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Sunday 30 December

System 16 by Charles MacDonald
Posted by logiqx at at 9:59AM [GMT]
Charles MacDonald has put together some information about Sega's System 16 and anyone with a technical bent will find it an interesting read. If you'd like more of an understanding about this system then head on over to Charles MacDonald's home page.

Friday 28 December

FinalBurn Alpha 0.230
Posted by rob at at 10:03AM [GMT]
Team FB Alpha have bugfixed FinalBurn Alpha (thus repairing the relative slowness of 0.227). You be the judge - get it at CP-Systems2 Turbo.

PinMAME / Visual PinMAME 1.10
Posted by rob at at 9:59AM [GMT]
It's been a while, but there's a new PinMAME out there. Can you say BSMT2000 Music Chip emulation? You will, after a trip to PinMAME.

CPS-2 Bonanza!
Posted by rob at at 9:56AM [GMT]
It's Christmas, and nothing says holiday cheer like a bunch of CPS-2 emulator releases:

CPS2Mame v2.561 (available at CPS-2 Shock)
Nebula v1.95d (available at CPS-2 Shock)
Kawaks v1.40b (available at Kawaks)

MAME Flyers Pack #15
Posted by rob at at 9:50AM [GMT]
John Hardy IV has put up MAME Flyers Pack #15 (courtesy of The Arcade Flyer Archive). It's available at the MAME QA/Test and Art Dept.

MAME Status
Posted by rob at at 9:47AM [GMT]
Short, but sweet...the latest update from MAME Status:

Nicola Salmoria wrote a driver for Mosaic and updated the Z180 CPU core, which is used by Mosaic.

Sunday 23 December

MAME Status
Posted by rob at at 10:17AM [GMT]
A recent batch of WIP news has just been posted at MAME Status:

Tourniquet added protection emulation into the Pop Flamer driver.

Jarek Burczynski added SSG EG type support to the YM2203 emulation, which fixes sounds in Heavy Barrel and Dark Seal.

(nil) submitted an addition of Mortal Kombat II revision 2.1 to the Williams T-unit driver.

MAME Cheats
Posted by rob at at 10:15AM [GMT]
Pugsy has bugfixed & updated his wonderful MAME cheat file to MAME 0.56. Check it out at Pugsy's MAME Cheat Page.

Saturday 22 December

Nebula 1.95c
Posted by rob at at 10:48PM [GMT]
ElSemi has touched up his CPS-2 emulator, Nebula. What's up? Read on:
  • Added Garou (set 1), note that romset names have changed to match current mame names:
  • Garou (Set 1) ->
  • Garou (Set 2) (old ->
  • That renaming should not cause problems with older naming because nebula will scan both files for the required roms.
  • Fixed sound problems with very short samples. Mostly noticeable in kof2k K' team ending. Thanks to all the people that sent me their save states.
  • More languages added.
  • External font added, with some special chars now available - a font editor is in the work.
The download page is currently a little messed, so here's a direct link for Nebula 1.95c.

Emu Loader 2.7
Posted by rob at at 10:37PM [GMT]
Ciro has performed a mighty update on his most excellent frontend, Emu Loader! The news tidbits are simply too numerous to list here, so I would advise a trip to the Emu Loader Homepage.

MAME Status (A Trifle Late)
Posted by rob at at 10:35PM [GMT]
Welltris! Please, Nicola, please get this game into MAME 0.57!

Uki submitted the Forty-Love driver with pixel layer support and with some other small fixes.
David Haywood sent in a preliminary driver for Welltris, which works but without sound.

There are also screenshots at MAME Status.

