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Tuesday 27 November

Kawaks 1.38
Posted by GordonJ at at 6:39PM [GMT]
The Kawaks releases just keep on coming.
This release now supports Metal Slug 3!!

  • New games supported :
    - Metal Slug 3 (non encrypted P)
    - Metal Slug 3 (non encrypted P, decrypted C)
  • Kawaks 1.37c
    Posted by rob at at 6:34AM [GMT]
    Mr. K bugfixes it, I post are the latest changes in Kawaks:
    * Added more Language packs, and fixed a couple. Thanks to their authors
    * Fixed Japanese text in Garou (Grant cinematic, namely)
    * Fixed the most debated Close C attacks in Garou (weird bug, really)
    * As for the Select key not working (supposed to be the Insert Coin when in console mode)
    this one is a total mystery. It works good in other games (try kof99), just not Garou...

    MAME Flyers Pack #14
    Posted by rob at at 6:31AM [GMT]
    John Hardy IV has blessed us with another MAME Flyers pack, available at The MAME QA/Test and Art Dept.

    Posted by rob at at 6:28AM [GMT]
    You love it, your father loves it, your aunt Netta plays it on her's the MAME WIP Page:

    23rd November 2001:
    William Kucharski and Phil Stroffolino fixed the tilemap crashing, hopefully for good.
    David Haywood added the Japanese ROM set to the Block Out driver.

    24th November 2001:
    Bart T. submitted a small bugfix to the NEC disassembler.
    Stefan Jokisch resubmitted an improvement to the C-Chip emulation for Bonze Adventure.

    25th November 2001:
    Phil Stroffolino added a patch to the Namco NA-1 driver for Numan Athletics, which is now playable but with graphics glitches.
    Bryan McPhail resent an old bug fix to the 68020 CPU core which fixes a crash in Under Fire.

    Saturday 24 November

    Kawaks 1.37b
    Posted by GordonJ at at 11:01PM [GMT]
    Two new releases of Kawaks has been made, 1.37 has some big new updates and 1.37b is a small bug fix, so now the real arcade version of Garou and king of Fighters 2000 have been added. Here is the full update list:

    Kawaks 1.37
  • New drivers:

  • - Garou: Mark of the Wolves (this is the retail, non prototype game)
    - Garou: Mark of the Wolves (decrypted C) (same game as above, with decrypted GFX roms)
    - The King of Fighters 2000 (encrypted) (this is the retail, non prototype game)
  • The old "The King of Fighters 2000" set is now named "The King of Fighters 2000 (fully decrypted)"

  • Direct Draw rewrite: Kawaks should run fine with DirectX 5 now (that means no more DDRAW.DLL error)

  • Added a "Multitask friendly" switch (Misc menu) for those who think 1.35 was faster than 1.36

  • Language pack support. Now you can have Kawaks in your mother tongue :)
    If you do your own translation consider sending it to me

  • Added a hack to prevent crash while loading in kof2000n for those who still have the bad M1 rom

  • Fixed columns width in Shot Factory

  • Added many tracklists, courtesy of DarkCloud

  • Kawaks 1.37b
  • Hopefully fixed bug introduced in 1.37 which caused blinking borders in fullscreen

  • Added Japanese, Catalan, Polish, Chinese (simplified) language packs.
    Thanks a lot to their respective authors :)

  • Friday 23 November

    MAME Goodies
    Posted by rob at at 10:06AM [GMT]
    There's MAME goodies a-plenty!

    CrashTest has added title and ingame screenshots for the latest MAME, conveniently located at the CrashTest Emulation Page.

    MAMu_ has updated his MAME Icons to MAME 0.56. If you want your frontend to be its spiffiest, then I advise a trip to MAMu_'s Mameicons.

