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Thursday 30 August

Posted by rob at at 8:56AM [BST]
There's a new sound emulator out there called Hoot, but my Japanese is not up to the task. If you're curious, feel free to check out the Hoot homepage.

Nebula v1.8
Posted by logiqx at at 8:05AM [BST]
ElSemi has released a new version of his emulator Nebula and added Neo-Geo support. You can get it from the Nebula home page.

Final Burn Alpha v0.136
Posted by logiqx at at 8:04AM [BST]
The Final Burn Alpha team have released a new version of their emulator. The major changes, are the improved cheat engine and options/cheat screens. There are also the usual myriad of minor fixes and updates. Now this is the REALLY IMPORTANT BIT: Delete all of the files in the "cfg folder" apart from the "finalburn file." The new cheat engine has "issues" with the old config files. Yuo can get it frmo the Final Burn Alpha home page.

Wednesday 29 August

Icons for MAME 0.54
Posted by rob at at 7:30AM [BST]
MAMu_ has added 11 icons to MAMu_'s Mameicons.

Go there. Get icons. Be well.

Tuesday 28 August

Mameinfo.dat v3.41
Posted by rob at at 5:18AM [BST]
MASH has released a diff-update for mameinfo.dat - this version adds bugs (26th Aug) and new WIP, and can be found at MASH's Mameinfo Page.

MAME Flyer Pack #12
Posted by rob at at 2:09AM [BST]
Like flyers? Of course you do. And what better way to greet the day than with a new flyer pack, located at John IV's MAME32 QA/Test and Art Dept.

ASIE 3.0
Posted by rob at at 1:47AM [BST]
Heinrich Tillack has updated ASIE (Space Invaders emulator for the Amiga):
  • faster Z80 CPU core (in fact it's Z80em v1.2)
  • frameskip and autoframeskip feature
You can find ASIE at Heinrich's homepage.

Monday 27 August

Word Up! MAME 0.54 Fixed / MAME 0.54 (K6) Fixed / DMAME 0.54 Fixed
Posted by rob at at 8:18PM [BST]
Say it loud, say it proud! If you haven't already, get a hold of the latest MAME with fixed CPS-2 drivers (way to make the lamers cry, Aaron...), courtesy of the fine folk at The Vintage Gaming Network.

Also, for those of you in the audience who prefer the speed, value and high cooling requirements of an AMD CPU (like me) and want their MAME CPS-2-capable, might I recommend a trip to Shonk's Mame K6 Page.

Note: These are Windows ports, not DOS. Geoshock has kindly compiled a DOS version. Much obliged.

MacMAME Companion / MacPinMAME
Posted by rob at at 5:36AM [BST]
Yes, there's happy news for all the Macsters out there in the form of new versions of MacMAME Companion and MacPinMAME. But don't take my word for it - check out the former MacWPCMame page.

GeoMAME 0.53a
Posted by rob at at 5:29AM [BST]
GeoMAME has been brought in line with the latest MacMAME beta. For more on the subject, visit GeoMAME.

XMAME & PhMAME 0.54.1
Posted by rob at at 5:26AM [BST]
Is it just me, or have alternative OS emulators lost that classic lagtime? Regardless, it's all good for X11/Unix and Photon users as their MAME ports have been updated to the latest beta. These ports can be found at the XMame/Xmess Homepage and the PhMAME Page, respectively.

Posted by rob at at 5:20AM [BST]
Hot off the presses of the RAINE WIP Page:

"Got rid of the old keys for pause. Now you can scroll the screen while playing ! (not very convinient, but quite fun to do !)
Added a key to go 1 frame forward while in pause. This is the result of a mail by Steph. It allows to make nice animations like this one, or to have a very precise look at what a game displays, frame by frame !"

Posted by rob at at 5:17AM [BST]
The MAME WIP Page has more news (can you feel the love, even if you can't see the screenshots from here?):

23rd August 2001:
Mathis Rosenhauer fixed a crash bug in the artwork functions.

