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Tuesday 31 December

From the Red MOFOStorm Spot
Posted by pi at at 11:08PM [GMT]
Hey everyone! Already new year here in Jupiter! Happy 2003!!!! Now my personal greetings:
To Aritza and Iņaki. To Julen and Gemma. To Pan (dear pan), Tallgirl (sexy tallgirl), Yoyo (loved yoyo), Nazli (my princess) and ADream (what a dream). To Lady K for making happy a good friend :) To Erik, Jan, MASH, Vaz and PeterD. To Smit, Faz, Twisty, Jop, Pete, Roc, Gem, Ed, Orc, Gregf, KC, oNyX, Squifeverrel and all the cool Bin regs (too many to mention). To my mates at MameFans Elgo, Kitzel and the rest of the team. To Stephh, Haze and Aaron. To Ben Jos, Rosewood, Les, Rob, Dr. 0 and all the L-team members. To everyone who has contributed to the arcade emulation community in any positive way. To anyone not mentioned here who deserves it! Don't be mad if I forgot to mention you, just add yourself to the list! And last, but not least, special greetings to Logiqx for another great year here at CAESAR, and everything else ;) To all of you, happy great 2003!

Number one
Posted by pi at at 6:33PM [GMT]
The first new year's treat: FBA 0.2.94. New things? Great new things! Cave games are now supported, as well as Rainbow Islands. That's enough for me! There are a few more things. Bad that I can't make the D3D filters work with my Voodoo... Bad Bad Bad. Well, the rest of you can enjoy it.

From me, him, them...
Posted by pi at at 1:51PM [GMT]
From the CAESAR team, Happy New Year to all our visitors! May you have a safe but fun entering into 2003, and may it bring all of us the best. Thanks for visiting this project, we expect you to peek coming! May you be more next year too ;) Feliz aņo nuevo!

He was late
Posted by pi at at 1:49PM [GMT]
You should check this post for some more MAME WIP, this time unofficial MooglyGuy WIP. He is working in a Sky Army driver, and looking nice already. Still some more work to go, but you can check some fine engrish in the snaps.

Masse or clue?
Posted by pi at at 1:49PM [GMT]
Yesterday's one wasn't the last MAME WIP of the year. I think that should give you a clue (hint, hint). World Rally 2 is mostly playable, and Cool Pool shows some more progress. Sorry, nothing beats my loved Virtual Pool Hall :-p Details and more (always more) there. Let's wait for tonite...

Fraggal Rock
Posted by pi at at 1:49PM [GMT]
There is a new version of Fraggal's Boot CD available at Purple MAME. Fraggal's Boot CD is an easy way to setup AdvanceMAME and ArcadeOS in your cabinet, in case you don't feel too comfortable or familiar with these duties.

Monday 30 December

From billiards to whatnot
Posted by pi at at 9:36PM [GMT]
Maybe the last MAME WIP for this year, so enjoy it! Nice stuff in there for all tastes, tons of new games and drivers (including Mr. Abadia's Gaelco driver), these guys work hard even in holidays!

Just a teaser
Posted by pi at at 12:41PM [GMT]
There's an update at Aaron's Home Page. There is no WIP, no snaps, no new stuff, information or anything. But well I could as well mention it, right?

Doubts, doubts, doubts...
Posted by pi at at 12:35PM [GMT]
TF Rabbit has made MAME32K 0.62, optimized and normal builds available, with source. I am not sure if that is the right source, since I heard some bad things about it... Could someone clear this doubt to me?

Batcherific Spammarbast
Posted by pi at at 11:38AM [GMT]
Not the only one getting facelift for the coming year, there's a new look at Mr. Do's Arcade & Console Emulation. It has a new layout, more functional IMHO, with the best emulators and (important) notes and recommendations about them. Worth a look, and he request feedback, so give him his own medicine!

Raise your hand, please
Posted by pi at at 11:37AM [GMT]
A short mention of something I accidentally overlooked: at BeEmulated you can find the BeOS-ready build of RAINE 0.37.1. Namely the latest RAINE. Hey, how many BeOS users visit CAESAR? One? Two???

Lo bueno, si poco...
Posted by pi at at 11:37AM [GMT]
Dave Dries, the craftman at Cinemarcade, has made a new movie and released it now for new year. It's short, but sweet, based on Gravitar. Too short, but well, nicer to download then (only 6mb, needs QuickTime 5). Thanks to DJRosen for the news.

Dallas and JR were evil
Posted by pi at at 11:37AM [GMT]
Emulatronia keeps having exclusive pics of the latest drivers by Manuel Abadia, again more Gaelco gaming: Touch and Go. One of the roms is bad, so patience... There is also menton and snaps about World Rally 2 being emulated completely except the protection.

Game Over
Posted by pi at at 11:36AM [GMT]
Game Over at MamEnd. Bad news indeed. Good luck whatever you do, Vaz!
Another end of game at SafeStuff, this one without any known explanation. Well...

Mesdames, Messieurs, le disc-jockey Pi! est de retour
Posted by pi at at 11:35AM [GMT]
My findings this weekend: Flashback, a fractal embedded artistical self-discovery trip, with soundtrack by Shpongle (Divine Moments of Truth from their Are You Shpongled? album). Anyway you should stay away from drugs, instead try Noctis, an aimless game where you explore the inmense Felisian galaxy, in a rather unusual ship with strange controls. Nonetheless too cool to miss, if you're not convinced to try, please check the Underdogs sheet for Noctis. If what you want is humour, the last ten days (or so) of Sinfest have been quite entertaining. If I've not mentioned anything of your interest, it's Monkey's fault.

Sunday 29 December

Excuse me...
Posted by pi at at 7:20PM [GMT]
No news today, come back tomorrow. Thanks.

Saturday 28 December

Purple rain, purple rain
Posted by pi at at 1:35PM [GMT]
After a long time, there has been an update at Purple MAME, a site with help and advices for MAMEing and making MAME dedicated cabinets. Now it has a page dedicated to hardware, with juicy contents for the do-it-yourself dudes out there.

(singing) Inocente, inocente...
Posted by pi at at 12:01AM [GMT]
Today December the 28th, in Spain it's "Innocents Day", kinda like April's Fool in other places. A perfect game for today is this unique Tron environmental/upright cabinet. It's an eBay auction, so it can be yours! Have a good day :) And thanks to myclone for the link.

Friday 27 December

Posted by pi at at 7:02PM [GMT]
There's some activity at Haze's MAME Page. He was able to succesfully emulate Gumbo, one of Taucher's recent "donations" to the community. It's a columns type game, not much special about it... Still it saved my day, I thought the world was frozen or something :)

There's not much more activity, so if you allow me I'll go partying until tomorrow (if you don't allow me I'm going too). I just got today some bucks to have a decent end of year and gotta spend some now :)

Thursday 26 December

But I haven't got anything these xmas...
Posted by pi at at 10:32PM [GMT]
It's not exactly arcade, but when one of my favorite coders get mentioned in one of my favorite retrogaming sites, I can't help but posting about it. Nice news and stuff to read at ScummVM, anyone wants to "donate" me that Entertainment Pack? :)

Frankenboard's Monster
Posted by pi at at 10:31PM [GMT]
If you're into tech stuff, better go into Charles MacDonald's Home Page. He has made an experiment with the System16 custom CPU's, with variable success, in the meaning he discovered something, but not that what he discovered was good.

A touch of sable in their eyes
Posted by pi at at 10:48AM [GMT]
Instead of Santa, yesterday the one who visited The Arcade Flyers Archive was L'Oreal or Estee Lauder, who knows. They got a new make-up and honestly it's really nice! Besides the cosmetical change, there are other internal improvements, like having the flyer contributor handy.

Santa's engrish
Posted by pi at at 1:59AM [GMT]
M.A.S.H. has done and released MameInfo.dat 4.25. Latest bugs, newest wips, blah blah blah... Diff-update only, fire up those GNU utils :)

Wednesday 25 December

FX - Efectos Mortales
Posted by pi at at 9:30PM [GMT]
Twisty has created a PacMan Sound Effects set, for you to use in desktop themes, websites and such. I think I'm going to put the start tune as my email notification sound :) They are available in WAV and MP3.

Nerox91 won!
Posted by pi at at 9:18PM [GMT]
Christmas MAME WIP for the kids, Pirates was decrypted by Dr. Salmoria, Mr. Prazzoli updated the VSNES games making even more games playable, and Master Burczynski submitted Wall Crash. Details and more at your usual MAME WIP Dealer.

Silent and unsupported night...
Posted by pi at at 9:17PM [GMT]
Again Manuel Abadia gave to the team at Emulatronia some snaps of another partially emulated Gaelco game: World Rally 2. Not finished and it has protection, so time will tell...

Tuesday 24 December

Hard to believe
Posted by pi at at 11:29PM [GMT]
I totally overlooked this one earlier today, I thought check&neverget was giving me another false alarm. At Peter's Place there is an unbelievable port of MAME for the SonyEricsson P800, a phone with Symbian OS. Peter is also the maker of the EMAME port for the Psion Series 5 & 7. This other port supports around a thousand games, there is source, binaries, and some screenshots. Thanks to Chris for the heads up.

No reindeers seen bringing this one
Posted by pi at at 10:37PM [GMT]
Another xmas night present: RAINE 0.37.1. It comes packaged with lots of nice fixes. Check the changelog if you don't believe. It seems there will be no datafile changes anyway.

Santa Claus is comming to Guru's
Posted by pi at at 4:48PM [GMT]
Santa has passed by Guru's ROM Dumping News, and left some goodies. Some are to share with the rest of the world, because Santa has such names as Jeremy, Mr. F., Taucher and Tony. Others are for Guru, the dumper of the red nose, is there an arcade game where you can shoot at reindeers? :)

Monday 23 December

Make them easier for me...
Posted by pi at at 10:14PM [GMT]
After a long wait, Mike Haggar has released FBA, Nebula/Kawaks & MAME Cheats 0.2.93c, which has cheats for the newly added games since last cheat archive release, including Dimahoo, and new or fixed cheats for many other games.

Woot? Hoot!
Posted by pi at at 7:08PM [GMT]
After more than a year, Logiqx finally added Hoot to CAESAR, in the Sound Emus section. And after 2 days, I am posting that Logiqx also added in his site updated datafiles for it, and for latest RAINE too.

Whooping Wipping
Posted by pi at at 5:53PM [GMT]
It was time for MAME WIP, and hence it's quite long, 12 days of development logged. This also means that there are too things to mention, but remarkable ones are: A Free Kick bootleg which works, Nicola doing many things, new games like Got-cha, Grudge Race, Eggor (cute!) and Tora Tora (why 2 and not 3 times?)

What you say!
Posted by pi at at 1:11PM [GMT]
Twisty has made a preliminary english translation of Nicola's Thesis, for those interested. The title says it all: REVERSE And ENGINEERING And BLOTS Some FROM GAME :) It's still a beta in HTML, apparently done thru Babelfish or such, so don't think you will get a good translation with a perfect layout. Since Twisty's bandwidth is limited, the MameFans staff has been kind to place a mirror for download.

On a side note, the thesis has of course the bibliography and reference index, with many links of famous sites, including yours CAESAR :)

Sunday 22 December

A refreshing change
Posted by pi at at 9:00PM [GMT]
Logiqx has been doing a massive update here at CAESAR. Among all the changed things, now Bruno Vedder has listed two emulators. The new one is Konami's Mikie for Windows/SDL.

Cursus Honorum? Of coursus!
Posted by pi at at 7:34PM [GMT]
Here you have Nicola's thesis: Il Progetto MAME: Reverse Engineering e machine da gioco (The MAME Project: Reverse Engineering and arcade machines). It's a 100 pages PDF, roughly half a meg. Although in italian, I've been able to understand things here and there. It's not only about MAME as a result, it focuses deeply in emulation concepts and practical reverse engineering in some examples, again from arcade machines. Very interesting read if someone ever translates it. Thanks again to F205V for the link.

Yes Plus Ultra
Posted by pi at at 4:37PM [GMT]
One of the most feature-enhanced varieties has been updated. MAME / MAME32 Plus! 0.62.4 comes with some Plus! specific bugs fixed and a variety of drivers changes including Shiriru's and
Stephh's updates.

Suffering from WIP Fever?
Posted by pi at at 4:36PM [GMT]
Since there is no official MAME WIP yet, you can go to Emulatronia to see some shots from the newly emulated Snowboard Championship. Manuel Abadia is the Gaelco expert once again, but the game is not working properly due to some protection device...

One last boring mention...
Posted by pi at at 4:35PM [GMT]
I have some more things to say about cable. First, it seems that (as usual) my uploading speed is capped at half, which is bad. Less contributions then, too bad. Second, I've given a second opportunity to my freeware firewall, mainly because Shields Up! showed my MAC addy among other things, what the hell... Still I have problems because people can't ping me :/ And third, bye 2 years of ePrompter and hello to PopTray, a freeware pop3 checker with independent timers and automated rules for spamming and special notifications, this is a lightweight but extremely powerful email checker that I recommend for yourself too.

Saturday 21 December

Bunch of bunches
Posted by pi at at 11:02PM [GMT]
What happens today, is everyone holding breath for an eventual MAME release? No way, Nicola must be still celebrating his Cursus Honorum for his thesis on MAME and Reverse Engineering (as said in this post and in Arcade Rom Heaven). There are some Christmas wishes here and there. Also worth mentioning is some thoughts posted at Haze's MAME Page, he seems to have had too much of ST-V, and hopefully will be back to System32 :) I wish him good luck with it.

Pros and cons of having cable
Posted by pi at at 8:09PM [GMT]
After setting up my cablemodem and enjoying the speed a bit, I installed a personal firewall (a very recommended and known one). Later today, a friend recommended me some whois and reverse dns lookup services at Sam Spade Tools. It's interesting to see his view about personal firewalls, he has an in-deep discussion about them, and provides a link to a very interesting article. I don't know how much of all this is true, but makes me look the whole thing under a new perspective. I'll do some more research and if things keep looking the same, I'll uninstall my snake oil.

On the other hand, I had some nice advice from Logiqx about ArGoSoft Mail Server, a freeware POP3/SMTP server which I use now for outbounding emails from my addy. I also found some great DNS for my dynamic IP at, five for free and the update client is small but nice and almost full featured. I'd recommend the one :) Now I only want to change to something similar to ePrompter because it doesn't allow me to set different times for each email account. Still I've used it for a lot of time with my dial-up and works great, but... I want something else. Any recommendation?

Friday 20 December

The new generation
Posted by pi at at 7:36PM [GMT]
Here it is DAPHNE v0.99.6pre1 for GNU/Linux (x86). I still don't know what's new, I guess there's some changelog somewhere, I'm in a hurry... Check it yourself please :)

Cool stuff for cool OS
Posted by pi at at 7:36PM [GMT]
The peeps over at have ready a build of RAINE 0.37.0 for BeOS. There is also another one for ScummVM, also for BeOS; still those aren't arcade news, shall I report them? :-p

Tres tristes tigres comen trigo en un trigal
Posted by pi at at 7:35PM [GMT]
It seems that lately it's the time for triple releases, cause there has been another at Advance Projects. AdvanceMAME 0.62.2, AdvanceMESS 0.62.0 and AdvanceMenu 2.2.2. The changes are long enough to make updating as usual: recommendable and worthy.

Guess who came today
Posted by pi at at 7:35PM [GMT]
It seems Satan Klawz has came earlier this year. He left cable at my home, and I've abandoned the old modem connection, now surfing thanks to a slick cablemodem at some slow 128k, still fast for me, and better: 24 hours a day! PokeMAME told me to use the SpeedGuide Analyzer and Optimizer, seems to tweak it a bit better... Well, I'm in the thinnest broadband, finally!

As a plus, the cable guy (nothing to do with Jim Carrey) was cool and left me an open TV outlet for free, so I can watch cable TV in my room now with the TV capture card that my friends gave me 2 years ago! Lucky day...

Thursday 19 December

Santa comes early
Posted by pi at at 10:42PM [GMT]
A surprise for me, and a Christmas gift for everyone: RAINE 0.37.0! This release comes stuffed with goodies, new games like Macross Plus and S.S. Mission, games now with full sound like Macross 2 and Acrobat Mission (great), and even the scale2x blitter (great * 2). As they mention in the frontpage, the changelog comes with lots of fixes and additions, like automatic change of bitdepth, history.dat handling, new soundchip emulation... Too good to miss :)

A good name is always important
Posted by pi at at 10:42PM [GMT]
Blastar, the author of Neo No Panepon, has a new URL for his site: The site hasn't moved, but this addy is easier to remember for all those who wondered where to get homebrew arcade games. Bookmark it now :)

Jeffry has a new house
Posted by pi at at 10:41PM [GMT]
There are good news for the Java hungry developers at the CottAGE homepage. It has been released at SourceForge JEF 1.0 beta 4, under the LGPL license until a definitive one is chosen. The Java Emulation Framework is the emulation layer for CottAGE, but this version is not compatible with CottAGE currently. It will be as soon as it's finished with documentation and an example emulator for Space Invaders. Once that happens, JEF and CottAGE will follow different but close paths.

I don't like wine...
Posted by pi at at 10:41PM [GMT]
Twisty has added an utilities section to his MAME Samples Collection, with some neat stuff to record things from MAME, for example. Also it seems we have slipped in here, with the usual Twisty Little Mistake(tm), oh and before I forget... Read the headline :-p

Wednesday 18 December

Faster, Harder, more Challenging Phred
Posted by pi at at 10:34PM [GMT]
Twisty (another Bin' regular) has spotted this early Aaron Giles interview, made more than 5 years ago when he was one of the thinking heads of MacMAME, as told in his MAME memories. Interesting stuff to read, including that unreleased game.

Where are the other three?
Posted by pi at at 9:35PM [GMT]
After a month after the last (public) release, here we have xmame-0.62.1 Release Candidate 4. There are patches against the 0.61.1 release. In this one, besides almost all from MAME 0.62, there are lots of changes like a new fileio.c (carrying other command line changes), and fixes fixes fixes. Full changelog can be examined...

Mammals are animals
Posted by pi at at 9:34PM [GMT]
Pierre has released Mamory 0.1.2, which fixes the latest bug found (with extra dat files while generating the -listinfo), and enhances other areas like memory allocation, unknown token handling and preview of space required for synch, among other developer-wise things.

A bit of twisted humour
Posted by pi at at 9:34PM [GMT]
Someone called Elgondoleiro (galego style) has spotted this little gem called Domo-Kun's Angry Smashfest, a flash game (exe version downloadable is available) with lots of arcade references and overall quite funny, if you're into some acid bloody humour :)

Tuesday 17 December

With a little help from my friends
Posted by pi at at 11:13PM [GMT]
A little bird told me about this MAME Update Guide, which shows step by step how to update for each MAME release. It's even bilingual (english/spanish) and it has online and downloadable versions. Some terms are a bit confusing but some of you might find it useful.

Team work is better than solo play
Posted by pi at at 10:08PM [GMT]
Logiqx has released the much needed CottAGE 0.12 dat. This datfile has been done by Ben Jos, cool work.

Update in a huge archive
Posted by pi at at 10:08PM [GMT]
M.A.S.H. has added some more dumper infos to his PCB Infos 0.62c package. 60 new and 275 updated. Good one, mate!

Fix for the fixes
Posted by pi at at 10:06PM [GMT]
There is a triple update again at ElSemi's site. First, Nebula 2.21c, which fixes the crashes with CPS games. Second, if you are using a Voodoo like me and you have problems with his Model 2 Test emulator, there is the old DLL which might fix them. And the Nebula Jukebox 2.6 download links have been fixed.

Monday 16 December

Three is better than two
Posted by pi at at 10:05PM [GMT]
ElSemi has made a triple release. First of all, Nebula 2.21b, which fixes a nasty bug under NT based systems. Second, his Nebula Model 2 in-progress emulator (very advanced progress), with sound emulation first included in this release. And finally, Nebula Jukebox 2.6, with improved SCSP emulation, and another fixed bug. All too juicy to be missed!

A lovely little bunch of everything
Posted by pi at at 10:05PM [GMT]
It seems that ScummVM is becoming famous, they've appeared in many places. Talking about LucasArts, maybe you saw Adventuregamers' article (spotted by RoushiMSX). At least Aaron Giles saw it as he mentions it in his latest update. He also mentions a new Bally/Sente prototype. But he seems to be busy with something denominated holidays, which I don't know what it could be. So, maybe next year...

For testers
Posted by pi at at 10:05PM [GMT]
A little update at the Mamory homepage about that little bug. Well if you're testing it, you better read this!

Sunday 15 December

Draw me one
Posted by pi at at 10:18PM [GMT]
There are some updates at the Mamory homepage. No new release, but the html has changed a bit, the FAQ is better, there is now a mailing list (and the author is expecting feedback), and he wants a logo! So designers and artists out there, this is your chance to become famous :) Oh there is also a bug report but it seems it is a false alarm. Next version will be better anyway :)

Insider info...
Posted by pi at at 10:18PM [GMT]
Logiqx has updated his small datafiles collection with the last Marquee and Artwork for MAME ones. More to come, maybe.

Wanted: developers
Posted by pi at at 10:16PM [GMT]
There are some news at the Laser front. Again it's a single person project, since ss_teven can't continue working in it. But as a goodbye, he has left a great page layout at the new Laser SourceForge page, which soon will be the new and permanent page for this project.

Unknown changelog
Posted by pi at at 10:16PM [GMT]
Marat Fayzullin's 6502 Emulation Package has seen an update today. This very popular CPU core is used in many arcade emulators. Actually more than listed in our page ;)

Saturday 14 December

First one to spot the error wins a free game
Posted by pi at at 2:19PM [GMT]
M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo.dat 4.24 is out on the streets, and of course, also in his site :) This edition includes newest wugs and latest BIP. Also added the last information about CottAGE and Laser, and updated the hardware.txt file. And don't forget to check that newsletter too!

Marquee invasion
Posted by pi at at 12:55PM [GMT]
Eldio has released Marquee Pack #10, which comprises 75 images (only 12 are new, rest are updates). There are dats available too. His site also got a new look, and I'd recommend you to visit his images page too, there are some cute wallpapers for mame-avid fanatics. I like Invader 01 and Invader 03 as the best. But I would dig for the chip of MAME 04 but with the logo of MAME 03 :) Eldio is also the designer of the new MT logo too.

Friday 13 December

Come here doggy
Posted by pi at at 10:08PM [GMT]
There are a couple things at Tourniquet for you CHD hungry users... Some I guess :) Well, first is an update for that KIPatch, which solves a corrupt CHD if you used hdcomp from MAME 0.62. The second is a wargods.chd patch for the corrupt version of the file. It decompresses, patches and recompresses, so if you had the bad luck to get a bad one, well you're lucky. This last utility includes latest hdcomp with Aaron's improvements.

Remember to wear sunglasses
Posted by pi at at 10:07PM [GMT]
There's a new MameTesters logo, in case you want to watch it :)

On a day like today
Posted by pi at at 10:07PM [GMT]
Friday the 13th. Scary. Somebody kill me please! Well the squids were muertos already most of the day ;)

Thursday 12 December

Addicted to releases
Posted by pi at at 9:50PM [GMT]
As I suspected, Roman had to do another release this year :) ClrMamePro 2.86 is the predecessor of the next version, which I also suspect will be released before end of year too :) Ok, it has some good fixes, miscelaneous stuff and some goodies and new warnings.

Show me the way
Posted by pi at at 9:49PM [GMT]
Mvr2K has updated the fabulous EasyEmu, a site devoted to make your emulation experience easier. Lots of tutorials have been updated, like Kawaks, Nebula and CMPro. The MAME guide was updated too with a better cheats page and more. And it has a new look, which IMHO is quite neat and nice :)

Where's da man?
Posted by pi at at 9:49PM [GMT]
Another update at RAINE WIP, with some good stuff for this classic arcade emulator. Again lots of sound fixes, Hyper PacMan got included, and support for history.dat.

Wednesday 11 December

Mammals are vertebrates
Posted by pi at at 9:55PM [GMT]
Pierre Māziere has released Mamory 0.1.1 which is a bugfix release of yesterday's version. His message is pretty explicit: "please update". For the curious, Mamory is a rom management library which you could implement in your emulator or utility, and also an implementation into a basic rom manager.

Only three days, that's a change!
Posted by pi at at 9:42PM [GMT]
Quite surprising, we already have another MAME WIP, hopefully Gridle will not make us wait so long next time too! Well the new game with funky colors is a Donkey Kong Jr. bootleg on Galaxian hardware. There are more clones being added as well as some good fixes, including Shiriru's Cave and Toaplan2 drivers changes. Check details.

Patch is good
Posted by pi at at 9:41PM [GMT]
Tourniquet has made KI/KI2 CHD's patch, which in conjuction with the legit hd images for U64Emu and the MAME tool hdcomp, makes MAME compliant CHD's with the correct MD5 checksum.

Fishes must be happy
Posted by pi at at 9:40PM [GMT]
I hope you saw the Fishbowl effect for FBA by Jan Klaassen, because in this post he shows some RGB special blitter with scanlines, and evolving more in this other post he shows the whole thing at four times the size with
fishbowl effect too. Still a tiny bit of moire but looking so great already! Can't wait for next release :)

Tuesday 10 December

Changes, changes, changes
Posted by pi at at 10:58PM [GMT]
I was going to forget this one! Invader, a MAME site specifically aimed for Mac users, has moved to ClassicGaming, under the GameSpy (uck) Network. Nonetheless this is a great site for Mac owners interested in arcade emulation. Thanks to Perforatu for the news.

I have no headline for this one
Posted by pi at at 10:26PM [GMT]
For palm devices users, there is this new XCade 1.3.0 in what seems to be a furious enhancing hype from the coder :) Added support for Cinematronics games, for example Ripoff and Star Castle, which the older XCade versions didn't have.

Fixing the fix
Posted by pi at at 10:25PM [GMT]
And here we have CottAGE 0.12, because past release seemed to be very buggy (I was busy so I couldn't test this one). It has important fixes, re-enabled games, fixed sound, and some more bugfixes. So you know what you have to do. Update!

Happy doomsday
Posted by pi at at 10:24PM [GMT]
Today is DOOM's 9th anniversary. This game developed by id Software has been one of the most influential and impacting games of all times, and is one of my personal favorites. Not too long ago I replayed it including sequels, and it's still very fun stuff, and even better with some of the enhanced ports out there like Legacy, jDoom and zDoom. Thanks to RoushiMSX for the remind. Note: Right now I'm replaying the next step: GL Quake :)

Cooly Ghost
Posted by pi at at 10:24PM [GMT]
There has been an update at the MAME Artwork page, with a good amount of new or enhanced backdrops, bezels and such artsy things. Special mention for the artwork for Golly Ghost, which will be used in next version. It includes moving parts, people who have seen it in action say it's really cool. You can find updated datafiles at, until Team Logiqx updates...

Milking the way
Posted by pi at at 10:24PM [GMT]
And as Pierre announced, here we have Mamory v0.1.0, this portable ROM management library. GPL'ed, fixed and better. Take a look, now compatible with traditional ClrMAMEPro files.

Monday 9 December

National drink
Posted by pi at at 10:39PM [GMT]
Logiqx has added supplements to the MAME Testdrivers dat, and also updated the datafile for the latest Nebula Jukebox. Will he ever rest? For a little cup of tea?

Udder news
Posted by pi at at 10:39PM [GMT]
Let me tell you about the new homepage of Mamory at SourceForge. Finally Pierre, the author, decided to release this rom management library under the GPL, moved to SF, changed a bit the layout and added a pink cow. Yes you read it well :)

Posted by pi at at 10:38PM [GMT]
I guess I could mention once again an update at, Kazuya's Neo Geo site. He added a Rage of the Dragons review, written by Raiken, apart from telling some other things which, honestly, I don't find interesting.

Aquarium visitors
Posted by pi at at 10:38PM [GMT]
You should see the last Fish Bowl Alpha WIP, also known as FBA :) Nonetheless very cool. I wonder how will this look with some scanlines!

Unhidden message
Posted by pi at at 10:38PM [GMT]
The Guru's ROM Dumping News has something, guess what it is? Yes you got it right! It has ROM Dumping News! Ok after the very bad joke (someone send me boo.wav pls), I'll tell you that there are four new games dumped. You will have to go there to know them all, but one is Die Hard, an ST-V game. Also, he mentions that the Icarus Team is also interested in emulating NAOMI, thus seeking for help in form of a board to get the BIOS, which is the basic start, and hopefully some carts. But for that they need help, of course..

Hungry of more reviews
Posted by pi at at 10:37PM [GMT]
nd this time I'm not missing it! Zzap!Raine issue #6 has been published, with star game being Rastan, including reviews of 1941, Gun Lock and Plum Plop. It also has new tips & tricks sections for the game infos, plus Blast from the Past and Rockford's Cave. Interesting issue. Gonna devour it rite nowe!

Polite request
Posted by pi at at 10:37PM [GMT]
The Sheep, creator of The Cave of Shooting (a Cave/Atlus shrine) and
R8zing (an Eigthing/Raizing shrine), is planning to do a Psikyo one. Which of course are great news! But now he is searching for a scanned Sengoku Ace/Samurai Aces manual. So you know, if you can help him, contact him, or me, or someone!

Nope, not our fault
Posted by pi at at 10:37PM [GMT]
I know that you get pop-ups when visiting CAESAR. We can't do anything about it. Well when I check the news I am posting for errors I also get pop-ups! I get one everytime I load any single CAESAR page. Don't blame us, please. Up to now I've only got one hostile pop-up which tried to send me an exe. All the rest were normal ones. So if you got pop-up war or pop-ups with embedded programs, maybe they are getting triggered from the page you just abandoned. Fight the spyware!

Sunday 8 December

The day the mistery stood still
Posted by pi at at 11:24PM [GMT]
There is a small update at Aaron's Home Page, where he mentions his drivers for V-Unit hardware and Killer Instinct... There is also an interesting mention about his mistery game - none of those! I hope he also adds a new item in his FAQ: how to transform the KI images into CHD!

Biased towards finishing
Posted by pi at at 10:03PM [GMT]
After hibernating for a while, MamEnd is alive again. Stay tuned for updates.

So many people doing so much work
Posted by pi at at 9:43PM [GMT]
After a long wait, a long MAME WIP. More than 2 weeks since the last one, it makes this WIP report really interesting, because there are lots of goodies, and the goodies are great. System 32 driver, Offroad Challenge and War Gods, Killer Instinct part one and two, playable Golly Ghost, almost playable Run and Gun, more games and lots of fixes, additions, new CPU cores and more games with sound! Well the details are waiting for you. Don't be lazy!

Before the third one also gets submitted...
Posted by pi at at 9:31PM [GMT]
Maybe you already took a look at the Midway V-Unit hardware page at, where there are snaps from Off Road Challenge and War Gods, the games appearing today in MAME's WIP. It seems I am reporting this too late, the driver has been submitted already so there's no mistery at all :)

On the other side there are these shots from DoDonPachi II - Bee Storm worked by ElSemi, but althought looking good, in that thread you will read it is nowhere near complete and it seems it will not be for a long time. Patience...

And also incomplete is the emulation of Target Hits by Gaelco & Zigurat Software. Pics courtesy of Emulatronia. But the game won't work due to protection, again bad luck... But Manuel Abadia seems very active lately, who knows what we will see next. (Actually I see that this game has just been reported too in the MAME WIP, am I slow...)

Happy Birthday, CAESAR!
Posted by pi at at 12:56AM [GMT]
Yes you got it right. Today is the birthday of CAESAR, this little bunch of HTML pages with information from here and there, and from there too. Two years and still kicking ass! Congrats to Logiqx, the founder and the very heart of this project. Since December the 8th of year 2000, lots of game lists, emulator archives, cross-referenced information, thousands of screenshots and mostly daily news, at your service. And still it's a baby! And what can we say in the second anniversary? Happy birthday!

Saturday 7 December

Ride the wave
Posted by pi at at 9:46PM [GMT]
Stephh of input/dipswitches fixing fame has added a new fix in the The Ultimate Patchers' site, for the WarpWapr driver. It seems to fix a quite old bug in Cutie Q among others, as discussed in this thread. Isn't it cool to be a MameTester?

Even more impressive now
Posted by pi at at 9:45PM [GMT]
ElSemi has released Nebula Jukebox 2.5, with apparently the "only" change of adding Model 2 SCSP sound emulation. Great stuff indeed!

Iconwise speaking
Posted by pi at at 9:45PM [GMT]
There are even more datafiles at, in a non-stop updating mayhem. He updates once again M1, and also Laser for the latest version. Also he includes MAMu_'s icons datafile, by Eldio, and a new MAME TestDrivers datafile by Ben Jos. On a side note, Mamu's Icons are my choice.

It's my news site and I post whatever I want
Posted by pi at at 9:44PM [GMT]
Time for some different gaming nostalgia... ScummVM 0.3.0b has been finally released. They still struggle to make a peaceful agreement with LucasArts, with little luck for now (read the bottom part of today's news there). Anyway they decided to do this release which has a misleadingly short changelog but includes things like full support for my favorite adventure of all time: The Dig. I'm going to play it with Scale2x right now. See you next week! (That last one was a joke.)

Subtle but significant
Posted by pi at at 9:44PM [GMT]
Andrea Mazzoleni has released AdvanceSCAN 1.4 and
Scale2x 1.3. The multiplatform and commandline rom manager has only one subtle change which fixes an error when calling advmng with more than one file. The example implementation of the cool Scale2x effect adds two more examples, in Java by Randy Power, and in C using SDL by Pete Shinners.

Unofficial speed
Posted by pi at at 9:44PM [GMT]
If you can't wait for an official FBA release to play Dimahoo, then you can get FBA Combo 0.2.93b, made by Gangta. FBA Combo is a special FBA compile which add extra features like four player mode for certain games.

Lots of small things = one big thing
Posted by pi at at 9:43PM [GMT]
And here we have MAME/MAME32 Plus 0.62.3, with miscellaneous changes from driver fixing and auto volume, to support for the latest games from CPS2Shock. Well actually those comments really don't do any justice to the long list of fixes which this MAME version incorporates. You gotta look them!

Friday 6 December

Even masters commit errors
Posted by pi at at 10:18PM [GMT]
Yesterday Logiqx forgot two more things to update: Nebula 2.21a and Qplayer datafiles are ready for you.

One every month does no harm
Posted by pi at at 10:17PM [GMT]
There have been many updates to NonMAME, but well from time to time I'd better mention one :) It seems Duckie has updated for the last emulator updates including Nebula Model 2 Test and Dimahoo/GMahou.

if gamecat <= 17 then treecat32++
Posted by pi at at 10:16PM [GMT]
Triggerfin has started writting scripts and made Deluxe32 Catlist for MAME32. It's a new set of custom folders with better category sorting. Lookin' neat.

I want a pair of new shoes
Posted by pi at at 10:15PM [GMT]
Manuel Abadia keeps working with those Gaelco games, and in Emulatronia you will find several shots of his latest success in emulation, a 1994 shooter called Alligator Hunt.

Thursday 5 December

Bad check&neverget
Posted by pi at at 10:46PM [GMT]
I almost overlooked the release of Laser 0.20a. Metafox included the fix for Lupin III by ss_teven. That seems to be the only change, but the good news is that he is again at it after a long pause. He mentions he will start to add games based on requests made on the forums, so well I guess we will see more updates soon.

Go Bilbao!
Posted by pi at at 9:55PM [GMT]
Fandemame has released History.dat 0.62a, with several corrections and new information for more than 60 games like Dimahoo, Puchi Carat (gotta love the catgirl!), Puzz Loop and Faster, Harder, More Challenging Q*Bert. Warning, the walkthroughs and certain gameplay infos have been deleted. I agree with the statement, and anyway things like cheats and eastern eggs seem to stay :)

Double the worth
Posted by pi at at 9:54PM [GMT]
The guys at EmuHype (yes, those with a funny name) have made a double release. First, the M1 SDKs for Windows and Linux. They include headers for the M1 core and source of the frontends, but no actual source of M1. Second, new ZiNc renderers, OpenGL and D3D for Windows, and MesaGL for Linux, all courtesy of Pete Bernert. Now you can disable the keys used by the renderer, plus the D3D has no debug keys anymore. No new Glide plugin? Bleh :) Me wants!

Two good things
Posted by pi at at 9:53PM [GMT]
According to this post by John IV, you can request features to be added to MAME32, since Chris Kirmse seems to be in a break. You can email them directly to John IV, use your imagination and don't ask for MS4 or other silly things.

On another bright idea, the MAME32 QA team has released another MAME32 0.62 for AMD K6 processors, since the other release seemed to not want to work with them. Congrats K6 owners. John IV also comments that next MAME32 will be like this so no more worries.

Baby Jack ate my brain
Posted by pi at at 9:53PM [GMT]
You should visit System 16 - The Arcade Museum. Today it had a big update, and Sixtoe has decided to add a new manufacturer museum: Midway. It includes Williams and Bally/Sente. No pinball action, but surely lots of goodies in it. About the rest, well there's so much, you can get entertained a long time just by checking the changes.

Also it has been updated the MAME Sega rewrite WIP with new and interesting shots. Galibert is doing a great job, and some of the shots look really neat. Since Haze took the System 32, and some of the drivers show problems ranging from almost there to awful. But Thunderblade looks great!

And don't forget to check the bottom link, Baby Jack commands you to!

Massive update
Posted by pi at at 9:53PM [GMT]
Logiqx has released today a lot of datfiles, some new, some changed, many updated from the last MAME release and the last XOR's of yesterday. This includes system dats and all the MAME resource dats. You better take a look by yourself!

Sexy shooter
Posted by pi at at 9:53PM [GMT]
The Sheep has updatedThe Cave of Shooting with new information about Progear No Arashi, something which seems to be a really great shooter from Atlus/Cave, made past year. What I find interesting is that it's an horizontal shooter! Nonetheless it looks gorgeous. Check the screenshots page (modem killer!) and the secrets section.

Another effect of the XOR wave
Posted by pi at at 9:52PM [GMT]
The MAME Spirits team has released CANAME 0.62.3, which support the latest XOR'ed games, with all the related datfiles updated accordingly.

Wednesday 4 December

Daily releases?
Posted by pi at at 9:52PM [GMT]
Just a quick comment about XCade 1.2.2 which was updated today after its first mention here. This release fixes a couple minor things and adds Galaxian.

Almost as long as big brother!
Posted by pi at at 9:49PM [GMT]
And for the Java lovers, CottAGE 0.11 has been released after the short betatesting. It includes eight new games, 22 clones, new blitters, changed JEF core, better cpu and sounchip cores, and seven fixed games, including my loved Solomon's Keys. Great stuff!

Posted by pi at at 9:48PM [GMT]
As in every XOR day, ElSemi makes a release, this time Nebula 2.21a is a minor fix. Besides the latest XOR's (and Battle Circuit merging change), it fixes Neo Geo CD support which was broken in previous release.

In MAME already
Posted by pi at at 9:48PM [GMT]
Now that I took more than 3 seconds to look at CPS2Shock, I see that Raz has made CPSMAME 2.62, which includes the latest XOR's, and also has all the fixes for CPS games which didn't make it to MAME 0.62.

Posted by pi at at 6:56PM [GMT]
Congratulations to CPS2Shock on its 10 million mark! To celebrate it, Razoola has released the XOR's of Dimahoo! Great shooter it seems. The japanese version, Great Mahou Daisakusen, has been XOR'ed too. Enjoy! Thanks to Smitdogg for being the first one to notice :)
Update: I forgot to mention that Battle Circuit (Euro 970319) has also been XOR'ed. My excuses :)

Third degree
Posted by pi at at 2:55PM [GMT]
If you like the CPS-3 game/series Street Fighter III, you should go to CP-Systems 2, where C_Dogg has written an interesting review of it, and as a bonus there is a bunch of new cool artwork related to this Nth reincarnation of the Street Fighter legacy.

More emulation for palm devices
Posted by pi at at 2:53PM [GMT]
Jeff Mitchell, author of Xcade for Unix and its DOS port five years ago, has released at his CodeJedi page XCade 1.1 for Palm OS, claiming to be the first arcade emulator for this platform. According to the website, it only runs in the latest Palm OS devices like Palm Tungsten T and the Sony NX series. For now it runs Space Invaders, Pacman and MS. Pacman, and Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr., plus games in similar hardware. Right now I am unsure if the emu is shareware or the registration is optional, or even if it's crippled in any way. Thanks to Stiletto for covering this emu I totally missed!

Tuesday 3 December

Playing the game name
Posted by pi at at 10:30PM [GMT]
Another mistery at Haze's MAME Page, but this time it was easy to discover (besides it has been revealed already). He has been playing with the Sega Titan-Video (ST-V) BIOS, but claims that he might not go further since it's too much for him. Talking about revelations, Logiqx has an idea for Aaron's mistery, he says it could be Tenth Degree. He was already right with the CoJag games. Any bets?

Next step, CPS2
Posted by pi at at 10:30PM [GMT]
After some pause, here we have more CottAGE WIP. David Raingeard and Romain Tisserand sent in two soundchip emulators which are the used in pre-Qsound CPS1 games. Actually they also sent a small Java player which can play the SF2 samples! Sounds great, certainly. CPS1 in Java? Maybe...

Subtle ways...
Posted by pi at at 10:30PM [GMT]
There is a little update to the M1 sound player at, which includes years and manufacturers.

Something for the self-compilers
Posted by pi at at 10:30PM [GMT]
M.A.S.H. has released MameInfo Source 0.62. It's a patch for the 0.62 source which allows proper MameInfo.dat and Driver.dat information. Still no sign of a FMAME32 release.

Crash on me, crash me on
Posted by pi at at 10:29PM [GMT]
A little bug has been found, and a little fix has been put into ClrMamePro 2.85.1. No more crashes with full zip integrity checks. That was fast, Roman. Still I'm sure he will do even another release this month :)

Monday 2 December

It was here, I swear it!
Posted by pi at at 11:45PM [GMT]
Roman has released ClrMamePro 2.85, which apparently might be the last one this year, unless MAME 0.63 comes before and makes it needing some more changes. Take a look at the fixes and changes, some options were moved or removed, so don't be scared if you don't find something.

New core absorbed
Posted by pi at at 9:42PM [GMT]
Tinker has released MisfitMAME 0.62, which has a new total of 407 games (wow), which include the Street Fighter Hacks, tons of Xevious 2002, a lot of Twisty's hacks, and Super Derby. the normal builds are done, and soon the full builds will be added.

Scripting gods
Posted by pi at at 9:41PM [GMT]
A little surprise from Logiqx, it's the M1 0.7.1 datfile with MAME supplements included. Great! Now I only need some pinball stuff... Uhhhhh...

Two devil poppers
Posted by pi at at 9:40PM [GMT]
There is another update at Aaron's Home Page, with a couple more shots of that mistery game (which despite what some say, it's not know as of now). Aaron, the master of the donothing() and eatcpu() functions, wants to win again the award of slowest MAME driver.

But, has he noticed he is going to have another competitor? Haze says he is going to take a break from the System 32 driver, which has seen more updates and progress lately. Let's hope he wants to come back at it soon.

Fix right here
Posted by pi at at 9:40PM [GMT]
The Beaver has released Mimic 2.11, with that Windows NT/2k/XP fix he mentioned shortly ago. He also mentions that some Sega fixes are included... Again not much in the arcade front, but well...

The good and the bad news
Posted by pi at at 9:40PM [GMT]
M.A.S.H. released MameInfo.dat 4.23, which includes as usual last bugs and newest WIP. It also contains 120 new level information thanks to Vaz of MamEnd (which is still down), and added more recommended games, todo and other notes. This is a diff update. Also note that if you scroll to the bottom, he has something to say about FMAME32 due to certain bugs in the MAME32 source.

Sunday 1 December

Posted by pi at at 9:45PM [GMT]
Logiqx has issued more dat updates, for Final Burn (only supplements changed), Nebula and Nebula Model 2 Test (up-to-date with the new versions), and ZN System (new Strider 2 dumps). Feed your ClrMamePro or RomCenter (or any other rom manager) with this food and they will be most pleased.

Not so -listinfo
Posted by pi at at 9:45PM [GMT]
Finally here we have M1 0.7.1. The new version of this arcade and pinball sound player comes with lots of bugfixes, a new advanced GUI for Linux and Windows, and (drums) 37 new games. Including Bonze Adventure! The download is a bit bigger this time, but well... The Mac port by Richard Bannister is already done too. Expect a datfile for this monster, eventually. The limited rom information output might prevent an early dat release. Belmont also mentions that a SDK will also be released soon.

I luv it
Posted by pi at at 3:36PM [GMT]
Grand Master Pete has done another state-of-the-art flovie called MAME Love. Have handy that kleenex box, this one will move you! Besides, he has changed a bit his Tehkan World Cup site, looking great and all.

Preliminary prerelease
Posted by pi at at 3:36PM [GMT]
Pierre Maziere has developed Mamory 0.0.1. It's a library to manage roms, and it has been plugged into a little Linux command line rom manager which makes split-merged sets and can also make difference sets between two MAME versions. This first version is only available as binary, since the source has to be tidied up a bit more before released. There's not even a manual, since the page explains it all. Well remember that it's the first release - possible bugs and not many features. But the future is looking good. Thanks to Perforatu for the link.

The White Pages
Posted by pi at at 3:36PM [GMT]
There is an update at the CottAGE download section, with MAME-style game lists for version 0.11. However the -listinfo is missing, as well as the 0.11 release. Patience...

Saturday 30 November

No fake
Posted by pi at at 9:47PM [GMT]
A quite big update has appeared at Bobby Tribble's unMAMEd arcade games. Besides the usual movement and removals, there are also some additions, new links and the fake section gets a juicy (but not sintactically correct) addition.

And it has a pic of a cat ^_^
Posted by pi at at 9:46PM [GMT]
There is some WIP report at the The MAME32 QA/Test & Art Dept. Apparently the next MAME32 release will have tons of fixes, and I wonder what are those Aaron's sweeping changes.

Vitamine Supplements
Posted by pi at at 9:46PM [GMT]
You will find five updated datafiles at, all packaged by Rosewood (team member too). They are for FBA, Kawaks, RAINE, Nebula Jukebox and Neojukebox, and contain the new supplements against latest MAME. Of course with the exception of RAINE which matches last 0.36.2 release. Stay tuned, there are more dat updates coming!

Friday 29 November

The Last Linkripper
Posted by pi at at 7:00PM [GMT]
Now it's time to steal the link from another one, the victim is Smitdogg and what he found is the page of The Last Starfighter Movie and Video Game FAQ, where it explains a lot of things from this strange game. The actual part interesting for us arcade lovers is the section about the arcade game where it gives quite some facts about this extremely rare game. It has been like ten years at least since I saw this movie last time, maybe it's time to see it again :)

Saturday Night Flyer
Posted by pi at at 6:43PM [GMT]
Short time for another update at The Arcade Flyers Archive, which consist of two rare Universal flyers from Fever. One is a better scan of a flyer already in the TAFA database, but the other is a very nice and rare Mr. Do's Wildride flyer. Check them out.

Twisted mind
Posted by pi at at 6:37PM [GMT]
Even when the politic is to not give direct ROM links, Twisty has made and released a Galaga hack called Galaga Ghost, which as you might figure, uses Pacman characters in a Galaga environment. Pretty cool, with custom samples for it also available at Twisty's MAME Samples Collection.

Non Plus Ultra
Posted by pi at at 6:37PM [GMT]
Here it is MAME / MAME32 Plus! 0.62.2, with several fixes allowing now the HD games to run, latest updates from Shiriru, and fixed Xexex to name a few.

After the long wait...
Posted by pi at at 6:36PM [GMT]
And now some Mimic WIP with good news. He has got rid of that nasty bug on NT based systems. Now Mimic should work fine in Windows NT, 2000 and XP. But there is no release yet, not until he clears some more things. Read details above.

Thursday 28 November

Old and new
Posted by pi at at 10:05PM [GMT]
As Prophet reminds me, there has been a big update at Advance Projects, where AdvanceMAME, AdvanceMESS, AdvanceMENU and AdvanceCAB got updated with new fixes and stuff. You can also check that the Scale2x effect got a new site at SourceForge. This new site contains more stuff than the old page at the Advance Homepage.

I'm wondering, they're wondering
Posted by pi at at 9:45PM [GMT]
There are news on the CottAGE Homepage, with the results of the poll they were taking lately. More importantly, they discuss four of the options, mentioning there will be a big documentation improvement for those interested in contributing to the CottAGE project, and also interested in Java emulation in general with the "engine" Erik designed for CottAGE. They have another poll now, go and take it!

As Hawking's theories predict
Posted by pi at at 9:41PM [GMT]
The Supreme Lord of The Universe in an Emulated Nut-Shell, also known as Aaron Giles, wishes happy Thanksgiving and leaves a candy for us. It's a screenshot of the test screen of a supposedly unemulated game, supposedly by Atari since as RB noticed too, that font is well known (but also cause Aaron loves Atari), and supposedly Aaron is working in it to emulate it properly. What could it be? Time will tell.

Great stuff ahead
Posted by pi at at 9:41PM [GMT]
And he is none else than the humble Tourniquet, which posted in his site some Psikyo SH-2 WIP, with certain fixes he has been doing for this driver. Text in Daraku Tenshi, a good rom self-test (which spotted a bad dump), per-row colour blending effects, and more you can see with snaps in his WIP section.

Of course, he's the one
Posted by pi at at 9:41PM [GMT]
After all the hype and rumours, The Guru placed something which makes things pretty clear. Find it. I have to say that I knew something wasn't smelling good...

Wednesday 27 November

Rollin', rollin', rollin'
Posted by pi at at 11:44PM [GMT]
After missing one update past week, I am glad to report mode additions at The Arcade Flyers Archive. That Watergate Caper thing really looks weird, I wonder if it was only a proto or was it ever real! Other additions include a special Pong flyer and Sea Battle from Zaccaria. Thanks to GregF for spotting this one.

Posted by pi at at 9:49PM [GMT]
If you kept visiting Haze's MAME Page to check that superb System 32 WIP stuff, then you can stop reading now. If not, you should check the latest pics cause they look very well. Alien 3 and Rad Mobile lookin' gorgeous!

Here but not here
Posted by pi at at 7:05PM [GMT]
After a long long wait, here is CottAGE 0.11. However it's still not downloadable, but it's playable from the CottAGE home for betatesting purposes. Now it supports more than 130 games, fullscreen (page) and three new blitters: double size, TV Mode (?) and the famous scale2x. And from what I saw in the WIP and what Erik told me, it seems it has many internal changes too. Ah well I guess I'll have to sacrifice and do lots of betatesting :)

Same orchestra, different director
Posted by pi at at 7:05PM [GMT]
There's a new alternate sampleset hosted at Twisty's MAME Samples Collection. It's an enhanced and alternate version of the Asteroids samples, done by Gyrovision, which sounds different than the common one (the sampleset, not Gyro!) So if this was your version of Asteroids, you could take a look. However it's for an old MAME: 0.36b16... Anyway, gotta try!

Test test test
Posted by pi at at 7:05PM [GMT]
By popular demand, ClrMamePro 2.84 has been released with full CHD scanning support, which might be longer but will please us OC checkers :) Fortunately the endless testing can be cancelled in case we realize we can't check the CHD for the fifth time right now.

Tuesday 26 November

B.I.G. Remake
Posted by pi at at 11:08PM [GMT]
Star Control 2 is a lovely game which gave me lots of fun playing against a friend years ago. Now this remake is simply too cool, today it was released Ur-Quan Masters 0.1 alpha, the first version of this top-quality remake. However, there is a drawback - for an alpha release, it's 140 megs! I think I'll stick playing GLQuake... A beauty I never tried before! Whoooo ReaperBot!

Finally I can
Posted by pi at at 3:57PM [GMT]
Warlock has wrote me to tell me he fixed Emulation Status, so now the Java hover buttons are no more (they weren't earlier, anyway) and now you can visit without problems the DEEP section among others :) Thanx man.

Move quickly
Posted by pi at at 3:54PM [GMT]
Katharsis from GeoShock has released once again his fast build FastMAME 0.62. No SIMD release now. This windows binary has only one difference: being built with a highly optimized compiler, resulting in a 10% to 30% more performance. Go to GeoShock to get the file. Thanks to Manolo for the hint.

Monday 25 November

Posted by pi at at 10:30PM [GMT]
Roman has released ClrMamePro 2.83.1, which is a bugfix release solving three little problems. And one big problem :) Let's update anyway.

Hornet, ahhhhh old times...
Posted by pi at at 10:30PM [GMT]
There is a very preliminar attempt at emulating the Konami Hornet System. It's a PowerPC powered and quite recent arcade system. Azuco has ported a graphics viewer as a first step, and well it shows something... That seems the Gradius 4: Fukkatsu logo. Don't forget to check the System16 page about this hardware (link available in Azuco's page too). Thanks to Prophet for not killing me for stealing his news :)

Bang bang! You're dead
Posted by pi at at 2:06PM [GMT]
There are some shots over at Emulatronia from a newly emulated game called Bang! by Gaelco. It has been added by Manuel Abadia of Escuela de Combate fame.

Sunday 24 November

Posted by pi at at 9:58PM [GMT]
Maybe you haven't looked at it this weekend, but Haze's Sega System 32 WIP driver is evolving and there is that page which shows it. Also besides the "old" Golden Axe 2 and the already seen Holosseum, you can see much more games with different levels of success.

Yet another one
Posted by pi at at 9:58PM [GMT]
Another little update at CatList, fixing the categories of some more adult games. I think he might not have looked at my list yet, maybe...

Librarian's choice
Posted by pi at at 9:58PM [GMT]
Here we have another issue, M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo.dat 4.22 comes with latest bugs and newest WIP, new file sizes and recommended games list, and BIOS infos. You can find in his page a very detailed changelog of last MAME, and he also announces that FMAME32 will come soon.

Saturday 23 November

Two good explanations...
Posted by pi at at 10:53PM [GMT]
And the last update of today has been at Aaron's Home Page, where he opened yet another new section, namely the FAQ area. For now it has two (deep and interesting) questions I'd suggest you to read (and spread). Highly recommended for Hard Drivin' and Crusin' USA games! Also some news which might mean faster development from the Aaron's front.

So much to say in such a small space...
Posted by pi at at 9:55PM [GMT]
Long and juicy MAME WIP today, including 11 days of development. There is too much to mention, really a big report, but well if I had to choose something to make you run to watch the WIP right now, it would be Haze's System 32 driver, still not complete but Holosseum already works. Thanks to him and all the other emuheroes for a great job.

Posted by pi at at 6:45PM [GMT]
Andrea has released AdvanceSCAN 1.3, the command line ROM manager. Mainly it's a fix release, binaries for DOS and Windows available, sources for both and Linux too.

Another blitter for the collection
Posted by pi at at 6:44PM [GMT]
And in today's CottAGE WIP, you can see Gollum is implementing that scale2x blitter in this java emulator. The result looks great certainly. some drivers were updated as well.

Errare TriggerFinum est
Posted by pi at at 6:44PM [GMT]
TriggerFin has made a small update to CatList, due to one game incorrectly marked as non-adult. You can ignore this update because I will contact him shortly due to some more changes in that part, that's not the only game he left outside...

For analog pro's
Posted by pi at at 6:43PM [GMT]
uRebelScum (him, not you) has released MAME62:Analog+ in DOS and Windows command line binaries and the MAME32 GUI version too. Sources and feature lists available too, of course.

Friday 22 November

Me cheat
Posted by pi at at 10:41PM [GMT]
I got w0rd that Stephh updated the The Ultimate Patchers' site with the latest WIP cheat database for MAME 0.62, and my much awaited updated mahjong cheat file. Great work man!

Sexy 32
Posted by pi at at 10:31PM [GMT]
There's some more movement at Haze's MAME Page. His Sega System 32 driver is evolving, those last shots of (still) Golden Axe 2 are looking great. Keep an eye on that page cause there have been quite many updates today, last one with an ingame shot and almost perfect intro screen.

WIP day
Posted by pi at at 10:31PM [GMT]
There is a good RAINE WIP with a bit of everything, showing more progress in this great emulator. Things to mention are the addition of a new cheat type to choose levels, the inclusion of the scale2x effect (cool one), faster CPS-1 and Ensoniq sound emulation, and working Acrobat Mission and Macross 2 in the rewritten NMK driver. Details and the rest are right there waiting for you.

Thursday 21 November

More 32's
Posted by pi at at 11:37PM [GMT]
Since he bothered to inform the world about this, I guess I could also mention this new Haze WIP stuff. But damn, that really looks like Golden Axe 2?!?!?!?

Posted by pi at at 9:49PM [GMT]
The CottAGE web site has been updated with a handful more links at the Fans Links & In the Press section. It includes yours truly CAESAR, that's why I mention it :)

Autoupdate it
Posted by pi at at 9:48PM [GMT]
Roman has released ClrMamePro 2.83 with "the small things from my todo list", which means one dozen of little fixes and additions. Enough to update, right?

Posted by pi at at 9:48PM [GMT]
WTC has made a much needed update at Emulation Status, and it's very big. Besides the new and updated games (almost 200), I'd like to remark the Data East Emustatus Project, which has loads of information on Data East games. Due to some recent browsing changes I can't reach it yet (silly me), but it sounds so good, I am going to kick my broswer's ass until I can...

Posted by pi at at 9:47PM [GMT]
Guru's ROM Dumping News has news again. He has received Zombie Raid, which has some shots available, and intends to sell his Dragon Ball Z 2 PCB. The hidden text has changed, well things could be worse...

Wednesday 20 November

Another 3-in-1 pack
Posted by pi at at 10:10PM [GMT]
Stephh of input/dsw fixes fame has updated his MAME fixes to 0.62 at The Ultimate Patchers' site. There is even a new fix for Lasso. And now where are those new mahjong cheats? He also mentions the release of PatchMAME 0.62.1 by Mevi. From own harvest I'll mention the release of AppleMAME 0.62 by AppleCrow, they are optimized builds for Athlons and Pentiums IV. Right now these seem to work nice even with the last GCC.

A peek into the future
Posted by pi at at 10:10PM [GMT]
There's a bit of new WIP for ClrMamePro, as well as some new and updated datafiles. You better check, you never know...

Tuesday 19 November

New controversy
Posted by pi at at 10:17PM [GMT]
Guru's ROM Dumping News has no news (in other words, he deleted the existing ones). I saw it this sunday I think, but didn't see the message hidden in the html source of the page, which says that there will be a 6 months delay for his dumps. Well... There are a lot of rumours around but until he says something else, I will not say anything else, it's his decision anyway.

Remind you
Posted by pi at at 10:12PM [GMT]
I think I could remind you about NonMAME, where Duckie has updated it with the last 0.62 release, plus he is usually up to date with latest emu releases too. Always a good resource of nonmameinfo.

Gotta love the compilers
Posted by pi at at 10:12PM [GMT]
Here we have the feature enhanced MAME / MAME32 Plus! 0.62.1. Quite some good things like the CPS-2 and Toaplan2 drivers from Shiriru, some hacks, new multilingual support (cool), and compiled with latest MinGW. Unfortunately there seems to be a problem with GCC 3.2, so binaries have been removed until testing.

So here they were...
Posted by pi at at 10:12PM [GMT]
John IV has released Flyer Pack #16. Update yourself, flyers are too cool. Talking about that, The Arcade Flyers Archive has a new Venture Line flyer which is 8 pages long and very interesting.

AdvanceUpdate anyone?
Posted by pi at at 10:11PM [GMT]
And now time for a big Advance Projects update. Andrea Mazzoleni has updated and released the following projects: AdvanceMAME 0.62.0 (with everything from 0.62 plus some more), AdvanceMESS 0.61.2, AdvanceMenu 2.2.0 and AdvanceCAB 1.1.2. The changelogs are long, so check yourself :)

I'm back, anyway
Posted by pi at at 10:11PM [GMT]
Ah well first of all I'd like to send big thanks to the donator of my new hard disk. I don't know if he wants to remain anonymous or not, so right now I'm not telling who is. I also installed a new OS and new everything but well, time to get updated with the news. Besides that yesterday, when I was able to post news properly, ZTNet was a bit down. Or simply speaking, "dead".

Sunday 17 November

I have a lil doubt
Posted by pi at at 10:06PM [GMT]
There is a X-MAME 0.61.1 (they seem to have confused the version number) and a SIEmu 1.03 binaries for BeOS at, for all of you BeOS users. Is there actually anyone reading this who uses BeOS?

Follow the rules
Posted by pi at at 1:51PM [GMT]
There is a small update at Aaron's Home Page, it seems he got tired (as all of us which can be reached by lamers) of the insanely amount of garbage email. Being the Lord And Supreme Ruler Of All Known And Unknown Universes, Dimensions and Similars, he was forced to make a form-based email page with some common sense rules to contact him. I say all this in hopes he didn't sent to the trashcan my own last email :)

Yesterday I was in a party, sorry
Posted by pi at at 1:51PM [GMT]
I've missed one release, but now you have CANAME 0.62.2. This is a special MAME only for CPS and NeoGeo systems games. New cheat.dat, command.dat and sound.dat has been released for it as well.

ungamed Arcade MAME
Posted by pi at at 1:51PM [GMT]
Bobby Tribble has already updated unMAMEd Arcade Games with the last MAME release, removing some games, changing status of others, and he mentions he will also add old WIP stuff in there.

Some more stuff to watch
Posted by pi at at 1:50PM [GMT]
Guru has updated his lil Sega Model 2 Dump Status page. Fine stuff in there.

What is what
Posted by pi at at 1:49PM [GMT]
TriggerFin has updated his site/project CatList with a variety of files for different frontends and emulator32s, categorizing all the 0.62 games. My choice.

Directly from the hospital
Posted by pi at at 1:49PM [GMT]
And continuing with the tradition of lots of updates and very often after a MAME release, here it is M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo.dat 4.21, with the first 0.62 bugs, listinfo changes and updated driver section. This is a diff-update only.

