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Thursday 28 February

Something for your pocket
Posted by pi at at 10:21PM [GMT]
M.A.S.H. is also putting on his page MameInfo 3.85, with correct and reorganized Recommended Games plus the newest WIP.

Still at it!
Posted by pi at at 10:20PM [GMT]
Roman gave us our daily dose of ZipMax 0.333 with a tiny fix. Hey Roman, we want arcade news! (but please keep updating ZipMax) :)

Getting in synch, getting in synch!
Posted by pi at at 10:20PM [GMT]
Which project is getting lots of updates lately? PacMAME! This time it's a small WIP, but nonetheless juicy: it has been compiled with the MAME 0.58 sources! There will be no release at the moment. Plus another pacman-related-game has been added (what else?)

Posted by pi at at 10:19PM [GMT]
GoodOldGames at BeEmulated has posted the BeOS binary for RAINE 0.35. Will RAINE beat MAME on OS ports? :)

Wednesday 27 February

Not much to say
Posted by pi at at 10:53PM [GMT]
The news are that there are no news. I guess everyone is playing the last RAINE release, was it so good? :)
Actually I'm not going to search more or figure out anything interesting to post, cause I'm feeling rather ill, I'll send Haggar a new transparency table and go to bed. So good night everyone and see you tomorrow.

Tuesday 26 February

General mad state
Posted by pi at at 11:58PM [GMT]
I've been reading things yesterday and today, here and there, and I've read too many times about the DEATH of That's totally false. I wish that those sites would explain it better. is not dead, just that it doesn't serve roms anymore. And that doesn't make it a worse site, not at all. And I always liked the design :) So is still there, as big and good as always. Now go and search your roms somewhere else.
But the team is infinitely patient, and they updated their page with three directions on getting roms, and so made MameWorld.
In the boards some people are discussing about possible solutions for obtaining/serving roms. For now the ideas seem a bit vague to me. Until one of them starts to work and everyone of us follow it, I think it's too early to say everyone "do this and all the romz in da world will be yours". Everyone be patient!

Posted by pi at at 11:58PM [GMT]
Well, not a bad day with that RAINE release, here are some more things for you:
  • The MAME32 QA/Test & Art Dept. page is updated with some small news.
  • The ZipMax page, errrr I mean the ClrMamePro page has been updated with the ACE 1.9 datfilem, plus some ZipMax movement happened yesterday, now the count is 0.332 :)
  • CPS2Shock is the place where you should go to get the updated Jukebox 2.0a.
  • Logiqx has also uploaded ACE 1.9 and RAINE 0.35 dats. One of these days he will learn to tell me about these updates!

Are you hungry?
Posted by pi at at 11:58PM [GMT]
Today's food for the brain: MAME WIP. The screenshots are from Mahjong Sisters, Gals Panic S2 and Quiz Gekiretsu Scramble. Too many japanese pseudo-erotic games? Well this WIP also has lots of other things, 3 days of MAME work are there, so read, learn, and wait for 0.59 :)

PacMAME, baby. Or. Baby, PacMAME
Posted by pi at at 11:57PM [GMT]
Another update, PacMAME .55 and PacTray 7.5.6 are released. They include support for Visual Pinball tables, specifically Baby Pacman and Mr. & Mrs. Pacman. The release is available as update (5mb) and full (splitted, 18mb).

It's RAINEing :)
Posted by pi at at 8:16PM [GMT]
Yep, RAINE 0.35 has been released some minutes ago. Like they say, no new games, but lots of fixes. You've read right, they focused on improving current emulation instead of adding lots of buggy drivers :)
You can go to your usual RAINE Official site and get it, while you do it, you can either read the long changelog or read my condensed version with the most important things:
  • Updated docs! Woohoo! Zaxxon1 and Liliana helped with them, plus Liliana made a new background for the GUI.
  • Stephane Humbert (Stephh) updated the cheats for RAINE, plus fixing lots of DSW in the toaplan2 driver and locating bugs in it as well.
  • Logiqx made some dozens of ROM changes, making RAINE a lot more compatible with the MAME sets, it will make easier to maintain RAINE roms :) And he also detected some bad dumps so the new sets will improve some games a lot.
  • An incredible amount of sound fixes, including Q-Sound for CPS-1 games. A good amount of emulation fixes as well, this release is greatly improved in that part.
  • A lot of other fixes related to the GUI and general emulation.
So you're going to play the same RAINE games, but certainly you will play them better! In my opinion, a high quality release :)

Monday 25 February

Little things
Posted by pi at at 11:05PM [GMT]

ZipMax again...
Posted by pi at at 10:26PM [GMT]
Roman made some changes to his latest baby and ZipMax 0.33 is out. Changes? Not many, but he also finished that sourcecode cleanup he was doing, so the sources are also available.

Fly(er) away
Posted by pi at at 10:24PM [GMT]
The Arcade Flyer Archive has posted some more flyers (what else!) into the database, exactly 35. Aztarac, Mr. Do!, Phoenix, Track & Field, Pleiads, Rip Off... Lots of classics including some from 1973, and also one for a new game from Sega called The Maze of the Kings, actually from this year.

MAME in your TV
Posted by pi at at 10:23PM [GMT]
I've found this site with a MAME variation in the line of SmoothMAME (actually I found the link in that page hehe) but comes from MAME32. It's name is TVMAME32, and it's in synch with the latest 0.58 sources. It's designed for fixed frequency monitors and for TV's, so I guess that some of you will want to check it.

This is the "end", my only friend, the "end"
Posted by pi at at 6:52PM [GMT]
Sad news at no rom downloads. Well, the story is short: a copyright holder came in, they disabled the downloads and took the weekend to think about it, and now they have removed permanently the downloads. You can read the full story in the statement they left on the main page.
I'd like to thank the team for such a good service for the community, you have helped all this thing of reliving and preserving classic arcade games.
On the other hand, it's not a definitive "end", they will keep maintaining the site and database with all the features, and maybe some new features in the future. So let's call it a "feature change".

Sunday 24 February

X-Ray glasses and see thru everything
Posted by pi at at 9:35PM [GMT]
Haggar's page has been updated with a new section: Nebula transparencies tables. I collected some for him from spanish sites, but I guess he is wanting more, so if you create or have some, help him. If you don't have any, go and get the first pack which was already updated with work from the very own Raz. The total is now 51 tables. Nebula + Transparencies = Cool!
Also, you are still in time on entering his logo contest (look the news at 19th Feb on his site), so maybe it's your opportunity to show the scene that you're a talented artist :)

More M.A.S.H. action
Posted by pi at at 9:16PM [GMT]
M.A.S.H. doesn't only have time to answer my lengthy emails, he has also time to develop and release FMAME32 0.58 Release 3. And like he always put, with Pong! Since he doesn't keep a easily accessable changelog, I guess the changes are the filters for Mahjong and Quiz games, and the columns for category and source driver names. There might be other things, but just these two look good enough to me.