24th August 2001:
HIGHWAYMAN submitted a clone of Defender called Defense.

25th August 2001:
Mathis Rosenhauer fixed yet some more issues in the artwork functions.
Aaron Giles fixed a decryption problem which caused CPS-2 not to work.

26th August 2001:
Luca Elia wrote a driver for Sports Match.
Bryan McPhail improved the IREM M-92 driver, making Ninja Baseball Batman work, and he also added the Japanese version of Dream Soccer '94.
Aaron Giles fixed the non-working Konami games.

Posted by rob at at 5:14AM [BST]
Friol has posted his latest efforts on the ACE Homepage.

Sunday 26 August

Mameinfo.dat v3.40
Posted by rob at at 9:49AM [BST]
MASH has brought his highly useful mameinfo.dat in line with the latest MAME beta. Details & more are available at MASH's Mameinfo Page.

Saturday 25 August

MAME for BeOS v0.54
Posted by logiqx at at 11:48PM [BST]
Yoshi has updated his port of MAME for BeOS to the latest version. You can find it on his home page.

CAESAR Updated
Posted by logiqx at at 1:08PM [BST]
Updated for MAME v0.54 as well as other emulator releases I've put aside this last week!

BeOS: Another MAME Update
Posted by rob at at 6:39AM [BST]
So titleth they at BeEmulated, so reporteth I. Apparently, Yoshi has fixed some kind of window bug.

Posted by rob at at 6:37AM [BST]
The momentum is building at the house of RAINE, as evidenced by the latest from the RAINE WIP Page:

Fixed Saboten Bombers.
Added "Kingdom Grand Prix", the US version of Shippu Mahou Daisakusen, thanks to a new rom made by Neil Corlett. See the rom, and some pictures at his site.

MAME 0.54
Posted by rob at at 6:34AM [BST]
It's quick, it's sudden, it's just how beta cycles outta be...

Nicola & Co. present the latest beta version of MAME for your enjoyment and education - new games AND new Discs of Tron artwork.

[For the dozen or so people who care, I'll be released an update to my MAME artwork dat later today. So there.]

Friday 24 August

Posted by rob at at 5:34AM [BST]
Did somebody say RAINE WIP update? If not, they should have...

"Demos support in RAINE (like what you have in Doom or Descent). The player can take control of the game at any time in the demo."

Posted by rob at at 5:32AM [BST]
Gosh, has it been 24 hours already? The MAME WIP Page has the news you crave:

22nd August 2001
Aaron Giles started cleaning up the CPU interface and fixing obscure bugs in it.
SUZ did a temporary fix to make sprites visible in the Toaplan1 driver.
Takahiro Nogi corrected the DIP switch settings in the Final Romance driver.

Thursday 23 August

JEmu News
Posted by logiqx at at 8:13PM [BST]
Jaydy has posted some news about his JEmu:

Ok, still no release of the standalone version, nor sources, nor another site. I've been a bit busy with other things. There is some good news, though. First, I added Donkey Kong which I'll upload soon. Second, I am getting help from a very talented guy named Sam Wong who is adding an m6809 cpu emulator! Third, JEmu is now able to support multiple cpu boards which enables more games to be added. And last but not least... JEmu is standing on the verge of getting sound support! First new game with sound will probably be Frogger.

Wednesday 22 August

Posted by logiqx at at 7:59PM [BST]
Yoshi has updated MAME for BEOS although I can't tell exactly what he has done due to the language he uses on his web page! You can get the latest version from Yoshi's page.

MacMAME v0.53a
Posted by logiqx at at 7:54PM [BST]
Brad Oliver has released a bugfixed version of MAME v0.53 for the Mac:

- Re-enabled PPC 68k cores. This fixes miscellaneous funk with a number of games, e.g. Gauntet. [Brad Oliver]
- Fixed some issues with incorrect text in the ROM audits. [Brad Oliver]
- MacMAME now exits with a warning message on systems less than 8.6, rather than crashing. [Brad Oliver]

You can find it on the MacMAME home page.

