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January 2002

Thursday 31 January

A personal note
Posted by pi at at 11:55PM [GMT]
I've been posting news for one week, and I'd like to thank everyone who has sent me support/cheers emails, you know who you are. For the ones who sent gross emails, go to here. To the one about the necrophilia, this. But mainly thanks to the rest! Also kudos to the other news posters who featured me in such nice sites :)
Besides that, it has been one month since I've stopped smoking. My target is closer everyday. It's possible, so you could also try. Soon my board sig will change to reflect it :)
I was going to mention that I almost didn't come today, that probably tomorrow I will not be here, that we want another news poster... But ZERO is the number of people who contacted me about that. So, again, read yesterday's last post again, and think about it... We want your help!
And to finish, Morrigan is much more cute, smart, fast, powerful, sexy, gorgeous and also has more you-know-what than Lilith. Just that Lilith has a couple of funny moves.

Not even a little clue! Help!
Posted by pi at at 11:36PM [GMT]
If you go here you can see some colorful and good looking snapshots of an arcade game. The problem is, I don't remember who is the maintainer of that page, nor the name of the page. Plus, I don't know the name of that game and I don't know any far east language (I suposse) to even read the title. I think it will be for MAME but that's again only my guess. Nonetheless the game looks good and it reminds me of a similar game...
Not bad for a news poster, this really shows my knowledge :)

Has anyone seen my X-Ray glasses?
Posted by pi at at 11:23PM [GMT]
DarkSoul has created another transparencies pack, this time for King of Fighters '98, and he has released it on this Emumania forum post. Transparencies are a feature of the spanish emulator Nebula, give it a try! Thanks to Kaervek for the news.
Update: As the other day, the link you have to download says "". Maybe this guy will do bilingual transpacks releases :)

Lots of info for your MAME
Posted by pi at at 11:16PM [GMT]
I've always thought that he's a busy guy, cause he keeps updating often. M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo 3.76 is available, with the latest bugs, WIP news, blips and bits, and all the rest. He is still wanting help with Arcade release dates, PCB infos, and other things, so go there and take a look while you download this DIFF-Update. Thanks to MameWorld for letting us know.

Already its no-birthday!
Posted by pi at at 10:55PM [GMT]
Everyone has a birthday, and Laser is no exception. MetaFox's little creature was 2 years old yesterday. Quite old for an emulator. Laser has been ported to a variety of platforms, it supports cool classics, and has a cute name. Talking about the name, shouldn't it be changed to Maser? ;)
Happy Birthday Laser!
Update: Forgot to mention that you could pay him a visit and read what he posted in the site regarding Laser's bday...

Wednesday 30 January

Your chance to become famous... :)
Posted by pi at at 11:55PM [GMT]
If you like the arcade world from Pacman to Garou, if you are interested in the arcade emulation community, if you want to post news and you are able to do it regularly (and with less mistakes than me), then you have to know that here at CAESAR we are searching for another news poster. I can't do everything (tho I would like).
The only requirements are: being able to write in english, some experience with arcade emulators, an eye to search for news, and less than eight mental disorders. You will not earn too much money, but you will get lots of good karma.
If you think you have the skills and the wills, please send me an email about you, so Logiqx and me are able to choose someone suitable. If we receive more than one application, I mean :) Don't be scared of writing for long, we want to know about who are we going to "hire"...

More superheroes for your emulator
Posted by pi at at 11:42PM [GMT]
I've seen word over at Retrogames that in The Guru's ROM Dump News you can see screenshots of a game called Captain America And The Avengers, which I never heard of before, or saw in the arcades, but nonetheless it looks cool and another success in emulation. Brian Troha said in Retrogames something more about the upcoming MAME driver by Brian McPhail. But since he told it to Retrogames and not me, go there to read the full (short) story. Don't forget to take a look on the screenshots!

Another one in the family
Posted by pi at at 11:26PM [GMT]
I've seen in this Emum@nia forum post some nice screenshots of what seems to be Metal Slug 4... At the end of the comments there is a story both in spanish and english, I think if you like all the Metal Slug games, you might find it interesting to read.
Update: You can also get screenshots at Thanks to PeterD for the hint.

