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Wednesday 31 October

Vampire Savior 2 CPS-2 XOR's
Posted by GordonJ at at 8:02PM [GMT]
CPS-2 Shock is celebrating Halloween by releasing the XOR tables for Vampire Savior 2 The Lord of Vampire (Japan 970913)

As Logiqx is away for a couple of days I have made up the new ROM DAT files that include this latest release:

  • Download CPS-2 dat for CMPro

  • Download CPS-2 dat for ROMCenter

  • Please note: these are my own unofficial dat files and do not include the Qsound dats.

    Laser 0.18
    Posted by rob at at 5:49AM [GMT]
    Laser rises above the confines of 8080 processor-based games! The latest version also plays games based on Scramble hardware, and it's all yours at Laser.

    JAE Adds Tetris
    Posted by rob at at 5:46AM [GMT]
    After a long time without a release, Norbert Kehrer as added Tetris to his Java arcade emulator, JAE. Too bad all you Windows XP users have to download the Java SDK separately... ;)

    ClrMamePro 2.30a
    Posted by GordonJ at at 1:16AM [GMT]
    To stop a small amount of confusion about the 2.30 release of ClrMamePro Roman Scherzer released version 2.30a with a small bug fix:
  • fixed that empty filename in "save-missing"

  • Tuesday 30 October

    Control Panels
    Posted by rob at at 6:41AM [GMT]
    Here's the word, directly from EMAM:

    "Smitdogg has produced a fine collection of Control Panel packs to use with Emuloader or any other image displaying MAME frontend...Currently there are 12 packs to download containing 514 images named correctly to MAME 0.55 ROM names."

    ClrMamePro 2.30
    Posted by rob at at 6:38AM [GMT]
    Roman Scherzer has released the latest version of his wonderful rom management tool, ClrMamePro. Enjoy!

    Monday 29 October

    Posted by GordonJ at at 7:17PM [GMT]
    Finally some more pictures over at the Mame WIP Page. The update goes like this:

    29th October 2001:
    Olivier Galibert added tilemap viewing with the F4 key. Jarek Burczynski sent a driver for Forty-Love, but there are some graphics problems.

    Friday 26 October

    LASER 0.17
    Posted by GordonJ at at 8:09PM [BST]
    A new version of Laser has been released. Laser standing for 'Little Arcade System Emulator Releases'. Here's whats new:

  • Yosaku To Donbee is now playable

  • 2 Player Support

  • Preliminary Save State Support thanks to ss_teven.

  • Mimic WIP
    Posted by rob at at 5:07AM [BST]
    The Mimic WIP Page has been updated. Go, Mike, go...

    Thursday 25 October

    Posted by GordonJ at at 3:17PM [BST]
    And the text only MAME WIP's keep on coming:

    25th October 2001:
    Kale submitted a patch for Captain Commando input ports, adding 4 player support.
    William Kucharski added flip screen support to the Ninja Gaiden driver.

    24th October 2001:
    Aaron Giles fixed a bug in scanline rendering which affected Turbo, and he fixed Hard Drivin' from crashing randomly.
    Aaron also added a debugging feature to help tracing the crashes.

    Posted by rob at at 4:31AM [BST]
    I love it, you love it, it's gotta be the MAME WIP Page:

    23rd October 2001:
    Aaron Giles added a debugging feature to the Windows version which allows catching of some memory access bugs.
    William Kucharski submitted a fix for Toy Pop crashing.

    (Much) More Marquees!
    Posted by rob at at 4:30AM [BST]
    Oh, that Eldio! MAME Marquees Packs 12, 13 and 14 are available at EMAM:

    "Three more marquee packs for downloading roughly around 13.5MB each. This is the last of the "redone at 500" massive pack updates so things should be less big and less frequent in the coming months. These three new packs contain 147 images (146 updates, 1 new) which brings the total to 1192 in the archive."