MAME Progress
Posted by logiqx at at 8:03AM [BST]
Gridle has uploaded a chart showing the progress of MAME over the years, including Windows backdrop versions! Go and have a look at the MAME progress page.

Posted by rob at at 5:49AM [BST]
Granted, it's not the update I was hoping for ("...Go Go! Mile Smile no longer buggered up..."), but it's still a bit of news from the MAME WIP Page:

21st August 2001:
Frank Palazzolo added Minesweeper to the Blockade driver.
Mathis Rosenhauer added software alpha blending support to the artwork functions.

Posted by rob at at 5:44AM [BST]
Apparently the holiday is over for Antiriad & Co. as the RAINE WIP Page has posted a big update. Don't take my word for it - go!

PhMAME 0.53.1
Posted by rob at at 5:38AM [BST]
Travis Coady has updated PhMAME (a native Photon port of MAME designed for users of the QNX Realtime Platform) to the latest MAME beta. Find out more at the PhMAME page.

Tuesday 21 August

CPS-2 Shock - Neo Geo WIP
Posted by rob at at 8:11AM [BST]
Razoola has brought us up to date on his Neo Geo ROM dumping project:

"The MVS hardware arrived today and I wasted no time in getting my trojan running on it (very easy). The data transfer protocol (sending non encrypted dumps to PC) is almost finished too, there were some problems at first but they're history now :) Just waiting on kof99 & garou now."

You heard the man - good dumps of kof99 and garou will soon be a reality!

Wanna know more? Check out the CPS-2 Shock WIP Page.

Mameinfo.dat 3.32
Posted by rob at at 8:07AM [BST]
MASH has added the newest bugs, WIP (20th Aug), 'Recommended Games' and fixed some format bugs in mameinfo.dat - easily obtained from MASH's MAMEINFO Page.

Posted by rob at at 8:04AM [BST]
Another day (or so), another update from the MAME WIP Page:

20th August 2001:
Nicola Salmoria added Youjyuden to the IREM M-62 driver and Gulf Storm and a version of Primella called Gun Dealer '94 to the Dooyong driver.
Peter Trauner fixed a compile problem.
Jarek Burczynski further improved the accuracy of the YM2151 LFO emulation.

Neo-Geo Decryption
Posted by logiqx at at 8:00AM [BST]
Razoola has been working his magic on the encrypted Neo-Geo boards. Looks like we might be seeing the genuine KOF99 emulated in the near future (once he receives it of course). Take a read of the CPS2Shock WIP page.

Posted by logiqx at at 7:56AM [BST]
20th August 2001: Nicola Salmoria added Youjyuden to the IREM M-62 driver and Gulf Storm and a version of Primella called Gun Dealer '94 to the Dooyong driver. Peter Trauner fixed a compile problem. Jarek Burczynski further improved the accuracy of the YM2151 LFO emulation.

Snapshots are also included on the MAME WIP page.

Monday 20 August

MAMED for Dreamcast Beta 5
Posted by logiqx at at 7:53AM [BST]
MAMED beta 5 is ready and available on the MAMED downloads page. This is an update to yesterday's release, it fixes two things. The sound drivers should be working in all games now, even if some of them sound realy sloooow. Second, since the mame core slows down a lot for certain games when it's given several joysticks, I have removed the separate joystick support. All joystick stuff maps again to the keyboard, four joysticks are supported, just not as joysticks as far as the mame core is concerned.

GeoMAME 0.53
Posted by rob at at 2:18AM [BST]
GeoMAME (an enhanced version of MacMAME which supports solely the games based on SNK's Neo Geo hardware) has been brought up-to-date with the latest MAME beta. This version also fixes some bugs in the combo code, and it can be had at the GeoMAME home page.

ACE 1.4
Posted by rob at at 1:47AM [BST]
Friol has updated ACE. There's whole lotta new stuff in this version (and one helluva funny bit of satire) to be found at the 'ACE-2 Shock' page.