About a man who looked like a pizza
Posted by pi at at 11:18PM [GMT]
You know I don't really like to just put the list of what you can find on a WIP page. For example, PacMame has updated its WIP with some good news after some long time. But you can go there and read by yourself. Instead I like to use the news space to tell silly things, for example, that I also like PacMan :) Who doesn't?
And also PacMame, what do you think? Hacks are also fun, besides it seems PacMame also has some strange bootlegs and systems related to PacMan...

Welcome to, stranger
Posted by pi at at 11:11PM [GMT]
One of the biggest MAME "resource" sites,, has enabled again anonymous downloads. Maybe just in time to disable them again for the next 0.58 release? :) That could sound bad, but it could be good.

Your chance to help
Posted by pi at at 1:28AM [GMT]
Ooops... I forgot that I saw earlier on the boards this new MAME forum called MAME FAQ update project. With that name you can imagine what you can find there... So go there and try to contribute :)
Or you can play Name That Game in the Fun/Fluff board. No prizes but priceless fun.

See-thru Soul Fist
Posted by pi at at 12:19AM [GMT]
I've read at Emum@nia about a transparencies package for Nebula, made by DarkSoul. It's for the game Vampire Savior 2. Personally I prefer Vampire Savior for Morrigan, but well... You can get it from this post. It's the link which says "" :)

Tuesday 29 January

Looking in a crystal ball
Posted by pi at at 11:33PM [GMT]
I've been wondering around Theo's Page of Emulated Games and found a nice list of non-emulated games. You can find many things there, but I found specially interesting the list of games in development and the list of unemulated but dumped games. Don't go asking for ROMs, but it's nice to see what the future can bring... And yes I write my own news headers :-p

Make your own emulator
Posted by pi at at 11:31PM [GMT]
Again LCC-Win32 has been updated, again I can't tell you what's new in it. If you're interested in emulator development, you can have some info at HowToEmulation, which had a cool facelift finished just today. Or you could visit this Emulator Programming board, for example.
I've heard that programming emulators is addictive ;)

Another great classic playing in a browser near you
Posted by pi at at 8:15PM [GMT]
Things I don't like: my cat bitting my ear while I sleep. Things I like: JEmu with more games! This time Erik told me that now there's support for Galaxian, which was one of the first arcade games I played. I'm going to test it right now... Don't forget that JEmu has sound for many games and also autoframeskip :)

Those lovely arcade peripherals
Posted by pi at at 8:15PM [GMT]
I was ranting cause I'm 101% broke and I can't afford a HotRod or a X-Arcade, and then PeterD told me about his
Retro Sidewinder Hack Project, where he explains how to "hack" a gamepad to build a real arcade joystick. The needed Happ Controls parts aren't very expensive, around 32 USD, and then wires, solder, some wood...
I have to admit that I don't understand all the english terms, but it doesn't seem too difficult or complex, he explains everything pretty well and there are lots of pictures. So if you have the ability, you can try! Certainly it's much cheaper, and you will feel proud of yourself when you use your own-made joystick :) You might also want to pay a visit to Arcade Controls.
Now we only need someone to tell us how to make our own Q-Sound speakers :-?

Posted by pi at at 2:08AM [GMT]
After succesfully changing my nick on the boards, I've seen that Gridle has updated the MAME WIP page once again.
I don't like to list what's on the whatsnew.txt or in the change list... So go there and watch the nice pics by yourself :)
Did I win this time, PeterD? :-p

Monday 28 January

Expand your horizons with KGB
Posted by pi at at 10:50PM [GMT]
You don't have to play with your favorite emulator alone in your computer. Kaillera Game Battles, or in short KGB, offers tournaments, one on one games, a cool ranking system, and I think even some prizes. I have to say that the site design is great!
If you don't know, Kaillera allows multiplayer games in several emulators. Btw, it was recently updated. Anyone wants a Tetris match? Tho in Kaillera's ranking, the oldest game in the top ten is from 1996... Where are the classic gamers? :)
Thanks to Retrogames for the tip (again).