Not yet, not yet...
Posted by pi at at 9:11PM [GMT]
I've been at Haze's Unemulated Page and it has changed a bit. It's always an interesting place to look at :) Some backgrounds are working! Cool! I think Gunbird 2 is in a nearby arcade, I'll go take a look. On some related area, unMAMEd arcade games has been updated with some WIP pictures, some new sections for Impact and System 11, and some other things. Great! :)

On way for the perfect Pacman game
Posted by pi at at 9:11PM [GMT]
Some more PacMAME updates: PacMAME .55 (.NET) and PacTray 7.5.4. It's available as an update for current users, or again as a base distribution in split format which includes everything except the ROMS. Where are the roms? Somewhere :)

I Love Viewing Ace News
Posted by pi at at 9:10PM [GMT]
Friol was having a sunny and windy day when he decided that us, mere mortals, could deserve ACE 1.9 :) Now I don't have a sunny and windy day, but I have the last version of this nice CPS emulator. Changes? Well, Nebula .dat support, some fixes, all the CPS2 XOR'ed games are playable, a readme.txt, and a few more things. Go and get the binary, sources will be up soon.

Little gems discovered
Posted by pi at at 2:15AM [GMT]
Hey, I haven't found one arcade emulator not in CAESAR. I've found FIVE! They are at and they are (as read in the page) a DynoFoo Production. There are some games (not emulators) and then five tiny emulators for Pengo, Donkey Kong, Mario Bros, Frogger and (which else) PacMan. Why "tiny"? Cause they are TINY! Gotta see them by yourself :) I tried Tiny Pacman and it's too cute! This is a tiny and cool alternative to MAME :)
I'm quite happy, sorry I forgot where I saw these... Hey Logiqx, add them to CAESAR! :)

Kai lle ra ma me
Posted by pi at at 2:13AM [GMT]
Hey, Kaillera client 0.9. MAME32 0.58 (0221) + Kaillera client 0.9 is available on You know. Netplay. That thing. Go. Download. Play. (I need sleep)

All you can cheat
Posted by pi at at 2:13AM [GMT]
At Cheat Mania you can find nkDB v0.05 and Nebula/WinKawaks Cheat Database for nkDB ver20020222. nkDB is a manager for cheats, and the Nebula/WinKawaks Cheat Database is, as you can guess, a cheat database for Nebula and WinKawaks, for use in nkDB :) Thanks to Emu4ever.

It's raining ROMS, hallelujah!
Posted by pi at at 12:00AM [GMT]
If you want to get some roms before next MAME arrives, Zyclone's Playground is a good place to start, he has put some needed sooners... On the other hand, has interrupted downloads, for *all* users. The reason is not clear right now, but you can guess why by yourself. Let's hope they come back soon. Thanks to RG and MW for the news.

Saturday 23 February

The Beaver also does WIP
Posted by pi at at 11:48PM [GMT]
The Beaver has posted some Mimic WIP about Robocop. It's a bit technical but basically it means "things are going on". Hopefully we will see a new release soon?

Haze still on it
Posted by pi at at 11:38PM [GMT]
Another MAME WIP is available for our enjoyment. David Haywood (again) added another game to the new Psikyo driver, same glitches as the rest. The name is Gunbird 2, and the screenshots look great :)~ Kale fixed a little problem with Express Raider not accepting money, just like my phone company :-p Usual screenshots and text you know where.

Play it again, Sam
Posted by pi at at 7:40PM [GMT]
I've seen at CPS2Shock that ElSemi has released Jukebox 2.0. It's a sound player ofr CPS-1, CPS-2, NeoGeo and ZN games. The main improvements are on the sound quality section, but it's cool to see that there is a new GUI made by MHz. I don't say that old one was bad, it means that ElSemi and MHz are working together, certainly that's a good combo! Nebula's official page is under some redesign, in the meanwhile you can get it and Jukebox from the CPS2Shock download section.

Friday 22 February

A bit of everything for a slow weekend
Posted by pi at at 11:48PM [GMT]
Besides playing that old game, these days I did a preliminar Fansite list which has been uploaded right now, please don't blame me for the BAD design. I will work on completing the list a bit everyday, but I need your help! I also made another Morrigan animation, if I get enough Fansites additions from people, I'll upload it too ;)
And for the real game fans, check Tom's Arcade conversions list, it's great, you get there and see the ports of your favorite arcade games. I would have done it in a table fashion, but hey that's not my page. It's great anyway. Maybe another day?
But if you want WILD ACTION, then Yllabian Space Guppy's Bizarre Arcade Game Archive is your place. Lots of bizarre and fun and... Well... Just bizarre games in MAME, this list is somathing... Uhm... Bizarre. Worth a look. Credit goes to ClassicGaming.

MAME until you don't want more
Posted by pi at at 11:45PM [GMT]
What happened with the other various MAME flavors lately?
  • BeEmulated has posted a "slightly optimized" X-MAME 0.58.2, for BeOS of course!
  • SmoothMAME 0.58 is one of those not-very-well-known variations. It's for Win32, and you might want to check it, cause that "smooth" looks very promising from the explanations at the page! Binaries also available.
  • There must be more, I'll hunt them down tomorrow.

Sixtoe got a million
Posted by pi at at 11:45PM [GMT]
Right now this is one of my favorite places: System16 The Arcade Museum. It got an update while I was away. Not as bizarre as the Million Dollar Hotel but at least as interesting! Sega, Atari and Konami new things for our pleasure, certainly I do not get tired of surfing this site up and down, it's great! No wonder why they got One Million Visitors, and celebrate it with this update! Congrats Sixtoe!

Happy birthday, VGN!
Posted by pi at at 11:44PM [GMT]
I missed the sixth birthday of Vintage Gaming Network. Happy belated birthday anyway! It was the first site I visited regarding emulation, and it was the place where I downloaded my first emulator update. Thanks for those days, VGN! Wow, six years, that's A LOT! Thanks PeterHQ or EmuD for the news ;)

Posted by pi at at 11:44PM [GMT]
Fandemame has released History.dat 0.58a (a bit after 0.58). The History.dat is in english, but since the page is in french, I can't really tell you what it has new... Something about more compatibility with MAME32? That it's totally compatible but MAME32 has GUI problems with the display of history.dat? Ah, l'amour... Something I don't feel for french language :) Thanks again to PeterD for the bit, everyday I hate C&G more and more!!!

