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Why doesn't every emulator have games listed?
Where there are several versions/ports of the same emulator, games are listed on the page for the main version. This is to keep the size of the index pages down (for your benefit).

What's the difference between single and multi?
Single emus emulate a single game and possibly it's clones as well (clones as in MAME). Multi emus emulate two or more games that are not different versions of the same game.

Where are the MAME emulator downloads?
There are so many different versions that I do not wish to provide them all online. It would use a lot of bandwidth and also create a lot more work for me!

Where are the Neo-Geo CD Emulators?
Neo-Geo CD was a home system. This site is for machines in arcades.

I've seen arcade perfect versions of Salamander (and other Konami games) on the Saturn. Why aren't they in CAESAR?
They have most likely taken the original source and ported it on the Saturn. It is not emulation.

What's with the '.php' extension? I see it all over the place!
CAESAR uses the PHP scripting language to generate dynamic content.

What are PNG images?
They are an alternative to GIFs and we're likely to see them start replacing GIFs over time.