    XMAME 0.56.1
    Posted by rob at at 10:00AM [GMT]
    Lawrence Gold has upped XMAME to the latest beta (and then some!):

    • Everything from MAME 0.56.
    • The svgafx driver is working again--it was broken by the removal of 8bpp support from the core. (Henri and Jason)
    • Numeric keypad support is now much better. (Andre Majorel)
    • Added arbitrary height scaling, available via the -arbheight option and started sanitizing the blit core. This currently only works with the X11 (windows, DGA1, DGA2) and svgalib drivers. (Adam Moss)
    • Added support in makefile.unix for the Intel C++ compiler, and also a sample wrapper script in contrib/tools. (Adam Moss)
    • Added -usbpspad/-pspad switch for support of the direction buttons on the Playstation gamepad. (Bill Adams)
    • Added support for SDL under BeOS. Sound is not currently supported, however. (Jack Burton)
    • Fixed a bug that prevented romalizer from working. (Shyouzou Sugitani)
    • The xgl target should work much better. (Sven Goethel)
    • The -hotrod/-hr and -hotrodse/-hrse commands should actually work now.
    • Fixed a bunch of warnings that occurred when linking with GNU binutils using -warn-common.
    • Added DGA2 documentation: src/unix/doc/dga2.txt. (Shyouzou Sugitani)
    It's all yours at XMAME.

    Posted by rob at at 9:57AM [GMT]
    Yeah, I'm still's the latest from the MAME WIP Page:

    19th November 2001:
    Aaron Giles fixed a bug where the DUMP command in the debugger caused it to crash.

    20th November 2001:
    Uki added correct sound banking to Kirameki Star Road.

    21st November 2001:
    Luca Elia added Air Gallet to the Cave driver.

    22nd November 2001:
    Stefan Jokisch partially fixed another tilemap crash bug.

    Tuesday 20 November

    Modeler 0.9.3 for Mac
    Posted by rob at at 12:59AM [GMT]
    Richard Bannister has brought Modeler for Mac in line with the latest version. Check it out at Richard's Modeler page.

    Kawaks 1.36
    Posted by rob at at 12:55AM [GMT]
    Mr. K strikes again with Kawaks 1.36:

    * New games supported :
    - Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom (Euro 940412)
    - Street Fighter Zero 3 (Asia 980701)
    - Vampire Savior: The Lord of Vampire (Asia 970519)
    - X-Men: Children of the Atom (Euro 950105)
    - X-Men Vs. Street Fighter (Euro 960910)
    - The King of Fighters 2000 (encrypted C) (Thanks to Nicola Salmoria)
    The King of Fighters 2000 (encrypted C) is the exact same game as the other KOF2000
    The difference only lies in the romset used (Encrypted gfx roms)
    The Encrypted C set will load significantly slower though especially for low RAM PCs
    so I'd suggest you still use the older set...
    * Added trackball emulation for The Irritating Maze
    * Fixed 257-m1.bin merge info for kof2000/kof2000n
    * Fixed a last bug in the Romcenter DAT generation.
    * Found a bug in the sound sync code. May fix some jerkiness for some people.
    * Included some code to try to make Kawaks less CPU intensive and more multitask friendly
    (meaning CPU shouldn't be 100% usage when you use Kawaks)
    * Changed Step frame from Space to Shift+Space (caused problems if you were using Space as in
    your game keys)
    * Added some keyboard shortcuts to modify cheats.
    (allows to activate/desactivate quickly some cheats without even leaving fullscreen)
    * Fixed the puzzle game in Three Wonders (CPS1)
    * Fixed macros for NeoGeo games
    * Changed Redefine keys dialog box so it shows macro text next to the macro key
    * New Shot factory (Tools menu). Works very nicely with NeoGeo games :)

    All this can be yours with a trip to Kawaks Saikyo Dojo.

    FinalBurn Alpha
    Posted by rob at at 12:52AM [GMT]
    While on the subject of CPS-2 emulators, FinalBurn Alpha has been updated; this version fixes a few bugs that where present in the previous release. It's available at CP-Systems 2 Turbo.