MacMAME after so long!
Posted by pi at at 11:07PM [GMT]
I wonder, no one has noticed? MacMAME 0.58! Ready for you thanks to Brad Oliver! There is also mention to a lot of Mac-specific bugs being obliterated so they don't suffer anymore. There was a gap but now it's up-to-date with latest official sources. Congrats Mac-fans :)

The most busy hospital of the world?
Posted by pi at at 11:06PM [GMT]
Of course, M.A.S.H.'s hasn't dissapointed me, and he has made lots of work during my ausence. For example, Compile MAME Package 0.58 Release 2 with Pong working fine. Also FMAME32 0.58 Release 2. This one has lots of enhancements in the form of folders for CPU types, drivers, etc... Very nice! And the star, MAMEInfo 3.84, with correct "Recommended Games" names, whatever that means. I guess I have to download all now to check it!

How small your ROMS can be?
Posted by pi at at 10:56PM [GMT]
This is not a real surprise, but at the ClrMAMEPro homepage, Roman has been busy with ZipMax version this, that, and that other. I mean 0.32 currently :) The last bit about ZipMax is a tip on how to get the most out of ZipMax, read it on Roman's page. And where's ClrMAMEPro? In the to-do list, be patient! Roman has all the right to play with this toy which all of us like :)

PacMAME in elegant costumes
Posted by pi at at 10:56PM [GMT]
More PacMAME for your pleasure. At first, you start to drool with some pics of a cabinet, a modified HotRod SE (donate one to me!), etc... Then you read some WIP, looking very nice, including "discovered 8 previously unemulated sets". And then you get a PacMAME .55 (.NET) and PacTray 7.5.2 update, so it's quite hard to expect more. Oh well, we expect more, but give the team some time. They are only two :)

Posted by pi at at 10:54PM [GMT]
Not a XOR release, but CPS2Shock got updated and that's always something good. I think :) This time Raz has updated the CPS-2 gamelist with Choko and Jyankokushi screenshots for example, and other additions as well. Nice!

How many screenshots do you want?
Posted by pi at at 10:53PM [GMT]
First thing which catched my attention when I got back: new MAME WIP! This time you have lots of things since day 19, screenshots from many many games. David Haywood has been working in Hitachi SH-2 emulation, for Psikyo games and also for the Super Kaneko Nova System. All the screenshots are from games on these systems, for example Strikers 1945 II, Jan Jan Paradise, Sol Divide, Gals Panic 4... Many many games. Other news in text form are there, as usual. I'd like to remark Gile's addition of hard disk image support, I hope it means some good additions to MAME and MESS soon.

I'm back, I'm back, I'm back!
Posted by pi at at 10:52PM [GMT]
Hi everyone again! I'm glad to be back. The phone company was pretty stupid, how many variations of "we don't have a clue but it can't be our fault" can be made when it's obvious it was their fault. Then you watch the commercials where they say they provide the best personalized service and you want to puke. I did!
Anyway, so now I need to rewind 4 days and start to refill CAESAR with news? Ok. And I also have to answer emails from the last 4 days? Sure. Notescapes Messenger and Check & Neverget will start to burn, but it's good to be back anyway :)
What I did in my forced spare time? Reinstalling an old game but still one of my all-time favourites plus tour 4 and 5 of course. I've wrecked 2 mouses with this game, time for a third one :)

Wednesday 20 February

Idle time
Posted by pi at at 9:21PM [GMT]
When you don't have money and can't pay the bills, it's bad. When you have the money and can't pay the bills, it's STUPID. Certainly my phone company doesn't want to keep clients, cause the phone bill is payed but they have cut my line :-?
So I don't know when I will have a connection back, until then, Logiqx will update the news at the incredible rate of 0 per day unless something really important happens.
So until I'm back, see you all, I hope to be back soon, but... Banks... Phone companies... ugh

Monday 18 February

Yes this time they are here!
Posted by pi at at 10:08PM [GMT]
This time it's real poltergeist! Arcade Rom Heaven has switched back to 31 january again or what? Mimic WIP page is showing again those "now old" megadrive screenshots, and in the news page you can see The Beaver posting "news" (read "olds") about it, as well as the "Interview with God" which happened certainly past month. Plus the bad links in the left vertical menu are back, where's that Bubble Bobble FAQ again? Hey Guru-Choc, wake up!

He is back, who else?
Posted by pi at at 9:30PM [GMT]
This sure is poltergeist, firs I saw it on the RG boards, and thought "strange", then I saw it at EmuHQ, and thought "amazing?", and then I saw it by myself and guess what? JoseQ's Emu Views has been updated! Nothing astounding, an Intellivision game review. But hey, it's the first Emu Views update in seven months! JoseQ himself says "this is no comeback", so maybe we are not watching the Phoenix coming back from its ashes, but it's nice to see an update of one of the best known sites in emulation. Good to see you again JoseQ!

Insomniac updates
Posted by pi at at 9:19PM [GMT]
I wonder if this guy sleeps or rests in any way. I guess the answer is "no", cause M.A.S.H. has updated his page again with Compile MAME Package 0.58 and Special Info Package 0.58. The Compile Package includes MAME32, which is nice. The Special Info has all the usual luxury stuff he uses to spoil us. Hey M.A.S.H., if you get holidays we will not complain... Too much :)

Two little fixes are better than none
Posted by pi at at 9:14PM [GMT]
Roman has made a little fix, ClrMamePro 2.53a doesn't have that problem with parsing mameinfo.dat. As well, ZipMax 0.22 has been released, fixing also a small problem when not being able to delete the temporary folders. Two utilities for the price of zero! Get them for free :)

Time to cheat again, again, again...
Posted by pi at at 12:11AM [GMT]
First for highscores, now for cheats. Haggar has updated his cheat archives for FinalBurn Alpha, Nebula and Kawaks. Now it's 0.2.5.A, it means no cheats for new games, but some fixes and some more additions for existing games. Actually this cheat archive is the one I use, so I can recommend it to you. Thanks to PeterD for the news.

My best is 10 lines in Tetris... with closed eyes
Posted by pi at at 12:01AM [GMT]
Leezer has released Unofficial Hiscore.dat 7.92. He says "many game additions sent to me by geoman - thanks to him", so thanks Geoman, and thanks MW and RG where I saw the news :)

Sunday 17 February

FMAME32 first appareance
Posted by pi at at 11:49PM [GMT]
M.A.S.H. surprises me again with FMAME32 0.58. This is a new spinoff from MAME32, and guess what, the F is from "Fix" :) More or less it means that it has all the features from his known FixMAME, plus some good features that all MAME32 fans will like. Driver flags and video attributes folders, extra folders for Playchoice-10, DECO Cassette and CVS systems, category folders, and in one window under the screenshot you can see mameindo, driver and history.dat information. In his site, M.A.S.H. has set up some snaps of all those, and you can see a few explanations with those snaps in this forum post. In his site you can see the readme.txt for this cool release.