Two for the price of one
Posted by pi at at 1:48PM [GMT]
ElSemi has released Nebula 2.21 with (among other things) fixed slowdowns for Strikers 1945 plus, and support for The Universe Bios, and some various crashes. He has also updated his Nebula Model 2 Test binary, with support for textures. Looking good!

Friday 15 November

The Cave of Hooters (ooops)
Posted by pi at at 10:33PM [GMT]
The Sheep seems to have updated The Cave of Shooting with more information about recent shooters like Do Donpachi Dai-Ou-Jou and Ketsui Chirasi, by the japanese manufacturer Cave (no, don't look at the left, it's not indexed but Atlus is).

Small is beautiful
Posted by pi at at 10:33PM [GMT]
And after the big release, I hope you all appreciate the beauty of smaller ones. SIEMu 1.03 doesn't have a really impressive changelog, even when it's longer than it seems... And I'd like to remind you the existence of Tiny Emus, and these are tiny in a different way... Too cute to be missed!

20 less than should be
Posted by pi at at 10:33PM [GMT]
M.A.S.H. has released his pack PCB Infos 0.62a. Too bad my last findings are there, they bounced back. I'd like to take advantage of this opportunity to remind you that you can gather the pcb dump infos before and after cleaning your sets, and send them to him, thanks in advance.

Sorry for the easy joke
Posted by pi at at 10:32PM [GMT]
There is one more guest at The Arcade Flyers Archive. And of course, all your flyer are belong to us.

Soft as a baby's butt
Posted by pi at at 10:32PM [GMT]
Twisty has solved his compiling problems and built SmoothMAME 0.62, which is a good alternative if you want to run almost all games at a fixed refresh rate.

Thursday 14 November

Democratic dat updates
Posted by pi at at 10:25PM [GMT]
Like M.A.S.H. said, here it is MameInfo.dat 4.20 for MAME 0.62. Right now besides the obvious update only has the newest WIP. More to come.

Another dat update is History.dat 0.62 by Fandemame. Besides the 0.62 update, and many corrections, there are new infos for games like Amidar, Robocop 2, Puzzle Boble, ESP Ra. De. and a lot, a lot, a lot more...

And the good dat update at by who else, Logiqx. Dats for MAME 0.62 and the Changes too, and a new MAMEDiff 1.14, with a fix needed for 0.62, related to some odd resource usage.

Bleh, I just found out
Posted by pi at at 10:25PM [GMT]
Unforgettable overlook at Guru's ROM Dumping News. He dumped War Gods with a 420mb hard drive three days ago. Excuse me!

This is depressing
Posted by pi at at 10:24PM [GMT]
John IV has posted some benchmarks tests at The MAME32 QA/Test & Art Dept., and dudes they are really bloody. Makes me want to cry the way Strikers 1945 runs (ruins? crawls?) here.

A sweet thing I wanted...
Posted by pi at at 10:24PM [GMT]
Andrea has updated the Advance Projects Scale2x page with an example implementation which applies the cool scale2x to any png. Source, Windows binary and a MMX implementation are available.

A bit late, but still great
Posted by pi at at 10:23PM [GMT]
It's no 62, it's X-MAME 0.61.1! Finally the final release, with some more goodies. There are still a few remaining problems with analog controls and OpenGL, but well this is a start. Look at the last changelog, and see among other things support for Linux on PS2 (!), .wav logging, and better FreeBSD support. It's served as a patch against 0.60.1 or a tiny one against the last preview release 9.

Wednesday 13 November

Another day, another surprise
Posted by pi at at 10:00PM [GMT]
And also since quite a bit of time, CottAGE WIP. Romain Tisserand added an YM2413 soundchip core, and is working with David Raingeard (Calice fame) in a new 68k core. Erik Duijs did some restructuring here and there, optimizing things in the process. Sorry no pics this time.

Another victim
Posted by pi at at 9:59PM [GMT]
Roman also updates for 0.62 and ClrMamePro 2.82 is here. Actually yesterday he made a second release without those OK buttons, I guess this release also updates the engine.cfg for the new resources. He has also updated a lot of 0.62 related datafiles.

MAME Updates
Posted by pi at at 9:59PM [GMT]
As expected here it is MAME32 0.62, with also a long and generous changelog, and a MS Installer version which will be better for beginners. John IV has also updated the icons, screenshots, titles, cabinets and backgrounds, and their respective dats.

Also the other almost-semi-near-official version, DOS MAME 0.62, was updated by smf and made available for download at

The frequency fixed TVMAME32 0.62 has been updated quite quickly. Let's hope its DOS counterpart SmoothMame is updated soon too.

One word: HUGE
Posted by pi at at 1:08AM [GMT]
Finally, the longest release is here: MAME 0.62 "Shooters and hooters". 131 days of wait are gone now. The list of changes is quite long, and really impressive. You can check the changelog. Pay special attention where they say they are considering changing the license to GPL or LGPL... Interesting. I'll allow you to discover the rest by yourself. Good gaming!

Tuesday 12 November

Posted by pi at at 11:15PM [GMT]
ElSemi has made some more Model 2 WIP shots, they're looking good. Thanks to ShogetsuHS for the hint.

UltraCade no more
Posted by pi at at 10:31PM [GMT]
HyperWare, the manufacturer of the UltraCade game packs, has finished operations. This was one of the few resellers of ROMs within an emulation environment. Thanks to uRebelScum for the news.

Than manufacturer name... scary
Posted by pi at at 10:12PM [GMT]
It was being time for our dose of MAME WIP, where ten days of development have been logged. There are lots of things to mention, like the new games (with snaps) Fancy World, Megadon, Catapult, Status Trivia II and 4 En Raya (Four in a Row). Sound in Toffy and Super Toffy, right priorities in EPROM and Thunderjaws, a bunch of games added but not working, and other things you should read about. To be up to date and those things... If you want :-p

Remember the right choice
Posted by pi at at 10:12PM [GMT]
And Roman updated once again, and released ClrMamePro 2.81 which has as star new feature auto-update. Also new OK button in several dialogs...

Monday 11 November

Done with the pursuit
Posted by pi at at 10:16PM [GMT]
There is an update at Aaron's Home Page, where the living myth tells the story of how the hunt has finished for Off Road Challenge and War Gods, and I guess he will tell us next about the cooking...

Universally cool
Posted by pi at at 10:15PM [GMT]
Razoola has finally released The Universe Bios 1.0, an alternate bios for NeoGeo MVS hardware. This bios has extra features like built-in cheats, console mode, change region, debug dsw and developer mode access, memory card utility in MVS mode... Too much to mention. Raz has made it available to download as long as no redistribution is made. It is available also in an EEPROM chip for your personal use in your MVS hardware.

Daphne makes it
Posted by pi at at 10:15PM [GMT]
Another BeOS port, this time the new Daphne makes its debut in this OS. Of course, available at my premier (and only) source of BeOS news: :)

Sunday 10 November

Still working nicely, of course
Posted by pi at at 11:38PM [GMT]
Regardless of an earlier statement (which I personally refused to report here), Haze's MAME Page has been updated with WIP shots from a game called Fancy World. I'm not sure but I think I saw this game in a bar-restaurant 2-3 weeks ago while celebrating my bday...

The trick is...
Posted by pi at at 11:38PM [GMT]
After all the "how do I add games to the favorites folder" questions, MAME32QA seems to have added an option again in the context menu to add games to custom folders. Actually that is a really small WIP to report, but I want you to notice that beautiful cat :)

To BeOS or not to Win
Posted by pi at at 11:38PM [GMT]
At you have waiting a BeOS binary of RAINE 0.36.2, with the same fixes and additions but for BeUsers.

Saturday 9 November

More! More! More!
Posted by pi at at 10:01PM [GMT]
Leezer has released his Unofficial Hiscore.dat 7.95. There are not many additions compared to other releases, but support for Tapper and more than two dozen games more is more than enough for me :) Is everyone also waiting 0.62?

Let's take a break from emu news
Posted by pi at at 7:03PM [GMT]
I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to Nazli, a special friend of mine.

Twice on a day
Posted by pi at at 7:02PM [GMT]
And here is an update for a personal favorite of mine: RAINE 0.36.2. Changes in this bugfix release are the already mentioned line scroll fixed functions, Kick Off is playable, loads of sound fixes and many more here and there. Note that there was a bug release earlier today, so if your EXE is not 18:30 or older, then redownload. Refer to the main page for further information.

It's not Mayan Adventure
Posted by pi at at 7:01PM [GMT]
The Arcade Flyers Archive has received November's update, with around 20 new guests. Remarkable ones are a french Defender, english Exerion and a german Tempest. There is also a quite old one called Aztec Princess.

Another big one
Posted by pi at at 3:54PM [GMT]
More dumping updates at Guru's Good Stuff News. He dumped Area 51 / Maximum Force Duo, another CoJag game I think, and Hyper Athlete. Thanks to Tauchy and Tony for the pcb's! Guru also updated that Model 2 Status page, did anyone say DOA?
Update: San Francisco Rush with a big hard drive has been dumped too, thanks to Mr. F. for the pcb.

Friday 8 November

Gals Panic!
Posted by pi at at 7:55PM [GMT]
Aaron added something else to his home page: the Atari GALlery. It's a starting collection of JEDEC files which can be used to replace bad GALs (Gateway Array Logic?) found on many Atari PCB's.

In the right direction
Posted by pi at at 3:34PM [GMT]
Here you have more Model 2 WIP snaps, this time with preliminary texture drawing. Shots from Indianapolis 500, Sonic Championship, Virtual On and more. All looking great! In many you can still see graphic glitches. ElSemi is doing a great job, certainly, and I hope he keeps improving this stuff. Thanks to Shinobiz for the link.

Posted by pi at at 3:33PM [GMT]
And to tighten up even more your... Backups, here you have ZipMax 0.40. Ben Jos (Logiqx team member btw) added some nice things, Roman made some more changes, the result is fine and highly recommended.

Thursday 7 November

Or is it yours?
Posted by pi at at 10:46PM [GMT]
Check this autogenerated artwork.ini for your MAME32. It lists games with artwork files, based in your choices of official, unofficial, bezels, etc... Great. Thanks to Myclone for this hint.

GNU Power
Posted by pi at at 9:38PM [GMT]
Still not 2.00 but while waiting for it and the GUI, here we have UPX 1.24, which adresses a minor problem with certain binutils versions. Of course, updating is free, so why not?

Posted by pi at at 9:38PM [GMT]
There is some Mimic WIP, where he talks about some enhancement in the video mode usage, making the whole thing faster... And look, a new logo! Personally... I better shut up :)

The L Team
Posted by pi at at 9:37PM [GMT]
More teamwork at Ben Jos has updated once again the Daphne datafile, while SLA made the needed update for latest version of CottAGE. While the team was never officially presented, you can see it's working hard :)

It's back, fellas!
Posted by pi at at 12:07AM [GMT]
It looked like it was missing, but here it is RAINE WIP back again! Those snaps are from Street Fighter Zero, and line scrolls works again, and got added to the CPS-1 driver for this SFZ game. Incidentally it also fixes Strikers 1945, which is good for me (it runs at decent speed here). Stephh, it seems they're searching for you!

Advance to Windows?
Posted by pi at at 12:07AM [GMT]
There has been a general update at Advance Projects. AdvanceMAME 0.61.4, AdvanceMESS 0.61.1 and AdvanceCAB 1.1.1 have been released, with new SVGALib video drivers for Windows NT, 2000 and XP.

Posted by pi at at 12:06AM [GMT]
I wonder if this thing Roman Scherzer did would work for me. Maybe for Logiqx, but in my case... Hmmmmmmm... Anyway, I hope he gets some goodies, he deserves them.

Wednesday 6 November

Good news from the frontline
Posted by pi at at 2:45PM [GMT]
There has been an update at Aaron's Home Page. He talks about his tries with Driver's Edge and the Primal Rage/T-Mek sound hardware, but no luck due to a supposedly bug in a TMS cpu core. He is still searching for that Offroad Challenge, but mentions two good finds...
Update: He also added today a new section to his MAME Memories page: MAME Of Borg. As usual, very interesting stuff...

The Lost Arc
Posted by pi at at 2:44PM [GMT]
M.A.S.H. has found the lost info and he released MameInfo.dat 4.1c, which includes the latest bugs, the newest WIP, and more Levels infos, almost 500... This is a diff-update so fire up those GNU utils!

Tuesday 5 November

Musical score
Posted by pi at at 10:14PM [GMT]
Bobby Tribble has updated his big unMAMEd Arcade Games list with some things here and there, and (John William's Imperial March blasting) a list of fakes.

Posted by pi at at 10:14PM [GMT]
The mistery at the CottAGE Homepage has been solved.

One of my weakness...
Posted by pi at at 10:13PM [GMT]
A personal favorite in retrogaming, ScummVM, is going to see a new version soon, hopefully. Drool...

Not here yet, you can breath
Posted by pi at at 10:13PM [GMT]
Can you spell Pac-Man Movie? I can :) Thanks to Solvalou for the link.

Monday 4 November

Alternative dubbing
Posted by pi at at 7:37PM [GMT]
Twisty has made something quite curious: a new Astro Blaster sampleset with new speech synthesis. I gotta download this to see how it sounds, cause believe it or not, I play Astro Blaster. This unofficial candy is still a candy.

Dot One
Posted by pi at at 7:36PM [GMT]
Roman has made a little improvement and released ClrMamePro 2.80.1, which enhances the DiskImage's Set + Name check. Again, whatever that means :-p

The X-Files
Posted by pi at at 7:35PM [GMT]
There is some mistery at the CottAGE Homepage. I wonder what happens, maybe we will know soon.

Sunday 3 November

Loads of runners
Posted by pi at at 10:37PM [GMT]
After some drought, there's again a little CottAGE WIP. Gollum added Lode Runner to this little but growing Java emulator. Only a few graphic bugs in this addition.

Saturday 2 November

Will we hear horses?
Posted by pi at at 11:35PM [GMT]
Another update at Haze's MAME Page with a new, improved Super Derby driver with sound from R. Belmont.

Candy shop
Posted by pi at at 11:34PM [GMT]
Sweet MAME WIP today. Strikers 1945 III (Psikyo SH-2) snaps a go-go. Some XML output for the -listinfo option, and other little jelly beans for all of us.

Onscreen mayhem
Posted by pi at at 7:05PM [GMT]
Oh no, again Guru's ROM Dumping News! A little package from Japan arrived and what's in? Ten PCB's! Guess what, to get the full list you should go there but I can name Strikers 1999 and DoDonPachi II! Shoot'em'up fans will be quite happy I guess. Personally I can't wait to see the sequels of two of my fav shooters. Thanks to the donators Smitdogg, R. Belmont and Avedis Boyajian.

Fly away...
Posted by pi at at 6:58PM [GMT]
Past monday, Freitag passed away. I just knew today, that's why I didn't post earlier... Anyway now he is in bird heaven playing perfect emulators at 100% speed in a full-fledged cabinet with some dozen thousand games.

Software CPU core special
Posted by pi at at 2:30PM [GMT]
Vaz has added a new section to MamEnd with *cough* some goodies *ahem* from MAME. The nature of these goodies is rather specific, so you better go and check by yourself. I don't understand all that italian, but somehow my name appears there. My only guess is that it's only an error, a mistake or *ahem* an accident.

Illusion never changed
Posted by pi at at 2:29PM [GMT]
There has been an update at Guru's ROM Dumping News, with words about two new candies arrived... Back Fire! and Cyber Commando. There's also a mention about a redump of Gunblade NY by someone else. Go and read.

Needing some surgery, certainly
Posted by pi at at 2:28PM [GMT]
If you head now to Haze's MAME Page, you will find that he has released the Super Derby driver for MAME. It seems that it's a gambling game and likely will not appear in an official MAME release. However, the Avviso screen said that according to Italian law, it's not a gambling game. Only an inner examination of the program will clear the doubt.

Friday 1 November

One more
Posted by pi at at 10:39PM [GMT]
Logiqx released a little update for the Daphne datafile, supporting one more game in it... Bega's Battle.

Clarified Hyperspace Devo
Posted by pi at at 10:37PM [GMT]
Roman has released ClrMamePro 2.80 with complete and finished diskimage support. In the page you will find some whats and whatnots about diskimages, and how to use ClrMamePro with them. Besides all this, there are some fixes here and there. Memory leaks are baaaad...

Posted by pi at at 6:16PM [GMT]
There has been another update at Haze's MAME Page, with shots of the in progress driver for Super Derby. It seems to be coming along nicely and we'll probably see it in the MAME WIP very soon.

Never Touch
Posted by pi at at 3:47PM [GMT]
Andrea has released AdvanceCAB 1.1.0, which has support for Windows NT/2000/XP.

That guy with a helmet
Posted by pi at at 3:47PM [GMT]
Some day today you should be able to hear the Retrogaming Radio November Show, released one day earlier for Studio Pass members (or sumping). I mention all this cause it seems there is an interesting interview with Don Bluth about all and everything, plus some things about Dragons Lair 3d... Thanks to Chris for the news, and NOT to Check&Neverget.

Thursday 31 October

Not rotten, not at all
Posted by pi at at 11:28PM [GMT]
Mister Datman, a.k.a. Logiqx, has released tonight a lot of updates, like he mentions they're mainly trivial. He fixed a lot of minimal errors and updated a few datafiles for many emulators and the Neo-Geo system dat.

Posted by pi at at 3:19PM [GMT]
After eons of teasing, finally M1 0.7 has been released. You will find it in the Misc section of Emuhype. This sound player supports around 700 games, both arcade and pinball, from classics to recent and unemulated games. There are builds for Windows and Linux, and Richard Bannister has just released the Mac port. This is the first Halloween treat :) Is it the last?

Wednesday 30 October

Third mention today
Posted by pi at at 9:46PM [GMT]
He does a lot and now asks for some help. It seems Aaron Giles hasn't finished with the V-Unit system, he is searching for another game running in that hardware and asks for information about it; Offroad Challenge is the name.

The billiard effect
Posted by pi at at 9:46PM [GMT]
To reflect Aaron's latest sumbission, Roman has posted a small but contundent ClrMamePro WIP, stating that he added some more diskimage routines to work with those small, tiny, unimportant CHD files. Details and more bits in the WIP/Future section.

Now I'm really scared...
Posted by pi at at 5:14PM [GMT]
If the last one wasn't big enough, here we have another Heavy MAME WIP. Aaron is the culprit again: he completed and submitted his CoJag driver, with support for Area 51, Maximum Force and Vivious Circle. There aren't any CPU estimations, but I think my 333 will have a trouble with them, and my 56k too ;) On another note, that One Shot One Kill driver by Haze and Tourniquet has been submitted with still some graphics glitches and no sound. Stephh and smf finish the report with their usual fixes.

Tuesday 29 October

Seal of quality
Posted by pi at at 10:20PM [GMT]
Gerard has sent me an email to remind me about today's update at The Arcade Flyers Archive. Three new flyers, and three replaced ones with superb TAFA quality. Rastan Saga and Double Dragon (NeoGeo) are examples of what you could get if you visit them!

Team work
Posted by pi at at 10:18PM [GMT]
There's an update at Haze's MAME Page. He is working in a game called One Shot One Kill. The first shots had wrong colours, but Tourniquet fixed them and now everything looks nicer.

A la tercera...
Posted by pi at at 2:32PM [GMT]
Roman has released a fresh compile for the third time and ClrMamePro 2.76.3 got released. This time a bug in the settings-path-picker is solved (whatever that means). He also comments he's into something different, I wonder...

Another legal rom?
Posted by pi at at 2:31PM [GMT]
According to GameHippo, distribution of the arcade game Rip Off (c) 1979 Cinematronics for non-profit purposes might be legal. Thanks to Igamabob for this interesting info. Anyone cares to confirm?

Monday 28 October

Look at the number...
Posted by pi at at 10:50PM [GMT]
David Raingeard has released Calice 0.6.6, with support for GigaWing and... Also supports the X-Arcade controller. Since the official site is not available right now, it is downloadable directly from Consollection (scroll down for yesterday's news). Thanks to The Informer for the hint and Ben-J from Consollection for the info.

Model to follow
Posted by pi at at 10:13PM [GMT]
Logiqx has released a data file for Nebula Model 2, and Guru has updated the Model 2 Dumping Status page...

Bandwidth killer
Posted by pi at at 6:17PM [GMT]
There is another MAME WIP. Beware cause there are lots of pics and they are very heavy! All of them are from Cruis'n USA and Cruis'n World, Aaron submitted his Williams V-Unit driver which looks perfect and as it's mentioned there, also sounds perfect. Disadvantages? The specs needed... There are also other new things like imperfect sound in the Flower driver and various fixes and improvements here and there by the usual heroes.

Light one
Posted by pi at at 6:17PM [GMT]
Mike Beaver has posted some Mimic WIP yesterday and today, where he mentions the new addition to the guide, that totally outdated guide ;) which now documents the INI file. He also goes about the whereabouts and whatnots of the new CPU handling loops. Where's the source to look at? :) There is also another fix in the 68k core, and quite some talk about MegaSomethings :)

Sunday 27 October

Smarter than you think
Posted by pi at at 9:25PM [GMT]
Logiqx has made some improvements in the CAESAR engine, nothing you would notice normally. Anyway the manufacturer list at the left side of your browser has been updated with new lists for Psikyo, V-System Co. and a variety of hacks. I could also mention that this manufacturer list is cleverly generated, but I'm still thinking if I should :-p

Sunday WIP
Posted by pi at at 3:53PM [GMT]
Weekend time, MAME WIP. Along with Haze's improvements with Flower, he added some new mahjong games like Mahjong Diplomat, Mahjong Studio and Tonton. He also fixed slowdowns in Strikers 1945 plus, and probably that fix could affect other NeoGeo problems. There's also a fix in the 68k cores by Mike Coates (hinted by Razoola), Stephh fixed dips and inputs here and there, and some otehr things, as usual worth reading.

Posted by pi at at 3:44PM [GMT]
ElSemi has released Nebula Model 2 Test. As he says, it's just a preview, so don't expect anything finished. This is the Sega Model 2B emulator he has been working on, and the source of those snaps we saw some time ago in Emulatronia. Read the documentation for the list of all known problems, like no textures or sound, and the specs it needs (1Ghz anyone?). To finish, it supports all good dumps of Model 2B games. Duckie has posted at NonMAME a list of them, and remember the Model 2 page at Guru's ROM Dumping News.

One year cheating
Posted by pi at at 3:43PM [GMT]
And after a pause and as he said, Haggar has made finally his Cheat Archive 0.2.93b, for FBA, Nebula/Kawaks and MAME. It includes all the new SF2 hacks for Nebula, and adds or fixes cheats for SFA/SFZ and clones. And congratulations Mike Haggar, and much obligated thanks, for one year of your page, yesterday it was its anniversary.

The next step
Posted by pi at at 3:43PM [GMT]
Andrea Mazzoleni has released another Advance Project: AdvanceCAB v1.0.0. It's a collection of various utilities designed for using your PC with arcade monitors and TV's. If you are the owner of one of these, I suggest you to read the about page to learn about these five utils which will make your fiddling with these kinds of screens much easier.
Update: Thanks to Chris for making me realize this was not a new project but a new update of an already existing one.

Haze's garden
Posted by pi at at 3:43PM [GMT]
If you head to Haze's MAME Page, you will see a couple of snaps from the Flower driver, started by Insideoutboy and now continued by him.

The truth is in there
Posted by pi at at 3:42PM [GMT]
M.A.S.H. is still waiting for 0.62 and since it doesn't come, well here we have MameInfo.dat 4.1b. It includes as usual the newest WIP and latest bugs. He also moved the PORT info from the Orange Files into the dat.

Saturday 26 October

Not for light hearted
Posted by pi at at 6:44PM [BST]
For the real die hard Pong fans, who can't play it in MAME (unless it's FMAME32), here you have Text Based Pong, a highly demanding game in matter of wits, dexterity and reflexes. Rivers of adrenaline guaranteed. Thanks to
Xtian for the link.

Stealing news for a good cause
Posted by pi at at 3:00PM [BST]
Kazuya has reported at about the recently opened But the reason for this news tidbit is to congratulate Kaz for his 700,000 hits mark.

Here comes the stuff
Posted by pi at at 2:59PM [BST]
Tinker has added a MisfitMAME test build with a few new "features" like Neo No Panepon working, a few fixes, some hacks around and well, the usual stuff.

Good news from the frontline
Posted by pi at at 2:59PM [BST]
Aaron Giles has made a little update to state that he has fixed a king-size bug and now Cruisin' USA is playable with only a few glitches remaining, sound missing and heavy optimizations needed. Good to know indeed.

The last of its breed
Posted by pi at at 2:58PM [BST]
YAAME 0.3 has been released. It has new games like Jumping Jack and Pacman, fixes for Do games, better sound and sound support in three more games. Unfortunately the author states that this will be probably the last release of YAAME, which is always sad.

And even more teasers
Posted by pi at at 2:57PM [BST]
Again another preview release. X-MAME 0.61.1-pr9 includes MESS 0.61.1, and there is also this boss-not-happy-of-you-playing-at-job avoider... This time the patch to upgrade seems to be larger.

Posted by pi at at 2:57PM [BST]
There is a BeOS compile of the last Daphne, made and available at

Thursday 24 October

Happy bday Miu-Miu
Posted by pi at at 10:16PM [BST]
Two more interviews with Nicola Salmoria, one in Newsland and another one in La Nazione. Both are in italian unfortunately. As Gridle says, maybe he needs them for his thesis! Thanks to Nikla and F205v for the links.

Wednesday 23 October

I lost the headline for this one
Posted by pi at at 10:43PM [BST]
Another update at, where SLA (member of Team Logix) updated the datafile for Nebula 2.20, and Logiqx himself updated the CPS-1 dat.

Io non parla italiano
Posted by pi at at 10:42PM [BST]
F205v has posted in this thread about an interview with Nicola Salmoria in the newspaper Il Corriere della Sera, one of the most important newspapers in Italy. Unfortunately for now only the italian version is available, and that Altavista translation to english from Stroff. If anyone gets a nice, real translation, *please* contact me! Anyway in that thread you can get a couple of good clues ;)

Angry cockroaches (berzerk mode cockroaches!)
Posted by pi at at 10:42PM [BST]
Gyrovision has made a new, enhanced Berzerk sampleset for MAME, which apparently is more accurate to the original. Seen and found at Twisty's MAME Samples, where it's available.

Time to ponder
Posted by pi at at 10:41PM [BST]
I guess many of you use WinZip, well there's this release of WinZip 8.1 Service Release 1 which addresses a security issue with non-zip archives internally supported by this compression application. This is late anyway, I'll change compressor :-p

Every year the same thing...
Posted by pi at at 12:05AM [BST]
23 October. My birthday. 30. Bleh.

Tuesday 22 October

See what you can find...
Posted by pi at at 10:40PM [BST]
I saw at the MW News board about ArkEdit 1.0, an Arkanoid Level Editor. It's designed to work with the arcade roms, supporting four variants of Arkanoid. I didn't get the name/nick of the author, will try to fix that in next update. Btw Arkanoid has been one of my favorite arcade games ever!

More additions
Posted by pi at at 10:08PM [BST]
Treble Winner posted about FBA WIP, posted by Kev (who also wrote me about FBA recently), about a new driver running Rastan. Taito games into FBA, cool!

They came from the cold
Posted by pi at at 10:08PM [BST]
And another MAME WIP for your viewing pleasure. This time Penguin Brothers is the cute game of the week, submitted by Haze AFAIK. Aaron Giles added a Leland prototype called Asylum. And to end the snaps gallery, Galiber made some fixes and updates to the SH-2 core, improving things so now Sengeki Striker is playable. The rest of details are less visual but maybe more juicy.

Subtle message
Posted by pi at at 2:46PM [BST]
Roman has released ClrMamePro 2.76 refreshed compile #2, which has updated documentation, was added again to the standard urls and fixed the fixing dialog. Pure irony!

He's back for good
Posted by pi at at 2:46PM [BST]
I missed this one due to other things worrying me lately. EmuViews is back, JoseQ is posting news again, and peace will rule the world. Actually EmuViews has been updated all this weekend, sorry for not noticing earlier (blame Check&Neverget). Looking forward to the Rumour Mill! Welcome back JoseQ and thanks Anticupid for the news!

Monday 21 October

Legal and righteous
Posted by pi at at 9:49PM [BST]
Blastar has sent me an email me to tell me about a mame-fixed version of his free NeoGeo game Neo No Panepon. Check out this game, nice gameplay and *free* :)

Reporting from the other side of the world
Posted by pi at at 2:51PM [BST]
The Guru has dumped some Tekken boards, and he also redumped DOA, part of Virtua Cop 2, and updated bits and pics of the Sega Model 2 status page. Read details at his page, of course.

Bad practices...
Posted by pi at at 2:50PM [BST]
Aaron Giles is angry, and with reason it seems.

Sunday 20 October

More pr0n stuff?
Posted by pi at at 9:31PM [BST]
It seems that he doesn't want to rest, and Haze's MAME page has been updated again with some pics of the mahjong games he's working on.

Saturday 19 October

Small small small
Posted by pi at at 8:57PM [BST]
There is a small MAME WIP with the last two days. Yesterday is empty in the report, and today we see again that Gomoku Narabe Renju, Haze took Nogi's driver and finished it. As it seems it's a Go game, like I said. For once I'm right, geez ^_^

You have to be smart to do this...
Posted by pi at at 4:10PM [BST]
There are some new boards received by The Guru. Some Soul Edge and Tekken boards, Indy 500, and Gunbarich, to mention a few. Details at his place, and thanks to the ones who loaned the boards, Brian "Brain" Troha and Malcom McKay.

Go Haze Go!
Posted by pi at at 4:10PM [BST]
A little more WIP at Haze's MAME Page. It's a 1981 game called Gomoku Narabe -Renju-, and I think it's a Go style board game. Thanks to Taucher for the info.

Friday 18 October

Give it what it wants
Posted by pi at at 10:21PM [BST]
There is some CottAGE WIP, where Gollum added Sonson and clone to this Java emulator. Your browser is asking for it! (And I hope we will not wait as much for a release as with another famous emu...)

News from Spain (as usual)
Posted by pi at at 3:53PM [BST]
After forgetting for the Nth time to report about this, Stiletto wrote me about two things happening at Jose Tejada Gomez's homepage. First, the second draft of his manual for programming arcade machine emulators (news bit originally posted at Emulatronia), it's a 4 megs PDF and sorry for most of you, but it's in spanish. And second, as he announced earlier, he released the source code of his emulators Grytra and Mapefer3, plus the source code of a 6809 CPU core. Thanks to Stiletto for the heads up!

For the 20th time...
Posted by pi at at 2:22PM [BST]
And for the 20th time, Mike Beaver releases his nice emulator: Mimic 2.10. It's mainly a WIP release, which has some checks about sound+XP. There are also other minor things, check the changelog.

Another Sega work
Posted by pi at at 2:22PM [BST]
Charles McDonald is working now in a Sega Mega Tech emulator. There is even a snapshot of the menu, and he mentions the carts run nice in a Genesis emulator already. You can find more information about this hardware in System 16, where else? :)

Thursday 17 October

One week after
Posted by pi at at 9:40PM [BST]
Time for more MAME WIP. The last week of development has been archived and presented for your enjoyment. Haze has sent drivers for Field Combat (playable but not complete), Cross Shooter (not playable) and Hanaroku (complete with sound). R. Belmont added sound to quite some games, and Stroff added Legion. Aaron Giles also did some things here and there, besides his preliminary works in Cruisin' Anywhere. There are more fixes and things worth reading, so I'd suggest you to do so!

A long way ahead
Posted by pi at at 2:51PM [BST]
Not only that I'm personally interested in ScummVM, but also I think that their current legal issues have a parallelism with emulators. Their last status update contains a legal part which shows their progress with LucasArts in making ScummVM completely legal and endorsed by LucasArts. This would be a great step in a territory close to arcade emulation, and maybe other game manufacturers will see the light. Let's hope so, cause this is only one step, which has to be taken before others can be done...

Wednesday 16 October

Posted by pi at at 7:49PM [BST]
Aaron Giles has made a deal with the guys at MAMEFans, now he has again some bandwidth for those WIP shots. Now Crusin' USA looks better and Cruisin' World boots and shows some good progress, tho still needs a lot of work. Both games seem to be real CPU eaters, so don't put your hopes too high!

Gone gold
Posted by pi at at 2:47PM [BST]
Time for another update: X-MAME 0.61.1-pr8. This eighth preview release has some fixes, among them the integrated debugger should work now. Update yourself with the usual patch.

Extremely thin fighter
Posted by pi at at 2:46PM [BST]
Apparently the nineth chapter of the XiaoXiao series (the stick figure martial arts fighter and all-around tough guy) has been released. The Official XiaoXiao Homepage is really being hammered for this movie, even when it doesn't even have the eighth yet! It seems the flash movie is available in an alternate place, and it's labeled as a demo. It's a Final Fight style game, just with stick figures. Thanks to Lion2 for the hint.

Tuesday 15 October

Here he is again
Posted by pi at at 10:11PM [BST]
After a long pause (or undercover work, however you want to see it), ElSemi is back with Nebula 2.20. It features some fixes, a lot of SF2 hacks, and hiscore saving for CPS-2 games! You can use (after some conversion) MAME's hiscore.dat for this. At last my only missing feature :)

The wait was worth it
Posted by pi at at 10:11PM [BST]
MAMu_ has announced in the MW's News Submission Board the new release of MAMu_'s Icons 0.61. As he mentions, he's late, but better late than never and actually this is my favorite set of icons :)

Spirit Drivers(tm)
Posted by pi at at 2:29PM [BST]
After Field Combat, Haze's MAME Page features another WIP driver for a game called Hanaroku. It seems to be another of those Mahjong match cards game.

Aaron's Cruisin' Bandwidth
Posted by pi at at 2:29PM [BST]
Again Aaron's Home Page surpassed its transfer limit, rendering the WIP page without images until further notice. I guess that Cruisin' USA WIP shots were just too much. I think the girl with the flag was the culprit! :)

A new view
Posted by pi at at 2:28PM [BST]
RCP has released U64Emu 3.05, again with no source update. It only adds a new resolution: 320x240. He has also posted some interesting stuff about a portable dynamic recompilation core. I suggest that if you're into dynarec stuff, read it...

Monday 14 October

Posted by pi at at 10:04PM [BST]
Do I see a small update? FinalBurn 0.518 fixes a problem with Windows 2000, and the site has a new logo :)

Cruisin' Driver
Posted by pi at at 10:03PM [BST]
Another update at Aaron's Home Page. The MAMEDev doesn't rest, and he has made some improvement in the V-Unit driver. For now Cruisin' USA boots with some graphic glitches. Visit his WIP section to see the snaps and current status report.

Sunday 13 October

Pieces of history
Posted by pi at at 10:18PM [BST]
Mr. Datman a.k.a. Logiqx has updated once again the Older Emus archive, removing U64Emu (which is new again and already in the recent list), and adding the four old emulators made by Nicola Salmoria, before he merged them into what is now MAME.

I can't find my headline
Posted by pi at at 2:59PM [BST]
Mike Beaver has released Mimic 2.09, which needs updated HWC's. Not all of them have been updated yet, so be patient. About what's new, well that totally new Z80 core, fixes in the 68000 core, analog controls and a few more things. The future doesn't seem to bring much on the arcade side, but I'm still hopeful :)

Arcane language
Posted by pi at at 2:59PM [BST]
There's another tecchy update at Charles MacDonald's Home Page, where he talks about some things about sprites in System 16 hardware. He also mentions some words about a microcontroller used in System16B and System 18, so if you're into this stuff, go and read.

Saturday 12 October

Welcome to the Hotel California
Posted by pi at at 10:11PM [BST]
More (permanent) guests at The Arcade Flyers Archive. Besides some updates for PlayChoice 10 flyers, there are around 5 more new ones, like Bad Dudes vs Dragonninja (US), The Final Round and Scorpion. And they found out about that mahjong mistery flyer, the game is called Jantotsu. Any winner?

Icing the cup
Posted by pi at at 10:10PM [BST]
Logiqx has updated slightly some Calice drivers so there are not ROM name conflicts anymore, and updated its datfile consequently.

The eternal dilemma
Posted by pi at at 6:33PM [BST]
Update at Haze's MAME Page. He has decided to have a play with "that". What's that? The snap says "Field Combat". Taucher says Field Combat (c)1985 Jaleco. Decide which source is more trustable! :)

Latest news
Posted by pi at at 3:07PM [BST]
Update at Guru's ROM Dumping News. He has dumped another Super System 22 game, called Cyber Cycles, and also updated his Sega Model 2 page with more snaps and comments.

Friday 11 October

After 3 months...
Posted by pi at at 2:55PM [BST]
There is a little update of everyone's fav laserdisc emu: Daphne 0.99.5a. To quote from the site, this is a quick update to 0.99.5 so people can play DLE v2.0 in Daphne.

Thursday 10 October

Technically advanced
Posted by pi at at 7:07PM [BST]
Grand Master Pete has released a new flovie: MAME Rock! I've already seen it and it's great, fun, nice soundtrack and lots of MAME games in it ;) A must!

More things to come
Posted by pi at at 7:07PM [BST]
Five days of MAME WIP have been posted, with screenshots from Hore Hore Kid and Amazon. Lots of fixes and stuff for the next 0.62 release, whenever it comes :)

Wednesday 9 October

The next step
Posted by pi at at 9:43PM [BST]
Mr. Giles is on it again, if you check Aaron's MAME WIP, you will see a couple of shots from the self-test of Williams V-Unit hardware. Games like Cruisin' USA for example. Still in early stages, still writing the new CPU core for it, so let's be patient and support him :)

The dat flood continues
Posted by pi at at 8:08PM [BST]
And even more datafiles from Logiqx, this time Laser and Mimic were updated. Now only CottAGE needs update, but I hope there's a new release of it soon and then the datafile... Oh I forgot to mention he rescued the dat for U64Emu and renamed it, no rom changes there...

Yes, chicks really dig Pi!
Posted by pi at at 5:28PM [BST]
After its not very triumphal appareance in the Loony Bin, I've polished the SRMP4 sprite rip, removing some remaining backgrounds, fixing a problem with certain non-transparent colours, and also left the originals available. It was fun :)

La Grange
Posted by pi at at 2:46PM [BST]
As Dan said, the expected update at The Arcade Flyers Archive has come. There are around 30 new flyers, lots of japanese, and even one spanish :) Check it, and all the others if you want, but well... Haw!

Step by step
Posted by pi at at 2:45PM [BST]
RCP has made another little update, U64Emu 3.04 fixes the scanline simulation, and adds sound again. Only the binary is updated. Don't forget the forums!

Tuesday 8 October

Tiny change
Posted by pi at at 10:03PM [BST]
Roman has issued a refreshment compile of ClrMamePro 2.76, fixing only a small glitch with the default buttons...

Mistery of the week
Posted by pi at at 2:32PM [BST]
It seems that we'll have a new update at The Arcade Flyers Archive very soon, but first the TAFA staff wants to identify a mistery flyer. Visit them, check the unknown flyer and if you know the game and other data (or can read japanese), then help them!

Good karma for everyone
Posted by pi at at 2:32PM [BST]
There are some new boards at to discuss about RCP's projects. Join the talk and contribute if you can.

Sequels, sequels, sequels
Posted by pi at at 2:31PM [BST]
Unknown Soldier has made a neat post about upcoming arcade games. Do you remember those Snow Bros. 3 teasers? Well there's more to see here.

Monday 7 October

Medal of excellence
Posted by pi at at 9:34PM [BST]
Another update by Logiqx on his site. This time the updated datafiles are for the NeoGeo and CPS-1 systems, and for the sound emulators Nebula Jukebox, NeoJukebox and QPlayer. Now only three datafiles are still needing update.

Tecchy link of the day
Posted by pi at at 5:12PM [BST]
Take a look at FPGA Arcade, interesting how a whole old PCB can fit now in a single chip... Thanks to David Widel for the link!

Posted by pi at at 2:26PM [BST]
Aaron's Home Page has been revamped a bit, and updated here and there. It's always good to get lost in webs like this one, full of interesting stuff. Of course I'll recommend to pay special attention to the WIP page ;)

I'm lost, and you?
Posted by pi at at 2:26PM [BST]
RCP has found a couple of things and updated both the binary and source of U64Emu. Among other things, now the emulator supports both KI games. However, it seems there is a problem with the downloads for now, I'll give more info when available. Actually I'm not very sure of what's going on :)
Update: Now the downloads are there, check RCP's site for the 3.02 version.

Sunday 6 October

This Java3D thing
Posted by pi at at 9:54PM [BST]
What you saw on the last CottAGE WIP, has been added to JEmu too, of course by Erik Duijs again :) He also change the Z80 core from the recent CottAGE changes, which resulted in a performance improvement. Again, Erik's main project is CottAGE, and JEmu was changed as a kind of teaser before the new release of CottAGE sees the light. To Erik: look at StretchMAME. Sorry man :)

Another point of view
Posted by pi at at 1:36PM [BST]
And now, CottAGE WIP in 3D! Erik Duijs has been playing with Java3D, and the result as you can see in the snap, is some 3D perspective view while playing games, and also full screen playing. Nice. But I think StretchMAME did this too?

What marks the difference
Posted by pi at at 1:36PM [BST]
M.A.S.H. has made a diff-update for MameInfo.dat 4.1a, since there is no MAME. Along iwth the newest WIP and latest bugs, he has removed the artwork info, and added LEVELS information for the first fourth of games (aproximately). I'm curious to see that LEVELS thing, what it could be?

Saturday 5 October

Open your eyes/Abre los ojos
Posted by pi at at 9:29PM [BST]
I hope you're paying attention, cause Logiqx keeps working on updating everything, this time the lucky dat is for Calice 0.6.4.

And old man told me...
Posted by pi at at 9:28PM [BST]
There's an update at Bobby Tribble's unMAMEd arcade games. Strange, uh? Well, the usual batch of information about more games, removed some missing items from the 0.61 update, and a new page for games without CPU which has a terribly bad explanation :)

Too long and complex for just two days
Posted by pi at at 3:57PM [BST]
And yesterday the MAME WIP looked truly great! Aaron Giles finally submitted the Atari Polygon update, with working games and sound. Tons of screenshots! Do not forget Paul Priest's newest driver, for a shoot'em'up called Nostradamus, nor the DSW fix by... No it's not Stephh ;) Anyway that's old stuff, you gotta see the screenies on the archived WIP of the rest of the month. There is more MAME WIP for today, where Paul Priest enhanced his Nostradamus driver with the addition of Magical Cat Adventure (more shots at Tourniquet's WIP). As well there are some improvements in the Jaleco Megasystem 32, including a new game in it. All the details at you-know-where.

More news on the subject
Posted by pi at at 3:57PM [BST]
According to X-Box Hacker, Final Burn Alpha X has been released. It's still buggy but apparently works. I would like to find a link to the source or something, if possible... Thanks to Lux 92866 and Raiden16 for the info and link.

Read carefully
Posted by pi at at 3:56PM [BST]
Since Aaron submitted the polygon games' driver, he also update his Home Page. Some of the sentences give too many clues :) On the other hand, he is searching for some more games working in the same hardware.

Not exactly arcade, not yet
Posted by pi at at 3:56PM [BST]
There's some more Mimic WIP, showing the advantages of the new Z80 core in two Megadrive screenshots. I hope this also means more arcade compatibility ;)

Not a peeble
Posted by pi at at 3:56PM [BST]
It seems that yesterday I left just too soon, since I also missed the release of ClrMamePro 2.76. This time Roman did a big job, with lots of fixed, changed and improved stuff. The changelog is quite long and nice.

Friday 4 October

Sounds good to me
Posted by pi at at 3:06PM [BST]
I guess some of you know about a certain Arcade Ambience sound, a MP3 one hour long which tries to resemble the enviromental sound of an arcade lounge, which was made by Andy H. Well we've discovered it's hosted at MAMEFans, an argentinian site about... MAME :) So now people without usenet access can grab this fine piece. Still if you find more web links for this huge file, mail me! Thanks to Andy H. himself for the hint.

The secret has been revealed
Posted by pi at at 3:06PM [BST]
RCP, the author of U64Emu, has decided to release the sources of his emulator for Killer Instinct and Killer Instinct 2. Going open-source is a big step like PeterD said, we hope this project will keep going on with improvements and good spirit. Get the sources if interested at the KIAME site, still the headquarters of the project.

Too messy for my head
Posted by pi at at 3:05PM [BST]
The Beaver has posted some more Mimic WIP, reporting about the latest things happening in this generic hardware emulator. Z80 core has been rewritten and you can read about other techy things.

Posted by pi at at 3:05PM [BST]
I've been reading at the Unofficial MAMED page about a new MAME version for Dreamcast, done by Warmtoe and called Exidy MAIM, with the gun games from Exidy 440 hardware. No sound, it's slow, but I guess it will improve, and it supports the Dreamcast lightgun. Fun!

Thursday 3 October

Search & find (destroy is alternative)
Posted by pi at at 10:00PM [BST]
Tormod has been kind to write me about the public release of fdaz 1.02, or Find Duplicates Across Zipfiles. It detects duplicates by CRC among zipfiles, allows recursion and it's very fast. I use it quite often (as kinda like beta-tester), and it's quite nice for maintaining certain kind of files ;) In the page you will find other nice and small utils like sfz and gsar, take a look. Thanks again Tormod.

Posted by pi at at 3:29PM [BST]
In hopes of getting the team working soon, Logiqx is doing a lot of work in the shadows, and as results, four emulator and system dats have been updated (ACE, Viva Nonno, ZiNc and ZN) which fix some merging and similar issues with them, plus the Older Emus pack too. Keep on the good work, boy :)

The hero is back
Posted by pi at at 3:29PM [BST]
Eldio has released Marquee pack #9, with 24 new images and 61 updated pictures. Great to see him back in action! You can get the pack, updated dats and the rest of marquees at EMAM, located in The Domain of Eldio. Scary :)

I hope they get the hint!
Posted by pi at at 3:28PM [BST]
If you visit CottAGE's home page today, you will get two things: First, CottAGE WIP with Gollum adding and readding games and clones, and second, an updated development chart which for me means "nice moment for a new release" :)

Wednesday 2 October

After the drought, flooding
Posted by pi at at 10:06PM [BST]
Oh how much I was missing the MAME WIP! It's back with ten days of development and lots of pics. Novelties: Jaleco Megasystem 32 is looking cooler than ever, Metal Hawk and Steel Gunner 2 are playable (whoohoo!), the 1978 Atari classic Sky Rider, Nichi's SFX, and lots of fixes here and there. Details available at your usual dealer.

Do that funky cheat dance
Posted by pi at at 10:05PM [BST]
One month later, Stephh has updated The Ultimate Patcher's site with their latest WIP cheat database, with many cheats from the cheat board, so good stuff for everyone.

Big, bigger, biggest
Posted by pi at at 10:05PM [BST]
Big CottAGE WIP this time. Gollum is the lone star today too, with quite some more games and screenies than we're used too. Check them out for your future browser enjoyment.

Tuesday 1 October

So cool!
Posted by pi at at 11:26PM [BST]
After a year of development, here we have the first public release of SSE 0.070 (beta) by Stefano Teso. It's a Sega Saturn and ST-V hardware emulator, that means Titan-Video arcade games for you! Read the post carefully, and as the author says, also read the documentation! For now it's a DOS binary, doesn't run at full speed and there are emulation parts still missing. We're waiting patiently then :) Thanks to The Informer for the news!

Updating some needed things
Posted by pi at at 10:34PM [BST]
Returning from well deserved holidays, Logiqx has updated a few more datafiles: RAINE, Daphne and FBA, as well as a couple MAME resources one. The resource datafiles were Logiqx-style created and packed by the team, good work guys :)

Rumour unmill
Posted by pi at at 10:33PM [BST]
The guys over at CPS Systems2 have some comments on the latest rumours about Capcom being bought by Microsoft. After the Rareware deal, it wouldn't look really that weird, but it would be sad. Check the information, there's nothing definite yet.

Monday 30 September

Unconfirmed, unknown, still unverified
Posted by pi at at 9:54PM [BST]
TiMan reported Finalburn on X-Box. I can't confirm it cause someone told me it might be a bit fake, but still not sure. So if anyone could confirm or deny this port, I would be grateful.

You're enjoying to all our flyers!
Posted by pi at at 9:42PM [BST]
A few new flyers got into The Arcade Flyers Archive, as well as one recovered. Actually three new flyers, I found the one called Why Convert One Dead Game into Another Dead Game as something quite interesting. So go and enjoy.

Anyone heard of Norstrilia?
Posted by pi at at 9:42PM [BST]
Haze has made a couple little updates on his Jaleco Megasystem 32 WIP, engrish is the subject, can you reveal the hidden message? :) There's some mention of non-arcade stuff on his MAME page as well, I thought I could give it some promo instead of heading everyone kamikaze towards the JMS32 page :-p
Update: It seems he updated once again his main page while I was writing the news, well basically Guru is happy cause SFX got emulated. Almost :)

Sunday 29 September

Classics never die
Posted by pi at at 10:28PM [BST]
Another update at my favorite NeoGeo place: (actually the only one I visit). Variated news for NeoGeo fans, a few inserts, plus the usual mistake with the date :) Go on Kaz!

Tech stuff but also WIP
Posted by pi at at 10:28PM [BST]
You should head to Charles MacDonald's Home Page, where he posted a little screenshot of a game called Laser Base. The emulation is not complete, so again be patient. I've not been able to find any info on this game, except a little mention on Bobby Tribble's unMAMEd arcade games (maybe next time I should search for the "parent"). He also talks about his System C2 hardware notes and test programs, which might see the light soon.

Saturday 28 September

Interesting things to read
Posted by pi at at 7:06PM [BST]
Time to read a bit: One Buck Forty or Die (John C. Dvorak for PC Magazine), Record Labels Request Online Sabotage Rights (James Maguire for NewsFactor), and Intellectual Property Implications of "Lock-Out" Programs (Julie E. Cohen). Thanks to Fazeo, The Informer, and the someone I forgot who gave me the Reverse Engineering link :)

Two million, two!
Posted by pi at at 2:05PM [BST]
Congratulations to Sixtoe and his System 16 - The Arcade Museum site, yesterday they hitted the two million mark on the counter. Keep on the good work Toby, and remember to say hi to Jack :)

Friday 27 September

How many up to today?
Posted by pi at at 9:57PM [BST]
Roman has found time to make and release ClrMamePro 2.75, with various little new things, fixed things, and changed things, which still makes this great ROM manager even greater.

This is becoming annoyingly l33t
Posted by pi at at 2:31PM [BST]
Time for CottAGE WIP. Gollum is revamping from scratch the Pacman driver, and nine clones are included in it. Pacman in MY browser, isn't that l33t? :)

Ars in gratia
Posted by pi at at 2:24PM [BST]
Another update, Haze's MAME page has been updated by his owner (who else?) with new stuff about Jaleco Megasystem 32. The pictures are starting to look much better, but still much to do so hold your breath!

Yesterday's news
Posted by pi at at 2:23PM [BST]
Updated the famous Guru's ROM Dumping News by... The Guru. Actually only the Sega Model 2 hardware page has suffered a lil update, but I guess some of you will find that small update very interesting. So here it is. It was. Whatever.

Thursday 26 September

Uhm, sorry
Posted by pi at at 9:13PM [BST]
No news today. Between the lack of news and the ZTNet shortage (related?), and being all day playing DOOM Legacy, I have now no time to post the little tidbits. I have to go for a movie, so I'll post the tidbits tomorrow. Have a good day/night (wherever you live!)

Wednesday 25 September

Posted by pi at at 9:59PM [BST]
Another MAME developer who reveals secrets, Haze has also updated his website with juicy news about his latest project: Jaleco Megasystem 32. It's still very preliminary so don't expect miracle development. We trust in you Haze!

Seven previews for seven releases
Posted by pi at at 3:52PM [BST]
More and more preview releases, this time it's X-MAME 0.61.1-pr7. I guess they are polishing it as much as possible since it seems there's time enough before 0.62 :) The changelog is composed by confusing *nix stuff, and this version is available thru a patch, but they don't mention that it's small like other times...

He's l33t, right?
Posted by pi at at 3:51PM [BST]
The mighty Aaron Giles has updated his website once again with Atari Polygon WIP... And certainly there are really good news! There is SOUND, and there are CONTROLS, and everything WORKS in Hard Drivin'!!! Now everything is a bit slower, but anyway my computer is not enough for them, optimized or not... Maybe you're lucky and yours is! Go there and read more news about Race Drivin', Steel Talons, etc... Worthy!

The Unforgettable Fire(d)
Posted by pi at at 3:51PM [BST]
How could I've missed this one!!!!! Zzap!Raine Issue 5! Thanks to Stephh for reminding me that Check&Get doesn't work well with that addy :)

Tuesday 24 September

The Delphi Oracle says
Posted by pi at at 9:51PM [BST]
As Grand Master Pete says, the Greek Goverment has made some important modifications to the now infamous Law 3037, and now gaming is again legal in Greece. Congrats to all the affected (and now happy again) gamers!

Sexy Mr. F.Lea
Posted by pi at at 9:50PM [BST]
This might seem unimportant and small, but Dan from The Arcade Flyers Archive has posted a complete and uncropped Mr. F.Lea flyer. Didn't make it to the Flyer Pack #15, too bad.

Monday 23 September

Package the pack for packing and packaging
Posted by pi at at 9:59PM [BST]
Gerard from The Arcade Flyers Archive has written me to tell me about the Flyer Pack #15, with 63 new flyers and 24 replaced ones. Probably the pack will appear soon at The MAME32 QA/Test & Art Dept.

Celebration day
Posted by pi at at 9:56PM [BST]
Vaz and the rest of the team from MamEnd has reached 500 grand finales in his site. Remember to check the english guide if like me, you're italian impaired. Congrat guys for so many endings!

Last call
Posted by pi at at 9:56PM [BST]
The guys at MAME-X, the X-Box MAME port, have added a WIP page about progress in this port. I'll not report the progress here so it's a good time to save the bookmark and information for future reference ;)

All of them, all
Posted by pi at at 9:55PM [BST]
The guys at CP Systems 2 have some nice links from the last TGS show, they are two videos of the latest Capcom games. I'd suggest you to take a look to that Capcom All-Time-Story Fighting Super-Stars :)

One more, one less
Posted by pi at at 9:39PM [BST]
Seems we are in another group of mayhem days in the CottAGE WIP. Today Gollum fixed Mr. Jong/Crazy Blocks, LFE added preliminary Pooyan support and Sandy McArthur optimized bitmap copying. Details and screenshots where available.

Five years and still on the edge
Posted by pi at at 9:33PM [BST]
Mr. Roman has released ClrMamePro 2.74. We could consider this kinda like a Fifth Anniversary Edition, as he mentions that this month ClrMamePro has turned five years old! Congratulations and thank you very much for a five years continued effort! About the new release, as usual it has a handful of fixes, changes and improvements. Word for Logiqx: dir2dat creates datfile crc entries with leading 0x.

Getting close to lightspeed
Posted by pi at at 9:32PM [BST]
Andrea has released AdvanceMAME 0.61.3, with its usual companion AdvanceMenu 2.1.2. The amount of changes is nice enough to not worry: sure they all are of high quality :)

Another one I didn't see
Posted by pi at at 9:31PM [BST]
The Guru has updated his site with some Model 2 information. Lots of various information on the games and different hardware, and some preliminary emulation shots when available. Actually this was pointed at me by Smitdogg, thanks man. I didn't see what was changed :)

Sunday 22 September

Posted by pi at at 9:55PM [BST]
PeterD from EmuHQ has pointed me to a very interesting thing called Mini-ITX. Possibilities? Endless! A good example is the Jelly Bean. That's the last page, but if you read the whole construction, well, it's awesome! I want one!

Nice butt, yeah
Posted by pi at at 9:54PM [BST]
Oh there is more CottAGE WIP! This time Gollum has fixed Tropical Angel, which is now perfect. Now you can see that nice... Uhmmm... Blue sea in full browser glory.

Sore throat?
Posted by pi at at 9:54PM [BST]
Kazuya has updated with... Guess what... NeoGeo news! :) Well, some info about the Rage of the Dragons AES cart, and a scan of its insert, which is another great example of fine japanese style art. Also some linking of the COUGH2002 videos :-D

Posted by pi at at 9:54PM [BST]
Here we have CANAME 0.61.10. These guys always polishing things. The changes are mostly cosmetical, and anyway they are only three :) But, despite anything else, I always recommend the same: upgrade!

Expensive parfums come into small bottles
Posted by pi at at 9:53PM [BST]
It has been a small update over at The Arcade Flyers Archive. Gerard added a new flyer, for the game Ring Rage, and replaced flyers for five other games like Soul Calibur and Killer Comet.

Yin & yang
Posted by pi at at 9:53PM [BST]
Mike Haggar, THE Haggar has released his Cheat File/Archive 0.2.93a. It includes new cheats for Giga Wing and various Street Fighter AlphaZeroWhatever, and also fixes some cheats for Street Fighter AlphaZeroWhatever.

Suddenly, a stranger
Posted by pi at at 9:52PM [BST]
It was time for M.A.S.H. to update once more again his thingy. MameInfo.dat 4.19 includes the latest bugs, the newest WIP, and for the first time, the Orange files from MameTesters have been included inside the dat as well.

Atomiswhat? Chocolate who? Gotta love the names :)
Posted by pi at at 4:05PM [BST]
Sixtoe has been kind enough to tell me by email about his last update at System 16 - The Arcade Museum! It's an historical day, two big updates in such a short time! Well about the update itself, as usual there is a lot of everything, but I guess one of the interesting bits is the inclusion of information about Chihiro (X-Box hardware), mention of the future Naomi 3 hardware (interesting bit), and the change from System X to... Atomiswave! What's that? Oh well I can't tell all which has changed, would be too long. Go there and read yourself :-p

Too much work
Posted by pi at at 4:05PM [BST]
Gridle has updated once again the MAME WIP and still no sign from 0.62! But well, the WIP deals with some interesting stuff in these last seven days. There is good sound, music, linescroll and sprite placing in the SKNS driver, total slapstic support in Rampart, the new games Ace and N.Y. Captor, updated Starship 1 driver, and finally a better Namco System 2 driver with real protection emulation which makes Lucky & Wild and Suzuka 8 Hours 2 playable. Thanks to all the devs for their contributions, and go read the remaining bits, they're also worthy!

Friday 20 September

Alan, where are you?
Posted by pi at at 7:06PM [BST]
Uh, honestly, I hate this kind of teasers. Now I will be unable to sleep until I discover which is the game mentioned in the Mimic WIP. What's that formula? Some secret code I don't recognize (I haven't gone to school in my current reincarnation) which might shed a little light over the secret? Any information will be appreciated, thanks.

The D Team
Posted by pi at at 2:25PM [BST]
Before he goes off for a week and a while, Logiqx has updated *finally* the Nebula and Kawaks dats (as part of the training it seems). Taking into account the MAME Icons dat (done by the team), it's being done quite some work on the dat-side there. Getting better every day!

Thursday 19 September

Missed myself?!?!?
Posted by pi at at 10:56PM [BST]
Oh well... I was expecting that I got to my first thousand news posts and I missed it. Blame myself! Actually this is my 1,030th post, could you believe it? That makes an average of 4.3 posts per day. And I didn't abuse too much with non-arcade news :) Not too bad, I thought I would just stay posting a couple of weeks :-p

He does sound like a broken record :)
Posted by pi at at 2:51PM [BST]
And again another candidate for 0.61.1: X-MAME 0.61.1-pr6. The sixth in the saga fixes the MAME_NET support. Again only a tiny small little minimal patch.

Infinite 0.61.x ahead?
Posted by pi at at 2:51PM [BST]
Another spirit release: CANAME 0.61.9. Small fixes, but I like the idea of a message saying something when there are no dips. Is that enought to make you download it? :) Who knows...

Wednesday 18 September

Viva yesyes
Posted by pi at at 8:03PM [BST]
Logiqx has released datfiles for VivaNonno 22.0.3. There are some differences from already existing ones, so I'd suggest you that if System 22 is your choice, then get these dats for ClrMAMEPro and RomCenter.

Gotta love the version numbering!
Posted by pi at at 2:39PM [BST]
Tux is spoiling us with the quick and bugfixed versions lately for each major release. So here we have RAINE 0.36.1 which is packed with lots of fixes. The changelog is stated in the frontpage, lots of things in the GunBird driver, fixed music and adpcm sound, demos, well, you know the deal :)

One day has passed
Posted by pi at at 2:39PM [BST]
Who doesn't like quick bugfixed versions? Here it's X-MAME 0.61.1-pr5 to prove it. It has a configfile patch reapplied, and the changelog correctly reflects the real name of the -audiodevice parameter (was -waveout, ick). Preview Release 4's users are lucky enough to need to apply only a tiny little smallish patch.

Tuesday 17 September

For one of the Avengers
Posted by pi at at 7:03PM [BST]
Hey man, I just wanted to comment you that you're missing something: One single Garfield strip. Thanks for the other 9,000 ;)

Move'em up!
Posted by pi at at 3:39PM [BST]
More CottAGE WIP from the newest member of the growing development team. This time LFE added support for Mr. Jong/Crazy Blocks. Still some wrong colors but nothing which can't be fixed with a bit of time.

MAME Kombat 4
Posted by pi at at 3:38PM [BST]
Did you think they were on holidays or what? Well actually yes, but still they keep working hard and here we have X-MAME 0.61.1-pre4. This Preview Release 4 will become the final 0.61.1 if nothing goes wrong. The list of changes is quite long. Among everything, sound logging :)

Happy birthday, celebration day
Posted by pi at at 3:34PM [BST]
Today we've had one year of ScummVM. Congrats for all this time and effort, and thanks to all the developers! You can say the same in their forums and IRC channel ;)

Monday 16 September

The family grows
Posted by pi at at 3:20PM [BST]
I knew I was missing something in the news lately... CottAGE WIP! Two good additions: A new member in the team, called LFE, and preliminary support for Tropical Angel.