    Wednesday 24 October

    Rom Center 2.31 released
    Posted by GordonJ at at 4:53PM [BST]
    RomCenter has just been given a very small update, which should help any XP users. The fixes are:

  • Fix web download

  • Improve xp design

  • RAINE 0.34a
    Posted by GordonJ at at 4:42PM [BST]
    A quick "bugfix" of RAINE has been released, available at the RAINE Homepage. Here are the fixes:

  • Up direction too slow in cave games

  • joystick settings not properly restored in win32 and dos

  • Bad CRC for sailor moon original version (Logiqx)

  • bad romcheck for hotdogst, sailormn, sailormo, mazinger.

  • Made music a little faster for cps1 games like ghosts and ghouls

  • Added "fast_set_pal = 2" setting in raine.cfg for those with bad colors in 8bpp fullscreen modes (win9x and linux fbcon).

  • Cool. That was a fun first news posting.

    New Team Member
    Posted by gordon at at 2:48PM [BST]
    Hi, First let me introduce my self: My name is Gordon J. I am 30 years old and live in Iowa USA, I moved here back in February from London England, I am Married with 3 kids.
    I have been watching the comings and goings of the emulation world for about 4 years. You may know me from my MAME ROM information pages.
    Also I am on the MESS development team, and added the Acorn BBC Micro Drivers to MESS. As you can tell from my work at mamerominfo I have a strong interest in ROM databases so when logiqx put out the request for a news poster I felt I may fit in well at this site. So here I am. I hope I can bring some good news updates in the future.

    Tuesday 23 October

    RiscCPS - New Emulator for ARM Machines (RISC OS)
    Posted by rob at at 8:46PM [BST]
    If you're a RISC OS user, then this is your lucky day! A new emulator has been released that emulates CPS-1/2, Neo-Geo, and (partially) Sega System 16/18. Read all about it at the RiscCPS Page.

    News Poster Needed
    Posted by logiqx at at 4:22PM [BST]
    Do you keep up with the emulation news and feel you could do a good job at sharing it with the visitors of CAESAR? I am in desperate need for a second news poster (in addition to Rob) as I am now finding that I can't manage to do it day in, day out anymore. It only requires 15-20 minutes a day but with all the other things I do (both publically and behind the scenes) it's just that one task too many. If you would like to contribute to CAESAR in this way then please drop me an e-mail introducing yourself. I am in desperate need of you!

    MameWorld Mission Statement
    Posted by rob at at 3:47AM [BST]
    Now here's a step in the right direction! The excellent people of MameWorld have put together the MameWorld Mission Statement, a well-written, comprehensive and, quite frankly, beautiful document outlining MameWorld's place and purpose in the emulation community. Idealistic? Perhaps, but I like ideals and idealists, so here's to you, MameWorld. Game NOT Over!

    Posted by rob at at 3:41AM [BST]
    The latest, the greatest, the MAME WIP Page offers this:

    20th October 2001:
    Gerardo Oporto fixed DIP switch settings in the Irem M90 driver.
    Olivier Galibert fixed a bug which caused the debugger to show wrong values with the V60 CPU core.
    Bryan McPhail fixed the missing sprites in Mystic Riders.
    Stefan Jokisch fixed several compilation errors which occurred in Visual C, and sent a project file to use with it.

    21st October 2001:
    Jarek Burczynski sent in a MSM5232 sound chip emulator (thanks to CAB), adding music to Fairy Land Story and adding one missing sound effect to Buggy Challenge.
    Jarek also sent in the Metal Soldier Isaac II driver, which is unplayable due to a missing MCU dump.

    22nd October 2001:
    William Kucharski sent in cocktail mode fixes for 1943 and Popeye.

    Sunday 21 October

    A Week of Updates
    Posted by logiqx at at 7:08PM [BST]
    There were quite a few emulator releases last week and CAESAR is now up to date for them all:

    - ACE v1.6
    - RAINE v0.34
    - Daphne v0.99.4
    - Final Burn was ported to Linux, QNX and BeOS
    - Laser was ported to the Dreamcast
    - Heinrich Tillack also released a new MAME port for the Amiga a while ago.

    Saturday 20 October

    RAINE 0.34
    Posted by rob at at 6:58PM [BST]
    RAINE received a big update, available to you at the RAINE Homepage. Here's what new:

    * Added new game : Sailor Moon.

    * Added new clones : Gunbird korean version, Donpachi korean version, Sailor Moon original version, and battle garrega chinese version. All these clones are not just international versions : the software is really different.