QSound Audio Jukebox 1.5a
Posted by rob at at 1:42AM [BST]
The QSound Audio Jukebox (a fine player of CPS-1/CPS-2/NeoGeo tunes) has been updated, and can be found on the Nebula download page.

Calice32 0.4.4
Posted by rob at at 1:37AM [BST]
David Raingeard has kicked his CPS-1/CPS-2/NeoGeo emulator, Calice32, up a notch. In this version:

  • Drivers for almost all games existing on NeoGeo

  • NeoGeo Memory cards management functions

  • Increased NeoGeo emulation speed

  • Lots of bug fixes in the NeoGeo emulation core

And it can all be yours with a visit to the Calice home page.

Posted by rob at at 1:30AM [BST]
The MAME WIP Page pushes the boulder a little further with a couple of updates:

18th August 2001: Zsolt Vasvari updated the 6502 CPU core so that another hack could be removed from the Burger Time decryption. David Graves cleaned up the Top Speed road color emulation. Nicola Salmoria adjusted the Discs of Tron driver for new artwork.

19th August 2001: Olivier Galibert fixed bugs in the tilemap and drawgfx routines which affected Xexex graphics.

Sunday 19 August

MAMED for Dreamcast Beta 4
Posted by logiqx at at 11:35AM [BST]
James Surine has released a new version of MAMED which is based on the MAME v0.37b15 core. James lists the latest changes and provides the new version itself on his MAMED news page.

Saturday 18 August

xMAME 0.53.1
Posted by rob at at 6:02PM [BST]
Got Unix/Linux? Perhaps one day we all will. Until then, all penguin-lovers should grab the latest xMAME, which brings it in sync with the latest Windows beta. It's all good and it's all here.

Mame Icons, Anyone?
Posted by rob at at 6:00PM [BST]
MAMu_ has upped his latest bucket o' icons for MAME 0.53. Where? Here.

Mimic WIP
Posted by rob at at 5:52PM [BST]
Oh, that Mike Beaver! He just keeps goin'... Here's the latest from the Mimic WIP Page:

Motorola 68000 core
This is about 25% done. It is on hold in favour of the 6809 core.

Motorola 6809 core
This is about 75% done. I thought it would be a quick little core to do, but I didn't realise how powerful/cool the 6809 was. Silly me thought it was Motorola's version of the 6502. How wrong was I?
Anyway here are the games I am testing with...
City Connection: Displays "Credit 0" but seems to be waiting for something. BTW:IMHO: This game has the BEST music in a video game of ANY era. (...and is one of my all time favorites)
Ghosts 'N' Goblins: Displays "Top Score" but then hits a (currently) uncoded opcode.
Time Pilot 84: Hits a (currently) uncoded opcode, MUL. Imagine, a MULtiply function on an 8 bit CPU!!!

Posted by rob at at 5:46PM [BST]
The MAME WIP Page is at it again:

17th August 2001:
Bryan McPhail added the Japanese version of Last Mission.
Nicola Salmoria added sound to Clash Road and attempted to add Fire Battle but it has problems.
R. Belmont sent in some pictures of a work-in-progress Konami System GX driver that he estimates being ready in the year 2012.
The sound is fully emulated but there are some graphics problems in the 3 games that are working (Gokujou Parodius, Twinbee Yahoo! and Sexy Parodius) and the rest of the games suffer from unemulated protection.

Friday 17 August

Posted by logiqx at at 10:36PM [BST]
Yoshi's MAME for BEOS has received an update today, fixing vsync and triple buffering. You can find it on Yoshi's home page.

MAME32 v0.53
Posted by logiqx at at 10:34PM [BST]
MAME32 v0.53 has been released. Get it from the MAME32 Q/A site.

FinalBurn Alpha v0.136 (WIP)
Posted by rob at at 6:30AM [BST]
The brave souls of Team FB Alpha have released a WIP update of FinalBurn Alpha. This thread mentions the release, or you can just grab it here.