Only for your eyes
Posted by pi at at 3:17PM [BST]
Charles McDonald has made available a preliminary document about Sega System 18 Hardware. Beware, it's hardcore read. He mentions a few bits more in his news, and says he will complete the information soon.

Sunday 15 September

Visrtually striking
Posted by pi at at 11:54PM [BST]
I don't know if people has seen some more Model 2 WIP, apparently there are two new pics of the game Virtua Striker. Picture 1 and picture 2 show progress in the 3D drawing but still far from perfect. Thanks to Karadoc for the hint.

Posted by pi at at 9:40PM [BST]
BeOS users can now enjoy the last RAINE with the binary available at RAINE 0.36 has good changes indeed!

ISO 9001?
Posted by pi at at 1:55PM [BST]
After a long time, Gridle has updated once again MAME's Artwork page. Note that this page contains only the artwork Gridle thinks is good enough. So only around 30 additions, but seem to share a good quality level.

Saturday 14 September

Woes and growls
Posted by pi at at 11:22PM [BST]
As my program AhorroTabaco/SmokeSavings says, I've been without smoking 2^8 days (100 in hex). In that time I've saved 523 euros (which I've not seen anywhere anyway). If I ever get to install again everything needed to remove an offending URL from the program and fix the only bug it has, I will release it. However making a good program like this (well it's a simple one), saving big bucks, or even being such a long time without a single smoke doesn't make me happy. Bad day today, maybe PMS? Today I want to kill someone. Maybe... You!

Double WIP with cheese and bacon
Posted by pi at at 6:14PM [BST]
Time for another MAME WIP report. Lots of stuff going on with the Super Kaneko Nova and Psikyo SH2 systems, it seems everyone is putting their hands on them to polish. Actually the only other change not related to these that I can see right now is a proper Z80 reset after service mode (classic bug), submitted by Mr. Rodewald. Good boy Barry!

Giga Cheat
Posted by pi at at 6:13PM [BST]
One weekend, one update? Haggar has uploaded & linked FBA & Nebula/Kawaks Cheat Archive & MAME Cheat File 0.2.93, with all the new Giga Wing cheats (and Cyberbots USA), more cheats for MvsC and a bunch of fixed cheats. I guess this is quite a big update, so you know the rule...

Blimey, free time!
Posted by pi at at 2:17AM [BST]
Yes, the man with more fingers than usual has updated System 16 - The Arcade Museum. Sixtoe has made a really big update, I wouldn't know where to start. I'd mention tho his new Appendix, useful for people who doesn't master all the technical terms around all this hardware mess :) Thanks man for such a great effort on this truly great site!

Friday 13 September

Mr. Giles watches you
Posted by pi at at 3:53PM [BST]
And one more change at Aaron Giles' page. Not as "big" as the Atari Polygon WIP (everyone seemed so mayhem about Steel Tallons). It includes his to-do list (so you know what he is going to attack in the future), his MAME Log (so you know what he has attacked in the past), and the Slapstic FAQ, updated with info on a new chip. So there is a bit for everyone, and don't forget to check his Fun Facts!

(wash)Machine code
Posted by pi at at 3:52PM [BST]
Another update I missed is the release of CPSMAME 9.11.02, the CPS-only MAME for the Mac users. Of course it includes the latest XOR'ed games and all that stuff. But, Giga Wing doesn't work with the PPC ASM 68K CPU cores, so there is another version available with the other really slow C cores...

Posted by pi at at 3:51PM [BST]
Somehow I missed an update past wednesday, about MAME-X, the X-Box port. Mainly it talks about changed and fixed things which will be in next release. Excuse me Xboxers, but for me is hard to track all this arcade-on-console stuff since I'm not motivated ;)

Posted by pi at at 3:51PM [BST]
Well actually the last CANAME didn't have the XOR'ed games, excuse my lack of japanese skill :) But CANAME 0.61.8 has them! Also now the english page is there, maybe I missed it past time. Uh my head...

Today is your day
Posted by pi at at 3:50PM [BST]
Well, today is Friday the 13th. Are you ready for the fun tonight?

Thursday 12 September

Datman Returns
Posted by pi at at 10:38PM [BST]
Official statement from Logiqx at his site. Yes I can confirm the team stuff is going well, hopefully it will start to work soon with some good and up-to-date dats. In the meanwhile, he has released dats for CPS-2 and MAME 0.61 (including changes). Just in time for next MAME, maybe :)

Zeroed for you
Posted by pi at at 10:37PM [BST]
Raz has recompiled CPS2MAME 2.613, which fixes that annoying thing with the zeroes in Giga Wing. I guess he will update *again* his dats...

Fixes fixes fixes
Posted by pi at at 10:37PM [BST]
ElSemi works fast and releases a fixed Nebula 2.19d. Moo has sound again, and an old resetting bug with Eco Fighters which also showed in Giga Wing got fixed too.

Shin day
Posted by pi at at 10:36PM [BST]
Users ask for, Roman grants. ClrMamePro 2.73 is the latest effort to have everything working well before next MAME. This time it addresses Windows 95 compatibility. I got lost in all that release mania comment, but well... Anyway I like the release mania, as long as it sticks to one version per day ;)

Good news for Greece
Posted by pi at at 3:14PM [BST]
Such a ridiculous law couldn't stand up for too long, thankfully... As explained in this article, that greek law banning videogames, effectively banned videogames (not like others were saying), and hence was declared inconstitutional by a judge. Congrats for my mediterranean neighbours! Thanks to Twisty for the info.

Wednesday 11 September

I sense a release...
Posted by pi at at 10:38PM [BST]
The first MAME variation to have been updated for latest XOR's is CANAME 0.61.7. Since the what's new hasn't been translated from japanese, I guess it has the new XOR's and then some UI changes :)

A sign?
Posted by pi at at 7:46PM [BST]
It's MAME WIP, again. Like Gridle says, excellent and quick progress. Everyone (apparenlty) has been busy with the Super Kaneko Nova system. Check all the shots of so many Gal/Jan games :)

Nebula keeps getting bigger
Posted by pi at at 5:29PM [BST]
ElSemi keeps with the tradition and releases Nebula 2.19c on XOR day. The only novelties are the new XOR's support, and fixing of a nasty bug which caused CPS-1 Q-Sound games to crash. As you might now, he is busy with other things...

Here comes the long awaited title
Posted by pi at at 5:29PM [BST]
Razoola also puts his grain of sand today, rather a big grain actually at CPS2Shock: XOR release day! The games are Cyberbots (USA) and the big surprise: Giga Wing! The USA and Japan versions have been XOR'ed. He has also recompiled and released CPS2mame v2.612 to support these releases, and also includes a fix for raster effects in X-Men Vs. Street Fighter and Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter.

Still one of the best
Posted by pi at at 5:28PM [BST]
Here it is, as announced: RAINE 0.36. New games: Strikers 1945 and Tengai/Sengoku Blade (for all of you who can't wait for MAME), and three new clones for Gunbird, ESP Ra.De. and Sengoku Ace. Features: new documentation, wav logging, digital sound in Toki and Silkworm, fixed CPS1 sprite priorities, faster Psikyo games, and Battle Bakraid has good sound (only with the latest Guru's dump!). These just to name a few! Get everything you need for your RAINEing experience!

Never enough with Driving
Posted by pi at at 5:27PM [BST]
There is an update at Aaron's Home Page, by your (or at least my) favorite MAME dev. After quite long, he again shows his progress, this time about Atari Polygon games, with a good long WIP page full of screenies and information. Not advisable to miss it!

Moved to a good place
Posted by pi at at 5:26PM [BST]
CANAME, the Capcom And Neogeo MAME variation with tons of new things has moved with his brother JMAME to MAME Spirits. Update your bookmarks.

Life goes on
Posted by pi at at 5:25PM [BST]
Well, after the serious thoughts, time for the usual gaming stuff. But before, a bit of advertisement :) There is a new release at Cerulean Studios: the free IM Trillian 0.74. It's the IM of my choice, fully free, simultaneous support for AOL IM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo IM and basic IRC... Skinnable and packed with good features. A good option for you IM junkies.

Words aren't enough
Posted by pi at at 12:11AM [BST]
September 11th

Tuesday 10 September

A new fine game
Posted by pi at at 10:31PM [BST]
After so much Neohype, 3Dflood and such things, old 2D platform games come back with Snow Brothers 3. This same company will announce Toki II as well. It seems these games might be unlicensed, tho. Thanks to Unknown Soldier for the info.

Posted by pi at at 10:15PM [BST]
The Beaver has released Mimic 2.08 with some new goodies: X-Arcade support, fixed random crashing, and digital sound to name some. As he warns, you will have to get again some drivers to work with this new version.

I foresee a great release
Posted by pi at at 9:59PM [BST]
Two days of development have been reported at the MAME WIP again. This time the stars are: Haze's Super Kaneko Nova driver, a prototype called Speed Ball added by Aaron and Battle Bakraid's sound fix by Guru and RB. Great! Details and more on the page.

Quick, before anyone notices!
Posted by pi at at 2:55PM [BST]
Gollum has fixed, compiled and released CottAGE 0.10 fixed. Unfortunately it keeps the same version number, so in doubt, redownload. It fixes some games like PacMan and Ms. PacMan, and allows usage of Sun's JRE plug-in.

I know someone will be happy
Posted by pi at at 2:55PM [BST]
Oh my, you should RUN to Haze's MAME page, and look what he was doing lately... Two words: Puzz Loop seems to be working! Oh those were six words, but who cares :) Stephh already fixed the controls. And Super Kaneko Nova on its way! See all the shots included. Advice: read Haze's statement on it, it's not YET completed, kthx.

Monday 9 September

Two are better than one (or none)
Posted by pi at at 9:47PM [BST]
And ClrMamePro 2.72b hits the streets with an amazing number of fixed bugs: TWO! :) Also something about checking cancellation, I guess making it more responsive in rebuilding... And don't miss that cool Rainbow buttonbar, tho my fav is still the Retro one.

Posted by pi at at 3:46PM [BST]
Ahhhh I was missing The Arcade Flyers Archive's updates. This time Dan added some flyers from Arcade Central and some more from TAFA's own harvest. More than 30 flyers from early classics to quite modern games. Check them all, why not?

Not one of Garfield's mondays
Posted by pi at at 3:46PM [BST]
Hard to start in monday... Anyway The Beaver has posted some more Mimic WIP. He added digital sound support. Inmediate effect was the addition of some sexy *cough* errr I mean female voice in the GUI. Once he clears some crashes, it seems he will do the release. Waiting...

If you like making artwork...
Posted by pi at at 3:45PM [BST]
As SirPoonga has pointed out, there are tons of bezels at the MAMEFans Museum (click english then museum). Then you can use his Artwork Calculator to help out.

Sunday 8 September

Mike does cheat
Posted by pi at at 9:53PM [BST]
Haggar has revamped his kid and released Cheat Archive 0.2.92, which features lots of changes. This Cheat Archive contains too many cheats for CPS-1, CPS-2 and Toaplan2 games, for FBA, Kawaks, Nebula and MAME (games applicable where available and all that stuff). Get updated man!

Who goes there?
Posted by pi at at 2:34PM [BST]
Ohhhh another MAME WIP shortly after! Anonymous contribution: Quiz de Idol! Hot Debut does its debut :) on the Psikyo SH2 driver. RB does more stuff on my loved YM278B emu!

Nathan Never
Posted by pi at at 2:34PM [BST]
Not arcade, but the first release after a long time: MESS 0.61. The effort to bring this multi console/computer emulator up to date with the MAME core is worth a look (besides the amount of fixes enhancements and new drivers...)

Saturday 7 September

Magic wand
Posted by pi at at 9:50PM [BST]
It's incredible the things people do to enhance or correct all these new artworks for MAME, they get a normal pic from eBay and suddenly comes out with a quite good recreation. For example, this Crash bezel corrected by MASH with GLView.

SEX instruction :)
Posted by pi at at 7:56PM [BST]
Yesss it was time for a long and juicy MAME WIP. There are lots of things since it's nine days! The shots are from Aquarium (by Haze) and somewhat improved Halley's Comet driver (by Stroff) but it's still unplayable. From minor things to big ones, I'm sure this WIP will please everyone. Or almost...

And even more "unofficial" WIP
Posted by pi at at 4:03PM [BST]
Xyzxyz has posted some WIP info about Namco's Suzuka 8 Hours 2 working in MAME, with the help of code from Stroff. The WIP only includes a title screen and an ingame shot.
Lil Update: Xyzxyz has reported some more progress, kthx.

Friday 6 September

Just to complete the day...
Posted by pi at at 11:13PM [BST]
This is a classic here: M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo.dat 4.18, only as diff-update. Last bugs and updated CottAGE 0.10 information... Already! Hey man, take a rest ;)

For classical music lovers
Posted by pi at at 10:45PM [BST]
Thus spoke Aaron. Let's give Zarathrustra some holidays for now :)

La hora 103 :)
Posted by pi at at 10:23PM [BST]
I knew it would be soon but not today! Well here we have CottAGE 0.10, courtesy of the CottAGE team! The changelog is long: eight new games, fifteen new clones, nine broken games fixed and made playable, new Z80 core, two new sound CPU's, preliminary input recording support, and a bunch of goodies (say two players!) This is surely a quality release, I forsee a great future for this little great emu!

More WIPz
Posted by pi at at 10:22PM [BST]
Oh yes certainly WIP day, since Tux also pleases us with some RAINE WIP. Gorgeous pics of Sengoku Ace/Tengai, and some mentions of fixes and other neat things... Check it out!

Workz in progrezz
Posted by pi at at 6:44PM [BST]
This seems to be WIPday more than friday... At Haze's MAME page, David has placed some colorful and *correct* Aquarium shots, with good graphics and all. It seems to be Puyo-Puyo style. Sound, anyone?

Alternative ways
Posted by pi at at 6:43PM [BST]
ss_teve has posted in the forums about some new Laser WIP. It shows what a 1-byte source code change can do: Lupin 3 works.

Posted by pi at at 6:43PM [BST]
The Beaver has posted a fairly long Mimic WIP report decorated with some non-Mimic stuff still interesting to read. At least the lucky owners of X-Arcade will get support in Mimic...

Thursday 5 September

Squeeze those bytes
Posted by pi at at 9:40PM [BST]
Another one for developers: Markus F.X.J. Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar have released UPX 1.23. The changelog is not very impressive, some minor bugs fixed and a slight documentation touch. Still everyone's favorite EXE compressor ;)

Another one bites the dust (i.e. gets emulated)
Posted by pi at at 3:38PM [BST]
Lack of MAME WIP? No worries! Visit Haze's MAME page, where he has some little WIP for your eyes. What's this game about? Aquarium? I want my El-Fish!

Mr. Gollum & Mr. Duijs
Posted by pi at at 3:37PM [BST]
So far, so good, and the CottAGE development chart has been updated, with the promise of a new release very soon :) Also you could check the CottAGE WIP while you're there, Gollum added Mr. Goemon and works! With sound! ;)

A brief report on things to come
Posted by pi at at 3:37PM [BST]
Developers and avid readers of very tech info might want to visit Charles MacDonald's Home Page where he has placed some new things regarding System 18. While there's not much at the moment, I think he will soon update the page with more things to look at. So be patient!

Update your spiderweb-covered versions
Posted by pi at at 3:36PM [BST]
While I was out, Roman has updated a couple of times his beast, the current version is ClrMamePro 2.72a. It seems to have quite some good new things and fixes, maybe not a big thing but the usual bunch of quality updates. He has spoilt us on that!

Andy Warhol is back
Posted by pi at at 3:36PM [BST]
The infamous (for 15 minutes) X-Box port of MAME, MAME-X, has now a new homepage. If you want to donate me a X-Box so I can test this build, you're welcome, but I'd prefer a DC or a Saturn, thanks :) Thanks to MetaFox for this new link.

The return of the mad poster
Posted by pi at at 11:00AM [BST]
Anyone missed me? No worries, I'm back. I've been 2 days without phone, without much to do except replaying some old games. During the rest of the day I'll try to get updated about everything happened while I was stuck in the netherworld.

Monday 2 September

Little new fix
Posted by pi at at 10:53PM [BST]
There is a new FBA which fixes some things with the Z axis inputs or something techie like that. When in doubt, update!

Waiting is over, and then starts again
Posted by pi at at 10:05PM [BST]
Finally, after so long, RAINE WIP! There will be a 0.36, despite what certain people have said about the current status of RAINE. Things here and there, and Strikers 1945. Check the full (but short) report at the RAINE headquarters.

Do that funky dance
Posted by pi at at 10:05PM [BST]
Stephh has updated the Ultimate Patchers' site after a long time, with some new WIP NeoGeo cheat database. For MAME. Yes I said NeoGeo. Read some more complete full info by master Stephh himself. And then go grab it :-p

Double win-ner
Posted by pi at at 10:04PM [BST]
Andrea has released AdvanceMAME v0.61.2. The list of changes is quite long, mainly fixes, and also has the addition of libSDL. It allows a primitive, limited Windows version (as stated in the download page). As usual he also updated the companion and powerful frontend AdvanceMENU v2.1.0.

Sunday 1 September

Icing the cake
Posted by pi at at 2:01PM [BST]
After the cool release of FBA 0.2.91, what is missing now? The dats! But Logiqx is still busy, the team is still on hold, so now what? No worries people. TrebleWinner himself has sent me the FBA dats for ClrMAMEPro and RomCenter (70kb). They should be correct but right now I'm in a hurry so I can't check, just put them online for you and spread the news a bit...

Cheating allowed
Posted by pi at at 12:42PM [BST]
Haggar has not took too much time to update to Cheat File 0.2.91. Now this FBA, Kawaks/Nebula and MAME cheat archive also contains cheats for Toaplan2 games (only FBA and MAME of course). Go update yourself, there are also some fixes for the CPS1 and CPS2 games.

Saturday 31 August

I'm the last monkey to know, but:
Posted by pi at at 10:00PM [BST]
The FBA team has released FBA, which is a very different emulator compared to the former Final Burn Alpha. It includes Toaplan2 emulation, full support for all the XOR'ed CPS-2 games, the new CPS-1 hacks and some UI and functionality additions like input files, blitters and more. The team has noted that this is somewhat a "beta", and a full release (3.0?) will come soon. Binary and sources available.
Update: Jan has just uploaded a very small update which makes FBA run even faster on slower PC's. A bless for blokes like me with prehistoric junk. Re-download just to be sure you got the new one!

Here goes another one
Posted by pi at at 9:02PM [BST]
I hope this means less than what it seems at first glance: The XOR tables have been removed from CPS2Shock! According to Razoola's statement, the IDSA requested their removal. Read the full story on the homepage. Thanks to Smitdogg for the hint.

Another threat from the worst direction
Posted by pi at at 4:55PM [BST]
Apparently there is a new law in Greece which is going to ban games, including arcade games, even at home. You can read the text of the law in english, translation courtesy of Pete. More info in greek at and,
more links in english at CS Central, and of course MameWorld.

Triple Buffering
Posted by pi at at 3:24AM [BST]
Today is the birthday of Fever, a Loony Bin regular. Congrats man! Second, it's the birthday of TuDogs, a freeware and free resource index I've been using since I connected to internet 4 years ago. It has been here since 1996! And third, last, but not least important, another Jack has come into the emulation world. Jack was happily born past night and the happy father is Richard Bush, a.k.a Antiriad and creator of RAINE.

Friday 30 August

Feeling funny
Posted by pi at at 6:29PM [BST]
I've found some CottAGE WIP at the cottage (bad joke). Ok, Gollum added support for two more non-working classics (again bad joke) and he also fixed some rotation thing. Heh :> I think I'm the king of bad jokes!

No 2.6f for you...
Posted by pi at at 6:28PM [BST]
Haggar has released his Cheat File 0.2.6.Final for FBA, Kawaks/Nebula and MAME! It has new cheats (even more!) for quite some games, fixed other cheats, but... Final? You mean... Final? 2.6? Final? Ohhhh man that makes me think ;)

A call for the true experienced people
Posted by pi at at 6:27PM [BST]
I know some of the readers here are old MAME fans, and thus might have something which Twisty is missing at his MAME Samples Collection site. They are the Joust samples in .sam format. It seems they were declared obsolete in MAME 0.28, so this call is for really old fans! Twisty's ones are corrupted and he wants to complete the collection up there. If you have the sampleset, contact me or Twisty, I know he will be very grateful :)

Thursday 29 August

Me am there, also!
Posted by pi at at 9:57PM [BST]
Fandemame loops the loop and releases History.dat 0.61f. Among quite some new infos for games like UMK, Arkanoid 2 and Vampire "Morrigan was here" Savior, it has *drums rumble* several grammar mistakes corrected. Applauses! ;)

Posted by pi at at 9:56PM [BST]
I killed my ISP twice, so here I am to tell you that you should check the news about CottAGE! The movie is quite impressive, but well, do you get what does it mean? INP support! :)

Quickie quirk
Posted by pi at at 9:08PM [BST]
I'm having some probs with my ISP so only some quick news today: MAME WIP for 2 days. Check the colorful screenshots of... Dragonball Z 2. With backgrounds. By Haze. Well. And other things, check them. Better check only those other things :)

Wednesday 28 August

Newly newish newer new news newcomer
Posted by pi at at 10:48PM [BST]
Again the news are that there are no news. If you find news, tell them at the new News Submission Board at MameWorld. Ok ok, it's mainly for MAME news, but I guess some non-mame arcade stuff will do no harm :)

Tuesday 27 August

MAME-ish information a gogo
Posted by pi at at 3:21PM [BST]
M.A.S.H. gets in sync with the overhaul at MAME Testers, and releases MameInfo.dat 4.17. Of course it also contains the newest WIP, and some other "minor changes". I wonder what they are...

Bugging around
Posted by pi at at 3:20PM [BST]
There's being a major update at MAME Testers. As a result, my name is appearing too many times in one of the pages. Well... Now I'm a member, apparently :)

Hello snaps!
Posted by pi at at 3:20PM [BST]
Another daily MAME WIP. This time there is a very important fix: the b&w and vector snaps problems are fixed thanks to Luis Faria! Now I can finish the snaps for CAESAR, finally! There's more: new dump for Daioh (fixed backgrounds). And there is even more: but you have to go there and read for yourself :-p

A bit late with this
Posted by pi at at 2:59PM [BST]
Well, after a lazy summer, now Kazuya is updating quite often! If you want to be up-to-date with the latest big NeoGeo news, be sure to pay him a visit, and then get some inserts, read some reviews and learn from some FAQs :)

To Haukur
Posted by pi at at 2:59PM [BST]
To Haukur: We can't reach you with the e-mail address you gave to us. Please contact us with another working email account, so you can join the list. We're waiting any signal of life from you ;)

Monday 26 August

The best sport on earth is a good laugh. Well, 2nd :)
Posted by pi at at 9:24PM [BST]
You might get a good laugh if you head over to CP Systems 2, and read that Biohazard producer stuff :) Also you could get the scans of the first number of the Street Fighter comic. Only a possibility ;)

Too many new games.
Posted by pi at at 4:19PM [BST]
And more MAME WIP for the last two days. Masked Riders Club Battle Race, Enforce and Daioh (see news a bit below) pics add the color. The text is interesting as well, as usual, as seen on TV. There are some new clones too! Thanks to Roc for the early tip.

Posted by pi at at 3:06PM [BST]
After a month without hearing from him, Haze is back from holidays, and he updated his MAME page with WIP screenshots of a game called Daioh from Athena, running in Seta hardware. Looks like a cool shoot'em'up.

A line here, a line there...
Posted by pi at at 3:06PM [BST]
Norbert has added another classic to his Java Arcade Emulator. This time it's Red Baron, another Atari vector game. Sweet...

Sunday 25 August

2nd try
Posted by pi at at 11:07PM [BST]
Al Kossow's Wiretap archives are... Back? A wealth of information for techs, gamers and everyone. Be sure to read the warning at the top! Thanks to Gregf for the hint.

Sega Mayhem!
Posted by pi at at 9:36PM [BST]
You could pay a visit over Guru's place, where he inform us about two new dumped games: House of the Dead and Behind Enemy Lines (sith some shots). Also some teaser snaps of Sega Touring Car Championship being emulated! :)~ Bah I don't know why I drool, they will crawl on my poor system...

Saturday 24 August

Maim weep
Posted by pi at at 7:59PM [BST]
One more MAME WIP for the saturday! This time (drums rumble...) again Namco System 21 & 22! Stroff submitted them (so very probably they are in next release), and in addition to Starblade, Solvalou is also playable. Besides that, Escape Kids (Masayuki) and IPM Invader (Nicola), and a few more tidbits you should read.

I've done 1,033,856,489,185,037,396,386,091 lines in Tetris, and you?
Posted by pi at at 12:56PM [BST]
Leezer has released Unofficial Hiscore.dat 7.94, with new suppport for more than 160 games! That's what I call a good update (well after 4 months...) Remember that if one game apparently doesn't work, you might need to delete your old .HI file.

Street History
Posted by pi at at 12:55PM [BST]
I think this explains it all. No SF worries anymore!

Sneaking some l33t info
Posted by pi at at 12:55PM [BST]
You should check out a little post of Mike Beaver, where he tells a bit more about his intention of decrypt all System X games and I guess putting them in Mimic. Sounds too good to be true! Let's be patient and show him some support, of course! Anyone said Super Monaco GP? :)

Friday 23 August

Level up!
Posted by pi at at 11:15PM [BST]
There are more WIP progress of that still unknown, no-uncovered, un-unveiled Model 2 emulator. You can find them at Emulatronia, they are from Sonic Championship and Virtua Cop 2! They look too good to be truth :) Thanks to HotRoms and Emotion2001 for the double report.

The time has come
Posted by pi at at 6:44PM [BST]
Eric has finally released a new version of my favorite rom manager: Romcenter 2.50. There is a lot of new things, or well, mainly big things. For example: multilanguage, tons of fixes, faster renames, responsive app... Grab this big update, it's certainly worth it! Thanks to Roc for the hint (and I checked the page one hour ago...)

Personal note: Sorry Eric for the lack of betatesting for this one :)

System XXX
Posted by pi at at 3:26PM [BST]
Ok it's not 3D, but today's release is way too cool to be missed: Mimic 2.06 includes all that System X stuff being reported lately. Apparently Afterburner (& 2) and Thunderblade are playable with mouse, with some glitches which will be fixed in a future release. Remember to visit the Drivers section! (if it gives you a 404 for some drivers, change the backslash \ in the url for a slash / and it will work).

Posted by pi at at 2:22PM [BST]
It seems that lately all this 3D stuff is getting too famous! No wonder, even the MAME WIP features it. Today sees the inclusion of a better Namco System 21 driver with support for four games, but only Starblade is fully playable for now. Stroff did the driver and R. Belmont made the *full sound* support. Check the snaps and some more WIP report at your usual dealer...

Thursday 22 August

Aspirine anyone?
Posted by pi at at 9:16PM [BST]
Andrea Mazzoleni has released AdvanceScan 1.2. Due to the structure of the site and a slight headache I have, I've not been able to discover what's new about this command line rom manager.

A new episode
Posted by pi at at 9:13PM [BST]
M.A.S.H. has put online the last installment of his own compile, namely FMAME32 Release 3. It has some folder movement, the fix with the history buffer, and I guess some other changes as well. Don't forget to check his artwork list, he keeps updating it very often!

Street Cheater 2 Turbo: Hyper Cheating
Posted by pi at at 2:42PM [BST]
Yes, Mike Haggar finished with that game translation and he's back to other business, like releasing his Cheat File 0.2.6.E for FBA, Nebula/Kawaks and MAME. The new XOR's and some more SF cheats have been added. I consider this the best CPS 1 & 2 cheat file around, and once you try it I know you will agree (somewhat) with me ;)

No place for newbies
Posted by pi at at 2:41PM [BST]
Kazuya seems to be back with full energy (who does not after some good holidays, lucky them!). To prove it, he updates again with some news about KOF 2002 and Evoga.

Wednesday 21 August

Since everyone is talking about it now...
Posted by pi at at 5:53PM [BST]
In Emulatronia you will find six shots of a supossedly new Sega Model 2 emulator in progress. It hasn't been confirmed but it seems it might be true. The text in the news says "Look the screenshots we've received from the game Sonic Championship", nothing else. Anyway if it's not a fake, it still looks WIP so it might be 2 weeks or 2 years. You've been warned.

Update: It seems that some authorized and knowing voices are throwing some hints around.

More karma
Posted by pi at at 2:54PM [BST]
Here it is X-MAME 0.61.1-pr3 (preview release 3) for you *nix and Linux kiddiez. Artwork support in more drivers than X11 and vector games working again are the starts in this release. This preview release thing should ease it instead of the so spaced in time releases, right?

See what you can't touch
Posted by pi at at 2:54PM [BST]
Scott of Safestuff fame has posted on ABEM a MarbleMan movie, it's around 12mb and in QuickTime format. MarbleMan is that unreleased, prototype machine, sequel of Marble Madness, one of my all-time favorites and a true classic. If anyone can provide me an URL once it's mirrored somewhere, I'd be thankful! Thx Prophet ;)

Tuesday 20 August

Party all over
Posted by pi at at 12:01AM [BST]
Am I in time to say Viva Nonno 22.0.3? It already supports Rave Racer. Shots in the page, enjoy it if you have the puter... And the romziez!

Monday 19 August

Is the hero of Solitar!
Posted by pi at at 9:14PM [BST]
This weekend was fruitful for the MAME WIP and for the System 22 fans. Stroff added Rave Racer and Virtual Lap, but not properly emulated yet. There is also another shot of Prop Cycle showing improved graphics. OG also improved the YMF278B emulation among other sound fixes. Check details on these subjects, and read many more things on the WIP page.

He's back on business
Posted by pi at at 9:14PM [BST]
Kazuya made a serious update at He is wrong about that RAR problem, but the rest looks good: a MS4 review, comments on the Universe Bios, and lots of inserts from the old competition became online!

Posted by pi at at 9:13PM [BST]
The Beaver has posted more Mimic WIP. He got AfterBurner working, great d00d! There's more about a quick and optimized future version, get ahold of the details...

Sunday 18 August

So I heard something else...
Posted by pi at at 10:10PM [BST]
Fandemame issues History.dat 0.61e, the fifth for this release. There are many additions, some fixes, and a change: Sequels become Series :)

The only thing I've heard today
Posted by pi at at 8:35PM [BST]
Erik keeps doing noise, as it has been stated at the CottAGE WIP page. This time he has added an AY8910 emulator, which already provides sound to Dream Shopper and Hexa, and will provide even to more games once it's finished.

Saturday 17 August

I'm not there... Yet!
Posted by pi at at 11:12PM [BST]
Grand Master Pete did it again! He has done a cute flovie (flash movie) called MAME Forever, designed to turn your mood into nostalgic mode. His complete flovie collection (highly advisable) is available at, his site dedicated to Tehkan World Cup!

Cosmetic issues
Posted by pi at at 11:05PM [BST]
First was FBA, now it's the turn for Cp-Systems 2 Turbo to show some facelift. Cute!

Another protection defeated
Posted by pi at at 7:38PM [BST]
Four days have been logged at the MAME WIP. Good news indeed: a step more towards Kick Start Wheelie King and finally got rid of that history.dat crash with too much text. All that and more at your local MAME WIP store.

As the prophecy said...
Posted by pi at at 7:37PM [BST]
Again The Guru has proven to be a great contributor to the community. Check his latest news, to me it's no surprise :)

Very Bad Things
Posted by pi at at 7:37PM [BST]
M.A.S.H. has made a diff update for MameInfo.dat 4.16. It contains the latest WIP and newest bugs... Also you could visit his Arcade at the Movies, where he has done a very bad addition not too long ago ;)

Friday 16 August

Ideas, ideas...
Posted by pi at at 9:16PM [BST]
It seems there are no more news for today, maybe later... Until then, feel free to search by yourself. If you don't want, then there are other options like waiting for a MAME release, or start developing an emulator by yourself :) Hey, that actually sounds like a good idea!

Already a classic
Posted by pi at at 9:16PM [BST]
This is almost a must for my news now: CottAGE WIP. Erik ported (or should he say translated?) the SN76496 sound chip into CottAGE, and added sound for three games. Bank Panic, Bank Panic!

Get DC!
Posted by pi at at 9:15PM [BST]
I've read at the Unofficial MAMED page that Warmtoe has released a NeoGeo only MAME for Dreamcast. It plays only the smaller games, but well it's something ;) At least for YOU lucky owners of a DC :-p

Thursday 15 August

For NeoGeo, by Raz
Posted by pi at at 10:34PM [BST]
Razoola has been busy developing something quite unique and impressive at CPS2Shock. It's called the NeoGeo Universe BIOS, and it's really a BIOS designed to be run on real NeoGeo MVS hardware. It has tons of features, and I really mean a long list if features! You should visit the Universe BIOS homepage even if you don't own a NeoGeo Cabinet. If you do have one, then it's a must!

Stuff is safe, kthnx
Posted by pi at at 10:33PM [BST]
Check out this interesting story by Scott about a newly found Atari Prototype, with pictures included. I guess some of you live in the sunny California and might attend California Extreme and be lucky enough to see this rare piece.

Non Plus Ultra
Posted by pi at at 10:33PM [BST]
Emuman again kindly wrote me to communicate me about the new MAME/MAME32Plus! 0.61.2. The new things are as usual quite a lot. It supports the newest XOR's, and also has lots of blitters added... Read the rest of the changelog.

Errare humanum est
Posted by pi at at 10:32PM [BST]
Somehow there is another update at The Arcade Flyers Archive. Dan missed 25 flyers, what a shame! Thankfully he has solved the little mistake and now we can enjoy flyers for Videopong, Gaplus and some more classics.

Wednesday 14 August

The joy of browsers
Posted by pi at at 9:53PM [BST]
Erik Duijs is back from his holidays with renewed energies, and to prove it, read today's CottAGE WIP. A big rewrite on the Z80 core brought great results, like it runs four times faster under Sun's JRE (the original, remember), and also under it CottAGE has better sound. Green Beret also works, read the full story there ;)

Already six?
Posted by pi at at 9:52PM [BST]
Here it is CANAME 0.61.6 with it's usual batch of small changes, and also three dats (including cheat one) for you Cps And NeoGeo gamemaniacs.

Teenie weenie
Posted by pi at at 9:52PM [BST]
Another update at The Arcade Flyers Archive, this time smaller... Gerard has added five games thanks to Hanzy. For example Ghouls'n Ghost and Continental Circus. I better not say more or I'll ruin the whole surprise :)

Keeping cool
Posted by pi at at 9:52PM [BST]
You should head over to Guru's Dumping News, where the flaming has left place for some good stuff. The next bunch of PCB's from Japan has arrived. You should spend a few seconds reading the list of donators, they deserve an applause :) About the PCB's themselves, well some rarities it seems, and also an Hyper NeoGeo 64 mobo. He has also dumped three games, including Gaiapolis!

The WIP King
Posted by pi at at 9:51PM [BST]
Mike Beaver keeps teasing us with some more Mimic WIP. Again System X shots, sprites are working fine now. He has also played a bit with System C, he has proof :)

Tuesday 13 August

Mame Day
Posted by pi at at 9:57PM [BST]
Time for Linux and Unix users: X-MAME 0.61.1 preview release 2. The first release was only in the mailing list it seems. This one has the new artwork support, and fixes many other problems. Don't forget to read the full changelog and to get the two patches!

Posted by pi at at 9:57PM [BST]
If you like this kind of MAME variants, here you have the fresh new VSyncMAME 0.61 beta 1, binaries available as well as the usual package. Check its sound support under DOS!

Double update
Posted by pi at at 5:20PM [BST]
And even more MAME WIP! Two days with good news about that gorgeous YMF278B emulator. Bang Bang Ball and Bal Cube already have sound! Bravo! Ok still not perfect, but well, I'm already happy and thankful for it! Read the details and more at the right place.

Gridle has also been kind enough to update the Artwork page with some new work. And he has also deleted some cause they were wrong, so get the info and fix your artwork collection!

Another step ahead
Posted by pi at at 5:19PM [BST]
Dan has finally added all his flyers to The Arcade Flyers Archive. He has his highlights selection on the front page, but between all those 81 new ones, I'd like to remark the addition of Uniwars, Shinobi, Beast Busters, SCI, The Glob and Galaxian (by Namco). Enjoy!

Monday 12 August

Simply spectacular
Posted by pi at at 10:22PM [BST]
And even more CottAGE WIP by Gollum. This time he added Ping Pong and preliminary support for 1942 and variants. The snaps are out of this world! Or something :)

ScummVM rules!
Posted by pi at at 10:22PM [BST]
Not strictly speaking "arcade", but definitely classic stuff should be of anyone's interest around here. The last post at the ScummVM headquarters should be read by all LucasArts fans, and not fans. It's about preservation and all that stuff, remember? :)

A cat for a dog? Uhm...
Posted by pi at at 10:21PM [BST]
John IV has added Flyer Pack #14. There's still a bit of way before the 2,000 mark is reached, maybe in #16? Get it at The MAME32 QA/Test & Art Dept. And don't forget to say hello to Mikka!

Posted by pi at at 10:21PM [BST]
The MisfitMAME Test Build has been updated again by Tinker. It's funny how Twisty drives him nuts!

Sombra aqui y sombra alla, maquillate, maquillate!
Posted by pi at at 10:20PM [BST]
There has been some revamping and facelifting at the FBA homepage. As a result, it looks new, cool, fresh and l33t. Whatever that means!

Sunday 11 August

For the future team
Posted by pi at at 10:59PM [BST]
Earlier today, I contacted the people who applied for the team that Logiqx was busy, and I would tell them when I had more news. Well the news are that he has told me he will not be able to do anything about the team until next friday at least. So this means two things:

a) The people who have applied should be patient for a little more time. We appreciate your will to help and we count on you, so please excuse us for the delay.

b)For the people who haven't applied, well, you still have a bit more time. So if you had any doubts, if you are interested into the things discussed in this post by Logiqx, don't hesitate to contact me!

Posted by pi at at 10:22PM [BST]
The Beaver has updated once again the Mimic WIP with interesting System X stuff. He talks about bits and blurbs on his different success and failures emulating it, but the future looks promising. Check the screenshots and read!

In your browser
Posted by pi at at 10:07PM [BST]
Norbert Kehrer has kindly wrote me to tell me that his Java Arcade Emulator, otherwise known as JAE, has received its 40th addition. It's no other than Battle Zone, fully featured with Pokey sound plus samples. Like he mentions, this is a great 3D tank simulator, a true arcade classic. Go and enjoy the ride!

Big surprise for today!
Posted by pi at at 6:14PM [BST]
There is a little more MAME WIP today for you if you want it. Actually there's nothing little, you wouldn't believe what's being logged for today unless you go and see by yourself. Awesome! These MAMEdevs rock! :) (applauses)

Small is beautiful
Posted by pi at at 6:13PM [BST]
Sixtoe has found a bit of free time between his new responsabilities (which he takes happily for what it seems), and updated System 16 - The Arcade Museum with really a little small update. Check it anyway, not like you're going to waste inmense amounts of bandwidth :)

From past to present
Posted by pi at at 6:13PM [BST]
Fandemame has issued even another update, raising the ladder up to History.dat 0.61d. From Ultimate Mortal Kombat 2 to Slap Shot, from Rainbow Islands to Garou, I think there will be stuff for everyone. I really like all the number of updates he's doing lately!

Saturday 10 August

Why I had to open my big mouth!
Posted by pi at at 7:19PM [BST]
Well it was about time, Gridle has updated the MAME WIP with thirteen days. It's cool since it's my lucky number :) Summer is noticeable cause there are days with "no news". For the rest, Stephh, Smitdogg, Kurosan, Shiriru, Ken Reneris, Russel Howeard Lawrence Gold and Galibert do the honours of fixes, improvements, new clones and the rest. Read!

To avoid a slow weekend
Posted by pi at at 6:08PM [BST]
Twisty kindly pointed us to a very interesting article called Abandonware In A Nutshell: Why Nobody Wins by Jim Leonard, a cool guy I had the honour of meeting (by email that's it). Not only that I also like abandonware, but also that technically speaking, classic arcade stuff could be considered abandonware as well, maybe to a lesser extent, so this article, tho a bit long and maybe could rip you some moments of classic playing, is interesting to you and well, go and read it!

That computer with fruity logo
Posted by pi at at 6:08PM [BST]
And for the Mac users, here it is CPSMAME 8.7.02. This version features the last XOR's of this week, plus the carbonized version also has the improved driver from 0.61 which has rasters. Classic users don't have it since it's a build from 0.57 and that driver can't be merged... Full story in the page!

Where is all the world?
Posted by pi at at 6:07PM [BST]
Everyone seems to be on holidays or MIA! Logiqx is either too busy or too unavailable. Kaz from (who did a small update just to tell that), Mike Haggar who is not exactly on holidays but where are my cheats? For the ones wondering what happens in MAME since there are no WIP updates, Galibert has the answer. Joke joke joke.

Friday 9 August

Shameless plug mode on
Posted by pi at at 7:51PM [BST]
I said Smitdogg that he would be featured today here, and really I don't know how it can be. While I try to figure out something, check MAME Testers, the bug tracking project where you and me can help developers without knowing too much programming :) Oh btw, MAME Testers is coordinated by Smitdogg... Urgh :)

Three classics, three
Posted by pi at at 7:51PM [BST]
It seems that I'm posting too much about MamEnd, but Vaz wrote me for telling me that all Don Bluth's games are featured there. Yeah you've heard well: Dragon's Lair, Dragon's Lair II and Space Ace endings, in full motion video. All the three endings is something like 80mb or so, but IMHO great to bring back good memories. Nice way to start the summer holidays (i.e. no more updates in a week).

Some bubble bath...
Posted by pi at at 7:50PM [BST]
Some more CottAGE WIP courtesy of Gollum, who fixed support for Bubble Bobble and Super Bubble Bobble. There are still a few bugs remaining but future looks brilliant! Fans rejoice (and jump in extasy!)

Enhancing your playing skillz
Posted by pi at at 7:50PM [BST]
According to this post, BarfHappy has kindly made a cool
Mahjong rules introduction. The thing is that it's aimed towards the videogame versions found in MAME :)

For the non-mahjong games, let me tell you again about R.C.A.T.T. for all your Classic Arcade Tips & Tricks. A great page, but seems to not have been updated for long. I wouldn't like to see this site dissapear, it's our little gamefaqx competitor!

An old idea brought to life
Posted by pi at at 7:49PM [BST]
A new COOL exciting HOT feature for CAESAR: from now on, links in this page (the breaking news page) will open in a new window. (Sorry had to choose something for the first test!)

Thursday 8 August

Fresh fresh news
Posted by pi at at 10:59PM [BST]
Just in time, I saw the relase 30 minutes ago of M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo.dat 4.15, with latest bugs, updated Laser info and all the bunch...

More documentation
Posted by pi at at 10:50PM [BST]
WTC has updated Emulation Status with some corrections and things coming from quite a lot of sources. You can see new games there including some Hyper NeoGeo 64. There are even Victorious Nine and Outer Zone screenshots. Check it out, it's never bad to get some more arcade knowledge.

Long time no update...
Posted by pi at at 10:50PM [BST]
There is a new PatchMAME 0.61.1, thanks to Stephh for some translation. It helps me to tell you that this dernier version also contains some of the better hacks out there, besides the usual bunch of fixes, Monaco GP, newest CPS2 XOR'ed games, gambling games, all NeoGeo decrypted sets and homebrew games including Neo No Panepon, and well I think you get it. Since it has a few delicate things, distributing a binary would violate MAME license, so he decided to only release the source, so this is for pro's :) Note that there is a version of PatchMAME32 for GUI lovers...

Twisted mind
Posted by pi at at 10:49PM [BST]
Tinker is still trying to keep track of all the furios hacking from Twisty, and again another update of his MistfitMame32 Test Build. It seems that we will have to be patient with Outgrunt!

A great classic
Posted by pi at at 10:48PM [BST]
Mimic WIP anyone? Yeah the Beaver has updated again with some shots of a game in System16A hardware. My favorite Tetris ever, of course, which has TLS years before Tetris The Grand Master :-p It's still without sprites and without sound, but still it's even playable! Development is going great IMNHO (In My Not Humble Opinion) :)

Elusive little rom
Posted by pi at at 10:48PM [BST]
For those searching the free, legal, downloadable homebrew NeoGeo game called Neo No Panepon, that rom will be available in the next couple of days... It's only 23k and the game is actually better than many others ;) Thanks to Vaz for the file. If someone has the original URL I would be grateful.

Update: Blastar allowed me to know the original download site! (Warning: RAR format)

Last call
Posted by pi at at 10:47PM [BST]
I still receive offerings from people wanting to join the team to maintain the dats and Probably tomorrow Logiqx will decide who and how the team is formed, so you're still in time to read this post by Logiqx where he asks for the help, and write to me. Remember, we want your help! To the ones who already wrote, don't worry, we count on you ;)

Wednesday 7 August

Three points, dude
Posted by pi at at 10:23PM [BST]
It's time for some new things over at CPS2Shock. Yeah, it's XOR day, and there are some goodies there for you. This time the XOR'ed games are clones of already available games: X-Men COTA & SFZ2A for Asia and Megaman 2 for USA. Raz has also released CPS2MAME 0.611, supporting all of the above. He has also made a temporary ClrMamePro dat for auditing your CPS2 ROMS. I've mailed him the RomCenter version and hopefully he will post it there as well (hope he checks his email). And happy bday Raz :)

Nebula looks so clear!
Posted by pi at at 10:23PM [BST]
As usual on XOR days, ElSemi updated his main project so now here it is Nebula 2.19b. Besides the new games, there is a handful of fixes for some games, plus he added 6 slot MVS support. Great! Which was the biggest NeoGeo machine, 16 slots? :)

And even if you don't use Nebula (why not? It rocks!) you should pass by its bilingual homepage which has a cool new look!

The new game
Posted by pi at at 10:23PM [BST]
And of course Mr. K pleases us with Kawaks 1.45, which has a quite long changelog with stuff for all tastes. For example, now blitters work in 32bpp modes, correct NeoGeo random number generation, and there is a MTF switch :) There are lots of fixes and suprise, besides the latest XOR's, there is support for that last NeoGeo homebrew game called Neo No Panepon. Where did I have that URL? Help!

Weird unearthly naming...
Posted by pi at at 10:21PM [BST]
Again more news at The Guru's ROM dumping news, with the arrival of some new PCB's. The list is quite long, you better check it out by yourself! I'd like to remark the arrival of Strikers 1945, to help in the development of the WIP driver. Guru is also searching for something with a pr0n name called "Data East MLC main board". If you can help, contact him. And thanks to the donators/lenders for the great stuff!

Uh baby, you look good!
Posted by pi at at 10:21PM [BST]
Mike is showing twice the Mimic WIP you can eat at once, boyz'n'gals. Yesterday and today he updated it with some gorgeous shots of Thunder Blade, looking each time much better. Me is hot!

Fame! I want to live forever...
Posted by pi at at 10:20PM [BST]
I'm becoming too famous. I'm featured in MamEnd :) And I better not tell you what someone asked me today... I still don't believe it!

Tuesday 6 August

Effort gives back rewards
Posted by pi at at 10:24PM [BST]
Gridle has updated the MAME artwork page with some new files. Quite some actually, gathered from too many places. Certainly, Aaron's last addition to MAME is giving so many rewards! :) Thanks to Nerox91 for the hint.

Unofficial, not endorsed recommendations
Posted by pi at at 10:24PM [BST]
It seems that there is a new, more advisable way of donating for dumping and "preserving" :) System 22 PCB's. You can donate directly to The Guru, who has proven to be a reliable and profitable (in preservation terms) target for donations IMHO.

Private note
Posted by pi at at 10:24PM [BST]
Cumpleaņos feliz, tocame la nariz, y si me tocas la p*ll@, te dare regaliz... :) Happy birthday Tioraro!

Monday 5 August

Being too insistent
Posted by pi at at 10:39PM [BST]
We've got a few applications for the team, but we are greedy and want more, so please read again this post by Logiqx, and consider if you want and can help. We're wanting to hear from you.

And thanks to all the people who posted on their websites about this quest!

Tokio has been eaten by Gozilla
Posted by pi at at 10:38PM [BST]
After a quite long pause, here is some more CottAGE WIP for your pleasure. That's if you're into this Java thing, of course :) Gollum added preliminary support for three games. Bobble Bobble and Super Bubble Bobble (not working), and the cool shooter Tokio, still with bugs. Well not really great news, but something is something :)

Posted by pi at at 10:37PM [BST]
Tinker has issued a little Misfit32 Test Build with a correct Twin Cobra Hack driver.

Sunday 4 August

3 points
Posted by pi at at 9:29PM [BST]
Tinker has posted a MisfitMAME Test Build. He announces that once a final bug is fixed, final builds will be distributed. The list of additions looks cool to me. Important notice: this is a Twisty's Approved Release(tm).

The history of the history
Posted by pi at at 3:09PM [BST]
Fandemame has been busy again and released History.dat 0.61c. It's a quite big update, with names like Zaxxon, PuLiRuLa, SCI and many many more. Gotta update ASAP! (oh and hello StileLLo hehehe)

Social news
Posted by pi at at 3:09PM [BST]
Atani Software has a new look. Happy belated birthday John IV. Andrea did AdvanceMenu for Windows! And finally, Jack is today one month old, congrats man :)

More personal stuff
Posted by pi at at 3:09PM [BST]
Twisty was kind enough to point me to a site which is entirely dedicated to me, named as Web Page Dedicated to Pi(tm). Note that it's the whole title and not the word Pi what it's trademarked, but I guess that TM is just a toy... I'm not, I can't be trademarked. It's full of things about me, errr I mean things about the number Pi, tho they only have a starving collection of only 120,000 digits of Pi, errr I mean me. One of the funny things I found was a link to the Goldling's Glossary Pi Definition. I will not say "every one enjoy this", cause only true freaks like me can find this interesting :)

Saturday 3 August

I'd like to remind you...
Posted by pi at at 10:15PM [BST]
Basically no more news for today. Remember that Logiqx is still searching for helpers, and a known mamedev is searching for a little donation. Help if you can, you will feel better ;)

I'm the king of procastination
Posted by pi at at 10:14PM [BST]
Somehow I missed yesterday the last Laser WIP with the addition of an unknown Pong Doubles clone, with unknown name. Check the pictures to see if you can remember it. Too much colourful for me anyway :)

Gas Music from my home
Posted by pi at at 10:14PM [BST]
I wonder if someone was able to run Gas Music from Jupiter. In this W2k, nothing is heard. I checked the volumes for midi and synthetizer channels of my two soundcards and nothing... It annoys me that there's no play button or something so I'm not even sure if I'm "using" it properly. Any clue?

Friday 2 August

The team stuff has started!
Posted by pi at at 10:03PM [BST]
Logiqx has made an institutional statement about him and the future around this little domain. The name says it all: The time has come... I need helpers! Please be kind and read it, and then contact me if you think you have what it takes. Read carefully, don't be too scared. Or should you be? Nah :) And like he says, think hard if you can help.

More telegrams for you
Posted by pi at at 10:03PM [BST]
More short news:
  • [Site plug mode on] Mametrix is back online. Pay a visit there, you will find a bit of everything plus monthly gaming leagues for you to join. [Site plug mode off]
  • Here it is the label for the 8th MAME CD Label. It was missing somehow, and I did notice but I thought I understood it wrong... But no, I was right and now everything is complete. Have I said I like them? The PacMan one is nice!
  • If Linux or Unix or *nix were my platform, I would take a look at xmame where they say something about the things to come soon...
Back to other business...

Personal ad :)
Posted by pi at at 7:19PM [BST]
For the first time in my internet life, the user list in my instant messenger Trillian (an AOL, ICQ, MSN and Yahoo IM clone with IRC capabilities, free small and cute), well as I was saying, for the first time in the user list there is an equal number of girls and boys, bleh. I used to have at least 3 or 4 times more girls, but somehow stupid males have occupied the list. So I thought I could post a pic of myself for my female fans (if any). Please note that I've not smoked in seven months, I'm single and hetero. That pic (without the cross) is the same which appears in my business/visit cards.

Now you can laugh :)

Thursday 1 August

The Drifters
Posted by pi at at 11:12PM [BST]
There's a brief update of the newest emulator around, Viva Nonno 22.0.2. It fixes a couple of small problems and improves the sound emulation.

Telegram-shaped news
Posted by pi at at 4:15PM [BST]
In short:
  • MAME CD Labels for 0.61. There are some requested changes, all stated at the beginning of the page. Gorgeous!
  • Roman seems to be reluctant to go holidays, so he has issued ClrMamePro 2.70a with two little bugfixes and some requests, tho there is no little bugfix. Kill'em all!
  • TJA has added a message board to HowToEmulation. Join the party, or whatever is there :)
  • A surprise, non-arcade ear-candy from Jed Margolin, called Gas Music from Jupiter (sorry only for Windows it seems).
So back to bed...

Wednesday 31 July

No more blah
Posted by pi at at 7:34PM [BST]
I ask and MetaFox grants: Laser 0.20 is out, with Pong and Pong Doubles. Too bad Hockey TV didn't make it in this version, maybe next one. There are a few more things in the changelog, and Win32 and DOS binaries are available along with respective sources.

SAP goes on and on
Posted by pi at at 5:53PM [BST]
More Laser WIP, third day in a row... This time the first Sega game with discrete circuitry has been added. It's name it's Hockey TV (TAFA has one flyer). Now I really want a Laser release :)

Tuesday 30 July

Posted by pi at at 10:52PM [BST]
I've not been feeling well today, a bit ill actually. Been in bed all the day and actually not feeling any better. So maybe tomorrow I will not come... In the meanwhile, I would be very grateful if someone could transform this sprite rip into a decent signature animation with self-promotion, but smaller, let's say 50k. I don't like the one I use now and the other you can see is too big :/

Not your average release
Posted by pi at at 10:17PM [BST]
Roman is on release hype, supossedly he is busy but had time to make ClrMamePro 2.70. It is quite a revamping of the usual things we're used to, making it easier for newbies and generally for everyone. The changelog is quite lengthy, take a look at it and update yourself!

Emulation beakthru!
Posted by pi at at 10:17PM [BST]
There is more Laser WIP with the addition of Pong Doubles! This is a *newly* emulated/simulated arcade game, let the emu hype begin! (I wonder if the forums will be flooded by rom kiddiez making rom begging!)

Off Topic
Posted by pi at at 10:16PM [BST]
Not exactly arcade, but Madrigal has released Mario Bros. Multiscreen. It's a simulator of the famous Game & Watch machine by Nintendo. I love these games, and actually the two I had when kid are both simulated (lucky me). I hope he doesn't have more problems with the IDSA (check the downloads page for the story). Thanks Madrigal for this return after so long, and thanks Metallik for giving me the hint :)

Monday 29 July

Surprise release
Posted by pi at at 10:17PM [BST]
Iron Man helped me find these news about a RAINE Wip Release, which fixes a couple of reported bugs. The "demos unreadable" bug and a "random NMK crash" problem. It also has an early, unfinished version of the logging to WAV function, so check it out. Sorry this time only Win32 binary, but source is available as usual in CVS form, while the binary is that link in the front page...

Back from the thomb
Posted by pi at at 10:01PM [BST]
Metafox has resurrected the LASER WIP, which hopefully will make me the news poster who talks about more WIPS :) The news inside the WIP itself might seem irrelevant, but if you check them carefully, they are indeed great news. Beware: the shot is not as impresive as that second shot in yesterday's... Ah well you know what I mean :)

Excuse me
Posted by pi at at 10:00PM [BST]
It's not my intention to put another plug about MamEnd (otherwise a great site), but they just added some new endings and among them, you can see the one from Pu·Li·Ru·La in english. Definitely a weird game! Check it if you're curious.

Sunday 28 July

Really a WIP day
Posted by pi at at 10:10PM [BST]
There's some CottAGE WIP. Nothing as spectacular as the second shot in the MAME WIP, but well, nothing can be perfect always :) Anyway, Gollum has improved sound in Namco games, fixed the mixer, and went a step further towards playability in Green Beret. Where is Erik? Busy with some readings :)

Posted by pi at at 10:07PM [BST]
Since I seem to be the king of MAME variation postings, here you have CANAME 0.61.4, also with new cheat.dat and sound.dat. A couple minor cosmetic things and decrypted Garou's added. (I wonder why they don't maintain an english sound.dat...)

Freak of Nature
Posted by pi at at 3:05PM [BST]
Mr. Gridle posted some more MAME WIP with two days. The most noticeable thing is the very remarkable Sengoku Blade's second picture. There are too many Sengoku Blade shots, so you can check by yourself that the emulation runs well now courtesy of Tourniquet, tho the emulation runs quietly. Of course there are many other fixes here and there, you should read by yourself.

Thunderburner and Afterblade
Posted by pi at at 12:55PM [BST]
The very own Beaver himself (who else) has updated his page with some Mimic WIP. The pics are from Afterburner & Afterburner 2, and he talks a bit about the progress in them, in Thunderblade and also towards other System X games.

The Arcade Encyclopedia
Posted by pi at at 12:54PM [BST]
Fandemame keeps showing that he is a fan of MAME, and issues History.dat 0.61b for all the other fans in the world. He added infos for games like Fit of Fighting *cough*, Monte Carlo, Poolshark and many others. He also added empty infos for every set put in MAME, so feel free to contribute in the groups!

Saturday 27 July

Fixes, fixes, FIXES!
Posted by pi at at 10:59PM [BST]
ElSemi (a.k.a. the Suppah Xcale King) has updated his main project, releasing Nebula 2.19a. He has fixed quite some graphic things in PGM, including the remaining Dragon World 2 graphics. Also fixed the Garou animations, added MVS slot select buttons, and even fixed more CPS1 music speeds. It seems that RomCenter dat generation works right too. So go and update yourself.

Baptism (again)
Posted by pi at at 10:59PM [BST]
Not exactly an emulation breakthru, but the emulator formerly know named as FinalBurn Alpha is now denominated as FBA. I guess that will speed up CPS2 about 50%, and eliminate that nasty bug in Ryu's stage on SSF2 :) Just kidding, keep it cool guys! Good job ;)

News savior
Posted by pi at at 3:54PM [BST]
I was going to miss the release of MAME32 Plus! 0.61.1 but lucky me, L. Wu has informed me from first hand :) This release includes some new cool stuff, the change list is quite long. It seems that John IV is going to use some of these features in the next MAME32 (as Wu says he has accepted some submissions from the Plus! team), so the circle is complete, good karma for everyone and universal peace!

Regular costumer
Posted by pi at at 3:54PM [BST]
M.A.S.H. appears here too many times, I'm thinking into banning him or something :) Meanwhile, check his MameInfo.dat 4.14 diff update, with latest bugs, newest WIP, and some revamping here and there. Apparently he has also done artwork for Gypsy Juggler! Don't forget about his new email address as well, you could write him.

Friday 26 July

Another one for the man
Posted by pi at at 10:37PM [BST]
M.A.S.H. has updated his guide called How-To-Add new Video Modes to Windows to version 2.0. I have to remember to try it some time! He has also updated the Artwork List. Get everything and more at M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo.dat page.

Since 1998?
Posted by pi at at 10:36PM [BST]
A smaller WIP at The MAME32 QA/Test & Art Dept. Rotate.exe is no more, now everything is internal so you can select random or specific background images... Thanks to Kent K. for that code. Not an emulation breakthru, but well it seems it was a long awaited feature!

Posted by pi at at 10:36PM [BST]
I was missing something lately, and it was MAME WIP. The development of the last seven days is quite long, I'd rather recommend you to just go there and read everything. It's remarkable that the last PCB sent to Guru are already emulated. And tho it's summer and everyone should be on holidays, there are lots of names in this WIP. Enjoy the future!

Showing the way
Posted by pi at at 10:09PM [BST]
Haze has kindly put on his site some Super Slam WIP shots, plus also drivers for it at different stages, for those (crazy enough) who want to know how a driver develops. It's a nice looking tennis game by Playmark.

Plug for a little site
Posted by pi at at 10:09PM [BST]
Chile712 has updated his Kawaks Fan Site, with some new stuff and things according to this post by himself. The site has a great design too (tho it's killer for 56k). Keep an eye on it since he seems to want to revamp it into a Kawaks & Nebula fan site, also with Capcom stuff too.

Triple return
Posted by pi at at 10:08PM [BST]
Last night I've read the last update on EmuViews by JoseQ himself. Looks promising, but unlike others have commented, he is not right-now-back. He will be in the near future, so let's keep patient with it! His post is quite worth reading, so please do. The return of one of the best emu sites with the great Rumour Mill is certainly everyone's interest. Thanks to Amnesiac for the hint.

Another comeback featuring Neil Bradley, he is porting Retrocade to Windows using SDL. That will be real retrogaming, playing classic games in a classic emu! Retrocade has been dormant for more than 3 years, and in that time it was as known as Callus or RAINE. Time for a great comeback!

And the last one is held at Longevity's Digital-Arcade. The site might be back, or so says Longevity. If you read the last post there, he is asking for feedback, ideas, opinions or whatever regarding the return, and if it happens, in which way. Feel free to contribute with what's on your mind. Thanks to Metallik for the last two ones.

Thursday 25 July

Good news for the world
Posted by pi at at 10:50PM [BST]
There has been some work in the CottAGE page. No WIP or 0.10, but the development chart was updated, the Game Selection Page got totally restructured with lots of new options, and there is a new section for Fan Links and In The Press...

By personal request
Posted by pi at at 10:49PM [BST]
I'd like some french help regarding the Satourne page. I'd like to know when ST-V and arcade achievements are made, but all I see are nice WIP shots and some letters joined... Is it about the Saturn? Or just the dev saying he's going on holidays? I hate these machine web page translators.