    * Added dynamic graphics list modes for most graphics drivers : vga, modex, vesa (1 to 3), svgalib, fbcon, dga2, directx (all fullscreen drivers). This give you every available mode in the Screen Setup dialog when you change the depth or the scanlines. This also select for you the best video mode available keeping your options (scanlines, pixel double...) for every game you load.

    * Fixed music tempo and sound effects in psykio games (gunbird, sengoku ace, and battle k road).

    * Made the music acceleration in toaplan2 games optional (Set fast_tp2_sound to 0 in raine.cfg if you don't like it)

    * Added a cache for solid sprite to get a 20-30% increase in speed for mazinger and most toaplan2 games (batrider...).

    * Added speed hacks to every cave games : a little faster on slow machines, and animations smoother on fast machines !

    * New palette update function for 8bpp modes for Windows 9x fullscreen modes, and linux fbcon. This function reduces the cpu time for palette update to 0% !

    * Fixed a last bug in hiscores (hopefully !) : when loading a 2nd game in the gui, the hiscores of the 2nd game were erased !!!

    * Added region codes to drtopel.

    Posted by rob at at 6:34PM [BST]
    Hey all, here's the latest word from the MAME WIP Page:

    13th October 2001:
    Gerardo Oporto fixed some DIP switch settings in Irem M107 and M92 drivers.

    14th October 2001:
    Martin M. submitted some changes to various drivers, such as correct input ports and fixed sprites in Mega Zone.

    15th October 2001:
    Chack'n fixed some DIP switch settings in the Sega System 1 driver.
    SUZ updated the Toaplan1 driver.

    16th October 2001:
    Ian Patterson fixed cocktail mode in Space Fury.

    17th October 2001:
    Nicola Salmoria decrypted Spatter, which runs on Sega System 1 hardware.

    18th October 2001:
    Mike Coates added a bootleg version of Scorpion running on Galaxian hardware, but the addition isn't complete yet.

    19th October 2001:
    Mathis Rosenhauer fixed a copyrozbitmap bug which affected Asteroids Deluxe when using artwork and rotated screen.
    William Kucharski submitted a truckload of cocktail mode fixes to various drivers.

    Friday 19 October

    Daphne 0.99.4
    Posted by rob at at 5:43AM [BST]
    Daphne, the first name and last word in laserdisc emulators, has received many changes. Now if only I could get the DVD or the MPEGs... ;)

    FinalBurn for BeOS
    Posted by rob at at 5:38AM [BST]
    Caz has ported FinalBurn/SDL to BeOS. Check it out at BeEmulated.

    AdvanceMAME 0.55.2
    Posted by rob at at 5:35AM [BST]
    AdvanceMAME has been updated. Recent changes inclufde:
    • On the documentation the suggested value for pclock is now `pclock = 5 - 80'.
    • Solved a bug that prevented the read of the vbeline_* options.
    • Solved a bug that prevented a lot of games to start (centiped, nibbler, tempest, ...)
    • Readded the support for the internal MAME debugger.
    • Added the `[config] expand' option to use a bigger screen area when playing vertical games on horizontal monitors.
    • Added the MMX implementation for the color conversions 888 -> 332 and 555 -> 332 (mainly used in vector games)
    • Added the generation of modes with double size with scanlines.

    Wednesday 17 October

    ACE 1.6
    Posted by rob at at 5:57AM [BST]
    Friol has updated ACE:

    - Added sound in NeoGeo games
    - Added sprite scaling in NeoGeo games
    - Added Metal Slug 002
    - Added Metal Slug X (coolest game in the world)
    - Added KOF94
    - Implemented autoframeskip and onscreen fps counter
    - Corrected a bug in NeoGeo game saving
    - Corrected a bug in NeoGeo character positioning (black line on the right)
    - Source: removed all the warnings and errors with vc5 and 6

    Tuesday 16 October

    See the Pattern, Kids?
    Posted by rob at at 7:29AM [BST]
    Dave creates Final Burn (a milestone).
    Dave gets hassled by CPS-2-obsessed lamers.
    Dave closes shop.

    Raz cracks CPS-2 encryption (another milestone).
    Raz gets hassled by CPS-2-obsessed lamers (+ various creeps).
    Raz closes shop.