Super Pinball Driver Action
Posted by pi at at 11:48PM [GMT]
If you saw the post I made 5 minutes ago, forget it. MAME WIP is what should have been posted. David Haywood sent that WIP driver of Super Pinball Action, seems to be pretty complete, and Stephane Humbert made again DSW and input ports. I guess those are a good dev couple :) There are other news from the last 6 development days in MAME, there is a bit for everyone, go check it, you will not be dissapointed :) Ahhhhhh I love Volfied :)

Arcade Games Fansites
Posted by pi at at 3:05AM [GMT]
I've made a personal request in this post at RG's forum. Please, read it, even if you are not able to help me, you might find something valuable in the post. It's about arcade games fansites, some of the listed sites are great. If you know about more game fansites, please read first the post and then contact me. Thanks in advance!

Saturday 16 February

Better late than never
Posted by pi at at 11:55PM [GMT]
It seems that the Mac port of CPSMAME was updated to be in sync with latest XOR's. It includes support of MvsC (I guess you all know what game is that!) and they also mention that it's in sync with MacMAME 0.57, but I think the last release was 0.56a? Then? What? Anyway, go there if you want. Sorry for not posting earlier... I saw this at Zophar's place, now the link is safely saved in my check&neverget.

MAME32 to get too many mods
Posted by pi at at 11:55PM [GMT]
For all of you MAME32 addicts: now that its source has been released publically, we can expect many modifications. This is the first one I'm aware of: M.A.S.H. has released a MAMEinfo-source for MAME32. It allows to display Mameindo, Driveinfo and History.dat in one window, under the snapshots. Sounds good enough to me!
Talking about MAME32, on the The MAME32 QA/Test & Art Dept. page, you can check a little post talking about the feature of navigating game list with the gamepad being readded. I can't tell, I don't have gamepad, but I guess it will be available in next version.

Carnival time
Posted by pi at at 8:03PM [GMT]
I'm going out *a bit* tonight, so I might not be able to post anything, in case that happens, I guess I can order everyone to have a good saturday night. If not, you will see my psychadelic headers before midnight GMT as usual. I promise I will not drink too much, and I will not use female costumes. Please don't be confused, this doesn't mean that I have that thing... How was it called? Ah, a "life".
Update: Well it seems the dinner was shorter than I expected, they wanted to go out early, so I'm back before midnight...

Friday 15 February

For your MAME roms
Posted by pi at at 10:16PM [GMT]
If you don't want to redownload too many roms, you might want to use this. MAME rom update v3 has been released, fixing some things and showing some improvement. This utility detects exactly what files you need to download to complete your rom collection and then downloads them from So instead of downloading again a 30mb rom, you only get that 256kb file which has changed. This saves bandwidth, for you and for, while still allowing you to support clicking their banners. I saw this at MameWorld, where else?

No, I'm not that one!
Posted by pi at at 9:45PM [GMT]
What Pre-1985 Video Game Character Am I? That's the title of a quiz I saw mentioned on ARH. It's quite fun, plus there's a Sci-Fi surprise after you do it. I better not tell you my results... Thanks Guru-choc for the funny link.

Another third release
Posted by pi at at 9:43PM [GMT]
FanBuild 0.58.3 has been released. This alternative MAME has the following additions in this update: New CPS-2 and Cave drivers by Shiriru, Thunder Cross II start-up, two fixes by Stephh, and lots of descriptions fixes. Fandemame did it again!

Small is beautiful
Posted by pi at at 9:34PM [GMT]
ZipMax 0.21. This is not an emulator, a frontend or anything, but it seems it's getting famous in the emulation community :) Don't you love little utilities daily updated?
Talking about "small is beautiful". Does anyone know an alternative to Iczelion's HTTP Downloader? Don't answer me "Download Mage" or any other download manager. I mean a specialized app.

Boy am I getting confused with this guy...
Posted by pi at at 9:26PM [GMT]
A new "hidden" development WIP at the Unemulated page. This time it's a mid-age game from Tecmo, called Super Pinball Action. I guess it's the sequel of the famous digital pinball we all know. Let's hope that Haze makes it look better.

MAME32, still 29 left
Posted by pi at at 9:23PM [GMT]
If you visit The MAME32 QA/Test & Art Dept. you can find a new release of MAME32 0.58! It's the third one, right? This time it includes full historic distribution support files (whatever that means), and surprise surprise, the source! Go and get it.
For the ones who, like me, hate FilePlanet's downloading scheme, there's a little mirror at Retrogames, for both the binary and the source. And don't forget that MAME32 has its own forum.

Thursday 14 February

Zzap!Raine again
Posted by pi at at 10:15PM [GMT]
Zzap!Raine Issue #2 is out. Ah, I wanted to see the second "on the street"! This issue looks great for the classic retrogamer. Akkavander, Arkanoid: Revenge of Doh, Bubble Bobble and Puzzle Bobble are the reviewed games. Certainly a good selection, tho I have to confess that Bubble Bobble hasn't been on my fav list... I read it from PeterD's news, I hate Check&Neverget.

Posted by pi at at 10:05PM [GMT]
The MAME32 version bundled with Kaillera has been updated. So I guess it's called "MAME32 0.58 + Kaillera client 0.9." Go to and check the download section for the binaries. Happy netplay!

Minimal size
Posted by pi at at 10:01PM [GMT]
Roman released ZipMax 0.2. Even more compression if you want. That's what I call a good changelog :)

Happy Valentine's gift
Posted by pi at at 9:54PM [GMT]
For all MAME lovers, M.A.S.H. has a special gift on this day: M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo 3.83 :)
Ok ok it was a cheap joke, I hate valentines anyway (you can imagine *why* I hate valentines...)
M.A.S.H. has added Input and DSW info from MAMETesters. Keep being patient about FixMAME...

Quick update at PacMame
Posted by pi at at 9:36PM [GMT]
PacMAME's site has been updated with a patch to fix some issues in yesterday's release. Now PacTray 7.5.1 has some functionality for XP/NT users in .BAT files, until some more bugs are cleaned. We're on the way!

Wednesday 13 February

Happy Birthday Elly
Posted by pi at at 11:51PM [GMT]
Logiqx told me I could post news of any nature... For me the birthday of a friend is important news!
Happy birthday Elly!
(much better than a postcard, uh?)