By public request
Posted by pi at at 10:49PM [BST]
Vaz has kindly sent an email to remind me that I have to remind you about MamEnd - When the end is only the beginning. It's a site devoted to arcade game endings, specifically those emulated by MAME (I guess they could even do an exception like with Outrunners). He is going to write a site guide in english for all of us italian-impaired. Check out the numerous site sections, like the Translations (Traduzioni) which is very cool IMHO. They even have a theme (downloadable in MP3), cheats, and other surprises... Happy, Vaz? :)

How was that saying about second parts?
Posted by pi at at 10:48PM [BST]
The Guru has received two more PCB thanks to Taucher. The names are Golden Fire II and Fantasia II (I guess it's the third part?). Note that this doesn't mean they will be emulated. Just that Guru has received them ;)

Something for the tough guys
Posted by pi at at 10:47PM [BST]
A new issue at M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo.dat page. A new update of the Artwork List for us artwork fanatics.

I have a little doubt
Posted by pi at at 10:47PM [BST]
uRebelScum has Mame: Analog+ 0.61.2 available for Windows, DOS and also the MAME32 version. MAME: Analog+ is a special MAME aimed towards analog device users (jealousy). Since he doesn't put dates in the updates, I don't know if this is new news or old oldies...

Wednesday 24 July

Forgot to put a headline :)
Posted by pi at at 10:51PM [BST]
There has been an update at Haze's MAME page. He has added some more shots of his WIP driver for that BB prototype, and a review of a Comad game called Bouncing Balls not yet in MAME, but might be in next version. Take it as a WIP report with a review included as a plus :)

Latest in the club
Posted by pi at at 10:50PM [BST]
Anoakie Turner released SIEmu 1.02. It is a small update to allow compiles for BeOS, and a few clean-ups. You can get a BeOS binary at

Discovering more things about people in this community
Posted by pi at at 10:50PM [BST]
This guy is known by three things: first, his name, Richard Bannister. Second, his "hobby", Mac ports of emulators. And third, his Roller Coaster addiction.

Not exactly Mike Oldfield...
Posted by pi at at 10:49PM [BST]
Yesterday I received a short sample from a song, only one minute long, but the music was very cool. The nice thing is that the song is made by Move GA*GA, a p-funk+hiphop group with great sound and great members: one of them is Erik Duijs himself! I'm eager to listen to the whole album when I can, and then I'll give you more impressions. For now, I liked it enough to post about it here :)

Tuesday 23 July

Last one for a while
Posted by pi at at 10:59PM [BST]
Before he's too busy in the next days to do anything, Roman has found some time and built ClrMamePro 2.68, with a good number of "misc" changes around. Check the update list and update yourself.

Big & red sports car
Posted by pi at at 10:59PM [BST]
There is a new update by Gerard at the The Arcade Flyers Archive. Quite some Sega flyers updates and additions, some in NAOMI hardware, some classics like E Swat and G-LOC... They have also opened a "board" in MSN groups, IMHO it's not a good choice, I hope people is aware of what it means to go around certain places. Check TAFA's front page anyway if you're interested, of course.

Robby Roto!!!
Posted by pi at at 10:58PM [BST]
Fandemame has released History.dat 0.61a, with addition of information for games like Macross Plus, Mappy, Donkey Kong Jr. and other news and classics up to more than 30 names... There is also a Yahoo group to contribute (how horrible elections for groups lately), so go there and look what's going on.

Workaholic A.
Posted by pi at at 10:57PM [BST]
M.A.S.H. has gathered a list of currently existing artwork files for MAME. It has quite some data you should be aware of, for example which artwork could use display modes not supported by some monitors. Check it out at M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo.dat page. You could also get his artwork files while you're there :)

Rave Ridge? Race Fridge? Bridge Midge?
Posted by pi at at 10:57PM [BST]
Finally there is a good Viva Nonno official home page, the Namco System 22 emulator. And as a bonus, the Viva Nonno official boards have opened as well. The logo is curious but cute! Thanks to DamianMoran for the news.

Bad bad bad klez
Posted by pi at at 10:57PM [BST]
Big revamp at EasyEmu. A lot of revamping everywhere, this guy has been quite busy. Putting many tutorials with the latest emu versions, fixing and improving here and there... As bad news, he has retired his public email, so you have to go to the Emuadvice board for some more help if you need it.

Monday 22 July

Here they are
Posted by pi at at 10:55PM [BST]
Crashtest has updated his MAME screenshots collection to 0.61. Great for your frontend, I use them. Get them at Crashtest's Emulation page.

Not Purple Haze...
Posted by pi at at 10:42PM [BST]
Another MAME developer with a page where like an old grandpa, he tells us stories of old battles and all that stuff. Hehehe :) No, Haze's MAME page is not certainly like that! There is a total lack of design :) But the contents are cool. WIP stuff from him, a list of drivers made by him, reviews and other stuff which will appear in the future. Give it a visit and then feel free to
comment it.

Sunday 21 July

Don't know why, but I love it!
Posted by pi at at 11:15PM [BST]
Maybe not the most active, but the RAINE WIP has still the most appeal to me. After a long pause, here it is another cool function which seems to be going to appear in next version: sound recording! There is a sample MP2 and some explanations and shots, looks very nice to me... Still in development but let's hope for the best!

My only friend, the end
Posted by pi at at 4:33PM [BST]
Sad day when I have to report this kind of news. Friol has had a HD crash, and now he decided that the Capcom emulator A.C.E. is going to be discontinued. He has left the last available source and the last binary, plus a little present to play Super Gem Fighter in ACE. Thanks for the good times Friol, and good luck for your future projects!

Local shop opens for a limited time
Posted by pi at at 4:32PM [BST]
The Guru is offering some PCB's for selling, they are from the last shop raid. There are cool titles (Rad Rallyyyyy), you might be interested in getting one or two of them, and you will even help the next shop raid. He also swaps an NeoGeo PCB + Metal Slug 2 for any undumped System 22 or Super System 22 PCB. Help the cause, check the offerings!

Even faster
Posted by pi at at 4:32PM [BST]
Katharsis has released FastMAME 0.61, the first build since 0.54. It's a normal MAME build without source changes, but it uses Intel's compiler to squeeze even more fps from your CPU. Seems to be even slightly faster than VCMAME. The build is for all Windows flavors, and there is also a SIMD build for the users of last-gen CPU's (not like me). Thanks to Iron Man for the hint!

But S&m aren't really my favs...
Posted by pi at at 4:31PM [BST]
Not strictly arcade, but Aaron Giles wants to share something with you, and I'm also a fan of LucasArts... Specially recommended for Mac fans too!

And there was also a new cheat.dat
Posted by pi at at 4:31PM [BST]
Another week finished, another CANAME 0.61.3. Go to its homepage to check what's new and update yourself if this CPS and NeoGeo only MAME derivative is your cup of tea.

Saturday 20 July

And I didn't know it!
Posted by pi at at 11:00PM [BST]
The Mimic homepage is back after some days of trouble. The good thing is that it had some surprise hidden I didn't notice until now! It's a few days old Mimic WIP containing shots of Sega System X, which runs for example, Thunderblade :)~ (Hey Twisty, that one is drooling!)

Emulated for the Nth time
Posted by pi at at 10:49PM [BST]
Here it is a new Space Invaders emulator, SIEmu 1.01. It emulates Space Invaders and many of its clones with the 8080a CPU, and it has very good documentation in many formats (claiming to be the best documented 8080a emulator). Thanks to Chris for finding another addition for CAESAR :)

More sorting
Posted by pi at at 5:01PM [BST]
TriggerFin is offering a set of six files for MAME32 which will create folders to sort games. Give them a try, I'll do it!

One each week, sometimes two...
Posted by pi at at 4:44PM [BST]
M.A.S.H. has released MameInfo.dat 4.13. Latest bugs, newest WIP (or was it newest bugs and latest WIP?), plus the CottAGE infos got up to 0.05. He also warns us about a FMAME32 bug with Splatter House.

Friday 19 July

Out of nowhere
Posted by pi at at 9:13PM [BST]
According to this post, there is a new System 22 emulator called VivaNonno v22.0.1. Unfortunately that page reach bandwidth limit quite easily, but I've managed to find two mirrors at and chello.nt, thanks to Atila and Iron Man. I don't know how good it goes, it emulates Ridge Racer 2 and Rave Racer (?) and it seems with only some graphic errors. I'll try when I can, but apparently it works quite well. So you could try. Remember to use antivirus software to check your downloads!

Note: You can find a WIP datafile for VivaNonno in the ClrMamePro page courtesy of Roman.

Update: Another good mirror with requirements at SYS2064, thanks Till.

Weekend coming in
Posted by pi at at 9:13PM [BST]
The last CottAGE WIP of the week: Fixed Galaga booting crash, and Circus Charlie has been added in a great team development... errrr... :)

Not very expensive piece of code
Posted by pi at at 9:12PM [BST]
Another update, getting now to CANAME 0.61.2. The big change is that now it uses Shiriru's CPS drivers, and also many GUI options have been changed. Update yourself, it's free...

Am I late?
Posted by pi at at 12:04AM [BST]
Just when I thought I finished, I stumble upon a very recent and fresh post by Gridle notifying about a new MAME WIP. Snaps for Fit of Fighters (hehehe), Driverboy and The History of Martial Arts are included, courtesy of Haze. Jarek Burczynski fixed some YMstuff as well. And that's the story...

Thursday 18 July

Beauty has many faces
Posted by pi at at 11:52PM [BST]
Gridle has sorted out even more artwork at MAME's site. Pearls include Scramble, Omega Race and Pac-Man. The number is also increasing at M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo page. I love so much artwork! Gotta get'em all!

Royal jewelry
Posted by pi at at 11:52PM [BST]
Roman a.k.a. The Magnificus Emperor has released ClrMamePro 2.67. It includes quite a lot of fixed things, and the function dir2dat is not hidden anymore. He has also improved it with some additions. Don't forget to check the to-do list in the WIP page!

Le Doberman
Posted by pi at at 11:50PM [BST]
Gollum has kindly wrote me to tell me about the latest CottAGE WIP. He added support for Safari Rally and Bank Panic (the famous 3-button game), tho only the last one works. He also made some fixes and will keep doing. Erik seems to have finished the restructuration of the whole thing for next version which will be 0.10, and added Green Beret. Check at the details at your browser.

Soft, soft, soft
Posted by pi at at 11:49PM [BST]
Smoothers out there, rejoice since TVMAME32 0.61 is out. You don't know what it is? Then check MAMETweakerz and discover it. Command line users might prefer SmoothMame.

Short and to the point
Posted by pi at at 11:48PM [BST]
Baby PacMan, Baby Flyer. Cute! Thanks Dan.

Searching for a tutor?
Posted by pi at at 11:48PM [BST]
I'm going to mention again and again EasyEmu, which is the best place for newbies who (surprisingly enough) discover themselves reading the news here and wondering what the hell I'm talking about :)
And I thought that CAESAR was only visited by top-level people like Logiqx and me :)

Wednesday 17 July

Posted by pi at at 11:40PM [BST]
Not many news to say today. Don't think I've abandoned you. Just another boring slow day, happens sometimes, right? I don't even receive emails right now. Every reader please send me one! :) Have a good day/night and see you tomorrow.

Tuesday 16 July

I hear good news
Posted by pi at at 11:37PM [BST]
Sometimes people surprise me so much, for example Andy with this very nice idea. Read the post and comment if you feel like it. I like the idea, certainly!

Flyers in the sky with diamonds
Posted by pi at at 11:09PM [BST]
Everyday is a good day to visit The Arcade Flyers Archive. For example, today Eric added the bezel for Scrample (great!). Gerard added another six flyers and updated one, all of them recent Sega games like Daytona USA Limited Edition or Manx TT. And as a plus, here it goes another site wich has a Chart of Development! If you check it out, it shows a consistent work thru all this time. And as I said, 3 per day :-p

Talking about flyers, John IV added Flyer Pack #13, at The MAME32 QA/Test & Art Dept..

Tricks for you
Posted by pi at at 11:09PM [BST]
Stephh (I guess) has updated the WIP cheat database for MAME 0.61, plus another database for Mahjong games. Get them at the Ultimate Patcher's page.

The future happens today
Posted by pi at at 10:59PM [BST]
Big and spectacular MAME WIP. Phil Stroffolino submitted a driver for Namco System 22, which is impressive. First game added is Prop Cycle, playable with some graphic glitches, but otherwise looking very nice. But, that 22's submission is not the only interesting thing in this WIP update (thought it might be the most noticeable).The other snaps are from Legend, added by Zsolt Vasvari. And a lot of devs have sent clones, fixes and improvements, so check out all of it.

I'd like to say some words...
Posted by pi at at 10:59PM [BST]
After 1.5 months, there is an official and public statement (and very short) at Logiqx's homepage. Of course it was made by Logiqx himself, who else.

Newest toy
Posted by pi at at 10:58PM [BST]
ElSemi has released Nebula 2.19. The main things in this new update are the inclusion of Dragon World 2 (a shangai/taipei game for PGM) and (orchestral introduction please) multislot MVS emulation! It means you can emulate a NeoGeo machine with up to four games loaded. Next step would be emulating machine communication, something I would really like to see in certain cases :) Be sure to read the documentation to use the new feature and know the rest of fixes. Just when Roman issued a 2.18b dat...

Monday 15 July

Dali reincarnated
Posted by pi at at 5:35PM [BST]
You have to see the artworks M.A.S.H. has placed... Popeye, Qix, up to five. Everyone is making artwork lately, it will be hard to track down all of them. I hope that eventually they will lie where they should, until then visit M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo page.

A break for a change
Posted by pi at at 5:34PM [BST]
Yesssss I have a computer which runs everything on MAME sweetly. STUN Runner goes at 3-4 frameskip and it's about the slowest thing I've seen so far on it. Namco NB1/2? Solid rock 60fps. Mortal Kombat 3 at full speed. Too bad I have to return it in 2 weeks and get back on my 333 :(

And the Oscar goes to...
Posted by pi at at 5:33PM [BST]
Let's rest a moment and read CottAGE WIP. Erik fixed Dream Shopper (with Van-Van's memory map?), and everything is getting ready for a big restructuration. Basically the plot of the movie is that the Java Emulator Framework, the MAME stuff and the CottAGE stuff walk separated. And between them, the cousin AY8910 gets a new hairstyle.

Sunday 14 July

We have a winner!
Posted by pi at at 3:15PM [BST]
Congratulations to The Arcade Flyers Archive where Dan has uploaded mode flyers, hitting the 3,000 mark. That happens 924 days after the opening, which means around three flyers per day! Thanks guys for your effort, thanks to the donators and supporters of TAFA which brought us so many cute flyers.

About the update, it's mainly about mid-age USA games like Galaga '88, Phoenix and Asteroids, plus some bizarre stuff like the Super Select System by Arcadia. But, if you have to "select" between the robot or the gal...

So many worthy contributions...
Posted by pi at at 3:14PM [BST]
The last week of development has been logged on the MAME WIP. There are pictures from Change Air Blade, added to the SSV system by Haze (gorgeous shoot'em'up for what it seems), and Dragon World 2 added to the PolyGameMaster driver thanks to info provided by ElSemi. There are also a lot of fixes and things by Aaron, Nicola, Brad Oliver, Brian McPhail, Tourniquet and many others. Go and read the good stuff!

Saturday 13 July

Do I remember it?
Posted by pi at at 11:03PM [BST]
Guru has updated his Rom Dumping News with some juicy stuff. Randy talks about the bunch of helping fellows for the next PCB raid, and then Guru talks about the new PCB's he has received and dumped, they are eight including Victorious Nine!

Good things come in small packages
Posted by pi at at 6:44PM [BST]
Gridle has upgraded with some goodies. First, some artwork files created and discovered all around. Second (and sadly last), he replaced some samples with Dith's enhanced versions.

Where's my imagination...
Posted by pi at at 6:37PM [BST]
For the ones who like tweaked things, here it is VsyncMAME 0.61 beta 1. There are 686 and K6 binaries, source, readme in japanese, and a translationw which looks scare. It says that it also supports integrated mobo soundcards in pure DOS (details in the page), so that's a plus...

Flyer: risky business
Posted by pi at at 3:13AM [BST]
The Arcade Flyers Archive has suffered a small update from the hands of Dan. He added three old or rare flyers, for Quadrapong, DECO Cassete System (wow! the revolution!) and Flip VI which is surprisingly spanish, quite bizarre. Also some interesting thing called Sega TV Game Machines which is way too old for me. Again wow, too interesting to be missed.

Sleepy me? Not!
Posted by pi at at 3:11AM [BST]
A new update of your favorite arcade Java emulator (uhm maybe the only one in development now?), CottAGE 0.05. They've added a bunch of games like Donkey Kong Whatever, 1943, Hexa and many other classics. As well they added a handful of clones, fixed some drivers and one CPU core, and optimized here and there enough to get a significant boost in certain drivers. Enjoy the release where usual or download to play locally. Also keep an eye since they threaten to reestructure the whole thing!

Friday 12 July

Hard work deserves honour mention
Posted by pi at at 5:06PM [BST]
Do you like MAME's new artwork? Well more is being done... One example: Beautiful.

Just a bit of your attention, please
Posted by pi at at 5:04PM [BST]
Uhm... Another one who needs your help. Visit Aceroms to know about it, and decide wether support it or not. Thanks to Jaw for the warning.

One more project for the page
Posted by pi at at 5:04PM [BST]
The guy who is as big as a whole hospital has done another issue of the massive information file for MAME, a.k.a. MameInfo.dat 4.12. Latest wip, newest bugs (or was it the reverse?) blah blah blah... He has also released Extra Folders View files, which allows you to browse even more customized folders, hopefully allowing a better classification and finding of all those games.

Thursday 11 July

Scotty? Scotty!!
Posted by pi at at 10:04PM [BST]
There is a new enhanced version of the Star Trek sampleset by DarkbladE at the Twisty's MAME Samples Collection. Seems to be quite good, I'm going to try it as soon as I download it... Wonder why Twisty doesn't make a list of "the best samples you should download".

Where are you flying to these holidays?
Posted by pi at at 10:03PM [BST]
Gerard has uploaded 22 more flyers thanks to David Andrews to The Arcade Flyers Archive. This makes it up to 100 new or changed flyers in the last days. All these 22 flyers are from fairly recent (and very recent) Sega games like Alien 3, Daytona USA, Le Mans 24 and a couple of guides.

So much for MAME
Posted by pi at at 10:01PM [BST]
Brian has compiled another MAME.NET 0.61, again in the blended way... Available at PacMAME page. So many...

And also MAME 0.61 for BeOS is in that simple but effective page. Who? Who knows...

Wednesday 10 July

Posted by pi at at 10:53PM [BST]
Before into emulation, I was (and still I am) into abandonware and old PC gaming. So I guess I could put a plug about this post by Stiletto, if you like abandonware and PC classics too, you might find it interesting. VOGONS!

Rara avis
Posted by pi at at 10:45PM [BST]
The Arcade Flyers Archive has seventy six (76) new flyers online in their nearly 3,000 flyer database. Mainly old and rare stuff, but also a bit of everything like always. I see some interesting things in the list, I think you will too :)

Posted by pi at at 10:44PM [BST]
Stephh has updated The Ultimate Patchers' site with the fixes for 0.61. He has deleted ones currently in the main tree and transformed the old ones to compile with 0.61. Now, we need them in too!

Can't figure out a headline for this
Posted by pi at at 10:43PM [BST]
Mr. Beaver has solved all the recentp problems with compiler bugs, and issued Mimic 2.05, which as he says, is a lot faster than previous releases. It looks good, so get updated on this arcade & console emulator.

Scooby Dooby Doo
Posted by pi at at 10:43PM [BST]
There are some Compile Packages and Specials for 0.61 at M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo page. Take a look. I want Monaco GP (how the hell up to today I haven't played that sim yet?)

Two days only!
Posted by pi at at 10:42PM [BST]
Andrea has released AdvanceMAME 0.61.1, which is a bugfix for some NeoGeo games. Hey don't whine, you didn't have to wait two months for this one! :-p

Tuesday 9 July

Fire up the controversy (or burn it down...)
Posted by pi at at 11:04PM [BST]
ElSemi has made a double release. First Nebula 2.18b, which has some fixes for music in CPS1 and NeoGeo games... And also Jukebox 2.4, I guess with even more games added. One note about Nebula, is that it has changed again policy about games... Respect developer's policies! (I would say five years but...)

What is and what's not
Posted by pi at at 11:04PM [BST]
Duckie has updated NonMAME with a revision of the whole thing after the last MAME. As well, Bobby has updated UnMAMEd arcade games, with one thing I want you to notice: "removed the Technos and SNK pages as they are now empty". Does that mean that all the Technos and SNK games are in MAME or just that the ones left weren't on UnMAMEd first? My guess is the second but you could discover more... He has also added and corrected some more info.

A few hints about local heroes
Posted by pi at at 11:03PM [BST]
I've discovered three interesting things about Aaron Giles, and they are told in today's update of his page. Well maybe you already knew but for me all of them were new. And there is one which will be new for you too :) But, what will be? When? Misteries make life interesting!

Subtle update
Posted by pi at at 11:03PM [BST]
M.A.S.H. has personally wrote me to tell me about FMAME32 0.61 release 2. Mostly cosmetic changes, readded the add/remove favorites function, and well... What can I say about the only MAME32 which actually I use, with the exception of a Kaillera version for next weekend :)

Monday 8 July

Somehow I feel very light
Posted by pi at at 10:12PM [BST]
John IV has added the Flyer Pack #13 to the collection. Not much else to say about this, but it's not needed, right?

Soft soft soft
Posted by pi at at 10:12PM [BST]
Twisty has updated too, like everyone is doing lately, and SmoothMAME 0.61 is available for download. If it doesn't say "bandwidth limit exceeded", that's it :-p TVMAME32 hasn't been updated yet but let's be patient.

MAME Larousse?
Posted by pi at at 10:12PM [BST]
Fandemame keeps up the good work and has raised the level with History.dat 0.61. Exactly to 0.61 level, in his words, plus some new information... Gotta get it!

Ancient engrish
Posted by pi at at 10:11PM [BST]
A new grail has seen the light as Calice 0.6.4 was released up there on David's temple. Whatever, I can't tell what's new... Make your best guess and comment on the forums!

Superior grades
Posted by pi at at 10:10PM [BST]
You should check today Andrea's Advance Projects page, since there is a triple update: AdvanceMAME v0.61.0, AdvanceMENU v1.19.1, and AdvanceCAB v0.11.2. I'll stick with the AdvanceMAME changes: Updated everything to 0.61 and even got into account certain things which will come in 0.62, fixes fixes fixes and good things. If Advance is your choice then today is your lucky day.

Sunday 7 July

Quite for me
Posted by pi at at 10:57PM [BST]
M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo.dat 4.11 is out. It includes: the very first bugs reported for 0.61, and also clears out all the fixed bugs. Listinfo changes. Updated the driver section according with the source. Recommended games, To-do list and file size information. Hope that's enough for you :-p

Another name without sense to me...
Posted by pi at at 10:39PM [BST]
Now everyone check out Blastar's first NeoGeo game: Neo No Panepon. Very early beta, has no sound yet, but works with MAME, works with Nebula and NeoRAGE-X... So, try it! Seems to be fun, tho not very spectacular. I hope he releases more versions!

Not that I forgot
Posted by pi at at 6:41PM [BST]
ElSemi released yesterday (while I was out) Nebula 2.18. The list of fixes is quite long, for all systems, I wouldn't know where to start from... Certainly a very good release, get updated!

Update: Today Nebula 2.18a has been released. It features fixes for KOF99 and MS3. ElSemi has also decided to unlock *certain* games, and added a disclaimer which you must accept before using Nebula. Pretty much like the OK screen in MAME... Now no one has any excuses to not update :-p

Good * 3
Posted by pi at at 6:40PM [BST]
The MAME WIP with the last three days shows some good development with the... Already awaited 0.62? :) The pics are from S.S. Mission submitted by Haze, and Triple Fun with correct graphics by Haze again! But he's not the only one around, there are good names and good news for you to read...

Catalog, sort, classify
Posted by pi at at 6:40PM [BST]
Triggerfin has put everything in order at Catlist according to the 0.61 release. He also says something about MAME32. Ohhhhh my head!

Blah blah blah32
Posted by pi at at 6:39PM [BST]
There are more news at the Laser homepage, where ss_teven has figured out all the CVS mess and has made available some Laser CVS for the pleasure of all devs around interested in this project. It's still not in sync with Metafox's blah release but with time everything will be sorted out, we hope.

Not getting a clue
Posted by pi at at 6:39PM [BST]
If I'm not wrong, here you have the new Allegro 4.0.2. It seems to be a minor fix, don't know what's new. Allegro is of course a gaming library used for example in RAINE and Laser, but not this version if I recall correctly. Better I shut up, I don't know what I'm talking about!

Still working on it
Posted by pi at at 6:38PM [BST]
M.A.S.H. has updated the PCB-Infos archive for the last release, and as well he has released FixMAME32 0.61. Don't forget to get the extra files! FixMAME32 is my choice for a non-commandline MAME. Everything available at M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo.dat page.

Instructions included
Posted by pi at at 6:38PM [BST]
Easyemu has been updated once again, tho I know that many people here don't really need this ;) The update involves MAME, control.ini, Calice, Daedalus and some movement here and there. Sorry for overlooking this one!

Dafreak has also put online a preliminary version of ZiNc Guide 0.1, and is awaiting for some feedback. Don't forget his awesome frontend! (Actually I can tell it's the only frontend I use now.)

Too many versions
Posted by pi at at 6:37PM [BST]
ell all these MAME derivatives have been updated this weekend. I'm trying to track them down all but of course I will miss many. If you find some not here, please tell me!
  • Shonks's MAME K6 page contains MAME builds with AMD K6 optimizations. Read the readme.txt to see how it squeezes some frames more. Thx Prophet.
  • And another update: MAME/MAME32 Plus! 0.61 (Test release) with lots of additions. Check the future UI effect! Great!
  • CANAME 0.61.1 has been updated and all the dats as well. It includes also some fixes. Remember that it stands for Capcom And NeoGeo Arcade Multiple Machine.
  • UOMame32k 0.61 has been updated as well.

Posted by pi at at 6:37PM [BST]
Well yesterday I was out, sorry for the lack of news. Got some feedback about my datafiles and they seem to work well. Now without further delay, let's go back into bussiness. Lots of news...

Friday 5 July

Hercules, Spartacus, Anteo, Belerofonte, smf
Posted by pi at at 11:09PM [BST]
The site has been updated with some goodies for us. Namely, smf has done the source changes to the main tree to compile the DOS build, and the binaries themselves of course. The Lunar Lander artwork has been added as well, and the Battles sampleset too. Great and nice. smf is the hero of the day I guess :)

Site moved
Posted by pi at at 10:50PM [BST]
David has made another update: Calice 0.6.2. At least it features a new site :) Also the latest XOR's of course, and a tutorial. I think it wasn't in 0.6.0 version? And what's that LE? Thx to The Informer for the hint.

How to waste a precious time
Posted by pi at at 10:36PM [BST]
Yesssss I like when everyone is WIPping around! Turn for Mimic WIP, The Beaver has some neat stuff going on, with an inminent release, and well that last one was a very nasty bug, as a programmer I know those (had thousands in Lingo), but congrats for having gotten around that one!

Uno, DOS, tres...
Posted by pi at at 10:36PM [BST]
ss_teven has been experimenting a bit and the result is a working Laser Win32. No fancy GUI, no release, but hey, it's a beginning! He says there could be a release very soon. So that will be "Laser blah32" :-p So DOS? No DOS? Poor DOS it has been also thrown from the official MAME sourcetree... Well...

Another one
Posted by pi at at 10:35PM [BST]
Not a day of rest, M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo.dat 4.10 is already there with 0.61's latest things. The MAMEInfo source has been updated as well. The rest will come with time, we all know he is a good worker :) I suggest you to read the "whatsnew" section in his page cause IMHO it's more comprehensive than MAME's own whatsnew!

And let's not forget the happy mother!
Posted by pi at at 10:35PM [BST]
Sixtoe, well known slave at, is the happy father of Jack, a new born guy who will have a good master in Sega history :) Now I guess everyone understands the nickname of yesterday's MAME release! Congrats man :) Thx to Prophet for the clue.

The day after
Posted by pi at at 10:34PM [BST]
Two months for MAME, and one day for MAME32 0.61, these guys work fast... No comments on that! :) This one also comes with a changelog, and remember to read John IV's advice on this new release!

The name says it all
Posted by pi at at 10:34PM [BST]
Greg has sent me an email to remind me the happy existence of Yllabian Space Guppy's Bizarre Arcade Game Archive, which was featured here a few months ago, but I agree with Greg that it's a cool site. It features the most bizarre games in MAME, so if you're tired of standard, clone games, you might try some of the strange beauties Greg has found for us. My fav for Top Stargate Pest: Captain Tomaday!

Plan 9 from Outer Space
Posted by pi at at 10:34PM [BST]
Well, they are untested, but since Logiqx seems to be busy for the next eternity, I've made a couple of datafiles, nothing you couldn't do, but the supplements might be harder for users not fond of commandline utils like DatUtil and MAMEDiff. Without any warranty, at your own risk, if you dare get the datafiles. Oh btw they are both for RomCenter and ClrMAMEPro, and for the latest MAME 0.61, MAME Changes, Kawaks 1.44a and RAINE 0.35b, included all needed supplements (the main reason of the release).

For the ones who obviously and understandably will not trust my work %-) Roman has already updated ClrMamePro with all you need: roms, md5, icons, snaps, flyers, coke cans and flowers.

Thursday 4 July

Speaks for itself...
Posted by pi at at 9:58PM [BST]
Finally, after so much wait, the long awaited and much expected MAME 0.61 Jack. The changelog is shorter than I expected, but there are some big core changes including what IMHO is the star of this release: generic and awesome artwork support! In short words:
  • Generic artwork support, rewritten display functions.
  • Six drivers with better graphics, three with better sound, and six more with miscellaneous changes including various Neo Geo fixes, and input and graphics fix for... Outrun!!!
  • Light gun support.
  • More than 30! MAMETesters bugs fixed.
  • Fifty (or more not in the list) new games supported, like Battle Bakraider.
  • Twenty or more new clones.

So in short, big thanks to Nicola and all the great MAMEDevs for this release, for the continued efforts and... Well you know it, you people totally rock! Now it's time to play... Remember, it's all about the games!

Source and binaries are available right now, except the DOS version... And remember to download the the almost thirty new artwork files!

A quick one
Posted by pi at at 9:56PM [BST]
Today's MAME WIP is probably included in the last release, at least the Toobin fix is... The pictures are from Triple Fun, which has been added with some little graphic glitches due to a corrupt rom.

No, it's not MAME!
Posted by pi at at 9:56PM [BST]
More development in the arcade world, now it's turn for CottAGE WIP, which keeps being updated with good news. Erik has added a Konami hardware and support for Hyper Sports and Road Fighter. He has defeated a little bug (which is no more) and implemented row scroll methods. So the question is: Will we wait two months or so long for the next CottAGE release?

Just a bit early
Posted by pi at at 9:56PM [BST]
M.A.S.H. has released MameInfo.dat 4.0a (continues with hex notation...), and I guess that he will release a new one with the 0.61 stuff, and his FixMAME32 when he can. Actually we expect a lot of MAME movement for the next days, right? :)

Two minute warning (again)
Posted by pi at at 9:55PM [BST]
There has been a lot of movement yesterday, and with today's release, there will be much more in the following days, but I want to warn people about Logiqx, cause besides wanting to celebrate his bday, he is quite busy lately. Don't expect early dat releases, he will do them when he can. So be patient, k? :)

Born on the Fourth of July
Posted by pi at at 3:43PM [BST]
The currently active CAESAR team (me, myself and I) wishes a much happy birthday to the CAESAR webmaster and most-known compulsive dat & util writer, Logiqx! On a day like today, but past millenium (and quite some years ago), he came to the world, with his destiny in one hand and a bunch of roms in the other :) Let's sing along: happy birthday to you, happy birtdhay to you, happy birthday guy-nicknamed-Logiqx-who-is-already-thirty, happy birthday to you! (Add fireworks, a good orchestra and Marilyn singing as well) ;)

Wednesday 3 July

Fresh XOR's for you
Posted by pi at at 11:26PM [BST]
Tonight and after two months, we have more XOR tables from Razoola at CPS2Shock. The tables are for two clones of Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter and Dungeons and Dragons: Shadow over Mistara, and for a new game: Vampire Hunter 2. With this I think all the Darkstalkers games have been decripted, despite of the clones. Good news indeed! :)

Read the statements about Nebula in the CPS2Shock page, there's no need for a new release of an emulator with text drivers :) And Raz says that there's no CPS2MAME this time, so let's wait for the next MAME to happen very soon!

Anyone tells me please why that name!
Posted by pi at at 11:26PM [BST]
According with the tradition, MHz instantly supports the latest xored games with the release of the new Kawaks 1.44a. There are also new drivers for Sengoku 3, V-Liner and Zuppapa (all NeoGeo games) as well, and a SF2 hack too, plus a new blending effect, some NeoGeo fixes, QAD japanese is fixed, and a few fixes and improvements here and there for this already very solid emulator. Can't wait to play it!

Give me an apple
Posted by pi at at 11:25PM [BST]
Mac users can already get CPSMAME 7.03.02 with the support for today's XOR tables. The Carbon build includes the changes from the interim releases happened lately, but the Classic build is still from 0.57 and "as such should work well". Strange, but well :)

Your latest trick
Posted by pi at at 11:25PM [BST]
Mike Haggar has already released his Cheat Archive 0.2.6.D for Nebula, Kawaks, MAME and Final Burn Alpha, with cheats for these three releases. I'm downloading it right now!

Give me a banana
Posted by pi at at 11:25PM [BST]
The CottAGE chart of development has been updated, look those dots how are getting placed in better positions :) The WIP has been updated as well, with good news for monkey fans... Visit it!

Conversation, talking, speech...
Posted by pi at at 11:24PM [BST]
Metafox has released Laser blah. It's a new flavor of this little arcade emu, which mostly means "a quick build". He has added all the 8080 games in MAME. He also makes a subtle call for more people to join the team ;)

Ping? Pong!
Posted by pi at at 11:24PM [BST]
Two days of MAME WIP have been logged by Gridle, the pictures with the wrong colours are from Speed Spin, and they are courtesy of Haze which made the driver playable. More things to read if you're interested...

Those naughty games
Posted by pi at at 11:23PM [BST]
Stephh has updated The Ultimate Patchers site with a new cheat file for mahjong games. It's a WIP file in MAME 0.60 format (different from earlier versions). You've been informed.

Tuesday 2 July

A little mixed bag
Posted by pi at at 10:30PM [BST]
I'd like to mention some things while I'm here:

People pays attention ;)
Posted by pi at at 10:29PM [BST]
Erik Duijs fixed some bugs in a CPU core and added support for single opcode decryption. This effectively adds support for one more classic: Roc'n Rope. All this can be read and seen at the CottAGE WIP page :)

Two more around
Posted by pi at at 10:28PM [BST]
Moose has released two freeware utilities for Windows systems, one called ROM Clone Zip Manager and the other ROM ZIP Differences Manager. If after reading those posts you are interested, you know where, at Moose's Software Valley. Be sure to read the post about the alternate mirror. As for me, I'll keep with the old good things :)

Monday 1 July

It sounds familiar to me
Posted by pi at at 8:51PM [BST]
Dith is back posting two new samplesets: Buck Rogers and Gridlee. The Buck Roger ones have been optimized and filtered out the noise, and the Gridlee ones suffer from a cut & paste description so I don't know what's different compared to the official ones :) Get them at Dith's Enhanced MAME Samples.

Where are the pictures?
Posted by pi at at 8:50PM [BST]
Colorless, one-day MAME WIP. Acho A. Tang fixed the missing or bad music in a handful NeoGeo games. The NeoGeo driver keeps getting improvements over all these years, which is something quite good, don't you think? Stephh fixed more inputs and DSW (go go Stephh!) as usual, while Haze is around like usual. But. Where's my release? (Yes I know I shouldn't whine but I'm human, what can I do...)

Win something, for a change
Posted by pi at at 8:50PM [BST]
Rackspace is offering a quite good prize. An original Star-Wars: The Arcade Game sit-down machine. The price is participating in a survey, something I don't like at all. But as Metallik says, they have chosen a good reward! Thanks to him for the tip.

Let's tap ourselves on the shoulders...
Posted by pi at at 8:50PM [BST]
Today I've been exactly 181 days, exactly six months, half a year without smoking! It might look stupid to some of you, but for me it's a great achievement, equivalent to a 100% perfect System 16 emulator :-p I saved 368 euros in all this time, enough to make a cabinet... Well let's say I've not spent them, since I haven't seen any of those little coins :/ But I'm proud of myself, for once in a while :) As proud as someone else, I know you will be reading this so congrats for your six months as well Erik :)

To celebrate it I've been job hunting, one of the sports I hate the most. I'm at the top of the list for another shitty job but well, what can I do. I have to buy a new mouse. Really!

Sunday 30 June

Not exactly a goodbye...
Posted by pi at at 10:09PM [BST]
As of tomorrow, Atani will no longer work in any emulation related stuff. One of the developers who was around here for the longest is saying bye, and he talks a lot on his last post at his site, which I strongly recommend to read. He mentions he will be still around, will revamp his site, but the future might not include programming. Well whatever you do Atani, thanks for your work for the community, and good luck with whatever comes. And hope to see you around here for a long long time!

A rare specimen...
Posted by pi at at 10:09PM [BST]
Mike Haggar has released Nebula/Kawaks Transparencies Pack 20020630. It includes tables for The Last Blade 2, in light and heavy modes. Mike also whines about the lack of tables coming, and me too since I used to find quite some and now it's hard to see them... So a) make them and b) submit them to him!

Cough, cough
Posted by pi at at 10:08PM [BST]
There's more CottAGE WIP. Erik finished the 1943 driver, and added Gun.Smoke as well. I know this WIP doesn't include as much technical info as others, but well, give them time ;)

After so long...
Posted by pi at at 10:00PM [BST]
DAPHNE 0.99.5 has been finally released. No "pre", no "maybe", the f.e.m.a.l.e. emulator (put some sense to that acronym) comes in Windows and Linux flavors, and of course the source. The changelog, which is quite long (has to be with four pre-releases) can also be found in the download page. Have fun!

Round colored toys
Posted by pi at at 9:59PM [BST]
More MAME WIP for our eyes. Two days with many fixes in general, and specifically in Car Polo and Equites. Haze added support for Bubble 2000, and well, go'n'read!

Handle with care
Posted by pi at at 9:59PM [BST]
For the ones who don't fear memory address, layer maps, opcodes and all that evil stuff, you might want to check Charles MacDonald's Home Page where he has posted some good findings about Sega's System 16/18 hardware. The reading is a bit dense but if you are interested in the technical stuff, well there it is...

Saturday 29 June

Posted by pi at at 8:37PM [BST]
Not many news today... No, definitely not many news. Yesterday was a tiring night and today I'm totally offffffffff, so see you all tomorrow.

Friday 28 June

My dream is to have a cast... errr no I already had, kthx
Posted by pi at at 5:52PM [BST]
There is info about a new project called MAMECAST made by John Cabrer. There are unfinished frontend and MAME core... Some more stuff about Neo Geo MAME for Dreamcast as well... All at the Unofficial MAMED page, thx guys.

Too much fun in one package
Posted by pi at at 5:52PM [BST]
Some MAME WIP for the weekend. The last four days have been logged by Gridle the webslave (hey the nick was HIS idea!) and some pictures of 4 Fun in 1 which is a game containing some classics. Other worthy things happening are: The graphics of Equites are fixed, Neo Geo raster effects were made more accurate thanks to a recent info from Raz, and the rest should be read by yourself... :)

More sad truth
Posted by pi at at 5:51PM [BST]
This is understandable so don't blame anyone. MAME-X is not longer hosted at When I know where it's moved I'll place a link here. While I was aware yesterday about the rights of Microsoft to ask for the binaries to be taken down, it also shows how badly they want to control anything you might do with their products. Soon they will tell you which sites you can visit with Interbleed Exploder. I use Nutscrape anyway :-p

Thursday 27 June

Nos complace anunciar...
Posted by pi at at 10:37PM [BST]
As a surprise, here is a new version of our favorite EXE compressor, UPX 1.22. Markus and Laszlo have fixed a small problem in the atari/tos format, and the source has been modified slightly to support a few more compilers straight away. The GUI are still in development, and there's a mention that the next stable release will be 2.00, maybe it means a rewrite? Btw anyone really tried that new memory improved compression mode?

You know what my advice is...
Posted by pi at at 10:36PM [BST]
Roman has issued a little update of his beast - errr I mean his star app :) ClrMamePro 2.66a. There is some retouched MD5 stuff you should be aware of: "revised the md5 stuff" were his words. Be warned. Now continue your journey.

The Nth Diff
Posted by pi at at 10:35PM [BST]
M.A.S.H. has released another diff-update, for MameInfo.dat 4.09. This time besides the usual latest-bugs-and-newest-info stuff, there is a fix removing the 'region' word from the listinfo changes and the inclusion of information from the arcade emulators (what else) Calice and CottAGE.

One is enough
Posted by pi at at 10:34PM [BST]
For third day in a row, more CottAGE WIP. I can't help to just post it since I'm a faithful fan of CottAGE :) Short but juicy: 1943 Kai has been added by Erik. Another good shooter for casual play while browsing at work, home, library... :)

Errare humanum est but this is getting ridiculous
Posted by pi at at 10:34PM [BST]
The story today is about MAME-X. Microsoft has finally went down over it and asked for the binaries to be removed. As usual M$ tries to control everything, this really looks like fascism in the information technologies... The story has been slashdotted as well.

The good news is that only the binaries with the official SDK have been sanctioned, so it means that the sources will still be maintained and distributed by Opcode (btw there is a new beta 4), and if in the future an unofficial X-Box SDK appears, binaries might be back. Anyway it's sad cause one of these days, Microsoft will simply go too much far... Thanks to Chris for the /. link.

Wednesday 26 June

Call it hobby, or call it addiction...
Posted by pi at at 10:55PM [BST]
Another massive update at System16 - The Arcade Museum courtesy of Sixtoe. RLS syndrome hasn't affected him (too much) and again he serves us a great deal of arcade information and goodies. There is simply too much to mention - like usual. The changes range from the oldest era of discrete components to the newest X-Box and Triforce hardware. My advice is to just dive in :) Thanks Sixtoe for your continued efforts! (And you, the reader, could try to overhelm him as well with even more positive support e-mails!)

Two minute warning
Posted by pi at at 10:55PM [BST]
Roman has posted a warning regarding the MD5 usage in the last version of ClrMamePro. But you didn't need that warning anyway, right? ;)

Everyday's bread
Posted by pi at at 10:53PM [BST]
More CottAGE WIP. This time Gollum added M79 Ambush and Erik added Radar Scope. This will not be a small emulator, indeed! Anyone said Mortal Kombat on Java? :)

Or fourth...
Posted by pi at at 10:53PM [BST]
There is a new preview release of your favorite Laserdisc emulator: DAPHNE v0.99.5pre4 (June 25th, 2002) for i386 Windows NT/2000/XP (test build). As usual I don't know what's new but I expect fixes and improvements. Even a little small one. It's always good to be up-to-date (except with m$ products).

Third attempt is the successful
Posted by pi at at 10:52PM [BST]
MAME-X beta 3 with some good fixes which makes this port much better to use. Again, no one wants to donate me a console so I can test all these ports? :)

Tuesday 25 June

Sad news
Posted by pi at at 10:47PM [BST]
Unfortunately the Arcade Game Collector's Archive has closed down, due to excessive leeching. Sad thing. Let's hope it resurrects somewhere else since all that info seems to be in dozens of computers :/ Thanks to Greg for the information.

Posted by pi at at 10:16PM [BST]
Not only the big brother, but everyone does WIP. This time we can see CottAGE WIP, where Gollum added Hexa and Erik Duijs added Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong 3. OK, ok, the snapshots aren't anything new but this Java emu is something to take into consideration! And again, it's heavily based in MAME but it's not a port!

A little note
Posted by pi at at 10:15PM [BST]
David Raingeard kindly emailed me to comment why the Calice site wasn't updated. The site maintainer hasn't give any signals of life so he decide to ask Mike Haggar to distribute the new version. So that's all, thanks David for informing us.

Medical Doctor, Five
Posted by pi at at 10:15PM [BST]
Roman has released another child of him: ClrMamePro 2.66. It includes the MD5 "checksum" (additionaly to the standard CRC32), revamped around a bit to accomodate it, and added two little changes to the scanner results saving.

About MD5, Roman warns us that first you need datafiles with MD5 tags, he has made available the MAME 0.60 MD5 datfile for that purpose, and second it takes a long time. So you're served...

The world reversed
Posted by pi at at 10:15PM [BST]
Tinker has added to MisfitMame the game number 347. It's a hack by DaveC, called Bump n Jump Reverse Mod. You can head to MisfitMame's site to know a bit about this hack and get the binaries and sources. Almost all builds have been updated, and there are also snaps and samples.

Posted by pi at at 10:14PM [BST]
Sisei has released the sources of MAME32jp for Dreamcast. I don't know the limitations of this version, or anything else. Further information might be found at Unofficial MAMED, but might be not... There's someone asking for help to do a new port of MAME 0.60 to the Dreamcast. Hopefully this time it's not in japanese!

Monday 24 June

Calice II: The return
Posted by pi at at 10:36PM [BST]
The Capcom CPS1 and CPS2 emulator Calice has been updated to version 0.6.0. All the xor'ed CPS2 games since the last update were added. Strange enough, the official page hasn't been update, but you can get it at Mike Haggar's page as well. Thanks to Mike Haggar for the... For all, I guess :)

Did you have a hangout?
Posted by pi at at 10:35PM [BST]
And time for MAME WIP. Five days of good development, with a handful of screenshots from five games added by Acho A. Tang. They are mid-age games by Alpha Denshi. There are some more clones (including two Piranha ones with snaps), as well as some more fixes around, and a new chip emulated by Zsolt Vasvari. Read the details in your usual MAME WIP provider.

Seen one in a nearby restaurant...
Posted by pi at at 10:35PM [BST]
There are a lot of new PCB's reported at Guru's ROM Dumping News. Guru has received some good games, including an Hyper Neo Geo 64 cart. Guru is searching for a Hyper Neo Geo 64 PCB to be able to dump it, so if you are able to loan or donate one to him, well, what are you waiting for! As well, thanks to all the donators and lenders :)

Boxed MAME
Posted by pi at at 10:34PM [BST]
Here it is the new URL for MAME-X: There was a new beta released, and the sources were made available according to the MAME license. There have been some testimonies about the playability of this port and most of them agree that it's probably the most solid port to a big console. Nothing strange since the X-Box is actually a PC overdeformed for games, which could be perfect except for a little memory problem. So go and enjoy if you can! I don't have one, so I accept donations in form of Dreamcasts, PlayStations (one or two) and X-Box. I'd accept even a Saturn ;) Thanks to Prophet for the url tip.

Sunday 23 June

Total Recall
Posted by pi at at 3:54PM [BST]
The CottAGE team has released CottAGE 0.04 which contains a bunch of things. There is a new 6809 CPU which allows some more games to be played with this great arcade emulator written in Java. The new games are Dottori Kun, Galaga, War of bugs, Minivader, Van Van Car, Dream Shopper, Yie-Ar Kung-Fu, and News. There are more clones, fixed drivers, and much more. The site has been enhanced and fixed a bit around too, as well as some other things you can't miss.

Posted by pi at at 3:52PM [BST]
This friday I overlooked about a port, since I already posted too many. But well, if Prophet mentions it I could too: GP32MAME which is of course a port for the GamePark 32, a handheld console. But if you want something bigger, you can check MAME-X which is another port for the X-Box, according to this post by Glitch77. Thanks to KillerClown, Prophet and Glitch77 for spreading the news.

Say it louder
Posted by pi at at 3:52PM [BST]
Twisty had updated the enhanced Star Castle sampleset he received from Gyrovision yesterday. It has some volume up, and you can get it at Twisty's MAME Samples of course.

Saturday 22 June

Sounds like it...
Posted by pi at at 11:04PM [BST]
It seems that DarkbladE has enhanced the Star Trek samples and submitted it to Twisty's MAME samples (thanks KC for the tip). That's something great until some crazy brain decides to study those discrete components and simulate them. Also Twisty might add also a enhanced Star Castle sampleset by Gyrovision as well.

Update:Twisty added those Star Castle samples with an improved drone sound.

Don't get it wrong
Posted by pi at at 4:13PM [BST]
Tinker has added Moon Ranger to MisfitMAME, since it was removed from the official MAME some versions ago. It makes the total game count to raise up to 346. Almost all Misfitbuilds have been updated as well.

Keeping with the good work
Posted by pi at at 4:12PM [BST]
M.A.S.H. has released another chapter: MameInfo.dat 4.08. Can you guess the contents? :) Yes newest wip and latest bugs and correct listinfo changes...

No release this weekend either? No problemo!
Posted by pi at at 4:11PM [BST]
How much stick can you handle? No it's not sexual harassment, it's Xiaoxiao!!!! For the fans of Star Wars you could try Dudestudios, too bad ThumbWars doesn't offer the full movie for free anymore - anyway I already have it. Somewhere. I think. And for daily strips my favorite has always been Mafalda, or even Garfield, but a good option (IMHO the best in inet) is Sinfest tho lately it has lost some energy and acids... Getting old, Tatsuya?

Friday 21 June

That little thing called Advance
Posted by pi at at 10:12PM [BST]
Andrea has made a double release at the Advance Projects homepage. First one is AdvanceMENU 1.19.0 with the usual bunch of fixes and improvements, and the second is AdvanceSCAN 1.1 which is a bugfix release.

My lack of japanese skills
Posted by pi at at 8:31PM [BST]
I've read at the Unofficial MAMED Homepage that Sisei has mentioned MAME32JP in his Dreamcast page. I hope this doesn't mean the port will be constrained to a japanese version...

But nothing like the real thing anyway...
Posted by pi at at 8:16PM [BST]
Halcyon Days is a collection of interviews with classic game programmers. From it's original book version, it has been put online for our enjoyment. Definitely worth a look for the ones who don't know the name. Also for the ones who know what is Halcyon Days of course :) Thanks to Brian for the info in his post.

Once in a while
Posted by pi at at 7:43PM [BST]
Fandemame released History.dat 0.60c, which includes new information for about 0 games... Erm I mean this is a maintenance release. General cleaning and corrections of bugs and errors. Improving quality, you know. Great thing to me :)

Parle francaise?
Posted by pi at at 7:40PM [BST]
The translations of MacMAME 0.60a have been made available to the public thru this week. The Italian version and the French version are now there waiting for So if you don't like english, there you go.

The whole family
Posted by pi at at 7:40PM [BST]
Tinker has updated all the MisfitMAME versions to be up-to-date with the last changes happened earlier this week.

Beware world, I'm back!
Posted by pi at at 3:36PM [BST]
Hey wazzzup and all that. My apologies for missing the last two days. Unexplainably I lost my phone line and couldn't connect and post my usual bunch of arcade-ish news. I'll try to get up-to-date during today, so sorry if I mix old and recent news for once (like if it were the first time...)

As for me, well I found again my 48,000+ lyrics collection and finished the RAINE snaps which will be uploaded to CAESAR's pages tonight hopefully by Logiqx, who else. At least I didn't miss the MAME release, but I guess that's not something good for you :-p

Tuesday 18 June

More points of view are always welcomed
Posted by pi at at 10:56PM [BST]
Tinker has updated Misfit MAME with a new Simpsons Tapper hack by DaveC. Misfit MAME is a "politically incorrect" MAME variation with games not included in the official release, like hacks and other non-arcade games. Thanks to Tinker for telling to KillerClown.

Posted by pi at at 10:48PM [BST]
A poll for hardcore arcade gamers, courtesy of Bitstorm Omega :)

Always evolving
Posted by pi at at 10:47PM [BST]
Richard Bannister gives us a glimpse of what is going to come at his emulator MAC ports. I don't know much about them anyway since I'm a poor Windows user, but I guess that some of you out there are users of his ports, and the improvements he mentions seem to be nice. You can read all of it at Richard's homepage.

A positive anything is better than a negative nothing
Posted by pi at at 10:42PM [BST]
And another dose of MAME WIP. The last day of development includes quite some things for just 24 hours... You can see the pictures of Car Polo and Gulf War II, plus some other things like NVRAM in TriSports... But I thought it was battery backed RAM?

Monday 17 June

Seriously being late
Posted by pi at at 9:36PM [BST]
Since 0.61 doesn't come, people keep updating over the now quite old 0.60, now it's the turn of CANAME 0.60.8 plus MinGW for CANAME and history.dat (in japanese I guess). A handful of small bugfixes, but if CANAME is your choice I'd recommend you to udpate.

It's a babel world
Posted by pi at at 9:24PM [BST]
Since I don't understand japanes and a couple of you (that's 2) have shown interest in Sisei's Dreamcast MAME ports, I found this weekend a nice page called Unofficial MAMED American Website. Hope it helps. As Chris says, Sisei has also added some WIP shots.

Update: It seems that Unofficial MAMED American Website is currently down (as well as part of ZTNet), this saturday it worked perfectly, and I think it will be back very soon.

I'm your friend
Posted by pi at at 9:23PM [BST]
Gridle has posted more MAME WIP instead of some source and binaries, well what can we do... Four days of development from the nice and sacrified guys who work hard to improve MAME. They keep adding lots of games for next version, right now you can see pictures of Clay Shoot, Dingo, Space Bugger and Bakutotsu Kijuutei, plus more things you should read about. You want to be an informed person, right?

Sunday 16 June

Squeezer update
Posted by pi at at 10:00PM [BST]
Roman (on the edge of his 1000th post) has released ZipMax 0.37, which as he says, only has some minor things changed. Now the number of external packers can be up to 99, but who would be crazy enough? :)

Relax on a too warm day
Posted by pi at at 9:53PM [BST]
You might want to go for a walk at the CottAGE homepage and admire the new web design by Karine. Now everything is handy and neat, tho the buttons... Nah it's cute :)

Sync in sync
Posted by pi at at 6:32PM [BST]
There has been a late update and VsyncMAME 0.60 has been released. VsyncMAME is a MAME variant for fixed frequency monitors and so on, or at least I think so... Source is included in the 686 binary download.

Beware of the dog
Posted by pi at at 4:00PM [BST]
M.A.S.H. has brought us another of his pre-WIP. This time he added Dingo, a Jaleco game from 1983 (but it says (c) 1983 A.C.G.?) which seems to be a colorful maze game. As he says in the announcement post, only sound is missing right now. The snaps can be seen at M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo page.

Saturday 15 June

Again better late than...
Posted by pi at at 11:18PM [BST]
I didn't know until today, so I just want to wish to Mike Haggar a happy belated birthday. Next time tell us with a bit of time! :) Btw he's back at updating, exams over and all that so now we want our cheats!

Two is better than one
Posted by pi at at 7:14PM [BST]
ElSemi also takes advantage of the weekend and makes a double release: Nebula 2.17 and Jukebox 2.3. Nebula features an improved PGM sound emulation, and a bunch of minor bugfixes everywhere. I mean a bunch, really. About Jukebox, it finally supports PGM music playing, but in a strange way. Read the documentation about the PZM files and you'll be ok...

Still in time to comment
Posted by pi at at 5:02PM [BST]
The other day I missed GeoMAME 0.57e, which like the CPS counterpart, added HID support to the current build. Only for MacOS X, blah blah blah. You know the deal.

Maybe the last for this version
Posted by pi at at 5:01PM [BST]
M.A.S.H. seizes the weekend and releases MameInfo.dat 4.07, a DIFF-only update with the newest WIP and latest bugs up to June 12th.

Happy millions to you...
Posted by pi at at 5:00PM [BST]
As I commented here some weeks ago, it happened. Congratulations to The Arcade Flyers Archive for their 2,000,000 hits, achieved yesterday. Two millions is a great number, so now let's wait for five! Keep on the good work, and it will be dead easy ;)

Thursday 13 June

Testers Square
Posted by pi at at 11:03PM [BST]
Smitdogg has also been a kind dude and updated MAME Testers, more specifically the Orange Files section. It's curious that prolly we'll need to start a MAME Testers Testers page, since they accumulate so much information that errors have to come, like the Gunbird/Battle K-Road description exchange :) Also I see no mention to the second name of Darius 2? Sagaia!

That's pretty much about it since everyone is holding their breath for 0.61 it seems... Even me! However, it seems that tomorrow I will not be able to update anything (I'll be out anyway), so if anything happens, my best bet is to keep an eye in MAME's Official Forum. I'll update CAESAR as soon as I'm back.

Too much stuff
Posted by pi at at 11:02PM [BST]
Gridle has returned with a long and nice MAME WIP update. The last seven days of development have been finally made public, full of nice news. My advice is as usual to read it by yourself, it has a bit from everything, from Monte Carlo (Atari 1979) to Battle Backraid (Raizing 1999), going thru more games, fixes, improvements and everything... These MAMEDevs are great guys indeed! I think we will have a nice weekend ;)

Wednesday 12 June

Quick results!
Posted by pi at at 10:29PM [BST]
I suscribed 60 minutes ago to the TAFA mailing list, and guess what, I just received an update! Gerard has added (or replaced) fifty flyers to The Arcade Flyers Archive. There are some neogeo games, and mostly mid or modern age games like Puzzle Bobble, Mad Dog McCree, Gauntlet Legends and 64th Street. Many ones from Atari, Taito and Jaleco. Happy browsing!

Posted by pi at at 9:14PM [BST]
I missed one of the releases past sunday, but today there has been another: CPSMAME 6.12.02. Since Brad updated MacMAME, this CPS-only version was updated as well, trying to adapt the current package to the 0.60's features (like a better HID support). Today there has been a small fix, so if you missed it this sunday, you're still in time. Be sure to read sunday's update too anyway.

Mac day
Posted by pi at at 9:14PM [BST]
Brad Oliver wasn't happy enough and he has released MacMAME 0.60a, packed with some big fixes for all you Mac users. In just two days, it features great improvements, from F3 sound to correct auditing, the changelog is all good news. There are some games working again and alternate inputs have been heavily bugfixed.

Tuesday 11 June

The legend again
Posted by pi at at 10:37PM [BST]
For all you Atari fans, the World of Owen Rubin has been updated. A good read certainly, the mailbag I mean, and a good option if you want to hire someone... Thanks for the news go to Brian Deuel.

The good, the bad and the latest
Posted by pi at at 10:22PM [BST]
First of all, happy birthday Kazuya! Second, we hope you and your finger recover soon, I know what's typing with a cast and a broken bone... And third, if you go and visit to say him "happy bday and get well soon" you will also know of the last AES release...

Posted by pi at at 10:22PM [BST]
Now everyone has to go run amok and check frantically CottAGE, the generic Java emulator which doesn't have a new version, but has started the usual things for a good size project. There is a forum, a development chart, and the most interesting thing IMHO, the WIP! The shots are from Yie-ar Kung Fu, Dottori Kun and Minivader.

To know what is coming...
Posted by pi at at 10:19PM [BST]
More good news from Guru at his Rom Dumping News. First, he has dumped an alternate Tekken 2 PCB and shows a shot from it (being emulated that is). Second, he has dumped Prop Cycle, which is being emulated by Phil Stroffolino. He has included a WIP screenshot as well.
Update: Mr. GoodWraith is still at it too...

The non-stop magazine
Posted by pi at at 10:19PM [BST]
Again new home, and new look too. MAMEMag keeps evolving. I prefer the new look of course! Remember that the new issue will come around the end of the month.

Bring it here anyway
Posted by pi at at 12:17AM [BST]
While we are all waiting for someone to come back and release MAME 0.61, M.A.S.H. has done it again and showed us some more pre-WIP, he has added Vs. Ring Fighter (alternate). Not too much but well everything is worth a look :) You can check pics, explanation and driver link this forum post by himself.

Monday 10 June

Newspaper without paper
Posted by pi at at 10:39PM [BST]
The Arcade Flyers Archive, a.k.a. "the site which is incompatible with Check & Get", has added a subscription for a mailing list so you receive news happening at TAFA right in your mailbox. I'm going to suscribe right now!

Just for fun
Posted by pi at at 10:39PM [BST]
Triggerfin made a cryptic and engrish update at CATLIST. He did it by using various machine translations found at Babelfish to translate recurrently from one language to another (Japanese to Portuguese, then Portuguese to Russian...) and finally putting it in english. If you understand what he says, congrats, you're not braindead. Nope, eventually hard is not, like if...

Brain 0.9beta ported to Skull OS
Posted by pi at at 10:39PM [BST]
hile we are on this porting crazyness, you can head to, where GoodOldGames has compiled RAINE 0.35b for BeOS.

Posted by pi at at 10:38PM [BST]
After a long time of idling, there has been an update at the MAMED! site. MAMED! is MAME for Digita enabled cameras, and there is a new (old) version, plus some discussion about MAME being ported to the Dreamcast. Please note that MAME has been ported recently to the Playstation 2 but I am not sure of the grade of success of either project. However the new (old) MAMED! 37b6.5 seems to run some more games.

You have been carbonized
Posted by pi at at 10:38PM [BST]
Now here you have MacMAME 0.60, slow but safe! It's finally in sync with the official build, plus some good fixes for you Mac users. For the compilers, this version has moved to CodeWarrior Pro 8, and it's not backward compatible... Read the included documentation (if any).

Sunday 9 June

For what is to come
Posted by pi at at 9:58PM [BST]
Metafox has posted some words regarding The Sega Arcade Project. There are also some screenshots of Heavyweight Champ, so if you want to be informed, go there and read what's in his head...

Blurry day
Posted by pi at at 2:31AM [BST]
ElSemi has made a second release today: Nebula Jukebox 2.2, which adds some missing ZN games. He has also added a link to get additional game shots, made by Dark MSX.

Saturday 8 June

Bring here that Z80, dude...
Posted by pi at at 4:43PM [BST]
ElSemi (desnatado?) has released Nebula 2.16. The main feature is music in PGM, according to the history, it means "correct sound and music in games", tho he admits some notes are out of place. There is also shot factory for PGM games, and some more additions and fixes all around. Yes, that 640x480 scanlined mode works again...