    CPSE 0.02
    Posted by rob at at 12:47AM [GMT]
    CPSE, a CPS-2 emulator, has been updated and now features a tile viewer.

    MAME Marquees Pack #15
    Posted by rob at at 12:46AM [GMT]
    Eldio has provided the world with his 15th MAME Marquees pack, available at EMAM.

    MAME Cabinets Pack #14
    Posted by rob at at 12:43AM [GMT]
    John Hardy IV has upped another MAME Cabinets Pack at the MAME QA/Test and Art Dept.

    Posted by rob at at 12:40AM [GMT]
    Hey all, good to be back. Here's the latest from the MAME WIP Page:

    14th November 2001:
    Jarek Burczynski reported some progress on the road graphics emulation in Roller Jammer.
    Phil Stroffolino added an alternate set of Chinese Hero and Shanghai Kid, and sent in a Namco NB-2 driver with support for Outfoxies but it isn't much to look at since the graphics ROMs aren't dumped.
    Aaron Giles re-submitted some debugging features that haven't been included yet.

    15th November 2001:
    Aaron Giles adjusted the speed in Buck Rogers and Subroc-3D, fixed colors in Quantum, re-added the correct Exerion color PROM and added another version of Road Blasters that uses a different Slapstic chip.
    Stefan Jokisch fixed the Gameplan games which were broken in 0.56.

    16th November 2001:
    Aaron Giles fixed the WWF Mania protection properly.
    Libble added palette switching support to the Toy Pop driver.
    Kale submitted a VSNES driver update with some small bugfixes and fixed colors.

    17th November 2001:
    Bryan McPhail fixed several problems in the Taito F3 driver, especially graphics glitches when zooming, fixing the road in Riding Fight and pitch in the football games.
    Bryan McPhail also added sound bankswitching for the Taito F3 driver.
    Gerardo Oporto fixed DIP switch settings in the D-Con driver.

    18th November 2001:
    David Graves did some minor changes on the Taito drivers and merged some improvements from older submissions.
    Frank Palazzolo reported some progress with Asteroid sound emulation - only one of the sound effects remains incorrect.
    William Kucharski submitted yet another modification to the Toki cocktail mode support.
    Aaron Giles sent in some TMS34020 CPU core changes and a driver for Revolution X.

    Saturday 17 November

    Modeler 0.9.3
    Posted by logiqx at at 9:18AM [GMT]
    The Modeler team have released a big update:


    - Fixed long-time bug that was causing crackling and hiss in all System 32 games.
    - V60 core fix for the Super Visual Football attract mode (it no longer hangs on a black screen!)
    - V60 core substantially sped up. This helps the framerate a lot on some of the more intense games like Outrunners, Radmobile, and F1 Exhaust Note..
    - Fixed Z80 protection for Burning Rival so sound plays again.
    - Updated YM3834 emulation to latest version with substantial accuracy fixes by Jarek Burczynski.
    - RF5C68 indirect banking mode added, makes the engine sounds work in F1 Exhaust Note and F1 Super Lap. Also fixes some music glitches in various games.
    - Engine and tire screeching sounds fixed in OutRunners.
    - Z80 core upgraded to RAZE 1.0.6.
    - Some savestate bugs fixed. States saved in previous versions of Modeler are no longer compatible and will not load properly.
    - Sound fixed to work again in Virtua Racing.
    - Controls mapped better for the Model 1 games. It's now possible to enter test mode in Virtua Fighter, and the usual steering controls apply in Virtua Racing.
    - Voice samples fixed in Virtua Racing
    - Preliminary sound added to Virtua Fighter. Now you can hear the invisible people beating each other up during the attract mode.
    - Log to .WAV file added. The log will go into a folder called "wave" in a file with the same name as the ROM zip, except with .wav instead of .zip. Eg for OutRunners the log is

    Read all about it at the Modeler home page.