AdvanceMAME v0.56.2
Posted by rob at at 10:28PM [GMT]
AdvanceMAME has received a fresh coat of paint or two:
  • General renaming: mame -> advmame, mv -> advv, cfg -> advcfg, mk -> advk
  • New utilities: advj - Joystick tester, advm - Mouse tester
  • A complete Linux/i386 port based on the SVGALIB 1.9.x library.
  • A new frameskip computation system.
  • A new format of configuration file (now named advmame.rc).
  • Limited support of Multi Processor (SMP) architecture for the Linux version. Check the `misc_smp' option.
  • New input_analog[] and input_track[] option to choice the mapping of the joystick and of the mouse. For example you can use the joystick for the first player and the mouse for the second player.
  • Added support for all the Allegro sound drivers. Check the new option `device_sound'.
  • Better and simpler video mode choice.
  • Better vsync support, now it can be enabled and disabled at runtime.
  • A new Makefile system, check the `build.txt' file for the new compilation instructions.
  • Updated the safequit.dat database [by Filipe Estima].
  • Revised the docs [by Filipe Estima and Randy Schnedler].
  • Compiled with the latest Allegro 3.9.40 library.
  • Various bugs fixed.

S11 Emulator 0.2-alpha
Posted by rob at at 10:23PM [GMT]
TheD has updated his(her?) promising Namco System 10/11/12 emulator. Here are the latest goodies:
  • Fixed bug in closing renderer.
  • Fixed bug caused by buggy Visual C, now Xevious 3D/G should be ok.
  • Added --roms-directory=dirname switch that allows to specify dir for roms.
  • Added new game: Kosodate Quiz My Angel 3 (JP) Ver. A
And it's all yours at Impact.

Wednesday 19 December

Posted by logiqx at at 9:36PM [GMT]
I love to see new emulators that support (previously) unemulated games and S11Emu is no exception. TheD has released the first version of his Namco System 11 emulator and it plays Dancing Eyes, Star Sweep, Soul Edge and Xevious 3D really well although without sound at this time. It also has preliminary emulation of Tekken and Tekken 2 but they have some major graphics problems that I'm sure will be fixed in the future. This emulator is just great on my PC and I really look forward to hearing sound (when something is discovered about how the Namco 195 sound CPU works). Go and get this fantastic new emulator from the Impact home page.

Wednesday 12 December

Posted by rob at at 10:41PM [GMT]
I've found a spare moment, and it's all yours! Here's the latest from the MAME Status/WIP Page:

Takahiro Nogi added the Rock'n Tread series to the Tetris Plus 2 driver, although some ROMs need redumping.
Takahiro Nogi also added Mahjong Pon Chin Kan and Ultra Maru-hi Mahjong in another update.
Luca Elia sent a preliminary driver for Gals Panic II, but it doesn't have background graphics and it doesn't work yet because of an unemulated MCU.
Aaron Giles fixed some Sente games that were broken with the addition of Shrike Avenger.

Phil Stroffolino submitted a change to the input port system that is more responsive and intuitive with the 4-way joystick games.
Aaron Giles fixed the crackling sounds in the YMZ280B sound chip emulation.
Nicola Salmoria fixed the sprite orientation in the Centipede test screen.

Posted by rob at at 6:31AM [GMT]
News of my death has been greatly exaggerated. Soon, exams will be over; soon, I will be able to get back into sweet, sweet emulation (for a while at least).

Here are 8 days worth of MAME Status/WIP updates (not to mention a million zillion screenshots at the site!)'s goes:

Brad Oliver added some debug code to warn about some possible mis-uses of the internal timers.
Aaron Giles fixed a few TMS34010 bugs, fixing the missing sprites in Exterminator and fixing the Hard Drivin' crashes.
Luca Elia added Jan Jan Shimasyo to the SSV driver.
Luca Elia also added Wit's to the Seta driver.
Smitdogg submitted a fix for Funky Jet DIP switch settings.

Aaron Giles added PlayBall! to the Williams driver and fixed some sound problems in it.
Aaron Giles also fixed the missing speech in Cyberball and a possible crash bug in it as well.

Bart T. submitted another NEC V30 disassembler bugfix.
Zsolt Vasvari and Aaron Giles fixed a small bug in 6502/65c02 CPU cores.

Luca Elia added Pachinko Sexy Reaction to the SSV driver.