Mortal Slug... Metal Kombat
Posted by pi at at 4:43PM [BST]
Kazuya has something for you Metal Slug fans and/or recent arcade lovers. It's over at, and it's nice. No meg count but... Anyway why would anyone want to know the number of bits inside?

Friday 7 June

Posted by pi at at 10:00PM [BST]
Gerard has made a new update at The Arcade Flyers Archive, and fortunately this time it's quite bigger than the last ones: Gal's Panic II, R-Type Leo, Windjammers, GTMR, The Simpsons... And up to 50 flyers. Gerard says he could have uploaded more, but he didn't want. So may we expect some other big update soon? :)

How long...
Posted by pi at at 10:00PM [BST]
M.A.S.H. does it again and releases MameInfo.dat 4.06, with the newest WIP, latest bugs, best corrections and all the usual stuff. Phew...

Nice visits at home
Posted by pi at at 9:58PM [BST]
Guru has received another visitor: Behind Enemy Lines, a Sega Model 2 game. There are also screenshots of Dunkmania, go check everything at The Guru's Rom Dumping News.

Posted by pi at at 12:41AM [BST]
The MAME WIP has just been updated with the last two days of hard development of the developers... At least the *visible* development :) The pics aren't anything spectacular, they are from the submitted games called Super Ten, Super Duper Casino and the more colorful Legion. I would like to point out again the hard work done by Aaron in the artwork department, as MASH explained in a forum post. From one side it's funny but from all the rest it's impressive! Of course everyone else is also doing a great job, but I'm weak about classic artwork :)

Thursday 6 June

Posted by pi at at 10:14PM [BST]
Logiqx has made some maintenance on CAESAR. He has added a new PS2 section (for the X-MAME port), added zMAME, updated a variety of things and made a general clean-up. Now CAESAR is as usual: shining as new.

Some more to drool...
Posted by pi at at 8:57PM [BST]
Aaron Giles updated his site with more teasers for the upcoming new artwork system. These look very good, they are from 1943, Commando and Mad Planets. I wonder how many of these .art packs we will have to get on the release day, but I don't mind if they are a hundred, certainly look great! Oh well, see them at Aaron's Home Page, that's right.

Corrections welcomed
Posted by pi at at 8:57PM [BST]
Mike Beaver uploaded yesterday an old & wrong version of Mimic 2.04, so go and get it now. Btw he changed the date too so now everything is correct :)

Posted by pi at at 8:57PM [BST]
The Arcade Flyers Archive has made a little update with an Ultracade flyer and another for B.Rap Boys. Sorry but I love flyers :)

Small but efficient?
Posted by pi at at 8:57PM [BST]
I noticed a change in the iMAME for iPaq page, but I don't understand too much, owners of an iPaq could head there and discover by themselves. Oh my head...

Wednesday 5 June

As much info as you can handle
Posted by pi at at 10:20PM [BST]
Another big update, Fandemame seems to have accumulated lots of information, he has released History.dat 0.60b with tons of new additions, also in the tip & tricks section. Grab this quite big update where you usually do.

Monthly releases?
Posted by pi at at 10:19PM [BST]
Despite the date mentioned in the page, The Beaver has released today (and not a month ago) Mimic 2.04. It seems that the new things are again mostly for consoles, but there is a new 6502 core. Anyway we don't need too many excuses to update, right?

And again...
Posted by pi at at 10:18PM [BST]
For fourth consecutive day, Kazuya has posted more inserts at This time he completed the KOF collection.

Tuesday 4 June

Fresh as everyday bread
Posted by pi at at 8:06PM [BST]
Seems we are back again to the daily MAME WIP. Which is good indeed, these devs work hard :) There are pics of three submitted games: Kiki Ippatsu Mayumi-chan, Jump Kids and The Next Space. There were two more submissions but no pics of them (one doesn't work). So head there to read the full story.

A world around MAME
Posted by pi at at 8:01PM [BST]
There is a new home for ZMAME, the MAME port for the Zaurus PDA. And where else than MameWorld?

And somehow I haven't posted about all these but MameWorld are running competitions to win an Act-Labs Lightgun, so if you're good playing Night Stocker, then just go to MW and read sunday's news.

More windows and more windows...
Posted by pi at at 7:54PM [BST]
Roman is back in town and to prove it he has released ClrMamePro 2.65. It contains a new "setinformation" window which is handy to get an overview of a certain set in a quick way. There are a handful of other new/fixed/improved things, so get your update at his still shining new domain :)

EmuStatus 101%
Posted by pi at at 7:54PM [BST]
Shortly after his last update, WTC has changed again Emulation Status, with a dozen (uhm actually 11) changes he couldn't make in the earlier update. As he mentions, the update is not very big but anyway I guess you're not done with the last one anyway, so keep digging in this big site.

Monday 3 June

Java emu eaten by roman emperor
Posted by pi at at 11:36PM [BST]
Logiqx has released the datafiles for CottAGE and added it to CAESAR as well. What an... mmmm.... energetic return :) Get them at Logiqx's homepage of course.

Return from the netherworlds
Posted by pi at at 9:45PM [BST]
It seems today it's the day of returns. Another one is Kazuya who has updated twice There is some good stuff for NeoGeo lovers, like more inserts for KOF from the competition, a movie from Rage of the Dragons and well... Not going to spoil all the surprises!

If you're worried about...
Posted by pi at at 9:45PM [BST]
Triggerfin has updated CATList with a WIP redesign, and he has also added a file for the Mame Content Manager. Beware it deletes roms!

Little but still
Posted by pi at at 9:44PM [BST]
After some time of rest, there are new things on PacMAME. Only one game added, the Falcom (Falcon?) version of Pacman, but well it's a start. I hope to see it back on our download managers soon :)

Unchain my drivers
Posted by pi at at 9:44PM [BST]
And another MAME WIP for today. It's plenty of colorful screenshots, from X-Day 2, Beast Busters, Mechanized Attack (all of them new submissions) and Quiz Sailor Moon (cute fixed colors). As usual my advice is to go to the source and read it all :-p

Flying start
Posted by pi at at 9:44PM [BST]
After almost one month, The Arcade Flyers Archive breaks the silence (be sure to read the update) and adds flyers for nine games, like Soul Edge and Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom. Nice artwork :)

Sunday 2 June

Ave Caesar
Posted by pi at at 10:15PM [BST]
Triumphally triumphant, Logiqx has come back from his campaigns in Britannia, Germania, Hispania and any other "ania". It seems with renewed energies since he has released dats for the latest Nebula, Raine and Laser over at Logiqx's page, as well as updated CAESAR with all the stuff, and he had even time to say "hi" to me and notify me of all this :)

Developing for the future
Posted by pi at at 5:59PM [BST]
More MAME WIP for today, this guy is fast when he wants... Dragonball Z 2 gets rights colours, and Red Robin has been submitted. For the rest, go ahead...

Small step for MASH but a giant leap...
Posted by pi at at 5:49PM [BST]
Lately more and more devs are making pre-wips, and M.A.S.H. repeats it with a driver for Vs. Raid on Bungeling Bay, for the Nintendo VS system. You can see and get pics and driver. In the forum, OG said it was too much of a hack, so it's not clear if it will go into MAME as it is or not. For me it would be ok, a hacked driver is the first step to emulate protection, as an example take CPS-2 and the XOR files :-p

Want to fight better?
Posted by pi at at 5:45PM [BST]
Another hardware thing to plug on your computer/whatever and smack up some opponents in your favorite emulator: SlikStik Fighter. Once you see the picture everything is more clear, so if you are rich, you might want to check it out :) Thanks (once again) to MameWorld for the tip.

Was it what it was?
Posted by pi at at 1:42AM [BST]
I was missing something, but MAME WIP is already here for our enjoyment. The last five days of develompent are quite solid, I can smell the next release coming soon :) Since it's a long update, you better go there and read by yourself, and enjoy the nice pictures of Dragonball Z 2 and Run & Gun (very preliminar), and again Tourniquet's alpha blending pictures. Other proper names are there for you to know.

Saturday 1 June

Icons made clear
Posted by pi at at 8:22PM [BST]
After all the fuss about Mamu_'s Icons being updated with the icons for MAME 0.60, and them being missing in action, all is clear. They are certainly missing in action (from Mamu_'s page that's it), so KillerClown has posted them in the front page of MameWorld, available for all us Windows users who prefer Mamu_'s collection. Chris also posted the other day Mamu_'s icons for X.

Today's second surprise
Posted by pi at at 3:15PM [BST]
After a loooong time without any update, actually one year and one week, I'm surprised to see the release of UPX 1.21. This is the toy which makes the MAME executable to be 3megs and not 13 :) But it's used widely in many other emulators and tools, from Kawaks to DatUtil, so hey all developers out there, don't miss this! Note that this is mainly a maintenance release for the source more than for the program's functionality, except a new and better compression method which all the compilers out there will use for sure to save some bandwidth for their servers ;)

When will they come?
Posted by pi at at 3:14PM [BST]
Guru's Rom Dumping News has some more juicy stuff to read about. Short but nice, Guru has received two games for dumping. Tekken 2 and Osman, if you want to know. If not, too late, you've read it :-p

status good color good sound preliminary
Posted by pi at at 3:14PM [BST]
The master of Emulation Status, known as WTC, has updated it. As usual, the text of the update also contains juicy tidbits you shouldn't miss ;) And this time he focused more on providing accurate information than in increasing it. There are twenty new games, but he has updated and removed many more games, with correct names and information. The truth is out there! And now, also in Emustatus :)

Making history a couple of times per month
Posted by pi at at 3:14PM [BST]
Fandemame makes the first release of this sunny saturday: History.dat 0.60a. There are infos added for fifty or sixty games, or more... At least 56 are listed and then "several others". There are tips and tricks added for 15 games too, so be sure to be up to date with the dats.

Grand opening today - bring the kids
Posted by pi at at 12:47PM [BST]
Gazoo has opened today The Review Center, the sucessor of his old NRC, but now more generic - and more big. Of course I like reviews and I like green so let's use the fireworks and let's command the orchestra to play at full volume! For now he has only added NeoGeo games, and the site is ready for you to sign up and all that (btw nice design dude). Let's do some reviews! Thanks to Gazoo himself for his kind letter :)

Friday 31 May

Posted by pi at at 11:45PM [BST]
Am I in low shape or what? Today I seem to be lost in space or something. Some RLS and LOM don't help either with finding something interesting to post about. I don't know if tomorrow I'll be here, so maybe another day without news?

Whatever happens, today I don't have even an alternative, non-arcade link or subject to talk about. Did anyone said empty head? :-p

Everybody's doing it so why can't we?
Posted by pi at at 10:52PM [BST]
Like he says, everyone else is doing it, so here it's Tourniquet's Official Unnoficial WIP for your viewing pleasure. It shows alpha blending in the Psikyo SH-2 driver, and looks cool certainly. Let's hope he finishes it and submits soon!

Thursday 30 May

Two letters and two albums
Posted by pi at at 9:11PM [BST]
I have received an email from Raix, the editor of MAMEMag, that MAMEMag's intention is to be bi-weekly; however the issue of mid-june will be skipped due to other tasks (site redesign and so on), so my question was answered: Definitely it's bi-weekly.

Also thanks to Stiletto who also wrote me about the confusion about release dates of arcade machines. Getting emails spotting errors in my posts is something which makes me happy: it improves the quality and it shows me that people actually read what I write :)

Other than that, today I seem to be unable to find some news so I'm going to make a pause and just fade away until tomorrow. Don't worry, I'll use my time listening to Jarre's Akropolis concert while waiting for the new album by Oldfield...

Wednesday 29 May

New version
Posted by pi at at 10:56PM [BST]
Everyone's favorite mameinfo.dat maker, that's M.A.S.H. (oh sorry he's the only one) has updated it once again. MameInfo.dat 4.05 is there with bugs up to today, with the newest WIP and oh surprise! He has added the release dates of 60 machines more, thanks to Yasuhiro Ogawa... Keep helping him on this quest!

Update: Personal thanks to Stiletto for his always exact corrections :)

New art
Posted by pi at at 10:55PM [BST]
If you want to have a look of what will be on the inminent Aaron's artwork system, head over to Artcade where you can see lots of artwork and backdrops. It seems the artwork will be provided in a new format, so we will see. I think I saw all this in a thread started by Fandemame so thanks to him :)

New news
Posted by pi at at 10:55PM [BST]
Roman has left things temporarily and taken some deserved vacations, but he has left a little preview of what's going to come to ClrMamePro...

New issue out
Posted by pi at at 10:54PM [BST]
"The best MAME magazine around", otherwise known as MAMEMag has moved to MameWorld. To "celebrate" it, issue #2 is out, with lots of reviews and things. Not available in PDF yet but be patient... Wasn't it "biweekly"?

New make-up
Posted by pi at at 10:54PM [BST]
One of the first things I noticed today was the total look change in MameWorld! This new one is cool, faster, and all that. KillerClown has made a good job and you should let him now! Congrats man, great work!

Tuesday 28 May

It's RAINEing
Posted by pi at at 10:47PM [BST]
RAINE 0.35b is a quick bugfix of what they forgot in the last version :) There are some changes which give more stability and usability, specially that -gameinfo crash, thanks Emmanuel. And Stephh also updated the cheats! So, you know, today's orders are "update, update and update"!

The emu you would want as gf
Posted by pi at at 10:33PM [BST]
Everyone's favorite Laserdisc emulator (or for what's it, the only one), has been updated with another pre-release. DAPHNE v0.99.5pre3 (May 27th, 2002) is up there to download for i386, Windows flavors and Linux test builds. Don't know what's new but well... Try it if you have those MPEG's!

No, it's not "Canada" MAME
Posted by pi at at 10:31PM [BST]
After a short time, CANAME 0.60.7 has been released. The changes come from another MAME variant, StretchMAME. The blitters, fixed inputs and better FPS showing come from it, but this one is CANAME, that's CPS and Neo-Geo only.

Monday 27 May

Colorful media
Posted by pi at at 10:29PM [BST]
I've received an email today telling me about Project MCDArt, that's MAME CD Art, or simply speaking, some cool cd labels for your MAME disks. Try them! I don't have a printer :(

Are you on celebs?
Posted by pi at at 9:54PM [BST]
Emu-Celebs has opened its doors. It's a joint effort between Ben-J, Gollum, Leto II and Rico2000, and well, you should check it. Pay attention to the "insert coins" warning and to the walking Mario :)

The first celeb on the software authors section is Logiqx, which is a great dude, too bad he's out and can't see the opening... There are sections for all the people in the emulation community, including news posters :) I'm not there yet, and I don't plan to be since I don't think I have too much to say... yet.

Different address, same quality
Posted by pi at at 9:53PM [BST]
Roman has moved to Now this famous and powerful rom manager has its own domain. The host is the same, but the door looks much better now :) Btw the old url doesn't work anymore! Roman, congrats on your own domain and keep up the good work!

Those are not bamboo
Posted by pi at at 9:52PM [BST]
Gridle keeps it up with the MAME WIP and posted another one for today. The snaps are from Super Shanghai Dragon's Eye, submitted by Bryan McPhail. It seems to be a nice shangai/taipei game from 1992. There are a couple of things more, but I'm lazy to comment... Check'em by yourself.

Sunday 26 May

Knight of Updates
Posted by pi at at 10:26PM [BST]
ElSemi makes a minor update and releases Nebula 2.15a. The small changes are some sprite problems in KOV being fixed, and changing the rom names of the PGM roms to match MAME.

Since Nebula supports loading by crc, you can still use Logiqx's dat for 2.15 if only the names of the roms have changed, which I should check (but lazy to). Nebula will still locate the correct roms. That will do until Logiqx returns :)

Update: Well the game names have changed but a simple manual rename should work. Read the file HISTORY.TXT to get the new names.

CANAME goes another round
Posted by pi at at 10:26PM [BST]
There is a new release, CANAME 0.60.6, which fixes various bigs and adds some things for the UI. Mainly a maintenance release, but if this is your choice, then update.

Before leaving, I have to tell you something...
Posted by pi at at 2:25PM [BST]
I thought he wouldn't have time, since today he's off for a week, but surprise surprise, Logiqx made the Nebula 2.15 dats, which will give a relief to certain people. Strange enough, he hasn't released the RAINE 0.35a ones :( Or maybe it's that the dat doesn't change? Well, patience, in the meanwhile get the dat from Logiqx's page.

WIP directly from the source
Posted by pi at at 2:19PM [BST]
The man responsible for all the artwork changing and bugs cleaning, the almighty Aaron Giles :) has updated after almost a month his page. If you head over to Aaron's Home Page, you will find some nice and certainly impressive artwork sample snaps, which I highly recommend to watch with your own eyes. They do not only include artwork examples, but some emulation improvements too. He has also updated his to-do list and his log, and note that the artwork system is marked as done! And finally he says about something new and non-MAME which could happen soon... Mmmmmmmmm...

And already there
Posted by pi at at 2:18PM [BST]
Another daily MAME WIP courtesy of Gridle. It's no surprise that Kings of Valour has been added thanks to the information provided by ElSemi, however there is no mention to sound in PGM :-? There are screenshots of Indoor Soccer and Sankokushi too, and other nuts & bolts of the development. The source of information is waiting!

Knight of Emulation
Posted by pi at at 2:18PM [BST]
ElSemi has released Nebula 2.15 with two great additions: Knights of Valour and Knights of Valour Plus have been added, and a preliminar sound emulation in PGM is supported. How preliminar? Well sound effects are not complete yet and there's no music, but it's a start... There is also a fix for netplay of the newly added Konami and PGM games, so be sure to get this last piece of work from ElSemi!

Saturday 25 May

Here too
Posted by pi at at 3:44PM [BST]
RAINE 0.35a has been released for DOS too. Have you updated yourself? What are you waiting for!

Mazzoleni goes far and beyond
Posted by pi at at 3:36PM [BST]
Andrea released AdvanceSCAN 1.0. This is the first version of a command line rom manager for MAME, MESS and RAINE (and of course his AdvanceMAME/MESS), under DOS and Unix. It has the basic functionality of other rom managers, with some extras. Sources are available, as well as the DOS binary. Certainly something to try.

WIP: Web Insistently uPdated
Posted by pi at at 3:35PM [BST]
Time for another dose of MAME WIP. Gridle has posted another one-day WIP, with again Aaron fixing the new artwork functions... Well I think when it sees the light it will be rock solid! Nicola emulated the 053936 chip which renders the 3D graphics in Golfing Greats, tho the game is still not playable. There are more things worth reading about Macross Plus, PGM and... Go read!

Obsessive-compulsive snapping
Posted by pi at at 3:31PM [BST]
Logiqx has kindly updated all the CAESAR's Kawaks game pages with my fresh new screenshots of all the games from this emulator. They include title screens, alternate/japanese title screens, selection screens and ingame shots (total 1,033 snaps). I'm back at snapping and I hope this will make CAESAR a bit better database. Next step: Don't know! First I want to distribute the snaps for frontends and the Kawaks GUI when I search/find a host... Then Maybe MAME, maybe RAINE, but not Nebula now since for now I'm tired of Neo-Geo and CPS!

As it was prophetized
Posted by pi at at 1:28AM [BST]
It's already here, RAINE 0.35a. I go to see Episode II and when I come back I get this, what a wonderful night! As Tux says, this is a quality released. There are no new games (except a few clones), but there is a load of fixes and improvements here and there. The changelog is big, if I could find it :) The DOS users should wait just a bit for the binary, Linux users have to build it by themselves with the sources this time and Windows users have it there and ready. Enjoy the weekend!

Friday 24 May

Something else for a change
Posted by pi at at 6:01PM [BST]
Yesterday, the spanish Prince of Asturias Research award has been granted to the fathers of Internet: Lawrence G. Roberts, Robert Kahn, Vinton Cerf and Tim Berners-Lee, for what the judges said to be "a definite improvement to the service of the humankind". There also was aknowledgement for John Postel who made possible domain management and died some years ago. The Prince of Asturias Research award is something like the spanish Nobel.

Alejandro Jodorowsky (1929), famous comic creator among other things (and co-author of the Incal), talks about videogames in an interview made just yesterday: "They are new ways of creation, of expanding the mind. We aren't paying attention to them but they are changing the mind of young people. They are an art which is not understood by adults." Now we only need some of those "adults" to realize it as well :)

Sorry for the bad translations :) Thanks to my newspaper for the news :-p

It marks the difference
Posted by pi at at 5:58PM [BST]
M.A.S.H. has made a diff-only update, so if you want to have the newest WIP and latest bugs up to today, then download MameInfo.dat 4.04 diff.

Can you feel it coming?
Posted by pi at at 5:58PM [BST]
Tux has updated the RAINE WIP with the latest changes made before the inminent release of RAINE 0.35a. These changes include some improvements to the GUI (making it smarter and easier to select a game) and some region codes for GunBird and Sengoku Ace. Am I missing something? Ah, yes, Tux says when the release will be made :)

Work always in Progress
Posted by pi at at 5:58PM [BST]
MAME WIP was also updated today. There are some relevant things from the last three days. One is Dessert Assault being submitted by Brian McPhail, with some colorful screenshots. Zsolt Vasvari also made the submission of Mr. Kougar (again colorful snaps). To end with submissions, Farfetch'd sent in Grand Strike, again with guess what. However, don't think that new games are the only good thing, cause Stepph fixed things, Aaron fixed things and lots of people fixed things, and there are other things added, improved, fixed and... Well, MAME is always changing!

Thursday 23 May

So busy!
Posted by pi at at 11:39PM [BST]
Logiqx released the datafiles for Nebula 2.14b with the small note of "better late than never" and also "busy, busy, busy" which also matches with one of the last comments I heard from him, "insanely busy". Hey dude, calm down! Get the datafile at Logiqx's homepage, both for ClrMamePro and RomCenter.

And on a side note, I missed the releases of MameDiff 1.13 and DatUtil 1.20, update yourself please! I wish he would just tell me these things! He also told me by email (just right now!) that he updated all the CAESAR Mac stuff with the missing emulators, thanks to Tim from

Wallpaper anyone?
Posted by pi at at 11:38PM [BST]
Xul8t0r has added votes for his NewNet #CPS2Shock (and others) Desktops page. However you can't vote for my wallpaper cause mine is not emu related :( I still think it's the most beautiful one, o'cos! If you think the same, grab it in the little Rose Wallpaper page (to give it a name :-p).

Advanced fixes
Posted by pi at at 11:37PM [BST]
Another day, and AdvanceMAME Version 0.60.1 is out. There are a few fixes in this release, and the curious thing of having the pause key disabled, if I've read it well... :-? And as usual there is a new release of its companion AdvanceMENU v1.18.3.

Wednesday 22 May

WIP everywhere
Posted by pi at at 9:28PM [BST]
Sixtoe has posted some more System16 WIP from the MAME driver rewrite by Olivier Galibert. There are some better snaps from Outrun, Afterburner and Afterburner II. There are some other mentions for G-Loc and Space Harrier. My advice? Go to the source of information, always! Thanks to Iron Man for informing all of us :)

Je ne suis comprepand
Posted by pi at at 9:17PM [BST]
For the multilingual people, MameFans32 0.60.1 adds the possibility to use it in a variety of languages, like English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German and surprise, Catalan!

What I was waiting for
Posted by pi at at 9:11PM [BST]
Gridle has posted in the forums a couple of pics showing the new Artwork System running. The pictures talk by themselves - impressive! Thanks to Till for the hint.

Getting improvements already
Posted by pi at at 9:11PM [BST]
The specialized and new magazine about all things MAME, namely MAMEMag, now has the issues available for download in PDF. Well there is only one for now, but we expect the number to grow in the future :) Thanks to MW for the info, cause I forgot to add the URL to my Check'n'Get (which was updated to 1.14 btw).

Two in a day...
Posted by pi at at 9:10PM [BST]
Roman has released two bug fixes for the 2.64. Now the latest one is ClrMamePro 2.64b, and besides the fixes, there is the nice addition of a fixdatfile generator, pretty much like a supplement of what's missing. Reminds me of the supplements of MameDiff :)

Japi verdey tullu...
Posted by pi at at 9:09PM [BST]
Dafreak is one year older today, happy bday man! To celebrate it, he has released his ZiNc Gui 1.4 Birthday Edition, packed with a lot of new features. It will be hosted at EmuHQ, where you can find the current download. However right now the link in the front page seems to be missing an underscore or something, so you can get it still from EmuHQ but from the right download page. Thanks to EmuHQ for the news, obviously :)

Tuesday 21 May

We know you can!
Posted by pi at at 8:10PM [BST]
Time for even another MAME WIP, we can't get tired of this thing. There are snaps from Macross Plus and Dog-Fight, both with correct colors now. There are also snaps from Storm Blade which has been submitted by Brian A. Troha. This is a rather long update for one day, so you know, the text is there waiting for you!

Thus Spoke Zarathrustra
Posted by pi at at 8:10PM [BST]
Updated once again, ClrMamePro 2.64 brings "some nice improvements", in the words of his author Roman. Gotta agree with those words :) Really there is nothing which really stands up among the rest but it's a good release IMHO, so update yourself if this is the rom manager of your choice!

Posted by pi at at 8:09PM [BST]
Xul8t0r sent me a nice app called PNGCrush, which performs a variety of things on PNG images, like compressing them more (lossless of course), adding tEXt chunks and other nice things. I tested it today and it works very well, saved 1mb in my 20mb Kawaks snap collection. Other snappers might find it useful to add that last touch to the hard done screenshots! It's console-based, free and opensource, get it at PNG and MNG tools among other utilities, remember to not download the source by mistake as I did :) So much for all that ZipMax hype :)

Monday 20 May

The return of the beast...
Posted by pi at at 9:54PM [BST]
Great, another RAINE Work In Progress, and Tux tells us this time that we can expect for real a new release very soon. Cool! There are a handful of fixes and improvements too, like speed hacks and other nice stuff. Go read it while waiting!

Strangest stuff tonite
Posted by pi at at 9:54PM [BST]
Xul8t0r has an interesting collection of Desktop screenshots and he kindly allowed me to tell you all about this. These desktops are the actual ones which are used everyday by various people from the #CPS2Shock channel and other emu-related famous people. If you are curious I think you will have a cool time watching them. But for some strange reason mine got among all of them... Vote the nicest!

Maybe yes, maybe not...
Posted by pi at at 9:54PM [BST]
MAME WIP day already thanks to Gridle. This time we can see screenshots from Macross Plus and Quiz Sailor Moon from a preliminary driver by Haze, but it doesn't mean it will be ready for 0.61. Maybe these shots are the reason of being unable to connect to Haze's little WIP page, all the bandwidth is all eaten. There are a couple of bits more, but you should do it by yourself :-p

Evilness is among us
Posted by pi at at 9:53PM [BST]
I'm not going to make any rant about certain person who apparently took over certain boards, people sometimes it's so sad... But then again, I think you would do good use of the following information: you can head to the good VGN boards which are right at Joffeman's place.

Sunday 19 May

Fun gets first place - as it should be!
Posted by pi at at 9:59PM [BST]
There is a declaration of principles at the PacMAME page. Well at least it's a declaration of intentions, so let's hope he has lots of fun and returns with a stable PacMAME. Good luck man!

The sleeping beauty gets awaken
Posted by pi at at 4:00PM [BST]
Another emulator apparently dormant, but not at all. MetaFox has released Laser 0.19 Pre-Release to prove it, with a very long list of changes by himself and ss_teven. There are a lot of classig games added, and drivers fixed, and a general cleanup of the whole emulator. And it's only the pre-release! ;)

Knights of Nebula
Posted by pi at at 4:00PM [BST]
Apparenlty ElSemi has posted some Knights of Valour WIP shots. The game looks like working nicely, but I don't know to what point really. Let's hope it comes soon! Thanks to Haze for the hint.

It came back
Posted by pi at at 3:59PM [BST]
After yesterday's long RAINE WIP, here it comes today's long MAME WIP, with one, two and up to five days of development. Here we have the usual stuff, that's Aaron fixing and improving everything around, Nicola clearing up bugs and adding games, Haze adding even more games, MASH adding lotsa clones and Stephh fixing DSW and inputs. And do not forget dozens of other persons sending things too! The snaps are from Dog Fight (sent by Nicola), Battle Cross (by Haze), Orbit (by Stefan Jokisch) and Super Slams (again Haze). There's also a big artwork system improvement which seems nice... This is only briefly what is being told in the actual WIP, which is juicy and interesting, so you know what my suggestion is: read it!

May the forcefeedback be with you
Posted by pi at at 3:24AM [BST]
If you are the lucky owner of a joystick with force-feedback, a computer capable of running Nebula and some legal roms to play, Iron Man has made some Force Feedback Tables for Nebula, namely for the games Pulstar and Blazing Star. Also you can find the ForceEdit to make your own FFE tables.

Saturday 18 May

Name that song (if you dare)
Posted by pi at at 10:16PM [BST]
Mike Haggar has released another new pack, this time it'sQSound Audio Jukebox Tracklists Pack 20020518. As I understand it, they are QSound tracklists for Nebula Jukebox. If I commited a heresy with that statement, someone please correct me!

A different one
Posted by pi at at 10:15PM [BST]
Someone found this ZiNc DirectInput plug-in, right now at version 0.2. Nothing really complete yet, it seems to be a bit limited for now, but well something to get and try, and of course sources available. It's at Piggz' page.

The important thing is to participate
Posted by pi at at 6:12PM [BST]
2nd Twin Galaxies Annual Classic Video Games World Championship. I think the name says it all. Read it, I wish I was able to attend there! Thanks to MameWorld for the ref.

Woohoo it's here!
Posted by pi at at 6:12PM [BST]
One of my favorite emulators has been apparently dormant lately, but it's still alive as the RAINE WIP proves it! After four months of silence (that doesn't mean they didn't work!) we get a nice list of changes for the next version of RAINE. There are lots of fixes and emulation improvements, so I really hope this means a new version being released soon!

Make a gift to your Frontend
Posted by pi at at 6:11PM [BST]
John IV has posted the Flyer Pack #11 (from the new ones of course). Available as usual from The MAME32 QA/Test & Art Dept.

Squid? I love squids!
Posted by pi at at 6:09PM [BST]
Regardless of what certain persons said, yesterday there were problems in reaching all the ZTNet sites, including CAESAR, so apologies, excuses, etc etc etc, and now let me start again with the news.

However Nebula is still down, we hope it gets back soon. Yahoo has also turned down many sites, so... What a weekend's start!

Thursday 16 May

Good morning!
Posted by pi at at 11:58PM [BST]
The PacMAME page is back in your browser, with PacMAME 0.60 .Net! Don't know what's new but I guess lots of stuff :) Binary (Windows, only basic files) and source is available.

The cards say...
Posted by pi at at 11:31PM [BST]
More unofficial mame pre-WIP at Haze's Unemulated and Unnamed page. This time the game is an old classic called Battle Cross.

Bugs and much more
Posted by pi at at 11:30PM [BST]
Another way to have everything handy is M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo 4.03. This time he included the newest WIP, latest bugs (from above source of course!) and he also removed the MAMEINFO source from the compile package.

Has anyone noticed that his page is also getting cleaner?

Know why, know easy
Posted by pi at at 11:30PM [BST]
If you are interested in all this stuff of MAME bugs, you want to report and help in that area, or you are simply curious about why your favorite game doesn't work very well, pay a visit to MAME Testers, they have added search to make everyone's life easier.

Button flood
Posted by pi at at 11:29PM [BST]
Button bars keep coming and coming at the ClrMamePro page. Customize the look of your rom manager with these nice bars. I like Lembuts, Classic Gaming #2, TaitoButs and NeoRetro (my fav and current one).

The port of a port
Posted by pi at at 11:26PM [BST]
First it was the official MAME 0.60, now it's X-MAME 0.60.1 the one who has been ported ot BeOS. The BeOS port has everything from the latest X-MAME, but for this alternative platform. Get it (and read the news) at BeEmulated.

Gimme da xxxz!
Posted by pi at at 1:08AM [BST]
After the appareance on yesterday's news of Theo's dumps, The Guru's ROM Dump news has been updated with some dumping stuff too. Cool thing to read if you want to know what could come in the future.

Wednesday 15 May

Can you hear me Major Tom?
Posted by pi at at 9:38PM [BST]
There is a new version of my now favorite java emulator: CottAGE 0.03. Now it supports 37 romsets (19 unique games), and Erik has added sound! However it's kinda like an AM radio... So go and visit it. Downloads and source also available!

It took its time!
Posted by pi at at 9:37PM [BST]
Fandemame has released MAME Fanbuild 0.60.8 with input and dipswitches fixes for the metro and volfied drivers, and a speedup fix for two PacMan. All courtesy from Stephh.

Bfore you can imagine
Posted by pi at at 9:37PM [BST]
M.A.S.H. has posted in this thread about some fresh MAME pre-WIP with Birdie King. Before Gridle post it, directly from the maker.

Tuesday 14 May

To read is a good exercise
Posted by pi at at 10:45PM [BST]
A new magazine has appeared, this time it's called M.A.M.E.Mag and as you can guess, it's all about MAME and the games. It seems to be bi-weekly, and it's packed with cool features like reviews, WIP-related sections and other news. The issue #1 is available from today, I expect this to really be bi-weekly and to improve with time and maybe collaborations? Oh before I forget, the guy/editor/writer is Raix! Thanks to MameWorld for the hint!

Looking at the past and future
Posted by pi at at 10:44PM [BST]
It seems that Theo has dumped five new (or old, depending on how you see it) arcade PCB's. These games are Super X, Talbot, Dingo, Legion 2 and Crush Roller (Falcon). With these, Theo has dumped 14 PCB's already! Head over to Theo's Page of Emulated Games to learn a few facts about these games.

Eat those gems
Posted by pi at at 10:44PM [BST]
MAME WIP time, and there are two days. First screenshots you will see are from Toffy, Super Toffy and Dangerous Dungeons, submitted by Haze. They are Boulder Dash clones, and darnit if that first level doesn't look like Diggerman's first one. The other screenshots are from F-1 Grand Prix submitted by Nicola and graciously having sound thanks to R. Belmont. Gotta love F1! I'd like to mention that friend M.A.S.H. has submitted some classic clones again. There is more stuff there waiting, so read it!

Monday 13 May

Misteries in the dark
Posted by pi at at 11:56PM [BST]
Now what happens at the PacMAME page?

Skinnable already
Posted by pi at at 11:56PM [BST]
Get your buttons for ClrMamePro. I like Lemmings!

It turns over and over and over...
Posted by pi at at 11:54PM [BST]
There is a new preview of your favorite LaserDisc emulator: DAPHNE v0.99.5pre2 is up there with some changes which I don't know cause I'm too lazy to download something I don't have any game for... Anyway if you have something for this, feel free to use it! And have you seen DAPHNE's usage statistics?

Order them thru your catalog
Posted by pi at at 11:53PM [BST]
Talking about Nebula, Mike Haggar has released Nebula/Kawaks Transparencies Pack 20020513 with the additions of blending tables for the Metal Slug series. Too bad MS3 is not there! Hey Mike, congrats for all those sixes!

New Bula
Posted by pi at at 11:53PM [BST]
ElSemi does it again: Nebula 2.14b is another bugfix release. Which shows a lot his effort on cleaning up all the bugs :) There are bugfixes for CPS1 (for example in the new hacks and ADPCM sound) and two fixes related to Nebula crashing badly. So update yourself and you will feel better!

Sunday 12 May

3 in 1
Posted by pi at at 11:44PM [BST]
This is the longest MAME WIP in a long time. Three days have been posted, this time the screenshots are from Ripcord which has been made playable, and S.P.Y. which had its protection figured out. Tons of info in this update, as usual my suggestion is to read it.

Check the Episode I
Posted by pi at at 9:31PM [BST]
Nothing in the horizon, what a slow weekend, dude!

Early news
Posted by pi at at 4:48PM [BST]
ElSemi makes a weekend release with Nebula 2.14. This version adds the remaining CPS1 games, and has a variety of bug fixes for CPS1, CPS2 and PGM which will make things cleaner and smoother. In the general section we could start mentioning Force Feedback support with examples for X-Men Vs. Street Fighter and Marvel Vs. Capcom. There are also other improvements for DSP plugins, video options and some blitters. Nice release!

Update ElSemi made a quick bugfix, Nebula 2.14a fixes rom scanning problems with some CPS1 drivers, kthx.

Saturday 11 May

Before I forget...
Posted by pi at at 11:38PM [BST]
Time for some more MAME update thingies:
  • It's available the new CANAME 0.60.4 with too much overclocking, an option about joysticks and who knows what else new... Check it :)
  • Triggerfin has a deal for you if you are worried about morality of certain games in MAME, or concerned about allowing your kids to play them. Go and read his post on this subject if you apply.
  • MisfitMAME has been updated with the new 0.60 core, a new hack has been added and the count of games is up to 344. Only MisfitMAME32 is missing, the rest of builds are already there.
  • CrashTest updated his snapshot collection to MAME 0.60. I already grabbed it, did you?
Thanks to MameWorld for the last two news, cause my checknget works awfully bad...

Semi-transparent sprites all around
Posted by pi at at 1:03AM [BST]
Fandemame keeps doing updates and Fanbuild 0.60.7 has been born. This time he added a nice Taito F3 video hardware driver, with alpha-blending support... Nice piccies!

Friday 10 May

Under Pressure
Posted by pi at at 6:41PM [BST]
Still no daily MAME WIP but don't despair, it might come later... Maybe Gridle is out, like I'm gonna be in 30 seconds... Have a good weekend!

For the masses
Posted by pi at at 6:40PM [BST]
I'm glad to mention the release of CottAGE 0.02. This version is mainly a bug fix, but I got word from Erik that it will support sound very soon. Now I only have to figure out what have I done for it stopping working here :/

Bohemian Rhapsody
Posted by pi at at 6:39PM [BST]
Updates of ClrMamePro keep coming, this time 2.63b with a crash fix and some user requests. I like progress bars and those unknown sets being left alone... Cool!

And the first set of buttons has been submitted by Gnu (hey guy did you read the request here?) and I have to say that it's way too cool to be missed. Now someone tells Roman that .bmp is not the best way to download and show an image in a browser :)

Thursday 9 May

Two is better than one
Posted by pi at at 10:55PM [BST]
M.A.S.H. has made a double release composed of Mameinfo.dat v4.02 and FisMAME32 0.60 Release 2. Mameinfo.dat comes with newest WIP, latest bugs, finest recommended games. FixMAME32 comes with loads and loads of nice features and also cool new things, for example new GTMR2 dump and Space Invaders artwork to name just a couple.

Gridle still on it
Posted by pi at at 10:55PM [BST]
Daily like the sun, MAME WIP comes to our screens. This time the screenshots are from Wily Tower with right colors this time. There are a bunch of nice fixes worth reading. F3!

This time it's for real
Posted by pi at at 10:54PM [BST]
After yesterday's bluff, Roman has released ClrMamePro 2.63a and this time it works on Windows 98 (I use 2000 anyway). It has all the things from 2.63, of course. Check the changelog, there are cool things like a md5 calculator and other nice things. And Roman still asks for creative persons for drawing alternate button bars.

Totally my fault
Posted by pi at at 10:54PM [BST]
Somehow I kept missing the Zzap!Raine issues. Too old news but never too late to enjoy good work!

Another daily MAME updater?
Posted by pi at at 10:54PM [BST]
Fandemame doesn't rest yet, and another daily FanBuild 0.60.6 :) This time it changes descriptions (noteworthy the PlayChoice 10 ones), and includes a handful of fixes from X-MAME, for example the SSV fix, the Wec Le Mans 24 fix to make it playable, and some sounds fixes. Now I only want that promised History.dat update :)

Wednesday 8 May

Not so far away... or yes?
Posted by pi at at 11:12PM [BST]
Sixtoe has posted at some WIP from Olivier Galibert, the guy who is rewriting some Sega drivers in the MAME source. There are pics and explanations for tons of games, from Outrun to Hot Rod, from many System 16 variations and also System 24... This should answer the question of "when OG will finish the Sega rewrite?" Maybe closer than 2006, but still a way to go!

Anybody seen my baby?
Posted by pi at at 10:35PM [BST]
Today's MAME WIP is short and to the point: Stephh fixed dipswitches, Nicola sent in a driver for Lethal Crash Race. It seems an OK racing game from Visco, never heard of it. Never seen it. Completely unknown to me :-p

False alarm
Posted by pi at at 10:34PM [BST]
Roman has released ClrMamePro 2.63 but don't click cause it's not there. Let me explain: he has found a bug with ClrMAMEPro in Win98, about the buttons or something (my eyes go blurry after the "98" sorry). He is working on a fix, so stay tuned *and* be patient.

One day missed
Posted by pi at at 10:33PM [BST]
Somehow I missed yesterday's release, sorry Fandemame. But today there's a new one, FanBuild 0.60.5. Between yesterday and today, there are the following additions: fixes in five drivers (from Stephh), support for the new V2 dump from Savage Reign and more than 20 description changes.

Volunteers wanted
Posted by pi at at 10:31PM [BST]
I'll not mention the first way, there is a second way of helping HowToEmulation. TJA has made a little post asking for people to help building the site. If you don't know, HowToEmulation is an archive of technical documentation of arcade and consoles, programming languages and emulators.

Tuesday 7 May

Once upon a time...
Posted by pi at at 10:45PM [BST]
There's a new episode of RetroGaming Radio available. Well it was available for some days, I read about it somewhere, but today and thanks to a little bird I realized that a) I didn't post about it yet, and b) it contains MAME in the talk. Don't think that it's positive before you hear the show :)

Big news, I said big and good!
Posted by pi at at 10:33PM [BST]
The day has come and CottAGE has seen the light for first time! This new arcade emulator is the creation of Erik Duijs (JEmu) and Julien 'Gollum' Frelat (xxxCott), and it's the Java counterpart of MAME. It's not a port tho the authors say that it's based on MAME. As they say in the page, "CottAGE aims to be the java equal of MAME in terms of compatibility, speed and features".

The first release is 0.01, and is already speedy even in my old turtle. It supports 23 games (expect more in further releases) like Space Invaders, Solomon's key, The Glob, Black Tiger and many more classics. Many of them with the label of "100% perfect" :) And some with a 2x mode to allow you to play a bit better.

The only drawback by now is the ausence of sound, but I really hope they will add it soon. As a novelty, the emulator is downloadable besides being playable online, with source available as well, so maybe you will want some Java :) Congrats and thanks Erik and Julien for such a good work. Solomon rules!

X-ray glasses auto-enabler
Posted by pi at at 10:32PM [BST]
ElSemi has released Nebula 2.13a, a bugfix release with two extras: what seems to be a very good new blitter called SuperScale, and auto-transparencies. I'm getting addicted to play with blitters lately, but then I always go back to play "the real thing". But gotta try this one!

WIP suitable for WAP
Posted by pi at at 10:32PM [BST]
New MAME WIP. Only one day, no pics this time, seems to be boring... Not! I truly enjoy when there are lots of nice fixes. Today you can read about Sega System 16, Taito F3, the DEC8 and Funky Jet drivers... I prefer quantity over quality, and this shows quality :)

Small is beautiful
Posted by pi at at 10:31PM [BST]
Roman has released ZipMax 3.62, which is a small update with two simple fixes, one with the new zipclass (I guess some behaviour cleared out) and something about negative numbers.

MAME flood in your HD is optional
Posted by pi at at 10:31PM [BST]
BGR Sofware, aka the creator/maintainer of PacMAME, has made MAME 0.60 .Net (Blended), which is an update over the last releases which contains the new GTMR2 set support, The fix for the MAME Testers bug shaolinsc060red and, guess what, all the fixes found on The Ultimate Patchers' site which are a lot of them.

Now that I read it, Stephh mentions PatchMAME 0.60.2, maybe a good thing to try. With that name... :)

And from the other side of the world, CANAME 0.60.3 has been released today. The Capcom And Neogeo *AME fixes a couple of things with the jukebos, changes a couple of things in NeoGeo games, and adjust the makefile for the self-compilers out there.

Monday 6 May

Gotta try it!
Posted by pi at at 11:01PM [BST]
Not arcade but nonetheless cool. Blip & Blop: Balls of Steel is available, and it's FREE. According to the author(s):

It's a metal slug kind of game where you must kill classic video games characters such as the lammings, the dorkemons, Laura Craft, Dario, etc...
Yes, the names have been changed to protect the innocents ;)

The complete game is for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP (maybe 95 and NT too), and it's 44mb. An alternative to .chd :)

Unexpected and good
Posted by pi at at 9:48PM [BST]
The Beaver has made a surprise release of Mimic 2.03. I say "surprise" cause I wasn't really expecting anything today, I'm very glad to see updates in the emulator with the coolest name IMHO :) The update seems to be exclusively for console stuff, I hope he returns to some arcade works soon. As for the surprise... Well I'm still in the dark, Mike give us a lamp!

Call the things by their name
Posted by pi at at 9:48PM [BST]
Fandemame made FanBuild 0.60.3 which includes and amazingly long list of description fixes, and he also promises a History.dat update soon. If you follow the link on his page about the changed descriptions, you'll see that now Welltris includes the good description: Alexei Pajitnov's Welltris. If you didn't know, he's the real Tetris creator :)

And it has cool blitters too!
Posted by pi at at 9:47PM [BST]
AdvanceMAME v0.60.0 comes with everything from the last version of MAME, and a handful of fixes in this advanced video mode MAME. If you want to squeeze the most out of your monitor or if you have a TV, arcade monitor or something similar, give it a try. There's also available AdvanceMENU v1.18.2 with some more fixes.

Good thing to happen
Posted by pi at at 9:47PM [BST]
X-MAME 0.60.1 is here thanks to Lawrence Gold, the coordinator of this project with many many contributors. Just look at the changelog. Besides the names, the content is good with lots of fixes and improvements, and already a couple of things not in MAME 0.60 :) If you are among the penguin fans (or other whatevernix platforms) today is your lucky day, enjoy it.

Could you live without it?
Posted by pi at at 9:46PM [BST]
Today's MAME WIP include a good amount of fixes. Lode Runner is playable now, screenshots available. Mach Breakers is still not playable but the snaps look good now. Is it the 2nd part of Numan Athletics?

Well is what well ends!
Posted by pi at at 9:46PM [BST]
It's not that I've missed it, but I don't really want to mention it. If you know what I'm talking about, then you will understand me. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you better keep not knowing. Another chapter closed, everything is ok and life goes on well :)

Don't you love alternatives?
Posted by pi at at 12:17AM [BST]
If you don't like to look things from this Earth, then you have some other options. One is watch Amelie, which is one of the most beautiful movies I've ever seen, Audrey Tautou is something worth watching again. Absolutely delicious, both the movie and Audrey :) Another option is to do as Queen said, open your eyes, look up to the skies and see.

Sunday 5 May

Keeping with the news flood
Posted by pi at at 11:15PM [BST]
I'd like to make you pay a little bit of attention into ZiNc Trainer, which has a new release. It's a cool utility mentioned only once here so I'm going to fix that right now. The trainer contains lots of cheats for ZiNc games so worth a try. It's available at Willems Soft.

Posted by pi at at 11:09PM [BST]
Here it is another variation updated: MAME/MAME32 Plus 0.60 with loads of stuff, check it out. Thanks to MameWorld for the news and also for two other MAME's yesterday, I forgot to tell so my excuses.

Too many FB* today
Posted by pi at at 11:07PM [BST]
Logiqx has released the dats for the last Final Burn 0.517.

Posted by pi at at 11:02PM [BST]
I found this forum post by Jason about a modified Final Burn 0.510 with force feedback in Outrun! Truly good news, you have to try it if you have a force feedback joystick! There are mirrors in Geocities and in Tripod, the page explains very well how to configure everything to be able to play Outrun with all the new effects in your hands. The source modifications are also available.

Fast thing
Posted by pi at at 11:02PM [BST]
Brian over at PacMAME has compiled again MAME with VC .NET. There are Pentium, Pentium+ and Blended compiles of the last 0.60 version, go and get them to squeeze some more fps from your already drained CPU. Mine is!

Walnut Insidious Potters
Posted by pi at at 5:22PM [BST]
I don't know if being back at one-day MAME WIP updates is good or bad, so let's make a little digest: Wily Tower has no proms, fixed things in Shaolin's Road and Wec Le Mans 24, and sound fixes which you should read by yourself.

Paint the sky with pixels (what else)
Posted by pi at at 5:21PM [BST]
Fandemame brings to us FanBuild 0.60.2 which has some cool additions: First, support for the last Great 1000 Miles Rally 2 dump, which makes the game look all nice and colorful :) Second, support for Space Invaders and Space Invaders Deluxe artwork. This artwok is very nice, and you might have seen it already at
some geocities page. This last addition is available in M.A.S.H.'s page for the self compilers around. I hope this artwork addition is available in the next MAME as well!

Be an erudite for one day
Posted by pi at at 2:28AM [BST]
Emulation Status has been updated once again thanks to WTC. This time there are lots of new stuff, and I mean really new cause I only heard of a couple of games he mentions in the intro. Strange and rare games indeed, really you should check the added stuff and spend an interesting night increasing your arcade culture. However Puckman Pockimon will not increase your culture, eventually.

Alternatives are always good
Posted by pi at at 2:28AM [BST]
If you are a bit tired of the MAME point of view, Duckie's NonMAME has been updated precisely with that, so now you can know again the NonMAME stuff you're missing out. My recommendations go to ZiNc, Final Burn and Modeler, but the page is there for you to decide to maybe try that laserdisc stuff? :)

If you don't have enough by now...
Posted by pi at at 2:28AM [BST]
Time for MAME WIP dose, if you're not overdosed by 0.60 already, I mean :) Some cool stuff I read here, about SSV, Psykio SH-2 games, and many more things. The snapshots are from the following games: Lode Runner the Dig Fight, Hot Gimmick (very hot), Kick Goal (fixed colors from the prev day), Mille Miglia 2 (fixed graphics) and Triple Hunt. The rest of the three days is there for you to discover it.

Ojos que no ven, corazon que no siente
Posted by pi at at 2:27AM [BST]
Maybe you'd think that the The Arcade Flyers Archive has been quiet lately, that's true, but that doesn't mean "stopped". They have added silently some more flyers to the database since the last frontpage update. Latest names I read are Ridge Racer, Virtua Fighter, Baby PacMan... Let's make that counter reach 2 million flyers viewed!

Guess what!
Posted by pi at at 2:27AM [BST]
Some more MAME versions updated:
  • MAME32k 0.60 which includes lots of fixes, read the page.
  • VCMAME 0.60 and also VCMAME32 for self-compiling fans. The page is very interesting if you like this stuff.
  • CANAME 0.60.2, already updated with three fixes, one affecting Neo-Geo games. Remember that in this page there are links to FIVE more japanese MAMEs :)

Saturday 4 May

Stay cool
Posted by pi at at 3:25PM [BST]
SMF has released Redump v3.7 with support for converting Alpha Mission II MGD2 to MVS. He apologizes for not releasing it before, no problem for me :) Oh, get it at SYS2064, utilities section, and thanks to Till himself for the news.

Use that 2up!
Posted by pi at at 2:52PM [BST]
In the Kaillera site you can find Mame32 v0.60 (0503)+Kaillera client v0.9 (2.9Mb), netplay at its finest (or one of the finest anyway). Go and grab it if you like to play net-PacMan.

Know your games
Posted by pi at at 2:51PM [BST]
More toys for your MAME. Triggerfin has updated his site CatList with all up-to-date CatVer.ini, GenreV, and all the rest. Still, haven't seen any single list which lists all the Tetris games correctly :)

Posted by pi at at 12:55PM [BST]
In one of the simplest emulation pages around (with the exception of Haze's ones), I've found MAME 0.60 for BeOS, if you want it :)

Now meal time, I still have some more news for later so keep an eye here!

Soft as you want
Posted by pi at at 12:54PM [BST]
If you have a fixed frequency monitor, an arcade monitor, television, whatever, you have MAME Tweakerz's TVMAME32 0.60 and Twisty's SmoothMAME 0.60. These versions will make your MAME look like running on a baby's butt :)

Nothing to do with canadians in the end
Posted by pi at at 12:54PM [BST]
This is one of the MAME versions I noticed lately, and they are now up to date with MAME 0.60. CANAME 0.60.1 is available for japanese and english audiences, CANAME stands for Cps And Neogeo Arcade Machine Emulator and has so much new stuff that I would not be able to know where to start from. All the dats (command, cheat, history and sound) are updated as well, so everything is ready for you if you haven't tested this version.

Here it was, here it is
Posted by pi at at 12:54PM [BST]
For GUI lovers, there is a new official MAME32 0.60.1, I missed the 0.60.0 release but well :) This one fixes the directories.c crash, of course the source is available. And John IV also put there the snaps, cabinets and icons as usual.

The unstoppable MAME machine
Posted by pi at at 12:54PM [BST]
As we are used to, M.A.S.H. doesn't rest after a MAME release, so here we have MameInfo.dat 4.01. He has also added the official MAME32 0.60 help file for his FixMAME32.

Fuzzy logic
Posted by pi at at 12:53PM [BST]
One of the things I missed last night was the release of Nebula 2.13. ElSemi has added "officially" the latest XOR's and also fixed raster effects in some Neo-Geo games. There is also a bunch of other changes, as usual be sure to read the documentation!

The MAME Oracle
Posted by pi at at 12:53PM [BST]
The Official MAME site has been updated with the new screenshots, and also with something we saw comeing: the new FAQ. It has been revamped and changed the version number from 4.0 to 0.60 (good idea). You can go and read it for your doubts or contribute to it if you see something wrong or missing or incomplete. What I find strange is that they don't mention the FAQ forum! :)

Faster than the eye
Posted by pi at at 12:52PM [BST]
Dave has released a quick bugfix in Final Burn 0.517. Yesterday he fixed a bug in the math chip for Thunderblade, which resurfaced an old bug in Afterburner II. Now both games work correctly.

Fan of MAME
Posted by pi at at 12:52PM [BST]
These days Fandemame has been busy and has released some goodies regarding the last MAME 0.60. First one is History.dat 0.60 with some more added infos (including Asteroids) and some tons of Tips & Tricks for games like Willow and 1941. The other one is Fanbuild 0.60.1 with some dipswitch fixes from Stephh and a problem with the aligment of the opponent in Arm Wrestling. Oh and all the descriptions match with MAME Testers' ones :) Get all of this at the Fandemame homepage.
Posted by pi at at 1:14AM [BST]
Go to Kazuya's place to read some interesting stuff about Rage of the Dragons. It seems that Evoga has some videos. Kazuya has also made available some more of those inserts for your printing pleasure. You. Neo-Geo addict.

I can't figure out a headline for this
Posted by pi at at 1:04AM [BST]
Mike Haggar has released THE Cheat Files 0.2.6.C for Final Burn Alpha, MAME, Kawaks and Nebula. There are new cheats for the new XOR'ed games, and more cheats for others, mmmmmmmmmmmm for example in mmmmmmmmm Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix :) Yes I don't feel too well but I'm soooooo bored :-p So not in my best shape, I hope you don't mind if I write something silly. Wait. I do that all nights!

Uh found it!
Posted by pi at at 12:39AM [BST]
Here it is the interesting tidbit I was trying to find: Final Burn 0.516. Two fixes for G-Loc (new roms so maybe the emulation improves soon!) andThunderblade (no more random crashes), I think those are two enough reasons to update :)

Double halfway back
Posted by pi at at 12:32AM [BST]
I am still sick, but since Logiqx which is very busy got time and energy to update the dats, I guess I could at least mention it! Let's begin to enumerate them: MAME 0.60 and changes, dats for the new Nebula, Kawaks and Final Burn (including two more supplements today), and updated too many other dats to reflect changes in MAME such as CPS2, Neo-Geo, Nebula Jukebox, etc. John IV has also updated datafiles for Snaps, Icons and Cabinets for MAME.

All these datafiles are available for/at ClrMamePro and RomCenter. But seriously, if you want to get something, get it from the source, Logiqx's homepage, where good datafiles are laid to rest. ;)

However for what I understand he might be away for a bit more unless something severe is spotted in the datafiles. As well as me cause I'm back to bed :/ Unless I find something interesting in the next 2 minutes :-p

Friday 3 May

Quick Fly By!
Posted by Logiqx at at 11:49PM [BST]
As if by magic, CAESAR is now up to date with the latest MAME ROMs and information (as always, many games in other emulators needed remapping to the new standards). About 870 pages changed with this rebuild.

Thursday 2 May

Bad food, bad
Posted by pi at at 11:05PM [BST]
Tonight I'm pretty sick, so no news. I want to mention that Logiqx is busy right now to do the dats, but he's slowly going thru the whole process and he will release them when they are ready, but please be patient. Worth mentioning: M.A.S.H. has released the MAMEInfo.dat 4.00, the compile package, PCB's, and FixMAME32 release 1, so don't forget about all of them. More news tomorrow, and sorry for posting yesterday's things backwards :-p

Wednesday 1 May

The Newerending Story :)
Posted by pi at at 10:34PM [BST]
Well since I'm still here downloading, I guess I could report the following fact: Starring an early update, CPSMAME 5.1.02 already has today's XOR's, and at least the Carbon version is based on the MacMAME 0.59 core. Unfortunately the Classic version will be based on 0.56a from now on as it seems to be more stable on OS 8/9.

And finally, the beginning
Posted by pi at at 10:06PM [BST]
And today there's already some MAME WIP for your pleasure. It seems these changes were posted before today's release, so they seem to be included in 0.60. At least the development of yesterday should be there, and Dragon Punch (today's screenshots) is mentioned in the new clones list :) Other things in the WIP as usual, give them a try. Phew, no more things for today as there is enough!

Not any less important
Posted by pi at at 10:05PM [BST]
Oh I almost forgot the Nebula users, sorry! There's no new release, but Razoola has posted at CPS2Shock a new set of DATS for Nebula to support the latest releases, so you can go there to download it to use them with your current Nebula. Uh, am I forgetting anything? Ah yes, happy playing!

The last member of the breed
Posted by pi at at 10:05PM [BST]
As we are used, after a XOR there's always a new version of one of my personal favorites, so here it comes Kawaks 1.43 courtesy of MHz. There are loads of new things, of course the addition of the latest XOR's and Bang Bead too. There are some fixes to other sets as well but you should really have no probs with these changes, I think the only new roms are the NeoPong 1.1 which are available at the NeoDev homepage.

This version also comes with many graphic improvements like Smart Interframe Blending and the new KScale blitter, similar to the 2xSAi and SuperEagle, but looking much better and way too faster :) There are also many fixes and speedups here and there, really this release looks very good to me. Now yes, it seems that that's all for today so happy playing! :)

More gifts for today
Posted by pi at at 10:04PM [BST]
Another big release on the same day, this time at CPS2Shock. Razoola has released XOR's for the following games:
  • Night Warriors (USA 950406)
  • Vampire Hunter (Japan 950316)
  • Vampire Hunter (Japan 950302)
  • Dungeons & Dragons (Hispanic 940125)
The set Night Warriors/Vampire Hunter is new so all of you Vampire fans (me likes Morrigan of course!) will be pleased. Raz has also posted CPS2Mame v2.591 to support these releases, it's also available at CPS2Shock as usual. Happy playing again! (And also the same recommendation cause there's still more for tonight.)

For the hard wait...
Posted by pi at at 10:04PM [BST]
May 1st, internationally recognized as Day of the Worker (or something similar depending of the country). Maybe due to that Nicola has chosen today to release the long awaited MAME 0.60 "Attack of the PROMs".

As a curious thing, all the added games have appeared on the WIP, there are no "ghost" entries. Primal Rage, Tactician, Taxi Driver, Judge Dredd, the Outfoxies (finally) and Oriental Legend are all there among other names which should sound familiar to you already, up to a total count of 26 games. There are also 20 new clones of existing games, which is a good count for me :) Oh, no CoJag games as I imagined, maybe in the next release...

There are also lots of fixes which improve greatly the playability of certain games; namely Batsugun, Hot Chase and Wec Le Mans 24 to mention some. There are a total of 16 MAME Testers bugs fixed, at least mentioned there, as usual there might be more. All the details are in the whatsnew.txt file, so read it while you download the biggest arcade emulator. Happy playing! (But hold your breath cause the day hasn't finished yet!)

Good day for the emulation community
Posted by pi at at 9:49PM [BST]
If as reading this you think you are reading the last news of the day, you're wrong. Here in CAESAR the last news are in the top, so you have to learn to read backwards from the last news you saw here. I say this cause I try to be careful about the order of the news, and tonight there are many juicy news. Stay tuned as I write them all!

Tuesday 30 April

Back on daily updates?
Posted by pi at at 9:49PM [BST]
And another release: FinalBurn 0.515. It's good to see back Dave on the works, this version has some fixes and what seems to be the beginning of road emulation in Thunderblade. There is also a new game called Royal Ascot 2, but for what he says, not playable at all. Remember to read the documentation! Note that to the best of my knowledge, the FinalBurn for Linux project is still orphan.

A different twist
Posted by pi at at 9:48PM [BST]
Gridle talks a bit about the upcoming new MAME FAQ in this forum post. Basically it's the last request for correction and additions before the WIP becomes the official FAQ. So if you want to help the project a bit, you know where to go. Thanks to MameWorld for the info.

Monday 29 April

And the last bit
Posted by pi at at 11:39PM [BST]
Guess what? MAME WIP! One day! :) Well, in short, let's see what we can find here. Oh, "Psykio SH-2" and "speedup" in the same sentence? Wow! And finally, a Great 1000 Miles Rally 2 driver, submitted by Stephane Humbert. Unfortunately it seems that there's a missing rom or a bad dump. This update is juicy, more things to read on you-know-where.