One MAME for everyone
Posted by pi at at 10:13PM [GMT]
Here you can find many emulator ports for many platforms other than DOS/Windows, but without any doubt MAME is the king of portings. This time Travis Coady has updated PhMAME up to 0.57.2. PhMAME is the Photon-native port of X-MAME for the QNX Realtime Platform (uh?) I don't have QNX, I don't have Photon, I don't really know what's new. But surely someone out there will like these news :)

All your cheat are belong to us
Posted by pi at at 12:15AM [GMT]
Mike Haggar has updated his FBA/Nebula/Kawaks Cheat Archive up to 0.2.5. Now it's in sync with the last releases of Final Burn Alpha, Nebula and Kawaks. This update includes cheats for the latest games and also new cheats for other games, and you know what, I think I'm going to test them right now with Morrigan & Chun Li against the rest :)

Sunday 27 January

Calice with MvsC
Posted by pi at at 11:34PM [GMT]
David Rainegard has released Calice 0.5.4. It "only" adds support for Marvel vs Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes. I guess it's cause Calice is good enough to not need many more things ;)

M.A.S.H.'s Mameinfo
Posted by pi at at 11:28PM [GMT]
Here I come again with more MAME things. M.A.S.H. has released MameInfo.dat 3.76, which includes the latest WIP, the latest bugs, the latest everything, as well as some corrections to the dat. Besides MameInfo, in M.A.S.H.'s page you can find many things, for example how to add Pirate Pete to the current MAME 0.57, PCB infos, Arcade at the Movies, arcade release dates...

Suggest improvements for Nebula 2.0
Posted by pi at at 7:18PM [GMT]
I was going to tell you something about JEmu, but it seems I took too much time searching for all the MAME things... So I'll jump over it and tell you that ElSemi, the author of Nebula, is asking for suggestions about what would you like to see in Nebula 2.0. If you're interested you can go to the right Retrogames forum post and tell him your ideas. There's also a small note from him about some WIP. Thanks again to you know who for the news.

And even more MAME
Posted by pi at at 7:01PM [GMT]
It's not strange that I've not finished yet telling new things about MAME. A little bird called PeterD told me that Fandemame released MAME Fanbuild v0.57.4 which among other new things has already support for Pirate Pete. Aldo also released a frontend specially for this MAME version, get it at Aldo's Tools.
Then at MameWorld I've read about a new release of an unnoficial hiscore.dat, Leezer updated it to version 7.91. Also there I saw about MAMEWah, a frontend for the official windows build of MAME.
Now I hope I've finished with MAME for today!

JEmu News
Posted by logiqx at at 6:56PM [GMT]
Erik dropped me a line about JEmu. He has added support for Donkey Kong Jr. and improved rendering performance in Solomon's Key. Well, the latter is basically a total hack which goes at the expense of emulation accuracy, but it that's hardly noticable. If you want (which I doubt) you can disable the hack with the 'p' key.

Check out the JEmu home page.

More MAME backdrops
Posted by pi at at 6:17PM [GMT]
Continuing with MAME, Vicerator posted in the MAME Official Forum about source code changes and backdrop additions so you can have artwork in Space Invaders, Space Invaders Deluxe and Boothill.
If you're lucky enough to know how to compile MAME, go to Vicerator's 8080bw Artwork page and you will be rewarded. They look very good. If you don't know how to compile, then you could go to check the Logiqx's Howto (shameless plug) or to the MAME's Howto.
Thanks to Prophet for the news. Btw, yes, Retrogames has been set as the start page in my netbrowser for more than a year :)

MAME - Work in progress
Posted by pi at at 6:02PM [GMT]
Hey, not all days I can see my name featured in Retrogames, and there is where I saw the last MAME WIP report. There are lots of new things, bugfixes and improvements, new games and clones, and also a dozen of screenshots from various games. Some of the additions already were mentioned here and there, like the sharp blitter and Alpha One...
I'd like to remark the addition of Pirate Pete thanks to M.A.S.H. I remember that game from when I was a kid :)

Saturday 26 January

Compressed nanonews
Posted by pi at at 11:14PM [GMT]
How could I've passed over this. Logiqx has new dats for Nebula 1.97. Since those are very short news, I'll add some small news you could find interesting:
  • ARH pointed to this Wired article mentioning MAME, MAMEWorld, and some other arcade-ish things.
  • BeEmulated said that the BEOS port of X-MAME 0.57 has sound finally. I think that's what those news mean :)
  • The free compiler for Windows called LCC-Win32 has been updated. Version number? What's a version number? As well, MinGW (used by MAME for example) updated msys to v1.0.4.
  • VSyncMAME was updated to 0.57.4, updating the Q-Sound core. I think. (reading japanese is not one of my abilities)
It seems that I steal too much news from here and there, and then I translate them into engrish. Thanks to all the news sites!