This version is not yet available at the CP-Systems2 Turbo site.

MacMAME 0.53
Posted by rob at at 6:21AM [BST]
Wasting no time, the crew at MacMAME have once again caught up with the current MAME beta. It requires a PowerMac to run, and also requires that you have CarbonLib installed, preferably 1.2.5 or greater. So there.

Posted by rob at at 6:16AM [BST]
The MAME WIP Page rests for no one. Here's the latest:

16th August 2001:
Aaron Giles fixed the crashes in the T-Unit games, and he removed a nasty hack from the Namco System 1 driver.
Zsolt Vasvari added an earlier version of Meteoroids called Space Force, and he fixed AY8910's behaviour with Lock'n'Chase.
inside out boy added Space Echo to the Route 16 driver. David Graves yet improved the road colors in Top Speed.

Thursday 16 August

Calice32 v0.4.2
Posted by rob at at 6:09AM [BST]
David Raingeard has updated Calice32 to include some System 16/18 goodies and...preliminary Neo Geo emulation! Into it? Then you know what to do.

FinalBurn Alpha v0.135
Posted by rob at at 6:01AM [BST]
Team FB Alpha have raised the bar once again. New features in this release include an external cheat system, the re-addition of the multi-rompath code, updated pause code and many more fixes as well. Where? Here.

Posted by rob at at 6:00AM [BST]
The MAME WIP Page has a bit of news:

15th August 2001: Zsolt Vasvari merged Sky Base with the Moon Cresta driver. MNU fixed Time Pilot '84 sprites.

Wednesday 15 August

New server for
Posted by logiqx at at 5:26PM [BST]
Well, another server move but hopefully this should be more permanent than the last two! The nice guys at ZTNet are now hosting and because JoseQ is unable to continue free hosting (fair enough as it costs him money). We therefore join Retrogames, Zophar's Domain and MAME on the world's biggest emulation network.

Posted by rob at at 9:47AM [BST]
The MAME WIP Page has been updated:

14th August 2001: Jarek Burczynski greatly improved the accuracy of the various FM sound chip emulators. Nicola Salmoria decrypted the sound CPU of Dream Soccer '94, but like the rest of the IREM games, it suffers from sample pitch problems. Olivier Galibert fixed a bug with 16-bit samples in the K054539 sound chip emulation. Uki fixed the sound problems in Twin Qix. inside out boy added Sky Base to the Galaxian driver.

MacMAME 0.37 beta 16
Posted by rob at at 9:44AM [BST]
MacMAME has a new version! It boasts the following:

* In sync with the DOS beta 16 build. [Brad Oliver]
* Added support for Pause needs in InputSprocket. [Ian Patterson]
* Some fixes to the assembly 68k core. [Ian Patterson]
* Scrolling lists in the front-end now moves the selection hilight as well. [Brad Oliver]
* Many fixes to the Carbon target. It should now be about as fast as the old classic target, at least under MacOS 8.x-9.x. [Brad Oliver]

Where? Here.

CPS-2 Shock - Neo Geo WIP
Posted by rob at at 9:41AM [BST]
Razoola of CPS-2 Shock is hard at work getting ready to dump the elusive Neo Geo MVS encrypted P1 and P2 ROMs. Check out all the latest at the CPS-2 Shock WIP Page.

Tuesday 14 August

Mameinfo.dat v3.31
Posted by rob at at 5:39AM [BST]
MASH has posted a DIFF-update to mameinfo.dat to update the Bug-Pages, add the newest 0.53 bugs, and update the Driver Section with new source infos. Where? Here.

Posted by rob at at 5:33AM [BST]
They don't sleep much, these emulating types... :)

The MAME WIP Page has another update to check out:

12th August 2001: Nicola Salmoria fixed the sprites in Fire Barrel making it more or less playable (tilemap scrolling problems remain) and also in M-72 games fixing for example the Game Over text in R-Type.