    The next time you think about annoying or offending someone who allows to play games on your computer for free, think again.
    A little respect is a small price to pay.

    Monday 15 October

    CPS2Shock Closed
    Posted by logiqx at at 8:05PM [BST]
    Some people just don't know when they should show some gratitude and as a result of all the criticisms and insults that Raz has received he has now closed up shop. Raz is a decent bloke, I've known him from long before the XOR releases started and insulting his wife on emulation message boards was completely uncalled for. Thanks for all the work you've done Raz, it's a shame that some of the people who have benefited have caused it to end.

    StretchMAME32 0.55 (Final)
    Posted by rob at at 6:24AM [BST]
    StretchMAME32 has been updated to include the latest CPS-2 games, and is available in regular or Intelicious at StretchMAME32.

    Sunday 14 October

    JEmu WIP
    Posted by rob at at 8:30AM [BST]
    Erik has added a little WIP post related to his Java emulator, JEmu. See the lengths a man must go to in order to compensate for bad hosting (4096...?). ;)

    Laser 0.16
    Posted by rob at at 8:27AM [BST]
    Laser is back, upped to version 0.16. Here's what's new:

    "Space Invaders (TV Version) is now playable using a sloppy hack with invaders roms
    Test menu can be accessed by running with Laser -test
    Changed spaceatt romset to match MAME's

    Added Space Attack II
    Added Super Invaders (once again a sloppy hack using Invaders roms)
    Added Super Invaders (Zenitone-Microsec)
    Added Super Invaders (EMAG)
    Added Alien Invasion Part II
    Added Ozma Wars (Set 2)"

    Saturday 13 October

    Posted by logiqx at at 9:19AM [BST]
    8th October 2001: Luca Elia added Chameleon to the Lasso driver. Kale submitted a fix for proper joystick support for Block Block.

    9th October 2001: Aaron Giles added Star Guards to the MCR3 driver and did some other cleanups and bugfixes. William Kucharski submitted a fix for Xevious cocktail mode.

    10th October 2001: Quench sent in an update to the Toaplan1 driver, adding two clone ROM sets and fixing a lot of bugs in the graphics emulation.

    11th October 2001: Luca Elia added Wai-Wai Jockey Gate-In to the Lasso driver, but it may have bad colors.

    12th October 2001: Luca Elia added Metamoqester to the Cave driver and fixed missing sprites in the water level of Mazinger Z. Phil Stroffolino fixed the tilemap bug which caused the Green Beret cocktail mode problem.

    Don't forget to visit the MAME WIP page for screenshots!

    Thursday 11 October

    Recent Releases
    Posted by logiqx at at 11:11PM [BST]
    There have been a lot of emulator releases recently. They should all be in CAESAR now. :)

    Modeler 0.9.2 for Mac
    Posted by rob at at 9:45PM [BST]
    Richard Bannister has brought the Mac port of Modeler in line with the latest version. See for yourself at Richard's Software Page.

    StretchMAME32 with Kaillera 0.55 (Test 31)
    Posted by rob at at 9:43PM [BST]
    StretchMAME has a new test version out. Here's the deal:

    Fixed midway game crash problems
    Fixed NinjaKid2 crash problem
    Added save state support to NinjaKid2 and Galaga
    Added region changed CPS2 games
    Enabled KOF99 secret characters at Kaillera

    Be a part of it with a trip to the StretchMAME Test Version Page.

    U64Emu Public Beta 1.94a
    Posted by rob at at 9:41PM [BST]
    U64Emu, the only emulator that plays Killer Instinct 1 or 2, has been given a brisk round of bugfixes. If you find any new problems, be a good person and report it here.

    Mimic WIP
    Posted by rob at at 9:37PM [BST]
    Mike Beaver has updated the Mimic WIP with his latest endeavours. Enjoy.