Two Final Burn Alpha on the same day
Posted by pi at at 10:12PM [GMT]
There was one release announced, but we got two! I've seen at  CPS2Shock that Final Burn Alpha v0.2.5 has been released, just an hour after v0.2.4. There's not much new:
  • Support for the last XOR'ed CPS-2 game: Marvel vs Capcom.
  • Fixed the Darkstalkers driver which changed the parent to the euro version.
  • v0.2.4 was translated to spanish.
  • v0.2.5 fixed a bug regarding the menu/cheat engine placed only in the english version.
But it's enough for me :) So you can get the spanish v0.2.4 or the english v0.2.5 either at CP-Systems 2 Turbo or at CPS2Shock.

And more blitters???
Posted by pi at at 7:02PM [GMT]
While you wait for the FBA release announced for today, you could check what the lucky guys over at Retrogames got from John IV. It's an unnoficial MAME32 version with a new sharper effect and support for the recently XOR'ed Marvel vs Capcom. Thanks to Atila for the news and sorry for stealing the news :)

M1 could have the games you want
Posted by pi at at 1:11PM [GMT]
R.Belmont left a post in the forums where he accepts suggestions for adding games to the sound emulator M1. Hey this doesn't happen all days! You can suggest many games, go and read the post. He also mentions the possibility of changing the name in this thread in other forum. Thanks to PeterD for the news.

Friday 25 January

Better late than never
Posted by pi at at 11:37PM [GMT]
I found this a couple of days ago, and even when they are old news, I think it's worth to remind everyone that you can find the first issue of Zzap!Raine in the RAINE site. It's a nice online magazine about classic arcade games (what else!) Recommended for all gamers!

Aaron hits again
Posted by pi at at 11:15PM [GMT]
Aaron Giles is not only a very active (and very good) programmer in our little arcade emulation world, he also enlighten us with his personal emulation history in his recently updated MAME Memories. He also mentions about a Major Havoc prototype called Alpha One added to MAME.

Laser still awake
Posted by pi at at 7:13PM [GMT]
Steven has told me that Laser is having some nanonews after a month, not in its homepage but in Steven also works in the emulator, and he will also post some WIP snaps soon. If anyone knows where Metafox is, I think Steven will appreciate the info :)

Four more games for JEmu
Posted by pi at at 1:27AM [GMT]
JEmu has been updated by Erik and four new games made their way in: Van Van Car (with sound), Dreamshopper (with sound), Frogger, and Yie Ar KungFu which also adds another cpu to this java emulator.

Thursday 24 January

A bit of everything to catch up.
Posted by pi at at 11:39PM [GMT]
I better make a mix to list the most important things happening lately:
  • After some time M.I.A., The Beaver has post some news regarding an upcoming release of MIMIC, you can read about it and about more Emluator stuff in ARH. Still go to its homepage to check for the arcade-related news.
  • This must be the most funny animation about any arcade game I've ever seen, in this case it's about Pong. And not arcade but very very funny, the videoclip of the song Yatta!
  • How could I've passed this! Logiqx has placed new datafiles for CPS-2 and ACE 1.8, and some more MAME Flyers for your enjoyment.
  • RAINE's new WIP. Enough said.
  • CAESAR gets a fresh news poster. How long will he last before being attacked by Real Life Syndrome?
Thanks to all the emulation news sites for the news :)

Hello Hello
Posted by pi at at 11:15PM [GMT]
I'd like to say hi to everyone out there. I'm new in posting news, first time was today some minutes ago. I'll help Logiqx and Rob with keeping CAESAR a bit more up-to-date. RLS can be tough sometimes, don't blame them. Yes I'm that crazy one who made 5,000 MAME snapshots in one month. If you're curious about why I write so badly, I'm spanish, and I only write in engrish.