13th August 2001: David Graves added preliminary support for color raster effects in Top Speed, but it isn't perfect yet. Nicola Salmoria attempted to add sound to Fire Barrel, but it doesn't work yet due to main CPU problems.

Monday 13 August

ASIE adds sound
Posted by logiqx at at 7:53AM [BST]
Heinrich Tillack has now added sound to his Amiga Space Invaders Emulator (via the AHI interface).

MAME v0.53 for BeOS
Posted by logiqx at at 7:50AM [BST]
Yoshi updated MAME for BeOS yesterday. You can download it at his home page

CPS2Shock to try Neo-Geo too!
Posted by logiqx at at 7:49AM [BST]
Razoola is going to spend a little time writing a trojan so he can dump the NeoGeo MVS encrypted P1 and P2 rom's. The goal for now is to simply get correct arcade dumps of Kof99 and Garou. Once achieved he'll go on from there. This will not interfere with our releasing CPS-2 XOR's.

Mameinfo.dat v3.30
Posted by rob at at 3:28AM [BST]
MASH has updated mameinfo.dat to include the latest games in MAME 0.53, as well as bugs, new WIP and Calice v0.4.0 games infos. You want it? You got it!

Sunday 12 August

Killer Instinct 2
Posted by logiqx at at 3:08PM [BST]
The Kiame website has posted some news and screenshots of KI2 running in U64Emu. Go and have a read of the U64Emu news.

MAMED for Dreamcast News
Posted by logiqx at at 3:06PM [BST]
It seems that James Surine is getting somewhere with emulation of 68k games in MAMED. Go and read all his latest news at the MAMED home page.

Posted by rob at at 8:09AM [BST]
Woo hoo! The new MAME is out, and MAMEDEV have decided to drop the '0.xx beta xx' numbering system in favor of...

0.53 (I like it!)

You can get the Windows and DOS ports (both standard and i686-optimized) right here.

Unofficial MAME Hiscore.dat v7.7
Posted by rob at at 8:00AM [BST]
The MAME Unofficial Hiscore.dat page has posted a new version, as well as some new NVRAMs.

Posted by rob at at 7:58AM [BST]
The MAME WIP page has served up another big update:

4th August 2001: Zsolt Vasvari converted D-Day to tilemap system and added shadow support to it. Aaron Giles fixed the ES-550x sound bug which caused scratchy sound.

5th August 2001: Brian A. Troha added another version of Demon's World to the Toaplan driver.

6th August 2001: Aaron Giles cleaned up the Tetris driver and worked around a few bugs in Pipe Dream. Phil Stroffolino sent in an update to the tilemap system, adding support for larger tile sizes and improving the rotation and zooming support.

7th August 2001: Aaron Giles converted Pipe Dream and Tetris to the tilemap system. Nicola Salmoria adjusted the tilemap system to work better with Chequered Flag.

8th August 2001: Aaron Giles merged the Final Romance and Pipe Dream drivers and fixed a few bugs in Final Romance. Takahiro Nogi also fixed a few graphics glitches in Final Romance. Bryan McPhail updated the Taito F3 driver to work with the new tilemap system.

9th August 2001: Aaron Giles fixed a bug in scanline drawing. David Graves made the default light gun values centered to overcome problems with some input devices.

10th August 2001: Nicola Salmoria cleaned up and fixed graphics bugs in the Mighty Guy driver. David Graves added color raster effects to the World Grand Prix driver, and he fixed other graphics bugs in World Grand Prix 2 so it is now playable.

11th August 2001: David Graves fixed Taito TC0480SCP and TC0080VCO chips' emulation to work with the new tilemap system. Nicola Salmoria fixed a bug in the debugger.

Thursday 9 August

ACE v1.3
Posted by logiqx at at 11:00PM [BST]
A new version of ACE was released today, adding another 8 CPS-2 games and fixing the WIndows 2000 compatibility problem. Game loading is much faster now as well. You will find it at the ACE home page.