    Friday 16 November

    ClrMamePro V2.32a
    Posted by GordonJ at at 4:13PM [GMT]
    ClrMamePro has been updated first to version 2.32 and then 2.32a with some new core updates, and a rare/unusual bug fix.

    Thursday 15 November

    XCPS2MAME updated
    Posted by GordonJ at at 9:35PM [GMT]
    All you Linux fans should head over to the Linux Mame & CPS2Mame page to get the latest XCPS2MAME with all the latest releases from CPS2SHOCK added.

    CPS2SHOCK more and more XOR's
    Posted by GordonJ at at 2:18AM [GMT]
    It is all happening over at CPS2SHOCK right now.
    To start with they release 5 'yes count them 5' more CPS2 XOR tables:

    D&D: Tower of Doom (Euro 940412)
    Street Fighter Zero 3 (Asia 980701)
    Vampire Savior (Asia 970519)
    X-Men: Children of the Atom (Euro 950105)
    X-Men Vs. Street Fighter (Euro 960910)

    Also Kawaks is updated to v1.36 including these new XOR's plus a number of other fixes.

    Then Final Burn Alpha v0.2.10 has been released to include these new games.

    And finally CPS2Mame V2.560 has also been updated to include the mame 0.56 core and the new CPS2 games.

    That should keep you good people busy for a while. Have fun.

    Tuesday 13 November

    RAINE v0.34b
    Posted by Logiqx at at 10:57PM [GMT]
    A new version of RAINE was released a few minutes ago.

    New games added :
    - Black Heart (nmk driver) - no sound
    - Air Gallet (playable, but partial emulation only)

    Fixes :
    - Mustang is now playable without sound
    - Fixed black screen in f3 games when changing the rom version code and reseting.
    - Fixed bug in hiscores saving for win32 and dos.
    - Fixed auto-fire... Now working again !
    - Enlarged pcm buffer in pbobble3 to try to fix a weird bug in some win95 versions...
    - Added dynamic mode lists in vbe/af (dos).
    - The triple buffer hacks are back !

    Get it from the RAINE home page.

    RAINE for BeOS v0.34a
    Posted by Logiqx at at 8:53PM [GMT]
    The BeOS port of RAINE has just been brought up to date with the main ports (Windows, DOS and Linux). You can download it from the BeEmulated multi-arcade page.

    Nebula 1.94
    Posted by GordonJ at at 6:46PM [GMT]
    A new version of Nebula has release bringing it up to version 1.94.
    The homepage does not appear to be up to date with it right now, so head over to CPS2SHOCK to grab it.
    The update goes something like this:

    Fixed some loading screens that caused a emulation crash (mslug and many more).
    Fixed CD games being reported missing.
    Fixed ISO+MP3 crashes.
    Fixed KOF99 from crashing.
    Modified the NeoGeo CD docs.

    Added King of Fighters 2000 (decrypted set).
    Removed Metal Slug 3 from the gamelist.
    Added 512 Kb S rom support (thanks Mr K).
    I forgot to thank Nicola, many thanks to him for making new NeoGeo games playable.
    Sengoku 3 is NOT SUPPORTED. This game is only 4-5 months old and still in arcades.
    Changed the gfx decryption method, it should be faster and require less memory.
    If there is not enough memory to perform the decryption, games run with encrypted gfx.

    Fixed 4 point interpolation equation that was causing some artifacts in high pitched sound.
    Added new QSound code to the Directsound 3D renderer (forgot to add it in last release).
    Slightly faster Z80+QSound emulation by removing some unneeded FP operations.
    Fixed Directsound 2d Narrow mode always being Mono, now it's Stereo.

    Fixed Nemo (Japan) from always appearing in the gamelist.

    Added Hotkeys documentation.

    Posted by GordonJ at at 6:41PM [GMT]
    The very latest, and the very greatest.. :o) more MAME WIP

    12th November 2001:
    Stefan Jokisch sent in a driver for Destroyer, which lacks sound and has garbled graphics for the waves, but works otherwise. Aaron Giles cleaned up Frank Palazzolo's Buck Rogers and Subroc-3D drivers and merged them with the Turbo driver. Neither of them has sound yet, and Subroc-3D crashes at random.