Uki added The Undoukai to the Forty-Love driver, and improved the Fairyland Story emulation.
Paul Hampson submitted a modification that allows the YM2610 sound chip to be compiled without needing YM2610B as well.

Brad Oliver sent in several fixes for 0.56.
Uki reported progress on emulating the pixel layer in Forty-Love.
Aaron Giles fixed a bug in the Williams games' blitter, fixing Bubbles from crashing on startup.
Robin Merrill submitted an improved patch to fix analog pedals.

Quench added cocktail support and did some other minor fixes in the Snow Bros driver.
Takahiro Nogi fixed graphics and other bugs in a lot of mahjong games, added another ROM set to Mahjong Club 90's, added Mahjong Ren-ai Club, Crystal Gal, Mahjong Uchuu yori Ai wo komete, AV2 Mahjong No.2 Rouge no Kaori, Ojanko High School, Ojanko Yakata, Ojanko Yakata 2bankan, Chinese Casino, Rettou Juudan Nekkyoku Janshi - Higashi Nippon Hen and Taisen Mahjong Final Romance 4.
David Haywood sent in a Psikyo driver which allocates tilemaps during startup instead of during the emulation.

Olivier Galibert reported some progress on the Sega System 24 driver. Hot Rod, Tokoro-san no MahMahjong and Tokoro-san no MahMahjong 2 are all playable with sound.

Modeler 0.9.3a for Windows & Linux
Posted by rob at at 6:21AM [GMT]
The friendly folks at Modeler have updated their beloved emulator. Here's what they've accomplished:

  • Linux:
  • Removed some debug printing for Model 1 games
  • Win32
  • Relinked with static multithreaded MSVCRT for better compatibility
  • Includes CVS SDL with support for 4 joypads

  • Now includes the faster V60 core like 0.9.3 Linux and MacOS (damn misnamed files)
  • Kaillera support for Outrunners
  • Common:
  • Rewritten memory handling system gives a speedup in all games
  • 2 player support in Outrunners
  • As a result of all the speedups, I've dropped the minimum requirement from 450 to 350 MHz for x86 PCs. Outrunners and other demanding games are now very playable (45+ FPS) without sound on my P2-400 test machine.
  • V60 CPU core fixes from Luca Elia of MAMEdev. We're unaware of any obvious things corrected by these, but hey :)

MacMAME 0.56a
Posted by rob at at 6:16AM [GMT]
A new version of MacMAME has been released. Here's the lowdown:

  • Fixed issue that caused many games to not work at all or only partially work. [Brad Oliver]
  • Internal changes to the precompiled headers to better support Carbon targets. [Brad Oliver]
  • Ditched Apple's MLTE text engine in favor of WASTE. MLTE under 10.1 and 10.1.1 can have serious stability issues if a Nav Services dialog is present when an app is also displaying an MLTE text field. This also fixes a bug that caused MacMAME to crash violently if you tried to drag-n-drop text from any of the ROM report dialogs under 10.1.x. [Brad Oliver]

Nebula 1.95b
Posted by rob at at 6:14AM [GMT]
(What happened to 1.95a?) ElSemi has released a bugfix to Nebula. This version fixes problems with the kof2k not encrypted set.

Posted by rob at at 6:12AM [GMT]
Got a PocketPC? Whether you have a iPAQ, HP56x, Jornada color or Casio E10x, the latest version of MAMECE3 (courtesy of Techmaster) is what you need. Here what's new:

- Enabled Support for most available PocketPC 2002 Devices, the HP56x series, the Ipaq 3800 and the 3700 (I believe).

- Enabled proper key definitions and support for the @migo (however it has not been tested).

- Enabled globally accessible, unique identification code. This allows me to code specific functionality into current and future releases based on this Device ID and the manufacturer of the device. Previously I used basic ifdef statements based on the CPU, which is no longer a valid way to id the device since they will all be ARM :)

- Implemented the iPaq 3800 display workaround. The iPaq 3800 has a bug which causes GAPI screen access to be delayed (creating a severe display redraw penalty). By implementing this in conjunction with my Unique ID I can use or not use the GAPI functions in the same code.