Posted by pi at at 11:39PM [BST]
Fandemame has made a new update on the official History.dat 0.59a, which adds many more information tidbits for about 30 games. It also has the return of the Tips and Tricks section, for mmmmmmh one, two thre... Wow, too many games to count :) Tips and tricks for Tetris? That's something I have to read ;)

State-of-the-art port
Posted by pi at at 11:39PM [BST]
MacMAME 0.59 is available already, it has some OS X fixes and an improvement in one of the cores making the Taito F3 games work much better. If you're on Mac, get your MacMAME while it's hot!

Eye candies
Posted by pi at at 11:38PM [BST]
Kazuya has made available some more inserts from his last competition, high quality stuff I would say. I don't print them but I've got a couple just cause they are cute things to put instead of snaps and cabinets... Also he tells a bit of hints about printing the inserts and some stickers, go check them out if you're into these things.

They have a new home
Posted by pi at at 11:38PM [BST]
The Drunken Muppets are up again on, their new website. was no longer valid, and this one took a bit to come, but it's here finally. Still below one thousand visits, so go and shake that counter...

Still not frozen
Posted by pi at at 11:38PM [BST]
Dave has released FinalBurn 0.514. The changelog is not so long this time, but it has a couple of good things (and one bad). It also features a new .DAT file export, so you can get your own datafiles. I've heard he had help from Logiqx himself so the datafile should be OK I guess :) And an important thing is that now FinalBurn should run on almost any Windows flavor, but as usual, your mileage will vary.

Artists wanted?
Posted by pi at at 11:37PM [BST]
Roman a.k.a Bogy has released ClrMamePro 2.62, with the usual batch of fixes and speedups. He also asks for different buttons if you don't like the new ones, just go to the front page and read.

Everyone's hero
Posted by pi at at 11:36PM [BST]
There's a small update at Aaron's Home Page. I'm glad to hear that he's working on a new artwork handling system for MAME, which for me is something good cause the current one is driving me nuts. He explains a bit of what he's doing right now (a bit of RLS it seems) and the updates on the To-do list and his MAME log. Certainly this last piece, the MAME log, is really impressive.

First story for a long night
Posted by pi at at 11:36PM [BST]
This time it goes about hardware for your arcade gaming experience. First, the unstopabble M.A.S.H. has made a source fix for MAME to make the five Nintendo lightgun games (in VS and PlayChoice-10 systems) work with the new ACT-Labs USB PC Light Gun. This source fix is available in this forum post and also on his MameInfo page.

Second, the X-Arcade joystick has new IC's ready, which improve the responsiveness of this excellent arcade joystick. These IC's (Integrated Circuit) are, according to Prophet, easy to install and free for X-Arcade owners, just go to the homepage and e-mail them. Thanks to Prophet for both stories.

Sunday 28 April

The emulator of the night
Posted by pi at at 10:38PM [BST]
Since today it seems there are not many news, I'll post about an "old". Hoot (beware, japanese page) is a sound hardware emulator, capable of playing sounds and music from many systems, including arcade, computers and consoles. I found it thanks to Crashtest, which has a comprehensive page about Hoot. Remember to read the bottom on the page about how to solve the time limit. Don't worry, it's legal and free, just read, Crashtest has made things easy for you. So visit Crashtest's Hoot page and write me back about how it goes :)

This time it's short
Posted by pi at at 10:29PM [BST]
We're back on the daily updates of MAME WIP. This time it's a short one but there are colorful screenshots of Hyper PacMan. Like M.A.S.H. says, "another [Maze] from [Haze]". More than a PacMan clone, it looks to me like a PacMania clone. The WIP shots aren't in Haze's page anymore, but now you can find Kick Goal.

My only friend, the end
Posted by pi at at 2:13AM [BST]
Another nice thing I found tonight completely accidentally. It's an italian site called MamEnd. Created by Vaz and maintained by some staff, it's an archive of captures from arcade games in MAME, and the captures are nothing else than endings. Nice stuff to see, and no real need of understanding italian to enjoy it, PeterD :-p

Saturday 27 April

Join the channel!
Posted by pi at at 11:27PM [BST]
PeterD from EmuHQ is a bit disappointed cause there are not many visitors in the #emuhq channel (on Newnet). So please feel free to pay a visit, we are friendly. Sometimes. Maybe ;) There's also a very good Java Chat applet available as well. I hang out there often and I thought I could do a bit of shameless plug :)

Something for everyone
Posted by pi at at 10:47PM [BST]
Users of Emulaxian should go to 3D Arcade. Users of MAME who want icons should go to MameWorld and read that little news post of today... And for the ones who just want a laugh, check the ShytStyck, the successor of HotRod, X-Arcade and SlikStick, courtesy of ARH. If you don't use Emulaxian, nor want icons, nor want to laugh, search your own thing at Google or somewhere else :-p

For the recordmen
Posted by pi at at 10:46PM [BST]
Leezer has made available for all of us his Unofficial MAME HiScore.dat 7.93, with too many, too many, I mean too many additions. Thanks to Till from SYS2064 for the tip. Top. That :)

One day off and we already missed it...
Posted by pi at at 10:46PM [BST]
After ausence yesterday, MAME WIP has arrived again with two days of development courtesy of Gridle. This time the plot goes about mainly fixes, such as WEC Le Mans 24 and Xyonix, but there is also the addition of Hyper Duel. Screenshots for these three games, plus some interesting text to read, available you-know-where.

So much info
Posted by pi at at 10:45PM [BST]
WTC has updated again Emulation Status. This one is a rather big update, and he writes a bit about this and that, mentioning some boards going to be dumped soon, hopefully, as well as a "name that game" request with a laserdisc game. An interesting short read anyway, and you can also find updates and new additions for nearly 100 games. Names? Strikers 1945 series, Marble Madness 2, Thunder Hoop series, Puzz Loop series, and well too many more.

Friday 26 April

A personal favorite
Posted by pi at at 11:02PM [BST]
Somehow I stumbled upon (on? at? in?) this Quake KLOV entry. Since I don't like the second part nor the "Arena" one, I found it very interesting. I guess that you all Quake and arcade lovers will find nice to know about the existence of this prototype. Will it be ever added to MAME? Ah yes, in 2006 :)

Advance level
Posted by pi at at 9:37PM [BST]
Time for a change, AdvancePac 0.58.0 is the AdvanceProjects target for PacMAME. So if you want to run all kinds of Pac-Man in all kinds of video modes, this is your choice I guess. Binary for DOS/Pentium and sources available. There's also an updated AdvanceMENU v1.18.1 with AdvancePAC support, of course.

One per day is more than enough
Posted by pi at at 9:36PM [BST]
Another day, another ClrMamePro 2.61a. There are some fixes from yesterday's release, plus some "major speedup". So today we have ClrMamePro, where's the MAME WIP???

Not so Finally-Burned-Out
Posted by pi at at 12:31AM [BST]
Lord Evil Elmo (aka the fluffy Elmo) has conducted an interview with Dave, the FinalBurn author, which explains a bit about the future of FinalBurn and the present release. It's available at CPS2Burn, in the Emu-X section. Very interesting I would say.

Thursday 25 April

The most arcade-ish frontend in the hood
Posted by pi at at 11:20PM [BST]
I usually don't post about frontends unless they are new (like when ZiNc came around) or when they have something real different to offer to us. And Emulaxian 0.60 has been released, does the name tell you something? :-p Thanks again to the usual site for the good news.

The future is coming
Posted by pi at at 11:10PM [BST]
Roman has released ClrMamePro 2.61 twice, it seems the first one had a little problem. This version has a lot of new things, you better check the changelog to have a glimpse of what to expect in the upcoming releases. Did I read md5 and folder support???

Dave: the Return (on a screen near you)
Posted by pi at at 11:10PM [BST]
This is really a surprise, as Dave has released FinalBurn 0.510. There are many things to think about this version. Last was 123, this is 510, so did Dave made 387 private versions? Is this just a release to calm down Dave's emulation addiction or is this the first one of a new batch of frequent releases as he did in the past? Don't think this is a small update, it has some good fixes, the addition of some Sega oldies like Golden Axe and Altered Beast, and a bloat of CPS games. However it seems the list is still complete, so I would bet for another release not too far away. Good to see the good work back!

And now the last question which comes to my mind... And now where this leaves the FinalBurn Alpha development team? Time will tell! :) As a final comment, Logiqx will not release the datafile for this FinalBurn in quite some days, unless a miracle happens. So be patient!

Once upon a time...
Posted by pi at at 11:09PM [BST]
And another daily dose of MAME WIP! This time it features the screenshots of Xyonix, another tetris added to MAME, it has no controls, no sound, and wrong colours. Great achievement lol :) Well at least better than I can do, and I'm sure it will be fixed as the other screenshots which are from Miss Bubble 2 with right sprite colours.

And this hasn't been mentioned on the last WIP, but it seems that a very known MAMEdev has emulated CoJag so expect some unexpected huge additions in that area as well. Well if you expect them, then it's not unexpected? What am I saying? You better forget about what I said :)

Being late but not too late
Posted by pi at at 12:35AM [BST]
Looks like I always miss these releases. Logiqx has updated both MAMEDiff and DatUtil in case a new release comes out. He states he will be busy for "at least the next couple of weeks". I also missed a DatUtil release but well, that's outdated, something about lotsa samples for PinMame. The new stuff deals only with PGM support already included for when it comes with MAME.

Posted by pi at at 12:12AM [BST]
Just read this on the MAME board, Haze is still at it, this time the name is Xyonix. Guess what, another one with wrong colours :)

Wednesday 24 April

This and that and also that
Posted by pi at at 11:01PM [BST]
Blah, blah, blah, and blah. Act-Labs PC Light Gun, which will be MAME32 compatible. They accept pre-orders. Blah, blah, blah (why am I the last monkey to know???) Thanks to MameWorld for the hint.

Another one bites the dust
Posted by pi at at 10:57PM [BST]
M.A.S.H. a.k.a. "the man with too many releases" has made a... release :) M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo 3.96 includes the latest WIP, correct listinfo changes for two more years and information from Nebula. You can get it raw or cooked, errrr I mean normal or diff-patch :)

Make-up for everyone
Posted by pi at at 10:56PM [BST]
Time for site redesigns. The FinalBurn Alpha site has been "overhauled", and yes now it displays well in my Notescrap 4.7x. As well, HanaHo has finished its loooong site redesign with lots of new stuff. You can visit both sites by using the magical device found in your hand.

For me? Really?
Posted by pi at at 10:55PM [BST]
Lord Evil Elmo is not only not evil at all, but he took my comment as a request and transformed himself in Lord Nice Elmo and made some Morrigan sprite rips from Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix! Me is pleased, thanks man :) See them while they are fresh at CPS2Burn, where else?

Who would have imagined it!
Posted by pi at at 10:55PM [BST]
Surprise, surprise! MAME WIP! Who would have imagined it, the webslave has posted another day of development of MAME. The devs are getting quite active, maybe it's time for another release :) Until then, you can find in the Work in Progress report some good news such as the addition of several clones for vector games, and the addition of Taxi Driver and Miss Bubble 2, both with wrong colours :)

Tuesday 23 April

Too cute to miss it
Posted by pi at at 11:48PM [BST]
Lord Evil Elmo amuses me with some cute Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix sprite rips. Get them at CPS2Burn, really when will he put Morrigan's ones????? Oh yes he has other things in his site, like savestates, BEUFE, other sprite rips, but well, no Morrigan = no fun! :)

Posted by pi at at 10:36PM [BST]
I know I'm a bit behind on MAME versions and related stuff, but right now I'm a bit saturated of it. When 0.60 is released I'll keep up with every version, right now I'm still in semi-holidays mood. Anyway lately there weren't really many news. Let's hope that the lazy mode gets off soon, someone save me from myself!

Console mode
Posted by pi at at 9:54PM [BST]
Time for another MAME WIP. This time is text only, and only one day, but IMHO they are good news, fixing and improving drivers are certainly good news. Walk by there to read what's all about, it includes improvements for yesterday's driver of Legend of Silkroad and the infamous third button in Final Fight :)

Monday 22 April

And another one
Posted by pi at at 10:06PM [BST]
Brian has posted a brand new distribution PacTray 7.6 / PacMAME .58 (.NET) FINAL. Nothing has changed on the emulator itself, just for the distribution package which is made now with Windows Installed (hrm). If you had problems with the old package, get this new one. Again. If you dare :-p

Genesis? No, arcade!
Posted by pi at at 10:05PM [BST]
On the seventh day, he rested :) After the sunday break, Gridle has posted two days of MAME WIP. This time the addition is called Legend of Silk Road, a '99 game with 3D-ish sprites. Its emulation is far from complete but still playable for what they say. What do they say? Go and read it all!

Sunday 21 April

Way way too long ago
Posted by pi at at 8:10PM [BST]
I think some of you, real retro players, might find this bit interesting: First Video Game World Championship in video, courtesy of Twin Galaxies. I've seen in so many sites that I don't really know to which one to give thanks to :-p

Late news
Posted by pi at at 8:04PM [BST]
The LASER homepage has moved to The Little Arcade System Emulator Releases wants to get a "nice swift kick in the rear", so go there and help them on that! Thanks to Till for thanking EmuHQ on my behalf :)

Insert your insert
Posted by pi at at 7:43PM [BST]
Kazuya posted a while ago about the's Insert Competition Winners. I will not spoil the surprise, but the insert I voted for has ended in second place :) You can see the results there, and Kazuya has already started to post full quality inserts ready for download, so go and get the fine art.

Sounds good, uh?
Posted by pi at at 7:42PM [BST]
M.A.S.H. has posted a source fix for MAME. This little fix affects the Seta Sound system, used for example in the games Zing Zing Zip, Meta Fox, Twin Eagle... Get it at the M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo page.

Back on the hard work
Posted by pi at at 7:42PM [BST]
Time to take on the news after the long weekend out: Mike Haggar has released Nebula and Kawaks Transparencies Pack 20020421. This pack has many additions for Strikers 1945 Plus, and three CPS-1 classics: Captain Commando (I actually played this machine this weekend), Forgotten Worlds and Nemo. The CPS-1 come in two versions, which is nice. There is an update for Carrier Air Wing as well.

Can You Guess What Was Updated Today?
Posted by peterd at at 3:08AM [BST]
Ha! I'm filling in for Pi on the one day of the week that only a MAME WIP was posted! Nicola Salmoria fixed the background graphics in News, David Haywood sent in a preliminary driver for Shadow Force which doesn't yet have sound and there are some graphics glitches, and Aaron Giles fixed a divide by zero error in Dyno Bop and he fixed the alternate Road Blasters set so that inserting coins works again. There are some new screenshots up up the page as well, so go take a look. Maybe I'll find some more news in the next few hours. :-)

Friday 19 April

Watch the Rob-shaped blur...
Posted by rob at at 9:08PM [BST]
Good to be back, however briefly. Here's the latest:

Short "see ya"
Posted by pi at at 2:04AM [BST]
Well I'm off until sunday night. A weekend full of poker, girls, poker, drinks, poker, food, poker and maybe something else awaits me :)

That doesn't mean "no news" as you will discover shortly, so please keep coming for your fresh Arcade-ish news.

Thursday 18 April

Time for non-MAME :-p
Posted by pi at at 10:55PM [BST]
Yesterday I received some King of Fighters. I couldn't make it work here, I hope you have more luck with it :)

Some more info
Posted by pi at at 10:55PM [BST]
M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo 3.95 has more corrected Listinfo changes for years 84 and 85, plus the newest WIP as M.A.S.H. usually does. I guess the newsletter is updated as well, and who knows, since it's a quite extensive package.

In small doses
Posted by pi at at 10:54PM [BST]
Another one-day-post of MAME WIP by the very own Gridle. It's a short one, so go and see the IQ Block screenshots and read the fixfixfixes.

Get MAME for your 32-64-128 OS
Posted by pi at at 10:54PM [BST]
There is a second release of the *nix port of MAME, X-MAME 0.59.2. There are quite some fixes in this version, plus some MAMETesters bugs fixed by Aaron Giles, and Romalizer updated too. However the changelog is not that long so mmmmmmmmmm. Read it by yourself :)

Wednesday 17 April

Posted by pi at at 11:27PM [BST]
I've read about this here and there so I guess I can post it in CAESAR as well. It seems that a new Arcade Museum is going to be opened in Denmark. It will be opened next May the 11th, you better go to the site to read more information, it's a nice page indeed. Thanks to here and there for the news.

Fans do these things
Posted by pi at at 11:21PM [BST]
There is a new MAME32 variation called MAMEFANS32. It features multilanguage, mp3 support, and catver.ini support. Ramonchu, the guy who compiles this version, comments that the idea behind MAMEFANS32 is to add features lacking on MAME32 which they find interesting. Beware as the default language is spanish, but it's muntilingual remember? :) Thanks to MameWorld for the info.

Posted by pi at at 10:34PM [BST]
Mimic 2.02 has been released by Mike Beaver. This time the changes are mainly console stuff, remember this is a generic hardware emulator. So if you are interested in the non-arcade part of Mimic, well, it's there, go grab it :)

Advanced releases
Posted by pi at at 10:34PM [BST]
AdvanceMAME Version 0.59.1 and AdvanceMENU v1.18.0 over at the Advance Projects page. This release is mainly a bugfix on both sides, and it still has that nice scale2x effect.

Tuesday 16 April

The maker of Pong
Posted by pi at at 10:31PM [BST]
Yesterday I saw this interesting story at Brian's Emulation Page. It talks about a meeting with Nolan Bushnell, the "Father of Videogame Industry" (yeah all caps important thing). A fun read full of nice facts and tidbits.

Time to vote
Posted by pi at at 10:30PM [BST]
The competition deadline was yesterday, so now it's time for voting all the cute inserts who entered the competition. Kazuya is waiting for your help in this difficult moment! (just a way to speak :-p but really the quality is awesome so it will be hard to decide which one is the best!)

The frontend with a strange name
Posted by pi at at 10:30PM [BST]
Since usually we are in a WIPmood, well then, BEUFE WIP. The Beat'Em Up Front End has also two competitions running, so go there and check, and try to win something for yourself. Thanks to CP-Systems2 for the tip.

One day after
Posted by pi at at 10:29PM [BST]
MAME WIP again, this time only one day has been posted. There are screenshots of Many Blocks, Black Heart and Mustang... Colorful shots for today, AND don't forget there is always something else to read about :)

Monday 15 April

Leave them smaller than Stuart
Posted by pi at at 9:54PM [BST]
A small note for a small proggy: ZipMax 0.360. It has a new zipclass which fixes a problem with dates (I think it's the one I reported about?) and a couple more new things :)

And for the future...
Posted by pi at at 9:53PM [BST]
MAME WIP for your eyes... ElSemi's recent breakthrought has been shared with Haze/David Haywood, which has produced already a preliminar IGS PolyGameMaster driver for MAME. It has been submitted with support of Oriental Legend. There are also screenshots of World Class Bowling added by Aaron Giles, plus some bootlegs added and the usual fixes improvements and all that. Read! :)

New version of a galaxy... errr Nebulae
Posted by pi at at 9:53PM [BST]
Nebula 2.12 is out, with PGM (IGS PolyGameMaster) support already! It seems the emulation is complete, but it only supports the game Oriental Legend due to protection on other games. I guess it has more new things, but the PGM is big thing enough to keep you entertained for a bit :)
Update: Forgot to mention some more WIP screenshots of Knights of Valour.

Daphne oracle
Posted by pi at at 9:52PM [BST]
After six months, there is a new version. Daphne 0.99.5pre1 for i386 GNU/Linux is there available. There is no changelog or anything, so if you have Linux, you might try and whisper me in which way this Laserdisc arcade games emulator has changed.

Sunday 14 April

Busy man gets active
Posted by pi at at 9:12PM [BST]
Logiqx has updated the NeoGeo, Nebula and Nebula Jukebox dats to support the latest available NeoGeo games: Bang Bead and *cough* :-p

Rage of the pencils
Posted by pi at at 7:14PM [BST]
If you want to see some fine artwork for the upcoming NeoGeo game Rage of the Dragons, check I've seen some of the characters and well, they are great drawings. IMHO this is gonna be a great game graphically spelling. But I doubt I'll play it :)

The sound of silence
Posted by pi at at 6:51PM [BST]
Lately there has been some messing around region hack and the new ZiNc looking for good CRC's, people complaining (without reason IMHO) about this, and making hacked regions with same CRC as the original ones. Well, there is an official position from the authors, you can read it at the Official ZiNc's FAQ. Then you might think "and the trainer?" Well go and ask for it at the best place to ask for it: ZiNc's Official Forum.

Here goes another one
Posted by pi at at 2:36PM [BST]
Quick update, ZiNc's Glide Renderer 1.3 is already out. It fixes the OffScreen Drawing setting which will not be read from the config file anymore. Poor setting, but well it should fix the problems with Strider 2 too :)

Is is any faster?
Posted by pi at at 2:35PM [BST]
You can head over the PacMAME site where Brian has left new .NET compiles of MAME, this time they include fixes from Stephh of the Ultimate Patchers, and also that tile fix for many games including CPS-2.

Saturday 13 April

And a short time...
Posted by pi at at 7:30PM [BST]
Ah, I guess I can also tell a bit about ZiNc's Glide Renderer 1.2, among the fixes, we can see the Tetris blocks finally! The best ZiNc game :)

For the rest of news of today... Wait for tomorrow. Party time! :-p

Wip time
Posted by pi at at 7:29PM [BST]
I guess I can post about a bit of MAME WIP. This time we can find three days of development in MAME, with three games added. The screenshots are from Poolshark, Primal Rage and Road Riot's Revenge. The two last ones were added by Aaron Giles, Poolshark has been submitted by Stefan Jokins. There are more interesting things you should read about, so go and enjoy.

Friday 12 April

Uh? Today?
Posted by pi at at 11:29PM [BST]
The music and audio system known until today as Midas has changed name to Housemarque Audio System due to trademark issues. ;)

Rearrangement of the colourful papers
Posted by pi at at 11:28PM [BST]
John IV has added the repackaged Flyer Packs over at The MAME32 QA/Test & Art Dept. There are now only ten packs, with 175 images each one, they will replace the old ones which went up to #19 three days ago. And what will be the game he mentions? Aaron did what?

Still so many unemulated games...
Posted by pi at at 11:28PM [BST]
New update at Emulation Status. WTC has added or updated more than 70 games, including prototypes. Bucky O'Hare, Top Landing, Revolution X, Beavis and Butthead and the Bradley Trainer just to name a few appearing in that list. He has updated the credit/thanks list as well. I'm not there, but be a bit patient, maybe one day...

Making things easier for the user
Posted by pi at at 11:27PM [BST]
CP-Systems 2 Turbo has a new domain: and as well the forums can be reached at Well still long address IMHO, but what they can do :) Good thing still!

Thursday 11 April

100 days and going
Posted by pi at at 10:55PM [BST]
Erik asked me last night if I was still without smoking. The answer is YES, I made today my 100th day without smoking, and I am very very proud. Since I stopped smoking I had a cd burner, a new CPU cooler (which allows me more overclocking), got a 20gb drive, better breath, more money and girls look at me in a better way :)
Oh, forgot to mention, and a record at MARP in the game Joy Joy Kid / Puzzled :)

Race of the Wagons
Posted by pi at at 10:51PM [BST]
You might want to visit Kazuya's and read something about Rage of the Dragons - one of the latest NeoGeo games. He mentions about some movies which have already dissapeared, but there are still two screenshots, plus his words, plus another mention about the running competition. Remember the competition submission deadline is April the 15th. No I didn't enter it.

And another one going there
Posted by pi at at 10:49PM [BST]
Another one who seems to have little time for actually playing MAME, M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo 3.94 is out there, in complete download and diff patch, make your choice. This time he forgot to explicitly put what's new, I guess bugs, WIP and all the nifty features. Don't forget to check his tutorial on video modes, already in version 1.8.

White boxes with little red circles
Posted by pi at at 10:48PM [BST]
The Arcade Flyers Archive otherwise known as TAFA has enhanced the database with cute little flags to denote the region of the flyer, and a "remark" field to show little notes regarding the flyers. Xray1 adds that if you have ideas, suggestions and comments, you might want to leave them know :)

Cott, cott cott, cott
Posted by pi at at 12:18AM [BST]
Well I almost missed this one, but if you go to the Boycott Advance page, you can read some future and present projects by Gollum. The thing is that one of them, CottAGE specifically, is made by Erik Duijs, which was MIA in my mailbox, I guess due to this project. A Java emulator with classics supporting already 14 games according to the Boycott page. Gollum has helped with the project which is still unreleased, but looks so promising that it makes me smile :) Thanks to PeterD for mentioning and EmuUnlim for reminding me again.

Wednesday 10 April

Another day in paradise
Posted by pi at at 11:49PM [BST]
ElSemi keeps working in the PGM emulation and the chapter 4 of his WIP is here: backgrounds working. Now it seems that only some more work is needed, and then he mentions he will start the sound emulation, he says it in this message and the rest of the thread. Thanks to Till for the hint.

Learn history and be condemned to repeat it!
Posted by pi at at 11:39PM [BST]
Fandemame has released finally History.dat 0.59, which has new infos for more than forty games, both classics and recent games. There is a new section called "sequels", which looks promising to me cause I still get surprised about which games are sequels of other oldies...

PacMan and bumpers
Posted by pi at at 11:39PM [BST]
If you like PacMan and you like Pinball, well then there is a PacMAME Pinball Patch available for you. It includes the latest pinball tables for VPinMAME and PinMAME.

ZiNc + Linux = Rejoice
Posted by pi at at 11:39PM [BST]
Well not too much delay... Linux users can also enjoy ZiNc 0.9, with also the controller plugin sources. This version has exactly the same changes which had the Windows version released recently. So go and get it at EmuHype. Mmmmm I wonder if I placed those camel caps correctly :-p Also for ZiNc Linux users, gzinc 0.02 is available. Thanks to Chris for this last tip.

Me is satisfied
Posted by pi at at 11:36PM [BST]
CP-Systems2 Turbo has changed the HTML layout, with the effect that Netscape and Mozilla users can read the news - finally! I've been unable to read them for almost three months... And now, why not updating the FinalBurn Alpha site as well?

Smooth like baby's skin
Posted by pi at at 11:32PM [BST]
Twisty has wrote me to tell me about the address change of Smoothmame which has moved to Smoothmame is a MAME derivative for Windows which has fixed video refresh rate which is conventient for people who play MAME on a TV, but also for people who uses normal monitors. You better discover why it's called "smooth" :) Source also available, AMD and Intel compiles and up-to-date with 0.59. Enough blurb, man? :-p

Tuesday 9 April

Two more mid-age ones
Posted by pi at at 11:54PM [BST]
To end the day with some good news, here you have today's MAME WIP. Nicola himself added Hero in the Castle of Doom and The Masters of Kin, two oldies more for MAME. Other things mentioned there are the fix to all of those crashes in some drivers, courtesy of Aaron Giles. Guess who is fiddling with inputs again, yes, that one :) You can read the rest of these six last days by yourself, and really, there are good news there! Thanks to Chris for the hint.

Posted by pi at at 10:57PM [BST]
To complete the day, this is my version of .Net news :-p

For the IRCmaniacs, CPS2Shock changed server again, went back to NewNet. So if chatting at #cps2shock is of your taste, you know where to go to get the right info for connecting.

And for gamers, new Mame32 v0.59 (0407)+Kaillera client v0.9. Since there is no changelong there, I will not tell what's new :-p

Expeditive: quick and efficient
Posted by pi at at 7:01PM [BST]
Another chapter in the PolyGameMaster decryption/emulation. ElSemi posted again on another board about his WIP, in short he is only missing backgrounds. Anyway read the whole thread to know a little bit about the future of this system ;) Check the screenshots at the third WIP page. He really works wuickly, yesterday I only saw a bunch of noise :)

Also, note that this system doesn't have sound emulated yet, maybe we will need to wait patiently for that... Until then, you can visit IGS for a partial list of PGM games. According to that list, there are 20, more than I thought in the beginning. Probably there will be some more but I don't think too many, let's say more than Sega System E and less than NeoGeo :-p

Bend a paper airplane with a flyer
Posted by pi at at 6:49PM [BST]
There are 35 new flyers at the The Arcade Flyers Archive, where else :) All of them are japanese flyers from companies like Taito, Namco, Sega and others. As well, Xray1 sent to John IV a new Flyerpack with the original name of #19, which makes the whole package to climb up to 1,750 flyers. This pack is available at The MAME32 QA/Test & Art Dept., and a datfile is available at the ClrMamePro site. Xray1 mentions also that he has sent ten fresh packs to John IV with 175 items each one, I hope he puts them available soon. Xray1 also hopes that :)

Metallic alchemy
Posted by pi at at 3:41PM [BST]
This is a double release of ZiNc, the 0.8 which has a load of improvements and fixes, and the 0.9 version which solves a little problem in that version. Highlights: Switches to choose controller and rendering plugins, second player added to all drivers, no more strange dynarec tuning switches (so now all games should run at optimal speed), fixed renderers, and more things. It's remarkable the addition of a plugin mini-SDK so hopefully we will see soon some controller plugins, but for now only for the Windows version, Linux users will have to wait a little bit. The full changelog can be found on Emuhype as well as the downloads for Windows.

Uh? Me?
Posted by pi at at 2:19AM [BST]
Yes, me! Unbelievable, but I am the happy owner of a brand new cd burner! This might seem odd to you, or small news, but well I always wanted one but never could afford it. Now I have one! I say all this here cause I want to say publically THANKS to the friend who gave it to me. A superb gift, I'm sure I will make a good use of it :)

Monday 8 April

A new system is coming
Posted by pi at at 6:23PM [BST]
If you are interested in recent stuff, ElSemi has talked about PolyGameMaster in this forum post. You better read it and then you can enjoy some WIP screenshots and then some more WIP screenshots.

Talking about evil...
Posted by pi at at 6:07PM [BST]
I love music, so this is going to be posted here: OverClocked ReMix 3.0! This is a site devoted to remixes, arrangements and versions of soundtracks from games. Gotta hear "Am I Evil"! The new thing in the site is the whole site apparently :) Totally database-driven thanks to PHP, which allows already a bunch of new things like browsing by system (something I wanted from a long time ago), and will allow in the future even more things. Be sure to read David's post there at OC ReMix about this huge update. Thanks to David for some good news :) Beware, there's a three headed monkey behind you! :-p

Posted by pi at at 5:58PM [BST]
There is a new ClrMamePro 2.60a. Roman updated it for some profiler options messing up, np man, we will download it again.

Evil savestates
Posted by pi at at 5:42PM [BST]
Pocket Fighter is becoming quickly one of the funniest games I ever played (with exceptions like DOTT for example). I saw at CP-Systems2 Turbo that Elmo at CPS2Burn has uploaded some savestates which allows us to see the endings of Pocket Fighter / Super Gem Fighter. Yeah that's my cup of tea :-p

FPS hoarder
Posted by pi at at 5:41PM [BST]
If you head over to the PacMAME homepage, you can find a little gift from Brian. They are Visual C .NET compiles of MAME 0.59, claiming to get some more fps from your computer. There is a build for Pentiums, another one for Pentium Pro and above, and a third "blended" build for AMD and Celeron and who knows what else...

Sunday 7 April

Next-gen stuff
Posted by pi at at 11:56PM [BST]
Congrats to Kazuya for the 500,000 hits at!!! I think I made clear that NeoGeo is not my fav system, but certainly his site is too cool to miss.

Also you can check Haggar's Page. He is not getting half a million hits yet, but you can find things like the new Nebula/Kawaks Transparencies Pack 20020407 with Carrier Air Wing added and Super Gem Fighter (whoohoo) fixed.

Second of the day
Posted by pi at at 11:47PM [BST]
As I prophetized, there would be more rom tools releases today. Two more reached the street. First one happened when Roman released ClrMamePro 2.60. The greatest change is the rebuilder, which can work with zips without touching the compressed data, just moving the blocks around. That speeds up things tremendously, like we saw in the WIP. There are some more changes and fixes, this is a quality release, grab it and enjoy!

The second tool is not for kids, but anyway Logiqx made ZIPIdent 1.0 for anyone needing it. It's a tool to identify roms, Go to his page and read the description about it, and give it a try if you have what it needs to run :)

Weird and old news
Posted by pi at at 10:43PM [BST]
I guess I'm not the only one who missed the April's Fool post at EmuViews by JoseQ himself. Read the post carefully as it doesn't seem to be a real comeback tho he says he has plans for EmuViews in the next months... Uh? Strange.Thanks to Phys32 for the hint.

And talking about strange updates, I guess many of you didn't see either the update at the Replay page not very long ago. A rewrite? A new emulator? A future whatever? :) Thanks to Steven for this one!

Entertainment *not* guaranteed
Posted by pi at at 4:27PM [BST]
I saw this some days ago at MameWorld, and since there is not much in the arcade gaming world to mention, I'll tell you about this Twin Galaxies article. It talks about breaking the record in Wizard of Wor after 21 years! Now are there "refereers" in Spain so I can beat the Tetris record? The one posted there at TG is sooooooo low...

If still bored in the weekend, why not go over at MARP and join and discover how good player you are in your favorite games. Last time I checked there were only 624 gamers. I already have three second places and two third places, not bad!

And I had a third thing to mention, but forgot it while writing this :) But I'm sure you can find something funny or interesting at ARH as usual ;)

How many WIP can you stand?
Posted by pi at at 4:26PM [BST]
The Little Arcade System Emulator Releases page, otherwise known as Laser, has been updated with words about a WIP post in the Laser forums (available from that page, of course). Things to mention? Well, preliminary savestate support and screenshot feature (good for me!), and some games added like Rolling Crash and Space Laser. Fixes and improvements like in any other WIP, so go there and read! :)

First of the day
Posted by pi at at 4:26PM [BST]
Now, the man, Logiqx, has updated his two star applications in his homepage. MAMEDiff 1.11 and DatUtil 1.17. These utilities are designed to work with data files. MAMEDiff can spot all the changes between two MAME releases, as well as any differences between two data files in the CMPro/listinfo format. It has many features including spotting renames, the generation of data files with the changes, and tiny dat generation as well.

On the other side, DatUtil is designed to transform between different data file formats, like RomCenter 1/2, ClrMamePro/Listinfo, Mimic, Nebula *.dat and many more. It can also sport differences (in a lesser way) and detect errors, extract single sets or games, and well, a powerful tool. If you used them already, update yourself. If not, maybe give them a try?

Your latest trick
Posted by pi at at 4:26PM [BST]
Mike Haggar has updated again. Cheat File 0.2.6.B includes more cheats for lots of games related to Street Fighter including Super Gem Fighter, as well as some fixes for MvC and Rockman 2. Again I'd like to comment that this is my choice for CPS cheats, so if you use MAME, Kawaks, Nebula or Final Burn Alpha, go and try them.

A big system gets a big post
Posted by pi at at 4:26PM [BST]
While CAESAR is an archive and personally I like classic stuff more than recent, lately there are many NeoGeo news. The last one, if you haven't read around, is the availability for emulators of the game Bang Bead, which is the sequel to the also NeoGeo game Battle Flipshot.

How to play the game? Well, Fandemame already included it in his Fanbuild 0.59.5. I want to mention also that you can find his page in as he changed the host. I hope he delight us soon with his History.dat :)

And past friday was Andrew's birthday, the maintainer of GeoMAME and CPSMAME for Mac. While it was his birthday (happy belated bday Andrew!) the gift is for us, cause he released GeoMAME 0.57d which supports Bang Bead as well. In this release you will find support for the NeoPong latest revision, with sound.

Again my excuses
Posted by pi at at 4:25PM [BST]
Yesterday I was "unable" to post recent news. This week I've broke my regularity, so apologies for that. Anyway, yesterday I already posted many delayed things. Today I'll post some more delayed things for completeness shake, and I hope to be in sync with all the stuff. Anyway I think there hasn't happened anything really big. Then you can come back as usual and read your complete and relatively fresh news here at CAESAR :)

Saturday 6 April

Linux at once
Posted by pi at at 12:32AM [GMT]
Linux users can be glad to receive GZinc, an open source frontend for the Linux version of ZiNc, the Sony ZN1 and ZN2 emulator. Thanks to Retrogames for the tip.

Join the staff
Posted by pi at at 12:31AM [GMT]
My friend PeterD at EmuHQ is looking for news posters to keep up the site. Until today he has run it almost alone, covering all aspects of gaming and emulation, and now it's time for some rest for him. If you are interested in helping him with the news, go to EmuHQ and follow the instructions.

Lighting fast
Posted by pi at at 12:31AM [GMT]
Not an emulator, but I am sure that some users will find the ClrMamePro WIP very interesting. Check the numbers and be amazed!

For NeoGeo's shake!
Posted by pi at at 12:29AM [GMT]
In my wandering around the net in search of gaming news, I stopped by Kazuya's NeoGeo Game Reviews and FAQs and he has posted some interesting news. He also mentions the running competition, you're still in time to submit your entry and win some prizes!
Also for the NeoGeo fans and well for many gamers in general, you could check the new SNK/Playmore site at It's pretty cool and it talks in a very clear japanese about the latest games including that very very new Rage of the Dragons. Thanks to
CP-Systems2 Turbo for the url tip.

Posted by pi at at 12:27AM [GMT]
New update of StretchMAME 0.59. This time some new spurious 3d view, rotation, expansion and reduction, and also the other features appeared recently. The screenshots there posted as an example talk by themselves, check'em out!

Yesterday's newspaper
Posted by pi at at 12:27AM [GMT]
While M.A.S.H. continues updating his guide to add new graphic modes to MAME32, now it's at version 1.5, and as well he has released MameInfo 3.93, which includes all the things up to today, including the latest MAME WIP as well. I'd suggest you to read the included newsletter as it usually has interesting bits.

Devs showing it
Posted by pi at at 12:26AM [GMT]
MAME WIP already. Two days of development and improvements and fixes and all the rest are there for you, but I'd like to remark two things and spoil the surprise: Tank Busters has been added, and the screenshots of Strikers 1945 II have backgrounds :)~

Our excuses
Posted by pi at at 12:24AM [GMT]
Well the days 4th and 5th are emtpy, which is a shame in my news posting historial :) Our apologies from the CAESAR team, it was the CGI which was not working... Some delayed news are coming, so excuse me if they sound like old bits.

Wednesday 3 April

Lazer command, errrrr...
Posted by pi at at 10:40PM [GMT]
There has been an update at the Laser homepage by ss_steven. They promise us some WIP updates, which for me is something great, I love the WIP of emulators!!!

Posted by pi at at 9:59PM [GMT]
Well we all hope this time it's definitive! PacTray 7.8 / PacMAME 0.58 (.NET) are there for you, the usual too-many-megs stuff, so go there and download everything. But this time there is a new "light" version, only the binary and docs, pretty much in the usual MAME releases. Enjoy.

Round news
Posted by pi at at 9:52PM [GMT]
If as me, you are still trying to beat that hell of a game called Marble Madness, then you might find interesting that the infamous Slikstik joystick has added a three inches trackball to the unit! It's fully USB and PS2 compatible, and it has also a spinner so it's a serious option for the serious player. Thanks to MameWorld for the tip-top.

Only for developers
Posted by pi at at 9:27PM [GMT]
There is a Satourne Debugger v02042002 for masochists, I mean, this is not an emulator exactly, it allows you to run code and view it in a Saturn/ST-V environment. If I understood well, french is not my second or third tongue, I only know "wi, se moi" :) There are some explanations there about the frequency of the SH2 chip, and the RGB0 function eating too much processor power... So be careful and/or use Babelfish to translate :-p Thanks to PeterD for the news.

Tuesday 2 April

A personal note
Posted by pi at at 10:40PM [GMT]
To any of you who live near me (and obviously speak spanish or euskara) and use Euskalnet, I'd suggest you to stop using it and change to anything else, as their webcache is giving problems and instead of solving them, they suggested me to connect thru their proxy. So I pay to connect thru a proxy the rest of my life? No way, tomorrow I'll stop using them, and as soon as it's possible, change ISP.
On a brighter note, 24 hours ago I was in place 371st in Marp, and today I'm in place 222nd :) And I don't have any first place yet, but I know I will get one. Sooner or later. One. Or two. Surely three :-p

Three in one
Posted by pi at at 9:50PM [GMT]
There are news at the The MAME32 QA/Test & Art Dept. that a new MAME32 help file has been submitted to the MAME32DEV list. I guess that means that for the future MAME32 0.60, we'll enjoy a good fresh documentation.

You could also visit ClrMamePro, where Roman not only keeps updating some dats, but also posted some WIP of his star app, ClrMamePro, with some interesting things.

And last but not least, Logiqx has returned successfully from his short holidays, with recovered energy and some new dats for your cps2pleasure, namely: Kawaks, Nebula, FBA, ACE and Calice. I know all of you wanted these dats this weekend :)

False alarm
Posted by pi at at 9:29PM [GMT]
The PacMAME site has been updated with some news about the last version, which wasn't as "final" as we all hoped. Problems with Win98/98SE have been reported, a version conflict with one of those horrible IE dll's. PacMAME has been put offline until these problems have been cleared out, and then they will be uploaded again hopefully fixed. Be patient and keep an eye on it!

Fooled by the fool? No way!
Posted by pi at at 9:28PM [GMT]
This time it's true: Two days of MAME WIP have been posted by the one and only Gridle. This time Stephh fixed some inputs in... Hey wait, will be any WIP without fixed inputs by Stephh? :)
Anyway, check the colorful screenshots of the game Tactician. The name is not very... Uhmmm... Not very anything, but Nicola himself added it, it's a 1982 game by Sega, so... Let's wait!

Monday 1 April

Posted by pi at at 1:59PM [GMT]
April's Fool? Reality? MAME WIP has some Sega Model 2 screenshots! You can see Virtua Fighter 2 and Virtua Cop 2, the driver has been submitted by Rolf Paloi... As they say, "Note that support for new games or features will not necessarily appear in the next version of the software." You can also visit the MAME General Board for the "official" WIP announcement by Gridle to get some more clues... No I'm not that cruel :)

Happy birthday to them
Posted by pi at at 1:59PM [GMT]
Happy birthday to Retrogames, today it's their fourth anniversary! four years of odd news and emulation news and IRC fun logs... Well, only Atila had the guts to start a site on such a day! :)

To celebrate my day...
Posted by pi at at 3:13AM [GMT]
I appear on SYS2064! Thanks to Till for the news :)
Ok, now I have to confess that I had a very funny thing to post, I think all of you would have enjoyed it. However I am not in the best mood to finish it, so this April's Fool you're not going to read it (sorry Duckie...) Maybe next week if things change, cause after all it seems that I have a life, and it is not at its best right now.
I hope that it is not affecting my news, even when no one reads them, I try to keep up to date, so if I make a little mistake from time to time... I'm just human, what did you expect? For free? Come on! :-p

Time for some workarounds
Posted by pi at at 3:12AM [GMT]
Fandemame has made Fanbuild 0.59.4, which this time features not one, not two, but 27 bug fixes from the MAME Testers database, coming from Stephh's hands... Now only 2,391 bugs remain!

Copyrighted copyright
Posted by pi at at 3:12AM [GMT]
Mike Haggar has already included SNKNeoGeo's Super Gem Fighter transparencies table to his Transparencies Pack 20020331, so go and get it with "fixed Kawaks support (tm)" :)

Not an April's Fool thing
Posted by pi at at 3:11AM [GMT]
The Arcade Flyers Archive has been updated with one hundred scans! Many classics as usual, like Eliminator, Astro Fighter, Monaco GP, Hang On (whoooooo!) and many more, from companies like Sega and Gremlin and other big manufacturers. You know you want to see them!

Sunday 31 March

He's writing a book!
Posted by pi at at 6:04PM [GMT]
Aaron Giles added to his site a new part to Aaron's MAME Memories. This time is Part 4: The Joy of Common Hardware. Good stuff to read!

A new update to sneak in those roms...
Posted by pi at at 6:03PM [GMT]
The man with long name, Joseph C. Terranova IV, has released rom_view 1.2. Not many things new, but one of them is RLE decoding, which means Run Length Encoding compressed graphics can be seen with this little utility. Another mention in the site is that since this is not really Killer Instinct specific, it will not be announced in the KIAME site anymore, but on EmuHQ. You've been warned :-p

Stretch your horizons
Posted by pi at at 6:03PM [GMT]
Yes it seems it's back after some time, but I would be scared of downloading something called StretchMAME 0.59 April fool version (PentiumPro optimized) lol
Well now seriously, it seems it has blurless stretch and motion blur, the page has a couple of screenshots showing those new things with Quiz Nanairo Dreams...
And now, I know that Iron Man spotted this on the boards earlier, but, this time my checkandget worked perfectly, so should I thank him or not? Uh? :)

See thru Morrigan's dress? That's what you would want! :-p
Posted by pi at at 2:08PM [GMT]
SNKNeoGeo has made a transparencies table for Super Gem Fighter, and posted it in this forum message. However AngelWh... AngelFire doesn't allow external direct linking so you can't get it from there, but you can download it from here... I hope he doesn't mind that I provide a mirror :)
Remember that now, both Nebula and Kawaks support transparencies!

Finally final finally
Posted by pi at at 1:56PM [GMT]
Sunny day to finally release the announced PacTray 7.6 / PacMAME .58 (.NET) FINAL. Brian gathered everything together in 10 pieces to download and setup, but this time the thing is like 25mb! The source, roms and manuals are available there as well. Ah and step by step instructions for installing this all-pacman-thinga. For sure this is a juicy release, have fun!
Is there any dat for the manuals?
Note: Anyone please tell him that the source llink also points to the *ehem* roms :)

Driving fast into the long weekend
Posted by pi at at 1:40PM [GMT]
Time for your dose of MAME WIP, you addict. This time the black and white screenshots are from Drag Race, a game by Atari made 25 years ago... That's a real oldie! But unfortunately this WIP doesn't include any color game, anyway last one 3 days ago didn't have any b&w one so... The rest is a lot interesting to me, since two drivers which had problems in the last release have been fixed, my interest goes for the Namco NA1/2 one :)
Now my question: Drag race was added cause today there is a F1 race in Interlagos? Or was it pure coincidence? The truth is out there...

Posted by pi at at 12:31AM [GMT]
Since we are still on hype with ZiNc, Zinc Front End 1.4 will make you glad... Aldo has added support for the latest Glide Renderer.

Self-made man
Posted by pi at at 12:30AM [GMT]
It seems that UrHereNow has updated the Compile32 site, which contains lots of info and tips on compiling your own MAME. Thanks to MameWorld for allowing me to steal their news nicely :)

Saturday 30 March

Posted by pi at at 11:58PM [GMT]
A little update over at Aaron Giles homepage. Something to read...

Saturday night is alright for fighting!
Posted by pi at at 11:55PM [GMT]
Mike Haggar has made it fast and here we have Cheat Archive 0.2.6.A for FBA, Nebula/Kawaks and MAME (CPS-1 & 2 only). The changes in this version are: of course the new XORed games have brand new cheats, some more cheats for three games, and a bunch of fixes, courtesy of Stephh. Again I have to say that these are the cheats I use for my emus, (well except Pugsy's one), I'd suggest you to give them a try if you haven't tried already! Have you noticed that all those new games have the word "fighter" in the title? :)

And even more!
Posted by pi at at 11:52PM [GMT]
Believe it or not, Mike Beaver has surprised himself (for what it seems lol) and all of us with Mimic 2.01! This version fixes that nasty bug in the 68k core, has a few changes as well. Didn't have enough with last night's emu updates? There ya go!

Posted by pi at at 6:01PM [GMT]
M.A.S.H. has posted an interesting piece to read: How to add video modes to Windows/MAME32 with the AdvanceMAME video configuration tool. Head over toM.A.S.H.'s MameInfo page to get all those wisdom pearls.

Totally non-english news
Posted by pi at at 11:39AM [GMT]
If you know spanish, you could think of visiting the new forums at EmuM@nia, with more functionality, design, and well, check by yourself, do you think I'm gonna do everything for you?

Spell it backwards if you dare
Posted by pi at at 11:39AM [GMT]
Chris has posted at Retrogames about his recent release romalizer 0.7pre3. It's an utility in the line of ClrMamePro and RomCenter, but console based, open source, and for X-MAME :) It has the usual batch of changes you can read on the RG frontpage, it doesn't has a site but again here it's a Direct download or get it from RG as well. Only took me 16 hours to post about this, again I have to say sorry to someone for not posting on the right time... Sry Chris :)

A sad end
Posted by pi at at 11:38AM [GMT]
Guru-choc over at Arcade Rom Heaven has posted a link to some pics which like he said, make you cry. It's sad, I don't even have anything arcade in my possesion, but I guess these things happens continously. What is wreckage for ones is valuable for others.

No, not there!
Posted by pi at at 11:38AM [GMT]
I am even glad to post something not CPS2 :) Well, Duckie has updated NonMAME up to the latest MAME 0.59. He also added ZiNc during this week, so it seems it's up to date with everything.

Harvesting in the night
Posted by pi at at 11:38AM [GMT]
After past weekend's hype with Zinc and MAME, I think this weekend we will have an equally fruitful weekend thanks to the XOR releases courtesy of Razoola. Examples coming along:
  • Fanbuild 0.59.3 already supports latest decrypted CPS-2 games. Thanks to kind Fandemame for it.
  • Final Burn Alpha 0.2.6 with the latest XOR's, but without TMNT or the Toaplan or Raizing games shown in the latest WIP. Nice team FBDev made it.
  • And for the Mac, CPSMAME 3.29.02 is there already, supporting guess what and also that new Dinasty Wars clone from latest MAME. Gracias Will and Andrew.
  • On a side note, Nebula Jukebox 2.1 was released yesterday along with Nebula, as usual, and I forgot to mention, sorry ElSemi. Nebula Jukebox is a superb music player for CPS-1 and CPS-2 games, and also NeoGeo games. So to ElSemi, thanks for Nebula and Nebula Jukebox :)

Lots of updates today!
Posted by pi at at 3:01AM [GMT]
First Emustatus, then System16. That strange "eating it with my cats" thing was just while Sixtoe himself was doing a huge update at one of the best resources about arcades in the whole net. This update is so big I can't tell you anything, you better go there and check by yourself! As a side note, yes Six, we read all that, at least I do :)

XOR mayhem!
Posted by pi at at 2:56AM [GMT]
Well, where do I start from??? CPS2Shock XOR mayhem! Not one, but six XOR's have been released! Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix (two clones), finally! Plus Pocket Fighter, plus Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo USA, plus two Asia clones from Super Street Fighter II.

That's only the beginning. Of course, some updates to the famous emulators have been announced, both supporting the latest games. Nebula 2.11 and WinKawaks 1.42 have been released as well. The changelog of these emus is quite long, but both ones have juicy new things, check them out. As well, CPS2MAME v2.590 is there supporting these releases.

And to ice the cake, the very own Logiqx has left a gift before going out some days: a few dats to keep you entertained, including the updated CPS-2 dat, plus the new DatUtil 1.16 with lots of fixes and additions.

Phew, those were a lot of things to keep you busy, cause in this post you haven't read too much... There's more from where it comes from, so move move!

Friday 29 March

Really wanna know?
Posted by pi at at 8:23PM [GMT]
Kazuya has posted some interesting info at All the bits and tips there are interesting to me, so you better go and read by yourself. Not going to spoil the surprises!

Informed to the last minute
Posted by pi at at 8:22PM [GMT]
You can get M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo 3.92 with the latest bugs from the 0.59 release, plus it has the Recommended Games addition.

Freedom of speech
Posted by pi at at 8:22PM [GMT]
Metafox has passed again at the Laser homepage, which has some new features including forums and talkback; note that I am talking about the site, not about the emulator itself :) So go there and post your comments.

Gliding and rendering
Posted by pi at at 8:22PM [GMT]
Again the guys at Emuhype make me happy with the Zinc Glide Renderer 1.1. This renderer for 3DFX cards corrects some bugs, so if you are the owner of one of these graphic cards, go and update yourself!

Time for more things to show
Posted by pi at at 8:21PM [GMT]
The emulator with the perfect name has some more Mimic WIP. This time the Beaver shows some improvements in the Data East VDP, and has some text and screenshot for your (avid) eyes.

Emustatus got some more residents
Posted by pi at at 8:21PM [GMT]
WTC has made another update at Emustatus, one of my favorite arcade resources in this little 'net. There are dozens of updated games, and fifteen new entries, including some of the newer CPS-2 games and also Solomon's Keys, one of my personal favorites :)

PinMAME first birthday
Posted by pi at at 8:20PM [GMT]
Somehow I got in the announcement list of the PinMAME team... :) Curious cause Logiqx decide some time ago that CAESAR was about arcade and even when pinball is nice, it is not the CAESAR subject, something I agree with. Anyway many arcade lovers are also pinball lovers, so I guess I can tell you about the new PinMAME and Visual PinMAME Version 1.12. This release is special cause it's the first anniversary of PinMAME and VPinMAME, congratulations guys for such a good job with this fine piece of software... I wish I had a machine to run VPinMAME :) Go to the site to learn about this new release, which has a lot of improvements and additions specially in the sound department.

Thursday 28 March

Teletype news
Posted by pi at at 9:57PM [GMT]
Here are the short news of today and yesterday:Thanks to MameWorld for the last two ones!

Thou shalt be judged
Posted by pi at at 9:56PM [GMT]
It's time for... MAME WIP! Judge Dredd has been added, lots of screenshots from it. Many other things, including Aaron's fix to the samples/artwork problem. I'd suggest you to go and take a look, but probably you already decided to go :)

Dats all around
Posted by pi at at 9:54PM [GMT]
There are some dats for Mimic 2.0 over at Logiqx's homepage (thanks PeterD), as well as at the ClrMamePro homepage. If you are an user of RomCenter, don't forget to keep an eye there as well.

Wednesday 27 March

Another index!
Posted by Logiqx at at 11:04PM [GMT]
Okay, after adding manufacturers and years I've added one more:

Non-MAME games

Use this to find out what games are at least partially emulated and by what.

Un rayo de sol, oh oh oh...
Posted by pi at at 7:43PM [GMT]
It seems that all the hype of this weekend is fading away. There is not much to mention today, so you might consider beating some records at MARP and then going out to dinner with friends or that significant one. That's actually what I'm doing right now, so I'm off for the rest of the day (no I didn't beat any record... yet.) Don't worry, I'll inform you if something happens tonight... But tomorrow!
Today the holidays start in many places. Easter, Pascua, Semana Santa, however you call it, the CAESAR team hopes you will enjoy them. In my case... No holidays until mid of next month, so come back tomorrow and I'll give you your daily dose of arcade news. I'll be here! (I hope!)

Tuesday 26 March

It's at CPS2Shock :)
Posted by pi at at 10:51PM [GMT]
Before you run, it's not a XOR release. Now that you're calmed down, CPS2Shock has a little update where Razoola mentions about the current present of #CPS2Shock. If IRC is your world, read the notice!

Metal rulez!
Posted by pi at at 10:51PM [GMT]
It has been mentioned here and there about a thread to improve Zinc's performance. While that thread is interesting and has excellent advices and information, I suggest you to go to the source of it all, namely The Official Zinc Forum.
Since I already talked about frontends... Well, Aldo's Zinc Front End 1.3 is there... I like!

Kazuya informing of...
Posted by pi at at 10:51PM [GMT]
If you feel like you're not getting all the NeoGeo you can, visit cause Kazuya has some interesting things to say about Rage of the Dragons and Metal Slug 4, both games are unreleased (yet) NeoGeo games. I think %)

Non-stop updates
Posted by pi at at 10:50PM [GMT]
Roman made ClrMamePro 2.55a, which has new "feature" to detect bugs in the -listinfo of MAME. Quite cool for us, accuracy fans :) It has also made some fixes and changes all around. Mmmmmmm... What I was going to say? Ah yes, that there are also many new datafiles, as usual, go and get them at Logiqx's as usual.

One page without one is still a page
Posted by pi at at 10:49PM [GMT]
Mike Haggar still doesn't have a logo, but it hasn't stopped him to release Cheat File(s) 0.2.5.B for MAME, Nebula/Kawaks and Final Burn Alpha. His cheats archive is my choice, so if it's not yours yet, give it a try! (Note: the MAME one only contains CPS-1 and CPS-2 cheats.)
I saw on the boards a link to this Kawaks Fan Site. It has news, some downloads and links, and some skins as well. Graphically the site is pleasant, worth a look IMHO. It has a logo at least ;)

MAME still flooding
Posted by pi at at 10:49PM [GMT]
As usual after a MAME release, the tide is still high and there are many updates:
  • X-MAME 0.59.1 has been released. It contains everything from MAME 0.59, plus some fixes for *nix machines. Go 'n get it!
  • Surprise surprise! MAMECE3 9.4 for the PocketPC! This release supports all 3 PocketPC processors, MIPS, ARM, and SH3. MAME in your small devide? Sounds good to me, so it might be to you? :)
  • Andrea has got out AdvanceMAME v0.59.0 and also AdvanceMENU v1.17.3 are there for your enjoyment. The usual "everything from MAME 0.59 plus some fixes and improvements." Sorry if today I'm not all full of energy.
  • I usually don't post about frontends (don't ask me why), but I think it's curious that MacMAME Companion has been updated after quite some months stopped...
  • TVMAME32 0.59 is there, for I686 and K6, plus the source of course :) Thanks to MW for this one, CNG missed it.

Happy counter!
Posted by pi at at 12:11AM [GMT]
Logiqx has surpassed tonight the half million mark. Congratulations for it man, I hope we get the same success here at CAESAR one of these days, uh? :)
And I made 135,600 on Puzzled, when MARP's highest is 97,100. But I didn't record the game completely, plus it was in Kawaks :(

Monday 25 March

Magic People, Voodoo People!
Posted by pi at at 11:25PM [GMT]
The team has made finally a Glide Renderer for Zinc. Cool cause I have a VooDoo, I'm happy!!!!!

Info for your eyes
Posted by pi at at 11:23PM [GMT]
Theo's page of Emulated Games has got a good update, you might want to go there and check all the info he has... In his page he also mentions another dump by The Guru, so thanks to him for the hint :)

Finally final!
Posted by pi at at 11:23PM [GMT]
Brian has finished! PacTray 7.6 / PacMAME .58 (.NET) FINAL. Final? Well I guess it means apparently everything works, it's stable, and all that. Sounds good, but right now there is no download link, he's waiting to release it with a registered copy of the installer... Be patient and you will be rewarded!

Another MAME potpourrit
Posted by pi at at 11:23PM [GMT]
  • Yesterday it was a false alarm, I didn't realized the links were in red... but NOW yes, M.A.S.H. has released his Compile and Special packages for 0.59. Sorry for the confusion, all my fault :) He has just updated FMAME32 0.59 to release 2, fixing a couple of things with this weekend's release.
  • Fandemame does it again, and FanBuild 0.59.2 is there. It includes the vertical bars fix by Aaron Giles, plus some Stephh fixes to some drivers, and a lot of fixes by BillK. Sounds good to me!
  • The MAME32 QA/Test & Art Dept. has posted the flyer pack #18. Plus it's mentioned that they are working (I guess John IV) in a fresh and brand new help file from scratch.
  • Roman has posted lots of dat updates in his site, many coming from Logiqx. Both sites include the new MAME Flyer packs 1-18. Logiqx has also updated some other dats in his site as well as ROMBuild, check them all and be up to date! (I like to end news with an exclamation, Till's style rocks!)
  • There are many other MAME-related updates, all of them at MameWorld, so instead of copying them here, just go there and visit them :) Roclobsta and KillerClown do an outstanding job, but please remember to come back here! :)
  • As a final note, has updated its database to 0.59, I just wish they would change the page title :(

And the Oscar goes to...
Posted by pi at at 11:19PM [GMT]
Except for the Oscar to Halle Berry, I'm quite dissapointed with the awards this year. So I made my own ones:
Best Movie: "Zinc: Metal Rulez!"
Best Director: Santeri Saarimaa for "MAME WIP 2: The Revenge"
Best Actor: Guru-Choc for "This is my life"
Best Actress: Morrigan Aesland for "I wanted you really really dead"
[Note to Gridle and Guru-Choc: It's only a joke, I hope you don't get offended :) ]

Late news tonight, I tried to be throughout so you keep well informed about the arcade emulation community. This weekend has been a killer, thanks for all those visits :) On another order of things, deintoxicate from the Oscars with an impressive tech story: The Future of Internet bandwidth.

Sunday 24 March

Dats and dats
Posted by pi at at 9:40PM [GMT]
Logiqx has uploaded the Zinc datafiles... Another slip, Logiqx? :) Well he also uploaded the updated dats by John IV for Snaps, Icons and Cabinets.

Posted by pi at at 9:40PM [GMT]
Yoshi has updated his BeOS port of MAME 0.59. Various fixes and improvements, you BeOS users could tell me the differences with the other port I reported about earlier...
And now when will be the next X-MAME?

A quick mention to something worth it
Posted by pi at at 5:14PM [GMT]
M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo 3.91 is out, with the latest (and first!) bugs in MAME 0.59... Yes I think this was kinda a buggy release...

Posted by pi at at 12:34PM [GMT]
If you haven't noticed, WinAmp 2.79 is out... Not arcade news? Well, Kawaks uses it :)
If you want non-arcade news, ok... Today it makes TWO whole months since my first post in CAESAR, and also 82 days without smoking.

Zinc issues for your knowledge
Posted by pi at at 12:34PM [GMT]
  • There is another warning in the Zinc Homepage regarding a possible crash playing a game. Note they also tell us what to do with that Soul Edge button :)
  • Aldo Vargas has made Aldo's Zinc Front End. Small and efficient I guess :) Thanks to Till for the news!
  • I better remind you about the Zinc forum.