Logiqx: Did I indeed? Ah well, Happy Birthday Elly. :)

Two good places to visit
Posted by pi at at 11:28PM [GMT]
I saw this yesterday, over at MW, but didn't have time to "check". I checked Galagalaxian, and now I can recommend with some knowledge that you should visit Jerky's Arcade Hacks, which is back. If it's the first time you heard of this site, you better pay a visit! He keeps only the best hacks. Also, now I know what's MisfitMAME about, tho I can't get in the page yet.
For some more modern information, PeterD mentioned in his place about the reopening of Madman's Cafe, a place devoted to gaming news, specialized in NeoGeo and SNK. I made a quick visit and the place is interesting and well designed. I recommend you Soup du Jour.

Keep your ROMs shining and ready to play
Posted by pi at at 10:50PM [GMT]
ClrMAMEPro 2.53 released. Changelog: "Found some little time to do some minor stuff" and other additions and fixes. But Roman doesn't forget about requests and suggestions!
Roman has also released ZipMax 0.1, a little but very requested utility. At least I've seen many requests/questions about something like this in some boards. I had my "manual, homemade" solution but this looks better :) Keep your roms in shape!

PacMAME, finally!
Posted by pi at at 10:48PM [GMT]
The wait is over! There are good news at PacMAME. PacMAME 0.55 and PacTray 0.55 have been released, for now only in split format. The release includes images, cabinets, flyers, source, and everything else. The main news are that it's ported to .55 and compiled with VC++, and also two new PacMario sets made their way before the release. There are still some minor issues, so let's hope that we can see a new release soon. Anyone said PacMan?

MAME at the speed of a photon
Posted by pi at at 10:47PM [GMT]
Travis himself told me that the QNX port of MAME has been updated. So like we all say, everyone rejoyce :) Sorry for the delay, but somehow this page got lost in my checklist. It's fixed now! Go and get PhMAME 0.58.1! Maybe one of these days I have to install QNX to test PhMAME :)

Tuesday 12 February

Posted by pi at at 9:18PM [GMT]
MAME FanBuild 0.58.2 with lots of fixes (and I mean lots) has been released. Stephh provided the thousand fixes, FandeMAME added them to his build, and MameWorld told us the news. Great team :)
They also gave us a "hint" that MAME32jp 0.58 has been released. If you don't speak japanese, you can also get that build at VintageGaming MAME's page.

Know why not
Posted by pi at at 8:58PM [GMT]
The Legend's unMAMEd page has been updated to reflect the changes coming from MAME 0.58. If you don't know who is the Legend, then you should go there!

Tournee around the blitters
Posted by pi at at 8:38PM [GMT]
Tourniquet updated TourMAME 0.58.2, with some bugfixes. He has a little table comparing speeds of the different blitters, which is always useful. He doesn't specify if HW Stretch works or not...

People keeps working at MAME
Posted by pi at at 8:34PM [GMT]
Text only update at the MAME Status page. This one-day WIP contains various fixes and enhancements from Aaron Giles, Stephane Humbert, Olivier Galibert, and BUT. Let's them be the main news for one day instead of "this game has been emulated and that game has been dumped!"

Posted by pi at at 8:31PM [GMT]
Yesterday's release of X-MAME 0.58.2 already has the BeOS binaries available at BeEmulated. It has only part of the bugfixes, but still it's a good bugfix!

A non-mame port?
Posted by pi at at 8:23PM [GMT]
When your emulator doesn't have to be named "MAME" to have some ports, the arcade emulation is in good shape :) Javanx has made a Linux port of InvEmu, the original work of his friend Stefano Vigliani. This port is adapted for the new Allegro 4.X and it adds some more options (I'm unable to tell you since I don't have Linux). Since his page is in italian, he has been kind enough to tell me where to download the sources and where to view a snapshot. The port is only available as source. Thanks to Javanx himself for the info!

Monday 11 February

Logiqx double util release
Posted by pi at at 11:52PM [GMT]
Logiqx has made some updates. The flyer datafile was updated for the recent pack #17 release. DatUtil has been updated to 1.15, as he says, not the biggest update, tho still good getting it.
MAMEDiff 1.08 was also released, and it has a couple of *good* improvements. MAMEDiff was the reason I visited Logiqx's page on first time (in the past millenium), so go there, download it, and discover why!

Emulation will continue despite UPS
Posted by pi at at 11:41PM [GMT]
I thought that game companies were the enemies of emulation, not courier companies... The Guru's ROM dump news has an interesting story about it, plus the names of the boards he got for dumping. UPS, you have lost some clients with this...

FBLinux on pause
Posted by pi at at 11:39PM [GMT]
Sad news for Linux users. FBLinux maintainer, ComaC, has stopped the maintaining of the Linux port of Final Burn, due to personal reasons. If you know some C/C++ and want to keep on the project, he has left some sources for you to continue where he left of. Let's hope the best for ComaC.

WIP on two sides
Posted by pi at at 11:35PM [GMT]
Small small PacMAME WIP: Two more sets added.
MAME WIP is also tiny, but Police Trainer's screenshots (and some bits more) are awaiting you.

Will this ever end?
Posted by pi at at 11:32PM [GMT]
Some more MAME bits %-)
MAMu_ has released icon packs for MAME 0.57 and 0.58. These icons are wonderful! On other subject (MAME), MAMETesters have made a new page with known bugs which spans over different drivers. I hope they find some other way of naming the page! :) Plus M.A.S.H. has already put it in his MAMEInfo 3.82. All that info and also the latest WIP, and some fix for his MAMEInfo source...

MAME until you can't have more
Posted by pi at at 11:22PM [GMT]
There's just too much MAME around:
  • X-MAME 0.58.2 released, mainly a bugfix, but a good bugfix.
  • Go to the AdvanceMAME homepage for AdvanceMAME v0.58.0 and AdvanceMENU 1.17.0. The main addition in this version was recording of MNG animations, as well as animation showing in AdvanceMENU. Seems cool to me, if I could get the homepage to tell me that they have 0.58!
  • Tourniquet released TourMAME 58 with those cool blitters from JahMAME, and many other improvements and fixes. Be sure to read the full news on his site.

Sunday 10 February

One man, one MAME
Posted by pi at at 8:11PM [GMT]
Lots of MAME versions have been updated. Let me show you some you can try. The BeOS port by Yoshi, up to 0.58. FanMAME 0.58.1 with correct descriptions and dates (orrrange!) which is something I like. JahMAME, tho at this moment it was removed cause it violates the MAME license. Too bad, it included the wonderful Scale2X from AdvanceMAME. MAME32jp 0.58 20020210 which is a MAME32 in Japanese... EZMAME tho I don't know what's it about, I can't find any link to download it :-?
There's a MAME waiting for you, you only have to choose one!