- Tinkered with the sound routines. Still no major improvement.

- Improved Graphics routines. Display redraws should be a fraction faster.

- Preliminary evaluation of support for the Grayscale devices.

- Fixed gx.dll install on PocketPC 2002. Cab files now install properly even if you answer No to installing the gx.dll (previously it would fail to install at all).

Monday 3 December

Posted by GordonJ at at 2:26PM [GMT]
The Mame site got a new look, and the WIP page has a nice set of updates:

Julien Frelat submitted a bugfix for the (REP) OUTSB and OUTSW opcodes for the i86 CPU core.

Stephane Humbert fixed DIP switch settings and input ports in Congo Bongo, Xevious and Zaxxon drivers. inside out boy submitted a driver for Super Cross II, which is playable but has a few small problems.

Aaron Giles sent in a driver for Battletoads.

Jarek Burczynski added the ADPCM sound chip emulation to Roller Jammer, but both it and Tube Panic still lack sprite graphics, adding of which may be impossible without a MCU ROM dump. Aaron Giles fixed a probable crash in some Atari games, the Paperboy sound sync issue and Alley Master / Power Play background graphics. Stephane Humbert fixed DIP switch settings and flipscreen support in a few drivers.

Uki converted the Fairyland Story / Onna Sanshirou driver to tilemaps and fixed some palette and sound problems. Aaron Giles improved the handling of AY8910 and YM2203 simultaneously, and fixed the all-black palette in Break Thru.

Phil Stroffolino updated the Namco NA1/2 driver, fixing a significant number of graphics glitches. Aaron Giles reorganized the Bally/Sente drivers and added preliminary support for Shrike Avenger (prototype) but it doesn't work due to lack of understanding about the controls. Smitdogg fixed DIP switch settings in Truxton 2.

Luca Elia sent in a driver for SSV games, including Dramatic Adventure Quiz Keith & Lucy, Drift Out '94, Gourmet Battle Quiz Ryorioh CooKing, Mahjong Hyper Reaction 2, Monster Slider and Survival Arts. Twin Eagle II, Mahjong Hyper Reaction, Super Real Mahjong PIV and Super Real Mahjong P7 don't work due to V60 CPU core bugs. William Kucharski submitted a cleaned up but still non-functional driver for Konami's S.P.Y.

ClrMamePro V2.40
Posted by GordonJ at at 2:20PM [GMT]
ClrMamePro has been updated to version 2.40 with some very nice speedups in the fixname & fixcase routines.

with ClrMamePro 2.32a: ~4:30 minutes
with ClrMamePro 2.40: ~0:15 minutes

What's new:

misc: major source cleanup
misc: own unzip/unzip2memory routines replaced with the zlib class ones
misc: super fast "case fix" (no decompress/compress needed)
misc: much faster "name fix" (no decompress/compress needed)
misc: all scanner fix operations will even work on zipsubfolders now (so a fixed file won't be moved to the root anymore)
misc: scanresults are shown after a fastscan (with enabled add/show stats only)
misc: easter egg
fixed: files with non-ansi chars weren't removed by the rebuilder

Sunday 2 December

Posted by rob at at 9:13AM [GMT]
Pugsy's got your cheats for MAME 0.56 at (where else?) Pugsy's MAME Cheat Page.

Posted by rob at at 8:58AM [GMT]
Fresh jive at the MAME WIP Page...

26th November 2001:
Julien Frelat submitted a bugfix for the (REP) OUTSB and OUTSW opcodes for the i86 CPU core.

27th November 2001:
Stephane Humbert fixed DIP switch settings and input ports in Congo Bongo, Xevious and Zaxxon drivers.
inside out boy submitted a driver for Super Cross II, which is playable but has a few small problems.

28th November 2001:
Aaron Giles sent in a driver for Battletoads.

Raine 0.34b for BeOS
Posted by rob at at 8:54AM [GMT]
GoodOldGames has ported Raine 0.34b to the Be operating system. As always, the latest BeOS stuff is available at