One night of MAME
Posted by pi at at 12:33PM [GMT]
  • It seems that you can already download MAME 0.59 for BeOS.
  • There is a warning in Logiqx's homepage in case you got some dats for MAME yesterday.
  • I guess you all noticed that strange background issue in certain games in the latest MAME, to avoid those vertical bars Aaron made a little fix, so if you can compile your own MAME, go to MAME Testers to get the fix.
  • Not only they are back; the Kaillera guys have posted Mame32 v0.59 (0323)+Kaillera client v0.9 so go there and happy netplay!
  • Rodimus has put in his page AMAME and PMAME 0.59, so if you want to try (and give him feedback!) go there and get them. PMAME is for Pentium and Pentium MMX, and AMAME is for all AMD K6 and newer and Pentium Pro and newer... Is it clear? :)

Videoclip in turbo mode
Posted by pi at at 1:25AM [GMT]
Well after five days I've been able to actually test that video I saw on CP-Systems 2 Turbo. The video is a 34mb piece encoded in DiVX ;-) 5.0, and it has exclusively some Marvel vs Capcom combos with a teaser (hint hint) and some funky music, all arranged by Zax... But it's fun! If you have nothing to do with your bandwith, here is something I liked. Not top quality, the video is quite small size and only 3:28, but good enuff...
Also it's the first anniversary of CP-Systems 2 Turbo, well it was past thursday, sorry for being late but my ISP gets me on my nerves! Congrats for a full year, keep on!

Three in one
Posted by pi at at 12:53AM [GMT]
  • M.A.S.H. had a busy day... Till now he has already released FMAME32 0.59 r1, with all the usual enhancements. He has also upgraded the Compile Package, also the Special Info pack and the PCB infos to 0.59. Get all of them at M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo page.
  • Fandemame hasn't been resting either. Fanbuild 0.59.1 is out, and besides the past fixes, in this version he fixes some data on the gamelist and also some game flags, from the MAME Testers orange files.
  • This is the newest port of MAME: ZMAME. It's for the Zaurus PDA, made by Sharp. However I can't find anything MAME on there (tho I found the WikiWikiWeb!) I post it here just cause I saw it at MameWorld (thanks guys.)

Saturday 23 March

Here it comes!
Posted by pi at at 10:07PM [GMT]
No man, this is not another you-know-what post. This is a brand new release! The beast is called Zinc, done by the creators of Impact and the S11 preview emu. In fact, S11 + Impact = Zinc. Ths actually means that S11 and Impact are not supported anymore. The first version is Zinc 0.5 and it is available for Linux and *all* Windows flavors. Zinc supports the arcade systems Sony ZN-1 and ZN-2 and Namco System 11. It supports 26 games, 16 have full sound and are fully playable, and only 3 games are not playable. Great!
Since this emulator is a predecessor of two others, in its first version it already has "changelog". Well, in short it has fixes, improved performance for both emu and renderer, some new games AND a dynarec with CPU-specific optimizations and configurable performance... Too good!
The wait was long, but I feel it was very worth it! I hope everyone enjoys this new hi-tech emulator; congratulations and thanks to the developer team for this jewel.

So fast, Gridle
Posted by pi at at 4:11PM [GMT]
I said to myself that I would better wait for more MAME things and post all together... But how can I put a MAME WIP in the middle of everything? Yes, last five days (including today) have been posted. I see something for INI's to redefine inputs, it seems its being developed, which would be REALLY good if it follows the same loading scheme as of the normal INI's (general, type, driver, game). No screenshots, but lots of good stuff IMHO, even when half of it is already within MAME ;)

Posted by pi at at 3:57PM [GMT]
And keep on the things! This one deserves a different post cause Logiqx has released the new MAME dats with the changes... He has also updated the supplementary data files for Nebula and RAINE. He has updated and uploaded the Older Emus dats, to reflect the changes in the Pisces roms for GalEmu and VAntAGE. He has also released ROMBuild 1.11 with support for these Pisces roms for a variety of classic emulators, plus a compile fix and internal NeoGeo renaming. Again, the man for arcade dats is Logiqx!
He already updated CAESAR so time for some more relax...

CAESAR updated for MAME v0.59
Posted by Logiqx at at 2:27PM [GMT]
As the title implies, CAESAR is now in line with the latest MAME release. Only a small update this time it seems (around 600 pages added or changed).

A little new game
Posted by pi at at 1:09PM [GMT]
Well Haze has posted *one* screenshot of a new game he's working on... At the Unemulated and unnamed page.

MAME32 already
Posted by pi at at 1:08PM [GMT]
The MAME32 Q/A guys have made MAME32 0.59, as well as cabs, shots and icons packs for it. They were quick!

Rage of the Dragons
Posted by pi at at 1:07PM [GMT]
I've read an interesting post by Kazuya on his superb NeoGeoforlife site. It really means that: a new NeoGeo game. If you are into NeoGeo, visit the page for this story and also for a great NeoGeo resource site :) Thanks to PeterD for the tip!

M.A.S.H. wins everyone else
Posted by pi at at 4:16AM [GMT]
With the recent release, the Official MAME boards are getting filled with quite some bug reports. And where to know about bugs other than in the MAME Testers. But the quickest is again M.A.S.H. with his MameInfo 3.90 for MAME 0.59. It has been just updated, so you can expect his usual stuff coming in the next days.

Quick Fix
Posted by pi at at 3:08AM [GMT]
In the first release, there was a bug which prevented Psykio SH games from running. Haze was quick on realizing it and Gridle already uploaded the fixed binaries and source. Go to the MAME homepage for them and happy playing! Thanks to PeterD for the hint ;)

Friday 22 March

Finally it's here!
Posted by pi at at 11:30PM [GMT]
Well this was one of the most awaited releases, at least by the time it took! MAME 0.59 "Rise from your grave" is out! Wanna see what's new while it's downloading?
  • Well, Stephh did loads of fixes in DSW and input ports (you already knew if you read the WIP).
  • Aaron changed behaviour to use less CPU when it's not needed under Windows.
  • Andrea made a speedup improvement in somegames for MMX and the tilemap system.
  • Support for compressed hard disk images again by Aaron (guess why!)
  • At least seven MAME Testers bugs have been fixed.
  • As for new games: The Psykio SH2 games (Sol Divide, Strikers 1945 II, etc.);Police Trainer; Cowboys of Moo Mesa and Bucky O'Hare; Some new clones completing sets; And some more!
And now you only need to get to play them... Enjoy!
[Note: expect many MAME-related updates in the incoming days... Movement!]

A short message...
Posted by pi at at 7:55PM [GMT]
If you are interested in the PolyGameMaster emulation, you might want to read this little note by Haze.

If you want to help...
Posted by pi at at 7:53PM [GMT]
There are lots of places who still need donations so they can keep dumping, decrypting and in short, kaing the games available for you. wasn't the only one. The Guru's ROM Dumping Project is one of those places if you didn't know by now. Hey, I have to put some plugs so these people can keep with their work, right?

Never late to keep updating
Posted by pi at at 7:52PM [GMT]
Marat Fayzullin has updated his Z80 emulation package. Don't know the changes, but if you are into these things or if you used it previously, go and take a look. I better not go deeper since it gives me headaches :) Actually I don't even know if this core is already in an arcade emulator? Uhm, maybe it's time...

And then people have 2 letters nicks :)
Posted by pi at at 7:43PM [GMT]
Joseph C. Terranova IV as released rom_view 1.1. Not only it comes with improvements like more stability, BMP export... It comes with a full plugin system! Including the SDK, and it works already with CPS-3 images. Now you can get sprites out of anything, just make that plugin for the roms you want! Certainly worth a look both for programmers and users. Thanks to PeterD for the news.

Posted by pi at at 7:32PM [GMT]
Kaillera is back. Happy netplay!

Doesn't smell, doesn't taste, can't see it, but...
Posted by pi at at 7:32PM [GMT]
March 22nd, today is World Water Day. Do you really know how lucky you are for having always water in the kitchen? This day is dedicated to one of the most valuable resources on earth. You might not notice the existence of water, but without it, you can't live.

Thursday 21 March

Next version is here
Posted by pi at at 11:24PM [GMT]
As they said, NeoDev has released NeoPong 1.1, now with full music and soundeffects, and some other improvements. Since there is no changelog, you have to download the roms (now 2mb) and discover those improvements by youself.
As for me, the remaining news can wait for tomorrow.

Watch the crystal ball
Posted by pi at at 10:02PM [GMT]
The join effort of Logiqx and Razoola has released the last CPS-2 dats, available on Logiqx's homepage and CPS2Shock equally. As PeterD noted, there are some predictions by Logiqx which I find interesting and quite rational (scroll down to the section "CPS-2 boards with Raz.")
However don't take his words as the future, cause in the end, Razoola will do what he thinks it's best :-p

Tron for you and test for Euskalnet tech guy :-p
Posted by pi at at 4:24PM [GMT]
I hope everyone liked that GladiaTron game I posted not too much ago. But Stiletto told me about an even better one, and I agree, GLTron is the best Tron Cycles game I ever seen! Configurable artpacks, full quality soundtrack, superb graphics and ligthning speed! I only miss the accelerate/braking from other Tron game I played some years ago... Well this one is GNU, for Windows and Linux and basically open source so for every OS :) Enjoy it and thanks to Stiletto for the link!

Another BIG Enhancement
Posted by Logiqx at at 8:28AM [GMT]
Seems I'm on a roll at the moment!

I've added a year index (in between the game and manufacturer indices).

I've also added all MAME artwork to the game pages (e.g. Out Run). Hope you like it!

Wednesday 20 March

Spring has come
Posted by pi at at 5:27PM [GMT]
Well, this year it's here one day before usual (don't ask me why). So everyone has a happy Spring!
(But if you are on Euskalnet you can't read this.)
Update: As a change, even when my ISP is still giving me problem, today the tech guy who attended me was more understanding and nice than the others. Now I see the light at the end of the tunnel (and I hope it's not the train going to roll over me).
2nd update: And now somehow everything seems to be ok! Let's see how long this lasts!

Third and last update: No, it's not solved.

And again another one
Posted by pi at at 1:16PM [GMT]
I hope everyone notices the new feature on the game indexes and the manufacturer lists, it will make your search much better. All thanks to the CAESAR man: Logiqx (who else?)

Blind update
Posted by pi at at 12:37AM [GMT]
Roman still searches for perfection and ClrMamePro 2.55 has born. It fixes quite some things, so again my recommendation is to update to this last version. Thanks to PeterD for whispering me the changelog (which I never put here anyway :-p )

Tuesday 19 March

Be OS, be OS
Posted by pi at at 10:56PM [GMT]
For BeOS users, BeEmulated has uploaded XMAME 0.58.3 recently released, but for your operative system. There are some fixes coming from it, so if you choose BeOS, you should also choose this update :)

Open your eyes
Posted by pi at at 10:51PM [GMT]
I hope everyone notices the sentence just below our big logo. It means that if you know of something, then tell us! In the page you will find contacts so you can get in touch with the CAESAR team.

I'm going to take advantage of this opportunity and tell all of you that thanks a lot, I get some mails with news, but I want more, so when you think of writing to RG or MW or somewhere to tell the last gossip, hey, I want to be included too!


And even more improvements
Posted by pi at at 10:45PM [GMT]
Fandemame keeps on it and he has uploaded History.dat 0.58d. This release is cleaner, compatible with Emu Loader 2.8 (which I think it should be the reverse but anyway...) and adds info for 14 games. Including Donkey Kong :) And now something if you don't notice: the news in the page are in english! Thanks guy!

Small news, long post!
Posted by pi at at 1:39PM [GMT]
Hey little facelift yesterday here at CAESAR. That manufacturer's list is cool, uh? Maybe sometimes it's not very noticeable but Logiqx always does things here and there to keep CAESAR up and running. There have been some little updates as well in some pages mentioned here lately:

First, Roman has updated his star application, ClrMamePro 2.54d. This one is an optimized compile, cause yesterday's one wasn't optimized. Errare humanum est... (Even me when I said it was 2.54c...)

XRay1 has returned and said some words of thanks to the donators at The Arcade Flyers Archive. Well then why not we all say thanks to the TAFA crew which makes such a wonderful database?

And finally, The Guru got even another board, Raiden DX (updated version). Isn't he a lucky guy? :)

Small is beautiful!

Manufacturers and a new look
Posted by Logiqx at at 12:59AM [GMT]
I've been meaning to add a manufacturer index to CAESAR for a long time and today I've finally done it! Even better is that it's all been generated without any intervention from me (not even a hand-typed list of names to search for). Despite MAME having a million and one variants for each manufacturer I came up with a simple but smart algorithm to ascertain all of the top manufacturers (the criteria being at least 10 games in MAME) and generate index pages for them.

Also updated today is the look of CAESAR, it is now officially stripy! Only a smallish change but the old one was looking a little tired imo.

Monday 18 March

WIP: something we all like, but still not enough
Posted by pi at at 7:44PM [GMT]
We all are still waiting for that MAME release, and I guess that when it happens, I will miss it. But until then, your condamina dose: MAME WIP. This time, yes, screenshots for three games in the Alpha68k driver, they work now due to many fixes submitted by Acho A. Tang. Two days of developing news are awaiting for you! (You know, I never tell all you can find there.)

Not quite finished with it, yet
Posted by pi at at 7:43PM [GMT]
Roman a.k.a. Bogy has updated ZipMax 0.351, with a small problem with filenames, and also ClrMamePro 2.54b with some threading issues for Win9x/ME. Both useful utilities are available on the ClrMamePro homepage. Oh he also uploaded those quality Nebula 2.1 dats, but you can also get them from the source (gotta love those shameless plugs!)

XXX MAME? That's what you want...
Posted by pi at at 7:42PM [GMT]
X-MAME 0.58.3. Lots of tech changes, some improvements, some fixes. Go and get it, what are you waiting for? To install Linux? Well that would be a good start... :-p

Dump, dump, dump
Posted by pi at at 7:42PM [GMT]
Saw at RG that The Guru has received and dumped Lethal Enforcer II (thanks to Pelle, the donator). And he also got Great 1000 Miles Rally 2 for a redump, from Smitdogg and Taucher. GTMR was quite a fun game to play, so let's see how the second part is :)

Happy birthday to you, la la la la, la la...
Posted by pi at at 7:40PM [GMT]
PeterD commented about the Third Anniversary of NeoGeoForLife. And to celebrate it, Kazuya has opened a competition for shock box insert creation. If you have graphic skills, go and try to win the prizes, which include a NeoGeo cart of The Last Blade!
Oh, and well, happy third anniversary for NeoGeoForLife and Kazuya! :)

Fly little bird, fly!
Posted by pi at at 7:40PM [GMT]
First thing I noticed today is another big update at The Arcade Flyer Archive. There are 45 classics such as Baby Pac-Man, Frogger, Karate Champ and Zaxxon (from Sleith), and then 9 NeoGeo flyers like Metal Slug 4 and Neo Bomberman (from The Sheep). Cool additions. I always spent some time looking at them. That's why they post them there, right? So go and see!

Frowning for one week, and more to come
Posted by pi at at 7:40PM [GMT]
My ISP (Euskalnet) still hasn't solved my problem (which everyone is suffering but apparently no one except me has complained about). The technicians are a lot of [insert your favorite insult here] cause one full week after, they are *studying* the problem. And they even told me that to get my money back, what I have to do is not use internet while this problem persist. I have to pay another connection so I can search for news and then post here. I can't even do the thing of change permanently cause ALL the ISP's in Spain are equally crappy. So I hope the number of readers INCREASES or I'll start killing people. Some. At least. Maybe. I'm hungry, errr I mean angry.

Sunday 17 March

A header one day later
Posted by pi at at 11:25PM [GMT]
Besides arcade, I'm a big PC retrogamer, so abandonware is also of my interest. I saw just now at the RG boards that Home of the Underdogs has changed their address to permanently. This happened cause the man there forgot to keep the old url and someone else registered it (for redirecting to a search engine). So spread the word, and let's play some Prowler :)
(Notice that I can legally play Prowler cause it was the first original game I ever bought :-p )

We all have a little irish inside us
Posted by pi at at 10:43PM [GMT]
Hey everyone, happy St. Patricks day! I totally missed, but some of you are still in time to drink some beer. Since I don't drink alcohol, drink some for me, thanks :)
And happy St. Patrichs day to Catherine, my favorite irish girl, wherever you are.

Socializing is good
Posted by pi at at 10:38PM [GMT]
For your compulsive social needs, MAMEChat is what you think: a chat about MAME and I guess everything in general. I tried it for a bit and seems ok, the Java applet is neat, and people is quite cool. Thanks to MameWorld for the hint.

Updates as usual
Posted by pi at at 9:52PM [GMT]
Logiqx has released the new Nebula 2.1 dats for both ClrMamePro and RomCenter. As well he fixed a nasty bug in MAMEDiff, so version 1.10 is there for you too. A bug that his silly betatester didn't notice :-/

Making your life easier
Posted by pi at at 9:48PM [GMT]
I've seen over at RG that there has been an update at EasyEmu. This is a site devoted to make the life of the emulation user much easier. This time it has new guides for Kawaks and Nebula, plus some updates to MAME and RAINE. Certainly it's MAME stuff is worth a look, lots of tricks you should know. Thanks to Atila for the news.

Press the 'nitro' button
Posted by pi at at 9:48PM [GMT]
Turbo68K Version 0.6 is out. For all you developers, this should mean good news. Visit the page to see a list of changes, since it's quite technical and I don't understand anything. Bart Trzynadlowski is the author of this 680x0 CPU core, originally developed for his Genital emulator.

Saturday 16 March

WIP after WIP
Posted by pi at at 9:10PM [GMT]
Gridle has made another MAME WIP update, which comprises four days of work on the MAME realm. No shots this time, sorry. The changes are mostly fixes and clone additions, which in my opinion are good news!

Supports Dinasty Moo O'Hare (what a strange game)
Posted by pi at at 7:54PM [GMT]
ElSemi is a dedicated developer and here he brings us again another update: Nebula 2.1. Comments? Well, it supports the english version of Dinasty Wars, Cowboys of Moo Mesa, I guess Bucky O'Hare too? And also NeoPong. It contains lots of fixes so go and get it! A good thing to enjoy the weekend! (Note: until the sound-enabled NeoPong is released, you can say "ping? pong!" yourself when the ball touches the paddles.)
Update: I forgot to say thanks to IkariWarrior who posted about it on the boards.

Betta lata than nava
Posted by pi at at 12:55PM [GMT]
It seems that I missed this one completely, sorry! Fandemame released History.dat 0.58c, with two fixes with the copyright symbol and the STORY keyword, and some dozens (~40) of game additions, including lots of NeoGeo games AND Morrigan! Ooops I mean Darkstalkers :)
I just wish his news were in english too, reading french gives me headaches %-)

Competition abroad!
Posted by pi at at 12:24PM [GMT]
On a brighter side, Kazuya at NeoGeoforlife will be helding a competition starting this monday. There are prizes involved, so go there and read more! I want to win something too so I guess I will be around...
As late news, he also added recently a review of Nightmare in the Dark, which happens to be a remake of one of my favorite oldies, Snow Bros.

Hero forever
Posted by pi at at 12:24PM [GMT]
Scott Safran held the world record on Asteroids for 20 years, but it seems he could only enjoy the honour for 5 years, since he died in an accident. His family will receive a Posthumous Award on his behalf. I think it's never too late! For more information, read the full Twin Galaxies article. (Btw I hope he helds the record forever.) Thanks to MW and RG for the webcopynews (but people don't write me to tell me all these things!)

Saturday WIP fever
Posted by pi at at 11:51AM [GMT]
It seems I am specialized on posting about all WIPs I can detect. This time, the Beaver has posted in his site some Mimic WIP: Robocop is starting to show actual things, so the Data East driver is coming nicely.

Wipping around
Posted by pi at at 11:51AM [GMT]
Now this is starting to look too good. The FBA WIP includes many screenshots of Raizing and Toaplan games, I guess you all know the names. There is also the title screeen of the english version of Dinasty Wars, does that mean some parent moving? :)

Friday 15 March

He marks the difference!
Posted by pi at at 9:41PM [GMT]
I know I shouldn't be here, but since I stopped by home for a bit, I noticed that in my ausence Logiqx has released MAMEDiff 1.09. This cute tool has a new mode of operation: Tiny dats. You can use them to produce dats which contain the difference between one dat and another (i.e. emulator updates), but with the tiny mode, you only creat the needed roms, instead of recreating the whole games. This allows to create even smaller updates but still playable (as long as the emulator can use multiple rompaths).
As usual, Logiqx has a better explanation in this forum post, in his own page and in the MAMEDiff.txt. [sarcasm mode on] However, in no place he mentions that the original idea of the tiny dat was mine :) However, I can agree that he has the small merit of expanding the original idea to cover 24 combinations and to develop the whole algorithm, but the idea was mine in first place :-p [sarcasm mode off]
You can try both the utility and some suplementary dats for MAME + Raine/Nebula/Kawaks at Logiqx's homepage.
Now I'm running for dinner out and movie session at 1am :)

Gladiator + Tron = Gladiatron
Posted by pi at at 5:59PM [GMT]
The ISP is still stuck with some outdated pages in it's cache (it seems half internet is in the cache). So it will be a short day today, since I have some other duties tonight (despite what I said on the RG board about daily updates). Maybe I'll get back at 2-3am and post something if I can.
Until then, Tron fans could enjoy a little gem called Gladiatron 3D 1.1 (112kb). I think it's a cute and quite good recreation of that famous scene in Tron, I never saw this game and it seems this is the last version. It runs quite fast in my P2/300, and even with keyboard for the second player, it's a cool choice for boring afternoons (even alone, the puterplayer is not so bad).
(Beware, check for viruses and warn me if you find one!)
Update: Forgot to mention it's freeware, for all Windows flavors, and needs DirectX 7 and a card with OpenGL. Enough?

Roman gets 2 points
Posted by pi at at 5:47PM [GMT]
Roman does a double update: ClrMamePro 2.54a, which has some fixes and multithreaded zip/unzip routines. And also ZipMax 0.35, with some kind of fix I can't tell cause I don't see the new page now. Both utils have the latest zlib 1.1.4 for your security's shake!

Playing dirty tricks
Posted by pi at at 12:04AM [GMT]
My ISP is still showing me outdated pages. RG is one of them, CAESAR is another, and well I am not sure that if soem of the pages I see haven't been updated or if they were but I am unable to see them. I used another ISP (for a bit since I have to pay more on that one) and the pages were all perfectly updated, quite frustrating. I contacted the ISP and I hope they fix this nasty thing soon.
Until then, my apologies to the two or three faithful readers if I miss something important around here... I have three faithful readers, right? :)
I wanted to post the link to some great game I got today for all of you Tron fans, but it seems the link is dead. Tomorrow I'll post it if after rechecking the license it's still ok to distribute it.

Thursday 14 March

Dat over dat
Posted by pi at at 11:12PM [GMT]
Logiqx has made and released Sledgehammer 0.02 dats, both for ClrMAMEPro and RomCenter, as usual. He elso Warning: one of the games doesn't have the same name as in the MAME testdriver, but it's the name Sledgehammer needs, let's hope the author fix it for 0.03. And he points out some question: who is the author? :)
Talking about this, Roman has uploaded the dat to his page as well, and also posted some ClrMamePro WIP after quite some time. Go on Roman!
(I'm not going to leave Eric out of this, so let's say that he told me he's working on 2.50, of course. Not like it's unbelievable, we all know Eric works good and always looking to improve RomCenter.)

One flew over the PacMan's nest
Posted by pi at at 11:07PM [GMT]
PacMAME WIP: Mr. & Mrs. PacMan and Baby PacMan have been added (weren't they there?), so all the family for PinMAME is in. Also, Ms. Pacman Attack (Fruit Fix) works now. Small WIP, but fruitful. Fruity? Juicy? Whatever.

Another one before 0.59 arrives
Posted by pi at at 10:35PM [GMT]
M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo 3.87 has the newest WIP, and some more listinfo changes. Plus it has too many other things, features and information. Are you sure you can live without it?

Emulation Status station
Posted by pi at at 10:34PM [GMT]
WTC has made another update in Emulation Status with 19 additions, check it out. Want names? Dig Dug, Locomotion, Parodius, Twin Bees... I hope he adds that Solomon's Key page too!

Posted by pi at at 12:31AM [GMT]
I missed one The Arcade Flyer Archive's update past 9th, I guess I can say thanks for that to the crappy proxie of my ISP, or whatever is making me watch outdated pages. Well, there were 61 new, plus today they added 78. Now they have 2,582 flyers! To watch them, go there and explore the database. If you want some names before heading there? Aeroboto, Do! Run Run, Donkey Kong, Popeye, Vanguard, Zaxxon, and one of my favs: Super Spring. I want a real flyer for my bday!

FBA moves
Posted by pi at at 12:06AM [GMT]
There is a new Final Burn Alpha homepage, for both the place and the face. The design is very good in my opinion, I like it. Very functional and visually appealing. And there is a small WIP if you want to go and read it. Thanks to TedMaul for the link.

Wednesday 13 March

When there is a good site...
Posted by pi at at 11:32PM [GMT]
My visits to MW are always worth it. This time I read about a Light Gun for PC, which will be MAME compatible. The company is called Act-labs and well, go there. Thanks MW for the link and well, for all the site :)

MacMAME + NeoPong = new GeoMAME version
Posted by pi at at 11:04PM [GMT]
There's an update of GeoMAME, the NeoGeo-only variation of MacMAME with combos, autofire, overclocking and lots of other nifty features. GeoMAME 0.57c adds the last Neo-Geo game: NeoPong. It also adds this zlib new version, so... If you are a Mac user and you like NeoGeo, I guess today you're a bit lucky :)

Famous library gets fixed
Posted by pi at at 10:34PM [GMT]
Logiqx sent me this link to zlib Advisory 2002-03-11. As he points out, since almost every emu seems to use this famous compressing library (I even used it under Delphi), I think all the developers should follow the advices on that Advisory (got the wordplay on this one too?) and head to the zlib Homepage to get updated and fix this potential problem. Spread the word.

As he promised...
Posted by pi at at 10:25PM [GMT]
As he said in the first release, a second version would be due this week with some more action... So Sledgehammer 0.02 has been released. According to the still "anonymous" author (or I'm just too dumb to know who he is), it quite does pretty much nothing still, but it seems like an improvement. Comments welcomed!

Tuesday 12 March

For some fun
Posted by pi at at 11:50PM [GMT]
KillerClown at MameWorld mentioned some entertaining things. A good dessert for the day. Thanks to MW for the news? Sure! :)

Nebula will get bigger?
Posted by pi at at 11:38PM [GMT]
Here you have the screenshots of that Konami one appearing in the MAME WIP, Wild West C.O.W.boys of Moo Mesa, but this time by the hand of ElSemi and they are running in Nebula! Check them out. He says: "those boxes will be sprites someday". 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

The golden rule is...
Posted by pi at at 10:35PM [GMT]
I made a little agreement with myself when I started to post news here at CAESAR: no more than one non-arcade news post per day. Today's non-arcade blurb is: I shaved my beard and I look like a baby :-p

We want you back soon!
Posted by pi at at 10:32PM [GMT]
42 days after last post, Metafox shows again at Laser homepage. He's there, but can't do too much on Laser right now. Let's hope he is back soon and keeps developing this little emulator.

Errare humanum est
Posted by pi at at 10:32PM [GMT]
Eric made a little mistake with the compile of last version which made it be unstable, but he realized early and has a fixed RomCenter 2.42, ready to download.

Stereo (where available)
Posted by pi at at 10:31PM [GMT]
Small news at NeoDev. Sound and music has been added to NeoPong which was released not too much ago, and a new version will be released soon.

Status Mooh
Posted by pi at at 3:42PM [GMT]
MAME WIP at you-know-where. This time three fixes worth reading, and two games with screenshots: Bucky O'Hare (got the wordplay?) and Cowboys of MOOOOOOOOO Mesa. Finally! :) That's what a good team can do. R. Belmont, ElSemi and Galibert did it!

Monday 11 March

Pack after pack...
Posted by pi at at 11:54PM [GMT]
Mike Haggar has released Nebula Transparencies Pack 20020311a. There are three new tables and two updated ones. Quite low numbers, what happened to those frequent releases?

Faster than the eye
Posted by pi at at 11:01PM [GMT]
Shortly after the weekend's release, Eric has uploaded RomCenter 2.41. It solves a few bugs found in these three days (one per day exactly), so I recommend you to download this new version. It's the rom manager of my choice!

And the Oscar goes to...
Posted by pi at at 10:44PM [GMT]
Mike Beaver has released finally Mimic 2.00! It was a long time, waiting an update of the only System E emulator, and also the arcade emulator with the cutest name (in my opinion). The new GUI is cool, and there are many other changes. Maybe you will not jump in extacy with the Megadrive support, but there are not many arcade things to comment. But the 68k core makes me think of good things to come...

What I would want for xmas
Posted by pi at at 10:40PM [GMT]
The PacMAME page has been updated with some things about that PacMAME Workstation. I only have one word: Drooooool :)~

Last update at EmuGod's home
Posted by pi at at 10:38PM [GMT]
I guess that after Aaron's last statement, he will get some offers for hosting... Monthly limit? We want those pics to stay there! :)

Black September 11
Posted by pi at at 12:10AM [GMT]
Six months have passed.

Nothing has been solved, nothing has been improved.

And who remembers Bophal?

Sunday 10 March

Throw your ball at it
Posted by pi at at 11:34PM [GMT]
After some work, Mr. Do! has finished his endeavour of making an emulation site, so today he just told us about it: Mr. Do!'s Emulation Page. The site is not an usual news everyday and emulator hut, it's rather different and refreshing. It has personal recommendations from Mr. Do! and has only the best emulators and some directions for newbies, for arcade, consoles, pinball. Overall it's a good page, worth a visit. Congrats for it James!

The mistery has been solved
Posted by pi at at 9:08PM [GMT]
I don't if this has been posted/talked around, but I asked Logiqx about which was the mistery system on the last Aaron's WIP. He answered me and instead of explaining you what he told me, I'll just use some copy & paste and htmlize it a bit. If you want to discover it by yourself, just stop reading this!

> Detective Logiqx solved it for you. :)
> He tends to like Atari and by the looks of the 'credits'
> font on this snapshot then probably it is Atari (compare
> to the shots on his page).
> So, I assumed it was Atari and went to to
> search the Atari archive and found this:
> You can easily match each of the four snaps on
> Aarons page with games on the System16 page.
> Logiqx (who would like credit for solving the mystery ;))
I'd like to note that before he answered me, I noticed that I could easily know the name of each game just looking in the snaps, not at the snaps :)

Another cool name, let's hope it stays
Posted by pi at at 8:57PM [GMT]
A new arcade emulator has been born, and it's name is Sledgehammer. It emulates Namco System 21 games, such as Solvalou (heya!), Starblade, and up to 10 games. What's new in this version: everything! I said it's a new emulator, first release. Somehow I can't see the name of the author... Also I can't test it cause [insert favorite excuse here], but the GUI is simple and anyway it supossedly only shows graphics out of the roms, so no real emulation happens. And Metallik says that it crashes to everyone, so we'll see... The author states that he hopes to have some emulation this next week. Thanks to Retrogames for the news.
If you want some more information about the System 21 games, look in

Saturday 9 March

Here it is, the real thing!
Posted by pi at at 11:40PM [GMT]
Today I tidied up a bit my url list for checking, this made me almost miss MAME WIP! Ok, these are the kind of WIPs I love! Konami GX screenshots (1993) with Super Bug (1977). Both together, peacefully lying around some more tech stuff you should read! 8 days of work report await for you.
Again I forgot! Where's my head today? Thanks to PeterD for the hint!

Giles deals it!
Posted by pi at at 11:05PM [GMT]
No MAME WIP in some days? Want your dose? Aaron Giles himself (we all praise you) has updated his site with some personal MAME WIP. I have to say that the pieces are VERY interesting. First of all, a "mistery system", which I can't figure out due to the lack of arcade knowledge outside Tetris :) (however, one of the games is Frozen or Freeze or something similar). Then we can find Ameridarts, Art & Magic System, Killer Instinct (I said it!), Driver's Edge, and three Atari Systems: G42, GX2 and GT. All this sounds too good, but as usual... Everyone has to be patient.
Oooops, forgot to say thanks to RG for the news!

Misbehaved what?
Posted by pi at at 7:17PM [GMT]
Tinker has released MisfitMAME "Better Late Then Never Release". MisfitMAME is a special MAME version which only contains games which aren't included in the official MAME release. For example, Diggerman (I guess he will add NeoPong too), hacks (Sillipede anyone?), gambling games and simulations. This new release has moved to the last 0.58 core, plus it adds 21 new games. This brings the total to 341 games. There are many builds available, including some with *all* the official MAME games plus the Misfit ones.

New reincarnation
Posted by pi at at 7:10PM [GMT]
Eric has released RomCenter 2.40. The list of changes is quite long, so you better check it by yourself. New zip engine, more scanner features, lots of fixes and improvements... Surely we all thank Eric for this cool program which is getting better and better (but I don't thank him for telling everyone about the release except ME and I'm a betatester!)
Curiously, the release is still not in the news page (cache problems?) and he doesn't mention either his recent 3,000,000 visits mark. Congrats Eric!

Posted by pi at at 1:41AM [GMT]
Worth a look, go and vote! Thanks again to MW. (remember to mention CAESAR on the votes!)

For your photo album
Posted by pi at at 1:36AM [GMT]
I've read at MW about the Arcade Museum. It's a site hosted at MameFans with pics related to arcade games and cabinets. I just checked the MoonWalker one and well, it has many board, cabs, marquee, even manual pics! The site is great, simple navigation by folders, worth a visit for sure. Now the good thing is the number of images: 14,000! :) Thanks to MameWorld for the hint.

Capcom does it with style
Posted by pi at at 1:06AM [GMT]
These are truly cool news! The very own Capcom has released an emulator for the oldie goldie shoot-em-up Vulgus. The emulator is for any Windows (I just tried on my 2000) and for PDA's too, all in a single installation. And the best is that it's FREE! Yes, you've heard well, that's right and it's free. Download it from the Capcom's Vulgus emulator page (1mb).
(Note: you run it thru a simple menu, keep going until you see Vulgus, the rest will say "not installed". And be sure to check the help file!)

Friday 8 March

Arcade Flyers for our pleasure
Posted by pi at at 7:58PM [GMT]
Three updates happened in a short period of time at The Arcade Flyers Archive. First update talks about five new flyers from Digital Games and Air Combat (same company) being updated. Second update talks about four flyers for Moppet Video, cabinets designed for kids like me. Errr... I mean... Anyway, third update talks about eleven more flyers, five from Game-A-Tron and six from Fun Games Inc. I'd like to say that one of the flyers is for Dam Busters :) (Where did I have that PC game?) Now go and enjoy them all at The Arcade Flyers Archive.

Non-Arcade News
Posted by pi at at 7:51PM [GMT]
Today is the International Day of the Worker Women. Bush Jr. waves at Stevie Wonder (Yeltsin II american version?) My 10gb hard drive doesn't work. It seems that Strikers 1945 II is very good, but it will not run in my computer (it'll crawl).
But the headlines which will amaze everyone in tomorrow's newspapers will be: "Pi panicks after lack of arcade news to post!"

Thursday 7 March

That logo!
Posted by pi at at 11:18PM [GMT]
Satourne? I thought it was just a console emulator, that great Saturn console by Sega. But look. That logo! And that looks like "insert coin"! Titan is on the way... The screenshots look promising. I want to learn french (well actually it's number 16,386 in my to-do list). Sorry for taking 2 days to figure out that these seem to be arcade news :)

A killer tool
Posted by pi at at 10:42PM [GMT]
Joseph C. Terranova IV has released rom_view 1.0, right on the Official U64Emu site. This is a cool tool which allows to locate and view graphic data inside Killer Instinct drive images. PeterD told me that the KI image worked perfectly, but he couldn't load the KI2 one, tho your mileage might vary. A little toy to play a bit, certainly the graphics (from the example I saw) look great. Thanks to PeterD for the hint.

We were missing it
Posted by pi at at 9:53PM [GMT]
M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo 3.86 took a bit more than expected, but it's already here. It includes newest WIP, latest bugs, finest lstinfo changes and best recommended games. A good release by your usual mameinfo dude :)

Wednesday 6 March

Non-CPS2 Shock
Posted by pi at at 11:24PM [GMT]
After more than 3 months without updates, the CPS2Shock WIP has been updated. Razoola has been working in an unemulated system, with some other people. The games are encrypted but he has been able to do decrypted dumps. He warns us also that the games will not be emulated in some time, so everyone be patient. In the meantime, go and drool at the original text. No screenshots, sorry :) (hint: it's not CPS-3)

Slow days
Posted by pi at at 10:55PM [GMT]
I am quite dissapointed by the lack of good arcade news. It seems that the world has stopped waiting for MAME 0.59, except for good movement in PacMAME and that great Nebula release this weekend. Until something good arrives, you can check the redesigned SlikStik site. This arcade control seems good, I want it too (or a X-Arcade, or a HotRod, something!) Thanks to MW for the hint.

Tuesday 5 March

An arcade port, already
Posted by pi at at 11:09PM [GMT]
I can't really say how true is this, I'd like to read the original press release, but in the meantime, check this forum post by Phire2, in short it says King of Fighters 2001 for the PC. Talking about NeoGeo, you could also visit Metal Slug 4 Official English Site. Thanks to Grasstust for the link. (yeah furms are a great resort when I have lack of news lol)

PacMame again and again
Posted by pi at at 10:36PM [GMT]
I quite didn't know about this, and since we are all about PacMame lately... Andrew Blum makes a port of PacMame for the Mac (based on the MacMAME sources of course), and MacPacMame 0.58 has been released. There's also a 0.55 version as well, it might be better for people with CarbonLib. Thanks to PeterD for the news.

Again at it, Brian?
Posted by pi at at 10:08PM [GMT]
More updates at PacMAME. This time, Peter Storey submitted a working 4 in 1 (Ghost Muncher Part 3) game driver. The update is 1.2mb, no need to redownload that big full installation. Anyway the layout is quite confusing about these frequent and not so small updates, so take care.

Monday 4 March

An unofficial build of an unofficial build
Posted by pi at at 11:31PM [GMT]
Gangta has released an Unofficial FinalBurnAlpha 2.5.0-0.3, which has some changes and adds and sorta things on the input record area, as well as fixes for the input macros and... Well see for yourself. If you can't get to that page, he has left some more mirrors listed in this RG forum post.

Another slow day?
Posted by pi at at 10:18PM [GMT]
Uhm, beginning of March, it was weekend... I guess everyone was expecting a MAME release with all those cool Psykio games? Tough lick, I think that with the RAINE and Nebula releases we have for some time. Want some "new" games? To play? Here! This program plays on Linux or Windows four games which are in my personal top ten, plus some more classic. Totally NOT arcade, but nonetheless too cool to pass!

Not for everyone
Posted by pi at at 10:14PM [GMT]
MameAddict has (re)opened a spanish site with cabinet and game reviews. MAME Dream is the name, and it has forums, hints for building your cabinet... A good choice for spanish readers. It's always glad to see a "new" site around :) Thanks to MameWorld for the hint.

Your monitor will not be the same
Posted by pi at at 10:12PM [GMT]
There's a new AdvanceMAME 0.58.1 on Andrea's place, and a new AdvanceMenu 1.17.1 as well. Some fixes on this release, included in the animation/sound recording. Scale2x is faster too, *sigh*. Go and get it!

For PacMan gourmets
Posted by pi at at 10:10PM [GMT]
Brian has uploaded PacMAME .58 (.NET) Full Install, now it's your turn to download it. It's quite a big download for an emulator (17mb), but it has too many Pac-Man things to miss it. Right now I need to clean out things to install the new harddisk a friend just gave to me, so I will download this tomorrow. But, you shouldn't wait! This way you're sure you've not missed any sticker, fonts, mazes, or any of the dozen goodies this pack has.

Sunday 3 March

A new NeoGeo game
Posted by pi at at 7:34PM [GMT]
Kazuya himself has posted on EmuHQ some interesting bits. You should go to his site and read by yourself about a new homebrew game called Neo Pong. Ok, the game doesn't seem to be the last on graphics or sound (what sound?) but nonetheless it's a cool thing that people keep developing homebrew games for NeoGeo. Plus, it's also a good excuse to visit one of the best NeoGeo related sites on the net :)

Update after update
Posted by pi at at 7:33PM [GMT]
Another update of Mame32 v0.58 (0302)+Kaillera client v0.9. Guess by yourself what's new and what's old :) Thanks to MameWorld for the tip. (I am totally aware that these aren't really exciting news, but well... Slow day, what can I do!)

Royal dats
Posted by pi at at 7:32PM [GMT]
Our favorite webmaster at CAESAR (currently the only webmaster at CAESAR), his royal majesty Logiqx, has released the Nebula 2.0a dats for your collecting pleasure. As usual, these dats for ClrMAMEPro and RomCenter 2 have some changes and fixes from the Nebula "official" ones.

More dot eating
Posted by pi at at 7:32PM [GMT]
Again, another PacMAME update. This time there are two game fixes, plus Brian has also released the sources. This 0.58 is getting well :)

Saturday 2 March

Nebula gets fixed
Posted by pi at at 7:47PM [GMT]
ElSemi has released the bugfix Nebula 2.0a. Among other things, it fixes the old GUI crash, the xmvsf crash, some 32 bit and graphical issues, and adds a couple of features plus lots of transparency tables. Be sure to read the History to know a couple of things :) And remember that with the new english translation of the Nebula homepage, you don't need third party sites to download it :)
But I still don't like that splash graphic... I'll do mine.

PacMAME also in synch
Posted by pi at at 6:10PM [GMT]
It has appeared a PacMAME .58 (.NET) update, for existing PacMAME users. Well, yes, that 0.58 improvements have seen light! It's not perfect, according to himself there are some games not working in this version. I guess that when he cleans out these bugs, he will do another full release. The small-in-size update also includes the new CMPro dat.

Fallen Angels
Posted by pi at at 6:02PM [GMT]
Here it is! With new features! More smarter! Nicer! With recent haircut! Errr... no, that last one is me :) I'm talking about the last MAME WIP :) Those Strikers II backgrounds are looking better, in general the Hitachi SH-2 emulation is getting improved but still not perfect. And Stephh made his usual DSW fixes as well :) You know where to read about the last 4 days of MAME development.

Have a couple of coughs
Posted by pi at at 1:14AM [GMT]
In the third try, I've been able to read BitRot issue 6. After a 8 month histus, BitRot's editor has made another... Uhm... These things, you know. Whatever he does. Vega is the name of the perpetrat... I mean writer. It's funny, sometimes it's funny, other times it's funny or not, depending on tastes. Maybe one day he will try to make fun out of me, and he will reach half the way... Go and read it if you want, I had more laughs with A Wonderful Mind, but more laughs are always worth it :)
(Note: I am not saying this issue is not funny, but I remember by first BitRod issue and it was VERY funny, compared to that, this is a joke told in a funeral. But still funny.)
Change: Well, it has TWO damn good jokes which made this issue rate 9/10 on my I-had-a-good-damn-laugh scale. I guess Vega gives ZERO importance to my opinion, but good job dude :)

Nebula at sector 2.0, Captain Kirk!
Posted by pi at at 12:31AM [GMT]
Well, the Nebula homepage has returned. And with good news, ElSemi has released Nebula 2.0! I'm downloading it right now, so sonn I will briefly post the changes.
Update: Indeed this is a major version change! The changelog is pretty long, and full of good things. Remarkable is the new windowed GUI, while the old fullscreen GUI is also available. Is MHz also behind this GUI? Probably not, ElSemi would have said so... He says it briefly: "Due to the big amount of changes I'd recommend that you read all the docs." Rewritten main core, new improved shots factory, new macro code, NeoGeo enhancements, CPS-1 hacks addition, faster and more accurate CPS-2 GFX code (plus many improvements)... Well, this looks like a very good release, thanks ElSemi for such a good work. And happy birthday!
2nd Update: Oh I forgot to mention, there is a bug in the old fullscreen GUI, which makes it unable to work, so use the new windowed GUI while he releases the 2.0a version I guess. You can also check the english version of his homepage, that small link under the main menu :)

Friday 1 March

Colorful screenshots available
Posted by pi at at 7:28PM [GMT]
Emulation Status updated! The update is very very long, it starts with thanks and ends with... Go there and see it by yourself!

Hear it by yourself
Posted by pi at at 7:24PM [GMT]
Retrogaming Radio has made available the March Show. This time they discuss about lots of retrogaming stuff :) And also not so retro, cause they talk about the X-Arcade which is my latest object of desire :)~

Still making history
Posted by pi at at 7:21PM [GMT]
Fandemame has released History.dat 0.58b, with 32 news additions or changes. Thanks Till!

Posted by pi at at 7:20PM [GMT]
I have to RUN to eat this weekend's huge pizza and watch A Wonderful Mind (or whatever the english title is), so today fast and early news. I hope everyone has a good weekend!

Thursday 28 February

Something for your pocket
Posted by pi at at 10:21PM [GMT]
M.A.S.H. is also putting on his page MameInfo 3.85, with correct and reorganized Recommended Games plus the newest WIP.

Still at it!
Posted by pi at at 10:20PM [GMT]
Roman gave us our daily dose of ZipMax 0.333 with a tiny fix. Hey Roman, we want arcade news! (but please keep updating ZipMax) :)

Getting in synch, getting in synch!
Posted by pi at at 10:20PM [GMT]
Which project is getting lots of updates lately? PacMAME! This time it's a small WIP, but nonetheless juicy: it has been compiled with the MAME 0.58 sources! There will be no release at the moment. Plus another pacman-related-game has been added (what else?)

Posted by pi at at 10:19PM [GMT]
GoodOldGames at BeEmulated has posted the BeOS binary for RAINE 0.35. Will RAINE beat MAME on OS ports? :)

Wednesday 27 February

Not much to say
Posted by pi at at 10:53PM [GMT]
The news are that there are no news. I guess everyone is playing the last RAINE release, was it so good? :)
Actually I'm not going to search more or figure out anything interesting to post, cause I'm feeling rather ill, I'll send Haggar a new transparency table and go to bed. So good night everyone and see you tomorrow.

Tuesday 26 February

General mad state
Posted by pi at at 11:58PM [GMT]
I've been reading things yesterday and today, here and there, and I've read too many times about the DEATH of That's totally false. I wish that those sites would explain it better. is not dead, just that it doesn't serve roms anymore. And that doesn't make it a worse site, not at all. And I always liked the design :) So is still there, as big and good as always. Now go and search your roms somewhere else.
But the team is infinitely patient, and they updated their page with three directions on getting roms, and so made MameWorld.
In the boards some people are discussing about possible solutions for obtaining/serving roms. For now the ideas seem a bit vague to me. Until one of them starts to work and everyone of us follow it, I think it's too early to say everyone "do this and all the romz in da world will be yours". Everyone be patient!

Posted by pi at at 11:58PM [GMT]
Well, not a bad day with that RAINE release, here are some more things for you:
  • The MAME32 QA/Test & Art Dept. page is updated with some small news.
  • The ZipMax page, errrr I mean the ClrMamePro page has been updated with the ACE 1.9 datfilem, plus some ZipMax movement happened yesterday, now the count is 0.332 :)
  • CPS2Shock is the place where you should go to get the updated Jukebox 2.0a.
  • Logiqx has also uploaded ACE 1.9 and RAINE 0.35 dats. One of these days he will learn to tell me about these updates!

Are you hungry?
Posted by pi at at 11:58PM [GMT]
Today's food for the brain: MAME WIP. The screenshots are from Mahjong Sisters, Gals Panic S2 and Quiz Gekiretsu Scramble. Too many japanese pseudo-erotic games? Well this WIP also has lots of other things, 3 days of MAME work are there, so read, learn, and wait for 0.59 :)

PacMAME, baby. Or. Baby, PacMAME
Posted by pi at at 11:57PM [GMT]
Another update, PacMAME .55 and PacTray 7.5.6 are released. They include support for Visual Pinball tables, specifically Baby Pacman and Mr. & Mrs. Pacman. The release is available as update (5mb) and full (splitted, 18mb).

It's RAINEing :)
Posted by pi at at 8:16PM [GMT]
Yep, RAINE 0.35 has been released some minutes ago. Like they say, no new games, but lots of fixes. You've read right, they focused on improving current emulation instead of adding lots of buggy drivers :)
You can go to your usual RAINE Official site and get it, while you do it, you can either read the long changelog or read my condensed version with the most important things:
  • Updated docs! Woohoo! Zaxxon1 and Liliana helped with them, plus Liliana made a new background for the GUI.
  • Stephane Humbert (Stephh) updated the cheats for RAINE, plus fixing lots of DSW in the toaplan2 driver and locating bugs in it as well.
  • Logiqx made some dozens of ROM changes, making RAINE a lot more compatible with the MAME sets, it will make easier to maintain RAINE roms :) And he also detected some bad dumps so the new sets will improve some games a lot.
  • An incredible amount of sound fixes, including Q-Sound for CPS-1 games. A good amount of emulation fixes as well, this release is greatly improved in that part.
  • A lot of other fixes related to the GUI and general emulation.
So you're going to play the same RAINE games, but certainly you will play them better! In my opinion, a high quality release :)

Monday 25 February

Little things
Posted by pi at at 11:05PM [GMT]

ZipMax again...
Posted by pi at at 10:26PM [GMT]
Roman made some changes to his latest baby and ZipMax 0.33 is out. Changes? Not many, but he also finished that sourcecode cleanup he was doing, so the sources are also available.

Fly(er) away
Posted by pi at at 10:24PM [GMT]
The Arcade Flyer Archive has posted some more flyers (what else!) into the database, exactly 35. Aztarac, Mr. Do!, Phoenix, Track & Field, Pleiads, Rip Off... Lots of classics including some from 1973, and also one for a new game from Sega called The Maze of the Kings, actually from this year.

MAME in your TV
Posted by pi at at 10:23PM [GMT]
I've found this site with a MAME variation in the line of SmoothMAME (actually I found the link in that page hehe) but comes from MAME32. It's name is TVMAME32, and it's in synch with the latest 0.58 sources. It's designed for fixed frequency monitors and for TV's, so I guess that some of you will want to check it.

This is the "end", my only friend, the "end"
Posted by pi at at 6:52PM [GMT]
Sad news at no rom downloads. Well, the story is short: a copyright holder came in, they disabled the downloads and took the weekend to think about it, and now they have removed permanently the downloads. You can read the full story in the statement they left on the main page.
I'd like to thank the team for such a good service for the community, you have helped all this thing of reliving and preserving classic arcade games.
On the other hand, it's not a definitive "end", they will keep maintaining the site and database with all the features, and maybe some new features in the future. So let's call it a "feature change".

Sunday 24 February

X-Ray glasses and see thru everything
Posted by pi at at 9:35PM [GMT]
Haggar's page has been updated with a new section: Nebula transparencies tables. I collected some for him from spanish sites, but I guess he is wanting more, so if you create or have some, help him. If you don't have any, go and get the first pack which was already updated with work from the very own Raz. The total is now 51 tables. Nebula + Transparencies = Cool!
Also, you are still in time on entering his logo contest (look the news at 19th Feb on his site), so maybe it's your opportunity to show the scene that you're a talented artist :)

More M.A.S.H. action
Posted by pi at at 9:16PM [GMT]
M.A.S.H. doesn't only have time to answer my lengthy emails, he has also time to develop and release FMAME32 0.58 Release 3. And like he always put, with Pong! Since he doesn't keep a easily accessable changelog, I guess the changes are the filters for Mahjong and Quiz games, and the columns for category and source driver names. There might be other things, but just these two look good enough to me.

Not yet, not yet...
Posted by pi at at 9:11PM [GMT]
I've been at Haze's Unemulated Page and it has changed a bit. It's always an interesting place to look at :) Some backgrounds are working! Cool! I think Gunbird 2 is in a nearby arcade, I'll go take a look. On some related area, unMAMEd arcade games has been updated with some WIP pictures, some new sections for Impact and System 11, and some other things. Great! :)

On way for the perfect Pacman game
Posted by pi at at 9:11PM [GMT]
Some more PacMAME updates: PacMAME .55 (.NET) and PacTray 7.5.4. It's available as an update for current users, or again as a base distribution in split format which includes everything except the ROMS. Where are the roms? Somewhere :)

I Love Viewing Ace News
Posted by pi at at 9:10PM [GMT]
Friol was having a sunny and windy day when he decided that us, mere mortals, could deserve ACE 1.9 :) Now I don't have a sunny and windy day, but I have the last version of this nice CPS emulator. Changes? Well, Nebula .dat support, some fixes, all the CPS2 XOR'ed games are playable, a readme.txt, and a few more things. Go and get the binary, sources will be up soon.

Little gems discovered
Posted by pi at at 2:15AM [GMT]
Hey, I haven't found one arcade emulator not in CAESAR. I've found FIVE! They are at and they are (as read in the page) a DynoFoo Production. There are some games (not emulators) and then five tiny emulators for Pengo, Donkey Kong, Mario Bros, Frogger and (which else) PacMan. Why "tiny"? Cause they are TINY! Gotta see them by yourself :) I tried Tiny Pacman and it's too cute! This is a tiny and cool alternative to MAME :)
I'm quite happy, sorry I forgot where I saw these... Hey Logiqx, add them to CAESAR! :)

Kai lle ra ma me
Posted by pi at at 2:13AM [GMT]
Hey, Kaillera client 0.9. MAME32 0.58 (0221) + Kaillera client 0.9 is available on You know. Netplay. That thing. Go. Download. Play. (I need sleep)

All you can cheat
Posted by pi at at 2:13AM [GMT]
At Cheat Mania you can find nkDB v0.05 and Nebula/WinKawaks Cheat Database for nkDB ver20020222. nkDB is a manager for cheats, and the Nebula/WinKawaks Cheat Database is, as you can guess, a cheat database for Nebula and WinKawaks, for use in nkDB :) Thanks to Emu4ever.

It's raining ROMS, hallelujah!
Posted by pi at at 12:00AM [GMT]
If you want to get some roms before next MAME arrives, Zyclone's Playground is a good place to start, he has put some needed sooners... On the other hand, has interrupted downloads, for *all* users. The reason is not clear right now, but you can guess why by yourself. Let's hope they come back soon. Thanks to RG and MW for the news.

Saturday 23 February

The Beaver also does WIP
Posted by pi at at 11:48PM [GMT]
The Beaver has posted some Mimic WIP about Robocop. It's a bit technical but basically it means "things are going on". Hopefully we will see a new release soon?

Haze still on it
Posted by pi at at 11:38PM [GMT]
Another MAME WIP is available for our enjoyment. David Haywood (again) added another game to the new Psikyo driver, same glitches as the rest. The name is Gunbird 2, and the screenshots look great :)~ Kale fixed a little problem with Express Raider not accepting money, just like my phone company :-p Usual screenshots and text you know where.

Play it again, Sam
Posted by pi at at 7:40PM [GMT]
I've seen at CPS2Shock that ElSemi has released Jukebox 2.0. It's a sound player ofr CPS-1, CPS-2, NeoGeo and ZN games. The main improvements are on the sound quality section, but it's cool to see that there is a new GUI made by MHz. I don't say that old one was bad, it means that ElSemi and MHz are working together, certainly that's a good combo! Nebula's official page is under some redesign, in the meanwhile you can get it and Jukebox from the CPS2Shock download section.

Friday 22 February

A bit of everything for a slow weekend
Posted by pi at at 11:48PM [GMT]
Besides playing that old game, these days I did a preliminar Fansite list which has been uploaded right now, please don't blame me for the BAD design. I will work on completing the list a bit everyday, but I need your help! I also made another Morrigan animation, if I get enough Fansites additions from people, I'll upload it too ;)
And for the real game fans, check Tom's Arcade conversions list, it's great, you get there and see the ports of your favorite arcade games. I would have done it in a table fashion, but hey that's not my page. It's great anyway. Maybe another day?
But if you want WILD ACTION, then Yllabian Space Guppy's Bizarre Arcade Game Archive is your place. Lots of bizarre and fun and... Well... Just bizarre games in MAME, this list is somathing... Uhm... Bizarre. Worth a look. Credit goes to ClassicGaming.

MAME until you don't want more
Posted by pi at at 11:45PM [GMT]
What happened with the other various MAME flavors lately?
  • BeEmulated has posted a "slightly optimized" X-MAME 0.58.2, for BeOS of course!
  • SmoothMAME 0.58 is one of those not-very-well-known variations. It's for Win32, and you might want to check it, cause that "smooth" looks very promising from the explanations at the page! Binaries also available.
  • There must be more, I'll hunt them down tomorrow.

Sixtoe got a million
Posted by pi at at 11:45PM [GMT]
Right now this is one of my favorite places: System16 The Arcade Museum. It got an update while I was away. Not as bizarre as the Million Dollar Hotel but at least as interesting! Sega, Atari and Konami new things for our pleasure, certainly I do not get tired of surfing this site up and down, it's great! No wonder why they got One Million Visitors, and celebrate it with this update! Congrats Sixtoe!

Happy birthday, VGN!
Posted by pi at at 11:44PM [GMT]
I missed the sixth birthday of Vintage Gaming Network. Happy belated birthday anyway! It was the first site I visited regarding emulation, and it was the place where I downloaded my first emulator update. Thanks for those days, VGN! Wow, six years, that's A LOT! Thanks PeterHQ or EmuD for the news ;)

Posted by pi at at 11:44PM [GMT]
Fandemame has released History.dat 0.58a (a bit after 0.58). The History.dat is in english, but since the page is in french, I can't really tell you what it has new... Something about more compatibility with MAME32? That it's totally compatible but MAME32 has GUI problems with the display of history.dat? Ah, l'amour... Something I don't feel for french language :) Thanks again to PeterD for the bit, everyday I hate C&G more and more!!!

MacMAME after so long!
Posted by pi at at 11:07PM [GMT]
I wonder, no one has noticed? MacMAME 0.58! Ready for you thanks to Brad Oliver! There is also mention to a lot of Mac-specific bugs being obliterated so they don't suffer anymore. There was a gap but now it's up-to-date with latest official sources. Congrats Mac-fans :)

The most busy hospital of the world?
Posted by pi at at 11:06PM [GMT]
Of course, M.A.S.H.'s hasn't dissapointed me, and he has made lots of work during my ausence. For example, Compile MAME Package 0.58 Release 2 with Pong working fine. Also FMAME32 0.58 Release 2. This one has lots of enhancements in the form of folders for CPU types, drivers, etc... Very nice! And the star, MAMEInfo 3.84, with correct "Recommended Games" names, whatever that means. I guess I have to download all now to check it!

How small your ROMS can be?
Posted by pi at at 10:56PM [GMT]
This is not a real surprise, but at the ClrMAMEPro homepage, Roman has been busy with ZipMax version this, that, and that other. I mean 0.32 currently :) The last bit about ZipMax is a tip on how to get the most out of ZipMax, read it on Roman's page. And where's ClrMAMEPro? In the to-do list, be patient! Roman has all the right to play with this toy which all of us like :)

PacMAME in elegant costumes
Posted by pi at at 10:56PM [GMT]
More PacMAME for your pleasure. At first, you start to drool with some pics of a cabinet, a modified HotRod SE (donate one to me!), etc... Then you read some WIP, looking very nice, including "discovered 8 previously unemulated sets". And then you get a PacMAME .55 (.NET) and PacTray 7.5.2 update, so it's quite hard to expect more. Oh well, we expect more, but give the team some time. They are only two :)

Posted by pi at at 10:54PM [GMT]
Not a XOR release, but CPS2Shock got updated and that's always something good. I think :) This time Raz has updated the CPS-2 gamelist with Choko and Jyankokushi screenshots for example, and other additions as well. Nice!

How many screenshots do you want?
Posted by pi at at 10:53PM [GMT]
First thing which catched my attention when I got back: new MAME WIP! This time you have lots of things since day 19, screenshots from many many games. David Haywood has been working in Hitachi SH-2 emulation, for Psikyo games and also for the Super Kaneko Nova System. All the screenshots are from games on these systems, for example Strikers 1945 II, Jan Jan Paradise, Sol Divide, Gals Panic 4... Many many games. Other news in text form are there, as usual. I'd like to remark Gile's addition of hard disk image support, I hope it means some good additions to MAME and MESS soon.

I'm back, I'm back, I'm back!
Posted by pi at at 10:52PM [GMT]
Hi everyone again! I'm glad to be back. The phone company was pretty stupid, how many variations of "we don't have a clue but it can't be our fault" can be made when it's obvious it was their fault. Then you watch the commercials where they say they provide the best personalized service and you want to puke. I did!
Anyway, so now I need to rewind 4 days and start to refill CAESAR with news? Ok. And I also have to answer emails from the last 4 days? Sure. Notescapes Messenger and Check & Neverget will start to burn, but it's good to be back anyway :)
What I did in my forced spare time? Reinstalling an old game but still one of my all-time favourites plus tour 4 and 5 of course. I've wrecked 2 mouses with this game, time for a third one :)

Wednesday 20 February

Idle time
Posted by pi at at 9:21PM [GMT]
When you don't have money and can't pay the bills, it's bad. When you have the money and can't pay the bills, it's STUPID. Certainly my phone company doesn't want to keep clients, cause the phone bill is payed but they have cut my line :-?
So I don't know when I will have a connection back, until then, Logiqx will update the news at the incredible rate of 0 per day unless something really important happens.
So until I'm back, see you all, I hope to be back soon, but... Banks... Phone companies... ugh

Monday 18 February

Yes this time they are here!
Posted by pi at at 10:08PM [GMT]
This time it's real poltergeist! Arcade Rom Heaven has switched back to 31 january again or what? Mimic WIP page is showing again those "now old" megadrive screenshots, and in the news page you can see The Beaver posting "news" (read "olds") about it, as well as the "Interview with God" which happened certainly past month. Plus the bad links in the left vertical menu are back, where's that Bubble Bobble FAQ again? Hey Guru-Choc, wake up!

He is back, who else?
Posted by pi at at 9:30PM [GMT]
This sure is poltergeist, firs I saw it on the RG boards, and thought "strange", then I saw it at EmuHQ, and thought "amazing?", and then I saw it by myself and guess what? JoseQ's Emu Views has been updated! Nothing astounding, an Intellivision game review. But hey, it's the first Emu Views update in seven months! JoseQ himself says "this is no comeback", so maybe we are not watching the Phoenix coming back from its ashes, but it's nice to see an update of one of the best known sites in emulation. Good to see you again JoseQ!