Don't "pass" the WIP (bad joke)
Posted by pi at at 8:10PM [GMT]
More MAME WIP for your pleasure. The MAMEdevs are still on it. This time, the screenshots are from a game called Pass, driver submitted by Haywood/Haze from the dump made by Theo. We already saw something of it on the Unemulated Page. The usual batch of updates and fixes from the last three days is included, so go there to check.

Saturday 9 February

Headlines for your slow saturday
Posted by pi at at 6:46PM [GMT]
It's saturday, MAME 0.58 was released later this week... Surely a slow weekend! So I'll put some short news and I'll run to Carnivals:
  • TriggerFin has updated his site CatList with the category listings updated for 0.58. Some categories fixed, and all that. Go there to add categories to your favorite frontend.
  • Talking about frontends, some were updated lately. My advice: go to MameWorld, they have a big list of many frontends for you to choose. I'm not going to recommend anyone, cause I use... CommandLine v6.22 :)
  • has served 100 million roms. As they say, pretty impressive... I wish they put some kind of stats page with more numbers for us to keep our mouth *open*.
  • The MIMIC site has some small WIP by our respected Mr. Beaver. Regarding arcade-ish things, he has sorted out a nasty 68k bug, and a release might happen very soon.
  • NonMAME has been updated to be in synch with the latest MAME. A cool page you should check.
  • >
  • Unemulated page. 'Nuff said.
  • Poll: Should I go out on Carnivals as a nun or as little red riding hood? (buletta style!)
    Thanks to lots of sites for the news, and also thanks to my browser for some of them :)

Friday 8 February

Let's dance Space Invaders Techno-Gabba-Euromix
Posted by pi at at 11:47PM [GMT]
Slow day for arcade emulation, but anyway since I like music, I think some of you will find this tidbit I saw at Retrogames interesting. According to, Taito will release in Japan an audio CD which compiles some of the best arcade game music from 1978 to 1987. Space Invaders and Bubble Bobble in full glorious CD quality! Included is a booklet with interviews with original creators, I wonder if it will be also Japanese. Sounds cool anyway, if someone gets this album, please contact me so I can "test" it to see if I can ask my CD dealer to import it :)
I have to steal news from RG and EmuHQ cause no one contacts me to give me this kind of news! Just a couple of authors bother to tell me what's going on their projects, thanks guys, the rest of the world ignores me :-/

MAME32 fixed, FilePlanet not!
Posted by pi at at 11:38PM [GMT]
Seen at MAME32 QA that a new MAME32 0.58 has been released which fixes that nasty sound tab bug. As said, the fix was going to come soon... Still they serve the file on FilePlanet, but it's possible to download it, just choose it from the "public servers" list instead of the "personal servers" which are a pay service. However the public servers are collapsed and you have to "wait online" and swallow several ads. Maybe the MAME32 guys will notice it and distribute this MAME version from some other place... I'm sure many people will want to help them.
On other things, they have also released the MAME Flyer pack #17, also available on FilePlanet :-/
And they mention of the idea of opening again the MAME32 forums. Maybe.

Nobody is perfect, but some are cool
Posted by pi at at 12:21AM [GMT]
MAME32 0.58 has been released. It has a little known bug in the sound tab, making it crash, so you can expect a fix very soon. It seems there are also some problems downloading it from FilePlanet, but don't worry too much. You can get your latest MAME32 from and Retrogames, for example.

There aren't enough updates
Posted by pi at at 12:15AM [GMT]
M.A.S.H. has already made an update, releasing MameInfo 3.81. The first bugs have been added, as well as the -listinfo changes and his recommended games list. As well, he has rewritten the Mameinfo source, and surprise surprise, he has also updated his PCB info's pack to 0.58. Pay him a visit and *help* him with the release dates and more PCB infos! I can't repeat it enough times...

Back To The Future (hey z...)
Posted by pi at at 12:13AM [GMT]
Did you think they would rest after a release? No! Gridle already gives us expectatives for the now pretty far next MAME release. The MAME WIP page has been updated with... A HanaHo game? The same ones of HotRod? Wow... The game is Rapid Fire, check the screenshots. There are also other nice fixes and additions, don't forget that in that page you can also read.

Get over your addiction
Posted by pi at at 12:12AM [GMT]
To desintoxicate a bit from so many emulation, you could visit hardMVS. There you can find flyers, tech manuals, cab pics... All things Neo-Geo, from the hardware point of view. A very interesing site, IMHO (tho I have no idea of Neo-Geo hardware!) If you're interested in the real thing, that's a good place! I saw the link at ARH, thanx Guru-Choc.

Thursday 7 February

CAESAR updated, dats for your RM
Posted by pi at at 12:56AM [GMT]
Yes, Logiqx has done it again, and one day after the MAME release, some hundreds of pages on CAESAR have been updated. Logiqx forgot to tell me exactly how many and in what way, so you have to walk thru the thousand pages here to discover it yourself. Tough task!
And even when he didn't tell me, I've noticed that in Logiqx's homepage you can find dats for MAME 0.58, changes from last version, Neo-Geo, MAME artwork, and MAME samples. And also dats for Nebula and NeoJukebox (those ones were tough, uh?)

Wednesday 6 February

Shameless spanish Neo-plug
Posted by pi at at 11:09PM [GMT]
More than glad to rest a bit of so much MAME. At Emulatronia I saw that NeoRAGEX has a version for Windows XP. More over, it's in spanish! I wonder where this version came from... Go to Emulatronia for that version.

Nebula's transparencies again
Posted by pi at at 11:03PM [GMT]
Kaervek said in you-know-where that SNX has released transparencies packs for the classic Campcom shoot'em'ups 1941 and 19XX. Since the site is in portuguese, I hope the guy doesn't mind that I place a direct download.

More MAME bits
Posted by pi at at 10:48PM [GMT]
Well I hope I can finish soon, too much MAME for one day. At The MAME32 qa/test and art dept. you can find screenshots and icons for 0.58, as well as their dats to keep your collection up-to-date.
As well, in the ClrMAMEPro homepage you can find some updated dats for artwork, samples, cabs, and well, you get it. All the dats for this powerful rom manager.
At the MAME Testers site you can also expect more movement than usual. They always welcome some help, so you can go there for helping on bug finding as well as to keep informed of the glitches in MAME. Be sure to read their Rules for Reporting!
Finally, I've seen at SYS2064 that Till has made a little fixfile, only for Buck Rogers, but hey this was a small update too...

