nonetheless it looks gorgeous. Check the screenshots page (modem killer!) and the secrets section.

Another effect of the XOR wave
Posted by pi at at 9:52PM [GMT]
The MAME Spirits team has released CANAME 0.62.3, which support the latest XOR'ed games, with all the related datfiles updated accordingly.

Wednesday 4 December

Daily releases?
Posted by pi at at 9:52PM [GMT]
Just a quick comment about XCade 1.2.2 which was updated today after its first mention here. This release fixes a couple minor things and adds Galaxian.

Almost as long as big brother!
Posted by pi at at 9:49PM [GMT]
And for the Java lovers, CottAGE 0.11 has been released after the short betatesting. It includes eight new games, 22 clones, new blitters, changed JEF core, better cpu and sounchip cores, and seven fixed games, including my loved Solomon's Keys. Great stuff!

Posted by pi at at 9:48PM [GMT]
As in every XOR day, ElSemi makes a release, this time Nebula 2.21a is a minor fix. Besides the latest XOR's (and Battle Circuit merging change), it fixes Neo Geo CD support which was broken in previous release.

In MAME already
Posted by pi at at 9:48PM [GMT]
Now that I took more than 3 seconds to look at CPS2Shock, I see that Raz has made CPSMAME 2.62, which includes the latest XOR's, and also has all the fixes for CPS games which didn't make it to MAME 0.62.

Posted by pi at at 6:56PM [GMT]
Congratulations to CPS2Shock on its 10 million mark! To celebrate it, Razoola has released the XOR's of Dimahoo! Great shooter it seems. The japanese version, Great Mahou Daisakusen, has been XOR'ed too. Enjoy! Thanks to Smitdogg for being the first one to notice :)
Update: I forgot to mention that Battle Circuit (Euro 970319) has also been XOR'ed. My excuses :)

Third degree
Posted by pi at at 2:55PM [GMT]
If you like the CPS-3 game/series Street Fighter III, you should go to CP-Systems 2, where C_Dogg has written an interesting review of it, and as a bonus there is a bunch of new cool artwork related to this Nth reincarnation of the Street Fighter legacy.

More emulation for palm devices
Posted by pi at at 2:53PM [GMT]
Jeff Mitchell, author of Xcade for Unix and its DOS port five years ago, has released at his CodeJedi page XCade 1.1 for Palm OS, claiming to be the first arcade emulator for this platform. According to the website, it only runs in the latest Palm OS devices like Palm Tungsten T and the Sony NX series. For now it runs Space Invaders, Pacman and MS. Pacman, and Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr., plus games in similar hardware. Right now I am unsure if the emu is shareware or the registration is optional, or even if it's crippled in any way. Thanks to Stiletto for covering this emu I totally missed!

Tuesday 3 December

Playing the game name
Posted by pi at at 10:30PM [GMT]
Another mistery at Haze's MAME Page, but this time it was easy to discover (besides it has been revealed already). He has been playing with the Sega Titan-Video (ST-V) BIOS, but claims that he might not go further since it's too much for him. Talking about revelations, Logiqx has an idea for Aaron's mistery, he says it could be Tenth Degree. He was already right with the CoJag games. Any bets?

Next step, CPS2
Posted by pi at at 10:30PM [GMT]
After some pause, here we have more CottAGE WIP. David Raingeard and Romain Tisserand sent in two soundchip emulators which are the used in pre-Qsound CPS1 games. Actually they also sent a small Java player which can play the SF2 samples! Sounds great, certainly. CPS1 in Java? Maybe...

Subtle ways...
Posted by pi at at 10:30PM [GMT]
There is a little update to the M1 sound player at, which includes years and manufacturers.

Something for the self-compilers
Posted by pi at at 10:30PM [GMT]
M.A.S.H. has released MameInfo Source 0.62. It's a patch for the 0.62 source which allows proper MameInfo.dat and Driver.dat information. Still no sign of a FMAME32 release.