MAME on progress...
Posted by pi at at 11:04PM [GMT]
You're also in time to check yesterday's MAME WIP update. You can check by yourself the adding of Angel Kids and Tecmo Bowl, as well as nice news about speech emulation in the VLM3050 and other interesting things. No more samples needed! :)

Also a mention to the excellent and just updated MAMEInfo dat, a work by M.A.S.H. which not only includes the latest WIP, but also all the info you need for bugs, recommended games, and much more.

CPS-2 mayhem
Posted by pi at at 10:52PM [GMT]
If you haven't done yet, you're still in time to pay a visit over CPS2Shock and enjoy the five XOR releases they made. As well you can get from there an updated CPS2MAME to try the XOR's, but you can also get a new Kawaks 1.41 or  Nebula 1.97. Both of them support the last releases, they have bug fixes and Nebula includes the ability to have transparent sprites. For the non spanish readers wanting Nebula, head on the CPS2Shock downloads page to get it.

Saturday 19 January

Real Life Syndrome
Posted by rob at at 3:37AM [GMT]
Hey all, sorry about the spotty news posting lately. Real Life is a harsh mistress.

Posted by rob at at 3:36AM [GMT]
There's news to be read at the RAINE WIP Page:

- qsound emulation for cps1 games
- exact music tempo for all the games which had problems with the music tempo, with no noticeable speed loss... Cool !!!
- dynamic speed hacks for some cps1 games -> good speed improvement. I stil need to find a few more of these speed hacks though...

MAME Flyers Pack #16
Posted by rob at at 3:18AM [GMT]
John Hardy IV has the latest MAME Flyers pack at The MAME32 QA/Test and Art Dept.

P.S. Congrats on your wedding, John!

Posted by rob at at 3:15AM [GMT]
VsyncMAME has been updated, including an improved qsound.c driver.

XMAME 0.57.1
Posted by rob at at 3:12AM [GMT]
Lawrence Gold scores one for the Tuxheads with a new version of XMAME:

  • Everything from MAME 0.57.
  • src/cpu/z80.c now builds with gcc 3.0.x using -O3. (Andrea Mazzoleni)
  • Fixed a minor typo in src/cpuintrf.c. (Quench)
  • Fixed a bug in src/vidhrdw/nmk16.c that caused bad/leftover sprites in gunnail. (David Haywood)
  • Added experimental network support. To enable it, uncomment MAME_NET=1 in the makefile. See src/unix/doc/multiplayer-readme.txt. (Steve Freeland)

Joust for JAE
Posted by rob at at 3:07AM [GMT]
Norbert Kehrer has given the world Joust in a browser, thanks to an addition to his Java emulator, JAE, bringing the game total to 39!

MAME 0.57 - K6 Build
Posted by rob at at 3:04AM [GMT]
AMD rox...and here's the build that proves it :p. Shonk has compiled and posted the latest MAME for those of us who prefer processors that double as mug warmers. It's yours with a trip to Shonk's Mame K6 Page.

PhMAME 0.57.1
Posted by rob at at 3:00AM [GMT]
If you use the QNX Realtime Platform, then you got MAME! PhMAME is a Photon-native port of MAME designed for you. Check it out at the PhMAME Homepage.

MAME Status
Posted by rob at at 2:48AM [GMT]
(I really must do this more often...) Here's the latest and not-so-latest from MAME Status:

Brad Oliver fixed a few compilation problems in MAME 0.57.

Phil Stroffolino provided a quick and dirty fix for the Namco NA1/2 games.
David Haywood fixed the bad sprites in Gunnail.

William Kucharski re-submitted a lot of cocktail mode support and other small fixes for various drivers.

Andrea Mazzoleni partially fixed a bug in compiling the Z80 CPU core with GCC 3.0.x.

David Haywood added Gunforce 2 to the IREM M-92 driver, but it lacks sound and has a few minor graphics glitches.

David Haywood added a newer version ROM set to the Mysterious Stones driver.

Lawrence Gold forwarded some minor compilation fixes to the source.
Paul Priest added preliminary protection emulation to the Tokio driver, but it is not yet perfect.