M.A.S.H. quick update
Posted by pi at at 10:36PM [GMT]
Ooops, one of my fav dats and I almost missed it! M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo 3.80 is the latest reincarnation and althought it's a bit preliminary for MAME 0.58, I guess you will find it useful. I'll do. M.A.S.H. will add more things, as well as update his MAMEInfo source, FixMAME, etc. soon. When he can. Don't despair M.A.S.H., I have some PCB infos for you! So another thing he will update :)

More MAME ports
Posted by pi at at 10:30PM [GMT]
MAME is probably the most ported arcade emulator, and for example, visit the X-MAME homepage. X-MAME has been updated to 0.58.1. Besides all the new stuff from 0.58, you will find lots of fixes in it, so *nix users, rejoice.
As well, you can find the BeOS binaries at BeEmulated. So BeOS users, rejoice too :)
I guess that 17 ports more or less will be updated in the following days...

MAME flood
Posted by pi at at 10:22PM [GMT]
Well after yesterday's release, we have the usual 1001 projects updates to match with the last MAME 0.58. So while I'm listening to "La Bola de Cristal" and other Alaska's hits, I'll try to post the main things... Hey, including non-MAME things. MAME is not the only emulator, it's just the one with more games :)
  • RocLobsta said at Retrogames that Buck Roger's sampleset and a still incomplete Gridlee sampleset are in MAME's site. However he also mentioned that due to a bug, we can't enjoy the samples in Buck Roger until next release...
  • The MAME's samples page also lists which samplesets are no longer needed. They are only four, I thought they were more :-?
  • sent me their newsletter into my mailbox announcing that they already have the complete 0.58 rom collection. And that even when this was a relatively small update, they might have to restrict access to registered users. I'm registered, you should too ;)
  • Logiqx hasn't updated CAESAR yet, but you can expect that for very soon, as well as the usual dats on his homepage.
  • RocLobsta also mentioned that CrashTest's shots are updated for 0.58. CrashTest has title screen and ingame shots, like me. He has much more in his homepage than just the shots, check it.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud of introducing you...
Posted by pi at at 12:56AM [GMT]
Yes! After announcing a new XOR release and main emus updates, I also wanted to post about this: MAME 0.58 has been released. It's the "5 years old" edition, happy fifth anniversary to MAME and to all the mamedevs behind it. Nicola, your creature is still growing healthy!
So no more MAME WIP, now we have the real thing, all the changes made on January. So let's make a brief look of what's new:
  • Fixed the VLM5030 emulation. This means no needed samples on Punch Out, Track & Field, to name some... On the other hand, Buck Rogers got a sampleset.
  • The "sharp" blitter, as we all know it would be there... :)
  • Many source changes, for programmers... Too tecchie for me!
  • Four MAME testers bugs, including the artwork one form 0.57. Great!
And now what all you want to know: New games? Yes, of course. To name a few, Captain America, Lemmings (prototype), Alpha One (Major Havoc prototype),and I guess some more not listed on the whatsnew.txt file. Now go and grab the sources and binaries (dos & win, normal and i686 available), and also that Buck sampleset. From where? From your nearest MAME homepage.

Posted by pi at at 12:46AM [GMT]
Does this work?
I can't believe it!
Sorry for the triple post last night, I guess some of you had a laugh. Well something went wrong, here at CAESAR we checked all we could check, the CGI's simply won't work and we were unable to fix or add any news... One hour ago Logiqx sent word to the admins that the CGI's didn't had some writing privileges and suprise surprise: they just took one hour instead of one week on getting it fixed! That's cool, thanks guys. I will post some news while this keeps working... I hope it doesn't stop again!

Tuesday 5 February

Flyers in the sky with diamonds
Posted by pi at at 12:25AM [GMT]
After some days waiting for an update (I wanted to post an update of this), I can say that The Arcade Flyers has 8 new additions. Rather interesting, but to know why you have to go there ;)

Mayhem mode on!!!! Yeah! :)
Posted by pi at at 12:12AM [GMT]
If you still want to check those Steel Force and Flyball screenshots, visit MAME WIP for February. Right now the MAME WIP page has changed again with the Lemmings Prototype. That's a great addition, I loved that game, it's still one of my favs. Brian, thanks for the driver, Guru and Mike thanks for the board, you rock! Since it's a proto, not many people even saw it... But Lemmings... Oh I think I'm gonna cry... What a great addition!!!! Sorry for getting emotional :)

Monday 4 February

Another neighbour to welcome
Posted by pi at at 11:51PM [GMT]
We are glad to welcome another emulator in CAESAR. Tom Walker's creature is called Yet Another Arcade Machine Emulator, of in short, YAAME. Currently YAAME 0.2 supports some classics like Bomb Jack, Donkey Kong, Pac Man, Space Invaders, and more games with 2 words on the name. Also with one word on the name :)
It's still in early stages of development and emulation is not perfect, but I am glad that people still creates new emulators, and specially glad that Tom supports classics.
Now we have to say our apologies to Tom cause it took us one eon to add YAAME to CAESAR. We were sick and then we forgot where our brain was... Welcome Tom, may your emu grow well. Visit him at his homepage.

A really explosive game
Posted by pi at at 10:41PM [GMT]
Word from Erik: JEmu adds Bomb Jack. Now you can play in your Java-enabled browser this true classic. That's what I call "instant portability" :) Plus I never was very good playing Bomb Jack. Maybe it's time to have some more training.
Somehow right now the main page doesn't show the changes. I hope it changes soon, until then you can play in the Bomb Jack JEmu page.

And another one
Posted by pi at at 10:16PM [GMT]
Lately I'm posting lots of MAME WIP updates. The mamedevs are frenzy, or just Gridle likes to update the page everyday. Or both. D. Haywood submitted that Steel Force driver we saw yesterday in the "Unemulated" page. S. Jokisch sumbitted a Flyball driver, which is like the graphical antitesis of Steel Force. However it's nice to see two games, one very old and the other very new, coexisting peacefully in the WIP page. MAME does it again!
Go to the MAME WIP page to watch the screenshots and tidbits. RG told me again ;)

Sunday 3 February

Look inside your pocket
Posted by pi at at 10:45PM [GMT]
Slow weekend? Want to help but don't know programming or these things? The guys at are again in need of donations to help pay the bandwidth that surely *you* are using. CPS2Shock also wants donations as usual. Arcade Rom Heaven too! I don't have much money but I'm working with some strange cart to get some bucks for them. I guess more sites also want and need donations, maybe someone should keep a list?