    CPS-2 4 U
    Posted by rob at at 9:35PM [BST]
    There's a whole lotta CPS-2 news (pity it all happened yesterday...):

    New version (new releases only):
    FinalBurn Alpha 0.138a
    CPS2MAME 2.550

    New version (many fixes and new games):
    Nebula 1.92 / Jukebox 1.61
    Kawaks 1.32

    Tuesday 9 October

    U64Emu Public Beta 1.94
    Posted by rob at at 5:44AM [BST]
    You like Killer Instinct 2? Now you can play it with the latest version of U64Emu (formerly KIAME). Check it out at The Official U64Emu Web Site.

    Mimic WIP
    Posted by rob at at 5:42AM [BST]
    Mike Beaver has posted some WIP news for his multi-platform emulator, Mimic.

    Monday 8 October

    New Sound Player: GXP
    Posted by rob at at 6:08AM [BST]
    This sound player lets you enjoy music from some mid-nineties Konami games. If you don't know about the GX games or hardware, check this site.

    You can get GXP at emuhype.

    Posted by rob at at 6:05AM [BST]
    Here's the latest from the MAME WIP Page:

    4th October 2001:
    Puzzle De Bowling graphics errors were corrected with a new ROM dump.

    5th October 2001:
    Chack'n fixed a few driver names and filenames in TNZS and Taito F2 drivers.

    6th October 2001:
    Chack'n fixed the DIP switch settings in Gradius 2.
    William Kucharski fixed the Galaga explosion sample code to play the sample during bootup as well.

    7th October 2001:
    William Kucharski fixed the Phoenix cocktail mode bug.
    Phil Stroffolino fixed most of the graphics glitches in the Homedata driver so that Reikai Doushi / Chinese Exorcist is now fully playable.

    Friday 5 October

    XMAME v0.55.2
    Posted by logiqx at at 8:02AM [BST]
    Lawrence Gold has updated XMAME to v0.55.2. All you linux users get over to his site and download it!

    Thursday 4 October

    AdvanceMAME v0.55.1
    Posted by logiqx at at 7:39AM [BST]
    Updates have been released for AdvanceMAME, AdvanceMENU and AdvanceCab. If you use these for running MAME on an arcade monitor or in a cab then go an get the latest version from the home page.

    Wednesday 3 October

    JEmu Site Update
    Posted by logiqx at at 11:41PM [BST]
    Jaydy has uploaded some new games to the JEmu site:

    Donkey Kong, Solomon's Key and Green Beret with sound. However, it seems there is a slight problem with the ROM loading but he'll fix that tomorrow.

    Visit the JEmu site for more information and online emulators!

    RAINE News
    Posted by logiqx at at 11:39PM [BST]
    Emmanuel (Tux) has added a few new clones to RAINE:

    Gunbird Korean, Donpachi Korean and Sailor Moon (Original).

    You can see snapshots at the RAINE WIP page.

    Posted by logiqx at at 11:38PM [BST]
    Olivier Galibert ported the V60 CPU core originally made by Farfetch'd and R. Belmont to MAME. William Kucharski added cocktail mode support to the Haunted Castle driver.

    Maybe we'll see the Sega Model 32 games in MAME in the near future!

    M1 - A new sound Emu
    Posted by logiqx at at 11:36PM [BST]
    Richter Belmont has released a Sega Model 1 and Model 2A sound emulator called M1. It currently supports Virtua Fighter, Virtua Racer, Virtua Cop and Daytona USA. Go and check it out at the Modeler/Impact home page.

    CAESAR Updates (Neo-Geo etc.)
    Posted by logiqx at at 11:08PM [BST]
    I have updated CAESAR to show all the recent Neo-Geo dumps and as a special treat to you all I've also released the dats on my main page. In addition to this I've released my single system dats for those of you who like to create shared sets for CPS-1, CPS-2, Neo-Geo etc.

    MAME Marquees Pack 11
    Posted by rob at at 7:05AM [BST]
    Eldio knows that sleep is for the weak. His tireless efforts continue as MAME Marquees Pack 11 is now available at EMAM.

    Tuesday 2 October

    Posted by logiqx at at 11:44PM [BST]
    Tux has been making some progress with RAINE over the past few days and you can read all of the news at the RAINE WIP page. Do I sense a release coming? I think so...

    Posted by logiqx at at 11:42PM [BST]
    Santeri (Gridle) has posted a big update about the recent progress of the MAME team. You can read all the news and see the pictures at the MAME WIP page.