Zsolt Vasvari and Jim Hernandez added sound sample support to the Buck Rogers driver.

Uki fixed a few graphics glitches in The Fairyland Story, and submitted a driver for Quiz DNA no Hanran and Quiz Gakuen Paradise.

Aaron Giles reported some progress on a major core rework, changing machine drivers to a macro system and automatizing timer and video drivers resource management.

Acho A. Tang submitted a modification to the IREM GA20 sound chip emulation, which partially fixes some sample pitch problems in the IREM M-92 driver.

Chris Hardy added sound emulation to Gunforce 2.

David Haywood fixed DIP switch settings and added sound emulation to the Welltris driver.

Stephane Humbert submitted a patch to make Tee'd Off playable.

Aaron Giles sent in the major core rework, adding much more macroization, adding automatic resource management for bitmaps and timers, obsoleting the old interrupt system and adding generic NVRAM handlers.
Aaron Giles also added a preliminary Bradley Trainer driver, however the controls and colors are not correct.

David Haywood re-submitted several drivers and clones to work with the newest core changes.
Quench corrected the internal behaviour of interrupt handling in the i8039 CPU core.

Bryan McPhail fixed some of the Win32 port files to make them compile with Visual C.

Calice 0.5.2
Posted by rob at at 2:45AM [GMT]
A couple of weeks ago (sigh), David Raingeard twice-improved Calice:

Calice32 Release 0.5.2 (3rd Jan 2002)
  • Added Striker 1945 Plus support
Calice32 Release 0.5.0 (2nd Jan 2002)
  • Added Rockman 2 (Japan)
  • Added Street Fighter Zero 2 (Asia 960227)
  • Added Marvel Super Heroes (Asia 951024)
  • Added Darkstalkers (Asia 940705)
  • Added Vampire Savior (Euro 970519)
  • Added Nightmare in the Dark (Encrypted gfx)
  • Added Metal Slug 3 (not encrypted)
  • Added Prehistoric Isle 2 (Encrypted gfx)
  • Added The King of Fighters 2000 (Decrypted set)
  • Fixed 3 wonders puzzle part
  • Fixed small palette bug
  • Multi-thread load game dialog
  • Blit performance increase in fullscreen modes
  • Added V-liner thanks to elsemi (neogeo)
  • No scanlines fullscreen video plugin
  • Fixed golden axe player selection screen bug (system16)
  • Fixed shadow dancer movie (system18)
  • Added big karnak (gaelco)
  • Added biomechanical toy (gaelco)
  • Added support for gaelco system 1
  • Added ym2610 emulation for neogeo games
  • Slightly better sega system18 emulation
  • Added speed control support for sega games
  • Switched to 555 palette instead of the old 444 (neogeo)
  • Added a display all/only available games option
  • Fixed a bug in the unified controllers plugins (USB gamepad problem)

MAME 0.57 for BeOS
Posted by rob at at 2:37AM [GMT]
Yoshi has updated his Allegro MAME port (for the Be operating system) to the latest version, available at

AdvanceMAME v0.57.0
Posted by rob at at 2:34AM [GMT]
Andrea Mazzoleni has prepared a fresh version of AdvanceMAME:

  • Improved the SMP performance. Now the blit stage is completely done by the second thread without any bitmap copy.
  • Added a Console Frame Buffer video driver for Linux.
  • Added the 'misc_speed' option to control the speed of the game.
  • Added the 'sound_latency' option to control the size of the sound buffer.
  • Added the 'advs' utility. A wav/mp3 player.
  • Added the 'faq.txt' and 'tips.txt' files.
  • Fixed the 'device_video' option. Now works also for 'advv' and 'advcfg'.
  • Fixed the wrong patch command in the build.txt file.
  • Added latency measure in the advk, advj and advm utilities.
  • Removed the SEAL awe32 driver. The generic SEAL SoundBlaster driver is faster.
  • Solved some problems and a crash bug on the mode selection.
  • Renamed all the 'modeline' options in 'device_video_modeline' in all the .rc files.
  • Solved a bug in the svgaline nv3 driver.
  • Fixed the double mouse support for the DOS version.
  • Fixed the Allegro sound driver volume.
  • Various bugs fixed.