    13th November 2001:
    Bryan McPhail added Acrobat Mission to the Bombjack Twin driver. Aaron Giles fixed Subroc-3D from crashing. William Kucharski submitted another bug fix for the Toki cocktail mode.

    Monday 12 November

    Posted by rob at at 7:41AM [GMT]
    The latest, the greatest...the MAME WIP Page:

    6th November 2001:
    Pierpaolo Prazzoli submitted several fixes for input ports and DIP switch settings.

    7th November 2001:
    Kale resubmitted some DIP switch and input port fixes.

    8th November 2001:
    William Kucharski submitted fixes for Toki cocktail modes.

    9th November 2001:
    Bryan McPhail added SD Gundam Psycho Salamander no Kyoui to the D-Con driver.

    10th November 2001:
    Stephane Humbert fixed DIP switch settings and input ports in several drivers.

    11th November 2001:
    Uki added Onna Sanshirou to The Fairyland Story driver.

    Laser WIP
    Posted by rob at at 7:36AM [GMT]
    ss_teven has been busy fixing things for the next release of Laser:

    * Frog now has more accurate colors.
    * Crazy Kong support has been added.

    * As well as fixes and additions to many 8080 games:
    * Polaris Colors have improved
    * 280 Zzzap, Boot Hill, Checkmate, Extra Innings, Space Center

    Sunday 11 November

    I'm back!
    Posted by logiqx at at 2:35PM [GMT]
    Now I'm back from my holiday I have updated CAESAR for MAME v0.56 and all of the emulator releases over the past week. As always a huge number of pages have been affected - almost 1,000 of the 10,000 available!

    Thursday 8 November

    MAME 0.56 for BeOS
    Posted by rob at at 5:18AM [GMT]
    Yoshi has updated his MAME port to the latest version 0.56. It features the following new things:

    * Some game driver improvements in graphics and Sound
    * Updated the cheat engine
    * V60 cpu core
    * more bugfixes and new game additions

    You can get it at BeEmulated.

    Posted by GordonJ at at 12:04AM [GMT]
    Some more RAINE WIP news, it reads:
    I just added black heart, fully playble but without sound (custom sound chip...). Thanks to Haze for the rom...

    Wednesday 7 November

    ClrMamePro 2.31a
    Posted by rob at at 4:07AM [GMT]
    (No 2.31a, he said...:o)) Roman Scherzer has given his rom manager ClrMamePro a bugfix:

    * fixed: some import issues with weird pathnames
    * fixed: sysdefaultpaths window crash
    * misc: last sysdefpaths will be remembered now
    * misc: warnings window can't be closed with ESC anymore
    * misc: some more profiler index checks

    Find out more at the ClrMame Homepage.

    Tuesday 6 November

    AdvanceMAME 0.56.0
    Posted by rob at at 5:51AM [GMT]
    A new version of AdvanceMAME is now available:

    * Change at the SVGALIB Rage 128/Radeon drivers for the low clocks

    MAME Marquees Update
    Posted by rob at at 5:49AM [GMT]
    Eldio has changed some names in his marquees collection and provided new dats. Find out more at EMAM.

    Monday 5 November

    KAWAKS 1.35 (Supports KOF2000)
    Posted by GordonJ at at 4:52PM [GMT]
    KAWAKS does King of Fighters 2000, this update adds a number of the new NEOGEO games, plus a few other fixes.

    Posted by GordonJ at at 2:38PM [GMT]
    Another Month, another MAME WIP update:

    1st November 2001: Brad Oliver and Aaron Giles fixed several compile problems.

    2nd November 2001: Olivier Galibert resubmitted the OS dependant keys and tilemap viewing support.

    3rd November 2001: William Kucharski resubmitted a load of flip screen support and cocktail mode patches.