Insomniac updates
Posted by pi at at 9:19PM [GMT]
I wonder if this guy sleeps or rests in any way. I guess the answer is "no", cause M.A.S.H. has updated his page again with Compile MAME Package 0.58 and Special Info Package 0.58. The Compile Package includes MAME32, which is nice. The Special Info has all the usual luxury stuff he uses to spoil us. Hey M.A.S.H., if you get holidays we will not complain... Too much :)

Two little fixes are better than none
Posted by pi at at 9:14PM [GMT]
Roman has made a little fix, ClrMamePro 2.53a doesn't have that problem with parsing mameinfo.dat. As well, ZipMax 0.22 has been released, fixing also a small problem when not being able to delete the temporary folders. Two utilities for the price of zero! Get them for free :)

Time to cheat again, again, again...
Posted by pi at at 12:11AM [GMT]
First for highscores, now for cheats. Haggar has updated his cheat archives for FinalBurn Alpha, Nebula and Kawaks. Now it's 0.2.5.A, it means no cheats for new games, but some fixes and some more additions for existing games. Actually this cheat archive is the one I use, so I can recommend it to you. Thanks to PeterD for the news.

My best is 10 lines in Tetris... with closed eyes
Posted by pi at at 12:01AM [GMT]
Leezer has released Unofficial Hiscore.dat 7.92. He says "many game additions sent to me by geoman - thanks to him", so thanks Geoman, and thanks MW and RG where I saw the news :)

Sunday 17 February

FMAME32 first appareance
Posted by pi at at 11:49PM [GMT]
M.A.S.H. surprises me again with FMAME32 0.58. This is a new spinoff from MAME32, and guess what, the F is from "Fix" :) More or less it means that it has all the features from his known FixMAME, plus some good features that all MAME32 fans will like. Driver flags and video attributes folders, extra folders for Playchoice-10, DECO Cassette and CVS systems, category folders, and in one window under the screenshot you can see mameindo, driver and history.dat information. In his site, M.A.S.H. has set up some snaps of all those, and you can see a few explanations with those snaps in this forum post. In his site you can see the readme.txt for this cool release.

Super Pinball Driver Action
Posted by pi at at 11:48PM [GMT]
If you saw the post I made 5 minutes ago, forget it. MAME WIP is what should have been posted. David Haywood sent that WIP driver of Super Pinball Action, seems to be pretty complete, and Stephane Humbert made again DSW and input ports. I guess those are a good dev couple :) There are other news from the last 6 development days in MAME, there is a bit for everyone, go check it, you will not be dissapointed :) Ahhhhhh I love Volfied :)

Arcade Games Fansites
Posted by pi at at 3:05AM [GMT]
I've made a personal request in this post at RG's forum. Please, read it, even if you are not able to help me, you might find something valuable in the post. It's about arcade games fansites, some of the listed sites are great. If you know about more game fansites, please read first the post and then contact me. Thanks in advance!

Saturday 16 February

Better late than never
Posted by pi at at 11:55PM [GMT]
It seems that the Mac port of CPSMAME was updated to be in sync with latest XOR's. It includes support of MvsC (I guess you all know what game is that!) and they also mention that it's in sync with MacMAME 0.57, but I think the last release was 0.56a? Then? What? Anyway, go there if you want. Sorry for not posting earlier... I saw this at Zophar's place, now the link is safely saved in my check&neverget.

MAME32 to get too many mods
Posted by pi at at 11:55PM [GMT]
For all of you MAME32 addicts: now that its source has been released publically, we can expect many modifications. This is the first one I'm aware of: M.A.S.H. has released a MAMEinfo-source for MAME32. It allows to display Mameindo, Driveinfo and History.dat in one window, under the snapshots. Sounds good enough to me!
Talking about MAME32, on the The MAME32 QA/Test & Art Dept. page, you can check a little post talking about the feature of navigating game list with the gamepad being readded. I can't tell, I don't have gamepad, but I guess it will be available in next version.

Carnival time
Posted by pi at at 8:03PM [GMT]
I'm going out *a bit* tonight, so I might not be able to post anything, in case that happens, I guess I can order everyone to have a good saturday night. If not, you will see my psychadelic headers before midnight GMT as usual. I promise I will not drink too much, and I will not use female costumes. Please don't be confused, this doesn't mean that I have that thing... How was it called? Ah, a "life".
Update: Well it seems the dinner was shorter than I expected, they wanted to go out early, so I'm back before midnight...

Friday 15 February

For your MAME roms
Posted by pi at at 10:16PM [GMT]
If you don't want to redownload too many roms, you might want to use this. MAME rom update v3 has been released, fixing some things and showing some improvement. This utility detects exactly what files you need to download to complete your rom collection and then downloads them from So instead of downloading again a 30mb rom, you only get that 256kb file which has changed. This saves bandwidth, for you and for, while still allowing you to support clicking their banners. I saw this at MameWorld, where else?

No, I'm not that one!
Posted by pi at at 9:45PM [GMT]
What Pre-1985 Video Game Character Am I? That's the title of a quiz I saw mentioned on ARH. It's quite fun, plus there's a Sci-Fi surprise after you do it. I better not tell you my results... Thanks Guru-choc for the funny link.

Another third release
Posted by pi at at 9:43PM [GMT]
FanBuild 0.58.3 has been released. This alternative MAME has the following additions in this update: New CPS-2 and Cave drivers by Shiriru, Thunder Cross II start-up, two fixes by Stephh, and lots of descriptions fixes. Fandemame did it again!

Small is beautiful
Posted by pi at at 9:34PM [GMT]
ZipMax 0.21. This is not an emulator, a frontend or anything, but it seems it's getting famous in the emulation community :) Don't you love little utilities daily updated?
Talking about "small is beautiful". Does anyone know an alternative to Iczelion's HTTP Downloader? Don't answer me "Download Mage" or any other download manager. I mean a specialized app.

Boy am I getting confused with this guy...
Posted by pi at at 9:26PM [GMT]
A new "hidden" development WIP at the Unemulated page. This time it's a mid-age game from Tecmo, called Super Pinball Action. I guess it's the sequel of the famous digital pinball we all know. Let's hope that Haze makes it look better.

MAME32, still 29 left
Posted by pi at at 9:23PM [GMT]
If you visit The MAME32 QA/Test & Art Dept. you can find a new release of MAME32 0.58! It's the third one, right? This time it includes full historic distribution support files (whatever that means), and surprise surprise, the source! Go and get it.
For the ones who, like me, hate FilePlanet's downloading scheme, there's a little mirror at Retrogames, for both the binary and the source. And don't forget that MAME32 has its own forum.

Thursday 14 February

Zzap!Raine again
Posted by pi at at 10:15PM [GMT]
Zzap!Raine Issue #2 is out. Ah, I wanted to see the second "on the street"! This issue looks great for the classic retrogamer. Akkavander, Arkanoid: Revenge of Doh, Bubble Bobble and Puzzle Bobble are the reviewed games. Certainly a good selection, tho I have to confess that Bubble Bobble hasn't been on my fav list... I read it from PeterD's news, I hate Check&Neverget.

Posted by pi at at 10:05PM [GMT]
The MAME32 version bundled with Kaillera has been updated. So I guess it's called "MAME32 0.58 + Kaillera client 0.9." Go to and check the download section for the binaries. Happy netplay!

Minimal size
Posted by pi at at 10:01PM [GMT]
Roman released ZipMax 0.2. Even more compression if you want. That's what I call a good changelog :)

Happy Valentine's gift
Posted by pi at at 9:54PM [GMT]
For all MAME lovers, M.A.S.H. has a special gift on this day: M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo 3.83 :)
Ok ok it was a cheap joke, I hate valentines anyway (you can imagine *why* I hate valentines...)
M.A.S.H. has added Input and DSW info from MAMETesters. Keep being patient about FixMAME...

Quick update at PacMame
Posted by pi at at 9:36PM [GMT]
PacMAME's site has been updated with a patch to fix some issues in yesterday's release. Now PacTray 7.5.1 has some functionality for XP/NT users in .BAT files, until some more bugs are cleaned. We're on the way!

Wednesday 13 February

Happy Birthday Elly
Posted by pi at at 11:51PM [GMT]
Logiqx told me I could post news of any nature... For me the birthday of a friend is important news!
Happy birthday Elly!
(much better than a postcard, uh?)

Logiqx: Did I indeed? Ah well, Happy Birthday Elly. :)

Two good places to visit
Posted by pi at at 11:28PM [GMT]
I saw this yesterday, over at MW, but didn't have time to "check". I checked Galagalaxian, and now I can recommend with some knowledge that you should visit Jerky's Arcade Hacks, which is back. If it's the first time you heard of this site, you better pay a visit! He keeps only the best hacks. Also, now I know what's MisfitMAME about, tho I can't get in the page yet.
For some more modern information, PeterD mentioned in his place about the reopening of Madman's Cafe, a place devoted to gaming news, specialized in NeoGeo and SNK. I made a quick visit and the place is interesting and well designed. I recommend you Soup du Jour.

Keep your ROMs shining and ready to play
Posted by pi at at 10:50PM [GMT]
ClrMAMEPro 2.53 released. Changelog: "Found some little time to do some minor stuff" and other additions and fixes. But Roman doesn't forget about requests and suggestions!
Roman has also released ZipMax 0.1, a little but very requested utility. At least I've seen many requests/questions about something like this in some boards. I had my "manual, homemade" solution but this looks better :) Keep your roms in shape!

PacMAME, finally!
Posted by pi at at 10:48PM [GMT]
The wait is over! There are good news at PacMAME. PacMAME 0.55 and PacTray 0.55 have been released, for now only in split format. The release includes images, cabinets, flyers, source, and everything else. The main news are that it's ported to .55 and compiled with VC++, and also two new PacMario sets made their way before the release. There are still some minor issues, so let's hope that we can see a new release soon. Anyone said PacMan?

MAME at the speed of a photon
Posted by pi at at 10:47PM [GMT]
Travis himself told me that the QNX port of MAME has been updated. So like we all say, everyone rejoyce :) Sorry for the delay, but somehow this page got lost in my checklist. It's fixed now! Go and get PhMAME 0.58.1! Maybe one of these days I have to install QNX to test PhMAME :)

Tuesday 12 February

Posted by pi at at 9:18PM [GMT]
MAME FanBuild 0.58.2 with lots of fixes (and I mean lots) has been released. Stephh provided the thousand fixes, FandeMAME added them to his build, and MameWorld told us the news. Great team :)
They also gave us a "hint" that MAME32jp 0.58 has been released. If you don't speak japanese, you can also get that build at VintageGaming MAME's page.

Know why not
Posted by pi at at 8:58PM [GMT]
The Legend's unMAMEd page has been updated to reflect the changes coming from MAME 0.58. If you don't know who is the Legend, then you should go there!

Tournee around the blitters
Posted by pi at at 8:38PM [GMT]
Tourniquet updated TourMAME 0.58.2, with some bugfixes. He has a little table comparing speeds of the different blitters, which is always useful. He doesn't specify if HW Stretch works or not...

People keeps working at MAME
Posted by pi at at 8:34PM [GMT]
Text only update at the MAME Status page. This one-day WIP contains various fixes and enhancements from Aaron Giles, Stephane Humbert, Olivier Galibert, and BUT. Let's them be the main news for one day instead of "this game has been emulated and that game has been dumped!"

Posted by pi at at 8:31PM [GMT]
Yesterday's release of X-MAME 0.58.2 already has the BeOS binaries available at BeEmulated. It has only part of the bugfixes, but still it's a good bugfix!

A non-mame port?
Posted by pi at at 8:23PM [GMT]
When your emulator doesn't have to be named "MAME" to have some ports, the arcade emulation is in good shape :) Javanx has made a Linux port of InvEmu, the original work of his friend Stefano Vigliani. This port is adapted for the new Allegro 4.X and it adds some more options (I'm unable to tell you since I don't have Linux). Since his page is in italian, he has been kind enough to tell me where to download the sources and where to view a snapshot. The port is only available as source. Thanks to Javanx himself for the info!

Monday 11 February

Logiqx double util release
Posted by pi at at 11:52PM [GMT]
Logiqx has made some updates. The flyer datafile was updated for the recent pack #17 release. DatUtil has been updated to 1.15, as he says, not the biggest update, tho still good getting it.
MAMEDiff 1.08 was also released, and it has a couple of *good* improvements. MAMEDiff was the reason I visited Logiqx's page on first time (in the past millenium), so go there, download it, and discover why!

Emulation will continue despite UPS
Posted by pi at at 11:41PM [GMT]
I thought that game companies were the enemies of emulation, not courier companies... The Guru's ROM dump news has an interesting story about it, plus the names of the boards he got for dumping. UPS, you have lost some clients with this...

FBLinux on pause
Posted by pi at at 11:39PM [GMT]
Sad news for Linux users. FBLinux maintainer, ComaC, has stopped the maintaining of the Linux port of Final Burn, due to personal reasons. If you know some C/C++ and want to keep on the project, he has left some sources for you to continue where he left of. Let's hope the best for ComaC.

WIP on two sides
Posted by pi at at 11:35PM [GMT]
Small small PacMAME WIP: Two more sets added.
MAME WIP is also tiny, but Police Trainer's screenshots (and some bits more) are awaiting you.

Will this ever end?
Posted by pi at at 11:32PM [GMT]
Some more MAME bits %-)
MAMu_ has released icon packs for MAME 0.57 and 0.58. These icons are wonderful! On other subject (MAME), MAMETesters have made a new page with known bugs which spans over different drivers. I hope they find some other way of naming the page! :) Plus M.A.S.H. has already put it in his MAMEInfo 3.82. All that info and also the latest WIP, and some fix for his MAMEInfo source...

MAME until you can't have more
Posted by pi at at 11:22PM [GMT]
There's just too much MAME around:
  • X-MAME 0.58.2 released, mainly a bugfix, but a good bugfix.
  • Go to the AdvanceMAME homepage for AdvanceMAME v0.58.0 and AdvanceMENU 1.17.0. The main addition in this version was recording of MNG animations, as well as animation showing in AdvanceMENU. Seems cool to me, if I could get the homepage to tell me that they have 0.58!
  • Tourniquet released TourMAME 58 with those cool blitters from JahMAME, and many other improvements and fixes. Be sure to read the full news on his site.

Sunday 10 February

One man, one MAME
Posted by pi at at 8:11PM [GMT]
Lots of MAME versions have been updated. Let me show you some you can try. The BeOS port by Yoshi, up to 0.58. FanMAME 0.58.1 with correct descriptions and dates (orrrange!) which is something I like. JahMAME, tho at this moment it was removed cause it violates the MAME license. Too bad, it included the wonderful Scale2X from AdvanceMAME. MAME32jp 0.58 20020210 which is a MAME32 in Japanese... EZMAME tho I don't know what's it about, I can't find any link to download it :-?
There's a MAME waiting for you, you only have to choose one!

Don't "pass" the WIP (bad joke)
Posted by pi at at 8:10PM [GMT]
More MAME WIP for your pleasure. The MAMEdevs are still on it. This time, the screenshots are from a game called Pass, driver submitted by Haywood/Haze from the dump made by Theo. We already saw something of it on the Unemulated Page. The usual batch of updates and fixes from the last three days is included, so go there to check.

Saturday 9 February

Headlines for your slow saturday
Posted by pi at at 6:46PM [GMT]
It's saturday, MAME 0.58 was released later this week... Surely a slow weekend! So I'll put some short news and I'll run to Carnivals:
  • TriggerFin has updated his site CatList with the category listings updated for 0.58. Some categories fixed, and all that. Go there to add categories to your favorite frontend.
  • Talking about frontends, some were updated lately. My advice: go to MameWorld, they have a big list of many frontends for you to choose. I'm not going to recommend anyone, cause I use... CommandLine v6.22 :)
  • has served 100 million roms. As they say, pretty impressive... I wish they put some kind of stats page with more numbers for us to keep our mouth *open*.
  • The MIMIC site has some small WIP by our respected Mr. Beaver. Regarding arcade-ish things, he has sorted out a nasty 68k bug, and a release might happen very soon.
  • NonMAME has been updated to be in synch with the latest MAME. A cool page you should check.
  • >
  • Unemulated page. 'Nuff said.
  • Poll: Should I go out on Carnivals as a nun or as little red riding hood? (buletta style!)
    Thanks to lots of sites for the news, and also thanks to my browser for some of them :)

Friday 8 February

Let's dance Space Invaders Techno-Gabba-Euromix
Posted by pi at at 11:47PM [GMT]
Slow day for arcade emulation, but anyway since I like music, I think some of you will find this tidbit I saw at Retrogames interesting. According to, Taito will release in Japan an audio CD which compiles some of the best arcade game music from 1978 to 1987. Space Invaders and Bubble Bobble in full glorious CD quality! Included is a booklet with interviews with original creators, I wonder if it will be also Japanese. Sounds cool anyway, if someone gets this album, please contact me so I can "test" it to see if I can ask my CD dealer to import it :)
I have to steal news from RG and EmuHQ cause no one contacts me to give me this kind of news! Just a couple of authors bother to tell me what's going on their projects, thanks guys, the rest of the world ignores me :-/

MAME32 fixed, FilePlanet not!
Posted by pi at at 11:38PM [GMT]
Seen at MAME32 QA that a new MAME32 0.58 has been released which fixes that nasty sound tab bug. As said, the fix was going to come soon... Still they serve the file on FilePlanet, but it's possible to download it, just choose it from the "public servers" list instead of the "personal servers" which are a pay service. However the public servers are collapsed and you have to "wait online" and swallow several ads. Maybe the MAME32 guys will notice it and distribute this MAME version from some other place... I'm sure many people will want to help them.
On other things, they have also released the MAME Flyer pack #17, also available on FilePlanet :-/
And they mention of the idea of opening again the MAME32 forums. Maybe.

Nobody is perfect, but some are cool
Posted by pi at at 12:21AM [GMT]
MAME32 0.58 has been released. It has a little known bug in the sound tab, making it crash, so you can expect a fix very soon. It seems there are also some problems downloading it from FilePlanet, but don't worry too much. You can get your latest MAME32 from and Retrogames, for example.

There aren't enough updates
Posted by pi at at 12:15AM [GMT]
M.A.S.H. has already made an update, releasing MameInfo 3.81. The first bugs have been added, as well as the -listinfo changes and his recommended games list. As well, he has rewritten the Mameinfo source, and surprise surprise, he has also updated his PCB info's pack to 0.58. Pay him a visit and *help* him with the release dates and more PCB infos! I can't repeat it enough times...

Back To The Future (hey z...)
Posted by pi at at 12:13AM [GMT]
Did you think they would rest after a release? No! Gridle already gives us expectatives for the now pretty far next MAME release. The MAME WIP page has been updated with... A HanaHo game? The same ones of HotRod? Wow... The game is Rapid Fire, check the screenshots. There are also other nice fixes and additions, don't forget that in that page you can also read.

Get over your addiction
Posted by pi at at 12:12AM [GMT]
To desintoxicate a bit from so many emulation, you could visit hardMVS. There you can find flyers, tech manuals, cab pics... All things Neo-Geo, from the hardware point of view. A very interesing site, IMHO (tho I have no idea of Neo-Geo hardware!) If you're interested in the real thing, that's a good place! I saw the link at ARH, thanx Guru-Choc.

Thursday 7 February

CAESAR updated, dats for your RM
Posted by pi at at 12:56AM [GMT]
Yes, Logiqx has done it again, and one day after the MAME release, some hundreds of pages on CAESAR have been updated. Logiqx forgot to tell me exactly how many and in what way, so you have to walk thru the thousand pages here to discover it yourself. Tough task!
And even when he didn't tell me, I've noticed that in Logiqx's homepage you can find dats for MAME 0.58, changes from last version, Neo-Geo, MAME artwork, and MAME samples. And also dats for Nebula and NeoJukebox (those ones were tough, uh?)

Wednesday 6 February

Shameless spanish Neo-plug
Posted by pi at at 11:09PM [GMT]
More than glad to rest a bit of so much MAME. At Emulatronia I saw that NeoRAGEX has a version for Windows XP. More over, it's in spanish! I wonder where this version came from... Go to Emulatronia for that version.

Nebula's transparencies again
Posted by pi at at 11:03PM [GMT]
Kaervek said in you-know-where that SNX has released transparencies packs for the classic Campcom shoot'em'ups 1941 and 19XX. Since the site is in portuguese, I hope the guy doesn't mind that I place a direct download.

More MAME bits
Posted by pi at at 10:48PM [GMT]
Well I hope I can finish soon, too much MAME for one day. At The MAME32 qa/test and art dept. you can find screenshots and icons for 0.58, as well as their dats to keep your collection up-to-date.
As well, in the ClrMAMEPro homepage you can find some updated dats for artwork, samples, cabs, and well, you get it. All the dats for this powerful rom manager.
At the MAME Testers site you can also expect more movement than usual. They always welcome some help, so you can go there for helping on bug finding as well as to keep informed of the glitches in MAME. Be sure to read their Rules for Reporting!
Finally, I've seen at SYS2064 that Till has made a little fixfile, only for Buck Rogers, but hey this was a small update too...

M.A.S.H. quick update
Posted by pi at at 10:36PM [GMT]
Ooops, one of my fav dats and I almost missed it! M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo 3.80 is the latest reincarnation and althought it's a bit preliminary for MAME 0.58, I guess you will find it useful. I'll do. M.A.S.H. will add more things, as well as update his MAMEInfo source, FixMAME, etc. soon. When he can. Don't despair M.A.S.H., I have some PCB infos for you! So another thing he will update :)

More MAME ports
Posted by pi at at 10:30PM [GMT]
MAME is probably the most ported arcade emulator, and for example, visit the X-MAME homepage. X-MAME has been updated to 0.58.1. Besides all the new stuff from 0.58, you will find lots of fixes in it, so *nix users, rejoice.
As well, you can find the BeOS binaries at BeEmulated. So BeOS users, rejoice too :)
I guess that 17 ports more or less will be updated in the following days...

MAME flood
Posted by pi at at 10:22PM [GMT]
Well after yesterday's release, we have the usual 1001 projects updates to match with the last MAME 0.58. So while I'm listening to "La Bola de Cristal" and other Alaska's hits, I'll try to post the main things... Hey, including non-MAME things. MAME is not the only emulator, it's just the one with more games :)
  • RocLobsta said at Retrogames that Buck Roger's sampleset and a still incomplete Gridlee sampleset are in MAME's site. However he also mentioned that due to a bug, we can't enjoy the samples in Buck Roger until next release...
  • The MAME's samples page also lists which samplesets are no longer needed. They are only four, I thought they were more :-?
  • sent me their newsletter into my mailbox announcing that they already have the complete 0.58 rom collection. And that even when this was a relatively small update, they might have to restrict access to registered users. I'm registered, you should too ;)
  • Logiqx hasn't updated CAESAR yet, but you can expect that for very soon, as well as the usual dats on his homepage.
  • RocLobsta also mentioned that CrashTest's shots are updated for 0.58. CrashTest has title screen and ingame shots, like me. He has much more in his homepage than just the shots, check it.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud of introducing you...
Posted by pi at at 12:56AM [GMT]
Yes! After announcing a new XOR release and main emus updates, I also wanted to post about this: MAME 0.58 has been released. It's the "5 years old" edition, happy fifth anniversary to MAME and to all the mamedevs behind it. Nicola, your creature is still growing healthy!
So no more MAME WIP, now we have the real thing, all the changes made on January. So let's make a brief look of what's new:
  • Fixed the VLM5030 emulation. This means no needed samples on Punch Out, Track & Field, to name some... On the other hand, Buck Rogers got a sampleset.
  • The "sharp" blitter, as we all know it would be there... :)
  • Many source changes, for programmers... Too tecchie for me!
  • Four MAME testers bugs, including the artwork one form 0.57. Great!
And now what all you want to know: New games? Yes, of course. To name a few, Captain America, Lemmings (prototype), Alpha One (Major Havoc prototype),and I guess some more not listed on the whatsnew.txt file. Now go and grab the sources and binaries (dos & win, normal and i686 available), and also that Buck sampleset. From where? From your nearest MAME homepage.

Posted by pi at at 12:46AM [GMT]
Does this work?
I can't believe it!
Sorry for the triple post last night, I guess some of you had a laugh. Well something went wrong, here at CAESAR we checked all we could check, the CGI's simply won't work and we were unable to fix or add any news... One hour ago Logiqx sent word to the admins that the CGI's didn't had some writing privileges and suprise surprise: they just took one hour instead of one week on getting it fixed! That's cool, thanks guys. I will post some news while this keeps working... I hope it doesn't stop again!

Tuesday 5 February

Flyers in the sky with diamonds
Posted by pi at at 12:25AM [GMT]
After some days waiting for an update (I wanted to post an update of this), I can say that The Arcade Flyers has 8 new additions. Rather interesting, but to know why you have to go there ;)

Mayhem mode on!!!! Yeah! :)
Posted by pi at at 12:12AM [GMT]
If you still want to check those Steel Force and Flyball screenshots, visit MAME WIP for February. Right now the MAME WIP page has changed again with the Lemmings Prototype. That's a great addition, I loved that game, it's still one of my favs. Brian, thanks for the driver, Guru and Mike thanks for the board, you rock! Since it's a proto, not many people even saw it... But Lemmings... Oh I think I'm gonna cry... What a great addition!!!! Sorry for getting emotional :)

Monday 4 February

Another neighbour to welcome
Posted by pi at at 11:51PM [GMT]
We are glad to welcome another emulator in CAESAR. Tom Walker's creature is called Yet Another Arcade Machine Emulator, of in short, YAAME. Currently YAAME 0.2 supports some classics like Bomb Jack, Donkey Kong, Pac Man, Space Invaders, and more games with 2 words on the name. Also with one word on the name :)
It's still in early stages of development and emulation is not perfect, but I am glad that people still creates new emulators, and specially glad that Tom supports classics.
Now we have to say our apologies to Tom cause it took us one eon to add YAAME to CAESAR. We were sick and then we forgot where our brain was... Welcome Tom, may your emu grow well. Visit him at his homepage.

A really explosive game
Posted by pi at at 10:41PM [GMT]
Word from Erik: JEmu adds Bomb Jack. Now you can play in your Java-enabled browser this true classic. That's what I call "instant portability" :) Plus I never was very good playing Bomb Jack. Maybe it's time to have some more training.
Somehow right now the main page doesn't show the changes. I hope it changes soon, until then you can play in the Bomb Jack JEmu page.

And another one
Posted by pi at at 10:16PM [GMT]
Lately I'm posting lots of MAME WIP updates. The mamedevs are frenzy, or just Gridle likes to update the page everyday. Or both. D. Haywood submitted that Steel Force driver we saw yesterday in the "Unemulated" page. S. Jokisch sumbitted a Flyball driver, which is like the graphical antitesis of Steel Force. However it's nice to see two games, one very old and the other very new, coexisting peacefully in the WIP page. MAME does it again!
Go to the MAME WIP page to watch the screenshots and tidbits. RG told me again ;)

Sunday 3 February

Look inside your pocket
Posted by pi at at 10:45PM [GMT]
Slow weekend? Want to help but don't know programming or these things? The guys at are again in need of donations to help pay the bandwidth that surely *you* are using. CPS2Shock also wants donations as usual. Arcade Rom Heaven too! I don't have much money but I'm working with some strange cart to get some bucks for them. I guess more sites also want and need donations, maybe someone should keep a list?

Another unemulated saga
Posted by pi at at 10:20PM [GMT]
I've noticed that the Unemulated page changes almost daily. This time we can find a nice step by step WIP progress of the game Steel Force. A game from Barcelona? :) Right now it seems it still needs polishment, but let's hope that again Haywood does it. I have to get in touch with him, certainly.

NJ's creature getting inside all MAME's
Posted by pi at at 10:13PM [GMT]
If you like Neo-Geo, if you like MAME, if you like Macs... You will like to know that GeoMAME 0.57b has been released. GeoMAME is an enhanced version of MacMAME which supports only Neo-Geo hardware. One of the additions, NJ's Neo-Geo driver, will please all Mac users, as well as the usual autofire, combos, CPU (over)clock, etc, etc, etc...

Captain what and the Who??
Posted by pi at at 4:19PM [GMT]
Another MAME WIP for all of us. This time the "main" news are apparently the almost perfect emulation of Captain America and the Avengers. The screenshots are nice. But I would say that the big hit is the ARM CPU core which will allow in the future more games to be emulated. The WIP explains a bit about that, as well as the addition of Grand Cross Pinball and other works in your biggest open source emulator. Go and check the MAME WIP, you know you want it!
Thanks to Atila for the news (I almost got it by myself this time!)

Capcom classics shrine moves host
Posted by pi at at 4:12PM [GMT]
I have to confess that I've never been a big fan of the GNG series, but since Rene has hosted his Ghouls'n Ghosts Tribute page on Retrogames, I guess I could put a little plug here :) In that site you can find lots of info and stuff on the GNG series as well as the Commando game.

All my apologies
Posted by pi at at 1:28PM [GMT]
How could I have miss that????? I'm sorry... All I can say is...
Happy Groundhog Day! Better late than never...
I'm going to watch the movie for 37th time to check if it has an arcade in it. Maybe I missed it the other times! Also celebrate that tomorrow I will be home alone for 12 days :)

Lethal Fighting
Posted by pi at at 12:36AM [GMT]
I've seen in the boards lots of hype about the latests fighting games, technics to do combos and supers and ex and whatever, but there are still some good fighters which are already quite classic. For all of you MK lovers, I've seen a post on the MAME Board about where to get some information about Mortal Kombat ROM hacks.

Saturday 2 February

Not all days are good days
Posted by pi at at 11:52PM [GMT]
I was "lurking" for news and saw in ARH a sad link for some screenshots of King of Fighters 2001. Which more or less means it's already emulated, at least the screenshots look like taken with an emulator. I already saw it commented in the boards, but until now I didn't saw the snaps. For me these are negative news, in my opinion such a recent game already emulated hurts the arcade business, and without arcade business, there will be no new arcade games. This is about emulation, about preservation, not about warez!

There aren't enough screenshots for me
Posted by pi at at 11:38PM [GMT]
I've visited today Emulation Status, Warlock's project for documenting arcade games, as well as screenshots and "emulation status" too. Today (for yesterday) he made an update, adding 16 new games to the database (for example the Arcade Classics proto), and updating 19 games (for example the one where I discovered Morrigan. Go and enjoy some screenshots of both emulated and unemulated games. A good site to surf in when there are no other things to do (like making smart posts in the boards). Why do you think I was there? ;)

Too much PacMAME for you...
Posted by pi at at 11:26PM [GMT]
And another PacMAME update! This time you can find lots and lots of manuals and schematics for different PacMan machines, I guess that some collectors will appreciate those. Also some other stuff useful for playing PacMAME. You know what it is, you want it, go there and get it...

Saturday WIP fever
Posted by pi at at 7:43PM [GMT]
There's a new MAME WIP. Mug Smashers should be in next MAME, it looks much better than yesterday's snaps on the Unemulated page. Anyway if you go there now, there are even more screenshots showing how the driver got improved step by step, quite interesting. Also that colorful game which was in that page (Noboranka) appears in the current WIP. Does that mean that this page is maintained by D. Haywood? :)
Other nice things are artwork improvements and additions to our favorite classics. This is a really nice WIP to me! Go and check the full list, there's more!

I'm here, I'm here!
Posted by pi at at 2:08AM [GMT]
I want everyone to notice that I've changed my e-mail address to starting just today, so from now on I'll try that everything emu-related goes thru it. Send me news/WIP/rumours there please!
The first use I made of that address is here.
Remark: Where are all those news posters applicants????

A gordian knot with sourcecode?
Posted by pi at at 2:00AM [GMT]
There's a MAME variation based on another MAME variation, so between variations, AdvanceMAME+ (notice the plus) got updated up to 0.57.3. It features the fast NJ's NeoGeo driver for better NeoGeo experience for people like me with a rather not very new computer, also TourneMAME's System 32 driver. Also some simulation (cool!) and a few more bits, . Seen it at The largest MAME resource on the net, word by KiLLerCloWn (boy my shift key got dizzy).

Get in synch at 59.63Hz
Posted by pi at at 1:43AM [GMT]
There's a CPS2-only version of VsyncMAME, posted just today. It's a compile of MAME 0.57 with the newest CPS2 drivers from cps2mame, and it's for i686. VsyncMAME is designed for arcade monitors, so I guess it's not for me... Yet.
Have you noticed that the page is but in the page they call the emu VsyncMAME without the H?

RetroFood for your ears
Posted by pi at at 1:36AM [GMT]
There's a new show available at RetroGaming Radio. In times like these I cry for not being able to understand spoken english. That's why I can't really tell you if they talk about anything arcade. Thanks again to PeterD for allowing me to steal his news :-p

Historically true, I ratify myself
Posted by pi at at 1:36AM [GMT]
FandeMAME has released an update of history.dat. This dat contains historical information (oh really? I wouldn't have figured ever...) about many games in MAME. This time it has information for 30 more games, and I guess some fixes and additions to other games. Certainly an interesting read even withouy MAME itself. Thanks to PeterD and Till for the hint.

But mug wasn't a kind of cup? And what about "mug shots"?
Posted by pi at at 1:21AM [GMT]
There are some screenshots of another MAME driver in WIP stage, the game is called Mug Smashers and the screenshots and some comments can be found in the Unemulated page. It still doesn't look like a game, it reminds me of a mixture between a psychedelic card game and the drawing of a garden by Picasso. Let's hope it gets better :)

More PacMan in your life
Posted by pi at at 1:10AM [GMT]
I'm getting intrigued about when the next version of PacMame will be out. There's another WIP update about this PacMan-only MAME variant. I guess there is a limit about how many PacGames can you put in an emulator, but I hope these guys don't find the limit in a long time.

Friday 1 February

Better late than never
Posted by pi at at 11:53PM [GMT]
No one can say I haven't post anything today ;)

NewsPro Archive

January 2002

Thursday 31 January

A personal note
Posted by pi at at 11:55PM [GMT]
I've been posting news for one week, and I'd like to thank everyone who has sent me support/cheers emails, you know who you are. For the ones who sent gross emails, go to here. To the one about the necrophilia, this. But mainly thanks to the rest! Also kudos to the other news posters who featured me in such nice sites :)
Besides that, it has been one month since I've stopped smoking. My target is closer everyday. It's possible, so you could also try. Soon my board sig will change to reflect it :)
I was going to mention that I almost didn't come today, that probably tomorrow I will not be here, that we want another news poster... But ZERO is the number of people who contacted me about that. So, again, read yesterday's last post again, and think about it... We want your help!
And to finish, Morrigan is much more cute, smart, fast, powerful, sexy, gorgeous and also has more you-know-what than Lilith. Just that Lilith has a couple of funny moves.

Not even a little clue! Help!
Posted by pi at at 11:36PM [GMT]
If you go here you can see some colorful and good looking snapshots of an arcade game. The problem is, I don't remember who is the maintainer of that page, nor the name of the page. Plus, I don't know the name of that game and I don't know any far east language (I suposse) to even read the title. I think it will be for MAME but that's again only my guess. Nonetheless the game looks good and it reminds me of a similar game...
Not bad for a news poster, this really shows my knowledge :)

Has anyone seen my X-Ray glasses?
Posted by pi at at 11:23PM [GMT]
DarkSoul has created another transparencies pack, this time for King of Fighters '98, and he has released it on this Emumania forum post. Transparencies are a feature of the spanish emulator Nebula, give it a try! Thanks to Kaervek for the news.
Update: As the other day, the link you have to download says "". Maybe this guy will do bilingual transpacks releases :)

Lots of info for your MAME
Posted by pi at at 11:16PM [GMT]
I've always thought that he's a busy guy, cause he keeps updating often. M.A.S.H.'s MameInfo 3.76 is available, with the latest bugs, WIP news, blips and bits, and all the rest. He is still wanting help with Arcade release dates, PCB infos, and other things, so go there and take a look while you download this DIFF-Update. Thanks to MameWorld for letting us know.

Already its no-birthday!
Posted by pi at at 10:55PM [GMT]
Everyone has a birthday, and Laser is no exception. MetaFox's little creature was 2 years old yesterday. Quite old for an emulator. Laser has been ported to a variety of platforms, it supports cool classics, and has a cute name. Talking about the name, shouldn't it be changed to Maser? ;)
Happy Birthday Laser!
Update: Forgot to mention that you could pay him a visit and read what he posted in the site regarding Laser's bday...

Wednesday 30 January

Your chance to become famous... :)
Posted by pi at at 11:55PM [GMT]
If you like the arcade world from Pacman to Garou, if you are interested in the arcade emulation community, if you want to post news and you are able to do it regularly (and with less mistakes than me), then you have to know that here at CAESAR we are searching for another news poster. I can't do everything (tho I would like).
The only requirements are: being able to write in english, some experience with arcade emulators, an eye to search for news, and less than eight mental disorders. You will not earn too much money, but you will get lots of good karma.
If you think you have the skills and the wills, please send me an email about you, so Logiqx and me are able to choose someone suitable. If we receive more than one application, I mean :) Don't be scared of writing for long, we want to know about who are we going to "hire"...

More superheroes for your emulator
Posted by pi at at 11:42PM [GMT]
I've seen word over at Retrogames that in The Guru's ROM Dump News you can see screenshots of a game called Captain America And The Avengers, which I never heard of before, or saw in the arcades, but nonetheless it looks cool and another success in emulation. Brian Troha said in Retrogames something more about the upcoming MAME driver by Brian McPhail. But since he told it to Retrogames and not me, go there to read the full (short) story. Don't forget to take a look on the screenshots!

Another one in the family
Posted by pi at at 11:26PM [GMT]
I've seen in this Emum@nia forum post some nice screenshots of what seems to be Metal Slug 4... At the end of the comments there is a story both in spanish and english, I think if you like all the Metal Slug games, you might find it interesting to read.
Update: You can also get screenshots at Thanks to PeterD for the hint.

About a man who looked like a pizza
Posted by pi at at 11:18PM [GMT]
You know I don't really like to just put the list of what you can find on a WIP page. For example, PacMame has updated its WIP with some good news after some long time. But you can go there and read by yourself. Instead I like to use the news space to tell silly things, for example, that I also like PacMan :) Who doesn't?
And also PacMame, what do you think? Hacks are also fun, besides it seems PacMame also has some strange bootlegs and systems related to PacMan...

Welcome to, stranger
Posted by pi at at 11:11PM [GMT]
One of the biggest MAME "resource" sites,, has enabled again anonymous downloads. Maybe just in time to disable them again for the next 0.58 release? :) That could sound bad, but it could be good.

Your chance to help
Posted by pi at at 1:28AM [GMT]
Ooops... I forgot that I saw earlier on the boards this new MAME forum called MAME FAQ update project. With that name you can imagine what you can find there... So go there and try to contribute :)
Or you can play Name That Game in the Fun/Fluff board. No prizes but priceless fun.

See-thru Soul Fist
Posted by pi at at 12:19AM [GMT]
I've read at Emum@nia about a transparencies package for Nebula, made by DarkSoul. It's for the game Vampire Savior 2. Personally I prefer Vampire Savior for Morrigan, but well... You can get it from this post. It's the link which says "" :)

Tuesday 29 January

Looking in a crystal ball
Posted by pi at at 11:33PM [GMT]
I've been wondering around Theo's Page of Emulated Games and found a nice list of non-emulated games. You can find many things there, but I found specially interesting the list of games in development and the list of unemulated but dumped games. Don't go asking for ROMs, but it's nice to see what the future can bring... And yes I write my own news headers :-p

Make your own emulator
Posted by pi at at 11:31PM [GMT]
Again LCC-Win32 has been updated, again I can't tell you what's new in it. If you're interested in emulator development, you can have some info at HowToEmulation, which had a cool facelift finished just today. Or you could visit this Emulator Programming board, for example.
I've heard that programming emulators is addictive ;)

Another great classic playing in a browser near you
Posted by pi at at 8:15PM [GMT]
Things I don't like: my cat bitting my ear while I sleep. Things I like: JEmu with more games! This time Erik told me that now there's support for Galaxian, which was one of the first arcade games I played. I'm going to test it right now... Don't forget that JEmu has sound for many games and also autoframeskip :)

Those lovely arcade peripherals
Posted by pi at at 8:15PM [GMT]
I was ranting cause I'm 101% broke and I can't afford a HotRod or a X-Arcade, and then PeterD told me about his
Retro Sidewinder Hack Project, where he explains how to "hack" a gamepad to build a real arcade joystick. The needed Happ Controls parts aren't very expensive, around 32 USD, and then wires, solder, some wood...
I have to admit that I don't understand all the english terms, but it doesn't seem too difficult or complex, he explains everything pretty well and there are lots of pictures. So if you have the ability, you can try! Certainly it's much cheaper, and you will feel proud of yourself when you use your own-made joystick :) You might also want to pay a visit to Arcade Controls.
Now we only need someone to tell us how to make our own Q-Sound speakers :-?

Posted by pi at at 2:08AM [GMT]
After succesfully changing my nick on the boards, I've seen that Gridle has updated the MAME WIP page once again.
I don't like to list what's on the whatsnew.txt or in the change list... So go there and watch the nice pics by yourself :)
Did I win this time, PeterD? :-p

Monday 28 January

Expand your horizons with KGB
Posted by pi at at 10:50PM [GMT]
You don't have to play with your favorite emulator alone in your computer. Kaillera Game Battles, or in short KGB, offers tournaments, one on one games, a cool ranking system, and I think even some prizes. I have to say that the site design is great!
If you don't know, Kaillera allows multiplayer games in several emulators. Btw, it was recently updated. Anyone wants a Tetris match? Tho in Kaillera's ranking, the oldest game in the top ten is from 1996... Where are the classic gamers? :)
Thanks to Retrogames for the tip (again).

One MAME for everyone
Posted by pi at at 10:13PM [GMT]
Here you can find many emulator ports for many platforms other than DOS/Windows, but without any doubt MAME is the king of portings. This time Travis Coady has updated PhMAME up to 0.57.2. PhMAME is the Photon-native port of X-MAME for the QNX Realtime Platform (uh?) I don't have QNX, I don't have Photon, I don't really know what's new. But surely someone out there will like these news :)

All your cheat are belong to us
Posted by pi at at 12:15AM [GMT]
Mike Haggar has updated his FBA/Nebula/Kawaks Cheat Archive up to 0.2.5. Now it's in sync with the last releases of Final Burn Alpha, Nebula and Kawaks. This update includes cheats for the latest games and also new cheats for other games, and you know what, I think I'm going to test them right now with Morrigan & Chun Li against the rest :)

Sunday 27 January

Calice with MvsC
Posted by pi at at 11:34PM [GMT]
David Rainegard has released Calice 0.5.4. It "only" adds support for Marvel vs Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes. I guess it's cause Calice is good enough to not need many more things ;)

M.A.S.H.'s Mameinfo
Posted by pi at at 11:28PM [GMT]
Here I come again with more MAME things. M.A.S.H. has released MameInfo.dat 3.76, which includes the latest WIP, the latest bugs, the latest everything, as well as some corrections to the dat. Besides MameInfo, in M.A.S.H.'s page you can find many things, for example how to add Pirate Pete to the current MAME 0.57, PCB infos, Arcade at the Movies, arcade release dates...

Suggest improvements for Nebula 2.0
Posted by pi at at 7:18PM [GMT]
I was going to tell you something about JEmu, but it seems I took too much time searching for all the MAME things... So I'll jump over it and tell you that ElSemi, the author of Nebula, is asking for suggestions about what would you like to see in Nebula 2.0. If you're interested you can go to the right Retrogames forum post and tell him your ideas. There's also a small note from him about some WIP. Thanks again to you know who for the news.

And even more MAME
Posted by pi at at 7:01PM [GMT]
It's not strange that I've not finished yet telling new things about MAME. A little bird called PeterD told me that Fandemame released MAME Fanbuild v0.57.4 which among other new things has already support for Pirate Pete. Aldo also released a frontend specially for this MAME version, get it at Aldo's Tools.
Then at MameWorld I've read about a new release of an unnoficial hiscore.dat, Leezer updated it to version 7.91. Also there I saw about MAMEWah, a frontend for the official windows build of MAME.
Now I hope I've finished with MAME for today!

JEmu News
Posted by logiqx at at 6:56PM [GMT]
Erik dropped me a line about JEmu. He has added support for Donkey Kong Jr. and improved rendering performance in Solomon's Key. Well, the latter is basically a total hack which goes at the expense of emulation accuracy, but it that's hardly noticable. If you want (which I doubt) you can disable the hack with the 'p' key.

Check out the JEmu home page.

More MAME backdrops
Posted by pi at at 6:17PM [GMT]
Continuing with MAME, Vicerator posted in the MAME Official Forum about source code changes and backdrop additions so you can have artwork in Space Invaders, Space Invaders Deluxe and Boothill.
If you're lucky enough to know how to compile MAME, go to Vicerator's 8080bw Artwork page and you will be rewarded. They look very good. If you don't know how to compile, then you could go to check the Logiqx's Howto (shameless plug) or to the MAME's Howto.
Thanks to Prophet for the news. Btw, yes, Retrogames has been set as the start page in my netbrowser for more than a year :)

MAME - Work in progress
Posted by pi at at 6:02PM [GMT]
Hey, not all days I can see my name featured in Retrogames, and there is where I saw the last MAME WIP report. There are lots of new things, bugfixes and improvements, new games and clones, and also a dozen of screenshots from various games. Some of the additions already were mentioned here and there, like the sharp blitter and Alpha One...
I'd like to remark the addition of Pirate Pete thanks to M.A.S.H. I remember that game from when I was a kid :)

Saturday 26 January

Compressed nanonews
Posted by pi at at 11:14PM [GMT]
How could I've passed over this. Logiqx has new dats for Nebula 1.97. Since those are very short news, I'll add some small news you could find interesting:
  • ARH pointed to this Wired article mentioning MAME, MAMEWorld, and some other arcade-ish things.
  • BeEmulated said that the BEOS port of X-MAME 0.57 has sound finally. I think that's what those news mean :)
  • The free compiler for Windows called LCC-Win32 has been updated. Version number? What's a version number? As well, MinGW (used by MAME for example) updated msys to v1.0.4.
  • VSyncMAME was updated to 0.57.4, updating the Q-Sound core. I think. (reading japanese is not one of my abilities)
It seems that I steal too much news from here and there, and then I translate them into engrish. Thanks to all the news sites!

Two Final Burn Alpha on the same day
Posted by pi at at 10:12PM [GMT]
There was one release announced, but we got two! I've seen at  CPS2Shock that Final Burn Alpha v0.2.5 has been released, just an hour after v0.2.4. There's not much new:
  • Support for the last XOR'ed CPS-2 game: Marvel vs Capcom.
  • Fixed the Darkstalkers driver which changed the parent to the euro version.
  • v0.2.4 was translated to spanish.
  • v0.2.5 fixed a bug regarding the menu/cheat engine placed only in the english version.
But it's enough for me :) So you can get the spanish v0.2.4 or the english v0.2.5 either at CP-Systems 2 Turbo or at CPS2Shock.

And more blitters???
Posted by pi at at 7:02PM [GMT]
While you wait for the FBA release announced for today, you could check what the lucky guys over at Retrogames got from John IV. It's an unnoficial MAME32 version with a new sharper effect and support for the recently XOR'ed Marvel vs Capcom. Thanks to Atila for the news and sorry for stealing the news :)

M1 could have the games you want
Posted by pi at at 1:11PM [GMT]
R.Belmont left a post in the forums where he accepts suggestions for adding games to the sound emulator M1. Hey this doesn't happen all days! You can suggest many games, go and read the post. He also mentions the possibility of changing the name in this thread in other forum. Thanks to PeterD for the news.

Friday 25 January

Better late than never
Posted by pi at at 11:37PM [GMT]
I found this a couple of days ago, and even when they are old news, I think it's worth to remind everyone that you can find the first issue of Zzap!Raine in the RAINE site. It's a nice online magazine about classic arcade games (what else!) Recommended for all gamers!

Aaron hits again
Posted by pi at at 11:15PM [GMT]
Aaron Giles is not only a very active (and very good) programmer in our little arcade emulation world, he also enlighten us with his personal emulation history in his recently updated MAME Memories. He also mentions about a Major Havoc prototype called Alpha One added to MAME.

Laser still awake
Posted by pi at at 7:13PM [GMT]
Steven has told me that Laser is having some nanonews after a month, not in its homepage but in Steven also works in the emulator, and he will also post some WIP snaps soon. If anyone knows where Metafox is, I think Steven will appreciate the info :)

Four more games for JEmu
Posted by pi at at 1:27AM [GMT]
JEmu has been updated by Erik and four new games made their way in: Van Van Car (with sound), Dreamshopper (with sound), Frogger, and Yie Ar KungFu which also adds another cpu to this java emulator.

Thursday 24 January

A bit of everything to catch up.
Posted by pi at at 11:39PM [GMT]
I better make a mix to list the most important things happening lately:
  • After some time M.I.A., The Beaver has post some news regarding an upcoming release of MIMIC, you can read about it and about more Emluator stuff in ARH. Still go to its homepage to check for the arcade-related news.
  • This must be the most funny animation about any arcade game I've ever seen, in this case it's about Pong. And not arcade but very very funny, the videoclip of the song Yatta!
  • How could I've passed this! Logiqx has placed new datafiles for CPS-2 and ACE 1.8, and some more MAME Flyers for your enjoyment.
  • RAINE's new WIP. Enough said.
  • CAESAR gets a fresh news poster. How long will he last before being attacked by Real Life Syndrome?
Thanks to all the emulation news sites for the news :)

Hello Hello
Posted by pi at at 11:15PM [GMT]
I'd like to say hi to everyone out there. I'm new in posting news, first time was today some minutes ago. I'll help Logiqx and Rob with keeping CAESAR a bit more up-to-date. RLS can be tough sometimes, don't blame them. Yes I'm that crazy one who made 5,000 MAME snapshots in one month. If you're curious about why I write so badly, I'm spanish, and I only write in engrish.

MAME on progress...
Posted by pi at at 11:04PM [GMT]
You're also in time to check yesterday's MAME WIP update. You can check by yourself the adding of Angel Kids and Tecmo Bowl, as well as nice news about speech emulation in the VLM3050 and other interesting things. No more samples needed! :)

Also a mention to the excellent and just updated MAMEInfo dat, a work by M.A.S.H. which not only includes the latest WIP, but also all the info you need for bugs, recommended games, and much more.

CPS-2 mayhem
Posted by pi at at 10:52PM [GMT]
If you haven't done yet, you're still in time to pay a visit over CPS2Shock and enjoy the five XOR releases they made. As well you can get from there an updated CPS2MAME to try the XOR's, but you can also get a new Kawaks 1.41 or  Nebula 1.97. Both of them support the last releases, they have bug fixes and Nebula includes the ability to have transparent sprites. For the non spanish readers wanting Nebula, head on the CPS2Shock downloads page to get it.

Saturday 19 January

Real Life Syndrome
Posted by rob at at 3:37AM [GMT]
Hey all, sorry about the spotty news posting lately. Real Life is a harsh mistress.

Posted by rob at at 3:36AM [GMT]
There's news to be read at the RAINE WIP Page:

- qsound emulation for cps1 games
- exact music tempo for all the games which had problems with the music tempo, with no noticeable speed loss... Cool !!!
- dynamic speed hacks for some cps1 games -> good speed improvement. I stil need to find a few more of these speed hacks though...

MAME Flyers Pack #16
Posted by rob at at 3:18AM [GMT]
John Hardy IV has the latest MAME Flyers pack at The MAME32 QA/Test and Art Dept.

P.S. Congrats on your wedding, John!

Posted by rob at at 3:15AM [GMT]
VsyncMAME has been updated, including an improved qsound.c driver.

XMAME 0.57.1
Posted by rob at at 3:12AM [GMT]
Lawrence Gold scores one for the Tuxheads with a new version of XMAME:

  • Everything from MAME 0.57.
  • src/cpu/z80.c now builds with gcc 3.0.x using -O3. (Andrea Mazzoleni)
  • Fixed a minor typo in src/cpuintrf.c. (Quench)
  • Fixed a bug in src/vidhrdw/nmk16.c that caused bad/leftover sprites in gunnail. (David Haywood)
  • Added experimental network support. To enable it, uncomment MAME_NET=1 in the makefile. See src/unix/doc/multiplayer-readme.txt. (Steve Freeland)

Joust for JAE
Posted by rob at at 3:07AM [GMT]
Norbert Kehrer has given the world Joust in a browser, thanks to an addition to his Java emulator, JAE, bringing the game total to 39!

MAME 0.57 - K6 Build
Posted by rob at at 3:04AM [GMT]
AMD rox...and here's the build that proves it :p. Shonk has compiled and posted the latest MAME for those of us who prefer processors that double as mug warmers. It's yours with a trip to Shonk's Mame K6 Page.

PhMAME 0.57.1
Posted by rob at at 3:00AM [GMT]
If you use the QNX Realtime Platform, then you got MAME! PhMAME is a Photon-native port of MAME designed for you. Check it out at the PhMAME Homepage.

MAME Status
Posted by rob at at 2:48AM [GMT]
(I really must do this more often...) Here's the latest and not-so-latest from MAME Status:

Brad Oliver fixed a few compilation problems in MAME 0.57.

Phil Stroffolino provided a quick and dirty fix for the Namco NA1/2 games.
David Haywood fixed the bad sprites in Gunnail.

William Kucharski re-submitted a lot of cocktail mode support and other small fixes for various drivers.

Andrea Mazzoleni partially fixed a bug in compiling the Z80 CPU core with GCC 3.0.x.

David Haywood added Gunforce 2 to the IREM M-92 driver, but it lacks sound and has a few minor graphics glitches.

David Haywood added a newer version ROM set to the Mysterious Stones driver.

Lawrence Gold forwarded some minor compilation fixes to the source.
Paul Priest added preliminary protection emulation to the Tokio driver, but it is not yet perfect.

Zsolt Vasvari and Jim Hernandez added sound sample support to the Buck Rogers driver.

Uki fixed a few graphics glitches in The Fairyland Story, and submitted a driver for Quiz DNA no Hanran and Quiz Gakuen Paradise.

Aaron Giles reported some progress on a major core rework, changing machine drivers to a macro system and automatizing timer and video drivers resource management.

Acho A. Tang submitted a modification to the IREM GA20 sound chip emulation, which partially fixes some sample pitch problems in the IREM M-92 driver.

Chris Hardy added sound emulation to Gunforce 2.

David Haywood fixed DIP switch settings and added sound emulation to the Welltris driver.

Stephane Humbert submitted a patch to make Tee'd Off playable.

Aaron Giles sent in the major core rework, adding much more macroization, adding automatic resource management for bitmaps and timers, obsoleting the old interrupt system and adding generic NVRAM handlers.
Aaron Giles also added a preliminary Bradley Trainer driver, however the controls and colors are not correct.

David Haywood re-submitted several drivers and clones to work with the newest core changes.
Quench corrected the internal behaviour of interrupt handling in the i8039 CPU core.

Bryan McPhail fixed some of the Win32 port files to make them compile with Visual C.

Calice 0.5.2
Posted by rob at at 2:45AM [GMT]
A couple of weeks ago (sigh), David Raingeard twice-improved Calice:

Calice32 Release 0.5.2 (3rd Jan 2002)
  • Added Striker 1945 Plus support
Calice32 Release 0.5.0 (2nd Jan 2002)
  • Added Rockman 2 (Japan)
  • Added Street Fighter Zero 2 (Asia 960227)
  • Added Marvel Super Heroes (Asia 951024)
  • Added Darkstalkers (Asia 940705)
  • Added Vampire Savior (Euro 970519)
  • Added Nightmare in the Dark (Encrypted gfx)
  • Added Metal Slug 3 (not encrypted)
  • Added Prehistoric Isle 2 (Encrypted gfx)
  • Added The King of Fighters 2000 (Decrypted set)
  • Fixed 3 wonders puzzle part
  • Fixed small palette bug
  • Multi-thread load game dialog
  • Blit performance increase in fullscreen modes
  • Added V-liner thanks to elsemi (neogeo)
  • No scanlines fullscreen video plugin
  • Fixed golden axe player selection screen bug (system16)
  • Fixed shadow dancer movie (system18)
  • Added big karnak (gaelco)
  • Added biomechanical toy (gaelco)
  • Added support for gaelco system 1
  • Added ym2610 emulation for neogeo games
  • Slightly better sega system18 emulation
  • Added speed control support for sega games
  • Switched to 555 palette instead of the old 444 (neogeo)
  • Added a display all/only available games option
  • Fixed a bug in the unified controllers plugins (USB gamepad problem)

MAME 0.57 for BeOS
Posted by rob at at 2:37AM [GMT]
Yoshi has updated his Allegro MAME port (for the Be operating system) to the latest version, available at

AdvanceMAME v0.57.0
Posted by rob at at 2:34AM [GMT]
Andrea Mazzoleni has prepared a fresh version of AdvanceMAME:

  • Improved the SMP performance. Now the blit stage is completely done by the second thread without any bitmap copy.
  • Added a Console Frame Buffer video driver for Linux.
  • Added the 'misc_speed' option to control the speed of the game.
  • Added the 'sound_latency' option to control the size of the sound buffer.
  • Added the 'advs' utility. A wav/mp3 player.
  • Added the 'faq.txt' and 'tips.txt' files.
  • Fixed the 'device_video' option. Now works also for 'advv' and 'advcfg'.
  • Fixed the wrong patch command in the build.txt file.
  • Added latency measure in the advk, advj and advm utilities.
  • Removed the SEAL awe32 driver. The generic SEAL SoundBlaster driver is faster.
  • Solved some problems and a crash bug on the mode selection.
  • Renamed all the 'modeline' options in 'device_video_modeline' in all the .rc files.
  • Solved a bug in the svgaline nv3 driver.
  • Fixed the double mouse support for the DOS version.
  • Fixed the Allegro sound driver volume.
  • Various bugs fixed.

Friday 4 January

Defender in JAE
Posted by logiqx at at 12:42AM [GMT]
Just received a note from Norbert:

"Defender" made by Williams back in 1980. Defender was the first side-scrolling shooter and had brilliant graphics and sound. The controls are rather complex using a lot of buttons, but this is an important part of the Defender feeling. The best thing of all the game are the shots! The complexity, the cool oscillating laser beams, and the martial sound effects make Defender a game for REAL men (and women) ;-).

Go to to enjoy Defender online, right in your browser.

Wednesday 2 January

Posted by logiqx at at 10:07PM [GMT]
Another MAME, another update! CAESAR is now up to date with all the latest information in MAME.

Tuesday 1 January

Posted by rob at at 11:28PM [GMT]
I would like to wish the entire emulation community a Happy New Year. Here's to a peaceful and productive 2002!

MAME Status
Posted by rob at at 11:21PM [GMT]
A brief glimpse into the future, courtesy of MAME Status:

David Graves added Heated Barrel to the Legionnaire driver, but neither of them will be playable without correct MCU emulation.

M1 0.6
Posted by rob at at 11:17PM [GMT]
Version 0.6 of this Model 1 and 2A sound emulator has been released. It can be downloaded from Impact.

Changes from 0.5:
  • Added Japanese Daytona set, corrected badly dumped US set using its ROMs

  • Added WingWar R360 version

  • Added minimal user interface to both Linux and Win32: ESC now exits cleanly (useful for those of you still running DOS-based Windows like 98 and ME) and + and - keys to navigate the tunes for each game.

  • Overall volume boosted substantially. Now you get more of the benefit out of your 16-bit soundcard ;-)

  • Added log-to-.WAV feature

  • Fixed sample addressing glitch that caused some sounds not to play properly (notably the start of VF command #1 has thunder and "whoosh" sounds which were missing in 0.5. This was first fixed in Modeler 0.9.3a).

  • Daytona US version set now uses the sample ROMs from the Japanese set (they're interchangable, and the ones in the original US set were bad). I realize it kinda sucks that you have to duplicate the samples in two zips now, but hey :)

  • Win32 version now uses a statically linked libz so no external DLL should be necessary.
Known problems: (do not waste time on the boards asking about there)
  • Star Wars Arcade doesn't have it's sound ROMs dumped so we are missing out on John Williams goodness. Please somebody rectify this problem.

  • Sample banking isn't 100%, so some songs may sound weird.

  • Model 2B/2C and Model 3 games with only 1 or 2 SCSPs are in the pipeline, but the emulation doesn't yet sound good enough to release. Please be patient :-)

Emu Loader 2.7a
Posted by rob at at 11:13PM [GMT]
Ciro has polished his excellent frontend, Emu Loader. Take a look at what has changed:
  • Fixed a Win2000 / WinXP bug that was preventing EL to execute MAME

    Important note, please read:

    EL works fine with Win2000 and WinXP, only if you don't use long folder names or long filenames. Win9x systems are not affected by this. I don't know when this will be fixed (I need to find out what it's really happening)

  • Added a new option on Preferences screen, under Games List tab called Default Game Icons Folder (by request)

    This option is for the default icons on the games list. Now you can use any set of icons you want. All you need to do, is select a folder that contains all required icons (if one or more files are missing, the icons will not be loaded).

    The default set used is on resources\defaulticons\gameslist folder.

  • The file DefaultIcons.ini is delete from the frontend. It's not needed anymore

  • There is a new text file called el-defaulticons.txt, located in docs folder

    This file has the correct naming for all icons categories. Please, do not modify the names or EL will not load them

    This file can be viewed in View Text Files option (Help main menu)

  • Changed the Vector default icons naming

    Warning: update your default icons files before using this new build!!!

  • Fixed a default game icons bug

    The Unable to replace image error message is gone (when selecting a game)

  • Added a Update button below the Default Game Icons Folder. This button must be clicked to update the icons on games list

  • The alternate set of default icons is on resources\defaulticons\gameslist2 folder

MAME v0.57
Posted by logiqx at at 9:00PM [GMT]
Nicola and the team have just released the latest version of MAME. Head on to the MAME home page for the downloads.