Friday 4 January

Defender in JAE
Posted by logiqx at at 12:42AM [GMT]
Just received a note from Norbert:

"Defender" made by Williams back in 1980. Defender was the first side-scrolling shooter and had brilliant graphics and sound. The controls are rather complex using a lot of buttons, but this is an important part of the Defender feeling. The best thing of all the game are the shots! The complexity, the cool oscillating laser beams, and the martial sound effects make Defender a game for REAL men (and women) ;-).

Go to to enjoy Defender online, right in your browser.

Wednesday 2 January

Posted by logiqx at at 10:07PM [GMT]
Another MAME, another update! CAESAR is now up to date with all the latest information in MAME.

Tuesday 1 January

Posted by rob at at 11:28PM [GMT]
I would like to wish the entire emulation community a Happy New Year. Here's to a peaceful and productive 2002!

MAME Status
Posted by rob at at 11:21PM [GMT]
A brief glimpse into the future, courtesy of MAME Status:

David Graves added Heated Barrel to the Legionnaire driver, but neither of them will be playable without correct MCU emulation.

M1 0.6
Posted by rob at at 11:17PM [GMT]
Version 0.6 of this Model 1 and 2A sound emulator has been released. It can be downloaded from Impact.

Changes from 0.5:
  • Added Japanese Daytona set, corrected badly dumped US set using its ROMs

  • Added WingWar R360 version

  • Added minimal user interface to both Linux and Win32: ESC now exits cleanly (useful for those of you still running DOS-based Windows like 98 and ME) and + and - keys to navigate the tunes for each game.

  • Overall volume boosted substantially. Now you get more of the benefit out of your 16-bit soundcard ;-)

  • Added log-to-.WAV feature

  • Fixed sample addressing glitch that caused some sounds not to play properly (notably the start of VF command #1 has thunder and "whoosh" sounds which were missing in 0.5. This was first fixed in Modeler 0.9.3a).

  • Daytona US version set now uses the sample ROMs from the Japanese set (they're interchangable, and the ones in the original US set were bad). I realize it kinda sucks that you have to duplicate the samples in two zips now, but hey :)

  • Win32 version now uses a statically linked libz so no external DLL should be necessary.
Known problems: (do not waste time on the boards asking about there)
  • Star Wars Arcade doesn't have it's sound ROMs dumped so we are missing out on John Williams goodness. Please somebody rectify this problem.

  • Sample banking isn't 100%, so some songs may sound weird.

  • Model 2B/2C and Model 3 games with only 1 or 2 SCSPs are in the pipeline, but the emulation doesn't yet sound good enough to release. Please be patient :-)

Emu Loader 2.7a
Posted by rob at at 11:13PM [GMT]
Ciro has polished his excellent frontend, Emu Loader. Take a look at what has changed:
  • Fixed a Win2000 / WinXP bug that was preventing EL to execute MAME

    Important note, please read:

    EL works fine with Win2000 and WinXP, only if you don't use long folder names or long filenames. Win9x systems are not affected by this. I don't know when this will be fixed (I need to find out what it's really happening)

  • Added a new option on Preferences screen, under Games List tab called Default Game Icons Folder (by request)

    This option is for the default icons on the games list. Now you can use any set of icons you want. All you need to do, is select a folder that contains all required icons (if one or more files are missing, the icons will not be loaded).

    The default set used is on resources\defaulticons\gameslist folder.

  • The file DefaultIcons.ini is delete from the frontend. It's not needed anymore

  • There is a new text file called el-defaulticons.txt, located in docs folder

    This file has the correct naming for all icons categories. Please, do not modify the names or EL will not load them

    This file can be viewed in View Text Files option (Help main menu)

  • Changed the Vector default icons naming

    Warning: update your default icons files before using this new build!!!

  • Fixed a default game icons bug

    The Unable to replace image error message is gone (when selecting a game)

  • Added a Update button below the Default Game Icons Folder. This button must be clicked to update the icons on games list

  • The alternate set of default icons is on resources\defaulticons\gameslist2 folder

MAME v0.57
Posted by logiqx at at 9:00PM [GMT]
Nicola and the team have just released the latest version of MAME. Head on to the MAME home page for the downloads.