Calice v0.4.0
Posted by logiqx at at 10:59PM [BST]
David Raingeard has released a new version of Calice for you to play with. It adds several new drivers as well as various other fixes (the main one halving the required memory!). Go and get it from the Calice home page.

MAME32 Help
Posted by logiqx at at 8:16AM [BST]
The MAME32 Q/A page has made a post relating to common problems people are having with the last test build that was released. Go over and have a read now.

Wednesday 8 August

FinalBurn Alpha v0.134
Posted by rob at at 6:23AM [BST]
LoopMaster...KEV...Mike_Haggar...TrebleWinner...together at last in "Team FB Alpha"
Apparently, teamwork pays off since FinalBurn Alpha has posted its longest update thus far. You know you wanna check it out.

QSound Audio Jukebox v1.4
Posted by rob at at 6:08AM [BST]
The QSound Audio Jukebox has been updated and can be found on the Nebula download page.

Tuesday 7 August

CAESAR Updates
Posted by logiqx at at 11:06PM [BST]
A couple of minor things I'll mention:

- The news archives are now tidied up.
- All sound-only emulation of games is now highlighted.

Other than that, CAESAR should now be fully up to date (including todays CPS2Shock releases and the emulator updates).

Nebula and WinKawaks
Posted by logiqx at at 10:51PM [BST]
Nebula (v1.7) and WinKawaks (v1.20) both received big updates today, including a switch to the MAME a68k core. This has resulted in significant speed improvements and also fixed a few glitches. On top of this there are a huge number of other improvements included (plus today's CPS2Shock releases). Go and download them now!

FinalBurn Alpha v0.133
Posted by rob at at 6:15AM [BST]
Loopmaster has fixed up his FinalBurn build - same source code, different compile. It's all here.

Posted by rob at at 6:12AM [BST]
Yoshi has released a graphic bugfix for his BEOS port of MAME. Yoshi also released the needed source files to compile MAME for BeOS. Where? Here.

Mameinfo.dat v3.26
Posted by rob at at 6:08AM [BST]
MASH has updated mameinfo.dat - more bugs mentioned, more game infos, some format fixes - all available here.

Monday 6 August

GeoMAME News
Posted by logiqx at at 8:01AM [BST]
GeoMAME 0.37b14d has been released. This version integrates NJ's new Neo Geo driver from UOMAME. This should make all games which use raster effects runs much faster for all you Mac users.

Sunday 5 August

FinalBurn Alpha v0.132
Posted by rob at at 9:48AM [BST]
Loopmaster's FinalBurn Alpha has been updated. Grab it here.

MAMEW with StretchMAME drivers
Posted by rob at at 9:46AM [BST]
smame does it again with a new build of MAMEW with the new StretchMAME drivers including (I assume) the fast new Neo Geo drivers! Grab it at the StretchMAME test versions page.

Saturday 4 August

Calice32 Release v0.3.8
Posted by rob at at 7:13PM [BST]
Calice32 has a new version which includes partial Sega System 16 and 18 emulation, new games & drivers, and various fixes & improvements. Where? Here.

Carnival for JAE
Posted by rob at at 7:09PM [BST]
Norbert has added Carnival to his Java Arcade Emulator, JAE. Dying to blast those ducks from inside your browser? Then wait no longer and visit the JAE page.

Posted by rob at at 7:06AM [BST]
The ACE page has a WIP of things to expect in ACE v1.3. Of particular note is the speed trial table.

StretchMame32 v0.37 beta 16a
Posted by rob at at 7:01AM [BST]
smame has released StretchMame32 v0.37 beta 16a, which boasts new games, new fixes AND apparently plays Neo-Geo games much more quickly thanks to the addition of a fixed NeoGeo driver to his latest build (courtesy of NJ of UOMAME). You can get the regular and Pentium 2 optimized binaries at the StretchMame32 homepage. A quick tip of the hat to prophet of Retrogames for the details of this news item.