    4th November 2001: Stephane Humbert updated Jack the Giantkiller driver, fixing DIP switch settings and input ports.

    5th November 2001: Luca Elia added Quiz Kokology 2 to the Seta driver.

    ACE 1.7a
    Posted by rob at at 2:02AM [GMT]
    ACE has been bugfixed - enjoy the freshest CPS-2 games with a trip to the ACE Homepage.

    PhMAME 0.56.1
    Posted by rob at at 2:00AM [GMT]
    Got QNX? PhMAME has been brought inline with the latest MAME beta (beating xmame...hmm...).

    Posted by rob at at 1:58AM [GMT]
    The RAINE WIP Page has been updated:

    - Fixed the autofire
    - USAAF Mustang is now playable

    Nebula Jukebox 1.62
    Posted by rob at at 1:57AM [GMT]
    ElSemi's Nebula Jukebox has been updated with the recent Neo-Geo dumps and new QSound code. Find it at the Nebula Homepage.

    MAME 0.56 Screenshots & Icons
    Posted by rob at at 1:55AM [GMT]
    John Hardy IV has provided screenshots & icons for the latest MAME games. These pics can be had at The MAME32 QA/Test and Art Dept.

    A/PMAME 0.56 / MAMEK6 0.56
    Posted by rob at at 1:51AM [GMT]
    For those of you who want those extra FPS with your MAME, might I suggest a trip to the PentiuMAME Page (home of A/PMAME) or Shonk's MameK6 Page.

    Sunday 4 November

    Mameinfo.dat 3.61
    Posted by GordonJ at at 3:22PM [GMT]
    Mameinfo.dat has been updated to contain the latest info for MAME 0.56

    Nebula 1.93 / Kawakas 1.34
    Posted by GordonJ at at 3:09PM [GMT]
    Both these two great CPS-2 / NeoGeo emulators have received updates lately.
    Kawakas has added the latest NeoGeo releases, and Nebula now also supports NeoGeo CD!!
    Check Out the Kawaks Homepage or the Nebula Homepage for more details.

    Friday 2 November

    MAME32 0.56
    Posted by GordonJ at at 7:18PM [GMT]
    MAME32 version 0.56 is now available over at the MAME32 homepage

    Thursday 1 November

    MAME 0.56
    Posted by GordonJ at at 7:14PM [GMT]
    MAME 0.56 is here. Need I say more?

    My diff list showing all that is new or changed in this release is now available at MAME Rom Info.
    There are a lot of renamed roms to look out for in this release.

    ClrMamePro 2.31
    Posted by GordonJ at at 3:34PM [GMT]
    Roman Scherzer just keeps on going, and so now he has released another new version of ClrMamePro.

    AMAME 0.55 (Hey Rodimus)
    Posted by rob at at 7:25AM [GMT]
    Hey all, remember the AMD-optimized version of MAME called AMAME? Well, Rodimus Prime is back after a 10-month hiatus with a new build of AMAME. All he asks is that some of you AMD owners out there provide him with some feedback and benchmarks. Downloads and details are available at the PentiuMAME Page.

    Posted by rob at at 7:20AM [GMT]
    October ends at the MAME WIP Page:

    30th October 2001:
    inside out boy submitted a driver for Popper. It has several little problems but is playable.

    31st October 2001:
    Aaron Giles moved bitmap allocation to the core code as opposed to being in the OS-dependant code.
    Aaron also fixed Pipe Dream from crashing.
    Stephane Humbert fixed cocktail mode in Space Zap.

    Laser 0.18a
    Posted by rob at at 7:18AM [GMT]
    Laser got a bugfix, with speed throttling and re-added sound for the 8080 games.

    ACE 1.7 / Kawaks 1.33
    Posted by rob at at 7:17AM [GMT]
    ACE and Kawaks have been updated. Both emulators can play the latest decrypted CPS-2 game, Vampire Savior 2.