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The aim of CAESAR is to be the definitive reference for all arcade emulators and for the games that they support. It includes cross references for all games, allowing you to see which emulators support a particular game and it also knows all of the games not in MAME but supported by other emus. CAESAR contains a large amount of information about the emulators themselves and has the vast majority of emulators available to download.

Do not mistake CAESAR for being thousands of manually typed HTML pages. If CAESAR were like that it would be impossible to maintain! CAESAR is structured data on my PC that gets loaded into a MySQL database and ends up being rendered as XHTML pages using PHP.

Contacting Us

If you are new to emulation and have general questions about it then take a trip to EasyEmu.

For CAESAR related issues and to inform us about news stories visit the forum.

Please do not ask us where you can find the ROMs!

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