Crash on me, crash me on
Posted by pi at at 10:29PM [GMT]
A little bug has been found, and a little fix has been put into ClrMamePro 2.85.1. No more crashes with full zip integrity checks. That was fast, Roman. Still I'm sure he will do even another release this month :)

Monday 2 December

It was here, I swear it!
Posted by pi at at 11:45PM [GMT]
Roman has released ClrMamePro 2.85, which apparently might be the last one this year, unless MAME 0.63 comes before and makes it needing some more changes. Take a look at the fixes and changes, some options were moved or removed, so don't be scared if you don't find something.

New core absorbed
Posted by pi at at 9:42PM [GMT]
Tinker has released MisfitMAME 0.62, which has a new total of 407 games (wow), which include the Street Fighter Hacks, tons of Xevious 2002, a lot of Twisty's hacks, and Super Derby. the normal builds are done, and soon the full builds will be added.

Scripting gods
Posted by pi at at 9:41PM [GMT]
A little surprise from Logiqx, it's the M1 0.7.1 datfile with MAME supplements included. Great! Now I only need some pinball stuff... Uhhhhh...

Two devil poppers
Posted by pi at at 9:40PM [GMT]
There is another update at Aaron's Home Page, with a couple more shots of that mistery game (which despite what some say, it's not know as of now). Aaron, the master of the donothing() and eatcpu() functions, wants to win again the award of slowest MAME driver.

But, has he noticed he is going to have another competitor? Haze says he is going to take a break from the System 32 driver, which has seen more updates and progress lately. Let's hope he wants to come back at it soon.

Fix right here
Posted by pi at at 9:40PM [GMT]
The Beaver has released Mimic 2.11, with that Windows NT/2k/XP fix he mentioned shortly ago. He also mentions that some Sega fixes are included... Again not much in the arcade front, but well...

The good and the bad news
Posted by pi at at 9:40PM [GMT]
M.A.S.H. released MameInfo.dat 4.23, which includes as usual last bugs and newest WIP. It also contains 120 new level information thanks to Vaz of MamEnd (which is still down), and added more recommended games, todo and other notes. This is a diff update. Also note that if you scroll to the bottom, he has something to say about FMAME32 due to certain bugs in the MAME32 source.

Sunday 1 December

Posted by pi at at 9:45PM [GMT]
Logiqx has issued more dat updates, for Final Burn (only supplements changed), Nebula and Nebula Model 2 Test (up-to-date with the new versions), and ZN System (new Strider 2 dumps). Feed your ClrMamePro or RomCenter (or any other rom manager) with this food and they will be most pleased.

Not so -listinfo
Posted by pi at at 9:45PM [GMT]
Finally here we have M1 0.7.1. The new version of this arcade and pinball sound player comes with lots of bugfixes, a new advanced GUI for Linux and Windows, and (drums) 37 new games. Including Bonze Adventure! The download is a bit bigger this time, but well... The Mac port by Richard Bannister is already done too. Expect a datfile for this monster, eventually. The limited rom information output might prevent an early dat release. Belmont also mentions that a SDK will also be released soon.

I luv it
Posted by pi at at 3:36PM [GMT]
Grand Master Pete has done another state-of-the-art flovie called MAME Love. Have handy that kleenex box, this one will move you! Besides, he has changed a bit his Tehkan World Cup site, looking great and all.

Preliminary prerelease
Posted by pi at at 3:36PM [GMT]
Pierre Maziere has developed Mamory 0.0.1. It's a library to manage roms, and it has been plugged into a little Linux command line rom manager which makes split-merged sets and can also make difference sets between two MAME versions. This first version is only available as binary, since the source has to be tidied up a bit more before released. There's not even a manual, since the page explains it all. Well remember that it's the first release - possible bugs and not many features. But the future is looking good. Thanks to Perforatu for the link.

The White Pages
Posted by pi at at 3:36PM [GMT]
There is an update at the CottAGE download section, with MAME-style game lists for version 0.11. However the -listinfo is missing, as well as the 0.11 release. Patience...