Posted by rob at at 6:42AM [BST]
The MAME WIP page has posted another update:

2nd August 2001: Nicola Salmoria decrypted the background graphics in Berlin Wall. Bryan McPhail added a newer revision of Super Real Darwin to the dec8 driver.

3rd August 2001: Aaron Giles added the bootleg ROM set to the Pit Fighter driver, and he added two Klax prototype ROM sets to the Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters driver. Mathis Rosenhauer fixed the Aztarac radar graphics problems.
[Happy happy, joy joy! Aztarac!! (Rob)]

Friday 3 August

FinalBurn Alpha v0.131 / Final Burn with Kaillera 0.84c Alpha 5
Posted by rob at at 5:58AM [BST]
Loopmaster's FinalBurn Alpha has been updated to v0.131. This version fixes the crash when using Strider Hiryu (USA) and incorporates multiple ROM path support. It is also now compiled with Christophe's FinalBurn with Kaillera 0.84c Alpha 5 code (in and of itself a new release).

FinalBurn Alpha site                   FinalBurn with Kaillera 0.84c Alpha 5 thread

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Thursday 2 August

PinMAME and Visual PinMAME 1.0 Beta 1
Posted by rob at at 5:31AM [BST]
Like pinball? Who doesn't! The PinMAME team have released PinMAME and Visual PinMAME 1.0 Beta 1. There are many, many changes since 0.99 beta 3, and you can find out all about them at the PinMAME homepage.

FinalBurn Alpha v0.129
Posted by rob at at 5:25AM [BST]
Loopmaster doesn't sleep much, does he? His latest Final Burn build no longer needs patched XORs (a good thing) and incorporates a couple of other fixes & tweaks, and his page can be found right here.

Posted by rob at at 5:20AM [BST]
The MAME WIP page has posted another big update. Here are the pretty words:

29th July 2001: Nicola Salmoria merged the IREM M-90 and M-97 drivers, and partially decrypted Quiz F-1 but it's not yet playable. Bernd Wiebelt integrated Paul Priest's steadykey config option and fixed a few other command line interface bugs. Stefan Jokisch fixed some NEC CPU core bugs.

30th July 2001: Zsolt Vasvari fixed Amidar from erroneously drawing a starfield. Mike Haaland and Dave Haywood added another version of Space Stranger. Bernd Wiebelt fixed directory names with spaces in mame.ini, though you still need to wrap the directory with quotation marks. Aaron Giles finally ironed out the last Slapstic bugs, fixing Pit Fighter and Rampart for good.

31st July 2001: Aaron Giles fixed the Windows 95 problem again. Luca Elia added Magical Crystals and Sand Scorpion to the Kaneko16 driver.

1st August 2001: Nicola Salmoria finally decrypted the original version of Popeye. Olivier Galibert reported some progress with the System 16 driver rewrite but warned that completion is not guaranteed until the year 2006.

If you wanna see the pretty pictures that accompany what's above, then check out the MAME WIP page.

Wednesday 1 August

FinalBurn Alpha v0.128
Posted by rob at at 8:04AM [BST]
Loopmaster takes us to the next level with a new build of Final Burn that (drum roll, please) incorporates Christophe's Kaillera source code. (And they say the art of collaboration is dead...) Check out the action right here.

Final Burn with Kaillera Alpha 3
Posted by rob at at 8:00AM [BST]
Christophe has updated his Final Burn build. The big news is that players no longer have to use default keys (thanks to Dave). Either grab the file or read the thread.

Final Burn Kaillera Alpha 3 + 0.127 Released
Posted by rob at at 7:49AM [BST]
Mike Haggar has released his own build of Final Burn with Kaillera, which includes support for ALL decrypted CPS-2 games. It's built on the Final Burn, Final Burn Alpha 0.126 & Final Burn Kaillera sourcecode. It's not tested 100%, so don't expect everything to work. You can get the file here or check out the news at EmuUnlim.

ACE - A Call for Help
Posted by rob at at 7:44AM [BST]
Why does ACE crash in Win2K? Friol is asking for your help in solving this particular problem. Details can be found here.