Another unemulated saga
Posted by pi at at 10:20PM [GMT]
I've noticed that the Unemulated page changes almost daily. This time we can find a nice step by step WIP progress of the game Steel Force. A game from Barcelona? :) Right now it seems it still needs polishment, but let's hope that again Haywood does it. I have to get in touch with him, certainly.

NJ's creature getting inside all MAME's
Posted by pi at at 10:13PM [GMT]
If you like Neo-Geo, if you like MAME, if you like Macs... You will like to know that GeoMAME 0.57b has been released. GeoMAME is an enhanced version of MacMAME which supports only Neo-Geo hardware. One of the additions, NJ's Neo-Geo driver, will please all Mac users, as well as the usual autofire, combos, CPU (over)clock, etc, etc, etc...

Captain what and the Who??
Posted by pi at at 4:19PM [GMT]
Another MAME WIP for all of us. This time the "main" news are apparently the almost perfect emulation of Captain America and the Avengers. The screenshots are nice. But I would say that the big hit is the ARM CPU core which will allow in the future more games to be emulated. The WIP explains a bit about that, as well as the addition of Grand Cross Pinball and other works in your biggest open source emulator. Go and check the MAME WIP, you know you want it!
Thanks to Atila for the news (I almost got it by myself this time!)

Capcom classics shrine moves host
Posted by pi at at 4:12PM [GMT]
I have to confess that I've never been a big fan of the GNG series, but since Rene has hosted his Ghouls'n Ghosts Tribute page on Retrogames, I guess I could put a little plug here :) In that site you can find lots of info and stuff on the GNG series as well as the Commando game.

All my apologies
Posted by pi at at 1:28PM [GMT]
How could I have miss that????? I'm sorry... All I can say is...
Happy Groundhog Day! Better late than never...
I'm going to watch the movie for 37th time to check if it has an arcade in it. Maybe I missed it the other times! Also celebrate that tomorrow I will be home alone for 12 days :)

Lethal Fighting
Posted by pi at at 12:36AM [GMT]
I've seen in the boards lots of hype about the latests fighting games, technics to do combos and supers and ex and whatever, but there are still some good fighters which are already quite classic. For all of you MK lovers, I've seen a post on the MAME Board about where to get some information about Mortal Kombat ROM hacks.

Saturday 2 February

Not all days are good days
Posted by pi at at 11:52PM [GMT]
I was "lurking" for news and saw in ARH a sad link for some screenshots of King of Fighters 2001. Which more or less means it's already emulated, at least the screenshots look like taken with an emulator. I already saw it commented in the boards, but until now I didn't saw the snaps. For me these are negative news, in my opinion such a recent game already emulated hurts the arcade business, and without arcade business, there will be no new arcade games. This is about emulation, about preservation, not about warez!

There aren't enough screenshots for me
Posted by pi at at 11:38PM [GMT]
I've visited today Emulation Status, Warlock's project for documenting arcade games, as well as screenshots and "emulation status" too. Today (for yesterday) he made an update, adding 16 new games to the database (for example the Arcade Classics proto), and updating 19 games (for example the one where I discovered Morrigan. Go and enjoy some screenshots of both emulated and unemulated games. A good site to surf in when there are no other things to do (like making smart posts in the boards). Why do you think I was there? ;)

Too much PacMAME for you...
Posted by pi at at 11:26PM [GMT]
And another PacMAME update! This time you can find lots and lots of manuals and schematics for different PacMan machines, I guess that some collectors will appreciate those. Also some other stuff useful for playing PacMAME. You know what it is, you want it, go there and get it...

Saturday WIP fever
Posted by pi at at 7:43PM [GMT]
There's a new MAME WIP. Mug Smashers should be in next MAME, it looks much better than yesterday's snaps on the Unemulated page. Anyway if you go there now, there are even more screenshots showing how the driver got improved step by step, quite interesting. Also that colorful game which was in that page (Noboranka) appears in the current WIP. Does that mean that this page is maintained by D. Haywood? :)
Other nice things are artwork improvements and additions to our favorite classics. This is a really nice WIP to me! Go and check the full list, there's more!

I'm here, I'm here!
Posted by pi at at 2:08AM [GMT]
I want everyone to notice that I've changed my e-mail address to starting just today, so from now on I'll try that everything emu-related goes thru it. Send me news/WIP/rumours there please!
The first use I made of that address is here.
Remark: Where are all those news posters applicants????

A gordian knot with sourcecode?
Posted by pi at at 2:00AM [GMT]
There's a MAME variation based on another MAME variation, so between variations, AdvanceMAME+ (notice the plus) got updated up to 0.57.3. It features the fast NJ's NeoGeo driver for better NeoGeo experience for people like me with a rather not very new computer, also TourneMAME's System 32 driver. Also some simulation (cool!) and a few more bits, . Seen it at The largest MAME resource on the net, word by KiLLerCloWn (boy my shift key got dizzy).

Get in synch at 59.63Hz
Posted by pi at at 1:43AM [GMT]
There's a CPS2-only version of VsyncMAME, posted just today. It's a compile of MAME 0.57 with the newest CPS2 drivers from cps2mame, and it's for i686. VsyncMAME is designed for arcade monitors, so I guess it's not for me... Yet.
Have you noticed that the page is but in the page they call the emu VsyncMAME without the H?

RetroFood for your ears
Posted by pi at at 1:36AM [GMT]
There's a new show available at RetroGaming Radio. In times like these I cry for not being able to understand spoken english. That's why I can't really tell you if they talk about anything arcade. Thanks again to PeterD for allowing me to steal his news :-p

Historically true, I ratify myself
Posted by pi at at 1:36AM [GMT]
FandeMAME has released an update of history.dat. This dat contains historical information (oh really? I wouldn't have figured ever...) about many games in MAME. This time it has information for 30 more games, and I guess some fixes and additions to other games. Certainly an interesting read even withouy MAME itself. Thanks to PeterD and Till for the hint.

But mug wasn't a kind of cup? And what about "mug shots"?
Posted by pi at at 1:21AM [GMT]
There are some screenshots of another MAME driver in WIP stage, the game is called Mug Smashers and the screenshots and some comments can be found in the Unemulated page. It still doesn't look like a game, it reminds me of a mixture between a psychedelic card game and the drawing of a garden by Picasso. Let's hope it gets better :)

More PacMan in your life
Posted by pi at at 1:10AM [GMT]
I'm getting intrigued about when the next version of PacMame will be out. There's another WIP update about this PacMan-only MAME variant. I guess there is a limit about how many PacGames can you put in an emulator, but I hope these guys don't find the limit in a long time.

Friday 1 February

Better late than never
Posted by pi at at 11:53PM [GMT]
No one can say I haven't post anything today ;)